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Excel Automation And Columns Width

I used VB6 to display reports in Ms excel 2003. but I have a problem with the columns width. I wrote this code to control the width: (for example)

xlsheet.Columns("A:A").ColumnWidth = 2.29
the problem is that this width depends on the computer I am working on. i.e they fit perfectly on this PC but they are too wide in the any other PC even though the width is the same 2.29
Is there a way around this problem?

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How to get the number of columns in excel using excel automation??


Macro For Converting Fixed Width Text File Into Excel Worksheet In Seperate Columns
I was trying to import an fixed width text file into an excel worksheet using an macro. I also found a VB macro example, but when I run the macro, it doesn’t work out correctly. Can anybody please give me a suggestion.

I have put in the example which I tried out below :

Sub convert()
Set shFirstQtr = Workbooks(1).Worksheets(1)
Set qtQtrResults = shFirstQtr.QueryTables _
.Add(Connection:="TEXT;C: est.txt", _
Destination:=shFirstQtr.Cells(1, 1))
With qtQtrResults
.TextFileParseType = xlFixedWidth
.TextFileFixedColumnWidths = Array(2, 3)
.TextFileColumnDataTypes = _
Array(xlTextFormat, xlTextFormat, xlGeneralFormat)
End With
End Sub

The example I which it was created is as below,
TextFileFixedColumnWidths Property Example
This example imports a fixed-width text file into a new query table on the first worksheet in the first workbook. The first column in the text file is five characters wide and is imported as text. The second column is four characters wide and is skipped. The remainder of the text file is imported into the third column and has the General format applied to it.
Set shFirstQtr = Workbooks(1).Worksheets(1)
Set qtQtrResults = shFirstQtr.QueryTables _
.Add(Connection := "TEXT;C:My Documents19980331.txt", _
Destination := shFirstQtr.Cells(1, 1))
With qtQtrResults
.TextFileParseType = xlFixedWidth
.TextFileFixedColumnWidths = Array(5, 4)
.TextFileColumnDataTypes = _
Array(xlTextFormat, xlSkipColumn, xlGeneralFormat)
End With

How Do I Set The Width Of ALL The Columns?
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Automatic Columns Width
How I configure Automatic Columns Width in a ListView?

Automatic Columns Width
How I configure Automatic Columns Width in a ListView?

Changing The Width Of Columns

How do you change the width of the columns in a datagrid automatically. So that it fits the longest text in the cell.

(Similiar to what it does in EXcel)


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How do I configure my columns MSFLEXGRID, after insert a row. I want configure columns with width greater width

How do I do it ?

Abou The Width Of Columns
I want to set the mhsgrid's columns width according to their related field's value width. Means if a grid have 5 rows and the data in IInd col and 4th row has mximum width then thic column's with should be same as that data's width.


Raw Text In Even Width Columns To Database
Hi all

Lets say I have this data (ignore the headers, the actual string only has from the first date down):

(ft) (deg) (ft) (sec) (kts) (deg)
------- -------- ----- ------ ------- -------
12/22 2am 5 - 10 SSW 209 7.7 11.0 12 - 16 ESE 102
12/22 8am 4 - 9 SW 211 7.3 10.5 12 - 16 ENE 74
12/22 2pm 3 - 7 SW 212 6.6 10.1 8 - 11 SSW 200
12/22 8pm 3 - 7 SW 215 6.4 9.5 14 - 19 S 183

12/23 2am 3 - 7 SW 217 6.5 9.2 14 - 19 S 177
12/23 8am 3 - 7 SW 220 6.7 9.1 16 - 21 S 170
12/23 2pm 2 - 4 S 186 6.6 5.4 16 - 22 S 186
12/23 8pm 2 - 4 SSW 192 7.0 5.6 19 - 26 S 181
I need to put this into a database table, using the date and time as the primary key...

Anyway, my VB is pretty shoddy, and I can not figure out how I would dissect the string and place it into the table... putting it into a table prior to running the program is not possible, as it is text pulled straight from a website... my guess would be it would be some combination of left, mids and what ever... but I can't figure it out...

Any ideas would be appreciated...


Listview, How To Adjust Width From Columns?
how can i adjust the width of a column in a listview so that the contents fits?

Define Width Columns In The Flexgrid

How do I define the width of the columns in the flexgrid ?

thank you

How To Set The Width Of Datagrid Columns With Code?
i'm a beguinner and want to stablish the width of a datagrid columns;as that cant be done using the properties, how can i do that with code?

How To Control DataGrid Columns Width
Hi All,

I am using a Datagrid to show data in columns. I set all columns width to just fit the datagrid's width. However, when I use the other OS (say from XP to Win2K) to open my application, the datagrid's width changes. It causes the last column doesn't fit (either too small or too large). How can I solve this problem? I must expect my client using different OS.


MSHFlexgrid - Adjusting Columns And Cell Width
how can i set the width of the column of a mshflexgrid.
If the width of the contence of a cell is bigger than i must have the width of the cell as columnwidth

Merge Across Columns, Make Cols Equal Width
I created my own homemade calendar on a worksheet. The Month Name across the top and the days (number) below...each day in a seaparate cell. What I would like to do is something like this...

I want to indicate when a certain person will be on location (all done programmatically...i.e., I won't manually be typing in the names into the cells). So, for example, if Stephanie is here from 10-13, her name would appear across the cells under "10, 11, 12 and 13". I want to merge those cells with her name in it, and make the above day cells TOTAL widths equal to the length of her name in the merged cells...i.e., equally distributed across the day cells (with a minimum width). (Am I rambling too much ).

I guess what I need to know how to do, is how to determine the width of the merged cells (the text within) and set each day cell width above it accordingly.

I know...this is confusing to, if anyone needs more description, let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Microsoft Project:: Automatically Changing Width Of Columns
I need to automatically (i.e., via VB) change the width of columns in a microsoft office speadsheet (the sheet area of the Gantt chart
where task information is entered). I've tried several times to record the manual act of doing this using the "macro recorder" -- BUT the
recorder doesn't record this action. Does anyone know how to programmatically adjust the width of the columns in the sheet?
thank you, heather

Table Width Issue (Word Automation From Access)

Recently, I've been playing with Word automation, trying to create a tool, which would generate Word document.
At the moment, I'm stuck with table widths...

As you can see from the attachment, the third table is wider than first two, while all three of them have to have width of all available space.
I use Tables(x).PreferredWidthType = 2 (wdPreferredWidthPercent) and Tables(x).PreferredWidth = 100 (100%) right after I add a table in the code, but after, if I check the tables in the generated document, first two have width of 98.2%... (?!)

Can anyone tell why does this happen?

I'm using Access and Word 2007.

Making mistakes is one of the ways of improvement.
GL and HF

Edited by - un5killed on 6/1/2007 2:03:28 AM And Excel Automation. Excel Prcess Still Running In Task Manager
I posted this in the VB.NET forum also. All though I thought some Excel expertise might be helpful. According to MS Knowledge base I must release every excel com object that I create. For example If I only used the line

   WB = Worbooks.Open(OpenPath)

a reference to a Workbooks object was created with out me explicityly doing it in code. So I changed the code to create a Workbooks object. then Changed the above line to the following.
      WBs = XL.Workbooks
      WB = WBs.Open(OpenPath)

So my question is what other ojects are created when I use this line with out me doing so in code.
    rng = WS.Range("A65536").End(XlDirection.xlUp)

See Full Code below


This is very Frustrating. I am re-writting some code to open an Excel file, do some stuff and close the file.
Excel will not shut down if I use this line
    rng = WS.Range("A65536").End(XlDirection.xlUp)

it will how ever close down if I use this line.
    rng = WS.Range("A1")

What is going on? My code is below.

  Sub Verispan(OpenPath as string)
    Dim XL As Excel.Application
    Dim WBs As Excel.Workbooks
    Dim WB As Excel.Workbook
    Dim WS As Excel.Worksheet
    Dim rng As Excel.Range
    Dim lrow As Integer

    If XL Is Nothing Then XL = New Excel.Application
      WBs = XL.Workbooks
      WB = WBs.Open(OpenPath)
      WS = WB.ActiveSheet
      XL.ScreenUpdating = False
      XL.Visible = True

      'Find the last row, and the start range for the data
      'rng = WS.Range("A1")
      rng = WS.Range("A65536").End(XlDirection.xlUp)
      'lrow = rng.Row

      'Close Down Excel. Must Remove all references to COM objects that are created,
      'or Excel will remain as running process

      Call ReleaseCom(rng)
      Call ReleaseCom(WS)
      Call ReleaseCom(WB)
      Call ReleaseCom(WBs)
      Call ReleaseCom(XL)

    Catch ex As Exception
      MessageBox.Show("Error in ScrubDataFiles Module, VerispanProcedure" & Chr(10) & ex.Message)
    End Try

  Sub ReleaseCom(ByVal o As Object)
      If Not o Is Nothing Then System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ReleaseComObject(o)
    Catch ex As Exception
      If Not o Is Nothing Then o = Nothing
    End Try
  End Sub

Newbie In VBA Excel Needs Help In Copying && Updating Excel Columns

I'm a newbie in using VBA Excel and have never use VBA excel before and am totally lost in my problem. Thus, i would GREATLY appreciate a direction or two.

I have 2 worksheets ONE and TWO. Both have the same columns type and column number (approximately 15) with worksheet TWO being the more updated worksheet.

I need to find the rows in worksheet TWO which are not present in worksheet ONE by comparing column A in both worksheets. After which i will copy the whole row from worksheet TWO to worksheet ONE. During the process of comparing column A in both worksheets, i also need to update column C and E of worksheet ONE.

I can do the above without using VBA but i need to create a macro for it to automate the whole process for future uses.

Would appreciate any help greatly! Thanks in advance!

Excel Automation Help...Involves Multiple Excel Files
First of all I am new to Excel programming..............But I can learn

Here is the description of the problem i have

There are about 10 excel sheets...
These sheets contains some daily updates(sheets updated manually)

Every week i create a new excel sheet which is based on the information contained in those 10 sheets..

What I have to do is to automate the process of generating the weekly excel sheet..This weekly sheet can be updated every time a daily sheet is updated and saved...NOT all the information from the daily sheet needs to be entered into the weekly sheet...Just some data based on certain conditions..

I beleive this is possible using Macros....I have explained the problem but i don't know how to proceed ...I beleive some one will help me with this...

Presently This is what I do:

I open one of the daily sheets...Enter the required data into the newly created (if doesn't already exist) weekly excel sheet(a new excel file...)
So this involves two diffrent excel sheets(files) and i beleive recording this as a macro is not possible...

I don't know the exact macro programming but i am good at VB so i beleive I can learn fast...

This is the idea I have..

Whenever a daily sheet is updated and saved...Update the weekly sheet(file)(Programatically)

This will involve the following

Whenever a daily sheet is saved
open the weekly update sheet using macros..
Then copy the required cells from the daily sheet to the weekly sheet..And save the weekly sheet..

I beleive this can be achived using macros...

This is the theory I have in mind...I have no idea how sound it is..I beleive I can use your expertise..


Can't Close Excel Instance After Excel Automation
I hope I'm posting this in the right forum, I've never really used on of these forums before.  I have the following code that I am using to move date from MS Access to MS Excel.  The code itself work flawlessly except the after closing there is still an instance of Excel hanging around in my task manager.  I believe the problem is related to the fact that the row I activated to use the .freezePanes is still activated when I close the application.  If I remove the adding of the image and the freezePane there is no Excel instances left.  If I put them back in then it hangs there.  I've scoured the net for about a week looking for my error and I've yet to find it.  Any suggestions would be appriciation.

Code Starts here:

Sub ecMAP()
On Error GoTo ErrHandler
   ' Excel object variables
   Dim appExcel As Excel.Application
   Dim wbk As Excel.Workbook
   Dim wks As Excel.Worksheet
   Dim sOutput As String
   Dim dbs As DAO.Database
   Dim rst As DAO.Recordset
   Dim sSQL As String
   Dim lRecords As Long
   Dim iRow As Integer
   Dim iCol As Integer
   Dim iFld As Integer
   Dim highLight As Boolean
   Dim sheetsPerBook As Integer
   Const aTab As Byte = 1
   Const aStartRow As Byte = 6
   Const aStartColumn As Byte = 1

   ' set to break on all errors
   Application.SetOption "Error Trapping", 0

   If formdate("S", 8) = formdate("E", 8) Then
        sOutput = "S:HWYREPORTSCOLAccountsMMarianiMariani Accessorials " & Format(fdate(formdate("S", 8)), "mm-dd-yy") & ".xls"
        sOutput = "S:HWYREPORTSCOLAccountsMMarianiMariani Accessorials " & Format(fdate(formdate("S", 8)), "mm-dd-yy") & " through " & Format(fdate(formdate("E", 8)), "mm-dd-yy") & ".xls"
   End If
   If Dir(sOutput) <> "" Then Kill sOutput
   ' Create the Excel Applicaiton, Workbook and Worksheet and Database object
   Set appExcel = New Excel.Application
   sheetsPerBook = appExcel.SheetsInNewWorkbook
   appExcel.SheetsInNewWorkbook = 1
   Set wbk = appExcel.Workbooks.Add
   appExcel.SheetsInNewWorkbook = sheetsPerBook
   Set wks = wbk.Worksheets(aTab)
   Set dbs = CurrentDb
   sSQL = "select * from MAPqryExport"
   Set rst = dbs.OpenRecordset(sSQL, dbOpenSnapshot)

        Selection.ShapeRange.Height = 49.5
        Selection.ShapeRange.Width = 235.5
            With Selection
                .Placement = xlFreeFloating
                .PrintObject = True
            End With
    ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True
   With wks
        iCol = aStartColumn
        iRow = (aStartRow - 1)
        If Not rst.BOF Then rst.MoveFirst
            iFld = 0
            lRecords = lRecords + 1

                For iCol = aStartColumn To aStartColumn + (rst.Fields.Count - 1)
                    wks.Cells(iRow, iCol) = rst.Fields(iFld).Name
                    wks.Cells(iRow, iCol).Interior.ColorIndex = 1
                    wks.Cells(iRow, iCol).Font.ColorIndex = 2
                    wks.Cells(iRow, iCol).Font.Bold = True
                    iFld = iFld + 1
                    iRow = iRow + 1

    End With
   iCol = aStartColumn
   iRow = aStartRow
   highLight = False
   With wks
        If Not rst.BOF Then rst.MoveFirst
        Do Until rst.EOF
            iFld = 0
            lRecords = lRecords + 1
      For iCol = aStartColumn To aStartColumn + (rst.Fields.Count - 1)
            wks.Cells(iRow, iCol) = rst.Fields(iFld)
            wks.Cells(iRow, iCol).NumberFormat = "$0.00"
            'If highLight = True Then
                'wks.Cells(iRow, iCol).Interior.ColorIndex = 35
            'End If
            iFld = iFld + 1
                    iRow = iRow + 1
                    'If highLight = False Then
                        'highLight = True
                                'highLight = False
                    'End If
   End With
   Dim columnCount As Integer
   columnCount = 3      'starting column for totals
   With wks
        wks.Cells(aStartRow + rst.RecordCount + 1, aStartColumn + 1) = "Totals:"
        wks.Cells(aStartRow + rst.RecordCount + 1, aStartColumn + 1).Font.Bold = True
        wks.Cells(aStartRow + rst.RecordCount + 1, aStartColumn + 1).Font.ColorIndex = 2
        wks.Cells(aStartRow + rst.RecordCount + 1, aStartColumn + 1).Interior.ColorIndex = 1
            Do While columnCount <= 10
                wks.Cells(aStartRow + rst.RecordCount + 1, columnCount).Formula = "=SUM(R[-" & rst.RecordCount + 1 & "]C:R[-1]C)"
                wks.Cells(aStartRow + rst.RecordCount + 1, columnCount).Font.Bold = True
                wks.Cells(aStartRow + rst.RecordCount + 1, columnCount).Font.ColorIndex = 2
                wks.Cells(aStartRow + rst.RecordCount + 1, columnCount).Interior.ColorIndex = 1
                columnCount = columnCount + 1
   End With
   With wks
    End With
   With wbk
        'NAMING TAB
        wks.Name = "Mariani Accessorials"
   End With
   With wks

    .PageSetup.Zoom = False
    .PageSetup.CenterHeader = "Mariani Accessorial Report"
    .PageSetup.CenterFooter = "Page &p"

   End With
    Set wks = Nothing
    wbk.SaveAs FileName:=sOutput, FileFormat:= _
            xlNormal, Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", ReadOnlyRecommended:=False _
            , CreateBackup:=False
    wbk.Close SaveChanges:=False

    Set wbk = Nothing
    Set appExcel = Nothing

   'Call AutoEmailAll("SPNEM - tblDistList", "Attached is the SP News Exception Report.  If the report is blank, there were no exceptions entered.", "SP News Exception Memo Report", sOutput)
    Exit Sub

    Select Case Err.Number
        Case Else
            Call UnexpectedError(Err.Number, "ecSPNEM:  " _
                    & Err.Description, Err.Source, _
                    Err.HelpFile, Err.HelpContext)
            Resume ExitProcedure
    End Select
   End Sub

Excel Column Width
how to set the column width of a excel worksheet using vb

Cell Width In Excel
how can i format the column width in excel from VB?

VB Code:
Dim ApExcel As Excel.ApplicationSet ApExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")        With ApExcel        .Workbooks.Open App.Path & " abela_precos.xls"        .Visible = True        .Sheets("Plan1").Select        .Columns.ColumnWidth = 50    End With

the line

VB Code:
.Columns.ColumnWidth = 50

put the same width for all columns, anybody knows how can i put diferent widths for diferent columns???

Thanks a lot,
Guilherme Costa

Added [RESOLVED] to thread title and green "resolved" checkmark - Hack

Setting Column Width In Excel Using VB
I am currently writing a program in Visual Basic 6.0 and I am put the information that is generated into Excel. I have a my cells all formated they way they should by using name.columns.font.size = 13 and other formatting. I just have one question on the formatting though. I want all my columns to autofit, except for one which I want at a fixed size. I have all my columns to autofit right now, how do i get the one at a fixed size. Thanks in advance for the help

How To Set Excel Default Column Width From VB6?
Hello All,

I know I can change individual sheet widths with the with the standardwidth command.

However, I can't seem to find how to set a default column width for EVERY sheet, even new ones.

Information for how to do this in VB6, including syntax, would be very appeciated!

Thanks in advance,

Change Column Width Excel VB6
I'm trying to figure out how to change the Column length for a new workbook created based on the length of the text entered into the top line which I will mark as a header field.

Example, Beginning Mileage, Ending Mileage,Trip Distance all get cut in half due to the Column Width only being 8.43 wide.

Can I set custom width's or have it do an auto-length based on characters?

Change Excel Column Width
how to change a excel file column width using asp...

Change The Colmn Width In Excel Through Vb6
Hi all,

Now this sound bit stupid but I'm struggling to autofit my colmn through vb... I've used this code - ActiveCell.EntireColumn.AutoFit

Please help

How Do I Change The Width Of A Cell In Excel?

Once a week I generate about 1500 Excel files with different content that I send to our customers. Unfortunately I don't control the software who generates the files so when I need to make minor changes before shipping I have a vbscript or vb app who hook up to the files and changes them.

Now my problem is this:

The Excel files have cells with different content with variations in length. The cells widths however, are the same standard width as always in Excel. That is a problem for some of my customers who call me and complain about “missing numbers” since they can’t see all the content of all cells.

I’ve struggled with this quite a while now but can’t figure out how to set the width of the cells (or columns) to match the length of the content so that all cell information is visible.

Does anyone have any idea on how to attack this problem? I’m kinda out of ideas myself.


Increase The Width Of Excel Cell
hi all. i want to increase the width of the excel cell using my programe to accomodate different size of datas in excel sheet. how can i do that. can anybody help me in this. its something urgent.

Excel: Change The Width Of A Cell
Hi !

I'm using Excel Object and I want to change the width of the cell (1,1), but I want it bigger than the rest of the cells of that column...

mySheet.Columns(1).ColumnWidth = 20
mySheet.Cells(1,1).Width = 50 this doesn't work...

how could I do it ?

Thanks !

How To Open Excel W/ Fixed Width Col?
what is the syntax to open an Excel with a Fixed width column? Here's my code:

Set applExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
With applExcel
.Workbooks.Open FileName:=CommonDialog1.FileName
.Visible = False
End With

The said file will open on delimited format.

Anyone can help me?
thnx in advance

Column Width Within Excel Worksheet

I am using ExcelSheet.Cells(1, 1) = "Hello World "

to populate an excel cell.

How can I manipulate the column width?



Excel To Fixed Width Text File
I need to convert an excel spreadsheet into a text file with 40 byte columns.
And everything must be right justified with decimal places intact for those columns with decimals, and date format intact for the date column.

Is there an easy way to do this?

I was going in through access, converting it that way, but it's not perfect.

I've tried foxpro, and that gives me issues with numerics.

Can anyone either help me figure this out or point me in the right direction?



Excel Cells Back Color And Width
Please, I new now how to copy a MSHFlexGrid to Excel Sheet within VB code, But I need to copy also the Cell backColor and Width to Excel Sheet within the VB Code, Please Help.

Thanks alot

Grid To Excel Problem In Cell Width
Hi all
Thanks 4 previous
My next question is the I am using following code for exporting a grid data into excel sheet it is working properly but problem is that cell width is as it As excel cell width

VB Code:
Public Sub FlexToExcel(MyGrid As VSFlexGrid)Dim xlObject    As Excel.ApplicationDim xlWB        As Excel.Workbook'This code is used to send all data of a grid into a excel file'No need for writing excel codingSet xlObject = New Excel.Application'This Adds a new woorkbook, you could open the workbook from file alsoSet xlWB = xlObject.Workbooks.Add                Clipboard.Clear 'Clear the ClipboardWith MyGrid'Select Full Contents (You could also select partial content)    .Col = 0               'From first column    .Row = 0               'From first Row (header)    .ColSel = .Cols - 1    'Select all columns    .RowSel = .Rows - 1    'Select all rows    Clipboard.SetText .Clip 'Send to ClipboardEnd With            With xlObject.ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet    .Range("A1").Select 'Select Cell A1 (will paste from here, to different cells)    .Paste              'Paste clipboard contentsEnd With    ' This makes Excel visiblexlObject.Visible = TrueEnd Sub

Can we change directly cell width as the width of grid cell width? How It Work!

Seee the attachement for more detail

Excel Automation Keep Excel In Front

When I start Excel by another application like Delphi, is it possible to keep excel (forms) in front of other windows so that the users can not loose the form focus?


Excel Columns And SQL
Hey all.

Does anyone out there know how I can refer to an excel column (that has no header row in the actual spreadsheet) from a SQL statement? It doesn't seem to work to refer to "A" or "Column A"...

what i've tried:
"Select 'A' from [Sheet1$]"
"Select 'Column A' from [Sheet1$]"

or a related query:
"Select * From [Sheet1$] Where 'A' = 1"
"Select * From [Sheet1$] Where 'Column A' = 1"


Excel Columns
Hi all,
This seems like a very easy question... Does anyone know how to ask Excel to write a number of columns starting from any column (for example "E")?

The VB Bugs in my Life...

Web Query With 400 Columns In Excel, Possible?
I am trying to find a solution to this one, a page with ~400 columns that I need to query on a daily basis and I can't seem to find a solution to it..


Thank you!

Reading Columns From Excel Through VB
Does anyone know how to write a query for a specific column in excel while using Visual Basic? I currently use "Select * from .....", but what if I just want a specific column and I'm not sure how many entries there will be.
Also, while using the statement above, it skips the first row of the spreadsheet. Does anyone know how to avoid this problem and not skip the first row? The first row contains data that I need to have. If this can't be helped, is there a way to insert a row at the beginning of the spreadsheet?

VB For Excel - Format Columns
I have formatted an entire column to have the date format yyyy-mm-dd. however not everything in this column is a date. the other value is the number 1. so formatting this column changes it to 1900-01-01. I want to be able to write a macro to find all the 1900-01-01 and change the format to text (numberformat = '@')

Any help would be much appreciated.....

Format Excel Columns Through Vb
Hello fellow vb'ers,
I am creating an app. that creates a spreadsheet in Excel, everything works just fine except, when I pass a 16-digit number to Excel, it converts that number into scientific notation. I tried using the Numberformat method but it rounds the number down. Is there a way to format an individual column to accept it the way it is?

Re-organize Columns In Excel
i'm just wondering if anyone knows of a way to re-format an excel file.
i have a file with a bunch of data on it with different columns. then i have a certain layout that this excel file must be in before i can use it.
let's say i have original file as follows:
column a - age
column b - name
column c - address
column d - ss#

and i need it to be in the following format:
column a - ss#
column b - names
column c - age
column d - address

i have a lot of clumns, not just 4 and it would take a lot of manual work to get them in the proper order. is there a way to do this somehow programatically?

Resizing Columns Using Vb In Excel
Ok this is probably pretty easy but I don't have the help files installed on my computer so I can't do it myself...

I have a spreadsheet that is locked where people enter information, but i have one column that is hidden (it has employee wages in it) but if someone needs to adjust these wages then i want them to be able to click a button which will adjust the width of the column if it's hidden and hide it when it isn't hidden. (so they click once to show and once to hide) i know how to unlock and relock the worksheet, i just need help changing the width of the column. also i'd like to add an alert (like "Please click this button again to hide wages column after adjustments are made").

i am just using the VB which comes with excel premium. thanks in advance

Autosize Of Columns In Excel???
How can I make a column expand so that it can show all the text in the cells? Like when we double click in the column divider...

I'm working in VB, so I need to know how to do that from my code.


Looping Thru Columns In Excel
Hey all.
Here is my problem: The user selects a month (01, 02, 03...12). Based on this selection, I would like to find a specific column my Excel sheet based on the month number (eg. 01 -> H5, 02 -> J6, 03 -> K6). How do I loop through 12 columns?

The row number does not remain constant, but is also found in much the same way. They have to search on an account number.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Formatting Columns In Excel -
Hi everyone,

I have a program that passes in "string" numbers like this:

- 00123, 00459, 01293

I want them to appear that way when I write to the worksheet object, but Excel normally cuts off the leading zeroes.

Is there a way to PROGRAMMATICALLY format a worksheet object's column to accept numeric entries as text?



How To Move Excel Columns In VB?

I am modifying an Excel worksheet in a VB program.

I want to move columns around (eg. column 12 should become column 18 and column 18 should become column 12).

How can I do that?



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