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Excel Sheet - How To Change The Column To String Format ?


Could any one help me to Change the particular Column in Excel sheet to string format thru VB Code.

Bcos whatever the value i place in a cell it changes to numeric (Ex: 00002 -> 2)

Thanks in advance,

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How Can I Change Or Format A Picture On A Excel Sheet.
i wanna change or format a picture on a Excel Sheet.
How can i do it

How To Convert Scientific Value Of Excel Sheet Column To Number Column In Vb?
Hai Experts,
I have two columns in excel sheet with scientific value (Eg:5E+11).I want to convert this value into number --like 500000(not specifically this no this is an example) using visual basic

Can anyone of u tell me how to do this conversion process?


How To Read The Column Value From Excel Sheet To VB6.0
I need to read the column value from excel sheet to VB6.0.

How i can connect the existing Excel sheet to VB and read the column values?

Reply is urgent...

thanks in advance

Insert Column In Excel Sheet (VBA)
I know how to insert a row in an excel sheet via vba as shown below:

Sub InsertColumn()
End Sub

But what is the equivalent of inserting a column ? I tried :

but that ain't working. Anyone ?

A VB turned PHP geek

Excel Sheet Format
this code i generate from vba doesn't work with vb6 , any help??


With Selection.Interior
.ColorIndex = 2
.Pattern = xlSolid
End With

I need to select the whole worksheet and to change the color ,pattern.


Help!!! To Format Columns Of Excel Sheet Via Vb6.0
Dear friends

I m creating a software in which i transferred the data from access to excel via vb6.0. but i do not know that how can i format some of the columns have numeric value in to a two digit decimal place

Plz!!! help its urgent

Thanks in advance


Format Borders In Excel Sheet
I am trying to get VB to format borders in an Excel sheet.
Why isn't the following code working?

Dim xlEdgeBottom
Dim xlDouble
Dim xlThick

xlEdgeBottom = 1
xlDouble = 1
xlThick = 1

Set Range1 = Sheet5.Range("A1", "C1")

With Range1.Borders(xlEdgeBottom)
.Linestyle = xlDouble
.Weight = xlThick
End With

Does anyone have any tips on links or other codes (border style, etc)



Code Needed For Excel To Scan Column C If Value >0 Then Copy Row Into New Sheet
I need help creating a proposal work sheet in excel. Where user enters value in column c if they want to select the row. I want them to hit the "calculate" button and the macro search column C for a value greater than 0. If>0 then copy row into row of new sheet 'quote'. The sheet 'quote' is formatted to resemble letterhead and will be printed out so the copied in rows should begin at row 15. Any help is appreciated I am a complete novice at this. thanks

How To Format Entire Excel Sheet As Text?

I'd like to know how I can format an entire excel sheet in VB6 as Text. I don't want a "0E1" to turn out as 0.00E+00.



Import Excel Sheet...difficult Format
I have imported excel files into Access prior to this but the latest sheet format I was given has me stumped. The sheet format is

|unit |unit

Each unit has x number or parts each part is scored and the Access table that I am to put it into has 3 columns
UNIT, PART, SCORE. Could someone help me figure this out. I need to import cells in this order B1, A2, B2 in one record and
then the next would be B1,A3,B3...and so on till all filled cells are imported. The sheet can have 50 to 60 units with up to 1200
parts. Any suggestions will be welcome.
Thank you

Excel Sheet Change
I need to monitor in excel via VB if any one of my sheets have been changed manually by the user. I am creating a workbook that I don't want anyone to modify or change NO MATTER WHAT.

I have figured out a code that monitors this, but I still have one problem. This is the code that I have:

Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
MsgBox "You Are Not Allowed To Make Any Changes To This File.", vbInformation, "Admin Only"
End Sub

Private Sub Workbook_SheetSelectionChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
MsgBox "You Are Not Allowed To Make Any Changes To This File.", vbInformation, "Admin Only"
End Sub

This code runs fine and it informs users that they're not allowed to make any changes unless they have admin privileges. However the only problem I have with this code is that it stops some of my changes as well.

I have command buttons on my sheets that modify many cells, pivot tables etc. When these buttons are pressed and the code executed I keep getting the message that I'm not allowed to make changes to the file.

Basically, I need a line of code that I can place before all of my command buttons that will deactivate the sheetchange in ThisWorkbook.

Any pointers would be helpful, Thanks a lot!

How Can I Change Value In Sheet Excel ?
I use the "Microsoft Excel Chart" and I would like to change value on sheet1 in chart1 for build a new graph but I don't know what is the good method.

Ex: I have column A B C D and I wont to change value in Column B.

And who can said to me where can I find all methode I can use wiht VB vs Excel

Thanks a lot and sorry for my english.

How To Change Active Sheet Using Excel In Vb?
  can any one help me to how to change the active sheet to anther sheet within a workbook

 i wrote this code but it was not working

dim xlApp as new excel.application
dim xlWkb as new excel.workbook
dim xlWks as new excel.worksheet

set"c: emp.xls")

Change Data In Sheet Excel
I puted one graph on my form with object Microsoft Excel Chart and I Would like to change data in my graph but I don't know how.

Many peoples said to me you can use chart1.Worksheets("sheet1").cells(2, 3).value = x but I received all the time this error "Method or data member not found". I putted Chart1 before worksheet because it's was the name for my object and in this object,the graph was build with sheet1.

I would like to change data on sheet1 in the object Chart1.

I try to with Dim x As Excel.Application ...But is not better.

I need some help.
Sorry for my english.


How To Change Font Of Cells In Excel Sheet Using VB

how can i change font of a range of cells in excel sheets using VB..can anyone suggest it how to do it..


Excel VBA - Trapping Sheet Change Event
Hi all,

I know this is not strictly VB, but thought someone out there might be able
to help.

I am trying to "protect" the text in certain cells in an Excel spreadsheet.
I hear everyone screaming "Lock the cell and protect the sheet". However I
want the users to be able to insert rows and columns etc. and as far as I
can see, locking cells and protecting the sheet also disables this ability
for users.
I have therefore started to look at what events I can trap.
Just for now I have put a msgbox statement in each of the following events
to check when each fire. Problem is for some reason when I update the
spreadsheet, NONE of them seem to fire (!?!).
ThisWorkbook sheet Workbook_SheetChange event
ThisWorkbook sheet Workbook_SheetSelectionChange event
Sheet11 (the one I'm working on), Worksheet_Change event
Sheet11, Worksheet_SelectionChange event

I get the feeling I can't see the wood for the trees. Does anyone have any



James W. Farquhar

Open Excel Sheet And Change Value In Cells
I will like to open an Excel sheet and change value in cell by code VB.


VBA - Excel Column Format
In Excel sheet

Select Column--> Right Click --> Format Cell --> Text
This will make the column as text field column, so that we can enter alpha numeric values (eg:0001123).
Is it possible to do from visual basic code to set the column property.

Please do reply @ you earliest possible time

Thanks In Adv

Excel Column Format
I am writting an application that reads in excel worksheets to access tables in VB.  Unfortunately there are some special types in excel that do not translate to access and some of the data in the worksheet becomes distorted.
I had the idea of opening up the excel worksheet from VB6 prior to transfer and checking the columns for the special types but I can't seem to figure out how to check the columns for their data type... anybody know how to do this?

Format Excel Column
hi guys

How to format excel sheet column from visual basic.....

Like Excel Sheet -> Select Column -> Format Cell -> Text
This makes the column to text format .....

is this possible from visual basic

Thanks In Adv

How To Format A Column In Excel With Indent
Hi folks!

For VB 6 coding:
Could anyone advice what's the code to create an indent of 2 in Excel column?


Set The Column Format In A EXCEL SpreadSheet

I was wondering if anybody knew how to set a columns data type in EXCEL to a date format. My table has a date field and when I create the spreadsheet from VB, the date field comes up as a bunch of numbers. I can't figure out the syntax to set the field to a date format from VB. Thanks in advance.....

Excel Cell/Column Format
Hi Friends,

How can i change/set the column format thru VB.

I want to set date format to one of the column while transfering data from flexigrid control to excel file.


Format An Entire Excel Column
Does anyone know how to programatically format an entire Excel column in VB? I need to format a date column from m/d/yy to mm/dd/yyyy.

1/1/01 --> 01/01/2001
11/15/01 --> 11/15/2001

Thanks again!

No L c
VB Developer

Find A String In An Excel Sheet
How can I find a string in an excel sheet by code?


Input Data From File To Excel In Column Format
Hey everyone I'm new to VB and need some help.

I'm trying to input a file from a .dat file (output from Fortran code). The .dat file contains multiple column such as:
2 5.48564954E+05 4.07889292E+06 5.47506020E+05 4.07922513E+06
3 5.48560812E+05 4.07880932E+06 5.47497497E+05 4.07914291E+06
4 5.48556669E+05 4.07872573E+06 5.47488975E+05 4.07906069E+06
5 5.48552526E+05 4.07864214E+06 5.47480453E+05 4.07897847E+06
6 5.48548383E+05 4.07855855E+06 5.47471931E+05 4.07889625E+06
7 5.48544240E+05 4.07847495E+06 5.47463408E+05 4.07881404E+06
8 5.48540097E+05 4.07839136E+06 5.47454886E+05 4.07873182E+06
9 5.48535954E+05 4.07830777E+06 5.47446364E+05 4.07864960E+06
10 5.48531811E+05 4.07822417E+06 5.47437842E+05 4.07856738E+06

I want to open the .dat file and input this data into column format in my excel sheet.

Could someone tell me how this is done, I would greatly appreciate it.


Change Column Width Excel VB6
I'm trying to figure out how to change the Column length for a new workbook created based on the length of the text entered into the top line which I will mark as a header field.

Example, Beginning Mileage, Ending Mileage,Trip Distance all get cut in half due to the Column Width only being 8.43 wide.

Can I set custom width's or have it do an auto-length based on characters?

Change Excel Column Width
how to change a excel file column width using asp...

Excel Is Chaznging Number Format To Time When Using VBA To Populate Column
Hi There,

Newbie here.
I have written a sub that goes through and strips the curly brackets from and seperates the two integers into separate columns for {123:456} formated data.

When I run the VBA Excel assumes I want time format and changes the format of the column receiving the two integers to Time from General.
I tried turning off auto fil... but could not change this behavior.

I also tried to find out how to change the format of the cells back to "General" in code but could not figure it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Change Excel Column DataType To Text
Hi All,

I wrote vb6 small program that export data to Excel file.
I need to change one column data type to text for not getting 0 instead of "00000000"

How do i use the worksheet to change the datatype?

Dim objWorkSheet As Excel.Worksheet



Custom Excel Import (Change Column Order)
Evening all,

I am trying to figure out how I can allow a user to specify the order in which columns in a delimited file are imported. The import file is quite large (~30 columns and 15,000 rows). Currently, I am envisioning just importing the header row and having the user specify the column order. With that information, I want to match the users input to the import file and finally end with an Excel worksheet with the imported data in the specified order.

It shouldn't be a problem getting the header row or allowing the user to specify the order. My challenge is how to import individual delimited columns in a quick and efficient way. Does anyone have any ideas or guidance on this? If you know a better way to approach the problem let me know

Thanks in advance.

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VBA:Excel Macro Change Date Format
the format for cell a(2, 4) is "Genaral" category, eg.value is "03/11/08"(yy/mm/dd).I would like the cells(6,1) to display as "DATE : 08-Nov-2003". But the result as "DATE : False" why?
Please advise & Thank you

Option Explicit
Dim myday As String
Dim mymth As String
Dim myyear As Sring
Dim datefmt As String
Private Sub copyfile()
Workbooks.Open ("c:sample.xls")
a = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(sheetorg).Range("A1:G50").Value
filecopy ("c:sample.xls"), ("c: est.xls")
Workbooks.Open ("c: est.xls")
myday = Val(Mid(a(2, 4), 7, 2))
mymth = Val(Mid(a(2, 4), 4, 2))
myyear = Val(Mid(a(2, 4), 1, 2))
datefmt = myday & "/" & mymth & "/" & myyear
a(2,4) = datefmt
With ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1")
.Cells(6, 1) = "DATE : " & format(a(2, 4),"dd-mmm-yyyy")
End With
End Sub

Search String In Column (Excel)
Hi All, I have this following code:

With Worksheets(1).Range("A:A")
Set C = .Find(cint(NameFile), LookIn:=xlValues)
If Not C Is Nothing Then
'firstAddress = c.Address
Set C = .FindNext(C)
'Loop While Not c Is Nothing And c.Address <> firstAddress
Loop While C <> NameFile
firstAddress = C.Address
Text1.Text = "The cliente does not existes " & NameFile & " no " & VarDept
Exit Sub
End If
End with
The problem is in the NameFile for example i have 182, i whant to see if 182 is in the range i declared, but if theres a number like 118244, he grabs this number first, and all that have the 182.

Is there a way to grab only the 182 number, disregarding all the others.

Very Urgent, thanks in advance.

Search String In Column (Excel)
Hi All,

I want to search a specific string in one column, but i don´t what to search the entire column only the cells that aren't empty.
Is there a way to do that?

Thank´s in advance.

Change The Format Of Excel Cells From Text To Number
I have an excel macro that gets some sqlserver database stats and puts them into a worksheet, I have the problem that the data that gets extracted and put into the excel spreadsheet is put in as text and I would like to create a chart/graph of this output.

The data looks like this in excel: -

15/10/02dbname1 3136.00 MB3130.35 MB
15/10/02dbname29000.00 MB7971.60 MB
15/10/02dbname32500.00 MB2486.77 MB
15/10/02dbname42500.00 MB2495.15 MB

How do I convert the FREESPACE and TOTAL SIZE column into a number so that I can then create a graph/chart.

Or another solution could be to have the data put into the excel spreadsheet as a number, we have a very strict change process to make changes to the databases so I would prefer to use the first option.

Any help would be appreciated...

Change Excel Sheets Format Cells To Text From VB 6.0
Change Excel Sheets Format Cells to Text from VB 6.0 ...?

Importing Data From One Closed Excel Sheet Into Another Open Excel Sheet
Dear all,
   I am VBA newbie ... I need your help in importing the data froma closed excel document into another excel document.

Please help.

Exporting To Excel Loses STRING Format
I have a function that exports to excel. My data is 4 characters long, all numbers (ex. 0001, 0101,1001).

When it is posted to the worksheet, it loses it's string format and becomes integers (ex. 1,101,1001). Below is part of the function that places the value of my recordset into the worksheet.

.Cells(iROWIDX, iCOLIDX).Value = avROWS(iCOLIDX - 1, iROWIDX - 2)

When I was debugging it, the part

avROWS(iCOLIDX - 1, iROWIDX - 2)

shows me that the value of my data was still a string ('0001'..etc.)

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.


Getting Excel To Format A String To A Negative Number RESOLVED
I know I am missing something easy! I can't get excel to read the number as a negative.

Dim string6 as Currency
Dim string7 as Currency

'...string6 is a credit and string7 is a debit
IF array(n).string6 <> 0 Then
      xlWorkSheet.Cells(n + 1, 5).NumberFormat = "$0.00"
      xlWorkSheet.Cells(n + 1, 5).Value = arrRecords(n).string6
      xlWorkSheet.Cells(n + 1, 5).NumberFormat = -"$###,##0.00"
      xlWorkSheet.Cells(n + 1, 5).Value = arrRecords(n).string7
End If

Lets say string7 is 100, When I debug the program it shows the value as -$100 but in excel the value is just 100 not -100.
I tried .FormatCurrency but all I get is Object errors.

As always thanks for any input.


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Concating Data Of More Than One Excel Sheet To One Sheet In The Same Work Book

I want to concate data of sheets in to another sheet in the same work book through VB.Please help me

VB In Excel - Trying To Display Cells From Sheet To Sheet.
I'm going to go ahead and appologize for asking this, but I have no idea where to even start to search.

What I am trying to do is run and excel macro that will look for an specific enrty in column A. The entry it is searching for can happen multiple times. I want it to then display the information in columns B-F, respective to the the criteria in column A. (If the search is met in column A, that row I want displayed on a new sheet within the workbook)

I'm pretty sure that I can get info to display from one sheet to another. But my problem is how to run the loop so that it will search column A, and dipslay all respective information in columns B-F, if their column A meets the criteria. And stop when it gets to the bottom of the data, obviously.

Any help is so much appreciated. Also if you could just refer me to another section/topic, that will work too. Thanks in advance.


One Excel Sheet Monitoring Another Sheet's Events
I've written some macros that open an excel workbook and when an account number is typed into a user defined cell or cells the name associated with that account number is plugged into another user defined cell from the workbook the macros opened. I think my co-workers would find these macros very useful, the problem is none of them are very computer literate, and I don't want to have to go around and set these macros up on their excel workbooks. I would like to have these macros stored in a single sheet, but be triggered by the events of the sheets created by my co-workers without them having to insert any code into the sheets they create... just insert the sheet with the macros. Does anybody know if this is possible?? I appreciate any of the help I can get!!! I'm getting frustrated!!!

Using Find In 1 Column Not Whole Sheet?
Hi, I have the following code which finds the contents in textbox1 in the worksheet. I want it only to look in column 1.

Code: Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells.Find(TextBox1, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlPart, _
             SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext).Activate
             rowno = ActiveCell.Row

             txtFileNo.Text = Cells(rowno, 2)
             txtPartNo.Text = Cells(rowno, 3)
             txtTitle.Text = Cells(rowno, 1)

             cmdFind.Visible = False
             cmdFindNext.Visible = True

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks


Sheet-Row-Column Problem
I am trying to make a Makro for Exces. I need to fill one column of a table called (table1), with a value which is always on the same position (cell(2,2) but on different tables - all the tables are in the same sheet. The tables i wanna get the value from have names like "valuetable 1" to "valuetable 100". Here is how i tried to realize this:

For X = 1 To 100
Worksheets("Table1").Cells(X, 1).Value = (Worksheets(valuetable x).Cells(2, 2))
Next X

End Sub

Unfortunately this doesn't work. Any ideas how i could realize this makro?
Thanks and regards piotr

Extend Color Last Column To All Sheet.
I have hidden all columns from "K" to the end of the Sheet (column IV) and all cell have a color set. At the moment at the right side of the last column to the border of my Sheet I have a color gray. Is it possible reach dynamically the border of the Sheet, extending the color of my last column?
Any idea? Thanks in advance.



Need VB Code To Insert A Row For A Subscripted Line In Excel & Code To Search For Amounts On One Sheet And Apply Them To Certain Area On Another Sheet
I am in the process of developing an Excel spreadsheet and need assistance
in adding visual basic code to automate it.

The first thing I am trying to do is to create a macro where a user can
click on a certain button, and the program will insert a row at a specific
row and will copy all formulas associated with the row above it. For
instance, if you have a spreadsheet that has 10 rows and 3 columns in it,
you can insert a subscript line below row 5 and call it 5.1. When the
subscripted row "5.1" is added, it will include the same formulas as in row
5, which would add columns 1 and 2 in column 3.

The second thing I am trying to do is have some code that if a user enters
information on Sheet B that needs to also be included on Sheet A, the code
will search Sheet B to see it an entry made on Sheet B should be carried to
a particular row in Sheet A.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback anyone can give me regarding this.
Thanks in advance.

Is't Possible To Put "Data" In Excel Sheet Or Value In DBGrid On Excel Sheet
I would like to Export Table .mdb connect with Data1 to an Excel Sheet. Is't possible with VB code?

Second option I have the same data in DBGrid is't possible to put Data in DBGrid on Excel Sheet.


Can I Do A 'find'/search In A Column And Not An Entire Sheet?
Currently, I'm doing this:

strJob = cbo_arojob.Value
ChosenRow = .Cells.Find(strJob, Range("A1"), xlFormulas, , xlByRows, _
but textboxes are not updating correctly because I think the Find is finding another cell. For example, 550 doesn't return the correct row because elsewhere on the sheet is cell with 4550, and that row number is stored. Is there a way to search in just column A?

Sending Rows From One Sheet To Another Based On Cell Value In Column A
Hi everyone

I've been racking my brains since yesterday to come up with an answer to this but to no avail so am hoping that one of you lovely people can help me out.

What it is, I have a worksheet, "Data", that contains 7 columns, and lots of rows (will be different each time report is run). I also have five other worksheets, Revenues, Benefits, etc etc.

Column A in the Data sheet are Team Managers names. Each team manger is from a specific service. What i want to do (by poss a comand button on each of the other worksheets?), is to copy the the rows from the data sheet based on whether the team manager relates to that service, i.e.

1 Joe Bloggs
2 Joe Bloggs
3 Bob Smith
4 Andy Jones
5 Andy Jones

So if Joe Bloggs is on revenues, then I want rows 1 and 2 to be copied to the sheet Revenues, Bob Smith is on benefits so I want row 3 to be copied to the worksheet Benefits. Then Andy Jones is also on Revenues so I want rows 4 and 5 to be copied to the Revenues sheet, being careful not to overwrite the rows that have already been copied there.

I know you're probably thinking why can't this be done by copying and pasting but there is sometimes in excess of 2000 rows and this would take a very long time to do.

Any help on this and I would be extremely grateful.


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