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Export DataReport To .pdf?

Can I export my DataReport to .pdf? I can export to html :

DataReport1.ExportReport rptKeyHTML, "C:MyReport.htm", True, True, rptRangeFromTo, 1, 4

Can I export to .pdf?

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Export DataReport To Pdf?
Can I export my DataReport to .pdf? I can export to html :

VB Code:
DataReport1.ExportReport rptKeyHTML, "C:MyReport.htm", True, True, rptRangeFromTo, 1, 4

Can I export to .pdf?

Help... Export Datareport
when my datareport is produced.. I sometimes need to export it. (using export button on datareport screen) However.. no matter what type I choose to save it as .. the format of the report gets totally screwed up. what can I do

Export To Csv From Datareport
I would like to export a report as csv format which i have created with datareport function in VB 6.0. Is there a way to add export as csv option to datareport utility or do you know any free utility that i can use with VB?


Export DataReport
Iam building my reports using DataReports in my VB project.i would like to export my DataReport to Excel is this possible.plz mail me the code.
thank u

Export Datareport To MS Word

Can I export a datareport created in VB 6.0 to a word document in the same format the datareport is created. If yes the can anyone give me the code for that. Please it is urgent

The reason is the person is going to attach the doc file with his email.

Thanx in advance


Export Datareport To Excel
I am on a mission to find out the best way to export a data report to excel after the report has been made. Right now you can push a little button on top of the data report to export it to html, how do I do the same for excel? I have it written now to export to excel but it starts this process as soon as the report is made. It has been added to the AddExportReport function which is called by the DataReport_Activate function. How do I, or can I add a button to the report to export after the report is done? and on user discression, not when the report comes up.

Any ideas?

Disable Export In Datareport
Hi there,

Is there a way to disable Export option in Datareport?


DataReport Export Images

My data report have text fields and some images (pictures).
When I export contents of datareport to rtf or html I have only text fields without images.
Does enyone now how to export images from datareport?


To Export Datareport To Excel
i want to export datareports to excel. is there any way one can do it. at present the export button in datareport is exporting only to html and txt files . can we export it to excel sheets .pl help immdly
with regards

Datareport Export To Excel.
Hi Guys,

I am using a Datareport in my application. I want to know how to export the report directly to Excel. Please help guys. Very urgent.

How To Export The DataReport To Well Designed HTML
I exported the data report to a html file.
but the alignment is not the same as i designed in the reports.
i want the same aligment and the shapes which i included in the report.

how can i?


Datareport Disable Export Button
How can I disable the Export button that is displayed when previewing a datareport? I want my users to be able to preview & print but not export the datareport.
Thanks in advance...

Restrict Print,Export In VB DataReport
Anyone know how to restrict or disable print or export or both print and export function in VB DataReport? I would like to restrict the print and export feature during priviewing the report. Thanks.

Datareport - HTML Export - Images
I create a datareport and successfully preview/print the image in a rptImage control.

When I export the report as HTML I loose the image.

Is there anyway I can overcome this?

[ask]how To Export Datareport Into Word Document
when I export into html, it only export the text but not pictures.

is there any way to export datareport to *.doc, with all the content inside the datareport exported.

Export DataReport To Word Format
Hellooo Friends...........

I m working with Visual Basic 6.0 Access as Database . I have created a dataReport and now i want to export that report into word format. In export option of datareport viewer there r only HTML and text format i want to eaxactly copy the report into word document.

Datareport Print & Export Buttons
Dear Tek-Tips,

Is there a way that I can hide the Print and Export bottons at the top of a DataReport before I envoke the .Show method. I thought I read this somewhere, however I do not remember where.

Any and all help is always appreciated.

Thank you,

Tom (maxflitom)

How To Disable DataReport Export Button On Toolbar
i would like to disable export function on toolbar, somebody can tell me how to do it. thanks!

How To Disable Or Hide Datareport Export Buton ?
Hi All!

I want to know how to disable or hide datareport export buton ?

please i need this.

Thank's before.

Datareport Export To Html Format Error
when i use the built in export function to export datareport to html, the format is not as same as what i preview? Can anyone help....i am a student....

DataReport Export To HTML - Orientation Problem
How to force DataReport to correctly export portrait oriented page ? Exported page contains all data but in landscape orientation !!!

Failed To Export The Report, Error In MS Excel Export Format DLL

I have a little problem with Crystal Reports (CR 8) :

I try to export one of my reports from a VB program. When I try to export it in "Comma Separated Values" format everything is ok (except this is not the format I need
). When I try to export it in excel format it works, on some PCs but not on others ?

VB code sample :

rpt.ExportOptions.FormatType = crEFTExcel80Tabular
rpt.ExportOptions.DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
rpt.ExportOptions.UseReportDateFormat = True
rpt.ExportOptions.UseReportNumberFormat = True
rpt.ExportOptions.DiskFileName = txtExportDirectory.Text & ExportName
rpt.Export False

I tried all the excel formats (crEFTExcel50, crEFTExcel50Tabular, crEFTExcel70 ...) but on some PC's I always get the "Exporting Records" window for a second and then the error "Failed to export the report, Error in MS Excel Export Format DLL".

Can anyone help me out ?
Thanks !

VB6 Export To MAPI Runtime Error On Export
I am receiving the error message "Failed to export report" when executing the line "Report.Export False".
This routine was working until I upgraded to Crystal Reports 8.5. I have tried all of the solutions I found for the error message on the Crystal Reports site and none of them have solved the problem. Has anyone encountered this and solved it??

{SOLVED} Re: Question To Datareport FAQ; How-To Use Datareport Without Dataenvironment
Hi haahoo.
  When using a SHAPE statement you must also add the following to your connection string;

For Access db use;

For SQL server db use;

Hope this helps!

Edited by - Deke on 1/27/2004 3:01:45 PM

Export From 3DS Max 4.2
I have a plugin for 3DS Max which allows you to export as a ".x" file. I export my model and try to load it into a Direct 3D example which came with the DX SDK. The model does not display. If i try to load any pre-made model which someone else has made it works fine.

Has anyone come accross this problem before?


Au Export As Txt
hi everybody

i'm discovering macro on word, and i need a specific action i can't do
In fact, people will enter thinks in a formulary
so I'll receive a hundred of them, and i have to extract the information

My problem is to ask Word to open files and export as .txt.
When I make a macro, word save the name of my exemple file
And I want it to take the name of the file, and save with the same name.txt

I can't find the solution

Any idea ??



Export To Db
I have an Excel 2000 spreadsheet with four columns:

City State Name Age
Miami Florida Jones 34
Atlanta Georgia Smith 56
Dallas Texas Baker 43
I need to export it to an Access 2000 database. I have no problem with the Import utility in Access:
File/Get External Data/Import and I grab the data.
But that puts it in one table.

I need to put it in two tables:

Id City State
1 Miami Florida
2 Atlanta Georgia
3 Dallas Texas

Id Name Age
1 Jones 34
2 Smith 56
3 Baker 43
Please advise how I can do this?

I have a line of code that reads:

xlChart.Export "C:Inverse ProgramResults" & i & ".bmp", "bmp"
It is supposed to export a chart to a bitmap but it comes up with an error "method export of object_chart failed"

What's wrong?

p.s. here's the start of my code in case u need it:

Dim xlApp As Excel.Application
Set xlApp = New Excel.Application
Dim xlWkb As Excel.Workbook
Set xlWkb = xlApp.Workbooks.Open("C:Inverse ProgramResults" & i & ".xls")
Dim xlSht As Excel.Worksheet
Set xlSht = xlWkb.Worksheets(1)
Dim xlChart As Excel.Chart
Set xlChart = xlWkb.Charts.Add

Export In CSV

I'd like to write a macro that saves the content of an Excel sheet in another file (in CSV format) when the user clicks "save" button. Is this possible ???

The matter is not how I can write this procedure, but if it is possible to catch clicks on the "save" button ??

Thanks, sysiphe

Export To PDF
Is it possible to export some data to PDF file?

exporting only one picture would be great...

thx for help

please help

i know that crystal reports can export a report to mail and office files... but i havtried everything and when i click the little briefcase it does absolutely nothing.


Export To PDF

I need to export text (with formatting and pictures) from a RichText box to PDF. How?

Thanks in advance.

How To Export A DLL In VB

I'd like to know how I can export al DLL in VB , I am generating a DLL in VB to be called from VC++ in runtime , but when a generate the DLL my VC program can find the MyDLL.dll but he can't find the functions inside my DLL.

What a I'm doing in VB is just that below:

1) Create an ActiveX DLL

2) Writing the next code:

Public Function Mult(ByVal A As Integer) As Integer

Mult = A * 40

End Function

3) Generating the DLL

And in VC I am doing this:

LoadLibrary(Mydll.dll) --- > This is OK , he finds it....

but here.....

if ( (SumarPtr = (Sumar)GetProcAddress(dllHandle, "Mult"))==NULL)
MessageBox("function not found");

He cant find the Mult function....

For this reason I'd like to know how to export a DLL in VB like the extern "C" Export function ... in VC++.


Export To DBF
Someone knows how can I export data from SQLServer to a DBF file within Visual Basic!?

Thanks in advance!!

Export SQL
Hi, i need to export the sql code of a great number of MsAccess Query to a txt file, i dont want to do it with copy-past for each query.
Have you any idea ?

thank you

How Come I Cant Export To .PDF In CR 7.0?
I can export to every other file type, except for .PDF. Does 7.0 support .PDF export? Is there a .dll that I should be looking for?

Export To Dbf
I have listview with columnheader and listitem.. I want export content in the listview to dbf.. How I can start this?

Export To PDF
Currently I have an application that exports a list of fields (text boxes) to an FDF file which, when opened (shelled or double-clicked) loads Adobe Acrobat/Reader and the appropriate PDF file (specified within the FDF) and fills in the fields on the PDF file. The PDF file specified in the FDF is located on the individual computers in the office here, so it's a simple local specification, as opposed to a URL.

The issue is that we are now wanting to automatically send these documents to some remote users. I've experimented with sending an FDF which points to the PDF on a server ("") BUT this doesn't always work.

The best thing to do would be to pre-fill the fields, save the PDF and send that as a standalone document BUT this requires user intervention. Someone would have to export the FDF, do a File-> Save As, and then send the document to the user.

UNLESS....there is a way to automatically fill out and save the PDF file (specifying a name and all) without the user having to open Acrobat. Also, I would rather not use SendKeys at this point.

We are using Acrobat 5.0, by the way.

Any ideas on this?


How To Export From C++?
Let's say I have a couple prototypes like this in C++:

char * __stdcall newex(int Size);
int __stdcall deleteex(char *Data);

Now, what I want to know is how to get these exports imported into VB and then use them.

Also, and more important to me, the memory that is allocated by newex() MUST be freed by calling deleteex(). The data returned by newex() is a zero-terminated ANSI string (NOT Unicode). The pointer returned by newex() must be the same pointer used as the 'Data' parameter in deleteex(). Failure to call deleteex() will result in a memory leak. Failure to call deleteex() correctly will result in an application crash. Given all of this information, how would someone go about:

1) Calling newex().
2) Getting a copy of the data from newex().
3) Calling deleteex().

In that order.

Also, any suggestions on advanced VB programming books that cover this exact topic would be appreciated.


Export Help

I Created a report with Data environment... It is displayed on the screen. How can I dynamically export the results into an html file from within VB...

Thanks in advance for any help Or ideas...

Is there a way I can code the export function Crystal report within VB? I am calling the crystal report from VB. Normally my users have to click on the little envelope in crystal report and select the type of document they want to export the data to and then select the destination. I am trying to find a way to automate the whole process. Thanks.


Export From Rpt To PDF
Hi guys,

i want to ask , how we can export a Crystal Report Document to PDF Document?
does anyone can give me explanation for this ?

Vb To Vba Export
I am trying to export one application developped under VB5 to VBA97.
I used under VB5, controls such as Dirlistbox and Filelistbox. These objects are contents under vb5.olb available under default directory for VB5 i.e. DevStudioVB.
To make these components available under vba97, I checked in the tools/reference menu the reference:
"Visual basic objects and procedures"
which makes previous objects available under the objects browser.
However these objects does'nt appear under the toolbox and it is so impossible to include them inside the userform.
What I am missing and Is somebody get a solution for that?
Thanks a lot

to export database table from access .

export ...?

Export Into .pdf
Hi all,

I have a big problem when I try to export from Crystal Report 8.5 in .pdf from VB6. I use a database made in SQL Server 2000.
The problem is that all the decimal fields in database are truncated in pdf when I export from VB6. For example, If I have 75.45, it will return 75.00. If I export the data direct from Crystal Report, it works fine.
I tried with some updates for Crystal Report, but with no result.
Please, help me!

Export To DBF
Hello Fellow Programmers:

This is what I wish to accomplish. I want to connect to an Oracle database (I have the connection string to it). Then I wish to get information from the table and change the column names to fit DBase specifications (i.e. the column names are greater than 10 characters). Then I wish to export this table to dbase .dbf format. Any suggestions how this can be accomplished?



How To Export From SQL Into XML
A one small question.
Question:How to export from SQL into XML
I tryCode:SELECT *
FROM Table
WHERE id < 900
ORDER BY id_over, id
And how to this select in SQL store into XML file?

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Export As PDF
How I can Export data/Report as .PDF document.

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