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Extract Images From A WebPage

I am trying to extract images from a web page in the web browser control on a form and display them in a list box and when i click on them they open up in the web browser control how would i do that.

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Webpage Extract
I would like to be able to connect to a webpage and extract certain info from that page {example} goto and retrieve the current radar image and place it on my form in a picture or image box. How would i go about this once ive connected to there server, or can i> Thanks upfront for any advice.

Extract Info From A Webpage?
Is there a know way to exatract the info from a webpage?

Need To Extract Properties Of Images Using VB6
Hi guys,

I need some help regarding extracting properties of images. My application needs to extract info from JPEG's, BMP's, and GIF's like pixels width, resolution (DPI), image format (jpg, bmp, etc.), if the image has CMYK element or not, and if the image has Lab Color element or not. I used Image Alchemy and was able to extract pixel width and image format, while Wang Image Edit Control extracted the image resolution for me. Are there any controls or dll's or freewares that can help me get the CMYK and Lab Color element or all the 5 properties?


Extract Images From Webshots Collections
Does anyone know how to convert a webshots collections (.wbz extension) to a .jpg? Is there a .dll I can reference in my project that the webshots software uses? Thanks.

Extract Images In Word Document
Hi all,
i need to extract images stored in word document
it will be appreciatable if someone gives idea or code snippet
i used inlineshapes collection but not find solution


Auto-saving Images From A Webpage
Anyway,I found this babe thread that is really HOT, and i want to auto-save every image on the page...

how can i do this? or does someone have a program that does this...

Loading A Webpage Without Images Using Webbrowser Control
hey ppl
is it possible to load a webpage in the webbrowser control without the images as iam interested in the source of the page.also that would load the page faster

iam using the following code

WebBrowser1.Navigate2 "webpage"

thanks in advance

How Can I Extract Images From Web Page And Save It To Disk By Webbrowser?
I am now programming with webbrowser control. I want to use it download a web page and save all the pictures in that page to the disk. what should I do?

How Can You Get A List Of Images On A Webpage, With Their Links In A Webbrowser Ctrl?
In a webbrowser control, you can get a list of all links by the code
VB Code:
For x = 0 to WB.Document.links.length - 1msgbox WB.Document.Links(x).srcNext
and you can get a list of images with
VB Code:
For x = 0 to WB.Document.images.length - 1msgbox WB.Document.images(x).srcNext
but how can you get a list of images and the links they link to (if any?)

Shell IE, Load Webpage && Log Whether Webpage Loads Or Not
Dear all,

How would I go about opening up Internet Explorer, loading a webpage ( and reporting back to VB whether the request was successful or not.

I'd like to perform this routine as a way of checking that my PC can connect to the internet... as if it can't, it would be a big indicator that our proxy server has gone down or needs restarting. (I'm writing a network monitoring program)

I'm getting as far as shelling IEXPLORE.exe... but I am then lost as to how to request a website and also a way of checking whether the website loads or not.. Could anyone please offer me some assistance?

Thanks in advance....

Creating Images With Preset Images
Well this is a short little question, no real big explanation needed thank god

I'm needing to know if it is possible to create an image by combining about 3-6 images together and positioning them. Let's say I have Image1.gif, Image2.gif, Image3.gif, and Image4.gif. I want to combine them all together with Image1.gif at the top, Image2.gif at the bottom, Image3.gif to the right, and Image4.gif to the right. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Clicking Images On Google Images
hi..i've asked a similar question like this before, but my old method doesnt seem to work.

when you search google images, and get your results, i want to click the first result tha ti get with my app.

im using this code but it doesnt work.


how would one go about doing this?

Images In Contact With Other Images
I'm makin' a game which is progressing along pretty well and I can't quite figure out something. As a 'missle' is repeatedly going across the screen, the character that I am controlling ducks under them. But if he misses the duck and gets hit by the 'missle', let's just say the character should disappear. Any tips?

Extract A Par Of A BMP Into A New BMP
Hello dudes

I'm new in this graphics management in VB6. I looked for an answer about my question but I had no luck. Please target me where I can look.

I'm coding an AVL software for the company I work for. I'll receive information about the mobiles GPS's and display it that on screen. I have done everything but the map showing, and that is what is worryimg me.

I have several VERY big BMP file, letīs say almost 100 mb each. They was generated by exporting a vectorized file. Each of them has their own georeferentiation (I hope the word exists). This means that I know the relation between px and miles for each map. (i.e. 120 px = 1 mile)

Depending of the mobile position, I'll have to show only a portion of the map, and as I cannot load the whole pic on memory, my idea is to somehow "cut" the original bitmap and make on the fly a new smaller temporary bmp, which will be the one showed on screen. These idea will be good for both doing zoom and pan.

The question is simple: where do I start looking for a solution?

Thx !

Extract Value!
In a Combo Box i have values like this..

"GF0171[Edit by Anis]"
"GF0181[Edit by John]"

How i can extract the values, only "GF0171", from the string without brackets etc!..

Trying To Extract From Txt Box
I am trying to extract data from a text box and put it into two diffrent text boxs. For example I have a text box named
name.text and lets say that the data in that box is Doe,John

So the question is, If i make two other text boxs, Fn.text and Ln.text, how am I able to get the last name Doe in Ln.text box and first name John in Fn.text ?

Thanks alot

Extract Bmp
anybuddy know how 2 get bitmaps from a separately compiled resource file?

Vb Self Extract?
Is there any way to create a project that, like a zip, unzips and moves the contained files to a certain directory?

any clue?

Extract .ico From .dll
How can I extract icons from a dll file

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Extract Wav From AVI
Just wondering if this is possible. Trying to create a prog that will be able to do this. Thanks for the help. THanks VIZ

Ok, I have a browser and when a user is at a page like yahoo and he pushes like search. I need that to trigger an event. Does anybody know how I would do that?


Best Way To Get Vb Onto A Webpage
I want to write a program that I want to be accessible via a web page. What's the best route to take for something like that?

I've looked into activex, but don't know too much about it. Is that the only option?

Gday all
Is someone able to tell me how to translate a simple VB program into VB Script for publication on a website?
Is someone able to tell me if this is possible?

VB In Webpage
Can someone tell me how i can make a registration form for a webpage in VB? I am talking about a form that people fill out information and click submit and it is sent in. I have no experience in web programming...I suspect that VB doesnt do any web apps. I hope I am wrong. Any help is appreciated.

VB And Webpage
Is it possible to build webpages with Visual Basic code? I'm a beginner and I'm looking to create a simple websites with all the normal VB objects like text boxes, drop menu's, and even databases. Is this possible? I think there's a option to choose a form called DHTML? Is this what I'd use? Or is the process of using VB to create webpages extremley difficult?

So to reiterate my question is how do you build webpages using VB, or which programs do you need to use??

Is There Any Way To Use VB On A Webpage...
Is there any way to use vb code on a web page or with html?

VB App From A Webpage
Is there any way to call a vb application from a web page?
for instance if I click a button on the page, I want an app to open where I can print a report.

Webpage With Asp
How do I fix so my home-built webserver supports asp?

AS/400 Webpage
I'm looking for a way to get a website up that will mainly display records from an AS/400. I've been trying to use a program called ProGen WebSmart, but it's being a pain. Is there a Visual Studio 6.0 Pro solution? I know I could do these tasks in VB6 but the goal is to have this done from a webpage.
Any ideas/thoughts would be greatly welcomed! Thanks

I wanna do this cheap.

I want to register and have it forward to my att site. Is there a way I could do it for FREE. So that no service was involved? And if not, give me a address of a good free service for having a domain name. TY.

Get URL's From Webpage
How can I get urls from a webpage that's open in a form? Like, for example, there's 10 links on a page and I want the last nine of them. How would I get the URL's of those links and put them into an array?

Is there a way to have a label open a webpage in a broswer?

Help! Is This Possible In A Webpage?
hey guyz,,, i want to know if it is possible to call a vb program from a webpage. and if so, how? can someone please tell me. thanks very much in advance!

.jpg On Webpage?HELP
what im tryin to do is there is a .jpg on a webpage and it says somethin what im tryin to do is extract whatever it says in the .jpg and insert it into a textbox or somesort? is this possible or anything easier?

VPN From A Webpage
I would like to be able to create a MS VPN connection for a client from a webpage. I am sure it should be rather easy to do, but I do not have the coding experience at this time. Any help would be great.

VPN From A Webpage
I would like to be able to create a MS VPN connection for a client from a webpage. I am sure it should be rather easy to do, but I do not have the coding experience at this time. Any help would be great.

Extract ToolBitmap From Ocx
Can somebody help me with a function to extract the Toolbitmap image from an activex?
This means not the icon, therefore there are plenty of api functions, but just the bitmap image, (see Toolbitmap32 node in registry)


Extract Solution Need!!!
I got a problem when Im trying to extract data from file to array.
Is there a good way to do it?
I know a way to do it but it takes allot of for:next loops, so the code does'nt look pretty.

where is some examples of what I need to be extracted:

Form("Big Bang",150,250,300,200,-1,1) 'Name,Left,Top,Width,Height,BackColor,Visible
Button("Check",20,80,70,30,-1,vbBlack,1,1,0) 'Caption,Left,Top,Width,Height,BackColor,TextColor,Visible,OnForm,Valu e
TextBox("NoName",20,50,80,-1,-1,-1,1,3) 'Text,Left,Top,Width,Height,BackColor,TextColor,Visible,OnForm
Font(9,"Arial",-1,-1) 'Size,Name,Bold,Transparency


How To Extract Files?
How can I extract files from a vb file
I mean: I want to make a program that when you run it
it extract another file, anyone know how?

Bacause I want to extract the Inet OCX info system32 folder when someone running my prog

VBA To Extract Xls Properties
Hi, i'm new here. I just made a search on my network for all .xls files.
There's 52 000 files. Now i have the path of every in a database, and I'd like (with vba) get the property of each one.

I need :

- the version of Excel that created it.
- the creator of the file
- the last modified date
- and I need to know if there's code in the workbook (Modules)

What would be the fastest way of doing it?
And how can I open [vitually] the .xls and extract the info I need?

Thanks a lot for helping me!!

How To Extract Hyperlinks

I have a worksheet (Sheet1) that has a random dispersion of hyperlinks throuhgout several cells. I would like to create a macro that identifies a cell that contains a hyperlink, copies the actual link, then places the address in the same cell on another worksheet.

For example, if cell C4 on Sheet1 contains the hyperlink:, then I want cell C4 on Sheet2 to have the value: "".

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Match And Extract
I have a variable called "data" and in it contains the following:

<a href="/">Day Break</a>

<a href="/">Dead Like Me</a>

<a href="/">Desperate Housewives</a>

<a href="/">Dexter</a>


<a href="/">Dirt</a>

<a href="/">Doctor Who</a>
I need to loop through the code and check that the href tag starts off with "/" then extract the numbers after and also the name (these will be put into an array). I am stuck for idesa because I dont understand regexp in vb6 and cant quite work out any other way of doing it! Any ideas?

Execute .Exe From .res Without Extract

How can i execute .exe file from resource file without extract it ???

Extract Into Array?
ive got an array that has 3 digits in it. each digit seperated by a space. so something like "3 12 2"

how would i exctract each digit and put it into another array so it looks like this:

oldarray = "3 12 2"

newarray(1) = 3
newarray(2) = 12
newarray(3) = 2

Extract Icon
if you add a custom book mark to firefox it auto finds the webpage icon and adds it to the book mark, i would like to do the same thing , does anybody have any idea how its done?

How To Extract Xml Data
Hello to all,
I want to extract an xml data, but I don't know how to do it. Will you please post some sample how to do it...

Auto Self Extract

I'm creating a new proyect about two programs.

The first one is for creating a configuration file (.txt) and the second one reads that .txt file.

Well, what I want to do now is to join the .txt file with the exe that reads that .txt file, so I have just a exe file.

How can I join the two files (exe and txt), for the exe to read the txt file without having both files present ?

AeroForce 64

Extract Text
A single cell contains city and date. vb: etten-Leur, 29 januari 2004
I want to extract/delete the city name (etten-leur), i want to keep the date as a string.

thnx in advance.


Extract Icons
Im making a shortcut program that will have a list of EXEs and i want to be able to display the icons of the EXEs. How do i extract an exes small icon(to BMP format) and resize it to 13x13?

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