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Fantasy Football Project

Hi all,

I have decided to write a program for my fantasy football league. This program will act as the administrator of my league. I am having a hard time deciding the best way to run this off the internet. My current setup is to install the program on the client computers and connect to *txt files on the internet using the INET control to ftp the *txt files to the local harddrive and then using the File System Object to read the *txt files, possibly edit them and upload them back to the internet to keep the information current. First of all, I don't know if there is an easier way, please tell me if there is. Now to my current concerns. first the INET control ftps kinda slow. These *txt files are currently very small, about 1 kb, but the form is quite slow to load. I am at times downloading multiple files. Second, is there not a way to edit these files directly on the internet without ftping them to a local directory? I am worried that two users my manipulate the same file at the same time. Third, is there a way edit *txt files without rewriting the entire file or appending data?
I guess what I'm looking for is the best way to retrieve information from several sources on the internet and edit those sources with the most flexibility. Thanks

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Fantasy Football
is there a way I can get data from a certain web page using VB...

THe page is

I want to be able to either copy the entire pages data(if football players stats) and create a file with contents of the web page onto the file... that way I can search the entire file for individaul players and there stats for that week... actually if I could pull the information into excell, would I be able to locate the stats easier?

Fantasy Football League
During my spare time over the past....i forget how long, lets just say quite a while, i have developed a fantasy football league (for the english premiership league) using visual basic, and my as i couldnt find a free way of submitting my site ( , currently only used for testing) i figured i would ask on here to see if anyone was interested in joining, its completely free, but i was thinking of putting an address for any1 2 send donations 2 if they feel generous and then having a prize for the winner at the end of the season. There's no rush as the season doesnt start until september, but if your interested, send an email with the subject "EFPL New User" to, with your name, and what you want your username and password to be...
thanks, and i hope to hear from some of you soon.

@ESMS Fantasy Football Software
ive been asked to create a programme, a traning prgramme to increase stats nad atributes over a period of time.

how do i make the programme abe to acept a text file, and able to edit it and save the changes?

many thx for your help

James Merrix

Final Fantasy - I KNOW
I know how to make a FF game with scrooling and etc... speed bar.. combat.... items... etc etc etc.. but, for now I can only tell you guys that our game ( 3d corp. ) is goind to be GOOD! I didn't used BitBtl or some weired stuff like the windows API hehehe. Soon I will post our game homepage. That's it BYE AND THANKS BILL SOO!

Punkrock on my veins..... ARRGGHHUU !

Fantasy Soccer
Thanx da_silvy


I want to create a fantasy soccer league from scratch. I don't want to use some other guy's app to generate all the goods. I've sorted out most of the stuff, except for the most important bit.

I want to generate the games played between the teams by means of a service that will be running on the server. When the right date comes, the service should "play" the two teams scheduled to play on that date, and generate results of the match. These results are directly affected by the statistics of each player in each team. My problem is just that. How? How do I put each team up against each other?

I first decided to randomly pick a number between 1 and 2 (like flipping a coin). Then, the team that "wins the toss" will have possession of the ball, and are therefore offensive. The other team will be deffensive. The, I can take the combined score of team 1's offensive stats, and the combined score of team 2's deffensive stats, and determine the ratio:

Team 1 (T1)
+ Team 2 (T2)
Combined (C)


TA = (C / 100) * T1
TB = (C / 100) * T2

Now, I will have the advantage/disadvantage Team 1 has.

Then, generate a random number between 1 and 100.
If the number <= TA Then Team 1 had success, else
Team 2 deffended well.

But, this does not satisfy my needs, 'cos I'll end up having scores like 34 - 21, instead of 3 - 0 or something.

Running the loop three times for each team could give me a score of anything from 0 - 0 to 3 - 3, but that's not good enough either.

I want to be able te determine yellow/red cards, injury, assists, hat tricks, corners, possession, etc.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Fantasy Soccer
Please read this:

Fantasy Footbal (Soccer)

Football Sim
How would i make it so the form displays a label saying 90:00 then counts it down like 98:59,98:58 and so on to 00:00 over a matter of 2 minutes and how would i go about scores?

Tribute To Final Fantasy (My First RPG)
Well, for my final VisualBasic project in school I decided to make a game. I tried to make it as much like a Final Fantasy as I could.

Most music, images, and sounds are owned and copyrighted by Squaresoft. I wrote the story, but it's kind of cheesy, or lame, but I didn't have much time to improve it. Besides I only made it to try and write my own simple RPG.

It is about 600kb, so have pateince please!
Also: I noticed the midi music won't play unless you rename the folder to something WITHOUT a space. It seems the mciSendString won't work if there is a space in the folder name.


Final Fantasy Speed Bar
Well... how can I use that regular progress bar to make that
timer that let you use commands in Final Fantasy games?

Punkrock on my veins..... ARRGGHHUU !

Football Timer
Not sure if this is the right place to put this but since it's part of a game I hope it is. Anyways how would I make a timer to countdown from a set number of minutes. I already have an input box to get the number of minutes they want to play but now I want to make a countdown clock that counts it down on the screen. Has anyone done this before because I am really stuck, Thanks

Help With 2D Football Game
If you have played video games a while you can remember the good old days of when the football games had players made out of helmets. For my school I am making a 2D football game with our team in it. Right now I have the offense done but the hard part is the defense. The games not going to be anything fancy just some realistic AI, because I am short on time. Does anyone know of exactly what type of AI I need? I attached the code and the exe is on my website( ) if that will help.Thank you.

Football Match
I have a program that calculate the time of each team that poccess the ball.
Team A and Team B.
If the Team A poccess the ball i will click the "Team A" button else i will click the team B button.
The result i will like to see is the time that each team poccess the ball.
For example, Team A = 40 minutes
Team B = 50 minutes
I think i should use the Timer Control
Am i rite?
there will be no db involve

Football Application
Hello All,

This is not a specific question, but more one of general interest. My brother and I are going to be coaching a little league football program here (which we have done in the past). I started looking for applications, which would allow us to create a playbook, stats, names, etc. There are a few out there, but I must say that none of them look to impressive to me.

Does anyone know where I would start if I wanted to create an application that would allow me to draw plays (and save them), stats, lineups etc. I just don't know where I would start with the plays, would I use a picture box? Is VB the write language to write this in, or should I look to more of a flash environment?


Final Fantasy Battle System Help
I'm currently designing my own battle system through VB. Everything is going well except for one thing. I have the main form which has all the command buttons like "attack", "defend", magic, and items. when you click on items a new form is loaded off to the side. I have it set to where when you click on one of the items in the listbox, a brief description is desplayed in a label directly above it.


Wanna Join An RPG Fantasy Simulation?
On this other board I frequent, we batted around the idea of an RPG Fantasy Sim where each person would submit a text file (representing a character) to a program which I would make. It would then perform combat between all players and rank them from best to worst. (Sort of like an idea I posted here long ago).

In order to submit an entry, I'd lay down the ground rules on this forum once I'm done and you'd spend "points" on your char's stats and equipment, trying to give your char the best winning combination. If anyone would be interested, please email me at...

...with a subject of RPG Sim or whatever. The reason I'm branching out to this forum as well is because I haven't gotten enough interest on the other forum to make it worth my while. (And if there aren't enough people, I won't bother creating it at all). And I thought maybe some here would be mildly interested, but if not, I understand.

Final Fantasy RPG- Testers Needed
Hi, I was wondering if someone/some people could help me out in my project. I made this game, and I have no one to share it with...

The link is: (Took me less then a min. on a 46K) please help me out by trying/playing and posting comments, bugs, and other stuff that may help me out in the future.


Football Collsion Detection
I have an idea of how to do the AI thanks to some help from you guys but now I need to do the collsion detection. I have been looking at IcePlug's method and IntersectRect. In the game 2D helmets are in squares and I need to know when the person with the ball collides with any of the defensive player, problem is I have heard IntersectRect only always you to check for 2 different things. Am I wrong and which way would you recommend to do this?

Heres the source code attached to one of my other posts:

To play the executable go to my website at:

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Football Tiebreaker Calculation
Currently this code calculates a football pool tiebreaker by determining the total score of the Monday night football game. Whoever is closest, wins!

if score > highScore or (score = highScore and diff <
lowDiff) then
redim list(0)
list(0) = username
highScore = score
lowDiff = diff
elseif score = highScore and diff = lowDiff then
redim preserve list(UBound(list) + 1)
list(UBound(list)) = username
end if

I am having trouble figuring out a calculation to make it choose the player when the total score matches or comes closest to the tiebreaker game. When two or more players are within the same amount, the player(s) under the tiebreaker total score are considered closer. (e.g. playerA has 20 / playerB has 30 / total score is 25 / playerA is closer)

Any help would be appreciated.


Football Management Game
Has anyone created a football management game, if so let me know, thanks.

Football Result Generator
I want to write a program that can produce (realistic) football results of fixtures played between two clubs.

My idea is to enter a strength rating for the two clubs,and then the program will produce the result.

The problem is that i don`t know where to begin,so i want as much help as possible,and i hope i get a lot of tips and hints.


NFL Football Schedule/Tracker
I have been working on a Football program for almost 3 years now. I have come here to enlist help.
1_Does anyone know where to find databases for access that I can view/download, that are league "standing/team record" type databases.
2_Does anyone know of MS Access based forums that are recommended.

I have figured out two different MS excel Solutions, but want to make my own standalone program... and am having database problems.
If anyone would Like either of the two excel programs let me know.

VB App To Post Football Picks
I'm to lazy to try this...but I want to post a set of fantasy football picks for my league. Each week people pick their players. I want a program to generate an HTML file so I can ftp it up to site.

Basically it is to create a header column with team names..and rows with player names...

I'm not sure if i want to pull from an access database or an excel spreadsheet....

sounds easy head hurts cause I had a case of vodka last night and i lazy...

take care.


Fantasy Battle Arena Simulator -- Sign Up!
A while ago, I posted this and I've had lots of good responses as it's becoming more of a reality. I'm posting again as a reminder to let the VB game programmers here know it's Open Source Code, so if you're interested in getting some RPG-like code, or are just interested in RPG's then sign up to play!

In a nutshell, you create RPG-like characters (from so many spend points) to participate in various tournaments (which you'll also specify) for each gaming session to fight against the characters submitted by the other players. The trick is to maximize your spend points, making your char better than the others.

You'll see no graphical display of the fight, but you'll get a log which will give you a play-by-play of combat, so you'll better know how to improve your char, because as you win battles, you gain more exp points to spend on your char, making them better for the next battle session.

To whet your appetites, here's a Beta background screen for the character creator program with which you'll make your characters, and that you'll get the open source code to...

Just drop me a line at with the subject "Battle Arena" and I'll sign you up. I estimate the whole thing to be up and running in about a month. Or feel free to ask any question you may have here on this thread.

Football Game Collision Problem
I have just started working on my collision detection for my 2D football game and it was going vey well. Now it wont detectit and its having array problems. There are so many problems I am not really sure what it is. I have attached the code to look at and I think the problem is in the Do Loop. Thank you for any help you can provide. Also if you want to see the exe of just the offense go to my site at

Football Manager Game Problem
i have decided to make a fantasy footie manager game though it will be very very basic at the start, i am using arrays to take in the teams, this in turn is broken down by more arrays to show the players of each club. my problem is that i dont know how to compare the teams playing each other (i.e. player ability shooting speed etc.) and i also want to incorporate a program that will give random results after all that is taken in to consideration as the big teams dont always beat the weaker one's. if you have any views on this can you post a reply or email me, address in profile.

Home Made Final Fantasy Battle System Download
Hey guys, I posted a few days ago, and figured I would put my stuff up for download. Reply and tell me what you think. Keep in mind, I've only worked on it for a period of 2 months.

--I still haven't fully completed the item or magic system yet, but I've got the basic outline of the battle system done.

Jonathan Thomas

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Compiling VB Project With A Reference From The Project In The Command Prompt

I need to make DLL from a VB project(in which a reference is added to a type library) in the command prompt using VB6.exe and /m properties.

My scenario : I have opened the project in a machine(using VB editor) and added the reference(type library) and then saved the project.

Then I took the .vbp and .cls along with referred .tlb file(in the current dir where my .vbp and .cls files exists) to another machine and tried the below :

VB6.exe /m VBTest.vbp

But it throws the error that the tlb reference(giving the referred tlb file name) is not found

Please advise how to compile a project which refers a tlb from command prompt. Is there anyway by which I can say the reference in the command prompt ?


Giving DLL Project Access To Enum From Main Project
How do I make it so my DLL project has access to an enum from my main project? I can't set a reference to it in the DLL because the enum comes from a control and when I try to add the control to my DLL project I get a message about multi-threading.

Could anyone help me out here?

Adding VB Component To An Active Project By An AddIn Project
Hi, I am from Turkey.

In my AddIn Project,
I just want to write the code pane adding VB Components (ie. Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2.6.0 (SP4) or in other word "MSCOMCT2.OCX") to an active project which is at design-time to be able to put for example a dtpicker (one of the MSCOMCT2.OCX component) on a form of this project.

Is there any one who knows how to do that please
Best regards

Multi Project Solution - How To Show A Form From A Different Project ?
I have a solution with 2 projects in it. I want to show a form from the second project, calling it from a form in the first project.
I've tried to add a reference to 'project2' but I got the following message : "An assembly must have a dll extension in order to be referenced".

Is It Possible To Convert Visual 2003 Project To Vb6 Project?
Can visual 2003 project can be converted to visual basic 6 project? if yes how to do that?

TIP: Making A Shortcut To Your Project Folder In Project Explorer
If your development environment is anything like mine (Network, Mapped drives), you'll see the problem getting to your source code folder.


Is a pain to navigate to every time you want to look at some data files. And that's just a small path.

So you need to get to the folder where the source is located. You'll find that you can't create a shortcut in the Project Explorer. Or can you?

To get one, make the shortcut to the folder and place it in the folder, then edit your vbp file in Notepad, and insert
Code:RelatedDoc=Your Folder Shortcut.lnk
Note that you can have spaces. Put the line somewhere in-between the Forms/Class/Module lines, near the top of the file. You can also do this with executables:
Code:RelatedDoc=C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop 7.0Photoshop.exe

I have a template vbp that has Notepad, PhotoShop, Regedit, a few home-made references, and some other stuff. This way all my new projects start off with everything I need handy.

edit:: I'm so tempted to abuse my new powers and make this a sticky.

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Call A Form From A Project Incuded In A Project Group
Hello there,

How do i call (or) load a form from one project into another one ? Both exists under same project group and are created as "Standard EXE". This is a specific requirement.
That is, I ve two projects "Prj1" and "Prj2" under a project group "grp".
"Prj1" contains form1, and "Prj2" contains form2. "Prj2" is set as "Start Up Project". Now, all I want is that, access form1 when I am in form2.

Please note that, both or any of the projects are not to be created as executables.

Need Help - Convert Form Project To ActiveX Project
I want to convert regular project (form project) to ActiveX document project.

how can i do it in vb6?
i saw that all the code in Form_Activate in old project (form) didnt readen..

maybe i need to convert to other project?
i only to want to run my project in WEB.. can i do it in other way?

Class Project Errors Loading Project
I am having a problem getting the Realplayer commponent within the VB 6.0 commponents Add tab.

moc3260.dll could not be loaded"

I would aslo like to use a label or a list box to display Lyrics text from a Txt file stored in a database. Any help within the general scope of ideas would be helpful. As to Why this error is appearing or as to a easier route to the desired output?????

Additional log file for Reported errors:

Foorm log name: FrmMediaplayer.log

Line 78: Class RealAudioObjectsCtl.RealAudio of control RealAudio1 was not a loaded control class.
Line 84: The property name _ExtentX in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 85: The property name _ExtentY in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 86: The property name AUTOSTART in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 87: The property name SHUFFLE in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 88: The property name PREFETCH in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 89: The property name NOLABELS in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 90: The property name SRC in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 91: The property name LOOP in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 92: The property name NUMLOOP in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 93: The property name CENTER in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 94: The property name MAINTAINASPECT in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 95: The property name BACKGROUNDCOLOR in RealAudio1 is invalid.

Line 69: Class RealAudioObjectsCtl.RealAudio of control RealAudio1 was not a loaded control class.
Line 75: The property name _ExtentX in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 76: The property name _ExtentY in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 77: The property name AUTOSTART in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 78: The property name SHUFFLE in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 79: The property name PREFETCH in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 80: The property name NOLABELS in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 81: The property name LOOP in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 82: The property name NUMLOOP in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 83: The property name CENTER in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 84: The property name MAINTAINASPECT in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 85: The property name BACKGROUNDCOLOR in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 75: The property name _ExtentX in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 76: The property name _ExtentY in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 77: The property name AUTOSTART in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 78: The property name SHUFFLE in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 79: The property name PREFETCH in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 80: The property name NOLABELS in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 81: The property name LOOP in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 82: The property name NUMLOOP in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 83: The property name CENTER in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 84: The property name MAINTAINASPECT in RealAudio1 is invalid.
Line 85: The property name BACKGROUNDCOLOR in RealAudio1 is invalid.

Can I Call A Form From Any Other Project In My Current Project.
Hi fellow programmers,
mine is a bit confusing problem. Plz try to follow.
I have got a project named Project1, it has got a form named form1. I have another project named Project2, it too has a form named form2, therez a command button on this form. Now when I press the command button, I want the form1 from Project1 to be shown, loaded or whatever.
Is this possible, if yes, plz help. If any doubts, post it here.

No VBA Project (Personal.xls) File In VB Project Manager
I was trying to copy some macro code from a module on one computer and paste it into a module in the Personal.xls project of another computer. However, when i went to VB in the second computer there was no VBA Project (Personal.xls) available. Any ideas as to how it can be loaded?


Grouped Project - Calling Form From Second Project
ok i had a webbrowser project and i have added a second project for the history so now i have a grouped project-
how do I call a form from the second project?

Oh the only reason I am adding a project is when i added the frms and class modules
is this line
Call ShowProgressInStatusBar(True, StatusBar1, ProgressBar1, Me)
then becomes undefined?


If I were NE Better I'd be Twins

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How To Import A Dialog Resource From A VB Project To Another VB Project?
Basically, I want to reuse a dialog from another VB project in my VB project. How can I achieve that? Thanks for your inputs.

Loading A Form In Another Project In A Project Group
Hello there,

How do i call (or) load a form from one project into another one ? Both exists under same project group and are created as "Standard EXE". This is a specific requirement.
That is, I ve two projects "Prj1" and "Prj2" under a project group "grp".
"Prj1" contains form1, and "Prj2" contains form2. "Prj2" is set as "Start Up Project". Now, all I want is that, access form1 when I am in form2.

Please note that, both or any of the projects are not to be created as executables.

How Do I Choose Which Project To Run In A Project Group?
Simple question. I've got a project group consisting to a DLL and two regular .exe projects. I just added the second regular .exe project to the group. Whenever I hit Run, it always runs the first .exe project. How can I tell the IDE to run the second project instead?

It doesn't matter whether I'm looking at an object from either project (e.g. form, module), it always runs the first .exe project.



Can Anyone Help Me Build My Project? A Thesis Project
my thesis project is like an survalliance, i have web cam, motion sensor, computer, vb6 program and 2 cellphone.. here is my concept when a motion sensor detect a movement the computer automatic call or text the other cellphone to tell that theres an intruder or the computer send mms to the cellphone with a 3gp video to see the video? can this be possible or i have to buy a GSM/GPRS modem to send mms,text to other cellphone.

one more, in vb 6 what is the code for the output of the web camera. to view it in a form and record,save,send mms to the cellphone.

How To Get Constants In The Other Project In A Project Group?
I have a project group called app.vbg. This conststs of two projects -- app.vbp and appsettingsctl.vbp. app.vbp is an exe project. appsettingsctl.vbp is used to build an ocx.

app.vbp defines some constants in a file called Header.bas. appsettingsctl.vbp uses some of these. When I try to build the ocx, I get a "Compile error: variable not defined". Obviously, I am doing something wrong since all these worked for the previous developer in this effort.

I would appreciate suggestions. Thanks.

Is There A Tool To Convert Vb Project To Project ?
I am wondering if there is any existing tools or softwares that allow me to convert all my vb project codes ... to project code ?

I want to convert my hard work vb project to so that it can support unicode and utf8 better. However, if I recode it in ... I have to rampage all the database calls ... api function ... all the modules ... that will take a few months to code.

please help ... or answer me if there is a vb to convertor ?

Thanks !!!

Using Forms From An Existing Project In A New Project
hi guys

I just finished making a database application using oracle 9i and visual basic 6.
i tried creating a different project and added certain forms from the original project. but in the new project(which is a subset of the original project) it doesnt let me update the data. It give me the following message in a dialog box:

Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or in conflict with one another.

This cant be possible because the same forms worked just fine while they were part of the original project. I copied the selected forms into a different location with the new project file, but the problem persists. Please tell me what I am doing wrong.


Reference An AxtiveX Dll Project In Another Project

I know this sounds crazy but it happened and I have no idea about it. If anyone can give me some hint I really appreciate it.

I have several ActiveX Dll projects which I reference in other projects. They are all in the same group. At the beginning when I set these up, perfect, no problem. Everytime I compile the project group, I just do it. If I modified the source of the dlls, I can compile them with no problem.

After several days using the project group, Suddenly this annoying "permission denied drive:pathanything.dll" pops up. So I thought I might reference the dll by the dll name, not the vbp name. So I checked the settings but they are right. The rediculous thing is It only happens if I want to compile one particular dll. Other dll projects are good as before. More funny thing is, if I close the project group and reopen it, it let me compile again. Then I make changes then the annoying thing pops up. Then I have to close the project group and reopen.

Any one has any ideas? Tons of thanks.

What's The Difference Between Project And Project Group?
Hmm....the title indicates what I want to ask...

What's the difference between Project and Project Group?


Open Another Project From Current Project
I wonder, can we open another project from a current project and keep both projects running at the same time. Both projects can also interact with one another. Please advice

Can VB Exe Project Have Share Memory With VC++ Exe Project
I have an VB program,which call an VC++ exe program inside it's code, The VC++ program get parameter from a dialog normally. Now I want the EXE auto start and pass the parameter to the C++ program and it is not an console program which mean it cannot pass to the main(). Have anybody have this experience can share with me. Can they use share memory to read the parameter or VC have method to read the parameter which pass by Shellexcute command from VB.
Thank you for help


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