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File Viewer

I want create file explorer with next components;
Dir1 control,File1, Drive1, picture1(container) and little picture2 in
Now i need code which list all files from home folder (directly when
program is started) with extension .txt in picture1(picture1 is
container and picture2 will be 'cloned' or 'copied' as much how much
exist .txt files in that directory (yust .txt files))
in any folder.
here's ma code;

Private Sub Dir1_Change()
Dir1.Path = App.Path & "home" & login
File1.Path = Dir1.Path
End Sub

Private Sub Drive1_Change()
Dir1.Path = Drive1.Drive
End Sub
sub Form_Load()
source = App.Path & "home" & login
Explorateur.Dir1.Path = source
Label1.Caption = "home" & login
End sub

If enyone have something like this or know where i can find information
obout this
Please HELP


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.mul File Viewer?
Hello, I have been working on a file viewer for the past 3 days now. The file viewer is being constructed to view the .mul files of a game, so I can get Item ID #s, Hue #s, Animation ID #s, etc...

Now I need some help getting my program to load the file called GumpArt.mul and then I want my program to display the contents of the file in the listbox I made named ContentList, once something that is listed in the ContentList is clicked I want my program to display the corrosponding picture/animation etc... in the picturebox I have named ViewBox.

I know this is possible to do because there are alredy programs to do this with such as Deep InsideUO which you can take a look at here:

But Deep InsideUO won't have the features mine will, mine will not onle let you view the .mul files, but in future versions I will include a system that also lets you enter an editing mode to edit the .mul files and save them. Now the Deep InsideUO is not OpenSource and even if it was I still wouldn't be able to use it because It is scripted in C#, because it was programmed by one of the Dev Team Members.

All I need is someone to help me make it possible to load the GumpArt.mul and display its contents in the ContentList listbox and once one of the names in the ContentList is clicked it will display the corrosponding picture/animation or whatever it is in the picturebox named ViewBox

I feel there is atleast ONE person on these forums that can figure this out, so please help me out. If you need the GumpArt.mul you can find it at the link below.

Due to the GumpArt.mul having a filesize of over 30 MB I decided to post it to my webserver for download.

Thanks for anyone that helps me out!

- Jordan Knezevic

File Viewer
Sorry If I'm in the wrong forum...

I need a file viewer that can be used with VB6 and it would show any files(pdf, word) in the same format (in a texbox maybe) and highlight any specified search words.(ISYS does something similar but its indexing system is too complicated) . AIs there anything out there that does this?



Looking For A TIF File Viewer...
I need to incorporate into my app, the capability to view TIF files and zoom-in, zoom-out, rotate, etc. Anyone have any ideas?

Game File Viewer?
I have this game Ultima Online, It uses .mul files. I am working on a program to view those .mul files, I do not no how they work. I have created a listbox named ContentList, and a picturebox named ViewBox. I want to open a file C:Program FilesUltima Online 2DGumpArt.mul and I want it to display the names of the pics that it contains in the listbox named ContentList and the actualy picture in the picturebox named ViewBox... I am totall stumped on this one!

Can anyone please help me? Thanks!

-Jordan Knezevic

Text File Viewer - Help :(
I am making a text file viewer which is working perfectly except for one minor detail. If you take Windows Notepad for example, if I don't have Notepad open but click on an allready saved .txt file. Notepad opens and shows the file.

My problem is when I made my view the defult and took it for a test run, when I clicked on a test.txt file, it opened my program but didn't show the txt files content. How do I make vb when I open a text file, and my program comes up, show the files content?

I have an Common Dialog that the user can use like notepad to open a file in the program and it works, what do I need to do to make it all work correctly.

thankyou for reading this far.....


Word File Viewer
Does anyone know a good way to view MS Word documents in a VBA dialog box?

Setfocus On Pdf-file In Pdf-viewer

I made an application which shows me a pdf-file using the pdf.ocx (Acrobat Reader).

I would like to copy selected text from that file into some text boxes on the same form. Apparently when I try a pdf1.setfocus the focus is on the viewer, not on the file itself. Of course this gives me an empty clipboard.

How can I resolve this ? In other words, how can I get the focus on the file itself ?

Thanks for your input !

How To Make A VB/C File Viewer

I wanted to make a control which could display VB and C files.

What I mean is i want the proper color to represent the keyword's..

I know that I can do it in HTML and direct the WebBrowser object to this html file.. But the user wont be able to edit them..
(Some thing like Visual C++ Studio Editor or VB IDE Editor..)

I thought of doing it using Rich Text Box.
How to start..??... Can anybody pop some idea's..


Setfocus On Pdf-file In Pdf-viewer

I made an application which shows me a pdf-file using the pdf.ocx (Acrobat Reader).

I would like to copy selected text from that file into some text boxes on the same form. Apparently when I try a pdf1.setfocus the focus is on the viewer, not on the file itself. Of course this gives me an empty clipboard.

How can I resolve this ? In other words, how can I get the focus on the file itself ?

Thanks for your input !

Tiff File Viewer
im current making a tiff file viewer.. and the problem is how to insert a page in a desired location.. im using a pegasus imagxpress 7 OCX..

help me plzzz...

Text File Viewer
I'm trying to write a utility to view a text file that contains records that are very large in length (1000-5000 bytes long).

I want each record to be displayed on one line, without any wordwrapping. Each record to appear on a separate line.
Horizontal scroll bars to be used to move left and right to see the records.

I tried using a text box with multiline=true. But a text box line is limited to 1024 characters.
A listbox doesnt support scroll bars.

I tried a flex grid with 1 column that contains 5000 charaters. But scroll bars don't display for one column even though i set scrollbars = both.

I want to see each record in different rows to view the column and alignment.

I kinda want something like this:


Colum 1 Column 5000

1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123..... 1234567890
now is the time for all good men to come to the aide .... now the end
this is the second record which is also very big and ...... end of rec#2

Can anybody offer a suggestion ???



Explorer Style File Viewer
Is there a control that I can use to display the files in a selected folder like Explorer does with the OS file system?

Web Browser, Adobe Viewer And File Lock
I am using the Web Browser control to view PDF documents prior to adding them to a document database. After the document is added to the database, I delete the original file. The problem is that the Adobe process "AcroRd32" has a lock on the file; so I get an error. I have worked around it by getting the process handle and waiting for it to terminate - BUT it takes a long time and of course users are frustrated. Anyone have an idea how to get the Adobe reader to release the lock immediately (short of forcing the process to terminate)???

Reading Security Log File In Event Viewer
Reading security log file in event viewer ...?

CR V10 && VB6 Viewer - Only Odd Pages Loaded Into Viewer
I've now managed to get my report to load into the viewer - I have one problem - only the ODD pages are available 1,2,5 etc.

The only Even Numbered page that is ever visible is the Last Page - if that happens to be an even page.

All the pages are in the generated report, because they are there when the report is printed.

Could it be something to do with the Duplex setting?


The human brain is still the best search-engine...

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Crystal Report Viewer And Password Protected .MDB File

I want to ask how to preview a report using Crystal Report Viewer where the database file is password protected.
FYI: I'm using Crystal Report 8.01 Developer Edition & MS-Acces Xp Database File

thx b4

Write A Code To Open A Tif File From Windows Picturea And Fax Viewer
Does anyone know how to write a VB code to open a tif file from Windows Picturea and Fax Viewer?

I know I can use Shell to open the tif file, but, the thing is Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is not a standalone exe file. I just know the command to run Windows Picture and Fax viewer is:

rundll32.exe C:WINDOWSSystem32shimgvw.dll,ImageView_Fullscreen path-to-picture

I don't know how to use Shell and the above command to open the tif from Windows Picture and Fax Viewer in VB enviornment.

Write A Code To Open A Tif File From Windows Picturea And Fax Viewer
Does anyone know how to write a VB code to open a tif file from Windows Picturea and Fax Viewer?


Help!! Crystal Report Viewer Control Exports An Empty File!!

I have a Crystal Report 8 report, it is shown with a Crystal Report Viewer control on VB6.

I fill the report with an adodb recordset.

The report looks fine, but when I try to export to an external file (excel for instance), an empty file is created!!!

It is very important to me to be able to export the data on that report!

Thanks for your help!!

PS: Here is the code that I use to display the report. VisorReporte is the name of the CRViewer

    Set cristal = New CRAXDRT.Application
    Dim fuente As New ADODB.Recordset
    fuente.CursorLocation = adUseClient
    fuente.Open sql, g_Conexion, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
    Set reporte2 = cristal.OpenReport(App.Path & reportFile)
    reporte2.Database.Tables(1).SetDataSource fuente, 3
    visorReporte.visor.ReportSource = reporte2
    Exit Sub

Re-distributing Excel Viewer 2003 And Word Viewer 2003
Does any of u know how to re-distribute Excel Viewer 2003 and Word Viewer 2003? As far as I learnt, the core files are different than Excel/Word Viewer 97?

Has anyone succeeded re-distributing them with his application?

"File Not Found" Error Involving Crystal Report Viewer

I have a DB2 table loading VB 6 application that on a couple of forms has crystal reports that it is using for viewing reports. I am supposed to change the crystal reports that is bundled with VB 6 to a crystal report viewer which is a .dll and add to a new form and use the existing reports to view them. Which that all went fine until I tried to run the executable. When I try to view the report it just gives me a pop up box that says "File not found" and in the caption of the pop up box has Crystal Report Viewer at the top.

As a side note: The report is located in the same location as the application. When I try this with the crystal report that is bundled with VB 6 is works fine. Also, I have tried and typed the whole path in the Application.OpenReport line and that didn't work either. The variable RptstrFileType is just the name of the report being used and that is getting populated correctly.

Here is the code I am using:

Private Sub Form_Load()
    Dim Application As CRAXDRT.Application
    Dim Report As CRAXDRT.Report
    Set Application = New CRAXDRT.Application
    Set Report = Application.OpenReport(App.Path & "" & RptstrFileType & ".rpt")
    Me.CRViewer1.ReportSource = Report
    Set Application = Nothing
    Set Report = Nothing
End Sub

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Api Viewer
I recently ran tweek xp on my machine and it seemed todo a pretty good job at breaking things on my machine, after re-installing a few things I still have the program what I cannot open Api Viewer with vb anymore, its even gone from the addin manager is their anyway to add it again?

API Viewer

All Roads Lead To Death

Yet Another Hex Viewer
the attached ZIP file contains a simple hex viewer app. You can use as is, or study/modify. In addition to viewing a block of binary data in hex and ascii, offset from either the beginning or the end of the file, it will also search multiple files for matching data within the block location specified.

Note: the app uses two CCRP controls - their File Dialog and Folder treeview controls. You will want to download/register these two controls from their website. (URL in readme in the Zip)


.vbd Viewer?
Is there a pgm or viewer that can be downloaded to view .vbd files? I have a few 98 PC's that have .vbd files for some images and nothing will view them. I figure I'm missing a plug-in of some sorts, but unsure where to start looking. any help would be appreciated.

API Viewer
Please show me,how can I know detail about .dll file which not include in API viewer.For example rasapi32.dll,all about declare,const,type.

Pdf Viewer In VB6 ?
Hello all
For my own amusement I am writing a program in VB6 on XP SP2, for part of which I would like to display pdf files within the program, preferably in thumbnails, then select the file and open it in an external pdf viewer probably using ShellExecute. I have looked on the net but only found ocxs to create pdfs, which I do not want, only a viewer, and apart from that they have to be paid for. Since my program will be purely for my own use I do not want to have to pay for anything.
From suggestions that I have seen I tried the pdf.ocx that came with Acrobat Reader 5, adding to the project and placing on a form, then loading a file with
pdf1.loadfile "........."
When this statement is reached I get a dialog stating
Could not find Acrobat External Window Handler.
can anyone advise me ?

.msg Viewer
have been seacrhing the forums looking for an answer to this with no luck
(lots on MAPI and email sending)

what I want to be able to do is open a .msg file (saved from outlook) from within vb (like using the pdf viewer ocx for opening pdf's).

Would greatly appreciate any advice !!

A Viewer
I created a crystal reports viewer...but I have the following:

Private Sub Form_Load()
On Error GoTo Err_Handler

Dim strReportPath As String
Dim strFormula As String
Dim I As Integer

'strReportPath = App.Path & "Reports"
Set objCrystalApp = New CRAXDRT.Application

Set objReport = objCrystalApp.OpenReport(Form1.FileIn.Path & "" & Form1.FileIn.FileName, 0)

For I = 1 To objReport.Database.Tables.Count
objReport.Database.Tables(I).SetLogOnInfo "HERCULES", "StproDb", "sa", "sequoia"
Next I

objReport.DiscardSavedData 'discard any saved data

CRViewer91.ReportSource = objReport

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description, vbCritical, "Error #: " & Err.Number
Resume Done

End Sub

Every time i hit the line to view the report:

Than it shows the crystal criteria / parameter selection form from crystal..but as soon as it tries to bring up the report I get:

Login Failed:
Details: IM002: [MICROSOFT][ODBC Driver Manager]Data source name not found and no default driver specified.

Can anyone help me with this pleasE???


FTP Viewer
Hey there!!

I have an application that 3 companies use. Each company uploads files to a folder with there company name on my internet server. I would like for them to be able to view the files that they have on there folder and be able to download them to there pc. I have tried using Inet but I can't seem to get the list of files in a list box.. I also tried doing a search but I did not find anything

Help On AVI-Viewer
where can I get a PROPER version on API-Viewer?
The version I download off is AVIediter 3.6
lol, try it
download and run it...

DWG Viewer
Anybody know of a control that would allow viewing of DWG files?

I currently use VoloView Express from AutoEesk in VB but it loads a drawing extremely slow.

I am looking for a better solution.

Could this be done with a picturebox? (I need to hve zoom in/out, pan, and print capabilities).

Please anybody?

PCX Viewer
Could someone tell me what control shows the picture format '*.pcx'


API Viewer And Spy++
this may seem to be a dumb question but why are there some messages in Spy++ that does not exist in the API viewer, i.e. WM_MouseLeave? When i set the Spy++ on a command button, it would seem that some of the messages are redundent, such as the WM_MouseLeave and WM_MouseWheel etc...

i'm writing a app that requires regular detections of unsupport events. is there a easier way to hook each of the controls in my app then by adding a subclassing control on each control?

(strange that VB didn't impliment hooks for every event)

API Viewer
What exactly is the "API Viewer"? Is it something in vb itself that i have totally missed or is it a program? If it is a program, could someone email it to me( Thanks.

API Viewer
I Have Visual Basic 6 Learning Edition which does not have the api viewer or something that lists the api functions, does anyone know where i could get something like that for free?

API Viewer
Is there anywhere i can get the MS API Viewer, it does not come with VB6 Learning Edition.


Email me:

API Viewer
Is there anywhere i can get the MS API Viewer, it does not come with VB6 Learning Edition.


Email me:

VB6 API Viewer
I'm just making my first foray into using API calls (many thanks for advice
received from this group so far) and I see there is a utility called API
viewer with it's associated text file. This does not appear on my set-up &
I've searched my CD's for it. Can anyone point to a source for this files.

Many thanks

To err is human but it takes a computer to really mess things up!

API Viewer
I got a DLL file here, is there anyone can help me to get the source codes back from it or let me know the listed functions or sub they have...i dun have the API viewer from Visual Studio.


Pdf Viewer
Is there anyway to see if a PDF viewer has finished to loaded the documents it's supposed to display?

API Viewer
After I enable the API viwer (APILOAD.EXE) in VB 6 and relaunch, then VB tries to open my application executable. Then VB locks-up. I've tried deleting all instances of the EXE. I've tried reinstalling VB and Visual Studio. None of this worked. I worked around the problem by deleting reg entries for APIViewer.

Anybody know what registry entries might be causing this? And where would the exe be hiding since I deleted every instance.


CR Viewer
I am using Crystal reports 8/8.5. I would like to distribute my reports to users who don't have CR on their PC. I have been able to do this to the internal users, by placing them in the web folder, and with the page server running as a service. I am not sure how i can distribute to users outside our company! I would appreciate if you could provide me some insight on the same.


API Viewer
The API Viewer Application is not available and I don't know why. A VB book I have says I can add the viewer throught the API manager, but I go to the manager, and API Viewer is not an option. I'm running Visual Basic 6, which is supposed to have the API Viewer. I'm at a loss here. Any suggestions?


Image Viewer
Hey there

Ive been messing about with a custom image viewer that i started a while ago and was wondering if anyone wanted to view it, use it or even continue working on it.

For now it doesnt really do anything besides pull the images from the desired folder and display them as attachments. Im starting to work less and less on it because of university and work, and so i thought id share it with all of you.

basically my initial idea was creating something like ACDSee.

Please let me know what u think. For now im attaching a screen shot but if u want the source then il post it on the site aswell

Take care and happy coding

CD-Key Viewer/changer
Hey everyone...I was wondering if in VB you can make a program that follows a path layed out by me to a CD-Key in the regedit. I want the program to display the CD-Key, yet be allowed to change it within the program, rather than going thru the regedit to find it.


Image Viewer
i want to view image in all format (tiff,jpeg,gif,bmp etc...).can someone suggest what control to use to view this type of image image
thanks for any help

Snapshot Viewer
I have a problem. A very confusing problem. I have searched this board and read every single post about the snapshot viewere. However, my situation has not been covered as of yet. I installed my program on some machines for beta testing this morning. Just to make sure they actually ran like I expected to, I started them up and did a few basic tasks. My problem began when i made my call to the snapshot viewer. I did this on four different machines and got a different result on each of them.

On the first machine - XP/Office XP - ran find, perfect execution

Next machine - XP/Office XP/Snapshot Viewer installed from Microsoft website - received error message "ActiveX component can't create object".On the first machine - XP/Office XP - ran find, perfect executionNext machine - XP/Office XP/Snapshot Viewer installed from Microsoft website - received error message "ActiveX component can't create object."Next - XP/Office XP/33gb free space on hard drive - received error message "Not enough temporary disk space to run requested operation", or something along those linesFinal machine - Windows 98/Office 97 Pro/Snapshot Viewer from Microsoft website - received error message "Can't open the database, it is either missing or exclusively open by another user"
Any information that could help me would be great. If it would help I will include the code that I use, in fact, here it is.

rptname = "rptWeeklySchedule"
OpenType = 2 'acPreview
Filter = ""
WhereCon = "tblClientData.PrimaryKey=" & cboSearchClientName.ItemData(cboSearchClientName.ListIndex) _
& " AND tblScheduleGroup.PrimaryKey = " & lstSchedule.selectedItem.SubItems(ScheduleKey)

Private Function OLEOpenReport(strDBName As String, _
strRptName As String, _
Optional ByVal intDisplay As Variant, _
Optional ByVal strFilter As Variant, _
Optional ByVal strWhere As Variant) As Boolean

On Error GoTo OLEOpenReport_Err
IncreasePGBar 10
' Create Automation object.
Dim objAccess As Object
Set objAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application")

' Open the supplied database.
' Optional parameter at the end of statement
' indicates exclusive mode if set to True...
objAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase strDBName, False
IncreasePGBar 25
' The OpenReport method uses the following arguments...
' Report Name - Name of the report object.
' View - Display in Print Preview or send to printer.
' 0 - acNormal - Print report
' 1 - acDesign - open report in design (n/a in runtime)
' 2 - acPreview - open in preview window
' Filter Name - Name of a saved filter query.
' Where Condition = valid SQL where condition.

If IsMissing(intDisplay) Then intDisplay = acNormal
If IsMissing(strFilter) Then strFilter = ""
If IsMissing(strWhere) Then strWhere = ""
IncreasePGBar 40
objAccess.DoCmd.OpenReport strRptName, intDisplay, strFilter, strWhere
IncreasePGBar 60
objAccess.DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, strRptName, acFormatSNP, App.Path & " emp.snp", False
SnapshotViewer1.SnapshotPath = App.Path & " emp.snp"

IncreasePGBar 80

' Close Microsoft Access session instance without saving anything
objAccess.Quit 2
IncreasePGBar 90
Set objAccess = Nothing

OLEOpenReport = True
IncreasePGBar 100
frmReport.pgBar.Visible = False
Exit Function

MsgBox error$(), vbInformation, "Automation"
Resume OLEOpenReport_End
End Function
This code was copied from the Microsoft website and modified.

This code works on one beta machine, and it works fine on all the machines here at my office, however it does not work on those three machines (if not more) any help would be greatly appreciated.

Crystal Viewer

Does anyone know how to load a report from the CRViewer1 (Crystal viewer) through VBA. My report path is

CRViewer1.ReportSource = "C:Program FilesSeagate SoftwareCrystal ReportsSamplesReportsFeature ExamplesChart.rpt"

Any help would be appreciated

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