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Flash Text On Screen

So i was browsing the web, and I came across this program:

Basically, it flashes a subliminal message on the screen for an interval, for 1/100th of a second. It sells for 30 bucks, but I know I could probably make something like that in VB in a few minutes.

So my question is this: how can I flash text, or an image, on the screen for a very small interval of time, without interrupting my work?

I know how to do the interval part and whatnot, but how would I flash an image or text on the whole screen?

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Flash Screen!!!! - Help Me Out Please
Hi all,

I wondered how micrsoft office applications are showing flash screens like word,excel and all others?. How do they display the forms...can any one clarify?? Can i display a form in my own design when i start my application???

thanks in advance

Good Luck

Flash Screen Opener
I want to add an opening screen to my program and am unsure of how to do it. I just want to display a picture with a caption like "viewer 1.0" for a few seconds then run the program like normal. Is there an easy way to do this? [I love the easy way for things as I am a lazy person ]

Flash Screen Question
I have developed an Excel based system. One of the modules in my system is set up to open Internet Explorer, go to the NYMEX web site, copy prices from a page and then come back to Excel and paste them on a spreadsheet.

What I want to know is, will a flash screen be able to hide this activity from sight?

The user will know if the proceedure was successful by a message box I have set up to handle the proceedure success or failure.

How Do I Make The Screen Not Flash When Going From App To App?
In code I am moving from application to application. However the user can see this when the app. flashes on the screen for an instant. How would I stop this from happening?

Splash Screen With Flash
i wish to make a splash screen or a form that have a flash in it
can please teach me on how to do this?
or kindly provide any tutorial on doing so?
thank you in advance

Flash Images On The Screen
I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have to create a program that flashes an image on the screen. It has to go from the image to a background color and back to the image. Over and over. Any help would be appreciated.

Labels On Screen Flash Upon Refresh
Hello! Does anyone know how to fix my problem? I have a text box which shows the number of records as they are extracted. I am doing a form refresh after each increment and this causes the labels on the screen to flash. Ideas? Thank you in advance!

Flash In VB Doesnt Maximize To Full Screen?
Hi, Anyone know how to get an SWF in a VB Form to go to full screen?

Is there a way?

Text To Flash
Is there a way to make the text in cell A1 Flash such as the same in Word (Blinking Backgroud)?

Text Flash
How would I make a label flash red and white for 4 seconds? Prefer loop, but if know a timer way just through it on anyway.

Take A &"snapshot&" Of A Flash Screen
I have a program I wrote to create courseware with Flash. I've got the Flash8 OCX to display the content of a frame. We want to print out paper-based guides with the lessons and want a "snapshot" of the page the user would be on. Is there ANY way to take a snapshot of the shockwave flash object??


How To Send Text To Flash Textbox
Hi all. could any one show me how to send text to a flash textbox. I am tryiing to write a simple vb 6 program that sends text to html page that has flash textbox on it. It 123 flash chat . I be happy if some one show me how to achive this task.thanks

Make Text Flash Different Colors Using Vba
I need to make the text on a command button change colors to grab the users attention.

I have tried using if then else statements and For next loops but am not having much success. What I want the code to do is make the text change colors every second.

----------Example code---------------

Dim intTime As Integer

Command194.Visible = True

For intTime = 10000 to 1 Step -1

If intTime =< 10000 Then
Command194.ForeColor = 2535

ElseIf intTime =< 9000 Then
Command194.ForeColor = 0

ElseIf intTime =< 8000 Then
Command194.ForeColor =2535

ElseIf intTime =< 7000 Then
Command194.ForeColor = 0

ElseIf intTime =< 6000 Then
Command194.ForeColor = 2535

ElseIf intTime =< 5000 Then
Command194.ForeColor = 0

ElseIf intTime =< 4000 Then
Command194.ForeColor = 2535

ElseIF intTime =< 3000 Then
Command194.ForeColor = 0

ElseIf intTime =< 2000 Then
Command194.ForeColor = 2535

ElseIf intTime =< 1000 Then
Command194.ForeColor = 0

ElseIf intTime =< 1 Then
End If

Next intTime

From what I understand, the computer counts in milliseconds meaning the value 1000 = 1 second.

What I'm trying to do is get the computer to count down from 10000 (i.e. 10 seconds) and alternate the text color from black to red simulating a flashing appearance. The interval between the color changes should be one second.

I haven't programmed in 20 years and am pretty lost when it comes to VBA. It's a lot like Basic and yet Not like Basic.

Anybody got a moment to explain what I'm doing wrong?

Rich Text Box Working With Shockwave Flash
hello everyone,

i now have a rich text box with transparent backgound and i wish to
display it on top of a flash.

but the problem is when i change the rich text box background to
transparent using this code (SetWindowLong RichTextBox1.hWnd,
GWL_EXSTYLE, WS_EX_TRANSPARENT), it will HIDE behind the flash file and
cannot be seen.

but the same code works on graphic files. *weird* :S

anyone have any idea to solve this?


Text File Controlled Flash Game
Dear All,
the idea abbreviately is i wanna control my star war game with a text file
instead of the keyboard files
sure u wonder How and Why i use this stupid way, which for sure will get me out of control my game which i PLAY
but it is not like
we receive the text file data from a cellular -mobile- pad
(2, 4, 5, 6, 8) for hit and movement
we r in the trial session yet..
so we just made a VB application tht creates a text file and append data to it
like tht
then redeclare it wit hthis data
deleting the old line an dso on
the problem is flash can read v well from a static file
but when we make it dynamic like tht , flash cannot read the d variable and give me undefined

-- is the problem apears from asyncroniztion of flash frams and VB threads
-- or as i heared VB writes a line of carriage which make flash cannt handle it
thx for ur fast Answer

Flash Effect On Text/label Caption?

Is that possible to have a label caption to show the text with flash effect?


Can I Pass Text To A Playing Flash File (swf), All Of Which Is Running Under Vb6?
Hi, I have a program done in vb6, that projects song lyrics to the projector, and I use backgrounds using flash (swf-ocx component), playing within the program, my question is... Is it possible to pass text to the playing flash file within a vb6 program?

Flash - How Do I Play A Movie Using The Flash Shockwave Control?
I loaded the control on the form but how do I put in the flash file? Does the file name and path go into the Movie Property? How do I get it to load a new page when the movie is done playing?

Can I add Flash buttons? If so how would I go about doing this? Can I have just one flash movie with say 3 buttons that each do something different or do I need to have 3 flash movies with each button on it's owen? If 3 in one would I need to but different code into flash or could I code different events in VB?

Spy Text On Screen When Mouse Move Over The Text
Who know the API's Refrences for retreiving the text on screen when mouse move and delayed for second?
Send Me on:

Pass Variables Into Flash With The Flash.ocx
Is there any way to pass a variable into a flash movie (flash.ocx is what I'm using) with VB 6?

I want it to be able to control part of the movie from VB but not sure if I can do it.

Flash {show A Flash Movie From The Web}
does anyone know how i can get the shockwave flash control to show a flash animation that is on the internet? thnx

How To Show A Toolbar On The Flash Move In IE When Mouse Move To It Like Flash Catcher?
How to show a toolbar on the flash move in IE when mouse move to it like Flash Catcher ?

Get Text From The Screen
I am trying to capture the text shown on the screen, in an Internet Explorer window that will change with different users, getwindowtext can help me?
I am new in API programming, so if you can be very clear and even if you know where can I find the code, that would be grand.
Thanks anyway.

Text On Screen
I was wondering if it is possible to paste text on a screen if any of u have used fraps that shows fps in the top right of a program i was wonder if i could get something that displays text on the screen?

Getting Text Off The Screen
I saw a program that could take a screen shot and take any text off your screen for $19.95. (Before you laugh and say it's stupid to pay twenty bucks for something you could do in a single keystroke, we're talking any text off the screen, including that stuff you can't get a cursor at, like pdf's and aol member directories, for example.)

Would creating a program like this be as totally massive of an undertaking as it would be to create a scanner ocr program, or does anyone think it could be done with less effort?

Text On Screen Replacement
Hi folks,

I had a few lines of text rendered to the screen with some info like fps, oordinates of some objects, the health and number of bullets. What i have seen however is that rendering text using this code is very slow:

DXE.TextRect.Top = 210
DXE.TextRect.Left = 1
DXE.D3DX.DrawText DXE.MainFont, &HFFCCCCFF, "ViewingAngleY: " & ViewingAngle2, DXE.TextRect, DT_LEFT

Is there an other way of showing messages on screen that are quicker? i mean i tested it on several occasions and for some reason when i deleted 1 line of code my fp2 where around 15 frames per sec quicker (45fps to 60fps)

Capture Text From Dos Screen
Hey all,

I have been ordered to write a program that runs an application from the dos prompt then captures the data it returns to the dos screen and place it in a database.

Does anyone know how to capture text from the dos screen?


To Extract Screen Text....Need Help
I have basic knowledge of VB and and I need help to do something complicated here:

My company had ported a legacy dos application into a full win32 program while retaining the same look and feel (80 by 25).

I am trying to develop some VB programs that could extract the text from this app (there is no copy function available at all) for other use. How could I go about doing it to intercept the text that are being displayed on screen? I read something about subclassing or window message, but have no clue on how to proceed.

Any pointer is highly appreciated

How Do I Write Text To The Screen?
I want to write text directly to the screen using a Visual Basic app. I have a movie player application, and I would like to display the remaining time in large letters across the screen on top of the movie.

An example of this is the volume control on a sound card. I have seen this volume control displayed over the top of the screen in big green letters. Any idea on how to replicate this?

[VB6] Grab Text From Screen
how can i grab text (a word or a line) from any windows (and any controls) where the mouse is pointing???

Help me.

Writing Screen Text
I have a great deal of screen text (instructions) that I would like to display. There are some pictures asscoiated with the text. Can I display a word document that already has this info? Any examples will be helpful.

Text Mode Screen?
Hi all,

How can I create a text mode window (25*80) in VB ?

How can I create a window that can occupy total screen like what we often see during setup process of an application?

Your answer would be greatly appreciated.


Getting Text Of Dos Command Screen
I want to run a dos application, how can i get the text of the dos app?

CAn anyone show me the code of running the ms-dos app to getting the text of that console windows...

How Do I Fade Text On The Screen.
I want to fade 4 lines of text on a form. currently I am using labels but there is a signifigant amount of flicker. I have heard/read that you should use a picture box for fading. How do I get the text into the pic box and fade it after it is set?


Screen.Width / Screen.TwipsPerPixelX, Screen.Height ..
VB Code:
SetWindowPos Me.hWnd, HWND_TOPMOST, Screen.Width / Screen.TwipsPerPixelX, Screen.Height / Screen.TwipsPerPixelY, formx.Width, formx.Height, SWP_SHOWWINDOW Or SWP_NOMOVE Or SWP_NOSIZE


I cant undestand the meaning of the fowlloing code. it make me some confussion. please explain what it tells.

VB Code:
Screen.Width / Screen.TwipsPerPixelX, Screen.Height / Screen.TwipsPerPixelY

Get Screen Resolution Without Screen.width Or Screen.height
these 2 ways really look in accurate. when the user changes the resolution of his desktop it wont detect it.. while i check it every second.. this makes my window not appear in the most left down corner (of screen or in the center) , also at a resolution of 1600x1200 the window is allready not located exactly in the left down corner but also out of the screen :S any other way to get the resolution?

Draw Text Onto A Game's Screen
hi..I'm trying to draw some text (and maybe a drop a bitmap) onto a game's (StarCraft..uses DDRAW) screen...i think i know what to do ...but i don't know how :-( .I think that i should find the backbuffer surface that the game uses.Create another surface , load a bitmap into the created surface an then Fastblt the 2 surfaces. Am i correct ? if i am or not can anyone help me ?

Screen Warpping Of Text In Access
Plse help. I am using Access 2000. I want data from 1 column in a table to be displayed on my form. I don't want to use scroll bars to scroll through the data. The data must be displayed in multiple columns or text boxes, to use the complete screen width as opposed to scrolling.

Scrolling Text Splash Screen

I'm relatively new to VB and am taking a course in highschool on it, im using version 6.0 at the moment, my question is this:

I'm trying to make a splash screen that will scroll text up a form, i got the idea from a mario game i saw on here earlier, i've tried to imitate the code from that, but i have a feeling im either doing everything or just alot of things wrong. If im doing this completely wrong would somone be willing to help me out and show me maybe how i could get that to work?


Write Text Into A Screen Game
Hi, i need to write text in a game screen, but not a game made by me, an external game, for example i want write the game title when i press a button using the GetAsyncKeyState function, i read the forum and found 2 ways to do it, one with a proxy Dll and one with the DrawText function, but these post are old and i tryed these ways but i'm not able again to do it, i read that the only way is to do a directx hook, so i'm a bit confused now and hope that you expert can help me, is there a way to do it? and if it's possible can someone post an example?
Thx a lot!

Screen Grab And Text Recognition
Hi, I have a screen grabber that allows you to drag a rectangle around where you want to grab with the mouse. I want to change this so that there is a fixed size square to grab with, so maybe you just place the square, and it grabs whats behind it. Anyone know how to do this...

Secondly, Text recognition. Someone has uploaded an OCR text recognition file in the code banks here but i cant get it to take another picture i import and recognise the code.

Anyone got any ideas on doing this.

Draw Text Directly To Screen
How can I draw text directly to the screen? What I mean is: I dont want it to be on a form...just text I can put anywhere with just coords (x, y), also, how can I draw lines as well?

Flashing Text On Splash Screen
I need to pre-load a few things so I haev a label on my splash screen that informs the user of this.

To make it look a bit jazzier I thought it might be good to make the label "flash".

I always seem to have trouble doing this sort of thing with splash screens as by hte time it updates its actually ready to unload.

Anyone got any ideas/examples I could work from ?


Screen Prints Via Rich Text ?
I am new to VB and I am creating a help desk application and I will need to beable to have the ability to add notes and sometimes screen prints of the issue. What do you suggest that I use?


Flashing Text On Splash Screen ?
Is it possible to have flashing text on a splash screen ?

Timer events don't seem to work too well when I try and use them !

Displaying Text/results To The Screen
Hi... My question is :What would be the best way to display results of my program as it is generating the results?

My app. finds errors in databases, and I want to display the results to the user as the program is going thru
and checking for the different errors.

I have tried using a picture box worked ok until you moved another program in front of it.
I tried using a text box , but that gets messy for just displaying multi lines of text. alot of extra code.
I tried using a list box, but that does not display the results untill thel program has finished running.

Can any one give a suggestion on what I should use and how to set it up ?

Thanks in advance...


Writing Text Directly On The Screen

I want to do just that. I want to
have text come up anywhere on the
screen nomatter what form its on!


Text Overlay (Full Screen) ?
Hello VBCity Community,

My problems is as follows and im sure that you chaps will have a few ways of probably going about this.

Scenario - Full Screen DX Window (Game/App/Etc).
Question - I have Hotkey`setup to Enable/Disable items whilst the Game/App is in progress although my problem is, The only way i can let the user know that the *Mod* Is active is by giving them an "Audio Wav" or something of that nature.

Is there anyway i can "Force" a simple "Text" overlay onto an active DX full screened app ? thus the user will then have a "Visual" aid to suggest to him her that the items have been enabled.

Many Thx, i hope i makes sense there.


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Write Text To Desktop (to Screen Actually), And Erase

There was a post a couple of days ago, where someone wanted ability to write text to screen.
He was not satisfied with the responses, as he wished to be able to erase the text as well.

I have searched, but cannot locate the thread.

If that person replies to this, or points me to that thread -
I will provide a solution that writes, and erases.
It writes over any other app's form, or the desktop, depending what was showing.

It is near perfect. The only slight flaw is -
It has some trouble if the other app's Form has been set to Topmost.

If anyone is interested in solving that slight inadequacy, please speak up.

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