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Flashing Or Blinking Text???

How can I have a text flashing or blinking? Please help.

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Flashing/blinking Message Box
Hi there,

Does anyone know how to make the messagebox (msgbox) flashing/blinking?

Many thanks


Blinking(flashing) Indicators
dear friend

I want to display an indicator in my application...
For example system issues a bill which mentions the receiving date ll next week. When that date come and user will login their account, user will see a blinking indicator that show today some thing is important for you...

I want to attach this in vb6 application
Please help me as soon as

How To Make A Blinking/flashing Button?

I need to make a button flash/blink , so that the user's atention is drawn to it. The button is supposed to generate another form, when clicked upon.

So I need it to blink or flash . Is there a way to code this feature? Please let me know.


Blinking Text
Is there someone to tell me if there is a way to make text to blinking i.e. on a label caption?

Blinking Text
Is it possible to make the caption of a label blink?


Blinking Text
1) hi all!
2) how can i make a blinking text from a label ??
3) how can i cannge the color to a label if is inactive.
4) how can i save the text from a textbox to a MS Access Data Base?
5) Thank you! And i hope you will help me! Thanks again my friends!

Blinking Text
Can anyone tell me how do I create text which blinks continuously on a form

eg : Type "user" to enter .....................shud blink continuosly!

thanks for ur efforts

Blinking Text
Good day to all!
Is there a way on how to make text in a label blink? I have this form w/ a label that displays an advisory message while the application is doing something, and I want my text to blink. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance!

Blinking Text In Text Box Control (RESOLVED)
Hello everybody

How can I get the text to blink in a text box control?

thx, in advance

George Papadopoulos

Blinking Label Text
how can I make the text in a label blink?

if so, how can the rate of the blinking be controlled??

Text Box Blinking Problem
I'm working on a screen saver. so far the basics are working but the text in the text box flashes when it is written over.

I'm using SelText on one part of the code but I don't know how to implement it in another section.

A timer will write randomly picked 1's or 0's to the text box until the length of a string is reached. Another timer will replace the first number in the text box with the first character in the string, then the second number with the second character and so on.

I'm using SelText on the random numbers but I can't figure out how to use it when it comes to the replacement coding.

I also plan on adding some randomness with the quote placement (hence the module that doesn't do anything at the moment).

Any help will be appreciated.

Also, is there anyway to make it so the text doesn't flash at all, the text1.text=text1.text & myString I know will flash, and the SelText still flashes some but not nearly as bad. But I'd be extremely happy if there was no blinking or flashing at all.

Blinking Some Text On Status Bar?
hi, how i do i create blinking text on status bar?

VB Code:
StatusBar1.Panels(1).Text = "READY"

i want the "READY" will blinks..


Blinking Effect To Text
Hi All!
I want to display some text on the form which should have
blinking effect. How to do this?
And how to place some animation picture on the form. i.e.
I have a gif file. If I assign this to picture control, I expected
that picture will be displayed on form and animation effects
will be there but only picture is displayed. Please help.
Thanks in advance

Flashing Text
I am quite sure I am missing something very simple, but still;

I want some text to flash when a bool is true. In VB I'd simply use a timer but in VBA the timer isn't about, can someone help please...

Flashing Text
I am trying to display a word letter by letter into a label that is in a picturebox while the picturebox is refreshing and that is causing the label to flicker, is there a way to make it not flicker?


Flashing Text
I am trying to mkae the equivelant to HTML hover buttons.
I used the Mousemove function to get the text to highlight, then the form_mousemove function to start a fade sub, but when they fade they are all flashy and discolord, and even though they are set to be transparent the background is showing through and the look really nasty. if someone can help me with this that would be great.

I am including the form that this is on.

Flashing Text
I'm doing a projekt in VB 6.0 and need some text in textboxes to flash in two colors a few times and then stop resulting in the start colors.
This is just to a warn users.
How do I do that?

Rtf Text Flashing
can someone pls tell me how do i make a particular word in a rtf blink??
i mean...
like when we do rtf.seltextbold then any text after that, will be bold
like when we do rtf.selcolor = vbred then any text after that will be red in color..
can someone pls tell me what do i do so that after doin that the rest of the text will be flashing???
tks a lot...

Flashing Text
How can i make text in a text box flash in VB6 or how can i create an image that moves i.e. the type of effect that you get in windows explorer when files are copied.
I need this to indicate to the user that the app is attempting to establish a connection with a database on a WAN
It is just to show the user that his machine is actually doing something not just sitting idle.

Text Flashing

I want to do a sort of text effect in VB6 I have seen it done before where the text will flash from white to red, white to red, white to red etc...

I am not sure of the coding though?


Flashing Text
How do I make text flash in the status bar or in the label. Thanks in advance.

Flashing Text
Hi all.

Is there any way to get -some- text in a textbox to flash, while leaving all of the other text continuously visible?? I can flash a textbox by using a timer and alternating the colours at an interval, but can it be done with just some of the textbox content?

Cheers for any help,

Blinking Text (1 Character At The Time)

Can anyone show me how to do the blinking Text (1 character at 1 time).
For example:

Let say if i got
mystring = "0 1 2 3 4 5"
once enter is press, 0 will blink,

when 2nd enter is press, 1 will blink....and so on. I did something on the timer routine. and it blink 1 character at a time.

How to make full string output? together with the blinking character? Any help?

Private Sub blinking_Timer()

If lcd_text(1).ForeColor = vbBlack Then
lcd_text(1).Text = Mid(MyString, inc, 1)
lcd_text(1).ForeColor= &HC0C0&' This is the blackground color
inc = inc + 2
lcd_text(1).ForeColor = vbBlack
End If

End Sub

How Can I Make Text Box Blinking In Two Colors?
Dear Friends,

How can I make textbox or label blinking in two colors like the following attachment?

Please help.


Flashing Text Boxes...
This is a problem that has been haunting me for some time now. Regardless of the number of controls on my forms, when I show another form on top of an existing form or when I display a frame with controls on it on top of a form, when I remove the form or frame on top, before the uppermost form disappears completely, there is always a brief flash of the controls under the form that was on top. (Normally the text boxes underneith). The same thing happens when I display the CommonDialog box and then remove. I've tried LockWindow on both the top and bottom form with no success. Any ideals????

Flashing Text In A Textbox
How do you make the text flash in a textbox?

When an event adds text to a box, I'd like for it to flash..... Any easy way to do this?

That Text Box With The Flashing Cursor
I need an object to throw text up on the screen. I want it for output only. The text box works okay except for the blinking cursor. Is there a way to turn off the input ability of the text box or do I need to work with a different object.



RESOLVED: Inserting Text Where Blinking Line Is
Say i have a command button that does

text1.text = text1.text & "whatever"

how would i make it insert this text where the blinking line is rather than at the end of the text?

Is There Any Way For Blinking The Text In The Labelbox Without Affect The Process?
How to blink a text in the label box/text box without using timer control?
If so, please provide source code.


Removing Blinking Cursor From Text Field
How can I remove the blinking cursor from a text field that my program is automatically updating? In other words, users won't be entering anything into the text field so how can I edit the text field so that there won't be a cursor inside of it?


Flashing Text On Splash Screen
I need to pre-load a few things so I haev a label on my splash screen that informs the user of this.

To make it look a bit jazzier I thought it might be good to make the label "flash".

I always seem to have trouble doing this sort of thing with splash screens as by hte time it updates its actually ready to unload.

Anyone got any ideas/examples I could work from ?


Flashing Text On Splash Screen ?
Is it possible to have flashing text on a splash screen ?

Timer events don't seem to work too well when I try and use them !

Flashing/Color-Changing Text?
I'm writing a program that allows me to keep track of my finances, etc. There is a frame on the form with labels, which contain descriptions of bills I have to pay (i.e. "Car Payment"). I would like to make the text in these labels change color ("flash"), as a reminder, when the program is opened on/around the day that each particular bill is due. I use DatePart to get the current day, which should trigger the correct label to start "flashing".
   How do I do this? I tried using a Timer and a For/Next to scroll through the colors for the text, but nothing happened. Also, I have a feeling that if I achieve what I want, the program will get stuck in a loop, endlessly running through the colors. Is there an ActiveX control which allows for this property?

-Jeff W.

Highlighted Or Blinking Text-user Form-excel

If it is possible, using a form in excel how can I highlight text on a Textbox o make it blinks before user type in information?

Thanks a lot

Selecting Text In A Standard Textbox - Cursor Blinking Problem
Hi friends,

When we want to select text in textbox programatically (like autocomplete etc.), the cursor blinks at the end of selection. How can we make it blink at the beginning of selection.
I have seen this working in most Ms apps and when we select it using the keyboard or mouse it works, but I need to do it programatically.




As a new member, I do have a simple question, how do I perform a label caption to blink ?



When my label or shape moves across my blinks a lot and isnt do i fix this?

Blinking AIM? Heh
Talking about AIM! It was the best example that I could think of. You know when someone IMs you, the IM window starts to blink in the task bar; well, I need to know how to do that with one of my forms.
Any way of doing that? I think there should be an AIP for that

Sorry:Blinking Again
Mattew gave me this code (which is ok. Maube the question was wrong, sorry), but i have 3 q's:
1. I want the icon blinkig too
2. How do i detect the right mousebutton in vMsg. I know the WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN
3. How do i make an infinity blinking of both

Declare Function GetWindowLong Lib "user32" Alias "GetWindowLongA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal nIndex As Long) As Long
Declare Function SetWindowLong& Lib "user32" Alias "SetWindowLongA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal nIndex As Long, ByVal dwNewLong As Long)
Declare Function CallWindowProc Lib "user32" Alias "CallWindowProcA" (ByVal lpPrevWndFunc As Long, ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal msg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, ByVal lParam As Long) As Long
Const GWL_WNDPROC = (-4)
Global WndProcOld As Long
Public Sub TitleFlash(frm As Form)
'TitleFlash el formulario
Dim num As Variant
Dim Y As String
With frm
Y = .Caption
.Caption = ""
current = Timer
Do While Timer - current < 0.1
For num = 0 To 50
.Caption = Y
current = Timer
Do While Timer - current < 0.1
.Caption = ""
current = Timer
Do While Timer - current < 0.1
Next num
.Caption = Y
End With
End Sub

Public Function WindProc(ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, ByVal wParam As Long, ByVal lParam As Long) As Long
TitleFlash Form1
End If
WindProc = CallWindowProc(WndProcOld&, hwnd&, wMsg&, wParam&, lParam&)
End Function

Sub SubClassWnd(hwnd As Long)
WndProcOld& = SetWindowLong(hwnd, GWL_WNDPROC, AddressOf WindProc)
End Sub

Sub UnSubclassWnd(hwnd As Long)
SetWindowLong hwnd, GWL_WNDPROC, WndProcOld&
WndProcOld& = 0
End Sub

No Blinking

I've asked this question many times but I've not received an accurate answer. It's about how do I avoid the blinking of an object when it moves throught the screen, for example an inage. How is it?

Julio Cesar

Blinking Label
Hi everyone!
I have a simple question:
how can I make a label caption to blink?


Blinking Taskbar
if my program does not has the focus (or is minimized) and some important user-information arrives while the user does other things ->
How to make the prog (that is visible in the taskbar) blinking (blue&grey)??

(I mean the bar in the taskbar ...)

Blinking Shape
In the application I'm writing the user make as choice from a listbox and then the program goes to
a specific line on the sheet to give the user a description of that choice.

I have a shape associated with each choice. I'm trying to have the shape "blink" briefly.

My code dosen't seem to work - i.e. no blink
I'm toggling visible on and off.

Is there a better way?

Dim factor As String * 1
Dim shp As Shape
Dim x As Integer, i As Integer
Dim shpName As String, j As Integer
factor = Worksheets("data").Cells(14, 3)
Select Case factor
Case Is = "b"
Worksheets("3D").Cells(17, 3).Select
shpName = "Group 15"
Case Is = "c"
Worksheets("3D").Cells(38, 3).Select
shpName = "Group 27"
Case Is = "d"
Worksheets("3D").Cells(60, 3).Select
shpName = "Group 39"
Case Is = "n"
Worksheets("3D").Cells(80, 3).Select
shpName = "Group 51"
Case Is = "s"
Worksheets("3D").Cells(101, 3).Select
shpName = "Group 63"
Case Is = "z"
Worksheets("3D").Cells(122, 3).Select
shpName = "Group 63"
Case Is = "h"
Worksheets("3D").Cells(144, 3).Select
shpName = "Group 153"
End Select
With ActiveSheet.Shapes(shpName)
For i = 1 To 1000
x = i Mod 2
Select Case x
Case Is = 0
ActiveSheet.Shapes(shpName).Visible = False

Case Is = 1
ActiveSheet.Shapes(shpName).Visible = True

End Select

Next i
End With
For Each shp In Shapes
shp.Visible = True

Blinking In TextBox
I wish to blinking a text in a TextBox (in a UseForm) up to the end of the macro where I fill many sheets. Is it possible? No problem for the cpu time?
Thanks in advance about the kind support.


Blinking Picture
if i have an image and i move it around (for example: Image1.Left = Image1.Left + 1), it starts like...blinking. How could i make it stop?

Blinking Taskbar
how do i make the taskbar blink

eg on MSN messenger , if your talking to someone and they chatting to you and the window is not active the taskbar of the program blinks

how do i do that?

Blinking On Taskbar
I've developed a sort of Chat application. What I want is make it blinking when reduced into the taskbar and arriving a message. Any Idea of how to do it?

Why The Hscroll Bar Is Blinking?
Can anyone tell me how to disable the blinking on the hscroll bar?

I put a hscroll bar on a picture box and i use the hscroll bar to scroll another picture box which is inside of the 1st picture box.

everything is working fine but the hscroll bar is keep on blinking once i scroll it.

Any solutions?

Blinking Data
i have a DB with about 1K+ records. after going through a query process, upon opening a page, the data blinks rapidly. only random data fields blink and it happens quite often.

can someone help me identify the solution please?

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