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Flexgrid Scrollbar Width

I am trying to get the width of the vertical scroll bar in a flexgrid control

I got this code from the API guide, but the only constants I can find are for the horizontal scroll bar.

Private Declare Function GetSystemMetrics Lib "user32" (ByVal nIndex As Long) As Long

Const SM_CYVTHUMB = 9 'Height of scroll box on horizontal scroll bar
Const SM_CXHTHUMB = 10 ' Width of scroll box on horizontal scroll bar

Does anybody know how to get the width of the vertical scrollbar in a MSFlexgrid?

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Form Width Vs Flexgrid Width
Im facing some problems in the Form resizing along with the Flex grid size.
I made a procedure, which can display the records in a flex grid from any Select statement (SQL). No.of columns ,Colomname, rows, Cellwidth everything is in run time and those are working fine

But when SQL is bringing more columns then I have to increase the form width and the Flexgrid width to show the details. The form width should be increased based on the Flexgrid width. But once form width is not increasing more than 15000 . (My Resolution is 1024)

I understand it is depending on the Screen size and If form width is more than the screen then it will not increase further.
But is it possible to have a Scroll bar in a form to show the remaining part of the grid ?
How can solve this problem ?

Pls suggest an idea

Specify Scrollbar Width
I have an application that adjusts the collumns of a listview according to whether there is a vertical scrollbar or not. Now when this application is on a different computer with different scrollbar widths or whatever, the collumns excede the width of the listview resulting in a horizontal scollbar to appear (should not happen).

What I do is I subract the scrollbar width from the listview width, all constant variables, there should be no reason why it's messing up.

VB Code:
GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXVSCROLL) 'getting scrollbar width  

Perhaps a solution to this problem would be to specify a specific width for my applications scrollbars. Is this possible?

Width Of ScrollBar
Quick and easy question... what is the width of a vertical scrollbar?


Get Scrollbar Width
Does anyone know how to get the width of a vertical scrollbar which is in a control? I know that this width can be specified in Windows... So does anyone know how to retrieve that value?



Transcending even the highest forms of digital spirituality.

Windows Scrollbar Width?
Anyone know how to get the Width of the Windows Scrollbar?
(in the overall windows settings?)

Determine Scrollbar Width?

I'm trying to set a listbox's width to accommodate its widest string.

I can get the widest string's width by making it the caption of a hidden auto-size label. But if the listbox has more items than it can vertically show, its vertical scrollbar appears and takes some room away from the text area.

I know how to determine if the listbox has a scrollbar. However, the width of scrollbars is user-settable. How can you determine that?

(And if you know an easier way to do all this, I'd appreciate hearing about it!)

Thanks, Ander

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VB6 Horizontal Scrollbar: Change Width Of Slider?
Dear All

I want to use the horizontal scrollbar control, but I can't figure out
how to change the width of the slider, i.e. the bit that you drag left
& right. With other controls (eg Textbox), the inbuilt scrollbar
changes its slider width depending on how much text is in the box.
But the slider width of the horizontal scrollbar control always seems
to be the same size.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?


Is It Possible To The Form To Have Its Own Scrollbar And Exceed Its Maximum Width
    I am displaying a flowchart in a Form I maximized and the FlowChart picture width is greater than the VB Form width, in Access forms its having the Scrollbars to move and see the rest in the screen. Is is possible to give the Scrollbar in the Form in VB, is it possible to have a Form width greater than Maximized Property width. Kindly reply me.
Thank you,

Horizontal Scrollbar In Flexgrid
Has anyone had any trouble with the horizontal scroll bar not showing up in a Flexgrid control ? The text on the top row (0) clearly overflows (to the right), but no horz scroll bar appears. The "ScrollBars" property is set for "flexScrollBarsBoth".

Any ideas ?


Hierarchical Flexgrid Scrollbar

How canI do to move down the vertical scrollbar from code??

thank you

Show Disabled Scrollbar In Flexgrid Always
can i show scrollbar in flexgrid always.It appears when rows exceed
flexgrid size.I want the scrollbar to appear always, disabled when
rows are less and enabled when rows exceed flexgrid size.
Thanks in advance

MS Flexgrid Vertical Scrollbar Question
Is there a way of telling if the scrollbar is "at the bottom" ?

Flexgrid Vertical Scrollbar Question
Is there a way to trap if the vertical scroll bar on a flexgrid is "at the bottom" ?

i.e. It can't scroll any further down

I don't think there is, but thought I would ask anyway

HELP: How To Remove/ Disable Scrollbar(s) On The Flexgrid?
hello pepz,

lets just say i have my flexgrid control with 3 columns. how can i remove or disable the scrollbar on the flexgrid?
the code was able to fix the width of the columns, but still has the scrollbar showing.
      FlexGrid.ColWidth(0) = FlexGrid.Width / 3
      FlexGrid.ColWidth(1) = FlexGrid.Width / 3
      FlexGrid.ColWidth(2) = FlexGrid.Width / 3

i guez this would be for now, hope theirs some help to come

i just keep my eyez open

tanx in advanced

Flexgrid Column Width
Hi guys ,i am from Turkey .I couldn't find enough help sites from Turkey.My vb is not good and unfortunately my English is not good either. i hope i can tell my problem . i can't set the column widths permanently .need your help..
and i want to sum all number in the flexgrid and show in a textbox or label
and every changes of values in the grid must be shown on the label at the same time.

Flexgrid Column Width??
is there a way to set the column width? at runtime, i cant read the entire contents of some of my columns cause theyre too narrow


Width Of A Cell In Flexgrid
I have a Flexgrid with a cell width of 2500.I want to write into a cell but most of the time the lenght of the string I want to enter is greater than the cell width so the user could not see the full string.
what can i do in this case?There isn't a multiline property?

Flexgrid Column Width
I have some data going into a felxgrid and need the columnc big enough to be able to see the entire data being entered.

How would i do this?

ILMV aka <insert aka name here>

Flexgrid Even Column Width
I have a flexgrid where the width stretches when the form stretches. Anyone know a formula to always make the columns a uniform size but stay within the grid size. So there are no scroll bars or paritally-viewable columns. I realize that to keep a uniform column size there will be a bit extra, but if I know the "extra" amount, I can add that to one of the coumns so that the columns always fit perfectly. (Acutally I want to calculate this so that each column has a minimum width, such that narowing the form width will scrunch the columns to their minimum, and expanding the form width will expand the column width to a point where there is a uniform column width--plus the extra).

FlexGrid Column Width
Can someone help me change the width of my column depending on the text of the header? Or if that isn't possible, how can I change the width of a column with code? Thanks, Jeremy

Width Of Cells In Flexgrid

I have a flexgrid which displays the records in my database ok - except for the fact that the width of the cells doesn't show all of the text because it's too narrow..
for instance if there are 20 alphanumerics in the cell, it only seems to show the first 10 or so.

How can i set it up so that all text (whatever length it may be) is shown automatically??

Thanks for any help given


Setting Maximum Width To Flexgrid
I am making a small program in which i have data coming into a flexgrid from my database. My program uses a MDIform and all the other forms are MDIChild with window state as maximized. I want my flexgrid width to be equal to that of the form (maximized state). i tried doing grid.width = frm11.width but i found out that this width of the form refers to the size that i had set in design time and not to the maximized window screen. Any solutions on finding out how to maximize the grid width to match the window size???
Thanks in advance

Flexgrid Not Holding Width On Results
Hey all,

I can't seme to see where to set a setting to state to the FG to hold the value of it as it is in VB...

In the 1st SS, this is how I would like it to stay, but when I search for my product (SS 2), when the FG is populated via Access it uses the names of the tables in the database instead of keeping the ones I set in the FG properties.. What am I missing?

In the FormatString of the FG properties this is what I have
<Part No |<Group No |<Car Type |<Description |<Qty |<Start Year |<Ending Year|<Book Year

Shouldnt it keep that?

Invalid FlexGrid Width/height
I am getting the width and height of my flexgrid like so:

VB Code:
cellsize = 200flexgrid.width = flexgrid.cols * cellsize

so each cell has a width of 200, and then it seems that for small numbers, the size of it is invalid, but if my cellsize is larger, i have extra space. I really just cannot figure it out... is there anyway to "auto-size" to the grid?

Set Height And Width Of Cells In Flexgrid

Can you specify the height and width of cells in a flexgrid?
It is ok if they all have the same dimensions (better would be if I could set these dimensions for each row but I have a feeling that I don't have to hope for that).

I need larger cells because I want to load pictures in them.

Any idea ???

Thanks !


PS:Or if there is another control that is more suited for the job...let me know!

Define Width Columns In The Flexgrid

How do I define the width of the columns in the flexgrid ?

thank you

Flexgrid Adjusting Column Width
One thing I would like the Flexgrid to do is when it loads in an Access file (or whatever) is to increase its column width automatically to the largest width data entry for that column...
For instance if you have a column entitled Bills.
And the largest name under bills is South Louisiana Bank...
Then the width of that column should be no smaller than 20 spaces (the length of the name South Louisiana Bank)
What can I do to make sure that once the FlexGrid program loads in the correct can I have it automatically format those columns?

Here's the program below so far:
(Which works so far!!! - I'm so happy)
The com2 is a command button that whenever the user presses it - the next table is viewed in the data grid!!!!
Tabl(1-Cate) is the actual table...and Cate is assigned 1-(number of tables)

Option Explicit
' Note: 'Dim' will work the same as 'Private' here ...
Private Cate As Integer
Private Tabl() As String

Private Sub Form_Load()

Dim db As Database
Dim td As TableDef
Dim intX As Integer

Set db = OpenDatabase("C:My Documentsphone1.mdb")
For Each td In db.TableDefs
' There are hidden, system tables in an Access DB
' that start with "MSys", which you want to ignore
If Left$(td.Name, 4) <> "MSys" Then
intX = intX + 1
ReDim Preserve Tabl(1 To intX)
Tabl(intX) = td.Name
End If

Cate = 1
dbPhone.RecordSource = Tabl(1)

End Sub

Private Sub com2_Click()
Cate = Cate + 1
If Cate > UBound(Tabl) Then Cate = 1

dbPhone.RecordSource = Tabl(Cate)
End Sub

Thanks very much to all who has helped!!!!
Kind regards,

Detecting Column Width Changes In A Flexgrid
I am sure that your reaction will be like mine in this situation ("Yes, it's
easy!") but I simply cannot find a way of detecting when a user changes a
column width of a flexgrid so that I can resize the grid and the form to

Any offers?

Frank Yates

Adjusting Default Column Width In FlexGrid
is there a way to resize the width of columns in flex grid?? im using EdFlexGrid which is just a mod to MSFlexGrid so any MSFlexGrid code would apply. thanks a lot for your help

How Can I Setup The Width Of Column In A MS Hierechical Flexgrid ?
How can I setup the width of column in a MS Hierechical Flexgrid ?

Flexgrid Column Width And Text Align Problem

i have the flexgrid which is not connected to database.I have set the first row with the captions and second onwards rows contain data according to the caption.I want to set the column width that should fit the content of the row and align the text left justified.

i tried :

flexgrid.CellAlignment = vbAlignLeft
flexgrid1.colwidth(0) = len(data)

if any of the experts know ,please help.


Determining Text Cell Width In Flexgrid Based On Content
I would like to resize a particular cell's width and height depending on the content. I have searched around for an accurate way of determining the width/height of a particular string in a particular font but with out success.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Treeview Scrollbar Color (or Custom Scrollbar)
i am wondering how (if it is possible) to change the color af the scroll bar from a treeview. i have a fully skinnable program and everything can be changed (background and text color of the treeview too) but those scroll bars are damn ugly with a black skin. Is there either a way to change the color or to create a custom scrollbar for the treeview?

When One Scrollbar Moves, The Other Scrollbar Should Move Simultaneously

I have two textboxes, text1 and text2. They both have vertical scrollbars. The textboxes are the exact same width and height. I want these scrollbars to be linked: whenever the scrollbar of text1 is moved, it will automatically move the scroll bar of text2, and vice versa, to the exact same distance.

Any idea how I can do this?

Thanks for any help.

Linking My Customized Scrollbar To The Richtextbox Scrollbar?
OK, the richtextbox has no value command so the scroll bar cant be accessed by any other controls through code, i want to link a scrollbar that i have developed (and works on its own) to the richtextbox scrollbar...i know it sounds strange but i have a real good reason for needing to do this

So, can anyone help? how can i access and change the richtextbox scroll value? is it even possible?

Data Report - Paper Width Is Larger Than Printer Width
I am using the data report for my app which is running in several machines. I am getting an error "Paper width is larger than printer width" in only one machine. What may be the problem ?


Combo Box Dropdown List Width, Setting The Width *RESOLVED*
I found a way of changing the width of the dropdown list of a combo box by subclassing it. Is there any other way to do it? Can I subclass two seperate combo boxes in the same form or would it cause a problem (there seems to be when I tried it)?


Report Width Larger Than Paper Width Error In Datareport
I have to print a report (datareport), there is a predefined certificate on which I have to print my report

problem is, the certificate is a bit wide...and i am getting "report width larger than paper width error"

 i have dragged the scale (width) to 8.1 or 8.2, beyond that if i drag, i am getting the error

  i have set the datareport properties leftmargin, rightmargin, topmargin and bottommargin as 0.

  i have increased the reportwidth property value, still no use

  i want to increase the width of my report, (scale > 8.5), how to do it?


Error: Report Width Is Larger Than The Paper Width
i create few reports using Data Environment & Data Report. the reports r in A4 size (portrait), and some r in A4 size (landscape). when display the report which is portrait, it has no error. but when display the report which is landscape, an error says 'Report width is larger than the paper width'.

to display the landscape report, i must goto printer setting and set the paper orientation to landscape. then all my report can display.
BUT, the height of the portrait report is shorter. i mean the bottom of the portrait report will be blank (4 inch from bottom is blank)

i try to change the orientation before i open&display the report, but it doesnt work.
how to change the orientation, and the paper? pls help. Thanks.

Report Width Larger Than The Paper Width ERROR
Hi ,
I am using data reports for getting some reports from my application.While displaying or printing my reports, I get an error saying 'Report width is larger than the paper width.'
Now irrespective of the paper width settings of the printer I want that when I use the application at my client side, it should adjust the paper settings and printer settings so as to show and print the report.
Can anyone help me out on this....I have very little time at hand...and its ticking away...tick..tick...tick.....Help me

Thanks in advance.......

Report Width Larger Then Paper Width
i get the above error when i try to generate a report in vb. i am using the report designer, but i have checked the report and there is not label or text field or anything lapping over page - what could be the problem? any help would be greatly appreciated!

Report Width Is Larger Than The Paper Width ???
Hello all,

I just make an data report.
but when i try to run the project, there is error :

"Report Width is Larger than The Paper Width"

How to set the Paper Width ? Can i set it by code ? And How ?

I was try to setting my printer default on Lanscape paper, but still not working..

Please help..


Report Width Is Larger Than The Paper Width
i always get this error "Report Width Is Larger Than the Paper Width" when printing my data report. anyone knows how to solve this? thanks

MSFlexgrid - Set Column Width To Text Width..
How do I set the column width to be = to the amount of text

(the text length varies)

Report Width Is Larger Than The Paper Width
Dear vbguru out there,

I have encountered this error message "Report width is larger than the paper width" while exporting my form to data report in vb. Can anyone here help me in this? I have checked the microsoft support website and it said to download the latest service pack. I have done that but still getting the same error. Not sure why...Do I need to do anything after installing the lastest service pack? Urgently needed help here. Thanks in advance...

Width Of Text In No-fixed Width String
How can I find the wdith of a string of text in a non-fixed width font?

I am trying to format a comment box in Excel VBA, and I can't use a carraige return, so I am trying to set the width of the comment box and then fit my text into rows and columns.

Report Width Is Larger Than The Paper Width
What to do when
"Report width is larger than the Paper width" error
is raised while exporting the Data Report to a .txt
or .html file.

Report Width Is Larger Than Paper Width
Report width is larger than paper width ...?

can somebody help me fix this program?? i got a presentation in a day
it keep giving error msg "REPORT WIDTH IS LARGER THAN PAPER WIDTH" when i click on booking details and cruise details

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