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Getting Registered DLLs Info

Hi All.

This is Deepak.

If any one can help me out for getting registered DLLs Information, more specifically I want to give DLL name and to get whether this DLL is already registered or not, and if registered then the Physical Folder where it resists is also to be retrieved. As I am working with VB

CLSIDFromProgID can not be located thru API Viewer.



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Registered Dlls
How does a VB app actually locate a dependent dll? Is it by the GUID stored in the registry? What happens if you try to re-register a currently registered dll in a different location? For example what if a machine already has msvbvm60.dll registered in C:WINNTSYSTEM32 but you put a copy (and register) this file in the folder where your exe lives. Which msvbvm60.dll does the app use? A co-worker says the exe should first look in its root folder for dependent objects, but I thought this info came from the registry?

If you put a copy of this file in your app folder would this cause problems?

This has always been a confusing topic for me.

Registered Dlls And OCX's?
Is there any way to list all the registered ocx's and dll's on a system.

may be not all the registerd files, but to check if one pirticular ocx is registered.

I had a lottle conversation with other people.

PLZ give me new suggestions.

Finding Registered DLLs
I was wondering if there was a way, either through API calls or some other method, to find a list of DLLs registered using Regsvr32 on your computer?

How Can I Get The 'Registered To' Info?
Hi all,

I would like to get the registration info from the 'General' tab in the properties of 'My Computer' on Win 98/2000.

In the Registered to section, the first line is the computer name. What is the second entry. (Company name?)
There is an API call to retrieve the computer name, but what is it for the company name?


Sending Form Info To DLLs
Does anyone know how I can create a DLL to accept an internet form information? Or an ActiveX component?


Difference In Types Of DLLs (VB AX DLLs Vs. C++/Win DLLs)
Can anyone explain the difference between the AX DLLs that you might create in VB vs. the DLL libraries that you reference in API calls with Declare Function?

*** Note: I also posted this Q in the COM/AX forum ***

Getting API Calls From DLLs That Arn't Win32API Dlls..
Is there a way to get API calls from other DLL that arn't Win32API calls?

For example,
If I want to use a WinZip dll, how can I get the functions that are inside the DLL?

Please help,

Dlls And ActiveX Dlls

Can anyone of yu ******** me the diff between these 2 terms?

I NEED INFO: Source/Info Using VB.NET && TCP/IP Multi Connects At Same Time.
I need help in finding information on the following:

TCP/IP Multiple connections at the same time using VB.NET.
I have a host machine and I will be receiving multiple msg from multi machines at the same time.

I am not sure where to start using .NET so I need any places on the web that people may have come across that can give me a good start. PLEASE.


Storing Logon Info For Persistence Of Info
i would like to ask you more experienced people what would be the best way to store logon info for an individual user. i was looking at an encrypted file, the registry with encrypted data, or even a datadase, ditto, so that it is available next time the program runs. or can one modify the program which is running to include this data next time.
thank you in advance,

Qs: Grab Full O.S. Info.(Like Win. System Info.)
How can i get full O.S. info. like Windows System Inforamtion?
Tnx, greeting.

System Info And Connection Info
Hi folks,

I want to make a little program which stays running on the background which tells me how much free disk space is left and what the up and downstream is. Where do i begin? i have made the window with al object but i don't know how to get system info like i need

can anybody help me with this?

ListView ? - Select Info In One, Sub Info In Another, Etc.
Well I haven't really done any VB since 5.0 and I think most of the stuff would be the same, but I haven't done a project this in depth yet. I just bought the Mastering VB 6.0 book, but doesn't seem to have the info I am looking for.

I have an app that searches the hd for data files, mp3, mpeg, txt, doc, etc. I have 4 listview's on my form called ListView1, ListView2, ListView3, and ListView4. I currently have all the files it finds listed in the first listview (ListView1), but what I would like it to do instead is:

Column1 listed in ListView1

once something is selected in the ListView1, ListView2 opens with the appropriate sub information which is currently Column2.

Column2 listed in ListView2

Again the same thing goes into ListView3. But instead of following to ListView4 when selecting the item in ListView3, it will list all the Columns from the first ListView's (1 - 3). I have seen some light information in regards to this by searching the forums, but nothing specific.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The items are currently listed by Tags also if that helps.

Thanks, Corey

Registered OCX. Now What?
Greetings all,
Here is what i got. I have registered the OCX that my word template needs to run. But registering it does not "activate" it. I still need to open the VB editor on each machine and "select" the OCX. Is there a way to do this with code?



How Do I Know If A Dll/ocx Needs To Be Registered Or Not
Is there a way to programatically determine if a dll is standard or com...
What about ocx - do they all have to be registered?

Non-registered DLL
Guys and Girls.

What I need is a DLL that can provide me with some properties and methods, and it will sit happily on my customers PC's. It needs to be callable from other exes and dlls. However it is necessary that the DLL does not have to be registered - the reason for this is that the users may well not have admin rights to their machines - and are not IT literate in the main.

Im a VB'er (VB6) and dont know if or how this can be accomplished. Is it possible to do it in C++?



Get Registered Name
My program has a text box that you type your name in. I want it to automatically put the name of the person the computer is registered to in the text box. How can I do that?

Not Registered...
im trying to add RICHTX32.ocx to my project (again, because i just got a new comp), and it said it wasnt registered BLAH BLAH BLAH. i went and did regsvr32 on it (it worked) and tried to add it again, but i get a popup that says "Object library not registered"

Registered To
How do you get the windows registered to name?

Registered Ocx
I have an app using dblist.
When I make an exe of it and put it on a pc without vb I get the message..
dblist is not registered....or file missing.

How do I register the dumb dblist?


How Can I See If A Ocx Is Registered Or Not...
I wan't to check trough vbcode if a ocx is registered or not... How can I do this...

How Can I See If A Ocx Is Registered Or Not...
I wan't to check trough vbcode if a ocx is registered or not... How can I do this...

API And Registered OCX
Is their an API I can use to see if a component is registered on a users machine? I am using VB 6.0.

Registered OCX's
Ok, I have my program deploy'd in a testing senario and when you launch it on
WindowsXP it says that tabctl.ocx and mswinsck.ocx are not registered and in
WindowsXP they don't exist ( or maybe it is the controled enviroment im in )
however I have to copy those files to the WindowsSystem32 folder and then
run regscr32 windowssystem32 abctl32.ocx for it to go....I thought something
like this would happen so I created a installer....however it says scrrun.dll
is a protected what is the deal can I not include that file or what?


Cannot Registered DLL's
I have problem to register a DLL (msado15.dll) in a client PC.
what's the reason for that?
is there anyway i can solve this problem? since this DLL file is need for data access in my program.
please advise, thanks.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Why Do OCX && Cia. Need To Be Registered? That Su##s.
Sorry for the title but I can't find why they (microsoft) need to require registration of the OCX files and related.

Can't the system just check the resource file exists?

Does it happen in UNIX (Linux specially)?

Someday I'll code my own OS (when I learn C++ and Assembly). Then you all will see what's a simple, fast, powerfull and stable OS.

Checking To See That A Dll Is Registered In VB
I need to check whether or not a dll is registered. On school networks I cannot change the registry due to protection so I need to be able to tell in a VB program whether or not a dll (or ocx) is currently registered.
Any help gratefully received.

Class Not Registered
when i try to search from database and previewed in the list view in another error occurs after the list view is displayed (blank list view)
the error says "No class registered"
"Run Time Error -2147221164 (80040154)":

and then when I debug, it highlights in the sql part in the code

Set rs = frmMain.g_DB.Execute("SELECT * FROM qBlob WHERE Name LIKE '%" & strCustomerName & "%' ORDER BY Name")

what should i do if the class is not registered?


CLSID Not Registered (Help?)
I am trying to run an application on a WinNT that I wrote on and XP Operating system. When I run it on the NT Box I get a Class not registered message box. Looking for object {00000100-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4}, which I found in the Registry as being Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Libary DBE Engine on the XP Box. On the NT Box I found Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Libary DBE Engine 3.5 {00000010-0000 and the rest the same as above}. I have both on the XP Box. How can I get the DAO 3.6 on the NT Box? I did use a Installation program called Tarma Installer to register .dll's and .ocx's. I don't know a whole lot about the registry. What would happen if I changed the 00000010 to 00000100. Please any help would be great.


Certain Classes Not Registered With Dll
After compiling my dll and adding it's components to a Com+ application, some of the classes in the dll don't appear to get registered. When I attempt to create these classes at run-time, I get error number 463, "Class not registered on local machine". Any ideas on what's going on here? Any help would be appreciated.

Figuring Out If A DLL Is Registered Or Not
I'm pretty sure you can figure out if a DLL is registered by looking into the registry, but I have no idea where or is there another way of checking?

Class Not Registered.
made a simple program sent it to my friends and they are getting the following error


Class not registered
Looking for object with CLSID:{0J000010-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4}

tryed google seems it has somthink to do with a dll not being registered on their pc but if it is this dont understand why its using a dll ive only used pritty much standard everythink buttons no special functions api or anything its a realy simple program

Class Not Registered ? ? ? ?
Ok I don't know if in the right forum but her goes

I am running XP with VB6.

I have an app that uses an access database.

I originaly made it on my other comp running 98 and VB6.

I am trying to edit it on my new comp but when I try to load the project i get the Error Msg CLASS NOT REGISTERED...LOOKING FOR OBJECT WITH CLSID.....with numbers at he end.

I can get the app to load but it won't load any of the access tables.

any help would be great

thks for help

Class Not Registered
i have a program that i am trying to run from a memory stick rather than having it installed on a computer so that i can run it from any machine that is available but i keep getting a "class not registered" error when i run it. can anyone help

Check If DLL Is Registered
I've been having some problems with the installer program not registering MSBIND.DLL

To adopt a belt and braces technique, I thought I'd check that it's registered when the program starts. So I searched and found two posts:

... looks promising (although surprisingly long winded), but GetKeyValue fails with "Sub or Function not defined". Presumably I need a declare or reference, but I couldn't find it.

...I have to say I don't really understand what's going on here.

So I could persevere and get either of these working, but I wondered if there was anything wrong with registering it every time the program starts, i.e.

Option Explicit

Private Declare Function FreeLibrary Lib "Kernel32" (ByVal hLibModule As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function LoadLibrary Lib "Kernel32" Alias "LoadLibraryA" (ByVal lpLibFileName As String) As Long
Private Declare Function GetProcAddress Lib "Kernel32" (ByVal hModule As Long, ByVal lpProcName As String) As Long
Private Declare Function CallWindowProc Lib "user32" Alias "CallWindowProcA" (ByVal lpPrevWndFunc As Long, _
ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal Msg As Any, ByVal wParam As Any, ByVal lParam As Any) As Long
Private Const ERROR_SUCCESS = &H0
Private Const ERROR_AHHHHHH = &HF

Function test29580342798()
Debug.Print RegisterServer(frmMain.hwnd, "C:windowssystem32msbind.dll", True)
End Function

Public Function RegisterServer(hwnd As Long, DllServerPath As String, bRegister As Boolean) As Boolean
Dim lb As Long, pa As Long

lb = LoadLibrary(DllServerPath)
If bRegister Then
pa = GetProcAddress(lb, "DllRegisterServer")
pa = GetProcAddress(lb, "DllUnregisterServer")
End If

If CallWindowProc(pa, hwnd, ByVal 0&, ByVal 0&, ByVal 0&) = ERROR_SUCCESS Then
RegisterServer = True
RegisterServer = False
End If
FreeLibrary lb
Exit Function

End Function

(which I got from here )

Presumably doing this will not make multiple entries in the registry, or cause some other Nasty Thing to happen?



OLE Object Isn't Registered
I have inherited an Access application with VBA scripting and macros behind it.

I have a Document control on a Form which is linked to an Access table and to a column in the table with a datatype of OLEDocument. The OLEType for the Document control is set to "Embedded".

When I drag a JPEG onto the Document control I get the error message "OLE Object isn't registered".

This only happens on a Win98 platform. The default viewer for JPEG file types in Win Explorer is set to a Kodak Image Viewer.

The JPEG drag onto the Document control works under WinNT.

I don't really want to have to programatically create an instance of the image viewer and pass the JPEG to it.

Any ideas?


Replacing Registered Dll
will there be an error if i replace an existing dll file witch is referenced to my project, with another (different) dll fille. you see i am making a program witch repository of functions is not numericaly defined so that the dll file witch contains them can be replaced for a new one. also can it only be an another version of existing dll project or it can be an entitely different dll file?

Class Not Registered
I have a vb application that does not work fine only on one user's computer. It has been working fine on this user's computer until recently. Everytime a search button is clicked, an error message "class not registered looking for object with clsid :-{00000010 - 0000 - 0010 - 8000 - .....}" comes up.
Please, any ideas?

Class Not Registered
This is probably an old issue, but I don't know how to avoid this error message. I've made a small and simple db-program, but which works nicely on my computer, but when I ask my friend to test it he gets an error message saying:

Class not registered
Looking for object with CLSID

Know If A Component Were Registered.
I want to know if a component is yet registered or no.
How do it?


Windows Is Registered To
Hi Guys.

I'd like to know if there is a way to get the company or the name whom Windows is registered to.

I really need this

Thanks everybody

DLL Fiails When Registered
I need to write an asp page that merges word documents. I did this by creating an .dll file in VB. Everything works fine when I create the object in an .asp page with the .dll file running in VB, but when I register the .dll file, so that I can create it when VB is not running, it keeps halting the server???

It is definatly entering the file, since I can see the temporary .doc file created by word, but it never seems to get to the end of this .dll

Can anyone help?

Checking To See If Dll Is Registered
Is there a way to check to see if a dll or ocx file is registered already?

An app I'm working on uses 2 dll's. The way the app is written currently registers the 2 dll's each time the app loads. Is there a way for me to check to see if the dll is already registered so I can change this routine to only register the dll's if needed????


Class No Registered
I have facing some problem when i try to run new program that i have write. Please help me.

Installation is OK. But when i try to run it, the program show out this error message:

Class not Registered
Looking for object with CLSID : {00000010-0000-0010-8000-00AA006D2EA4}

I also try to run the VB6 run time sp5, but it is no working.

I very very need a help here!


Debbuging Without Ocx Registered
I started now to work in a vb aplication, that someone else did. I have to correct some errors that the aplication has, and I need to use the debug.
The problem is that the original programmer used some .ocx that I still don't have with me.
Is there some way to use the debug and avoid the message that the ocx is not registered? I have very little time and a lot to do...

Paula Fernandes

Commondialog Ocx Is Not Registered...

I've made a program that searches for files and displays them in a richtextbox. The user must be abel to browse for more files if necesary.
So, I used the commondialog to get at nice (and standard) look on the program.

BUT, my program will be run on winXp and on industrial PC's. When I ran my program on one of the machines I found out that the ocx commondialog uses is not registered on the pc's... Maby just a few of them...

SO, has anyone got any idea of what to use now? I still want my program to look professional (and windows like )) and I knowe I could use the treewiev in VB, but that looks so oldfasioned. What to do???

Dll Registered Information
I have an autocad addin that uses a large number of activeX dlls (around 25). When I ship the installation to the beta testers, sometimes they come back with errors that were solved in the latest version. I tracked a number of these errors down to incorrect dlls. This process took quite a long to complete.

I would like to create a small executable that I would have the beta testers run after they have encountered an error and are creating a log. I want the exe to gather the information about the dlls such as version number and if they are properly installed, if they are installed at all. On each of the testers machines they install the program to different paths, so have the program find the dlls would be a problem.

In the references section in VB, all registered activeX dlls appear. Is there any way to tap into this?

Registered User?
How or which method can I get registered user of the computer, where my application is running?

Library Not Registered
Hello Everyone,
The application that I have made is behaving in a strange way. It was successfully loaded and is workin in Win98 and Win2000 professional.
But, today I installed it in another Win2000 professional OS loaded computer, all it's modules
are working fine, except for Data report. none of the data reports is working, the application is giving an error
saying "Library not registered" when I try to open the Datareport, and is closing down.
Any help/ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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