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Graphic Represantation


How can i make a histogramm from the 0-255 (hues) values of a picture and then show it on a graphic represanation on a form???

Any ideas???

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Graphic Button That Uses Png Graphic File
hi there
me again

wanna know how to set high-res png (with alpha) or ico graphic file into our button? so that we can have cool awesome button in our application to amaze people

btw, using vb6 + sp6 here

How To Get The Graphic
Can we use vb to get graphic from the digital camera .. and how to do it .than

I have a graph. On x axis i have the number of spins (a spin is a number from 0 to 36) and in the right of the graph I have a richtextbox with each spin each number.
Supposing that I have 1000 spins and someone scrolls the richtextbox and clicks on spin number 456 i want on the graph to appear a rectangle around it to show where's that located.
I did that.. the problem is the folowing... how can I delete that rectangle after the user clicks on another spin? Currently the program draws every rectangle without deleting the last one.
Is there anything like XOR_PUT or something like this I don't know...?
I use the Rectangle API for drawing the rectangle.


Got a graphic for a vb a bitmap.

I was wondering if there was any way of making the actual graphic background transparent???


I Need Some Graphic Help!!!
I am trying to past a full page of text.
I tried cutting and pasting to a text box, but it would not allow all of the text. I was pasting into the text property. I tried to paste directly to the textbox control but was unable to do it.

Graphic Vb

I want to do a square and I want that the square turn.

And I want that my square be in the middle of my form!!

I dont know how to do this.
Could you help me please.


1-Can you discuss how can I use DLLs in VB?
(Please give an example)

2-Which command can I use instead of "paint in QB"?



3d Graphic
 I have little problem with drawing 3d graphic. User will enter three joints via grid in my form p(x,y,z)
and define frames like p1 to p2. Now i want to make drawing whit this data but i can't define z
coordinate (joints). May you write little code

Changing Graphic Hue
I was wondering what the best method of doing this type of thing would be, to show you an example of what I am talking about, I'll give you a base image (colorless) then what I want to do to that graphic when rendering it in the program. The color in the second graphic I want to also be edited (ie changing the hue), I just choose red for the example. I going to do the whole bitblt masking thing, but is there a way to change the hue of the mask when placing it overtop of the original image (or however masking works :S).

I'd also like transparency around the object (not shown in this picture).

Graphic Approach For OCX
Hi All,

I need to write on OCX to be used by another programming environment (Powerbuilder).

The OCX functionality is similar to a gant- I have timeline on which I drag and drop items (boxes/actions). The items on the timeline have some data associated with them. The items can be moved/resized/deleted - thus- need to have some sort of mechanism to "access" them.

We initially created an OCX that uses labels (and some shapes) to create the timeline grid and the items on it. The problem is that way the OCX tend to be slow and consume a lot of resources (Using Load and Unload).

I thought that a better approach would be to draw objects (lines, text, circles, textures, rectengale) on a picture box.

Could the second approach produce lighter, faster OCX? Would it be much more complicated to write? What about the different events that I get from using the embedded controls (labels), can I mimic similar behavior? Should I draw in a picturebox?

Any other approach you'd recomend? GDI? Something else?

Comments are welcomed!!!

;-) TC

Graphic Editing...
Ok, here's what I need to know how to do. I want to make a program that will take a picture of any size that you pick, take this picture from your hard drive into the program, chops the picture into 16 pixel by 16 pixel image sand save each little cut up square into it's own ".BMP" file. Does anyone have any pointers on how to go about this? I can see the saving part, using an array, moving it possibly into an Imagebox and saving it from there....but how would one import the pic into the program, and most importantly chop it into it's manageable chunks??

Graphic Issues
I have recently got myself a laptop and when I placed my VB work on here, all graphics had drastically changed.

When I installed my App on my mates computer everything looked how it looked on ym computer.

When I installed it on another computer, all the graphics including fonts had changed. Words had dissapeared and buttons slightly offset.

Did I do something wrong when making my application

Do I need to save the settings so when its installed on another machine it will adjust itself so it will looke exactly like the original ?

Can anyone help me?

Thankyou for looking

Creating A Graphic With 2
Hi. This might be complex, but I'll give it a try... I am wondering how to create a graphic with two: one is any graphic and the other one would be a mask containing 3 colors:

1 color for transparency
1 color for the first picture
1 color for a black outline

I am wondering how I can tell VB "Hey, this color is for a black outline, this one is for transparency and the other one is for that other picture... Now rasterize that..."

I would like it to become something like the attached image so I can use it on my layout... (note that the image attached is a compressed jpg, but my images are neat...)

If I need 2 masks, I can do 2...

Thanks in advance

Graphic Design
Hi all, currently I am developing a vb program contains mainly graphics... I was wondering if anyone knows any graphic software I can use to create good graphics for my VB program...

I am looking for software that has the capability of allowing me to take a portion of some of my graphics and insert nicely into another. Something similar to people who takes someone else head and insert into someone else body and it looks so real....


Graphic Software
Hi guys,

I just wanna know what's the best Graphic Software for VB? I mean.....I would like to have some kind of animation for the interface. I know Macromedia Flash works with there any better program? Do you guys know where a great website that has tutorial as far as designing GUI? I wanna create a GUI that's appealing since I think VB's GUI kind of offence, it's a great languange, but too static......

thank you.

Again, About New XP Graphic Engine
Do you know "SysShadow" in Windows XP/2000? SysShadow used to make shadows for menus in Win2K/XP. In XP, SysShadow appears for XP's new big start panel. Any expert know about this code? I hope we can apply this code to make shadow for textbox, command buttons, etc.

How To Create A Graphic In VB6
Hi all, i an new here, my friend told me that this is a great side and has help her alot in VB programming.

i have a problem here, hope you cool ppl can help me out.

i need to create the pic in the attachment and at the same time need to display readings and apply different colors on each cell. can it be done?
can any kind soul direct me to any readings or sample codes to help me start with. appreciate it alot. thanks in advance.

Printing A Graphic
I have a graphic painted on a form. It consistes of some charts with bitmap images,lines and text. The graphic is the result of my application and I need to print it. How do I print a copy of my graphic? The graphic is not in a picture box or user control but is directly on the form.

Text -> Graphic
Thanks to everyone who's been offering help. I got the clickable bltfast thing taken care of, as well as a few other problems. However, I can't figure out a way to take text and change it to graphics-and then put it wherever it needs to go. Right now I'm using a 'DrawText' sub to actually create the text, and it is called with the location, etc. I have an 'AddText' sub that essentially /sends/ the text to the server. How would I go about breaking apart a string of letters and replacing them with graphics? I'd like to continue using DX7 for this. I don't know if I have a choice on it if I want to keep it from blinking. I can handle creating the surfaces and such.

Public Sub DrawText(ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal x, ByVal y, ByVal Text As String, Color As Long)
Call SelectObject(hdc, GameFont)
Call SetBkMode(hdc, vbTransparent)
Call SetTextColor(hdc, RGB(0, 0, 0))
Call TextOut(hdc, x + 2, y + 2, Text, Len(Text))
Call TextOut(hdc, x + 1, y + 1, Text, Len(Text))
Call SetTextColor(hdc, Color)
Call TextOut(hdc, x, y, Text, Len(Text))
End Sub

Public Sub AddText(ByVal Msg As String, ByVal Color As Integer)
Dim s As String
Dim TextX As Long
Dim TextY As Long
Dim Time As Long
Dim PlayerText As String

s = vbNewLine & Msg

frmMirage.txtChat.SelStart = Len(frmMirage.txtChat.Text)
frmMirage.txtChat.SelColor = QBColor(Color)
frmMirage.txtChat.SelText = s
frmMirage.txtChat.SelStart = Len(frmMirage.txtChat.Text) - 1

frmChatLog.txtChat.SelStart = Len(frmChatLog.txtChat.Text)
frmChatLog.txtChat.SelColor = QBColor(Color)
frmChatLog.txtChat.SelText = s
frmChatLog.txtChat.SelStart = Len(frmChatLog.txtChat.Text) - 1
End Sub

Eventually, the 'txtChat' in frmMirage will be done away with. It's there until I can figure out this problem, as well as how to get it to appear over a character-although I think I've just about got that one.

Also, does anyone have the vbDABL dll's for alphablending? directx4b says it's got it- but the link is dead, and so is the one at nearly everywhere else I've looked..

Graphic Rotation
Absolute newbie trying to turn a wheel (similar to a wheel of fortune wheel) for about 5 seconds. I don't want to have to make a ton of slightly rotated pictures (which I think is the easiest way) but I don't understand complicated code. Can anyone help me?

2D Vector Graphic
Hello people,

I should create a program that creates rather simple 2D vector graphics (lines, text, arcs and ellipses) and is able to move them smoothly too. I checked out the VB basic possibilities (Shape control), but they don't meet my requirements - I'd prefer a good anti-aliasing feature and transforms (I need rotating, resizing and just moving) should be as smooth as possible.

I've tried to explore DirectX (DirectDraw 7 and Direct3D 8) as well as OpenGL, but they might be a bit too complicated to my needs. There seems to be lack of good and basic OpenGL for VB manuals too (as is for DX operations)

Any ideas? Or should I just concentrate to DX and/or OpenGL?

Thank you for your help,

Graphic Storage
I am makeing an RPG that has a lot of graphics.
Does anyone have any suggestions of what the best way to store them is?
Should I put them all into a Resource File?
Should I leave them as jpg files?
Or is there a better way of storing them?

PPT Graphic Animation

I'm using Ms PowerPoint '00.

Does anyone know how to make graphics disappear off the screen with some type of animation? Basically, the ppt's current animations enable graphics to "fly" or "blind" onto the screen. I need to find a way to make those graphics "fly" or "blind" off of the screen.

I know of the "hide after animation" and "hide after mouse click" already, but it is not what I'm looking for. When using those options, you need to animate the graphic "onto" the slide. I would like to have the graphic on the slide to begin with, and then animate it off the slide.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Graphic Problem
Hai every body

i have kept 2 image boxes overlaping one another. the image on top is always moving over the image box 1.
Assume the program is a desk top utilite.
Problem is....

when ever a new widow is displayed over my desktop program, the image is get jamed. i mean the image movement strokes are painted over the image 1 and make the image untidy.

I have set autodraw to true for the image1, image2 and the form.
but no results?

what else i should do?

Unusual Graphic
There is an unusual graphic in the top left corner of a form in my vb 6 program. In design mode I cannot select it to remove it. Does any one have any ideas what it is and how to get rid of it.

(view attachment, its the graphic in the red circle)

Graphic Design...
What program can I use to create images in PCX format???

Squashing A Graphic
Hi There!

Is there a way (without using DirectX) that I can get a picture from a picture box and deform it into a trapezium shape? This is so that I can get a perspective effect but I don't know DirectX. If it helps, I know about BitBlt and StretchBlt but can't produce the effect.

PS: Sorry if this isn't right for the "General" section, but I thought it was a better match than the forums

hey guys:
im writing some code to display a rectangular shape in red color(represent lamp....)at differet location. i wanna all the same are identical...however, in some location, the retangular are out of shape(wider than others) ...pls help me. thx a lot.

For Num = 0 To 100 Step 1
placement1.CurrentX = FixtureX(Num)
placement1.CurrentY = FixtureY(Num)
placement1.Line Step(-0.5, -1.5)-Step(1, 3), &HFF&, BF

Next Num

Graphic Equalizers
Does anybody know how graphic equalizers work in vb? Can they be simulated in vb? How is something like the equalizer in "Winamp" simulated. This isn't a project or life or death question. I just programmed a media player and would like to add some bits and pieces to it?? Any help would be appreciated...


p.s. Some days we are the flies; some days we are the windscreen.

How To Print Graphic
I would like to print graphic in font of the following text

Printer.Print Tab(15); "abc college."

such as the college's logo??

Vb Graphic Handling
how to load the picture with the current entry of records after scanning and store at a particular location.Thenafter display the same picture according to the records in the database in a sequence order.i am using ado control
could anybody help or email me at

How You Can Do This Kind Of Graphic With VB6?
Dear Friends,
I really appreciate if you can help me in this matter.
I want to have an empty form and 50 pictures.
Each time when the form started or by pressing a button in the form I want 5 random pictures appear into the form with some kind of animation.
I attached a sample of one game which is pretty close to what I want to do.
Thank you in advance.
sample link:

Graphic Equalizer
It's been asked many times before but does anyone know how to make a graphic equalizer? I want to take a microphone input through an equalizer before I put it into a db meter. I would really like some sample code that has the equalizer in it.

Graphic Layers: How To
Is there anyway to implement drawing 'layers' over either a PictureBox or Image control?

I want to draw to different layers that can then be toggled on/off and added to.



VB Graphic Programming
Hai all,

Is it true some says that you must be a good Mathematician if you want to become a Graphics programmer in VB?

Graphic Question
I have a gif graphic that I want to use on a button. I want to create a grayed out version of this for when the button is disabled. The only graphics tools I have are what comes with XP pro. That includeds MS Photo Editor and MS Paintbrush. Is there a way I can create a grayed out version of the gif using one of those tools?

Wmp Graphic Equalizer
is there a way to show the graphic equalizer after embedding a media player on a form ?

Graphic Problem
1 graphic problem.
i want to change the form background picture after i click a button (which it should be looping since i hav 5 picture to display in form)
any idea how to implement this??


Graphic Editor
i need some code snippets of how to make a simple graphic editor: insert,click to select,and drag to move (like in powerpoint) and that kinda good stuff... can anyone tell me how?

Moving A Graphic
Hey guys i posted a little while ago about a problem with moving a graphic but that is working fine now but i have another problem. I want a graphic on the screen to respond to user input, this was going fine untill i added a command button to exit the program. Now the keyboard focus is on the button, not the form, so nothing happens when a user presses a key. Can someone help me, im sure its easy enough to deal with. Thx in advance.

Graphic Chart
I would like to know if there are somewhere a source code or any one that can help me with a graphic chart.

I have values received by COM stored and I ned to display them in a graphic.
What is the best way to do it?
Can any one help me to find a source code similar to what I want?


Graphic Folder
Does anyone know if the graphic subfolder located in the common7 folder is part of VB .Net installation or is only available with the full VS .NET version?

Help Displaying My Graphic

I have a graphic at


I am using a picturebox and the following code:

PicBox.Picture = LoadPicture("c:DMIinENABLE.bmp")

The problem is I keep getting the Error:

"Object does not support this property or method".

What am I doing wrong?

Graphic Button
I have a graphic button(a button with an color icon on), if I disable the button, the icon will lost its color, can somebody tell me how to keep the color when it is disabled?


Graphic Resolution
How can I get the resolution of a graphic with vb without opening the picture.I want to be able to do this for jpg and gif images. Or is there an easy way to make thumbnails of images but keep their ratio of width to height?

Graphic Question
Anyone knows how to release COMPLETE memory after using the api Bitblt in a timer. I am getting some type of error that involves with AutoRedraw Can't redraw.

Graphic Problem.
In QB how do I use the PCOPY command to stop flickering when moving graphics in SCREEN 7?
Please give an example.

Graphic Equaliser (I Think)
How can i do that equaliser/wave thingy like in winamp's equaliser?

How Do I Save A Graphic?
i'm using vb6 enterprise n the image control

how can i save a graphic that i open up in the image control?

any help would be appreciated ...

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