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Help To Create Attendance System

Happy new year to all
I want to prepare an attendance management system for an college. They want the attendance to be made by faculty themselves as well as of the students of their class.Tha attendance for students & faculties will be class wise. But the attendance for the employees will be on daily basis.
The attendance will be directly related to payroll for employees & faculties. If possible please tell me in detail about the database design or send some stuff on my mail is email@removed
Thank you
with regards

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Attendance Monitoring System
Dear Friends,

Anyone has a source code about Attendance Monitoring System with Barcode pls help..

Sa lahat ng mga Pilipino diyan tulungan ninyo kasi project ito na kapatid sa compiler sabog na yata ang utak.....


Attendance Scanning System
Hello friends,

We have purchased CipherLab 201 door access controller. It have one peripehral to scan the magnetic card. Once it is scanned it records the time and cardnumber and date. I want to utilize this as attendance system for our company. Unfortunately it is not maintained In time or Outtime. We can set times to grant and denied. But it allows any no of times to scan in the granted time.
So i want to design my own application to maintain and IN and OUT times. How can i read the data from this controller into my VB Application and automatically Insert into database. And i dont want the my program to run and open all the time. I can do my own work and once card is scanned, it should be inserted into the database w/o my interaction. Means the application should run in the background.

Thanx in advance.

Student Attendance System
hi, i'm using VB6 to develop software for attendance system. the system will detect the smart card ID and update in local database and also at MySQL server database through LAN.
1) can u suggest to me what type of local database should i used?(Access ..?)
2)i dont know how to connect to MYSQL database through LAN.need socket programming?
3) do i need to use these data object(DAO, ADO, etc)?which one is better?
4) how to show the name of students in the table in VB 6?use DataGrid?
5) the program will operate like this : when lecturer login to this system(at client side), the program automatically request the database from MYSQL server(through LAN), and then put them at local database(the local database is empty for the first time, i get the student database from server). how to make a template in local database(assume using Access) for that database?

6) how to update the local database and MYSQL server(apache server- using XAMPP software) database from VB6?give me the codes

please help me

Communicating To The Clock Device For Making Attendance System
i need to make a Time & Attendance Management System

1. Please tell which Time Device shouldi use.
2. How to connect to the VB Program

I need the full details ASAP.

Looking forward towards. Prompt Responses..

Zeeshan Tarique

Attendance Machine
Hello every body,
i am using a proximate Attendance Machine from Pegasus brand. But the problem is i am trying to retrieve data when Student are punching their ID card. But i don't know how to pull data from the machine by using com port. Can any one can help please....

Thank you

Attendance Register
I am developing a software for a School. I need to develope an Attendance register for Students and One for Teachers. I am Stuck on a Database Design. I am thinking that I would need to build a Table with 33 fields.
Like StudentID, Name, FatherName, and 30 fields (one each for a Day in the month) .
Can anyone help me in Table Design for this scenario as I am not setsefied with the table design of mine.

Time Attendance
Currently i'm doing a time attendance system using vb6... tis programs need to capture the id_no, date and in/out time(max 3). I have a access database which has id_no, date, in1, out1, in2, out2, in3, out3.

1. When i enter the id_no i will check the database to see whether the id_no already exists & on today date.

2. If no then i will insert the id_no, date and in1 time into the database.

3. when i enter the id_no the 2nd time, it will check the database. Tis time its already exists.

4. So i have to update the time only and tats is the out1 time.

5. When i enter the 3rd time, , it will check the database. Tis time its already exists.

6. So i have to update the time only and tats is the In2 time.

7. It will continue until out3 is not null which is the max then i will prompt a msg "max time in/out reached"

How to do it? Anyone do tis before? I need to check the DB in/out to see which one is null. If it is null den i update the time based on the sequence.

Attendance Sheet HELP!!

I am working on a project where among other things I have to maintain the attendance of 250 students of a class on a daily basis.

Can anybody help please??

Attendance Workbook
I am a novice vba user. I am setting up an attendance sheet on Excel
with pay period ending dates,(two week increments), in column A3. I have
the leave codes in columns B3 to L3. Column M and N are for comments.
Row 2 is hidden, Row 1 has the employee name in B1, which when entered
updates the tab automatically.( That is already written).
My problem is that I have 20 sheets in the workbook, one for each
employee. I want to be able to open the workbook, find a user friendly
way to select the name of the employee, select a pay period ending date,
and enter a number of hours used into one of the leave columns. If it's possible I would also like to be able to add sheets with the
same functions as new employees are hired.I know it's a lot, but I am
pulling my hair out and there isn't that much left. Thanks, Kevin

Attendance Program
Hi All,

Relatively new to VB.I am looking to create an Employee Attendance program.

Basically it will track "time in" and "time out", and store it in an access database.

If there is any example code out there to look at, or if someone can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.



"Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake."
- Chessmaster Savielly Grigorievitch Tartakower (1887-1956)

Access Attendance Register
I have set up a DB table that shows a student attended on certain dates. I need to calculate the attendance percenatage from this table.

I have used the y/n so I can pick up true/false or 1/0 but I can't think of how to get the query to show a percentage!

Any ideas anyone?


Best Way To Generate Attendance Statistics
Hi Guys,

I've got a school app. I created a from to generate attendance statistics. It need some twaeking tho. I have an admission date and a leaving date for each pupil. I also have a table which serves as a register with info about the date on which a pupil is absent.

Now the problem is, the admission and leaving dates are not correct for all pupils and the school say it's to big a job for them to update each pupils info.

How else can I do this. I need to get the roll count each day, number of boys,girls which is easy, the days absent which is easy, and then calculate the statistics whenever a user presses the "generate statistics button". I need the stats for each month.

I cant think of a bug proof way of doing this. say for example i'm in June now.

If I press the generate statitics button, i need to calculate the roll count,num of boys, num of girls, days absent and a percentage of attendance for January,Feb,March,April,May and from jun1 to june 10.

any ideas

Problem In Query Attendance
Hello Budy!
i have a query which i havnt any answer i hope u guys have.
the problem is i have a attendance system in which employeee mark present and absent. and have a event button "Salary Calculate" that count the present from database (SQL server 2000) and calculate the salary.
now my customer want that if any employee which have countinously 10 absent unable to get salary of that month.
plzzzzzzz any bodyy give some solution

Example For Adding Attendance In Database
I am trying to write a small church address book with the ability to
keep attendance records for each individual. I have everything else
working fine. I understand that these records need to be stored
somewhere else other than in a field. The record should start with
Sunday number 1 the first Sunday of July and continue that way
until the next first Sunday in July. Any help that I can get with
this will be greatly appreciated. Our church is a very small one.
Therefore, the large membership trackers do too much.



Data Collection From Attendance Recording Device
can anyone help me in collecting data from a attendance record device with have a at89c51 micro processor and Max232N chip for communication. I dont know what code i have to send to the device to get data from it. or its not possible in vb

Wanted - Staff Attendance Planner For Excel
I would like to keep a record of staff attendance over the year. I presume it is possible to have the months at the top of the spreadsheet or something similar. Has anyone done this and would be able to let me know how it is done.


How To Create System DSN Using VB6?
Currently i am developing a application used to update Item Price. i am using Ms SQL 2000 as my database and the application needs to be run a client PC. In order to link clients to Server, i need to manually use ODBC to create a DSN to connect to SQL Server.

I want the System DSN to be done using my vb application. In order to do this, i need some code to run the ODBC which i can create the DSN if the needed DSN is not available in the client PC. Does anyone know how to do it?

Any help will be highly appretiated.


How To Create System DSN Using VB?
Hi all,

Can anyone help me to create a System DSN present in ODBC using VB.

How To Create System DSN
I created an application which uses Access Db in the backend. Now i want to create Setup for it. Is there any way that i can programmatically create a System DSN for the database file without asking the user to manually create it from the Control Panel
Thanks in advance.

Create Own File System?
Hey everyone.

I've been working on a game for a while. Storing data in a Microsoft Access database and then using SQL to get the information I need. Works great, but I can't always get the information I want. I was wondering... how hard would it be to create my own system of organizing and quickly finding data and where would I start?


Step For Create A System.........
Can anyone tells me what is the steps to create a system? I m a newbie in programming! Can u tell me step by step?

How To Create Monitoring System Using VB6
this is my problem.... i'm not sure what i've created ERD... anyone who can help?

How Can We Create Help System Index Etc
i just want to know how can we add help system to our projects(vb6)[like normal help systems in internet explorer window,or in any applicatins ..etc]
how can we add a help system to our own project
Any idea please thanks

How To Create A Windows Help System
Can you please point us to some documents on creating a simple windows help system, to be used in a vb6 application.

Thank you

How To Create An 'DSN System' In VB Code
Hi, (Saludos):

How can I create 'DSN system' or 'System DSN' (I'm not sure how it's says in english) by code in Visual Basic.

Thank you.

Create/Remove System DSN VB6
hello reader ,

Can you provide some help as to how can i create / remove
a system dsn thru my VB6 application .
As well how do i set the Nt pwd to
"sa" at the moment it is "administrator"

Thank you .

Malik panchmatia.

Create A System DSN During Instalation
Hi there,

How can I create a System DSN during the instalation of my program.

I«ve created the setup procedure using Visual Studio Installer.

Joćo Pinto

Can VB Create A System DSN In Code?
my application needs a DSN set up to work properly but I don't want to assume the user knows how to configure one in the control panel.

i doubt vb has any commands for this so i'll probably be using the API (just a guess)

has anyone tried this?


Create A User DSN And System Dsn _?????
I need Create a "User DSN" and "System Dsn" from my VB APP How I do ?

How To Create A Reminder System
I would like to create a reminder system where I could set a a reminder for the first friday of february every year.

Hope you could help me. My email is

Create A System DSN With UID And PWD For An SQL Server

I searched through the forum for my specific need as mentioned above, but I couldn't make it.

I need to create a DSN at run time. I know the API and constants associated with that. My problem is creatrig that DSN with a UserName & Passwrod in it.

Here are the stuff that I'm using

The API :

Private Declare Function SQLConfigDataSource Lib "ODBCCP32.DLL" (ByVal hwndParent As Long, ByVal fRequest As Long, ByVal lpszDriver As String, ByVal lpszAttributes As String) As Long

sAttributes = "Server=" & tAttributes.Server & vbNullChar
sAttributes = sAttributes & "DATABASE=" & tAttributes.Database & vbNullChar
sAttributes = sAttributes & "DSN=TestDSN" & vbNullChar
sAttributes = sAttributes & "UID=Me" & vbNullChar
sAttributes = sAttributes & "PWD=aa" & vbNullChar ' & vbNullChar
bSuccess = SQLConfigDataSource(0&, ODBC_ADD_SYS_DSN, tAttributes.Driver, sAttributes)

Database is having a user called "Me" with a pswd "aa"

I could create the DSN if I omit the Username & password option, but I need to have those 2.

I went through the MSDN documentation as well, but without luck.

Can some guru please help me out.

Trying To Create A System Modal App.
I need to create an application that runs at start time and will not allow user to do anything else until they answer a few questions. Can someone please tell me how to prevent alt-tab out of app. Thank you.

How Can I Create System DSN Through Code
i have used the Createdsn function to create a DSN( on NT machine ).this works perfectly, but it creates a User DSN not a System DSN.So when a different user logs to the machine he can't access the DSN created as it is a User DSN.

can any one tell me how a create a System DSN so that any user logging to the machine can access the DSN.


How Can I Create System DSN Through Code
i have used the CreateDsn (ODBC Driver & Data Source Name Functions) function to create a DSN( on NT machine ).this works perfectly, but it creates a User DSN not a System DSN.So when a different user logs to the machine he can't access the DSN created as it is a User DSN.

can any one tell me how a create a System DSN so that any user logging to the machine can access the DSN.


How Can I Create ODBC System DNS By Code
i want to create dns using code instead of create manualy usng ODBC

Create System Restore Point

I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to VB but i'm wondering if it's possible to create a System Restore point from within VB?. The reason why i'm asking is becasue i'm writing a small application which makes some major changes to the system but becasue this program will run on a number of other PC's i would like to have a backup plan incase things go wrong!

Thanks for your help!


PS: I'm using Visual Basic 6.0 SP2 on XP Pro SP2

How To Create Security System On My Program?
Hi, i wana make securty system for my program .
i think this needs to start my program for e-pay
sorry for my english , ITS SuX

How To Add Or Create An New System Environment Variable ?
hello, this is my first question as a new member.

i want help for creating a new system environment variable ?

Environ Function only shows the environment variables !!

so, how can i do to add a new one ?

Thanks for help.


How Do I Create An Index Like The One Used By Windows Help System
Hi there guys, i need some help for a project i am working on. I need to create a feature that will enable the user to start typing a word and in a list box show matching results. The feature i would like it to be based around is the windows help system "The Index Search".....

I have a screen dump of the layout if you would like it...

send me some mail please.....


How To Create The System Tray Ballon
Hai VBCity Members,

                     How to create system tray ballon for my application.

For example:

   i want to display Application icon on the systm tray(Near to where system time is displayed) some time i want system tray ballon near to that icon.

                       Thank You


Create System Modal Dialog
How to create system modal dialog using VB ? After loading this dialog(or form) ,there must be option for entering password and after entering the correct password the user can close the application.Note this must be system modal.

Create System Modal Dialog
How to create system modal dialog using VB ? After loading this dialog(or form) ,there must be option for entering password and after entering the correct password the user can close the application.Note this must be system modal.

Create System Restore Point From A VB Form
Anyone out there know how to translate and implement and then run this .vbs script from a standard exe vb6 project?

Why do I want to do that?
I have written an application in VB6 that downloads files (packaged with either msi or setup factory), then I check if its installed or not, if not, run the package. This works really good but I want do be able to create a system restore point in Windows XP before i run the package.

I have a .vbs script which do a really great job so you might think, create the .vbs script from the vb app and execute it. NO, I do not want to do that because some antivirus software like Norton prohibit the .vbs to run (or you might accept the script when Norton thows up the alert).

I am not a very experinenced programmer/developer so I am not able to "translate" the .vbs to vb.

'------- The .vbs START -------

' Function: WmiRpCreate
' Description: This function allows administrators to create a restore point by calling
' STRestorePT.API.
' Content: call rp creation api via wmi
' Return: HRESULT
function WmiRpCreate(szRpDescription, dwRpType, dwEventType, szMachineName)

' local variable
Dim oWmi
Dim hResult
Dim szGetObject

' assignment for get object statement
if szMachineName = "" then

szGetObject = "winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!root/default:SystemRestore"

szGetObject = "winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!//" & szMachineName & "/root/default:SystemRestore"
end if

' get wmi object
Set oWmi = GetObject(szGetObject)

' call CreateRestorePoint
hResult = oWmi.CreateRestorePoint(szRpDescription, dwRpType, dwEventType)

' release object
Set oWmi = Nothing

' return
WmiRpCreate = hResult
end function

'------- .vbs script END ---------

/Anders Smedman

Getting The HWnd Of The Icon I Create Down In The System Tray
Ok. I have been using some code for quite some time now for creating an icon in the system tray. All works find and dandy. Even rolled it into an easy to use user control to save time and code for the events. The only drawback that has come recently is that I wanted to add Ballon Tooltip support (have code to do that but it relies on the hwWnd). I found all this code long ago and simply customized it all to my needs. Pretty much all the basic code you will find for the system tray icon code and ballon tooltip code you would find here or other places on the web.

My problem is that I cannot find the hWnd of the icon in the system tray so I can use the ballon tooltip code. Does anybody know how to get the hWnd of your tray icon once added to the system tray?

Here is just some of the basic parts of the tray icon code I use (not complete code)

Private Sub AddIcon(hwnd As Long, Id As Long, Tip As String, Icon As StdPicture)
    Dim tFlags As Long
    Dim rc As Long

    Tray.uID = Id
    Tray.hwnd = hwnd
    If Not (Icon Is Nothing) Then
        Tray.hIcon = Icon.Handle
        Tray.uFlags = Tray.uFlags Or NIF_ICON
        Set gTrayIcon = Icon
    End If
    If (Tip <> "") Then
        Tray.szTip = Tip & vbNullChar
        Tray.uFlags = Tray.uFlags Or NIF_TIP
        gTrayTip = Tip
    End If
    Tray.uCallbackMessage = TRAY_CALLBACK
    Tray.uFlags = Tray.uFlags Or NIF_MESSAGE
    Tray.cbSize = Len(Tray)
    rc = Shell_NotifyIcon(NIM_ADD, Tray)
End Sub

Note the hWnd listed in there is not the hWnd of the icon added but the hWnd of the user control that runs this code.

Clint LaFever (aka: DaVBMan)

How To Use VB Create A Client And Server Monitoring System?
i am the new comer for the VB programming, now my school need to develop a monitoring system using VB,
i would like to know there is only one way to create the client and server system in VB by using Windows socket programming?
Thank, you.
if have any information , pls send to my mail box<>
Thank you

How To Create A YM/Skype Like System Tray Alert Message
Hi! can someone teach me how to create a message alert box that will popup automatically just like the Yahoo Msg or skype do when someone login. Thanks!

TIP: Create A Shortcut With System-Wide Hotkey The Easy Way
Here is an interesting way to create a shortcut on the desktop, with a custom icon, and even an optional hotkey. The "standard" shortcut is a file with the .lnk extension, and the format has not been officially documented for us by m$. Creating such a file from vb can be done, but not very conveniently.

However, we can create a shortcut of a different type, which seems to work pretty much the same as far as I can tell. This technique uses the "internet shortcut" file format, which you will recognize as nothing more than a simple text file in the same arrangement as an INI file. The extension is ".url", but it can work for programs as well as documents and other files. As with typical shortcuts, non-executables will be opened by the program with which that file type is associated. You can specify much of the same parameters as a "normal" shortcut, but here I'm using just a few.

This is what the file might look like:


URL=file://C:Program FilesMyProgramMyexe.exe
IconFile=C:Program FilesMyProgramMyexe.exe

If you don't designate the icon of your choice, the icon will be the one which is normally used for internet shortcuts.
The hotkey is the same as any shortcut, and is determined as follows:

The virtual key code is in the low-order byte, and the
modifiers are in the high-order byte. The modifiers
can be a combination of the following:
2 = CTRL
4 = ALT

So, the hotkey I used in the above example is Shift+Alt+F1. This works even from within applications, so if you include this parameter, you should try to avoid hotkeys which may be used elsewhere.

That's basically all there is to it! A few simple Print statements can create the file. Just remember to give it the .url extension. I'd suggest using SHGetSpecialFolderLocation to locate the desktop.

Can You Create A Client Server System Using Flat Files
I am trying to write a program that will read records from a flat file (around 40-50 characters on a line, then there is a carriage return line feed and then next record).

Then I would like to convert/extract pertinent info from each record to send it to an AS/400 server, preferably with a time stamp, a 12 character number and 0 or 1 key number for identification purposes.

Finally, test to see if the flat file is at the end of file (obviously, if false, continue with next record). If true, Write to a new file (a backup file that will contain the data from the original flat file) and delete the original flat file.

An example of the flat file, as follows:


What I know!

I will open the file using Open and then use the Line Input statement to read the data one record at a time. Then use the Eof function to see when I have reached the end of the file.
I don't know how to send the information to the other computer. The middleware and communication between the PC and server is MQSeries (The AS/400 will not return anything to the PC).
I do not know how to send the information and how to write to a new file and continually append to it (without deleting anything from the written file)....

Thank you for your help in advance!

Robert Coffey

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