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Horizontal Line In Detail Section Of Crytal Report


i have VB and Reporting tool Crystal report
corresponding Records are printed,
like, i want horizontal lines printed 21 times

as if 2 records are printed then only 2 lines are printed and below is left out blank till end

if 8 records then 8 lines are printed and below is left blank till end

is there any option that 21 lines should be printed and in that records should be printed 2 or 5 or 10 ....

could any body sort out this pbm,


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Data Report : Detail Section (section N°1)
Is it possible in the DataReport' détail section (section 1) to make a test in a field of a recordset and then fill this section depending of this field ?
For example :
With DR.Sections("Section1").Controls
.Item("Text1").DataField = Rst.Fields("Nom").Name
Select Case rst!TypeCli
Case "Mickey"
Set .Item("Image1").Picture = Mickey.jpg
Case "Minnie"
Set .Item("Image1").Picture = Minnie.jpg
end select
end with
Here i would like to fill Image1 depending on "TypeCli" (one field of my recordset)
With that syntaxe, it does not work, it takes the first recordset and then keep the same result for all the records. If the first one is 'Mickey', i have only Mickey'pictures, if the first one is Minnie i have only 'Minnie'pictures.

This kind of syntaxe works well in the other sections but not in this one (détail). Is there a way to succeed ?

Thank a lot for your help.

Line Number In Detail Section
Is there a way to use a label or a textbox to display a line number in the detail section of a datareport?

Code In Report Detail Section
I have a report that was made in Access 2000. I have some code in the Detail section and the GroupHeader and GroupFooter section of the report.
Basically it HIDES few labels on the report and unhides other labels.And conditionally adds up values for a field in the report.
I was wondering if this was possible with VB Data Reports.(i.e. executing code in different sections of the report).
Currently I call the Access reports from the VB porgram, but it looks a little messy.

Can this be done using Crystal Reports.???


Crystal Report Detail Section
i m using crystal report 7. i know that a detail section print records until last record.
for example
EmpID EmpName ....
------ ---------
10 Jhon
20 Smith
30 jackson
40 Andrew
50 Hilton
it wil print in detail section
i want that 2 records print at 1 line in detail.
EmpID EmpName ....
------ ---------
10 Jhon 20 Smith
30 Jackson 40 Andrew
50 Hilton

how can i do this

Dynamically Populate Detail Section On Report
I need help with a report problem. I am using a combination of Access and VBA to produce an invoice generation application. The invoice is produced in a report from 2 tables (customer details and jobs) in a one-to-many relationship.

The report header contains the company logo/ details etc. The report footer contains invoice total/ purchase tax etc.

Each individual line in the details section has date/ job description/ price/ tax rate and tax total for each job completed. I have used the drawing tools to draw vertical between each of these entries, so the effect is that when the report is displayed, vertical lines run down the report page.

My problem is this, when the report draws up, the details section is only as high as the number of jobs completed so, for example, if a particular invoice only has 2 jobs on it, the page is only about 1/3 full, i.e. the report header, 2 lines of detail and footer all group together at the top of the report.

What I want is for the report header to be at the top of the page (which it is) then for the detail section to extend to nearly the bottom of the page (i.e. the lines which seperate each entry on a detail line to run right down the page), stopping at the report footer, which is always at the bottom of the page - is it possible to achieve this?

Crystal Report Detail Section Sort
i im using C R 7.0. i have made 2 groups in my report, in second group's detail, my record is not sorted. how can i sort my record by any field.


Crystal Report->how To Split Detail Section
by default there is one detail section, do any one know how to split this detail section into two or three, etc

detail1, detail2, etc.

thanks in advance

Fix Detail Section Height Of Data Report
Hi I am a fresher.M going to make a project on Sale bill using data control and Access as database.My problem is that when i enter records and view bill format report it adjust height of detail section of data report automaticaly.But i have to print bill on the Printed staitionary .So i want to fix the height of detail section upto 6-7 items records(rows).Plz help me.

Crystal Report Freeze The Detail Section.
 Hello friends!!!

   I want to freeze the Detail section of the crystal report. I.e I want that only 5 records should come in detail section if there are more than 5 record then it will start from the next page.

Thanks in advance!!!!


How To Add A Detail Section In Data Report[resolve]
hi! how to add a detail section in a data report? thanks

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How To Show Three Detail Section In Crystal Report 10
Dear Friends,

I try to Print Report With Crystal report 10 having three Detail Section.The Fields in the Report is getting Repeated in All Section . How to Solve this.

please help me.

Very urgent.

Crysyal Report Detail Section Problem
i m using detaila and detailb in crystal report but i want if page end on detala section then detail a must diaplay on next page...................

Report Problem - Repeated Records In Detail Section
Using Access 2000...
I'm having a problem in a report: information appears repeated in detail section.

This report captures data from a crosstab query. At this point, the query has only one record:

Processos Risc Combinat IND1 IND2 IND3 IND4
P1 3,656379 4 3,5 3,83 3,25

The report just shows this information in the detail section. As it's a crosstab query, the column number can vary (the number of IND -Indicators- ), so I have been forced to put a lot of text boxes in page header and detail section of the report, and in the Report_Open event I make visible the ones that contain information and invisible those ones without any data.

The problem is that the report shows this info twice:

P1 3,65 4 3,5 3,833 3,25
P1 3,65 4 3,5 3,833 3,25

Next I show the code of the detail events (quite short), because I sense the problem is there:

Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)
Dim intX As Integer
' Verify that not at end of recordset.
If Not rs.EOF Then
' If FormatCount is 1, place values from recordset into text boxes
' in detail section.
If Me.FormatCount = 1 Then
For intX = 1 To intColumnCount
' Convert Null values to 0.
Me("Col" + Format(intX)) = xtabCnulls(rs(intX - 1))
Next intX
' Hide unused text boxes in detail section.
For intX = intColumnCount + 1 To conTotalColumns
Me("Col" + Format(intX)).Visible = False
Next intX
' Move to next record in recordset.
End If
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Detail_Retreat()
' Always back up to previous record when detail section retreats.
End Sub

Any idea? Thanks in advanced.

Group By Clause In Detail Section Of A Crystal Report
sorry I couldn´t find any crystal reports forums,
as I use Visual Basic I´ll post this message here.

I´m not an expert in Crystal Reports but actually
there´s something I can´t get.

I need that the records showed in detail section
obey the following SQL sentence:

select cars.type_id,types.description,count(cars.type_id) as quantity
from cars,types
where cars.type_id = types.type_id
group by cars.type_id,description
order by description;

The group by clause in this SQL sentence is essential,
and I´ve tried a lot of things and I don´t know how
to specify the group by clause in the detail section,
or something like "edit the SQL query" that detail
section has.

If it is not possible, is there some other way to
accomplish what I need?

Thanks for the time

Limit Rows In A Detail Section(Data Report)
Hai Every body,

The Question is Regarding data Reports
Even If there only One Row to Print in Detailed Section
Is There any command to leave the space blank
I need a space for a Total of 10 Rows
If there is one row of data
Leave the remaining 9 rows blank
And Then Print The Group Footer or what ever it is
I know This could be done in Crystal Reports
But I need to know about Data Reports

Thank you

Make Auto Number On Detail Section (data Report)
How to make autonumber on detail section (data report) as many as record numbers.

Thank friends

Line Numbers In A Section Of Report
I am using crystal reports 8.5 with VB 6;
need to count the number of lines which a particular section prints

I cannot use the number of records as certain columns can span more than one row.

so how can i count the number of lines which a particular section is printing.

pls help.

If Detail Line In Report Has Value 0.00 I Don't Want The Zeros To Print.
I have a simple report with detail lines consisting of a description, quantity, and a value. However if the value is zero (ie a no charge item) I don't want the 0.00 to print in the value column.

Any good ideas anyone?

Data Report - Detail Line Number
I have created a simple datareport that has a header section and a detail section.

I need to print a line number at the beginning of each line in the detail section. The value must be incremented by one for each line.

Is this possible?

I have searched vbcity for anything that might tell me how to do this and I have read the microsoft vb instructions for creating a datareport.

I was hoping that the rptfunction might work for this, but it looks to me like that control is used in footers to calc totals etc and that it cannot be used in the detail section.


Code    Customer Name    model        (header)

1    abc company    xyz        (detail line 1)
2    def company    abc        (detail line 2)

9    asdf        dfasdf        (detail line 9)

This is the sql statement that I use to create the recordset:

SELECT Customers.CustName1, Machines.Model, Machines.FlagKit, Machines.SalesNumber, Machines.ShopOrderNumber, Machines.CompDueDate, Machines.BMReqDate, Machines.MechBookRcvd, Machines.CntrlsBookRcvd, Machines.InvBookRcvd, Machines.EstShipDate, Machines.DateMRP, Machines.ShipTo, Machines.ShipDate FROM Machines, Customers WHERE Machines.ShipTo = Customers.ShipTo AND Machines.SoldTo = Customers.SoldTo AND (NOT (Machines.CompDueDate IS NULL)) AND (Machines.ShipDate IS NULL) ORDER BY Machines.CompDueDate, Machines.SalesNumber

I am hoping that this is really easy and that I just don't know how to do it... but maybe not.

I am wondering if crystal reports might be a better solution, but I do not have any experience using crystal reports and do not have time at this point to learn it.

Thank you for any assisstance you may be able to provide

Marilyn Baker

Detail Section Sort In CR
i m using crystal report 7.0. i have created 2 groups, problem is that my detail section is not sorted. how can i sort it. i m usnig crystal report ocx control.
for example

Main Group
Sub Group
(detail) 01--- Name----Address----Phone
05---Name---- = ----------=
03--- = ------= ----------=


here my detail section is not sorted, i have created my groups then how can i sort detail section.


My Detail Section Is Not Showing
hi.. i dont know what's wrong with my datareport..its not showing the detail was working before..but i have change something and right now, i can't get it to work.. i have checked on the has something there..i have tried to run the query under stored builder..and it shows me all the information in the table..please help.. it is showing me the page header and footer..but not the detail section..

i have to put a rptlabel..still its not showing in the detail section but it does on page header.

Detail Section Problem
How to Fix the size of the detail section in Crystal Report 8.0

Access Forms: Detail Section
OK .... I'm working on a form in Access ... all records are displayed on the same page at the same time in the detail section ... to make it easy, lets say there are only 2 textboxes (one for Start_Date and one for End_Date), a couple of labels, and one dynamic rectangle (boxGrowForDate) which should change size according to the difference of dates (in days) in the 2 textboxes.
The rectangle works fine in the OnFormat event in a report and it displays fine for every record. When i put the same code (see below) in the OnCurrent event of a Form, however, it does not work right. The rectangle is the same width for every record that you can see on the page (shows same # of days or same width for every record depending on which record is currently selected). But it should be different width depending on each records' difference in dates.
I hope this is somewhat clear (i tried) . Any suggestions on how i could access each record individually to make the rectangle display the right difference in days for each record would be greatly appreciated.


Private Sub Form_Current()

Dim intStartDayDiff As Integer
Dim intDayDiff As Integer
Dim sngFactor As Single

sngFactor = Me.boxMaxDays.Width / mintDayDiff

If Not IsNull(Me.Start_Date) And Not IsNull(Me.End_Date) Then
Me.boxGrowForDate.Visible = True
Me.lblTotalDays.Visible = True
intStartDayDiff = Abs(DateDiff("d", Me.Start_Date, mdatEarliest))
intDayDiff = Abs(DateDiff("d", Me.End_Date, Me.Start_Date))

If intStartDayDiff = 0 Then intStartDayDiff = 1
With Me.boxGrowForDate
.Left = Me.boxMaxDays.Left + (intStartDayDiff * sngFactor)
.Width = intDayDiff * sngFactor
End With
Me.lblTotalDays.Left = Me.boxGrowForDate.Left
Me.lblTotalDays.Caption = intDayDiff & " Day(s)"
Else '
Me.boxGrowForDate.Visible = False
Me.lblTotalDays.Visible = False
End If

End Sub

Conditional Formatting Detail Section
I have a situation where I need to toggle the textBox font formatting between bold and normal for all text boxes in the detail section of an Access 2000 report. If the value of one of the fields in the detail section = a specific range of values, then I want that entire line of detail to stand out via bold text. If the value is not within that range then I want the font to remain normal. If the Is there an easy way to achieve that goal?

Serial No (Record No) In Detail Section
Can anyone tell How to give serial number in the detail section of a data report in design time as well as at runtime. In Runtime , I am using an SQL command to populate the master "Command" of the Data Environment.

The result should come like this

Group Header ............................ Date
Sl.No. Name Amt Due
1) xxxxxxxxx 99999 999999
2) xxxxxxxxxx 99999 9999999

Here the number should be automatically given in the data report.

Please help.

Datareport, Choice In Détail Section ?
Hi !
In the datareport'détail section' , how can we make a choice so that we fill a text box with différentes values depending on our recordset field ? To be easier to understand here what i tried :

With DR03.Sections("Section1").Controls 'DETAILS
.Item("Text1").DataField = Rst02.Fields("nom").Name
.Item("Text2").DataField = Rst02.Fields("prenom").Name
.Item("Text3").DataField = Rst02.Fields("MiseHS").Name
If .Item("Text3").DataField = "-1" Then
.Item("Text3").Value = "Yes"
.Item("Text3").Value = "No"
End If
End With

This generate an error "property none supported"
So i tried this :

With DR03.Sections("Section1").Controls 'DETAILS
.Item("Text1").DataField = Rst02.Fields("Nom").Name
.Item("Text2").DataField = Rst02.Fields("Prenom").Name
If Rst02!MiseHS = -1 Then
.Item("label13").Caption = "Yes"
.Item("label13").Caption = "No"
End If
End With

I replaced the textbox by a label but this works only for the first record of my datarecorder.
Ps, I don't use dataenvironnement but Datarecorder

Image In Detail Section In DataReport
could someone help me to show how to preview image in detail section in datareport..?
in the table1 i have fields :

ID Name Image_Path
1 Test1 D:Pict1.jpg
2 Test2 D:Pict1.jpg

how to preview the image from the fields image_path in detail section in datareport?
is that possible?
thanks before

How 2 Put Serial Number In Detail Section?
Hi :
I am using data reports and the records are dynamic, I mean as per the users requirements. I want to insert serial numbers in detail section for each record. I tried inserting an UNBOUND field in the detail section but don't know in which event should I use it .
Pls forward your suggesstions.

Thanx in Advance,

Restricting Detail Section Of Datareport
how i can restrict the detail section of datareport. Suppose i want only 5 records on 1st page and next 3 records on 2nd page , though 8 records can fit on a single page but i want in 2 pages


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Button In Form's Detail Section
I have a form and in every detail row there's a button and i'd like to get that row data there the button was clicked.

With Form.CurrentRecord i can get the number of row in form but it's not the same row number as in table.
I tried something with Form.Recordset but it doesn't work.

Private Sub b_delete_Click()
  Dim rstRe As ADODB.Recordset
  Set rstRe = New Recordset
  Set rstRe = Form.Recordset
  With rstRe
    .Move (Form.CurrentRecord)
    i = !ID
  End With
End Sub

Does anybody know how to do it ?

Edited by - totenhose on 5/11/2004 12:24:38 PM

Datareport: Split Detail Section In Two Columns
Hi all. Does anybody know if it's possible to split the detail section of the report in two columns? I need to get something like this:

Page 1:
1 6
2 7
3 8
4 9
5 10

Page 2:
11 15
12 16
13 17
14 18

I've been stuck with this problem for quite a while now and am begining to loose hope... so any hints on how this could be done would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Change RptShape Backcolor In An Détail Section
How could i change backcolor of a RptShape in a détail section depending on the record. Here what i tried :

Rcouleur = Rst.Fields("Rcouleur").Value
Select Case Rcouleur
Case 1
.Item("shape3").BackColor = RGB(47, 223, 36)
Case 2
.Item("shape3").BackColor = RGB(23, 162, 229)
End select
But this doesn't work. I also tried with :
Rcouleur = Rst.Fields("Rcouleur").name
No error but doesn't work as it would like, the color would change depending on the record

Mail Merge...Records Like Detail Section
I want to do a mailmerge to word document from a sql server db.

The word document holds a Persons details like Name, telephone, adress details and then a statement which could be multiple records for the particular individual.

Dim sSQL As String
Dim sConn As String
'sSQL = "Select au_id, au_lname, au_fname from pubs.dbo.authors"
sSQL = "Select Participant_ID,Participant_Surname,Participant_Init,Participant_Title," & _
"Participant_Full,Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Address5 from participant where company_id = '" & CompID & "'"
sConn = "DSN=DSNL;DATABASE=SQL;uid=SA;pwd=;"
.OpenDataSource Name:="", Connection:=sConn, SQLStatement:=sSQL, _
'Add the field codes to the document to create the form letter.
With .Fields
Set oSel = oApp.Selection
.Add oSel.Range, "Participant_Surname"
.Add oSel.Range, "Address1"
.Add oSel.Range, "Address2"
oSel.TypeText ", "
.Add oSel.Range, "Address3"
.Add oSel.Range, "Address4"
.Add oSel.Range, "Address5"
oSel.TypeText "Dear "
.Add oSel.Range, "Participant_Full"
oSel.TypeText ","


' Insert a new table with 9 rows and 4 columns
oMainDoc.Tables.Add wrdSelection.Range, NumRows:=9, _
With oMainDoc.Tables(1)
' Set the column widths
.Columns(1).SetWidth 150, wdAdjustNone
.Columns(2).SetWidth 70, wdAdjustNone
.Columns(3).SetWidth 70, wdAdjustNone
.Columns(4).SetWidth 70, wdAdjustNone
.Columns(5).SetWidth 70, wdAdjustNone
' Set the shading on the first row to light gray
.Rows(1).Cells.Shading.BackgroundPatternColorIndex = _
' Bold the first row
.Rows(1).Range.Bold = True
' Center the text in Cell (1,1)
.Cell(1, 1).Range.Paragraphs.Alignment = wdAlignParagraphCenter
.Cell(1, 2).Range.Paragraphs.Alignment = wdAlignParagraphRight
.Cell(1, 3).Range.Paragraphs.Alignment = wdAlignParagraphRight
.Cell(1, 4).Range.Paragraphs.Alignment = wdAlignParagraphRight
.Cell(1, 5).Range.Paragraphs.Alignment = wdAlignParagraphRight

'Column headers
FillRow oMainDoc, 1, "Description", "Status of Grant", "Date of Grant", "Option Price", "Last Date of Exercise", ""
Now i want to add records for the person underneath his address and personal details and column this the right way of doing this?


DataReport Dislpaying Blank Detail Section

I have a database that collects Employee, Date Absent, Substitute, and Reason.

I have a datacombo that has just the employee names listed. When user selects a name I want all the data for the Employee selected to display in a datareport. I used Klienma's earlier example for this codein the datareport code area:

Option Explicit

Public Sub SetupRecord(Name As String)

Dim cnFaculty As ADODB.Connection
Dim rsFaculty As ADODB.Recordset

Dim sSQL As String

Set cnFaculty = SetConnection
Set rsFaculty = SetRecordset

sSQL = "SELECT * FROM absent where [employee] = ' " & Name & "'"

rsFaculty.Open sSQL, cnFaculty, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic

Set Me.DataSource = rsFaculty

End Sub

Everything seems to work great. When I break into this sub I can see that the "Employee Name" is being passed. Unfortunately when the datareport is displayed the detail section is blank. I have put RptTextBoxes in there w/ their DataField named the same as the fields in the Table. Even if I put a RptLabel in the detail section, it will not show up. Odd.

Any ideas? Hope this makes sense! ;-)



Detail Section Of Data Reports In Vb 6.0 Becomes Blank.
hi ...
i am using Data reports built in Vb 6.0. my problem is, after designining when i run it for the first runs satisfactory.... i mean all fields get displayed.... but if i change the position of any of the field in the report... and then run it .... the details section displays nothing... it becomes blank. i had happened 3 times.... for every time i proceed to design a new report. why does it happen.
i have used Rptlabels, Rpttextboxes and a RptImage control on that report.i have placed all of them in the Detail section of the report.
I have checked the recordset also.... it is filled with the record. i mean it is not null. still when i change the position of any of the fields.... and then run it... the details section becomes blank.
Please help!
thanx n regards

Crystal Reports - I Need Totals In My Detail Section
email me
I am trying to create a somewhat complicated report in Crystal Reports. I have several levels of grouping. Once the report is sorted and grouped the way I need it to be, I need totals of the detail information. However, I need these totals to appear side by side. I had orignally thought of using a cross-tab, but can't because if there are more records than what can fit across the page, the cross tab does not wrap and ends up printing on a blank page. (My user will not accept totals running up and down on the page, must be side to side). Therefore I moved into using multiple columns. However this is only available in the details section. Since this is the case, I can't get the totals of the detail records, I can only get the detail themselves.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. If you don't have any ideas on how to fix it, and suggestions on where I could look would be appreciated as well.


Number Of Rows To Set In Detail Section Of Crystal Reports

In Crystal Reports, in detail section, I would like to set the number of records as 10. Whether the records are less than 10, I have to maintain the space of 10 records in detail section. Kindly guide me what to do for this option.

Access 2003 ADP: Determining The Last Detail Section On A Page?
After several frustrating days, I have become the Border-Master, being able to add, show, move, etc. any line or object on my report at will using VBA. That being said, I know how to get a line to turn on or off, but I still need the proper condition to do the following:

I am creating a monthly customer statement displaying rows grouped by type: invoice, payment, credit, etc. I have created a border that forms a box around each group. The vertical lines are in the detail section, and the horizontal (top and bottom) lines are in the group header and footer.

It works great, except when a group exceeds one page, then there is no bottom line on the first page and then no top line on the second page because there are no group headers and footers in the middle of the group. I know you can tell the Group Header to repeat at the top of every page, but you can't do that for the Group Footer.

So what I think I want to do is to add the top and bottom borders to the detail section and tell them only to show when they are the first or last items on the page, but I haven't been able to figure out what condition I can use to do this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Alternating Background Colour In Detail Section Of Datareport
Is there anyway of alternating the background colour of the detail section in a VB datareport.

I thought about using the MOD function to determine odd and even rows.

Many thanks


Calculated Textbox In Detail Section Of An Access Bound Form?
Hi all,

Is it possible to have a text box on a MS Access data bound form which is not bound to a table field?
Specifically, I need to put a text box in a detail section of a form and fill it in code as the form displays each record. The information would be based on the data in the current record.
I could not figure out what event would trigger the code that fills the textbox or how to refer to a particular record in the detail section of a form.

Thanx in advance for any replies ,

DataReport - How To Create A Formula Field Or Insert Value To A Textbox In Detail Section
Hi All,

   In the Command Button click event i am showing the Datareport. the below is the code of command button

i have a variable dtn i will get the number of days in that variable. I need to show the TotalSales divided by the Number of Days. So that i can calulate the RunRateOf the Product.

SoldQty/dtn is the one i have to use

Private Sub Command1_Click()
dtn = DateDiff("d", txtFromdt.Text, txtTodt.Text)

rst.Open "select stk.SC01001 as ItemCode,stk.SC01002 as Description,
sum(stk.SC01045) as Qtyonord,sum(stk.SC01042) as StkQty," & _
"(select sum(ST030100.ST03020) From ST030100
Where ST030100.ST03017 = stk.SC01001 " & _
"And ST030100.ST03015 >='" & txtFromdt.Text & "' And ST030100.ST03015 <='" & txtTodt.Text & "' And ST03018 ='" & txtPrd.Text & "'" & _
") as SoldQty from SC010100 stk where stk.SC01037 ='" & txtPrd.Text & "' Group By stk.SC01001,stk.SC01002 order by stk.SC01001", cnn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText

Set RunRateReports.DataSource = rst.DataSource
RunRateReports.Orientation = rptOrientLandscape
RunRateReports.WindowState = 2
RunRateReports.Sections(2).Controls("Label6").Caption = Format(txtFromdt.Text, "DD/MM/YYYY")
RunRateReports.Sections(2).Controls("Label7").Caption = Format(txtTodt.Text, "DD/MM/YYYY")

RunRateReports.Orientation = rptOrientLandscape
End Sub

i tried by adding the below part in the above query
SoldQty, SoldQty/dtn as Avgsales from...

and in place a textbox in the DataReport and given its DataField to Avgsales but i didn't get suceeded.

What's the correct way to solve this problem.

Thank you very much,

Crytal Report - Unable To Display My Report
I have created a simple report using Crystal Report 32 that come with my vb6.
I then add a crystal report component and a command button into my form. In my command button click event i put in this code:

private sub command1_click()
crystalreport1.ReportFileName = app.path " est.rpt"
crystalreport1.DiscardSaveData = True
end sub

when I click on the command1 button nothing appear! I have a printer configured for the crystall report.
there is also no report of error during compilation or executing this code.

Where is my error????

Crytal Report Using Vb
i am doing a project in VB and SQL Server..
i want to use crystal reports to generate reports using VB
what should be the process to code so that i can generate the report made in crystal report
please reply soon

Crytal Report 7.0 Help
How do you make a field bold based on another field??

I got this far

If {ado.Direct/app} = "D" then

don't know where to go from here.

Crytal Report 8.5
I have an application which uses crystal report 8.5 with VB 6 as front end and SQL7 as back end.

The reports run on the development machine but I get an error "Physical Database not found." when i install my application on the client machine(Windows 95,98,ME).I have included all possible dlls. How can i overcome this situation?

Crytal Report Variable
i have 2 groups in my report. in group #1's footer, i have 2 subtotals field and 1 formula field which calculate sum of field1 - sum of field2.
Now at the end of report i want to sum up the formula values. what should i do bccause this formula can not be sumerized.
Now i declare a variable initiate it on report header as the following code:

Global NumberVar Amt;

After this i use another formula and place it in the footer of group1 as that code :

Global NumberVar Amt;
DrAmt:=DrAmt+ {@MainAmt};

But i get an error "This Formula cannot be used becuase it must be eveluated later"

what should i do?


How Open Crytal Report ?
I have a Report1 save at "C:MyPath"
I can't open Report1 by VB. My code is:Private Sub Command1_Click()
CrystalReport1.ReportSource = crptReport
CrystalReport1.ReportFileName = "C:MyPath Report1.rpt"
CrystalReport1.WindowState = crptMaximized
CrystalReport1.PageZoom (50)
End Sub
Please help me
Thank for help.

How To Refresh Crytal Report 7
hello, everybody

I have a problem here with crystal report 7 in VB6. My report is working fine. But the problem i faced here is that the report is kept on showing the same report even though i have assigned a new variable to the report. Let's say the report is printed based on the date created. The variable for the date created is different when i run the report but the report kept on showing the same report which is the first times i had run for the report.

Hope someone there can help me. Thanks in advance.


Win 98SE To Win XP ( Crytal Report 7.01 )
hi to all,
have problem with deferent OS, Ive created a program in vb 6 with crystal report 7.01 on OS win98SE and the program reports resulted ok but when i tranfer it in win XP the program works but the report did not result the same as in win98SE, is it the formula that i should change in order to run the reports the same as in win98SE or should I change my version of crystal report, if so to change the version of crystal report what version for winXP so I wont have to change my formula on my old version. need help thanks in advance.


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