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How To Remove Picture From Form

In the properties of my form1 I added a picture. How do I remove/change this???

Form1.picture ??????


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How Do I Remove A Picture From A Form?
how embarrassing

I'm making an application that is nothing more than a tiny graphic image you can drag around your desktop with your left mouse button and get a menu with a right click (no problems so far) but I wanted to make the form invisible (still not managed to do it) so that all you could see was my movable graphic image.

Anyway I thought that by adding a transparent gif to the form that it would make it work (it didn't) and now I have no idea how to remove the image from the form, it lets you add one easily enough from the form properties but there doesn't seem to be anything to remove it!!

How Do I Remove A Picture From My Form?
Well, I'm making a "Space Invaders" style game, and I just coded the aliens part as a grid of labels I drew with some code as an array. The way it works is that the labels are made transparent, like they're pixels. It worked okay, so I decided to add a background image to the form. No for some reason, I can't see anything when I run the program I think the problem is that when the labels are drawn they go behind the image or something. Now I think I'd rather remove the background image, unless someone can tell me how to get it to work with the background image.... which would be preferable..... and without the use of API, or else I'm gonna have to remove it. The problem is that once you put a freakin image on a form, VB doesn't allow you to remove it unless you're replacing it with another image. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Remove Picture File From Picture Box
How I can remove the picture in picture box?

I use the code below to load the picture from file.. How I can clear the picture? or remove the picture file in the picture box?


Set Picture2 = LoadPicture(App.path & "output.bmp")
Printer.PaintPicture Picture2, 60, 13000, 2000, 800

Remove Picture
Srry if this seems a bit like a dumb question, but I just can't get it figured out! I'm sure the answer is right under my nose, but how do you remove a picture from a form at design time if you accidentally put one on? It's driving me nuts!

EDIT: Srry if i'm not clear, not a picture box/frame, a background picture

Remove Picture From The Top Of An App
Just a newbe here,
When you create a new project in VB6 and even when you create your exe the application by default will have a small picture at the very top-right of the window, in other words opposite to the close button. I will like to know if that can be removed or change?
Thanks for the help.

Add/remove Picture Boxes On The Fly
I'm doing a little personal development in my spare time and I just realized that I have never attempted to create objects dynamically. I'm hoping that it's possible...

In my app, I want to be able to create copies of picture boxes on the fly. In design-time, I have two picture boxes. They're in an array. What I would like to happen is, during run-time, create a copy of one of the two boxes and add it to the array. I would also like to be able to remove this new box. It will never be in the middle of the array, rather I will add/remove to/from the end of the array.

Is this possible? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Remove Cell Picture From MSFlexGRid
How can I remove the cell picture once it is already shown in a cell?
Now I'm using Image control with no picture to do that.


Remove Picture Of Toolbar Buttons
I have attached some pictures to toolbar button via imagelist control but now I want to remove those pictures. In the imagelist property when I select an image and click remove picture a message popup " Image list cannot be modofied while another control bound to it." How can I remove those pictures?

Remove A Picture In Excel, Using A Macro
I have created a macro in Excel that inserts a bunch of pictures onto a spreadsheet, now my problem is I want to do the complete opposite, and create a macro that removes the pictures I have just inserted. Here is how I am loading the pictures:


Thanks in advance..

Remove Speckles Or Picture Noise
I 'm looking for vb6 code to remove speckles/noise from multicolor large pictures (up to 8MB), this is to improve unclear and dotted pictures escpecially from digital camera.
All tips appriciated.


Remove Border On Button With Picture
I have a togglebutton with a gif on it. I would like to have the image stretched all over the togglebutton - how can I do that?
Now it's like a border around the picture with the backgroundcolor of the button. Iäve tried to change the size of the image but the border is still there.
See the picture attached....


Remove A Picture Pasted Into A Richtextbox
I made a module for all kinds of stuff related to a richtextbox. One of the subs I did uses the clipboard to paste a picture into a rtb...
Public Sub InsertPicture(ByRef rtb As RichTextBox, _
                         pic As StdPicture)
    ' Use clipboard to insert a picture
    Clipboard.SetData pic
    SendMessage rtb.hwnd, WM_PASTE, 0, 0
    ' Usage example:
    'InsertPicture RichTextBox1, _
    ' LoadPicture("Path/Filename.jpg")
End Sub

I need to make a sub that will remove the picture but I am not sure how...would the SelText property select a picture that has been pasted in the control?

God Bless America

Remove A Picture From A Picture Box?
How do I remove a picture from a picturebox?

How Do I Remove An Image From The Picture Property At Design Time? (Resolved)
I placed an image at the Picture property of a form, and now I need to remove it (go back to (None)). How do I do this at design time? This one is driving me crazy.

How Do You Print Screen Then Load That Picture Into The Form.picture Property?
This is something that I've been trying to do for ages, but I've never had any success- Does anyone know how to print screen with code and then load that picture onto a form? I've got most of my program written, but I can't figure how to load a picture from the clipboard onto my form. I have a SendKeys to send a print screen keypress, but I don't know if it works properly. Can anyone help me?

Now, don't get me wrong, 'cause baseball's a great sport.
It teaches little children simple eye-hand coordination with little effort or exhaustion.


Stretching/Shrinking A Picture In The Picture Property Of An MDI Form
I believe I saw this somewhere but I can't remember where...

So, If I place a bmp picture in the picture property, how can I get it to automatically resize to same size of the MDI Form?

Remove Pic Form Midi Form
I've place a picture in a midi form. Now, i want to remove it. I've try clearing the picture properties but it still remains.

|Picture | (bitmap)|

Tried removing the (bitmap) but it can't work.

Bkg On Form How To Remove
i got a program of psc and it has a background on the form i want to remove but cant seem to could you talk a look and try to help me remove it here is the program

Remove Top Bar Of Form
Is there a way to remove the Top bar on a form and have it for use on the screen? This is the part of the screen which has the form discription, minimize, maximize, and exit buttons. I know how to take the buttons off. Now I want to take the bar off, so I can use that part of the screen.

How To Remove The X From A Form
This may seem like a simple question but how do you remove the close "x" and the minimize and restore down buttons from the top of the forms?

Thanks in advance ATGE!

Remove Form Icon
I'd like to hide the form icon at runtime. I'm using an empty icon to do it. It works fine when running the app inside vb, but through the compiled version the empty icon becomes an all black square.


Remove Form Titlebar
Hi, you know how you can completely hide a form's titlebar in visual basic for splash screens and other special applcations. Well, I was wondering if it is possible to remove the titlebar of a VBA form as well. I'm guessing it may require subclassing or something, but does anyone know how to do it?

Remove Icon In Form
Hi everyone,
How to completely remove the Icon from a form ?

How Do I Remove The 'TOP' Of A Form Window?
I have two forms one on top of another (top one covering the bottom ones form caption bar)- hope you know what i mean - i have a problem in which the user can select the bottom form and the form caption bar is showing and the form comes in front of the the form above it (covers the bottom of the form above) - so basically is it possible to have a form that is ALWAYS behind the other forms even when it is selected?
Sorry if this sounds confusing and thanks in advanced for any help

Remove Control Box From An MDI Form
Is there any way of removing a control box from an MDI form?When I click the cross in the right hand corner the program does not close properly, I've tried most things, it's not urgent but it would be helpful for my coursework.


How To Remove The Title Bar Of MDI Form In VB

Iam a student, currently iam doing a project in VB 6. I want

to remove the title bar of MDI form !!!.. is there any

possibilities? can any one give me the API command or any

source to remove the title bar of MDI form.. not MDI child

Remove Sizable From Form
I need to know if it is possible to remove the sizable property from my form, but still have the minimize and maximize? The default options for border style don't offer this.

Cant Remove The Background On My Form

I searched..but couldnt find answer

My problem is: I put a background image on a form (using the appearance properties) and now, I cant remove it?

What can I do?

Remove Modal On Form.
I have a form that gets loaded with vbModal to frmMain, well when you click one of the buttons on the form, a "Please Wait" window comes up that i want to keep on top, but the only way is to use vbModal to stack it on top of the last window.

Because of this, the code is for some reason locking up when it loads that wait form. I have no clue why! If i use Ctrl+Break, then VB highlights this line of code:

frmWait.Show vbModal, frmImport

the line thats showing the form Im assuming its from the vbModal..

After the break, i can hit F8 to go line by line.. And the only code that ever runs is the code from a couple timers i have that are always going.. But the code just completly stops!

By the way, frmWait has absolutely no code on it... Its loaded and shown when needed.

Anyone know how to prevent my code from stopping when i do this?

How To Remove X Button From Form
Is it possible to remove the X button form the form. I would like to move all three buttons (minimize, maximize and close) completely so that my form looks like some sort of toolbox with only buttons that i will add. I would like to remove and that blue line where is my form title also. Is it possible?

Remove Icon In The Form
I have put the icon in the form properties. How to remove this?

How To Remove X Close In The Form?
How to remove this X in the form?I don't want it..

Remove Title Bar Off Of Form Using API's
I just want to remove the titlebar of a form using API's, yet still be able to keep the black boarder around the form. Setting the Borderstyle to 0 - None removes both, and I don't want that. Any ideas on how I can pull this off?

Remove Form Icon ! ??
Hi guys i need help with vb
how do i remove the icon left on the form look at the screen pls

i kno wits posible becuase i saw it one guy made tool with vb
and he had no icon but he wont tell me
meby one of you knows
THANX in Advance

(sorry for my english i am dutch)

How Do I Remove The Icon From My Form ?
This is probably a newb question but, i cant seem to remove the icon from my form, only change it to a different icon.

any ideas ?

How To Remove Form Tilte Bar?
What I look for :

I don't want the title bar of a form when it runs.
That will save space for screen.
How should I do?

Thanks in advance.

Remove Form Icon?
I got a small question actually! Is there any way to get rid of the annoying icon in the titlebar of your form? I don't want to change it! I just want it out of there! Just the caption and the button may stay. When you delete the value form1.icon in the properties window there is still an icon standing: the Windows flag!
Can you help me with this nasty little problem? Thank you

Remove Form From Task Bar
How do you keep a form from showing in the taskbar?

How Do I Remove The Control Box From The MDI Form?
Hi All,

How do i remove the control box from the MDI form?


How to make the Control box in my MDI form disabled?


How Do You Remove CancelButton On A Form?

I have been playing with .NET basics for a while now as I have a small amount of VB6 knowledge and was wondering how you would remove the 'CancelButton' from a form, as up until now I cannot find out how to hide or remove it... MSDN describes how Maximise and Minmise can be removed but not Cancel for some reason.

Any advice would be appreciated!


How To Remove Title Bar Of A Form In VBA?

Grateful for any ideas on how to do this. I've seen an example API call for VB but I'm not sure if it works in VBA.

Thanks in advance


How To Remove This Side Bar On My Form....?

In the attachment shows a form that im creating in MS acesss but i need to remove the bar which is colored in black at the left corner of the form. Does any one have any ideas about how to remove it from my form using MS Acess utils(not by VB .NET code!)?


How To Remove MDI Form Title Bar
Hi guru,

Can I show MDI form without its title bar, how? Please help.
I am beginner so would appreciate easy code, if possible.

Thanks in advance.


Remove Icon On Form
I have copied a form from one app to another.

Unfortunately the icon on the window is showing the icon of the previous application.

I would like to set it back to the default icon.

Found a solution.

Highlight the icon property and click delete. It now comes up with a microsoft icon. I deleted the default icon on the other forms so the app looks the same throughout on the Beta.

How Can I Save A Picture Form Picture Box.
hi im Amjad i want to save picture on hard drive. i get desktop picture by using API and display it on picturebox now how i can save this picture on hard disk.
i use "savepicture=picture1.image,"c:abc.bmp" but i dsnt show any pic.?????

To Disable Or Remove Control Box In A MDI Form In VB6.0
Can any one help how to disable or remove Controlbox(ie Min button , Max Button and Close button) in a MDI form in VB 6.0 ?

Remove Close-Button On A Form?
Hello everybody,
how can I remove the close button on a form?
I already now the API-Function 'RemoveMenu'.
But although the function is called remove.. with this function the close button will be only disabled
and not really removed. (it's still visible)
Is there any other function, which really remove the button or at least make it unvisible so that the user
can't see it nor click on it?
Thanks in advance

How To Remove Form Close Button?
Can anybody teach me how to remove the close button from form. I'm able to remove the max and min button, but not for close button.

Thank you.

Remove Maximize Button From MDI Form
How can I remove the maximize button from a MDI form, leaving the minimize and the close buttons?

I know how to prevent it from getting maximized, but I'd like to REMOVE the button.


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