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How Can I Make A Button Click Twice...

Hi,I have a button, but for what I want it to do, I need to click it twice to reset the situation in my game.The code at the moment is :Man1.Picture = Man2.PictureTimer3.Enabled = Not Timer3.EnabledThen Timer3 is :Time2.Enabled = FalseInstead of clicking this button TWICE, Is there a way to make the buton click twice when you click it once (i.e. a command, or something).

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How To Make It Click A Button?
writing a vb script to use with excel extracting data from a web based app. going well except for trying to figure out the command to get it to click the button that says "internal" to get a report generating. below is the source code from the web page. can anyone help identify what command i need to click the internal button and how to word the command. thanks


<input type="button" name="test" value="Internal" onClick="gone()" title="Opens page in internal frame.">&nbsp;&nbsp;
<input type="button" name="test" value="New Window" onClick="gone2()" title="Opens page in new browser window.">


<script language="javascript">

//Specify display mode (0 or 1)
//0 causes document to be displayed in an inline frame, while 1 in a new browser window
var displaymode=0
//if displaymode=0, configure inline frame attributes (ie: dimensions, intial document shown
var iframecode='<iframe id="external" style="width:100%;height:550px" src="main1.html"></iframe>'

To Make Label Appear After Click A Button
hey guys i would like to make my label appear only when i click the button. i've tried this code but it says methods or data member not found and highlight the word visible. Help me plz...


Private Sub lblNo_Click()

lblRecDec.Visible = True
txbRecDec.Visible = True
lblFinish.Visible = True

End Sub

Anybody Know How I Can Make VB Click A Button Of Another Program?
I would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to be able to access the controls and or properties of a separate program? Actually, all I need is for VB to click a Command Button and or
read what’s in a label?

How Do You Make An .ini File Run On The Click Of A Button In VB.NET?
I want to run a .ini or .bat, or if all else fails, then I would run an .exe file from my program on the click of a button, and I was wondering what the code of that would be? Anyone know?

Thanks in advance,


How To Make A Webbrowser Click A Button
i have a web browser who will fill up the webpage textboxes with the text i want, now i want that my program clicks in the SEND button...what is the command to do that?

Make The App To Auto Click On Another App&#039;s Button
Sups all
I need to know if there is a function/code to make ur app to click on another app's button
for xample: u click a button in ur app and this button makes the colculator's #8 button to b clicked..
ne ideas?

How Can I Make A Command Button To Click On [refresh]?
Hi everyone,

im wondering how am i able to make a command button to click on [refresh]?

Make A Button Right Or Left Click Sensitive
hi everyone
as my title says i need to know for example how to make button only work when it is right clicked, and another button only when it is left clicked. is this possible??
help greatly appreciated

Click A Command Button To Make Images Come Up
Hi. When it comes to VB i am not all that great. I have a code request (vb 6.0)

I want to make it so that when you click a command button (price of the product), it allows you to click on another command button (product) and then the image of the product you clicked on loads.


Make A Button Click When Form Is Shown
There is probably a very easy way of doing this. I have a form that is a calculator. It is a very simple calculator. Basically, after the form is shown, the user clicks on a button marked "Calculate", and a set of calculations is carried out. These calculations are based on data that the user entered on a previously-opened form. These data remain available even when the previous form is hidden, of course.

What I would like to do is to have the "Calculate" button automatically clicked as soon as the form is shown. Is it possible to have something like

or something similar?

Thanks in advance.

Can You Do Something To Make It Just Hide A Frame When You Click The Close Button?
I'm making a program that has an icon in the taskbar by the clock so you can open it later without having it in the taskbar. I want to make it so you can click the close button and it just hides it. Right now when you just close it the icon disappears.

How To Make A Copy Of A Record Using Vba Code At The Click Of A Button
Hi Forumds,

I have a table of about 150 fields, some are images!. It's a machine setup instructions table.
The primary keys would be Instruction No, Issue No.

If I am to make a changes to few fields (even one field) I need to have record copied and increment the issue number. This is a requirement.

I have a combobox for part number which afterupdate lists the latest instruction in a listbox.

I need to update the instructions for this instruction number.

At the click of a button (say cmdUpdate), I need the desired record copied as new, without exiting the record (to avoid duplicate record problem), need to only increment the issue number, and open the data entry interface (the form with the new copied, incremented record) with the new record.

I believe that looping through fieldcollection would provide a solution.
But how do I implement this. I am just a novice programmer, fairly comfortable with form and report event properties, but not recordset manipulation. Can anyone help me please?
Just in case.. my email:
Thanks in advance.

2 Forms On 1 Project? How Do I Make A Button To Click And Bring Up The Second Form?
I know I need to add a second form... but how do I make a button to click on form1 and bring up the second form in a new window? thanks...


How Do We Make The Forms To Appear In A Sequence At A Click Of A &"Play&" Button
HI. Got a problem. I have absoultely no idea what to use to make the forms appear automatically in sequence when the user click on a button.

Which means, when i click on the button, would be taken to another window which plays my sound files automatically and then go to the next window when the file finshes playing. And there would be another stop button to make the whole thing stop playing the sound and go back to the main window.

How do i do this?!

How To Make A Button &"Visibly Pressed&" When I Click A Picture
I have standard command button with a Picture Object on top of it.

When I click the button, the button is "PRESSED".

What I want is when I click on the Picture on top of the button, the button is not "PRESSED" and I want it to be visibly "PRESSED", even though I didnt trigger the command's click event.

Is that possible??

How Do You Make The Mouse Click/dbl-click Outside Of A VB Form
How do you make the mouse click/dbl-click outside of a VB form, like on the desktop? In otherwords how can I make the mouse click on desktop icons and/or start menu applications?

Make Shortcut On Command Button-Make The Text Underlined
How to make Underline on text on command button??



Click Button That Isnt A Button?? Wierd Huh..
alright well im trying to click the smiley face on the top of the new isnt a button but when u click it, it drops a menu. it acts like a button somehwat so i dont understand why u cant click it like a button?? any help greatly appriciated .

Dim yahoobuddymain As Long, ytopwindow As Long, ypagermystatus As Long
Dim hoo, haa
yahoobuddymain = FindWindow("yahoobuddymain", vbNullString)
If yahoobuddymain > 0 Then GoTo nex Else
MsgBox "Open Messenger Dick"
Exit Sub
ytopwindow = FindWindowEx(yahoobuddymain, 0&, "ytopwindow", vbNullString)
ypagermystatus = FindWindowEx(ytopwindow, 0&, "ypagermystatus", vbNullString)
Loop Until ypagermystatus > 0
MsgBox ypagermystatus
hoo = SendMessageLong(ypagermystatus, WM_LBUTTONDOWN, 0&, 0&)
haa = SendMessageLong(ypagermystatus, WM_LBUTTONUP, 0&, 0)
MsgBox hoo & ", " & haa

dont know if it matters or not but hoo and haa return values of 0

Changing Picture Of Button On Button Down Or Click??

I am writing a a program for a radio interface... what I am trying to do is change the picture of a button once it is clicked or depressed. Example-- when I press the mute button, I would like the image on the button to change colors (indicating it had been pressed) and when you click it again it un-mutes and returns to the original image.

Hopefully I have explained myself well enough... any advice would SURE be appreciated...

Thanks in advance... um I meant Linearfusion.

How To Make The Arrow Button In Button Menus To Grey In Toolbar ?
How to make the arrow button in button menus to grey in toolbar

Have a look at samp.jpg file !!

How To Make A Right-click Also Make Like Left?
I searched and found a nice litte snippet here:

Private Sub List1_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
If Button = vbRightButton Then
PopupMenu mnuPop
End If
End Sub

But I need one more thing. I need my list box to also highlight the proper ListIndex (as if left-clicked) before the PopUp menu comes up.

Thank you and prease forgive broken engrish in subject.

How To Make A Button As The Default Submit Button
Hi Friends,
  Sorry once again for asking a simple question, but I don't have an answer and I have tried all sorts of things. I have many buttons in my application and I want to make a particular button called cmdSave as default button for that form. That means, when the user finishes filling up the form, he should be able to access the cmdSave button by pressing the Enter key. How do I do this? Thank you very much. Thank you for all your replies for the previous questions.

Edited by - sri1025 on 8/22/2005 9:04:21 AM

How To Make Just 1 Click
below is my programming. When i run and click Command4_Click() for the fist time, it's ok but it need double click for second time in one running. So, how to make it just one click?

Private Sub Command4_Click()

inputsw = MSComm2.Input
Text5.Text = inputsw
If inputsw = "" Then GoTo read
Text4.Text = SWstatus
SWstatus = Asc(inputsw)
If SWstatus = 0 Then
MSComm2.Output = Chr$(9)
MSComm2.Output = Chr$(12)
MSComm2.Output = Chr$(6)
MSComm2.Output = Chr$(3)
GoTo read
ElseIf SWstatus = 1 Then
Text4 = SWstatus
MSComm2.Output = Chr$(0)
End If

How Do I Make The Mouse Right Click
I am running a program on windows xp that is basically a dos box. I need to copy the text inside that dos box. Normal shortcuts like Ctrl A do not work. If you right click in the box, a menu comes up and all I have to do is press "S" to "select all" and then I can press Ctrl C to copy the text and it works fine. My problem is not being able to "select all" by using a shortcut. I have to use the right click on the mouse. Is there a command like Sendkeys "vbrightmouseclick" or anything?
Here's what I have:

AppActivate "name of dos box"
Sendkeys "Here's where I need the right click"

How To Make The Mouse Click?
how do i make the mouse click using VB? im trying to do some automation stuff, like open the VB program, minimize it, and every X seconds it clicks.... is that possible?

How Do You Make Your Own Control Click?
Hi everyone it is me again. Well I have made a button in photoshop and put it in a picture box. But then how do I get it to work for a click? Would you just put a transparent label over the button that I made or what? Well I would really appreciate some help here. Thanks and have a good day everyone.

[VB6] How Can I Make A Click Recorder...?
well the question is in the title, but i would like to describe what i want.

i want to make a program like Ghostmouse that records clcik of your mose and plays them back.

this is also for my game client.

Make Mouse Click
I am trying to make a small program for myself that will make the mouse button click over and over when I press a key, and will keep doing it until I press another key.

I tried having a key activate a timer then the timer doing SendKeys vbLeftButton, but instead of left-clicking it sends "1's" to any form you click in?!?

What's wrong with my code?

VB Code:
Private Sub Exit_Click() End Sub Private Sub Form_KeyPress(DEL As Integer)Timer1.Enabled = TrueEnd Sub Private Sub Label1_Click() End Sub Private Sub START_Click()Timer1.Enabled = TrueEnd Sub Private Sub STOP_Click()Timer1.Enabled = FalseEnd Sub Private Sub Timer1_Timer()SendKeys vbLeftButtonEnd Sub

Also included a zip.

Also what code do I use to activate a timer when I press any button? Using menu shortcuts doesn't work because you gotta open the menu and I need to do this when the program is in the background

Right Click Menus - How Do You Make Them
I'm making a MIDI app called Acid MIDI. I was going to include a right click menu. how do you do that? plz tell me someone! thx in advance

How Would I Make Vb Click On The Menu Bar??
i want vb to ckick on the Send Instant Message on the menu bar in Aol instant messanger, how can i do this. plz help thx

How Can I Make A Right Click Menu?
how would i make a right click menu on a icon in the system tray?
like this :Below

Is It Possible To Make The Mouse Click?
Is it possible to make the mouse click evry 4.99 seconds. I have a game where you have to try and stop the at .01 and I need to test it. Any way using APIs or is it not possible. And o yeah, I'm stuck with VB 5.


How To Make The Mouse Click...
Does anyone know how to make the mouse click somwhere on the screen??

For example, when a command button is pressed the mouse clicks in it's current position.
Or a TImer, the mouse clicks every 10 seconds.

ANy help would be nice!


How Do I Make The Mouse Click ?
i know the API movemouse ways , but i want the mouse to click somewhere

how do i tell the mouse to send a click ?

How To Make Dot On Picture When You Click On It
How do you make a dot on the spot you click on a picture? Like a red spot of blood for shooting games?

Click On Img Button?
how would i go about making it so that when i press the mouse button on an image it depresses like when u push down on a command button. giving the effect that the image is a button and not just a static picture.

How To Click A Button
hi this is probably something really simple but i am a noob so... how do i artificially hit a button i.e
code to simulate the pressing of a button

is it something to do with the enable option ? i tried playing about with that but didnt work

Button Click
i want to program a button so that when a user has clicked on a button a value increments. However if the user holds the button down it should still be firing that event - in other words still incrementing the values. So if the user clicks and holds the value increments (not having to keep clicking to get the incremented value). I know of the mouse down and click events but all of these only seem to register the first click (only one instance of incremental values). Does anyone know how i can do this?


Button Click
hello all,

i am new to windows api. i want to catch button click event.
i have searched msdn constant value for bn_clicked but couldn't find.
and also i want full example for wparam and lparam.
please help me. very urgent?????????
great thanks


How Can I Click On Button In Vb
here is project file..
its wont workin i dont know why i have been try.. but its
if anyone know how can i fix pls tell me thanks

here code html

<INPUT class=button title="Enter your username and password in the boxes provided to login, or click the 'register' button to create a profile for yourself." accessKey=s tabIndex=104 type=submit value="Log in">

Click A Button
I Have a button on a page.
How would I Go about with code, to get that button automatically clicked.

'Click Here' Button
Is it possible to do it with X-Y Coords or what.

Button Click Once
I have a button that once it is clicked it should not be able to be clicked anymore until something happens.

How would i go about doing this



Value On On Button Click
if i have a variable A. How would i set it up so that if i click button update the variable would get it value from the listview item but if i click button Add then the varialbe would get it value from a combo box

Button Click In Wb
How could I click a button like this in the webbrowser?

<div class="m_loginbox_button">
<table class="c_small_button" id="m_loginbox_button">
<td class="c_small_button_left"></td>
<td class="c_small_button_content">
<a onclick="document.forms['loginbox'].submit(); return false;" href="#">

Log On


'Click' On Button With VB
is there some code to click on a button when navigating a web page?

here is the html code:

<input TYPE="button" onclick="DeleteMail()" VALUE="Delete">

if it were a simple submit issue the code would be




doesn't work.

any ideas?



Click A Button
How do I click a button in a java window...

Java is all one API so it's not like the button has a different API

How would I go about clicking a certain button?

Click Ie Button With Vb
<td align="right"><input type="image" ONMOUSEDOWN="counter()" src="../images/buttons/btn_send.gif" name="Send" value="Send" border="0"><img src="../images/clear_pixel.gif" height="4" width="2">

that's the send button

How do I click it

Click Button On Another App
This is what I have so far.....this finds the window with the button :

VB Code:
Dim x As Long, button As Longx = FindWindow("#32770", vbNullString)button = FindWindowEx(x, 0&, "button", vbNullString)

How can I be able to code it so that it clicks on the remote button using my button on my form?

Why Do I Need To Click The Button Twice?
The attached project is a a cut-down portion of a larger project. If you run the app and select a date in the "End Date" calendar you'll find that you have to click the OK button twice before the form closes. Why? How do I correct it?

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