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How Do I Add A Checkbox To A FlexGrid Control?

How do I add a checkbox to the MSFlexGrid or MSHFlexgrid controls? I need to have a checkbox in a field, for a true false value.

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Placing CheckBox Control On MS FlexGrid
I am interested in knowing how to place a checkbox control on a flex grid column. Also on click of the check box the grid row should getr selected. And thus multiple select of rows should be possible.

CheckBox In FlexGrid
Does anyone know anything about the MSHFlexGrid? I am struggling with many issues. One being how to get a checkbox in it. If anyone has ANY input or suggestions please respond.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

FlexGrid With Checkbox
Hi people!

I'm searching for a control like flexgrid with the checkbox option. I would like the user to select from the checkbox in flexgrid which options he likes and the program would then calculate them.

I hope you understand what I mean. I've seen many programs using this type of controls, but I don't know which one it is.


Flexgrid To Checkbox
ok I got help on here earlier on how to get the info from a flext grid into text boxes and I got it working with this code;

Flex1.Col = 1
txtStudentNum.Text = Flex1.Text
Flex1.Col = 2
txtFirst = Flex1.Text
Flex1.Col = 3
txtLast.Text = Flex1.Text
and so on

but when I get to the checkboxes that need filled with checks it doesn't work. The value of the checkboxes is stored in a acess database.

I tried a few different things;

Flex1.Col = 1
check1.value = Flex1.Text

Flex1.Col = 1
check1.Text = Flex1.Text

Flex1.Col = 1
check1= Flex1.Text

Flex1.Col = 1
check1= Flex1

none of them work
can anyone help me?

Checkbox In Flexgrid

I'm new to VB and although I've already figured out a lot of stuff, there are some problems I can't seem to find a solution to. I have made a different thread for each of them.

I find it strange that a combo box is different in Visual Basic and Visual Basic for application. When I use a combo box in VBA (MS Access), I can define the first column as being the key, and I can hide that column. In Visual Basic, however, this seems to be impossible...

For example: When you have a database with your CD collection, you also (probably) have a field with the type of music (house, techno...). These types are stored in a seperate table and each type has a unique key. It's that key that is stored in each CD -record. And so you have a relationship between your CD-table and your 'typeOfMusic'table. Right!?
But in Visual Basic I can't seem to make a multiple-column combo box...? Am I right, or am I missing something...?


Put Checkbox In Datagrid Or Flexgrid In Vb?
anyone noes how to put checkbox in datagrid or flexgrid in vb?

Looking For Flexgrid With CheckBox Facilities
I'm wondering if there is an easy way (preferably an existing control) to include CheckBox properties, methods etc (normally included in ListBox control with CheckBox Style property) in a FlexGrid Control.

Flexgrid Checkbox Wingdings
Hey I am using this code inside the click event of my flexgrid to check/uncheck a cell. I noticed that when using this method the first time you want to check a box you have to click it twice... does anyone know a way around this or what is causing it?

VB Code:
Private Sub ExchangeGrid_Click()With ExchangeGrid    If .MouseCol = 5 Then        If .TextMatrix(.Row, 5) = "q" Then            .TextMatrix(.Row, 5) = "ž" 'checked        Else            .TextMatrix(.Row, 5) = "q"        End If    End IfEnd WithCall CalcExchangeTotalEnd Sub


Checkbox Flexgrid Question
I did a search on how to add a checkbox field or fake checkbox if you will... I want to go with the wingding method like in this thread:

the only problem I am having is the alt+231 isn't giving me that pb character in my vb screen... instead I am getting a "t". Anyone know what I am doing wrong?


Checkbox In Vb6 Datagrid Or Flexgrid
hello everybody...

im had a problem. im using sql server 7 with vb6. im tryin uploading my table into
the datagrid and im trying to put checkbox as boolean (1,2, values) but it seem doesnt work. it doesnt return a singl value!! Im trying to upload multiple rows with the same checkbo with eof method and thats mean, every checkbox will be respons to every rows...and all rows will be show within one datagri with checkbox at each rowx....can someone teach me something o anything badly...:)

Inserting Checkbox In Flexgrid
I know that u can insert text as well as picture in flex grid but how can I add any other component in one of the column of flex grid

e.g. I want to insert a checkbox in the second column of flex grid or any other grid

Runtime Checkbox Creation In Flexgrid
Plz, anyone can help me?. I want 2 create checkbox on MS-Flexgrid at runtime. This checkbox should be used as a column so that i can select or dis-select the entire row of the flex grid.Thanks.

Can't Display Saved CheckBox Values Upon Clicking A Row In FlexGrid!!Help
I have this problem where my program can't show the saved CheckBoxes when I click a row in the MSFlexGrid. I've included an image below:

You can see that, no 'checked' are being displayed in the chkbox section, although i've 'checked' some of it and save the record. No problems with the textfields. only the checkboxes. Anyone who knows how to retrieve the checked values from the MSAccess file, and upon clicking a row in FlexGrid, it will display which are checked and unchecked boxes for each row in FlexGrid?? thanks in advance to those who are wiling to help me.

Checkbox Control
simple problem...
I have a checkbox and can run certain procedures using:
Private Sub CheckBox_Click()
End Sub
However, i can not find a "checked" property.
How can I catch it when it is checked and unchecked?
I am new to vb, so any help would be appreciate


My Checkbox Control
Well, yesterday, I was bored (as usual), so I wrote a control. Now, mind you, this is my first (partially?) completed control, and has some bugs in it. For example, during design time, sometimes the checkmark disappears, and the only events that are raised properly are the click, mousedown and mouseup events. Anyway, take a gander, it has some added features over the normal checkbox (you can use a check, X, circle or solid checkmark) and it's colors are fully customizable. Anyway, check it out, it's included.

Control Checkbox?
Hi all

I need to be able to check a check box with code and
also check if others are checked ?

I had this code but for the life of me have lost it.

I have a form and when it opens 3 checkboxes will be ticked by default.

Then if the user changes the checked settings the code will have to change accordingly.

any ideas appreciated.


Checkbox Control
Hi All,

Would anyone know how to increase the size of the actual checkbox in a
checkbox control (not just the width or the font of the whole control) ?

Thanks in advance,

Dave Tucker

Need Help With Checkbox Control
Need help! New to VB. I have a checkbox control called chkTitle that when is checked it displays my title's form in a label called label3. My title appears in my label3, but when i unchecked my chkTitle checkbox does not disappear. How do i make my title's form disappear from my label3? hope somebody can help me with this.


Checkbox Control
i have 4 checkbox, i want user pick only 1 checkbox
and others uncheck how the code look like?


Is There A Way To... With The Checkbox Control?

Im writting a little program that several checkboxes, the thing is that some these checkboxes, when clicked, have to check verify some proceeds. If the proceeds are correct the chkbox have to do its value = 1, else value = 0.

When it happens, value chages, the control will work like if the user has click on it, and if the proceeds are not correct i will do an "infinite cycle".

I wonder if i could separate the changing value event from/of the click event? Or i just have to repeat the boolean procedures to close and open the control entry?

I hope that you get my idea...

CombiningTreeVeiw Control With A Checkbox
Hey all, Im a noob, so yer be patient. Im after a neat way to populate a TreeView control with My Computer - Drives - Folders so on inclding network neighbourhood, the idea is it will allow user to select multiple folders. These selected folders will be passed to functions as a string array hopefully. Ive seen it done with alot of p2p software where you select what folder you want to share. Any help is really appreciated, it is very important.

Checkbox Control Issue Help?
I am learning and I am having trouble with this code that I used in VB6 with a check box array. But it doesn't like this line:
If CheckBox(x).CheckState = 1 Then. There is a squigly line under the word CheckBox. The tool tip says that "Checkbox" is a type and cannot be used as an expression. What do I need to do here to correct this?


'Check to see if a option has been selected
Dim x As Short
Dim checked1 As Boolean 'checks if 1 checkbox is already checked
checked1 = False
For x = 0 To 17
If CheckBox(x).CheckState = 1 Then
checked1 = True
Exit For
End If
Next x
If checked1 = False Then
MsgBox("Please select at least 1 option")
Exit Sub
End If

Control Excel Checkbox From Vb

I am trying to set a checkbox value in an excel workbook.

this is the code I have so far:

Set oExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Set oBook = xExcel.Workbooks.Add("c:formulier.xlt")

With oExcel.Application
.Visible = True
.Range("D4").Value = Me.txtDatAanvraag
.Range("d5").Value = Me.cmbMelder
.Range("d9").Value = Me.txtOmschrijving

.chkFI.Value = True
.Run "set_prio", CInt(cmbPrioExt)

End With
oBook.SaveAs "c:" & Me.cmbModule & Me.txtOmsKort & ".xls"

In this code I open excel fill 3 cells with data and then i want to set the checkbox. Either directly or by calling an macro in excel.

Both ways dont work.

Please Help,


Binding A Checkbox Control
I am trying to programatically (sp?) bind the controls on my form to a virtual recordset that I am creating. When I run through each control on the form I do it in this way

..For Each ctl In Me.Controls
....With ctl
......If TypeOf ctl Is ComboBox Then
........BC.Add ctl, "Text", .Name, , .Name
......End If
......If TypeOf ctl Is CheckBox Then
........BC.Add ctl, "Value", .Name, , .Name
......End If
....End With
..Next ctl

the problem is that it errors out on the bc.add in the if for the checkbox and says that it is an invalid property value for the control. the field that it is binding to is a yes/no field in the database. What am I doing wrong. Everything else on the form binds correctly?????

Can I Have Checkbox In MSFlexgrid Control?
I am using MSFlexgrid.....haven't used this control before. I have 3 columns and I need to display a checkbox in the last column. Is it possible? If yes then how?

Thanx in advance.

How To Tell: If A Checkbox & A Control Array Then ... Else ...
I go through each of the controls on my form then check to see
if the control is a checkbox.
Then, I need to check if the checkbox control is part of a
control array. This is where I have run into problems.
Does anyone know how to check if a control is part of an array?

My Code:
intFields = 0
For Each ctlTabControl In Me
If (TypeOf ctlTabControl Is CheckBox) Then
If (ctlTabControl.Value = vbChecked) Then
intFields = intFields + 1
If isNull(ctlTabControl.Index) Then 'ERROR!!!
mstrFields(intFields) = ctlTabControl.Name
'Irregular field names
Select Case (ctlTabControl.Index) 'ERROR!!!
Case 0: mstrFields(intFields) = "Phone#1"
Case 1: mstrFields(intFields) = "Phone#2"
Case 2: mstrFields(intFields) = "Fax#"
Case 3: mstrFields(intFields) = "[Base R]"
Case 4: mstrFields(intFields) = "[Base F]"
End Select
End If
End If
End If

Thanks in advance!

Using Checkbox In MSFlexGrid Control
Hello , all.
I need to insert checkboxes into MSFlexGrid control , anybody knows how can I do it, please?
Thanks .

Color Of CheckBox Control
Does anyone know how to change the color of the check box of a CheckBox control?

Capture new dimensions

TreeView Control With CheckBox
Can I hide a checkbox at root node of a Treeview(with check box)and still display check boxes at any other leaf nodes?

Checkbox And Control Arrays
OK let me preface this by saying first yes I have looked everywhere I can possibly think and I can not find a suitable example hence my cry for help. Yes I am a student and unfortunately this quarter has been riddled with problems to hamper my learning. Mainly 2 instructors quitting within 6 weeks. Anyhow here is my problem, if you can help thank you in advance.

I am doing a project for school and I have a control array of checkboxes. I have to write code to loop through the array and have it determine if any item is checked. If not then create a message box stating to pick at least one. I get it all except if I dont pick any checkboxes then I get my msgbox, but even if I pick all the checkboxes I still get the msgbox asking to at least pick one checkbox. As i mentioned before I am not up to speed in this course so there may very well be some ridiculous things I am missing, matter of fact I guarantee it otherwise I can't imagine it being this hard. Here is the code I have so far:

Dim chkInterest(0 To 7) As Integer
For x = LBound(chkInterest) To UBound(chkInterest)
If x = False Then
MsgBox "pick one"
ElseIf x = True Then
Exit For
End If

I apologize for being so long winded and once again thank you in advance.

Microsoft FlexGrid Control&" - Using Control, Licencing
I want to put "Microsoft FlexGrid Control" on my Outlook form.

I can't do it because the message box is shown:
"The control could not be created because it is not properly licensed."

Embed Checkbox To Mshflexgrid Control
Hi experts,

I need a routine that will embed checkboxes to each of the rows of mshflexgrid control so that even if you scrolldown mshflexgrid, checkboxes go along to its corresponding row. I was able dynamically create checkboxes but the problem is if you scrolldown the mshflexgrid control all checkboxes stays in place. please help thanks.

How To Tick Checkbox In Recording Control?
Is there a way to tick a checkbox in recording control / stereo mixer and adjust this level?

Found a link to APIList, but i'm not sure what is correct.

Making Visible A CheckBox Control
I am currently programming in VB6 SP6 and I am trying to make a checkbox control appear/disappear when a certain key is pressed (F11 for example). When the checkbox appears it can then be checked and if checked will remain visible and make a textbox visible.

I have tried putting code into the form_keypress event but that event is never triggered even when the F11 key is pressed.

I am not sure what to do or whrere to go.

Thanks for your time and effort in this.


CheckBox Control Array Problems
I have a form that has several control arrays of checkboxes contained inside frames. My problem comes in when I run the form and check the boxes. It seems that when I check a box, I get a check in the box as expected. When I check another box, the previous box goes to a grayed state. When I uncheck the box, the box is empty until I uncheck another box, then the grayed check state returns to the previously unchecked box.

On a related note, I need a method of clearing each of the checkboxes when a new record is selected. Is there an easy way to accomplish this with control arrays?



Inserting A CheckBox Control In A Message Box
I have an application that has a message box that pops up to warn the user that the default resolution of their monitor will be adjusted. Is there a way to put a checkbox in the message? I want it to say something like "Don't show this message in the future" so I can use SetSetting and GetSetting to disable it. Or am I stuck with creating a form to appear like a message box?


Checkbox In A Bound Datagrid Control
hi !

I have been trying to get a checkbox to show up in the @#@!# datagrid control but have been unsuccessful so far. So after a whole day of researching the net i am posting this here. Please help ...

I have a datagrid control on a form the form load event i have the following code. Everthing i have read so far tells me that it should work but it doesn't. Instead of the checkbox, it is still showing the values 0 and 1 for the column.

Dim rs As Recordset
Dim myFmt As StdDataFormat

'****************creating a recordset on the fly
Set rs = New Recordset

rs.Fields.Append "field1", adBSTR
rs.Fields.Append "field2", adBoolean


rs.Fields(0).Value = "aaa"
rs.Fields(1).Value = False

rs.Fields(0).Value = "bbb"
rs.Fields(1).Value = True
'**************end creating recordset

'**********creating the format object
Set myFmt = New StdDataFormat

myFmt.FalseValue = False
myFmt.TrueValue = True
myFmt.Type = fmtCheckbox
'********** end creating format object

Set Me.DataGrid1.DataSource = rs '***binding recordset
Set Me.DataGrid1.Columns(1).DataFormat = myFmt 'applying format

Disabling Control On Click Of Checkbox
I have a checkbox (LocationDataCheck), and a text control (LocationDataEntered).  When LocationDataCheck is checked, I want LocationDataEntered to be disabled.  I've put the following code into the OnClick of LocationDataCheck:

Private Sub LocationDataCheck_AfterUpdate()
    If Me.[LocationDataCheck] = -1 Then
    Me.[LocationDataEntered].Enabled = True
    Me.[LocationDataEntered].Enabled = False
    End If
End Sub

I'm getting the error message "Method compile error". . .??

Array Control Of Checkbox Issue NEED HELP.
Hello everyone,

I have array of checkboxes and 2 command buttons. Button 1 says "Selected All" and Button 2 says "Unselected All".

My problem is I'm try to make the command buttons be enable or disabled by a timer if any of the checkboxes are checked
or unchecked.

The code the I'm using is not working and I have tried defferent ways. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone help
me please.

Dim i As Integer

For i = 0 To Check1.Count - 1
    If Check1(i).Value = vbChecked Then
        cmdUnSelAll.Enabled = True
        cmdUnSelAll.Enabled = False
    End If
Next i

Thanks in advance,



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Adapting CheckBox Control For TouchScreen
    Currently I am working on creating a series of custom controls for use with TouchScreen Technology. I have been doing fairly well but I am not satisfied with what I have come up with for the CheckBox control. As it is, the CheckBox Control's Active area is much to small for the average person's finger, so I am working on making a larger CheckBox. The only idea I'm working off of here is to put and invisible CheckBox behind a larger image. Once the image is clicked it will activate the CheckBox and change the image (to either checked or unchecked). In other words I would be using the image as a front end and the CheckBox as a backend. This solution seems a little messy and I was just wondering if anyone else had any better ideas. They would really be appriciated!


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'Checkbox' Style For Listbox Control?
Can someone tell me how to get the status of each 'checkbox' in a listbox control when the style is set to 'checkbox'. Specifically, I need to know whether the 'value' of each checkbox is 1 or 0. Thanks.

Problem In Create A Checkbox Control
hi all,

   I created two checkboxes in a form. If I wanted to create a function to control those checkboxes' onclick event in access, how can I do it? I just know how to do in, but don't know how to do in vba.


sub checkboxclicked (byval sender as system.object, by ..... ) handles, ..

thanks a lot....

Checkbox As A Listsubitem In Listview Control
I want checkbox as a listsubitem of a listview control.
Whether it is possible using API?
If any guru knows about help me..


Checkbox As A Listsubitem In Listview Control
In a listview control whose view property is set to lvwReport, i want a checkbox as a listsubitem.Whether it is possible? Or i am expecting a lot?


Creating Dyanamic Checkbox Control Array
i am creating dyanamic checkbox control array but when control array is creating initially one control must be plased on form and make it index property set to 0 then only dynamically control array are creating but my problem is without placing basic control i want to create dynamic control on form and set that index property set to 0 dyanamically is it possible

index property is not able to set at runtime
is it possible to set index property at runtime

How To Check If Null??? – VB6 Datepicker Control With Checkbox
The issue I’m having is I need to be able to remove the data from a listview previously choosen from a datepicker control by unchecking the checkbox in the datapicker. When the checkbox is unchecked the datapicker’s value is Null. So I wrote the following:
Private Sub dtpScheduledDate_Click()

Dim sScheduledDate

As String

Dim sSQL

As String

Dim x

x = dtpScheduledDate.Value

If x Is Null Then

sScheduledDate = "Null"

End If
End Sub
This is giving me the following error: Run-time error ‘424’ Object required
I have tried: “If x Is Nothing then….” , “If x = Null Then….”, and “If Not x is Null Then…” (to see if the reverse even worked) and they give either the same error or it completely skips the step when it should not.
I am probably missing something small here but can’t seem to put my finger on it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

DataGrid Control CheckBox Show Problem...
Hi gurus,

Actually I'm facing a typical problem with the CheckBox in a DataGrid Control. I have created table which contains a boolean field. After connecting through the ODBC Data source control I supplied the data source to the DataGrid Control. There is only one column in the Control. Setting the format of the specified column to checkbox (no such checkbox like access table view) is coming. So, can you please help me to show the check box in a column of a DataGrid Control ???

Thanks again.

Bringing CheckBox To A Column Of A Grid Control
Hi all,
I am developing an application where by I need to give the provision to delete records for some days from the DB, for which I wish to give a UI which has a FlexiGrid with two columns. The first column show the date for which the records need to be deleted. Second column is to get the consent from the user whether to delete the record or not. How do I bring the checkbox feature in the column. Can any of you help me out. Thanking you in advance.

Making A Control's Background Transparent (PictureBox, CheckBox, Etc)
I am starting a new thread on this subject in hopes that it will attract some other peoples attention.

I have a tab control whose background changes based on what XP style is applied (as all tab controls do ) and I need the controls placed on the tab strip to have a transparent background also. Does anyone have any ideas on this subject?

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