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How To Find And Save Data To MS Access Using ADO?

I'm creating a simple program for data search and entry.
I have 4 filed in MS Access,
I can save the entry data, but it will be in the first row, not in the last row...and it also erase the original first row record...
In the Find part...I can do nothing...


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How Can I Save,find, Delete Data In Vb With Database Oracle

i just want to know that how can i insert the data in oracle with vb front-end.
then i want to find some records on the one form so what is the query for that in oracle with vb.
and for delete some record from the databse what is the command.
update the record for what query is used.

also tell me connection with vb & oracle.
plz send the code for same,.

How Can I Save,find, Delete Data In Vb With Database Oracle

i just want to know that how can i insert the data in oracle with vb front-end.
then i want to find some records on the one form so what is the query for that in oracle with vb.
and for delete some record from the databse what is the command.
update the record for what query is used.

also tell me connection with vb & oracle.
plz send the code for same,.

Data Control Cannot Find Data Access Library
I get the following error when I try to put the data control on a form.

Could not find data access library. Cannot create reference.

I have tried to reinstall VB6 but no good. I have no idea how to resolve this problem so any help appreciated.

How To Save Data Into MS.Access?
Hi all,

For example: I get the database in [Table1] from Access and make some processes, end then want to put into Access into [Table2] with 2 Fields and 10 Records.

How can I save this data into MS.Access?


Save Data To Access Table

I have a small database to keep track of ink usage, u select a room location and the printer details appear in several text boxes. Each time you click on the "change ink" button it decreases the quantity and then saves the data from the text boxes + date to a txt file.

Is it possible to save the data from the text boxes into another table rather than a txt file?

I1m using VB 6.0 and access 2000

many thanks


How To Save A Pic To Access (binary Data)?
How to save a pic to access (binary data)? How to convert a pic to binary data? I am a beginner.


How To Save The Data From The Forms Into MS Access
here i have written a code of my own, plz check if i ts right? after clicking the save button the msgbox appears "data saved", but the details dont get saved in the MS access data base, plz guide me

Private Sub cmdsave_Click()
If TxtRegno.Text = "" Or txtname.Text = "" Or txtcompany.Text = "" Or txtadd1.Text = "" Then
MsgBox "Incomplete Data"
If txtadd2.Text = "" Then
txtadd2 = "No"
End If
If txtcity.Text = "" Then
txtcity = "No"
End If
If txtstate.Text = "" Then
txtstate = "No"
End If
If txtpin.Text = "" Then
txtpin = "No"
End If
If txttel.Text = "" Then
txttel = "No"
End If
If txtmobile.Text = "" Then
txtmobile = "No"
End If
If txtfaxno.Text = "" Then
txtfaxno = "No"
End If
If txtemail.Text = "" Then
txtemail = "No"
End If
str = "insert into client_profile values('" & TxtRegno.Text & "','" & txtname.Text & "','" & txtcompany.Text & "','" & txtadd1.Text & "','" & txtadd2.Text & "','" & txtcity.Text & "','" & txtstate.Text & "'," & Val(txtpin.Text) & "," & Val(txttel.Text) & "," & Val(txtmobile.Text) & "," & Val(txtfaxno.Text) & ",'" & txtemail.Text & "')"
con.Execute str
MsgBox "Record Saved"
End If
End Sub

Using Access To Save Data And Sort It
I am making a work oder program that will include a customer database. I have all the fields set up so that i can click the scroll thourgh the data buttons to go to the next and previous records that were already made in the databse. I have a button that bring up a new form that will and does enter in a new customer and all his info into the form window, but it just plops it in the first spot on the databse, right over whatever is there. How can i get it to just append to it?? I would also like it to after it appends this new record, sort the records by the name.
Thank You

Could Not Find Data Access Library!!
Hi there,

I've just installed VB5 on my new PC. Whenever i attempt to add a standard Data control to a form i get the following error.

"Could not find Data Access Library.  Cannot Create reference."

I've tried re-installing but it doesn't help.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated


Could Not Find Data Access Library
Hi there,

I've just installed VB5 on my new PC. Whenever i attempt to add a standard Data control to a form i get the following error.

"Could not find Data Access Library.  Cannot Create reference."

I've tried re-installing but it doesn't help.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated


Save Listview Data To Access Database
hello,how to save the listview data to the database???

Private Sub cmdsave_Click()
Dim adoRecordset As ADODB.Recordset

Dim conDataConnection As Connection
Set conDataConnection = New Connection
conDataConnection.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source= " & App.Path & _
"Overtime.mdb;Persist Security Info=False"

Set adoRecordset = New ADODB.Recordset
adoRecordset.Open "SELECT * FROM Overtime", conDataConnection, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic

With adoRecordset
.Fields("EmployeeName") = ListView1.ListItems.Add("Employee Name")

End With


End Sub

Thanks for help!

How Can Save Time Format Data In Access ?
I want to save telephone use time in Access. If I save it as number, How can I show it as 00:00:00 in MSH Flexgrid ? or if I save it as Date, how can I avoid AM, PM when I show it ?

Save Data Into Access Database From .txt Files Using VB
Hi There,

I want to save data into access database from different *.txt file of same format in a folder, can anyone guide me how to do it through Visual Basic.
There can be many text files (same format) old and new. Also in order to only read the most current text file, what should I do.


How To Save Existing Ms-access Data In Excel....
hallo guys....

m using ms-access in back-end......
the data is gettin stored into the access file....

i have connected grid to this access gets uploaded in this grid...

now user can see it on the form....

Wat i'm lookin for:

when user clicks on save button.....
the user should be able to name the file and select location

and then the data should get saved into excel file from the grid......

plzzzzzzzz help me out......

Save Data From Excel Sheets To Access Table Using VB
I am trying to use a excel datasheet with data in around 120 cells. my database consists of a table FILE where each record had 120 values.after the datasheet is edited all the 120 values should be saved on one record for that particular file.. This data will be changed only once or twice over a long time..I am skeptical about using a table with 120 fields, displaying them and updating them confused as to use a excel sheet or datagrid..if anybody out there has a better idea to accomplish this,I welcome u r ideas..
appreciate your time in advance..

How To Save Opt Button Data In Random Access File?
Hi, i am learning vb by myself and currently at a novice stage. I manage to teach myself how to save records into a random access file and make the records available for viewing.

However I am stuck in how to get the data gotten from a check box and option button to be saved and accessed.

Should I declare them under StockRecord? If so is it string, integer or ???

Private Type StockRecord
'Reading a random-access file
Code As String * 15
Person As Integer [Option button]
Agree As String [checkbox]
End Type

or is it like this?

'Save record
StockRecord.Code = txtCode.Text
StockRecord.Person = optPerson.Option
StockRecord.Agree = chkAgree.???

If not... then how should I go round about it? Cause I am seriously stuck and would someone guide me along because I am serious in learning vb. Help is very much appreciated. Thanks.

Prevent Duplicates Data Save To Access Table
hi,please to prevent duplicates data save to access table??

for example:
i want to prevent EmployeeName and OvertimeDate duplicate entries to the table.

thanks for help!

Prevent Duplicates Data Save To Access Table
please don't cross-post
Discussion continued here:

hi,how to prevent duplicates data save to access table??below is the current code,when run the code have error message index out of bounds.

for example:
i want to prevent EmployeeName and OvertimeDate duplicate entries to the table.

this is the current code:
Code:Private Sub Command1_Click()
      Dim ADOCn As ADODB.Connection
      Dim ConnString As String
      Dim adoRS As ADODB.Recordset
      Dim sSQL As String
      ConnString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source= " & App.Path & _
                         "Overtime.mdb;Persist Security Info=False"
      Set ADOCn = New ADODB.Connection
      ADOCn.ConnectionString = ConnString
      ADOCn.Open ConnString
      Set adoRS = New ADODB.Recordset
      sSQL = "SELECT EmployeeName,OvertimeDate FROM Temp"
      sSQL = sSQL & "WHERE EmployeeName = '" & ListView1.ListItems(2) & "' "
      sSQL = sSQL & "AND OvertimeDate= '" & ListView1.ListItems(7) & "' "
      adoRS.Open sSQL, ADOCn, adOpenStatic
      If adoRS.RecordCount > 0 Then
         MsgBox "Record for this person already exists"
         Exit Sub
      End If
      Set adoRS = Nothing
      'write code here to add the record if is doesn't exist

      End Sub

thanks for help!

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Find, Copy And Paste Data In The Same Table In Access Using VBA
Goodday Experts

1). I have to write a program that must check what the current month is, check what the month of the last record is. If the current month is greater than the last recorded month the it must find and copy all the data for the previous month and paste it in the lastrow + 1 and then change the month to the current month.

I need to automate this process. This is what my table looks like:

Mobile Number YearMonthRental Total Fees
+2725680124 2004 Dec0.00 624.04
+2728233795 2004 Dec0.00 624.04
+2728246914 2005 Jan0.00 624.04
+2725525419 2005 Jan0.00 624.04
+2725680139 2005 Feb0.00 624.04
+2728210188 2005 Feb0.00 346.22
+2724946554 2005 Feb0.00 46.28
+2725561788 2005 Feb0.00 241.78
I have started out by writing a macro, however I'm not sure where to go from the following code because it is giving me a few problems which I have highlighted in red:

Private Sub Button5_Click()

Dim prevMonth As Integer
Dim curMonth As Integer
Dim prevYear As Integer
Dim curYear As Integer
Dim CurRecordMonth As Integer
Dim rst As Recordset
Dim rst2 As Recordset
Dim db As Database
Set db = CurrentDb

curMonth = Month(Date) ' This is = 2
curYear = Year(Date) ' This is = 2005
prevYear = Year(Date)' This is = 2005
prevMonth = Month(Date) - 1 ' This is = 1
If prevMonth = 0 Then
prevMonth = 12
prevYear = prevYear - 1
End If
If DCount("Month", "tTransactions", "month = " & curMonth & " and Year = " & curYear) = 0 Then 'Skips the following code till
'current month does not exist in table
Set rst = db.OpenRecordset("tTransactions")
rst.FindFirst "month = " & prevMonth & " and year = " & prevYear
Set rst2 = db.OpenRecordset("tTransactions")
rst2!field1 = rst!field1
rst2!field2 = rst!field2
rst2!field3 = rst!field3
rst2!field4 = rst!field4
rst2!field5 = rst!field5
rst2!field6 = rst!field6
End If
rst.Close 'Till here then gives me "Object variable or With block variable not set (Error 91)"
Set rst = Nothing
Set rst2 = Nothing
Set db = Nothing
End Sub
I would appreciate any help you can provide

Kind Regards

Where Can I Find A Good Data Access Layer Class?
Hi, I am using VB6, I need a good DAL class to make DB conneciton, run Store Procedures, SQLs, etc. (using SQL server)

Does Anybody knows a good one out there I can download and try out?


Could Not Find Data Access Library Cannot Create Reference
Hi all,

Windows XP

When I try to add a Data control to my form I get the following msgbox

Could not find Data Access Library Cannot create reference

I have added DAO 3.51 Data Access Library

What am I missing or is this just some kind of micrsoft bug

Any help would be great


Using VB To Find Data In A Text File And Compare This To Access DB
I am writing a program where I have to look at the first 15 characters of a text file and replace this text with its correct data found in an Access Database

eg - 15R 0805 1% (found in 1st column of DB) would be replaced in the text file with 15R 0805 (found in 2nd column of DB)

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could do this?


How To Save The Data From VB Form-grid Into Ms-access Database Dynamically!

I had my database called as "Campaign" with one table called "Godzilla" which contains Details emails of different persons fo different Industry(ex: health/mechanical/chemical/..etc) in SQL Server..

Now i had a combo box whcih fills the distinct of industries , one flexi grid to show all the email details of persons industry-wise and one command button("Save").

when i click on combo box ,let us say chemical, all the data corresponding to that industry from "Godzilla " table are displayed in The Flexi grid.

Imp: Now i wanted to save this flexi grid data into Ms-Access database (Which is in local system) with dynamical table creation!...for furthet transactions from local system database...

So plzz tell me how to create a table dynamically in VB to store data in ms-access!

Looking for ur help in this manner...
thanking you,
with best regards,
Sudhakar Reddy,
Systems Engineer, Hyderabad(INDIA)-

Data Control In Vb6 Error... "Could Not Find Data Access Library" ???
I using Win XP and vb6. Apperently, vb6 doesn't know where the built in Data Control ActiveX control is... ?? why would this be a problem? I never had such a problem on Win 98 based systems... is there a bug w/XP and VB6?

I tried reinstalling it and it still didn't work... i even installed SP5. Actaully i've always had SP5 but the point is that its not recognizing the basic DATA CONTROL. Someone please help!!! thanks in advanced.


Function To Save/load Data From All Textboxes Into Registry With Save/GetSetting?
anyone have a function to save all values to the registry?

Read Data Of Word Table And Save It Access Table
How i can read data of table in the word and save it in another table in access.

Can't Find A Way To Save This
Sorry for the title, but I'm not exactly sure what the proper name for this is.
Hard for me to explain because I don't know what its called, but i know how to use it, so......yeah.

I have the following code sort of

Global ClickMap() As Long


ClickMap(500, 500)

and in other parts of my program, it just imprints numbers to it such as

ClickMap(375, 385) = 25

Firstly, what is the multi-part variable's proper name so that i can call it that, if it even has a proper name other than variable.

Secondly and more importantly, does anyone know an effecient way to export this to a file so that it can be re-loaded after the program is closed/opened?

IE a fast way (probably using binary file access) to put the entire thing into a text file speedily, so i could close the program, open it back up, and it reads the file and loads back the ClickMap(xxx, xxx) to each place.

Sorry for confusing anyone again.

Why Cant I Find A Good Way To Save?
I am writing a software program that requies a password to enter because the data within is confidential. I need a way of saving the data added to the program in a way that is NOT readable without the program. Now here is the awkward part. Using the registry is a bad idea cos it can be cracked easy, INI files are a prob for the same reason and if i use a database file then it ends up missing when i createthe software and use on another computer, i cant find the database???

So to tie this up, what way should i use to save the data from my program??
If you say encryption then explain how please. Any other method will be good as well

Find And Save Emails From Outlook

i'm looking to do the following :

- find all mails that contain a specific text in the subject.
- save those emails in a specific folder

and along the way maybe build up a list of all the mails
i found.

I don't think this is very hard. But can not seem to get it right.


Searching-->Find-->edit--->save Help??
Hey everyone, i would like to thank you in advance, This is a Ausom site, when i get better at VB i will help others too. Keep up the good work.

Now, I have a program that will prompt a user for a username and password, read a text file to see if the username and password are valid, and that the account is able to be logged into. EG. Not locked out via a flag set in the txt file. this is the text file format.


The last field is the flag Lock/open.
If the flag is set to locked it wont allow login.

Now the problem, I have made a form that i want to be able to change that flag, EG open the text file. Find the username, and skip accross to the flag field, and via a radio box change the flag to locked or open, save the file and close the box. I have this soo far...

VB Code:
Private Sub cmdapply_Click()            'What goes in here? To write to the file and save it?    ' but for the user found in the search below????????            End Sub Private Sub cmdsearch_Click()    bFound = False    ff = FreeFile        Open "C:pass.txt" For Input As #ff        Do Until bFound Or EOF(ff)        Input #ff, strUserName, strPassword, strlocked        If strUserName = txtuser And strlocked = "open" Then            Labeluser.Caption = txtuser            bFound = True            checklock.Value = vbUnchecked            MsgBox "This accout is  Not Locked", vbOKOnly, "Open Account"            txtuser.Text = ""                    ElseIf strUserName = txtuser And strlocked = "locked" Then                Labeluser.Caption = txtuser                bFound = True                MsgBox "This accout is Locked", vbOKOnly, "Locked Account"                checklock.Value = vbChecked                txtuser.Text = ""                            Exit Do        End If    Loop        If Not bFound Then        MsgBox "Invalid username try again (case sensitive)"    End If        Close ff    End Sub

Excel - Need To Find Date/Time Of Last Save

I am trying to get the time/date of the last time a spreadsheet was saved.

I have tried ActiveWorkBook.BuiltInProperties(12) but I am getting an OLE automation error message.

Thanks for any help.


How To Save And Access Images, Sound And Video Files In MS Access Database.
How to save and access images, sound and video files in MS Access database using front end as VB.

Can anyone help me ?

Thank You.

How Do I Access The "Find" Dialog In An IE Webcontrol? (and Find Next .etc)
Hopefully this is an easy one, I've been looking around trying to find it for awhile, but the search words are so damn common I never get what I want to know.

I just want to be able to seach for a piece of text on a web page, and have the browser locate and highlight it (with a selection).

Passing Data Between Access Data Access Web Pages
I have set up two Access web data pages for my users. I'd like to be able to pass various bits of data between the two pages. I'm inside my company's intranet, so cookies are not an option, and I'm not officially IT, so anything server-side (ASP) related like session variables are out too. Does Access provide some function for dealing with this? Thanks!

VB6 Save To Access
I am using VB6 a text box and a scroll bar. These are connected with this code Text1.Text = VScroll1.Value The value can be -20 through to 20. I want to connect this to a Access db. I`m new to VB and cant seem to link them together Also can i make the scroll bar advance or decrease single ammounts (like a single click) Can anyone help Thanks

How Can I Save Ole Data?
This is the situation:
I want to save a picture as OLE data in a field of the same type.

I have the following code:

Private DB As DAO.Database
Private RS As DAO.Recordset

Private Sub Form_Load
Set DB = DAO.OpenDatabase(App.Path & "data.mdb")
Set RS = DB.OpenRecordset("Imges")
End Sub

Private Sub cmdSave_Click()
With RS
!Path = txtPath.Text
' It is here that I want to save the picture in picImage in the field
' TB!Imagem. This field is the type OLE.
End With
End Sub

Can you help me?

Save Data In .exe
hi all, i wrote a little program,that's about listen radio online.
but i can't find a way to store data (urls) in my exe.
i'll upload my source,pls show me some hint to solve it.

i've reattached a zip file.

Save Data In RTB
Just a quick one. Does anyone know the code to save data shown in an RTB?

Just want to allow the user to do a "save as" to the RTB data so they can save it wherever they like.


p.s - I have tried the following but its no use as I want the user to be able to choose a save location.

RichTextBox1.SaveFile "C:Program FilesMaintainerLogFile.txt", rtfText

How To Save Data In Vb6
Hi every one

i have a question about saving some data i have in a list box

what i have done is i cane save the data to a text file with this code.

VB Code:
Public Sub mnuSaveOutput_Click()Dim filename As StringDim i As Integer cdiaSaveOutput.Filter = "Text files (*.txt)|*.txt"cdiaSaveOutput.FilterIndex = 1cdiaSaveOutput.ShowSavefilename = cdiaSaveOutput.filename'If (Len(filename) > 0) Then Open filename For Output As #1 For i = 0 To lstOutput.ListCount - 1  Print #1, lstOutput.List(i) Next i Close #1End IfEnd Sub

what i want to know is how to save it to an excel file.

the data that im saving is like this.



Latitude : 49 Deg 47 Min N
Longitude: 094 Deg 22 Min W

Date : Jul, 2006


Date Morning Twilight Evening Twilight Sun Moon % Moon
Astro Naut Civil Civil Naut Astro Rise Set Total Rise Set Illum
------ ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------- ------
SAT 1 99:99 08:29 09:31 03:11 04:14 99:99 10:15 02:28 16:13 16:29 05:16 25
SUN 2 99:99 08:30 09:32 03:11 04:13 99:99 10:15 02:27 16:12 17:37 05:28 34
MON 3 99:99 08:31 09:33 03:10 04:12 99:99 10:16 02:27 16:11 18:44 05:39 43
TUE 4 99:99 08:32 09:34 03:10 04:12 99:99 10:17 02:27 16:09 19:54 05:51 52
WED 5 99:99 08:34 09:35 03:09 04:11 99:99 10:18 02:26 16:08 21:07 06:05 62
THU 6 99:99 08:35 09:36 03:09 04:10 99:99 10:18 02:26 16:07 22:23 06:22 71

hope some one can help me

thanks ed

Best Way To Save This Data....
This is my first time posting. I have been able to find all my answers by searching but this one...

Im working on a program where users submit information over the net to a server and i want to be able to two the following:

1. I have a folder called history. Using:

Dim myFileName As String
myFileName = Format(Now, "YYYYMMDD")

I want to be able to save each day as a file in the history folder.
( history20040408.dat then the next day history20040409.dat and so on)

2. I want to be able to write the data to the current date .dat file, and each time the user submits the form to the server to create a new entry in the .dat file without deleting previous ones.

3. I want to have a History section in the program so that the user can click on a list of days in a listbox corresponding to the files in the history folder and in listbox2 show a detail of each line written in the .dat file
(Like: Name, Address, Phone, Fax) which is what the user submits via the net.

Links, coding examples, suggestions appriciated. Also let me know if a excel spread sheet or something else would be better to use than a .dat file...


Save My Data?
How do you save any new info that you add to a database (flexgrid) so that it will be there the next time the program is opened.

Code would be nice.


Best Way To Save Data
Hi, I am writing a windows application that will be saving a lot of data, and I have designed a database for it in access. However when I go to distribute the application, won't having an access database attached as the backend allow users to just open it and view all the data?? I would really like to keep the data in it confidential. What's the best way of doing this?? Should I even just save the data, say as binary, to .dat files instead? If I do this then I take it I'll have to create datasets and tables in memory at the start to load all the data into. Would this be quicker than using a database?

Any help much appreciated...

Save Data
i having problem for get data from 2 different tables where the data will save into another table. how to do it?

below is my code:-

Dim hitrateday

hitrateday = cboDailyDay.Text + "-" + cboDailyMonth.Text + "-" + cboDailyYear.Text
''''table 1'''''

SQLStr = "SELECT puzzle FROM roda_winner WHERE in_date = '" & hitrateday & "'"
'Set Rs = DBConn.Execute(SQLStr)

'''table 2''''
SQLStr = "SELECT customerid, in_date, COUNT(*) FROM roda_transaction WHERE in_date = '" & hitrateday & "' And service_code = '101' Or service_code = '102' group by customerid, In_date"

Set Rs = DBConn.Execute(SQLStr)

MsgBox SQLStr

If Rs.RecordCount <> 0 And Not Rs.BOF Then
End If

Do While Not Rs.EOF
customerid = Rs(0)
in_date = Format(Rs(1), "dd-mmm-yyyy")
hit_rate = Rs(2)
SQLStr = "INSERT INTO RPTRODA_DAILYCOUNT VALUES('" & customerid & "','" & in_date & _
"" & "', '" & hit_rate & "')"

DBConn.Execute (SQLStr)
DBConn.Execute ("Commit")


Wilson Chai

If I Save A Text File (data Crlf Data Crlf...) As Excel,
it will open fine unless i got some numeric entries starting by zero(s).... i will lose the leading zeros.

same problem if the entry is a 16 or more digits number...
my data will be formatted like.. 1.4325etc E10...instead 14325etc

adding an leading unserscore is not a solution...

see what i mean ?

Save As Dialog In Access
How do I do a Save As dialog in MS Access XP. I tried

Dim fd As FileDialog
Set fd = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogSaveAs)

but this does not work. The second line produces runtime error 445: "Object does not support this action" If I change it msoFileDialogFilePicker, everything works fine, but it is not what I want.


Save Dialog In Access
Hello all,

At the moment i am outputting the values of a query into a csv text file. Now it saves it direct into the C: root.

I use this command.

DoCmd.TransferText acExportMerge, , "qry_myquery", "c:myfile.txt", True

Now, i would like to know if it is possible, when they click my cmd button it opens save dialog box, lets them choose a location to save, then tells my command above where they chose so it can write it to that location?

Save Picture In Access
Hello everyone
I m working in vb6 with access 2000 database.
I want the user to choose a picture file from a list and save the file in the database
How do I save the picture ?

Add New / Save To Access Databse
Hi there,

This is the problem I have:

I want the program to give me a msg if you either enter a duplicate ID or no ID at all.

If i run the program like this it always gives me the MsgBox "ID exits, cannot duplicate", even though i enter a totaly new ID. If i enter no ID it also gives me the same message.

If i enter the parts that is commented out and also change all my rs to rsp it gives me a error msg "No value given for one or more required parameters" all though all the boxes have info in them.

I'm using an Access DB.

If txtOther(0).Text <> "" Then

'Dim rsp as New Recordset
'rsp.Open "Select * from School where ID=" & txtOther(0).Text, cnPass,adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic

If rs.RecordCount = 0 Then

rs![ID] = txtOther(0).Text
rs![Name] = txtOther(1).Text
rs![Age] = txtOther(2).Text
rs![Salary] = txtOther(3).Text
' rs.Close
MsgBox "ID exits, cannot duplicate", vbCritical, "Duplication"
End If
MsgBox "Empty field/s found", vbCritical, "Empty field/s"
End If

Any help will be appreciated

Save Query In Access
How can I to save a query in Access and After load iniside MSFLEXGRID ?


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