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How To Make Gantt Chart From Scratch

Hello Eeveryone
Thanks all for nice codes.
Can any body help me in making gantt chart from scratch or can i find free gant chart code or activex free
on the internet.

or can anybody help in , if he has already designed that code.
i really need it for my university project.

thanks in advance for all kind people out there

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Dificult One (try To Make Gantt Chart In EXCEL)
Hi to all,

In first place congratulations for the excellent forum that you have.

I have a doubt that I don’t now if it’s possible to solve with EXCEL, but I would like to try. So what I want is similar to a Gantt chart, in sheet one I have a group of values that have a beginning time and a end time.

In column B and C I have the name of several flights (column B name of company, column C number of the flight), in column D I have the beginning time, in column E the end time, in column F I have numbers that indicates how many check-in I need for each flight.

In sheet 2 I have 6 groups (A, B, C, D, E and F) that represent the total of check-in desk. I have made a little example in this sheet, in a way that you guys can understand what I want and try to help me if possible.

You guys can see that for the last flight that I represent I have 2 empty check-in (23 and 24) in group A, that happens because the flight LK 300 need 3 check-in desk and they have to be contiguous, in other words they have to stay all in the same group, they can’t stay 2 in one group and 1 in other group.

I don’t now if this is possible to do automatically in EXCEL, so if you guys can give a help I really appreciate.

Best regards,


UI Help: Gantt Chart.
Ok, basically what I am trying to do is display a graph... but I am not sure how to make it look the way I want. I am doing some work on a scheduling application which is being moved from qbasic to visual basic. The qbasic program uses 80x50 mode 0 display, and uses the filled box and half filled box characters to create a chart showing overlapping hours (commonly known as a Gantt chart). In other words, the time of day is displayed along the top of the screen, the employees name on the left, and a bar to show what time they work. I would like to reproduce this effect on visual basic, with the data coming from an access database. The data has already been moved and I'm using data-bound controls to edit it in the program, so all that really remains is to add the graphic. So basically I just need to turn the stored data (times) into bars on the screen, and posistion them nicely. Before I do a whole lot of graphics coding, thought I would make sure there wasn't some control that does this . The other consideration is that the whole thing probably can't be on the screen at the same time, so I'll need to make it scrollable.

Thanks everyone.

Gantt Chart
[color=darkblue] How do I draw gantt charts based on numbers I enter at runtime ? If I type 2, 3 and 6, the chart should show a horizontal bar 2, 3 and 6, and also display the "2" "3" and "6" inside the bar.

Gantt Chart On VB 6.0 Form
Is there anyway to create a Gantt chart on a VB6.0 form? I have the Start Date, End Date, Task Name, and percent completed for each task, but can not find a way to create a Gantt chart that will appear in a visual basic form (I can create one in Excel 97, but am interested in consolidating the entire program into one neat application).

Gantt Chart Question
Hi guys,

I have a very confusing question which keep my brain spinning crazy.

Before building a Gantt Chart(Excel)vba. My Question is, Is it possible to export the Gantt chart to my VC++ application.


Gantt Chart Components
Has anybody used and therefore can anybody recomend a component that exposes a Gantt chart for access through VB.

MS Project Gantt Chart In VB-6
Can someone show me how to dynamically load information into an MS-Project 98 Gantt chart from VB-6 and have it display within the form?

Want To Know How To Generate The Gantt Chart
want to know how to generate the bar of the gantt chart according to the time schedule. i really no idea to do that.

Gantt Chart Control
Hi there,

is there a Gantt chart Control (like in MsProject) out there somewhere, perhaps - maybe?

another nice day (no freezing temperatures in Germany [we had snow 3 days ago - it is summer here ])

Developing A Gantt Chart-print How
I have been developing a Gantt program and have the load/save etc, reordering, entry, delete, and other parts or the shell around the data. I have been wondering about what control would be best to hold the bars in order to print. Currently I have a frame holding dummy bars with labels outside the frame. I am not too far along in the graphic display area and can change to a picture box or other control before I commit the time to find out it was a poor choice. I did not find much on user document (must be mostly web).
I plan to use the line control, color, and if line width=1, a linetype. Too bad this is a limitation. Depending on how many entries the user has and the time scale zoom, this could have quite a few pages to print. Suggestions to get graphic data to the printer?

Spreadsheet Control - Gantt Chart
I was trying to create something like a Gantt chart using the spreadsheet control but cant seem find information on accessing the proprties for individual cells, such as background color. Can anyone help?

How To Make A Chart (MS Chart) With Data From A DB????
Hi all,

Can u show me how to have a chart produced from data directly (or indirectly) from a MDB (access2000)???

An example project would be brilliant, or the code???

Please help

Make Chart
how do you make a bar chart in VB6 using MS Chart control?
(using data from a databbase)

can some1 write some example code?


Make A Simple Chart In VB
I'm trying to make a simple bar chart or graph in VB. What is the easiest way to do this? Where could I find a tutorial or something on this?

Need To Make A Speedometer Chart
Hi all, I am a newcomer to VB and don't really know what I am doing. I am trying to make a speedometer to visualise data from an excel spreadsheet. For example, if cell in excel reads 86% then the needle points to 86 on the dial.

I have made one using doughnut graphs and found one made with scatter graphs but my boss wants it to look fancier and the needle to be smooth running rather than jump to numbers.

I can create the dial and the needle no problem, but cannot get the needle to move. Is it possible, if so can some one please help me!

Thank you.

How To Make A Chart Report

i am newbie here...

i'm making a project in vb6 and i want to create a chart report displaying the months...i want to display the whole year even if i have only 2 months...btw i'm using mysql as my database...

hope u could help me with my problem...


If You Are Planing To Make Chart
I realy need to share this

If you are gona make chart in VB this is maby this is som for you

I find this in

Make Text In Chart
Can I write text to a chart and save chart as GIF ?

Make A Chart Name Refer To A Cell.

What I'm trying to do is create a new chart with the title being collected from a certain cell; A1

I'm using the line

ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsNewSheet, Name:= <Cell A1>

but I'm really not sure what to put after the name in order to refer to a cell.

Any ideas?

Most Appreciated

How To Make Line Chart That Always Updated
Anyone know how to make a line chart that updates the data every 10 ms and the chart just show latest 10 sec datas.

so it's like Stock chart with ticks time scale

like this --->
chart type = Line chart
Time scale = Ticks

but in VB.
If anyone have the sample program... please attach.


How To Make Usercontrol With Excel Chart?
If someone knows how to make a usercontrol (or an active X) with OLE excel chart? I know it's difficult, but if there any ways to make this... tell me.

Thanks a lot


Make Treevew Act Like Pedigree Chart
Good day

I've been trying to make the Treeview control work more like a pedigree chart. Currently, every child node of the treeview goes UNDER the parent node. For a Pedigree chart, some child nodes go above and some go below.

The best example of this type of chart is a family tree only rather tha going from the top down, one would go from left to right. The parent node would be centered vertically and then one child node (the father) would go above this node and to the right, and the other child node (the mother) would go below this node and also to the right. Each child (well, actually parent ) node would have similar mother and father nodes going above and below.

Is this possible with the treeview or does anyone know of any other way to accomplish this?

Many Thanks
- Shaun

How Can I Make A Chart (jpg) In Batch Without Excel

i'm having the following problem:

i have a VB6 program that makes an HTML document which contains a chart. The chart is made by making an excel document and chart. This excel document is then exported to a html document. This works fine but the program has to function on a server which doesn't have excel. Also this program is supposed to run in batch (no visualisation in VB6, no forms).

Does anyone has any idea how to solve this problem?

If i can make a chart in jpg format based on data that is stored in a db, i can put that in a html template.


Column Chart, Make Columns Touch?
Any ideas on how to make the columns in a column chart touch?
Please take a look at the bmp to see what I mean by column chart. Thanks!!!

Make Menu Visible When Chart Is Activate
Hi to all,

I would like to ask you how is it possible to make menu or command button visible, when the chart in excel is activated?


Make Chart At Form Based On Yes/No Check Box
 any1 know how?

can i make calculation for check box? coz i make another Survey system than use Comply and Don't Comply only.. in the end of month, it will show graph for performance for each my crew..

any have an idea? i've tried it but still blur

any example?

Gantt OCX
I'm looking for a Gantt Chart Add-In to be used with VB6. Previously used GanttOCX but this is a few years old now so I was hoping someone could recommend a new one!

It needs to be able to read data from an Access database.

Thank you.

Gantt In SQL
So I have 4 (relevant) fields in a table

Candidate_ID | Program_ID | Start_Date | End_Date
1 | 10 | 29/01/04 | 28/07/04
2 | 20 | 29/01/04 | 28/04/04
I now want to display this information on a 12 month, rolling gantt chart type format e.g.

Program_ID | Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | ...etc
10 | 1 | 1 | 1 ------> and on to July
20 | 2 | 2 | 2 ------> and on to April
I want to be able to supply a single date parameter, the SQL should use this date as the starting month of the recordset. The above example is convenient in that the dates are within the same year, obviously the correct solution will handle periods which span 2 different years!

I've been playing with crosstabs, unions and all sorts of convoluted ideas. The last time I did this was with some involved code, but I'm convinced that I've overlooked a simple SQL solution. Unfortunately I've confused myself so efficiently in tha last day that I thought some fresh perspective might be a good idea

Gantt OCX
I'm looking for a Gantt Chart Add-In to be used with VB6. Previously used
Gantt OCX but this is a few years old now so I was hoping someone could
recommend a new one.

It needs to be able to display data from an Access database.

Thank you.

Gantt OCX
I'm looking for a Gantt Chart Add-In to be used with VB6. Previously used GanttOCX but this is a few years old now so I was hoping someone could recommend a new one I could use!

It needs to be able to display data from an Access database.

Thank you.

Help! Searching For Gantt.OCX
Can any one help me in locating an ActiveX control? I have been searching the web for a Gantt.ocx. I'm fairly new with ocxs so not sure what I'm getting into. I want the 'look and feel' MSProject offers in their Gantt chart without using all of their tables. I have data already stored in Oracle tables.

I have downloaded a demo model of phGantt from plexityHide but have not been able to make it work with my database tables from Visual Basic 6. I will continue to work with it but wonder if someone else has a better idea...

Does any one have any suggestions?


Gantt Charts
Can any body help me in getting free source code for Gantt charts or Gantt ActiveX
I am a student, cant spend 2 much money.

or if any one has it, can he help me

So, pls help me in finding it free

<edit>Please don't double post, the same question was asked here</edit>.

Edited by - rock on 10/20/2005 2:36:24 PM

Gantt Charts
Can any body help me in getting free source code for Gantt charts or Gantt ActiveX
I am a student, cant spend 2 much money.

or if any one has it, can he help me

So, pls help me in finding it free


Active X For Gantt Graphics
I really need a ActiveX to create Gantt Graphics, Actually I had found 3 of them, Gantt/OCX by AddSoft, VCXGantt and a Suite do Project development by suprasoft, but each component not have all functions that I need.

Can Anybody Help me?

P.S.: Sorry about my english )

From The Scratch....

I would like to learn visual basic from the scratch,

Actually I know BASIC, C/C++, ASP, and few database programming and also I know little bit VB6,
but when I start doing any application I have to ask for help for even basic thing.

Can anyone please guide me where I can find these kind of tutorial from the scratch or something ?

Otherwise any advise would be appreciated?


Snake From Scratch
can anyone spare time to help me build snake from scratch, i have tried many codes i could find on net, but i get confused all the time,.........i want a simple classical game with all the features......... i have lot of hopes in gettin help here

Database From Scratch??
Hey, I've got to make a database program for a company and they don't want to get into any liscensing issues, so I was wondering, how hard would it be to create a database program, with capabilities similar to that in MSworks, entirely from scratch, and how would I go about doing it? Thanks! ^_^

Gamer X (

Connection From Scratch - Help
Hey guys & gals...

I've been having one helluva time connecting my program (Vb 6.0) to an Access database.

The connection worked perfectly for months and then all of a sudden crapped out. So I'm trying to re-create it from scratch using the same methods that worked before.

I have an ODBC connection to the Access file called "PHYSDAT".
There IS a password for this database, but I have entered it into the ODBC connection.

So all I should have to do is have VB hit this ODBC connection.

In VB I have the following connection string to connect to my ODBC connection...
PhysDat.Open "Provider=MSDASQL.1;Persist Security Info=False;Data Source = PhysDat"

It's giving me an error saying "Provider Cannot be Found. It may not be properly installed". This worked fine before.

What can I do here to fix this?

I've re-installed MDAC and still.....this error!

WHERE Can I Learn COM+ From Scratch.
hello there

WHERE can i learn COM+ from scratch.


Want An Example To Scratch The Picture File
I would like to change the size of the picture box at runtime.
i want a picture to be fit in that picture box.
the picture should be scratched (resized) with the picture box.

Bitmap Creating From Scratch
Hello, i am plannin on making a program that changed the desktop background depending on variables given. Is it possible to make a bitmap in a way that is like plotting the points? almost like a graph plotting style (if you see what i mean). Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Creating A Web Browser From Scratch
If someone could help me with the following I would greatly appreciate it.

I am working on a new project. I am wanting to build a web browser. One with some what the same functionaliy of (Smart Explorer or the slimbrowser) . I have been looking for some code to get me started or to walk me through it and I have had no luck. Could someone help or any ideas of where I would find all of this information that I am looking for ??

Derivatives H.W. Implementation Scratch
Hi there,

I am not sure about the calculated interest rate values as the chart "calibration" shows a zick-zack outline which might be caused by the mean-reversion. Does the chart look ok or is the chart result a strange one?

Unfortunately I am not a finance expert. If you notice anything completely strange referring to the calculation (I know that the code is horrible :-( 1st VBA project) pls. let me know.

The implementation is based on:

- Hull, J.; White, A. (1996): „Using Hull-White Interest-Rate Trees” Journal of Derivatives.

- Hull, J.; White, A (1994): “Numerical Procedures for Implementing Term Structure Models I: Single-Factor Models” The Journal of Derivatives.

Thank you very much!!!

pls open the filethe data you see is from a previous calculationto start a new calcualtion, press "clear" and "start"to manipulate the calculation, you can change the values of the yellow fields in the "input" section ("periods" and "expansion")

Where To Learn Database From Scratch For Vb
Where to learn database from scratch for vb
I can't seem to find a good database to save my chat room ips
to a Database, is there anyplace that can teach me to understand
databases in VB, the codes ifound in Planet source code is
over my head i was unable to modify just for adding my chat
ip's and username, can anyone please tell me where to learn
from scratch Thank You.

Oops i forgot i need the code also. Along with
the help..
Thank You


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Connecting To Oracle From Scratch

I was hoping to get some help on the following (which is more based on the db and not as much on vb)

1) There is a remote server running Oracle 9i
2) I'm trying to create a VB gui to just accomplish simple queries and such to this server.
3) I know how to use ADo and connection strings and such to connect to a server (i've never actually used an oracle server, just local ms access and all that needs to change as far as vb code would be the ocnnection string (i believe))

4) I've tried to find what i'm looking for on the net but i'm even more confused now as i've read about tons of buzzwords...

Ok the question: What exactly do I need to install to be able to connect to the server. ODBC drivers, some sort of oracle client installer? etc. etc. That's the problem i'm having and I can't seem to find it. I don't think i can get access to the client installer or what not, so if that is the case is how would I accomplish this?

Any help would be great, thanks.


Creating A Shape From Scratch
:/ i forgot :P. I remember dim shpShape as shape but not working. Can i get a quick mind refresh, thnx,

How To Create A Listview From The Scratch?
Hi Guys,

I am trying to create a listview from the scratch. How can i do that?


Creating Menus From Scratch
I have done a search on the forums on creating menus, but all I can find is how to add menu items to existing menus. Is there a way to create menus from nothing? Without having to create the first in a control array with the menu editor?

***Scratch Disk *** 25% Resolved

Originally posted by axion_sa
Photoshop uses what's called a "Scratch Disk", from what I understand it's a buffer type thing stored on the actual hard-drive as well as a touch of RAM.

i want to store 2d array of data a(90000,90000). anyone help
me to create "Scratch Disk" to avoid out of memory !

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