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How To Write TSR Program In VB ?

Dear friends,

I want to write the TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) Programs in VB, So kindly tellme that how can i write it ? Is there any mathod in VB to capture an intrupts like timer intrupt or keyboard intrupt or mouse intrupt etc. ? Can I modify the IVT (Intrupt Vector Table) using the VB ?

In C or C++ we can use the function getvect() and setvect() to read and write IVT and by that method we can capture the intrupt and write TSR program which will activate on any captured intrupt. How Can I do this in VB ?

If you have any Idea about it then please email me.

Desai Paras


Edited by - desai_paras on 8/13/2003 5:54:04 AM

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How To Write A Vb Program To Minimize A Program
how to write a vb program to minimize a program

How Do I Write To Another Program?
im real confused here.
i have to run a windows (or a dos, whichever is easier) program, input a pretty long string, give it a command by pressing control+R, then close the program.
i have considered writing to a text file named with the extension perticular to the program, but then im still left with the need to press control+R...

if you can just tell me what commands to look into id be much ablidged, but i can pledge my firstborn to anyone who can help me out soon...

Write To Program
Hi everybody!

I am thinking of developing (just as a test) a "secure" program. I know there are lots of ways to do it but I would like to know how to do it this way for future reference.

My idea involves having two Constants in Visual Basic: The HDSN and FirstTimeRun. FirstTimeRun should be set to 0 and then HDSN to 0 also.

I need a way to "write" to my program. I know this sounds odd but let me explain. I read somewhere that using a hex editor, you can edit constants that are declared in Visual Basic (if you can find them). I also know (thanks to!) that there are hex editors built in Visual Basic.

So I guess that I need a way of finding the constant in my program, and changing it.

Thanks everybody

Trying To Write A Program Need Help!!!
I am trying to to write a VB program that can add, update, and delete records from an MS Access Database.
I have some below, but I'm not sure where to place it in my program..Can someone help me...





Set Conn = New ADODB.Connection
Conn.Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OleDb.4.0"
Conn.ConnectionString = (App.Path & "Accounts.mdb")

Set Rs = New ADODB.Recordset
Rs.CursorType = adOpenDynamic
Rs.LockType = adLockOptimistic
Rs.ActiveConnection = Conn
Rs.Open "Select * from Acc_Heads"

Write In A Program
hi there,

maby it is a stupid question but my program is connected to a device on a comport en it changes sometimes it is com 1 or com 2
is there a way to write in the program so when a select com1 that he always stands on com 1. that means when i close the program en start it again that he will stand on com 1

What Program Can You Write In VB
Can anyone tell me the limits of Visual basic. In real world applications, what sort of program would be written in visual basic. Can you create very powerfull programs in Visaul basic or is it limited to very small applications.

Many thanks in advance

Can Someone Write This Program...
i need a program that will ping a server every .5 seconds and log all failed pings into .txt file along with date and time in order to detect if i am connected to the internet... can someone write this program for me please???i have VB6 enterprise edition so i can compile it myself

i just need this because my internet access has been failing lately and i need a way to log when it fails

What Kind Of Program Can I Write
Hello All
i am VB newbie...
what kind of program can i write?

Open Program Then Write To It
how would you open a program such as notepad then write in the main section of it?

so, when the pgoram starts, it opens notepad then writes text such as "HELLO" in the notepad window

would this be possible and if so please could you show me a sample code which shows you how do do it?

Write When Program Ends?
How can I cause an event to happen when my program is being unloaded?

Without using the "x" button or an end button?


Lets say I have a simple app that will pop a msgbox saying "Shuting Down" when the program is ended via task manager or shutdown.

How could I go about doing that? Because query unload and form unload only seem to work when I close the app from the app, such as End, Unload, clicking the "x"

Can I Write A VB Program That Is Executed
from the DOS prompt?

I've been looking for an example of VB program that will allow me to run from the DOS prompt or command line and read in a .txt file and write a .txt file, but havn't found one yet!

Thanks for any pointers.

I Need To Write A Program That Can Interact With Another.
Hi I need to write a very basic program that can run another windows based program and enter text into the text boxes of this windows based program.

Can i call the program then send tab signals and send other keystrokes to it?

If anyone can help point me in the right direction or provide some small sample code it would help me a lot.

many thanks


I Want To Write A Ftp List Program?
Could someone teach me how to write such a program in VB?

How To Write Program For Windows CE Using VB 6.0?
any one can help me?
how to write program for windows CE using VB 6.0?

How To Write A Program Like Taskmanager ??
I asked this qustion because i wanna write a progam to Crack an intenet cafe i mustnt pay...he..he..any know where there is a progam like Taskmanager, we can entask any program by using it ?
Thank u !!!

How Can I Write A IIF Function In My Program
Now I write a "Calculation Machine" program.
The use can inputs a string, just like this T=a1+a2
then the program automatically know: a1 and a2 are variable
later the use inputs choose a1 and give 1 as value, choose a2 and give 2 as value.
After this my program will give the value 3

Now I want to strengthen this function: I want to allow the user to use some logical function inside, for example,
The user can input a string, just like this T=IIf(a1+a4>3,3)+a2
later the use inputs choose a1 and give 1 as value, choose a2 and give 2 as value,choose as and give 4 as value.
But After this my program will give the value 5,notice not 7.

How can I do this work?
Can you help me?

How Can I Write Demo Program
i have to write some code about my program safe..
where can i find program safe OCX or something like that ..

How To Write A Macro For Other Program Using VB ?
I wanna write a application like a macro. My macro will auto do a list of works with other app (like IE) ofcause this app hasn't macroedit (like IE,YIM,....).thank for your help.

Using Vb To Write A Wallclock Program
hi there,
please i need assitant on how to use a vb application software to produce a functioning wallclock(digital) and analogue

Who Knows How To Use VB To Write An Application Install Program??

Anyone knows how to use VB to write an install program?? Thanks


Help!! Write Polygon Detection Program
Can some one help me with this

This program detects the type of a polygon based on the first character, and defines
number of angles for it.
The recognized polygons are:
Polygon | Polygon | Number of
Code| Type | Angles
T, t | Triangle | 3
S, s | Square | 4
P, p | Pentagon | 5
H, h | Hexagon | 6
C, c | Circle | 0

All other codes are illegal. Error processing is REQUIRED.

Input values are provided in (this set of value is the MANDATORY test patern):
- Quiz2Ch0405.dat

1. For every input line, display polygon type and number of angles.
2. The program loops until a space (' ') or
an exit ('X', 'x') or
a zero ('0') or
a null ('') is encountered.
3. After the completion of the loop, the program displays total number of polygons
analyzed and number of angles counted.

1. Use of selection structure not appropriate to the problem (-10%).
2. Use of repetition structure not appropriate to the problem (-10%).

1. Numbers of each type of the polygon encountered (+10%).
2. Alternate repetition solution (in addition to the primary one) (+20%).
3. Alternate selection solution (in addition to the primary one) (+20%).
4. Aggregation of angles and counters is performed in a function (+25%).

Write Program To EXCEL Certain Cell

Anybody can help me? Thank you in advance.

I want to program to EXCEL cell. I have some data in database, and write to an excel file, I want to control the cell property, eg. location,color,font.


How Do I Write A Non-interactive Program? (Newbie)
Hi All

I have just started to use VB and so please excuse the question. Previously, I have been more involved in Mainframe programming using COBOL and I am now moving over to PC based application programming.

I have been asked to re-write an old COBOL program, which accepts a data Input file of Names and Addresses. The program then processes the data and outputs it to a Report (Sort of like labels).

As far as I can see, VB is 'event' driven. All the programs I have written so far require some interaction from the User. Is it possible to write an application program that will execute without any interaction (no events) from the User in the same manner as a COBOL batch program?

Many thanks

Write Text To An Exsisting Program
hi, please can any1 tell me the code for accessing an exsisting program and writing a certain phrase into that application then to press enter. i have no idea how to do this and i am very new to programmin!

if it is any help to the people out there who may try to help me, the program im trying to write to looks like an msdos window, however it is a server for a game on the internet, the cursor in this program stays at the end of the textgame info in there ready for the next text to be writen.

plz help me !!!

Program Wont Write To File
im attempting to make a program that will examine each line from a server log on my counter strike source server, and write to another text file everything an admin does...

here is an example of a server log:


L 04/23/2006 - 16:51:18: [SBSRC] Player with ID was checked recently, ignoring.
L 04/23/2006 - 16:51:19: "†AiDeN†<304><STEAM_0:0:8268692><Unassigned>" joined team "CT"
L 04/23/2006 - 16:51:19: Admin [-'TbC| Bang.] [STEAM_0:1:8215145] Executed : ma_givecash : Player [-'TbC| Bang.] [STEAM_0:1:8215145] had [800] cash, now has [16000] cash
L 04/23/2006 - 16:51:19: [MANI_ADMIN_PLUGIN] Admin [-'TbC| Bang.] [STEAM_0:1:8215145] Executed : ma_givecash : Player [|TAG|=>Ownerer Noobe^[Owners]] [STEAM_0:1:397838] had [30] cash, now has [16000] cash

the 4th line is an example of what i want written, in this case, the admin gave everyone $16000, the line is identified as an admin command by the program by detecting the"[MANI_ADMIN_PLUGIN]" text heild within... but for some reason, with the code ive made, it will not print to the second file

VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Load()Dim tmp() As StringDim splittmp As StringDim printtofile1 As StringEnd Sub Private Sub command1_Click() Dim tmp() As StringOpen "c:L0423004.txt" For Input As #1Open "c:l0423004-admin.txt" For Output As #2     tmp = Split(Input(LOF(1), 1), vbCrLf)Close #1For x = 0 To UBound(tmp) splittmp = Split(tmp(x), " ")         If Manicheck1 = True Then                    If splittmp(4) = "[MANI_ADMIN_PLUGIN]" Then                            printtofile1 = tmp(x) & vbNewLine                Print #2, printtofile1                printtofile1 = ""                            End If                    End If        Close #2 Next    MsgBox " Finished. " End Sub

any idea whats wrong?

How To Write A Matched Result Program
i'm writing a match making program, whereby user can select a list of criteria from various combo box, like age, hobby, occupation.... after they select all their necessary criteria and press start, the program will search a matched result from the Member Records database according to their selected criteria..

now the question is which method most suitable to do this? using seek or find function or any better way?

please comments..

How Do I Write A Resize Event For My Program?
Hello everyone,
Well my program is finally pretty much finished but now I want to write a resize event for it so that it looks good with all different resolutions. How would I go about doing this?
Any Tips are appreciated

Write To A Sub-form When Program First Loads?
I have a main form (Not MDI), with a cmdButton which
activates/Shows another form (the sub-form).
The sub has an array of OptionButtons. I want to write to the Captions of the OptButts at program startup, from the main form.

At present my code for captions is in the form_load of the sub, which means that they are unecessarily written-to/loaded every time the cmdButton is pressed. (Captions are in the registry).
Is there an uncomplicated way to do this?
Help would be much appreciated.... at my wits end...

How To Write Memory-resident Program In VB.
I want this program to stay in memory like anti-virus programs after closing the application.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

How To Write A Program To Set A Keyboard Hook?
Can someone tell me how to write a program to set a keyboard hook. I've seen an example in c++ but i just don't understand anything.

How Cna I Do This I Wnat To Open A Program And Write To It In Tell It The Icq# = Some
how cna i do this i wnat to open a program and write to it in tell it the icq# = something

How To Write A Vb6 Program To Work In Network
my son has developed some programs using vb (ver 6) and I need to have the programs to work at my office network (LAN) system.

what is needed to make the programs networkable?

thanking in advance,

Write A Number Separator Program
I am completely new to VB. I have to write a program that takes a 5 digit number and separates the digits by 3 spaces. I do not hvae the first clue how to do this. Could anyone plase help me!!!!

How Do You Write A Change Machine Program?
please anyone help me out i try to write a program call Change Machine Please help me out !!!

Change Machine: The user interface has three text boxes, four labels and two buttons.
Text Boxes: Sale Price, Amount Tendered and Change
Sale price, Amount field should accept only numeric data as dollars and cents. If the user enters say '16.55568",it should round off to nearest cent "16.56" before making computation. If a user tries to modify amount tendered or price, the change and coins field should blank out. These fields should not accept negative numbers. If the amount tendered is less than Price, Bring up a Model error dialog box with a "vbCritical icon" a message" Amount tendered is less then the Price" and change field should blank out. If Amount or Price fields are blank bring up Modal error dialog box with a "vbInformation icon" & a message " You must enter an amount in both Price and Amount Tendered"

Labels: Quarters,Dimes,Nickels and Cents
These are labels with display Quarters, Dimes , Nickels and Cents. The machine should use least number or coins while computing the change.

Buttons: Change and Quit
Change is the default button and displays change when clicked. The form should have "The Change Machine" and only a close button on it title bar. The dialog boxes have "Error" and no button on their title bar. Quit is for exiting from the program.

Here is my program i did please verify the error for me thanks you

option ExplicitSub Command1_Click()Dim dPrice as Double, dGiven as DoubleDim iChangeIsDue as Integer, iChange as IntegerdPrice = Val(Text1.Text)dGiven = Val(Text2.Text)Picture1.ClsPicture2.ClsiChangeIsDue = 0If (dPrice &gt; dGiven) then iChangeIsDue = 1End IfiChange = ConvertToPennies(dPrice, dGiven)Picture2.print iChangeIf (iChange = 0) then Picture1.print "Thanks!"ElseIf (iChangeIsDue = 1) then Picture1.print "Too little! You''re short by "else Picture1.print "Your change is exactly "End IfIf iChange &gt;= 100 then Call GetChange(100, iChange)If iChange &gt;= 50 then Call GetChange(50, iChange)If iChange &gt;= 25 then Call GetChange(25, iChange)If iChange &gt;= 10 then Call GetChange(10, iChange)If iChange &gt;= 5 then Call GetChange(5, iChange)If iChange &gt;= 1 then Call GetChange(1, iChange)End SubFunction ConvertToPennies(byval dPrice1 as Double, byval dGiven1 as Double)ConvertToPennies = Int((100 * Abs(dPrice1 - dGiven1)) + 0.5)End FunctionSub GetChange(byval iCoin as Integer, iChange1 as Integer)Dim iPieces as IntegerDim answer as stringiPieces = iChange1 iCoiniChange1 = iChange1 - (iPieces * iCoin)answer = Str$(iPieces)Select Case iCoin Case 100 answer = answer + " dollar" Case 50 answer = answer + " half dollar" Case 25 answer = answer + " quarter" Case 10 answer = answer + " dime" Case 5 answer = answer + " nickel" Case 1 answer = answer + " penny"End SelectIf (iPieces &gt; 1) then answer = answer + "s"End IfPicture1.print answerPicture2.print iChange1End Sub

Write A Mail Sending Program
Do anyone has the sample code of a mail program written in Vb ? i need it urgently. Thanks.

I'll highly appreciated those who help me.. Thanks again.

How Can I Write Multi-thread Program In VB?
Hi! Everybody!

I want to know how to write create another thread like VC++ function

AfxBeginThread. Could i achieve similiar function in VB? Besides, i try

to create another thread from a DLL generated by Visual C++ but something

is string happening. Is it right to do this?

I hope anyone could help me!

Thank you very much!

VB6: Is Is Possible To Write A Program That Will Update An Excel Macro?
Using VB6 I want to update an excel spreadsheet. This is an easy task, however the spreadsheet I am updating contains a dropdown box right on the sheet. I want to write a program that will allow me to access the spreadsheets macro module and insert lines of code. Is this possible?

Write A Program Like Norton Ghost 2003?

Are there is code samples or projects out there that make an attempt at backing up a hard drive like Norton Ghost 2003 does?

My situation is that I have a lot of machines to back up over many years to come. This will cost a lot in licensing fees if I use someone else's backup software. I would like to write my own.


Need To Write A Program That Will Calculate The Mathematical Expression N!
Write a program that will calculate the mathematical expression n!. Initially, ask the user for the integer n, and then run a loop that calculates what the result is. Use a variable total, which at the beginning of the program is set to 1. The loop will then multiply total with n, and n is decremented for each round.

please help!

Write A Program Torun Evryday At 9.00pm
I have to write a program tht will run 7 days per week at 9.00pm and append the data to the 3 tables in SQL 2000.
Now i am not sure how to go about it.
I am at lost how to go about it using VB6.0
and write a stored proc tht will run 7 days per week at 9.00pm and also append to the 3 tables?
Pls can someone guide me and give a similar sample code?

How To Write A Program To Automatically Logged Off From Application
Really trying to find a way to write a program which will automatically
logged off from application
when the application is idle for certain timing. Any help is greatly


How Write To A Driver Program Or CDand DVD Burner
pls can anyone tell me how i can develop an application to be a driver .
the driver will be working as the print function in any document which will send a document to database instead
of a printer

secondly, is there any opensource code to write a cd/dvd burnner program or a active X


How Write VB Program To Dial A Modem And Connect To Internet ?
I am doing a program to dial a modem by using MSComm ...
My code ...

code :
MScomm.commport = 1
MSComm.portopen = true
MScomm.output = "ATDT" & phoneNumber & vbclrf

then the modem will dial and connected and The modem feedback the
Login and password .. after I send my password and Login name ...It success connect to the ppp site ...

But Why I can't not access internet ?
Is it missing something ?

Any one can help me ? Thanks....

Write Text From VB Program To NotePad Or Email Composer

I want to know how to transfer text from VB program to notepad or email composer or other program? I saw command GetDC, DrawText, but don't know how to use it. Any idea on how to start the program?

How To Write A Program To Insert User Defined Symbols In MS-Word
I want to write a s/w which will type some user defined special symbol
in microsoft word depending upon the combination of key pressed.

What I am thinking is I should write a dll in vc in which I can create
bits maps for those symbol .This dll will have the capability to load
bitmaps on a given RichEdit control whenever a specified combination of
keys is pressed .Now if I can some how pass "Edit Control" word is
using ,to this dll I can load those special symbol into word document .

How I can access word editor to pass to my dll?

How To Write A Code Which Lets User Inputs The Time He Want The Program To Exit?
As above.

Put advise.

For example, he will enter 05:30. WHen the system clock hits 05:30, the program would end.

How to do this?

Please advise.


How To Write Program For Recording From Microphone And Save In Human Readable Format
hi everyone,

can any body tell me how to write a program for recording sound from microphone and save it in human readable format (text format ) for speech analysis. My os is window xp.
please help...........

How To Write Simple Mobile Phone Program - Hints, Links And Sample Codes Are Welcomes
Please help, i am trying to develop and write a simple mobile phone program using vb. If you has any idea, please help. Links and tips and sample codes will be appreciated. thanks.

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