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How To Add A Radio Button Or Check Box To List View?

How to add a radio button or check box into a list view?
I want to let user select by clicking it.

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How Do I Check A Radio Button?
When using a webcontrol, you can automatically select a dropdown list by doing something like this:

wb.Document.All("sMonth").selectedIndex = 0

How would I select a radio button?

Radio Button Or Check Box
I have an SQL Server database that has a field that will accept the 'Y' and 'N' values. On my VB form I could either represent this with check boxes or radio buttons. How do I get my controls to return Y or N to SQL Server, also how will they be checked depending on the values of 'Y' or 'N'
Thanks in advance

VB. Net List View Check Box
Hai all,

In How can i check and un check a item in list view .
(ie) when a check box is checked ,some action
and when unchecked another action.

Richard I.P

How Do You Check If A List View Is Empty (RESOLVED WITH THANKS)
getting a error with ....

If frmAlert.lstAlert.Container = "" Then

getting wrong number of arguments or invalid property

How To Include Option Button Or Check Box In A File List Box?
Hi all,

     I want to view list options as option buttons or checkboxes, like in menu bar items.



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Check Box, Radio Box. Refering From VB
im creating a program and at the moment all i want to do is display some data from tables in an access DB. i didnt make the DB, its a co-workers and we're on the same project. basically he's created 2 check boxes, one yes, one no. However they are actign like radio boxes (i.e. only 1 can be selected, the other one goes off)

ive duplicated the check boxes in VB and when i went to assign a the data to it, there was only 1, so im not sure what to do. as a test i created a text box and assigned it to that and the values range between -1 and 0 what should i do?

ive attached the database so people can see it. it has forms fronting it, so click the "Base Units" button to see the check boxes im rambling on about. any help appreciated!!

Radio Button And Command Button
hi friends,
there are two radio buttons and two command buttons in my form. two radio buttons are grouped together using frame. when i click command button 1 radio button 1 must be selected similarly when i click command button 2 radio button 2 must be selected. how can i do this ?. thank you

Radio Button/Option Button
Hi all,

This is probably a silly question. I have several sets of radio button.E.g.

opHeart(0) opHeart(1) opHeart (2)
opTeeth(0) opTeeth(1) opTeeth(2)

I thought that VB would know how to group it since I have given them different names for each group (groupA: Heart group B: Teeth) but when I make opHeart(0).value = true i cannot make opTeeth(0).value = true and vice versa

What should I do to make both opTeeth(0).value = true and opHeart(0).value = true?

Got the solution: put the opHeart in one frame. put opTeeth in another frame.

Internet Radio: Please Check Code.
When ever i run my code i alwys receive a Runtime Error "5" Invalid procedure call or argument. The code it highlights is this:

WS.Connect Left(Station, InStrRev(Station, ":") - 1), Mid(Station, InStrRev(Station, ":") + 1, Between(InStrRev(Station, ":"), Len(Station) + 1))

VB marks the ":"

I can connect to a radio station but when i try to debug the code, VB crashes.

WS = Winsock Control

Radio Check Box To Have Program Stay On Top?
Hi Everyone, I have written a little program (VB6), which I would like to add a radio button to to give the user the ability to keep the application 'on top' or 'in front'.

I know I have seen this done before with calculator typ programs and such. I searched around a bit but could not find anything,,, maybe Im not using the correct terms in my searches?? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks for any guidance

Radio Button
Hi all, I created 3 radio buttons within a frame, are there properties that I need to set in order for user to pick only 1 radio button selection at a time?


Radio Button Help
I got 1 Form with 2 sets of Radio

For Example

Are you?
And Are you?
(Radio) Over 25
(Radio) Under 25

I want the Age Radio and the Gender Radio to be two different sets. Whats the Proptery that I change?

Radio Button Help. Please
hi all,
i am a student at a technology school and i am placing the finishing touches on final project which is a test for a lower level class, but i am having trouble getting my radio buttons to default to an unselected mode. in other words when the answers come up for the question i do not want a radio button already selected, how do i do that? the other issue i am having is i want a message box to appear when a radio button is not selected and the command button is clicked (command button goes to next question)?

this project is do very soon, so any help would be appriciated.


Radio Button
how Can Use the Radiobutton for Sample For Vb.Net

RAdio Button
Is there any easier way of doing this. It is taking me ages to think of ALL the possibilities.
I have 4 sets of radio buttons with labels 'yes' and 'no'.

If any of ONE of the radio buttons = no then output "1"
If TWO radio buttons = no then ouput "2"
If THREE radio buttons = no then output "3"
if FOUR radio buttons = "NO then output "4"

Anyone know how to do this without having to go through all the possibilities of 'if option1 = true And option2 = false etc etc


Radio Button Pop Up Box Vbs
i have a vbs script and i need a option box to come up to display 2 radio buttons or check boxes or something where they can select between 2 options

i have no idea how to do this

thanks in advance.
btw the program creates printers on my network i and i need them to be able to choose which printer they want as default.


Need Help With Radio Button!!!!
Im try to fill in a radio button on a webform

here my code

WebBrowser1.Document.getElementById("Privacy").Value = "A"

here the source
<input type="radio" name="Privacy" value="A" id="A" tabindex="1">
<input type="radio" name="Privacy" value="C" id="C" tabindex="1">

any help would be great

Radio Button

what should i do to the radio button, so that i can set more than one choices.

i have created two radio buttons, but i cant set them as "true" at the same time..



Radio Button
how do i make the backstyle of radio button to be transparent...

Getting RADIO Button VAlue(ASP)
I have a page which has a Radio button and when selected
i want to store the Value of selection into an arry
when they click say the next link

this did not work

Dim ansNum

ansNum = rsRecord.Fields("ID")

ansNum = ansNum-2

arrCanAns(ansNum) = <"choice.Value">

any Idea???


Radio Button
If I create 2 Radio Buttons as a control array and place them on a frame. Both of them can be selected . Why so ?

Radio Button Help
I have two areas on one form that require radio boxes. (Making a total of 4, 2 per section). How can I arrange it so that my program recognizes that the two sets are separate?

Hi all,

I am here with the radio button prob. I want to select gender. but then how do I make it write in my table and how do I retrieve it. Please do forgive me if I have posted this question already and also if u al think this question is a waste of time I will be happy if u give me some online source for radio button which will help me solve my prob.

thank u,

have a gr8 day


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Radio Button Help
I am making a survey with radio buttons corresponding to values 1 thru 5. I then display that value + any previous value in a label next to the selection box. I am stuck on taking away the value if the user makes one selection, then changes it to another selection.

I will try to draw it out.

    1 2 3 4 5 label1 label2 label3 label4 label5

The numbers are actually where the radio choices would be, I want the label to update, real time, with how many have made that selection. That is not a problem, the problem happens when I select 2, then change it to 5. Both label2 and label5 get incremented.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Radio Button

I am facing a probelm in my web application with the Radio Button.
I a not beiing able to catch the on "click" event.
This is event is available in a windows application, but is not in a web one. Any one has any idea of what could replace the "click" event.

N.B: The "checkChanged" event didn't do what I want.

Thanks for your help.

Radio Button
How to put a radio button in a pop-up menu? not in regular menu.


Visual Basic List View Control To View Network Computers

I am working on simple network connect utility and ready with the functinality. But I am stuck at a very important aspect of the GUI where I need a List View Control that will view the computers from the available LAN domains. And will let us select a particular computer on expanding the domain List Item. If not a list view then a treeview rather.

Also will this control let me select a NETWORK COMPUTER ONLY but not shared folders on its individual drives. Only computers has to be selected. Not the nodes (folders) shared at them.



[Excel-VBA] Form With Check And Radio Buttons
How do I get this form with its functionality into Excel with VBA code?

Windows File Explorer.. Icon View And List View.
I'm trying to duplicate a function of the explorer.. The folder contents view.

See example of what I mean...

I can do everything I need using the filelistbox with the sole exception of changing the display style. I don't want a file list, I want a list-view or icon-view. (Preferably both, with the option to switch between them.)

So my question to you fine people is...... what API or component could I find this capacity in? I've looked at all of the components and didn't see anything that looked close, and a search on the subject yeilds hundreds of people trying to emulate the "filemanager" explorer style, but none trying to kick out a normal, boring icon view like this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


List View PopUp Prob (lvwIcon View) *Resolved*
Hi all,

I have a listview in large icon view (lvwIcon). I have a popup menu displaying some options when the user right clicks an item that is specific for that item.

My question is this -

I want a different popup menu to show when the user right-clicks on a blank area of the listview which would display general options.

In my testing, whenever a blank area is clicked, the selected item is the first item (if none had been selected) or the current selected item (if one had already been selected).

I currently use the selecteditem.text to determine what pop up menu is to be used.

I guess in theory the code might be something like ;

If lvwMain.SelectedItem = Nothing then
PopupMenu mnuGeneral
PopupMenu mnuSpecific
End If

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Grid And Radio Button
I am planning to display my database by using grid
Since there are so many datum of each record
I planned to select some field to display on the grid
The output is about this :

Check Name Age ID
[RadioButton] Jim 20 1234
[RadioButton] Jay 24 4321

I want to create radio button or command button on one of the field of the grid. This is to let the user to see more details of that record.
Say, if the user click the radiobutton of Jim, and then click submit, a form with the details of Jim will be display.
**The user cannot edit the record by the grid, the user can do this only by click the button of the record, and let the form comes out in order to edit the record.

1.Could this be possibly to add radio button or command button as a field of grid??? If yes, could somebody give me some hints? I totally have no ideas...

2.There is datagrid, msflexgrid and mshflexgrid, what are there differences??
Which one suits me better?

Thanks for your attention!!

Weird Radio Button

For a project at work i need to automatically fill in a form but i have got a small problem.

On the form is a radio button without a value so i don't know how to select it.

Here's the code of the radio button:

PHP Code:

<input type="radio" name="srtform"
onClick="javascript:formulier('apparatuur')";> Apparatuur<br>
            &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type="radio" name="srtform"
onClick="javascript:formulier('verbinding')";> Systeem<br> 

I know the following code works in Visual Basic but their isn't a value for my radio buttons..

For i = 0 To WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0).length - 1
If WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0)(i).Type = "radio" Then
If WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0)(i).Value = "2" Then
WebBrowser1.Document.Forms(0)(i).Checked = True
End If
End If

Can somebody help me out? I know that you can do things like point the mouse to the location of the radio button and simulate a mouse click but i was wondering if their was a nicer solution for my problem.

Thanks a lot!


Radio Button Issue
I've got 3 radio buttons in a frame. When the program loads, I don't want any selected. The first is always selected. Any reason why?

Radio Button Status
set_window("Welcome to Customer Feedback",5);

i have used the above code to select a radio button on a webpage, i now need to check that the button has actually been selected. I am trying to do this using the following if statement:

tl_step("radio button", PASS, "radio button is correct");
tl_step("radio button", FAIL, "radio button is incorrect");
fErrorScreenshot("radio button");
report_msg("See radio button' Screenshot");

}#end else

but its not working, i need to fix the first line of code, but im not sure what to write.

anyone any ideas?


Radio Button Deselect
All i need help with is deslecting all my radio buttons at a click of a button any ideas?

Radio Button With Database
I am trying to use a radio buttons to select a field in a Access 2000 Database then I want to depending on what button I select for it to populate the rest of the fields into a text box. I know that it is opening the database and recieving info becuase the first record comes up for each button I select. Hope someone can help. Cant find any books with radio buttons and databases in them.

How To Access Radio Button In VB
Hello people

I would appreciate some advice on VB, and this might be a 2 minute task for a VB expert. Essentially, attached is a batch printing code that converts our CAd files to PDFs.

The batch works fine but we need a slight modification to it. Before it prints it in PDF (which is essntially saving a pdf copy and not actually printing on paper), we want it to select the "current display" option , which is in the form of a radio button.

My guess is that the code location is around .printout, but I might be wrong

Set The Focus Of A Radio Button
hi all
How do you set the focus of a radio button? And how do you print the content of a list box?

Radio Button Question
On a form I have five radio buttons in a frame, each with a different name and caption (Races for an RPG).

I also have five equivalent classes, with the same names.

When the user selects a radiobutton, I need to fill another 5 boxes full of data, which have the same names as the class members.

Instead of having a function for each button, ie.

Private sub RadioButtonHuman_Click()
Text1.Text = Human.blahblah
Text2.Text = Human.blahblah2
End Sub

Private sub RadioButtonElf_Click()
Text1.Text = Elf.blahblah
Text2.Text = Elf.blahblah2
End Sub

Would it be possible to have;

Private Sub RadioButton(Race)_Click()
Text1.Text = Race.blahblah
Text2.Text = Race.blahblah2

If you get my drift?

Basically, one function for all of the textboxes, which takes a parameter from the Radiobuttons Caption property, and uses it to fill the textboxes?

Radio Button Selection
I have a solution for this problem but thought I'd present it anyway.

I have an app with a set of 12 buttons and a set of 10 radio buttons (set invisible). Each button will display a subset of radio buttons when clicked. For example button 1 displays radio 1-8, button 2 displays radio 1-5 etc. Each time a button is clicked to reveal a set of radio buttons I want the 1st radio selected by default.

Now we hit the problem VB6 will not always select the 1st radio even if you force the selection in code. If you step through the code in the debugger it works ... but at runtime it doesn't! I suspect this will happen in also.

The only sloution I could find was to set a timer and force the selection of radio 1, 100 milliseconds (you can vary this) after clicking a button. If someone has a better solution or explanation of why this happens I'd love to know.

Dtpicker And Radio Button Help
how do i save the value from a dtpicker to my database?
what is it supposed to read? if i were to save the value of a textbox, it'll be something.text right? how do i save the value of a dtpicker and also the value of a radio button selected?
thanks in advance.

Radio/Option Button Help

I been working on this project for two days now, and I dont know how to activate the radio button. For this project, its an Gross/Net Pay project and I'm supposed to make program to calculate the gross pay and the net pay, which I did, but there also supposed to be two option buttons that calculate the Tax, Yes is for Tax and No is for no tax. Inside my code there is a an if statemaent.

If Hours <= 40 Then
pictable.Print Format(Pay, "currency")
ElseIf Hours > 40 Then
pictable.Print Format(Payovertime, "currency")
End If

So if someone puts something over 40 hours it wil calculate overtime. but i dont know how to put the radio button inside the code.
Please help, thank you very much

How Do I Fill This Radio Button?
This is a pain I tred very thing how do I fill this out here the html I want to select the female option.
<td class="newfieldlabel">Gender:</td>
<td class="newfieldinput">&nbsp;</td>
<td class="newfieldinput"> <div align="left">
<input type="radio" name="sex" value="M" />
<input type="radio" name="sex" value="F" />

Radio/Option Button

i have a form with two radio buttons and a command button. So, the code should allow user to choose one of the options and hit ok which should in turn call another form.

any help will be appreciated.

Last Radio Option Button

If i have say 5 radio buttons, and i am at time t on radio button 2 and then i click on radio button 4

is there a way i could know which was the last radio button i was on, in this case :radio button 2?

Radio Button(database)

i have inserted the value of "1" or "0" into the database on the choice of gender.


o Male o Female (Database stored "1" or "0" to determined the gender)
how should i go about on the agrument logic to set the radio button based on the "1" or "0" back to the radio button? i am using this function to edit the user profile.

dim rc as recordset

form1.op_gender.Item = rc.Fields("gender")
If form1.op_gender(0) = True Then
form1.op_gender.Value(0) = True

form1.op_gender.Value(0) = True

End If



Radio Button In ListView
This was asked before without any success so I try again. I also need suggestions if it can't be done.

"Is it possible to place radio buttons in a listview ? If it is, clearly they would need to be in the subitem area. Does anyone have any idea what the syntax may be?"

Also, if this can't be done, is there an object out there where you can display something like a listview to the user but where you can put radio buttons in a column ? I don't absolutly need a listview here. Anything that works will be fine with me.


Radio Button In Listview
Is it possible to place radio buttons in a listview ? If it is, clearly they would need to be in the subitem area. Does anyone have any idea what the syntax may be?

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