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How To Change The Captions Of Buttons In A Message Box

Hi all
I want to put a custom captions to the buttons in the message box. for
example instead of showing Yes, No, Cancel I want to put 'MOVE', 'CLEAR' AND
thanks in advance

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Change The Captions Of Buttons In MsgBox Function

is it possible to change the captions of buttons in MsgBox function? I' d like to rename Yes and No with words in bulgarian.
If it' s immpossible give me some idea how to solve that problem in other way.


Buttons With Vertical Captions
Is there a setting to make the captions of command buttons display vertically.

I've drawn them tall and narrow, but unfortunately I have a class module in my app to handle resizing, so when the user maximises the form the buttons get wider and mess up the formatting of the caption.

The only other thing I can think of is to make the text an image and put that on the button.

Thanks in advance for the help.

-Jack Vinitsky

Message Box Button Captions
I have a question that may be very basic, but I still need help.....

Besides just selecting the buttons to put onto a message box (OK, Cancel, Etc.) can you change these names without having to create an intire form.

In VB I don't mind creating the new forms, but my need is really for Excel VBA.

Thanks in advance for any help someone could give.....


Change All Windows Captions???
I thought I had this down, but I still need help with it,

I want to change every windows caption (in the title bar) to a string, EXCEPT the windows explorer caption.

I have been searching for a while now, I stiil can't get it.

Captions That Change Colour When You Mouse Over
g'day, i was wondering if anyone knew how to get the colour of a caption to change when the mouse mouse overs then change back whent the mouse leaves.

i can get it to change colour on mouse over, but i cant figure out how to get a on mouse effect.

using visual basic 6.0

MsgBox Question {change Button Captions}
Using a standard msgbox can you label the buttons on the msgbox with anything you want?

I need my msg box to have buttons that say:

[OK] [Completed]

Can I do this with a standard msgbox or do i have to create my own dialog box and pop it up to do that?

Shift: Change Command Captions To CAPS
Working on my onscreen keyword...

I have successfully used an array to send my command captions to a textbox.

I also have a nice "backspace" button working.

Any thoughts on how a SHIFT button could work easily? I would like the captions of each of my commands with lowercase letters to appear in capital letters for selection.


List Box Click And Text Box Captions Change
Hey everyone, on my form i have:



I have three items in List1 all of which are called: Test, Test2 and Test3

I would like the application to go so that when running, if i clicked Test in the listbox the captions of Text1 and Text2 would change to what i want them too.
Help is appreciated. Thanks

How To Change Column Captions And Names In MSHFlexgrid?
I am adapting a program developed by a former employee. It's an application which makes heavy use of the Access database (something fairly new to me). There is a file DataEnvironment1.dsr that I updated. In the VB app there is a MSHFlexgrid. When I check the Bounds property, I notice that the column captions and names are the same as those found in the old version of DataEnvironment1.dsr. How can these be updated to reflect my changes? I am suspecting that they are updated during runtime, but I've got a "bug" that prevents me from checking this out. Am I correct in my assumption?


VB: How To Change Command Captions AND How To Create Objects After Compilation ?
Hello, everyone.

I'm currently writing a program that will create parts of the form depending
on the data it reads from a disk. For example, rather than ME creating the
form with five radio/option boxes, I would leave the program read the file.
If it reads 2, then it will only create two option boxes.

How can this be done?

Also, I noticed that VB won't let me change the captions of command buttons
after I have run the program. What I'd like to do, after reading the same
file, is change the language of the command buttons, depending on what it
reads from the file.

Again, how can this be done.


Message Box Buttons

I'm using a message box with vbOKCancel. I'm trying to code it so that if ok is pressed the program continues, but if cancel is pressed it cancels the action. I'm not sure what I declare the cancel and ok buttons as. I've tried vbCancel and vbOK, but it doesn't work. Could anybody please help me?


Message Box Buttons
is it possible to change the names of buttons on msgboxes in vb?
also how do you handle the events from these buttons?

Message Box Buttons
Hi want to name my message box buttons instead of Ok And Cancel

i want them to be:

NUS Discount
Extra Nights

any ideas ?


Message Box With More Buttons?

Just wondering if there is a way to code a message box so that it has a few more buttons... like "Yes to All", and "No to All".

Currently I have a message box with "YES" and "NO", and have used the standard

Select Case MsgBox("Message." & vbCrLf & "Would you like do something?", vbYesNo + vbExclamation + defaultButton1, "Question")
    Case vbYes
        'Do something
    Case vbNo
End Select

I'd hate to having to create yet another form to perform this function!

Thanks again!

Message Box Without Buttons

I want to show a message box saying "Some thing is happening" but I do not want it to have a button that will pause the program.

Where can I find this or is there code to do this?

Any help Appreciated.



Custom Message Box Buttons?
Is it possible to have the VB standard msgbox control show custom text options? if so could u include sample code? thanx

Defining Message Box Buttons
how can i define message box buttons to do different things

Right now when i click the Ok or the Cancel button they do the same thing, any ideas?

My friend has looked through 2 or 3 books and dosnt understand it please help him better understand how to do it.

Custom Message Box Buttons
Does anyone know if there is a way to customize your message box buttons? For example I want to have these buttons on a message box:

Ok, Cancel, Install

Any ideas? Thanks.

Changing The Buttons In The Message Box
is it possible to change the buttons in the message box? can i change it to...instead of Yes or No, or Abort, Retry, Cancel, can i change it to Help or to any caption that i need?

Linked Buttons Error Message
I've built a workbook (CutInstMas.xls) that will be copied and distributed to multiple users. In order to keep the code in a centralized location, I've linked the buttons in CutInstMas.xls to a single file (CutInstCode.xls) kept in a network directory common to all users. Works great except that when I open CutInstMas.xls, I get an error message that says -
"Cannot find "AddPreset" on "CutInstCode.xls" There are two possible reasons:
The name you specified may not be defined.
The name you specified is defined as something other than a rectangular celll reference.
Check the name and try again."
This repeats for every button (~15).

The problem is that this error message is occuring prior to the Open method being called, so I can't program around it by having the CutInstCode.xls file open first (if it's already open, I don't get the error message).

How do I load CutInstCode.xls prior to whatever is causing the error messages to display or stop the messages from displaying? I don't want the users to have to load two files in order to use the worksheet.

Trapping Help Buttons From Message Boxes
Respected Sir,
My name is D.N.Rajesh from Bangalore.I am under training
in vb6.0.I am doing a project known as "Student Information"
In that Project I am trapping the errors & diplaying the userdefined message through the message boxes.
In message boxes I am putting a help button.
I want to know,If I click that helpbutton on messagebox it has
to take somewhere(eg:notepad)& it should show some messge ,which is
related to that error,which I had been typed already.
I don't know how to do that,I request you to please help me with
some explanation & please give the Code for that.
thank u & greatfull for your website.
please send me the code & if possible brief explanation about that.
If any mistakes in my writing,kindly adjust.
looking forward to hear from you sir..
thanking you sir.
your's truely

[Resloved] Custom Message Box Buttons
Is there a way to create you own custom buttons for a message box or do I have to create a new form to do this (which I really want to avoid).

I want them to say:
Yes to All
No No to All


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How To Set The Default Focus To Specific Message Box Buttons...?
If I have a messagebox with "YES" and "NO" buttons, How can I set the focus for the button I want, sometimes I need the default focus to "NO" and sometimes I want the default focus to be "YES"

Changing Statusbar Message From Toolbar Buttons
I am using toolbar and statusbar in my visual basic application and want to change the text displayed
in statusbar as the mouse moves over the toolbar buttons.Different messages should be displayed from different buttons.

Option Buttons With Confirm Message, User Clicks No
This example has 3 option buttons. Before the button is selected I'd like the user to confirm it. The problem is if the user clicks no, even though the "yes" procedure is not executed, the button remains clicked.

How do I get back to the original button if the user clicks no?

VB Code:
Private Sub Option1_Click()    If MsgBox("Are you sure you want to change?", vbYesNo, "Confirm") = vbYes Then    'do something A    Call MsgBox("Changes do not take effect until ...", , "Warning")    'Else    'go back to originally selected button    End IfEnd Sub Private Sub Option2_Click()    If MsgBox("Are you sure you want to change?", vbYesNo, "Confirm") = vbYes Then    'do something B    Call MsgBox("Changes do not take effect until ...", , "Warning")    'Else    'go back to originally selected button    End IfEnd Sub Private Sub Option3_Click()If MsgBox("Are you sure you want to change?", vbYesNo, "Confirm") = vbYes Then    'do something C    Call MsgBox("Changes do not take effect until ...", , "Warning")    'Else    'go back to originally selected button    End If

Change Command Buttons
I have a program with an options page that has several command buttons to choose from in order to proceed. These command buttons are stacked on top of each other, with an equal amount of spacing. I am using VB6 to program, and I'm using the MouseMove event to enlarge the button and bold the font on the button. When I move off of the button, I use the MouseMove event of the scroller box behind it to change it back. My problem is that if the mouse is moved to fast, then several buttons may change at the same time and stay that way until I move off the final button. I would like to have only one button changed at a time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Change Buttons Shape Etc..

I have XP..

How do i change the shape of the normal command buttons of VB6.. i want to make them like XP has.. any OCX or DLL to be used ?

Just to make my project look better

Enabling Buttons After Change
I have a form with textboxes and comboboxes. When the form loads for the first time none of the controls are populated with values so the print and save buttons are disabled. As soon as a key value is inserted in the first textbox the print button only is enabled. I need to enable the save button only if the value of one of the textboxes or comboboxes change. I cannot use the change event of these controls since a few of them populate automatically if the key value matches an existing value in the database. Is there a way of enabling the save button after a change is made once the form is loaded? Thanks!!

Can We Change The Shapes Of Buttons In VB
hai every body,
I have a small doubt regarding changing the shapes of buttons as circle,oval etc etc in Vb.please tell me how I can change the buttons.

Change Caption Of Msgbox Buttons
Hi !
The title says it all...
IS there a way to change the caption of msgbox object when calling it

I.E : result-msgbox("Are you OK ?",vbYesNo,"Whocares")

Tab Strip Buttons Only Change Caption?
hey guys I have a tab strip with buttons, but it does not work right.

When I press a button, frames should disapear until the righht one is visible. but the only thign the buttons do is change the frame captions to true or false.

I use this code. can anyon help me?
VB Code:
With TabStrip1        Select Case .SelectedItem.Caption            Case "Periodic Table"                         Period(1).Visible = True                            MolarMass.Visible = False                             Study.Visible = False                Tutorials(0).Visible = False                      molarweight = Visible = False                                                                                                        Case "Molar Mass Calculator"                                       Period(1).Visible = False                MolarMass.Visible = True                              Study.Visible = False                  Tutorials(0).Visible = False                        molarweight = Visible = False                                                      Case "Chemical Study Sheets"                                       Period(1).Visible = False                MolarMass.Visible = False                 Study.Visible = True                  Tutorials(0).Visible = False                        molarweight = Visible = False                                 Case "Calculating Molar Weight"         Period(1).Visible = False                MolarMass.Visible = False                 Study.Visible = False                  Tutorials(0).Visible = False                  molarweight = Visible = True                                               '   Period(1).Visible = False              '  MolarMass.Visible = False              '  Study.Visible = False               ' Tutorials(0).Visible = True                                                      End Select    End With

Change Command Buttons Without Clicking?
Hi, all, I am new to VB.

I have bunch of command buttons, and each's forecolor will depend on some calculated value. How can I change the button's forecolor without clicking them , only according to the calculated result?

Thank you very much.

Change Caption Of The Msgbox Buttons
How do we change the text of the buttons that appear on the MsgBox. Like if we want something other than "Yes" or "Cancel" ?

Change Positions Of The Caption Bar's Buttons
This in not quote a VB question, but is there a way for example to re-define the position of the close button so that on an WM_NCHITTEST the wParam will contatin HTCLOSE but the position of the close is in a different place than a standard window

Change Form Control Buttons?
I'm tired of the same old form control buttons! Is there any way to change:
A) Their color
B) Their shape
C) Etc



Need Help Coding Buttons To Change Text
I am having trouble coding the buttons to read and change the vowels in my textboxes to different vowels (see program guidelines in the zip file.) I am kind of new to coding and would appreciate any help at all!

Use VB To Change Mouse Buttons Functions?

While there are APIs to swap buttons, I would like to change the assignments of my Intellimouse Explorer without having to go through the menu.

How can I do it?



Change Toolbar Buttons Sizes
dose somone know if i can make in one toolbar buttons with different dimeantions.
i need that one of my buttons would be weidther.
if somone know it would be grate thanks

How To Change Color Of The Writing On Command Buttons
I have multi colour command buttons, but i need to change the colour of the writing from black to say white.

because the colours are so bold the standard blck is not readable.

any ideas on how i can do this, which property needs changing.

hope someone can help (my snooker scoring app)



Change Message Class
I have created a custom contact form...and have made the this custom form my default for contacts..before i created the new custom form there were some contacts in the folder.. sow when i open the contacts created with the old custom form, they are opened in the old one itself. so is there a way to change the message class associated with the items? i want both the old and the new contacts to use the new form while displaying it..can anyone help??

Thanks in advance

Change Text Of Message Box
Is there a way to specify what color I want the text on a message box? Also can I make the message box appear in the center of my form?

How Do I Change The Color Of The Message Box

I want to change the color of the message box that appears to the user

Message Box Look And Feel Change
Is it possible to change the message box look and feel. I want to display a customized message box. If there is no option to change the message box look and feel provide me some other solution to display a customized messsage box.

How To Change Ctrl-alt-del Message On The Fly?
no no no.. i dont mean change what it says right after the user presses ctrl-alt-del, i mean just change it. well i now realize i can just change the menu title bar as now i am sure that that is where the ctrl-alt-del message comes from

How Can I Change The Appearance Of Control Like Buttons, Scroll Bars, Etc?
How can I change the appearance of controls like buttons, scroll bars, etc to give it an appearance like netscape 6?

Bacon And Eggs: A day's work for the chicken and... a lifetime's investment for the pig.

How Can I Change The Appearance Of Controls Like Buttons, Scroll Bars,etc
How can I change the appearance of controls like buttons, scroll bars, etc to give it an appearance like it does in netscape 6?

Bacon And Eggs: A day's work for the chicken and... a lifetime's investment for the pig.

Change Back Color Of Message Box
hi guys is there any body here who knows how to change back color of message box currently i am using third party control to do that but i know that its not a good idea. third party controls can create many problems and they also input many restrictions.

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