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How To Change The Time Delay To Show Tooltip?

It takes little time to show tooltip.
I want to show tooltip immediately without delay time.
How can I do this?

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Tooltip: Show Time And Text Change
hi there!

I have two questions about tooltips:
1) can I reduce the show time to zero? Soit would be shown at the right moment the the user hover the mouse over it.

2) I am trying to change the tooltiptext according to the txtfield content (so that it could show the entire content for the user).
I have txtfields(0) ... txtfields(20).
Can I use only one code, instead of crating codes for every field?
like this:

Private Sub txtfields_MouseMove(...)
If Len(txtFields.text) > 23 Then
.ToolTipText = txtFields.Text
End Sub


Tooltip Show Time
Hi there!

There is a way to reduce the tooltip show time to zero?
(like in some window's panels, that shows the hidden content)


Hide And Show FORMS Without Time Delay
I created a MIDI-Form with a child forms.

When I click the command button (command1) on the currently shown Child form, in the background there are some calculations which take about 6 seconds. During this periode I want to hide the Child form and show an Form that indicates " Calculation please wait" So I placed the commands as followed:

Sub command1_click()


Form2.shown (Form with label "Calculation please wait"

Different Iterations



end sub

But instead of hiding the Form1 it is still visible

And of Form2 only the frame is visible.

What do I have to do to get the required result ????

Instead of hiding the FORM1 it would also be o.k. if the Form2 is visible on the top of Form1. Do you have any idea how to arrange the sequence of the forms

(bring to front, bring to back?????)

Thanks Peter

Show Tooltip Without Mouseover
i currently have a program which pings certain computers on the network and shows the user whether they are on or off in a form. the form is able to be minimized to notification area using NOTIFYICON

i have set the sztip to show the three computers and if they are on or not

the computers are pinged every 3 minutes
If there is a change i want the user to know by a balloon popup pointing to the minimized form in tray. saying something like "Computer 1 has been turned off " or turned on etc...

how do i show this popup without mouseover the icon.

Programmatically Show Tooltip?
is there a way to show a tooltip on demand?
(I'm thinking maybe the "mousemove event" ??)

What I'm trying to do is to have a tooltip show a series of 3 successive messages--each separated by 1 second intervals. (rather than trying to shove all of the info into one big long tooltip.

This is what it would act like:
When you move your mouse over the object--
This triggers tooltip message#1 to show for 1 second
then tooltip message#2 for a second
then tooltip message#3 until mouse is moved away from the object.

(I already know how to do the 1 second delay)

Show ToolTip On Top From Task Tray??
I have an app where I put an icon in the task/system tray.

When you put your cursor over the icon, the tooltip pops up, but it is behind all open windows.

I'd like it to be in front of all windows, like when you roll over the windows clock.

Anyone know how to do this?


ToolTip For A Window On Desktop Doesn't Show Up
I have run into a weird issue. I am trying to use CreateWindowEx to make a ToolTip show up for a UserControl which is placed on the Desktop (using SetParent). It simply doesn't show up at all. However, if I do not set the Parent of the UserControl to the Desktop, the ToolTip shows up perfectly. So it would seem that the ToolTip won't (or can't) show for a window placed onto the Desktop, which of course makes no sense.

To attempt to figure out what the problem might be, I used Controls.Add to create a Picturebox, and placed it onto the Desktop. This in fact DOES work, using the very same call to SetParent as the "real" ToolTip. It shows above the UserControl just as it is supposed to. I even set a ToolTip for the Picturebox, and that shows up as well! So essentially, I made a ToolTip for the ToolTip!

I'd prefer to use a "real" ToolTip, as the Picturebox presents its own set of problems.

Has anyone run into such an issue, and might there be a solution?

Delay Starting Slide Show In Powerpoint
I use pcAnywhere to remotely control another computer running a Powerpoint presentation 24/7. When I disconnect the pcAnywhere, it turns off the Powerpoint presentation as well.

Powerpoint uses macros which uses visual basic.

I want to be able to activate the macro, which will turn on the presentation. I need to have enough time to disconnect the pcAnywhere program. I need a delay of about 15 seconds or so.

Sub StartShow()
' Macro recorded 2/19/2007 by DHW

With ActivePresentation.SlideShowSettings
.ShowType = ppShowTypeSpeaker
.LoopUntilStopped = msoTrue
.ShowWithNarration = msoFalse
.ShowWithAnimation = msoTrue
.RangeType = ppShowAll
.AdvanceMode = ppSlideShowUseSlideTimings
.PointerColor.SchemeColor = ppForeground
End With
SlideShowWindows(Index:=1).View.PointerType = ppSlideShowPointerAlwaysHidden

End Sub

Any ideas?


Change Windows' Tooltip
Does anyone know how to change Windows' tooltip color and font in VB instead of doing it manually using Windows' Display Properties? I am using Windows NT.


How To Change The Font Size Of Tooltip?
Say, I have a couple of buttons in a form. When mouse moves on the buttons, the tooltip will be shown. Now the font size of tooltips is considered too small. Is there any easy way to change it? Thanks for your inputs.

Change Tooltip For Close Button On Titlebar
anybody know how change tooltip text for close button on titlebar. i finded the change tooltip for control buttons on forms but no for control buttins on titlebar

Change Tooltip In The FAQ Of Interacting With System Tray.
How do i change the tooltip during runtime using that code from in that FAQ?

Change Tooltip For Close Button On Titlebar (from English To Spanish)
Edit: This post was split from this thread.
Have you solved this? Please let me know: I speak spanish.

SSTAB - How Can You Have The ToolTip Change When Mouse Hovers Over Unselected Tabs
I am having a problem that does not seem to have an answer. I want the tooltips to change when the user moves the mouse over tabs that do not have the focus. Can this be done?

Time Delay
How can I get a form to hide then show itself again if a certain option is selected:


05 mins
10 mins
15 mins

So when a certain option is clicked, the form hides itself for the selected time then shows itself again.


Set The Delay Time?

Is there anyway put something in the code to delay 5 seconds before execute the next statement.

Time Delay
hi i was wondering if this is possible

when a user presses a button (command1) it acivates a timer that runs for 5 seconds then stops and then runs some code (say during this 5 seconds i want the users mouse to change to an hourglass untill the 5 seconds is done.


Delay Time
What is the function to delay some time? not timer, thx ^.^

Time Delay?
Hi folks,

How to make a time delay for a specific period of time? Thanks


Why Time Delay?
I am fetching data from sql server. I am using windows2000 professional
and the database is on the server system running server2003

there are lacks of records in the table, I am adding a particular field in the list box but it is taking too much time. Can we reduce the proccessing time by any mean

i am using the following lines

cn.ConnectionString = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Persist Security
Info=False;User ID=admin1234;Password=sql-server;Initial Catalog=db_cash; Data Source=sql-server"

Dim ssql As String
ssql = "Select * from cb_payments_detail order by voucher_no"
Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
rs.Open ssql, cn, adOpenDynamic, adLockPessimistic
Do Until j = 100000
List1.AddItem (rs!voucher_no)
j = j + 1


Need Time Delay

I need a small time delay in my program 50ms to perhaps 200ms, which I can adjust. Presently I use a dumb loop to waste time, but on different machines the delay may be much shorter, due to the speed of the computer.

I need to have the time delay somewhat stable (but it does not have to be super precise). Is there a vb6 cpmmand such as wait, delay, pause, etc. I can't find such a command. can I simply set a timer & turn it on/off---when you turn it on& off does this reset the time back to zero?

using the timer might be complicated for this purpose, I'm not sure.

I really would like just a simple delay function. any thoughts

Time Delay In VB
is there a function to make a time delay in vb? something like sleep(1000)?

I tried using the timer, but it doesnt make the other processes stop and wait.


Time Delay Function
I am building a speed control to an electric motor.

The speed will be increased in a loop.

I would like to have a time-delay function in the loop so I easily can decide how long time ( milliseconds) the motor should run on each speed.

So, I wonder if VB has a time-delay function, which I can put between two lines in the code and cause a delay on a specified number of milliseconds.

Thanks in advance,


How Can You Delay The Program For A Specified Time??
How can u tell the program to wait for a specified time??

I dont know how to explain myself in full, but in PASCAL, there is the Delay() function

thanks for your help!

Messagebox And Time Delay
I want to display a message box saying "Please Wait", during the proccessing.
When the proccess completes the messagebox should be destroyed automatically. Please anybody help me.

with best regards

Working With Time Delay
hi experts,

I have a problem please help me,

I have created a project in vb6.0, connected with oracle server. when program starts it takes some time for connectivity with oracle.
I want to display a message "Preparing Connectivity, Please Wait"
After conecting with server it should destroy itself.

Please guide me, provide code if possible.

I am using following code for connectivity which is working wel.

Set CON = New adodb.Connection
CON.CursorLocation = adUseClient
CON.Open "Provider=MSDAORA;Password=mypwd;User ID= myid ;Data Source=dsnname;Persist Security Info=true"

with best regards

Messagebox With Time Delay
I want to display a message box during proccessing( when the user clicks on proccess)
During the proccessing the message box should appear saying "Please wait... Proccessing is going on".
After the proccessing completes, the message box should be ruined automatically.

I want to display multiple lines in a messagebox.

PLease help me
with best regards

Putting In A Time Delay
How can I put in a delay of say 5 seconds.
The problem is I have an applet that plays wave files when certain database events happen, but if two events happen together then the second wave file takes the glory and wipes out the first one.
If there was a way of making sure a wave file had finished first then that would be best but I imagine that is impossible or perhaps above and beyond the call of duty! SO a simple time delay of n seconds would be best

Showing Balloon Tooltip At Desired Time!
I still cannot get the balloon tooltip to show up at my desired time. For example, I would like to display a balloon tooltip when the user selects something in a drop down combo that requires some extra attention. Or display a tooltip in the form load event.

Derek and Spike had helped me befor to understand the API, but the examples they provided didn't have anything that helped me understand the above. They work great as a regular tooltip, i.e. when mouse is hovered over an object, but I need to implement it little differently, as a substitute for the annoying message boxes.

I will really appreciate any help/demo/suggestions.


Delay Between Each Time To Run The Stuff In A Loop
I'm kinda noob, so there is probably a easy way to do this, but cant find it.
I've got a program going on that is supposed to browse a link all the time with a loop

Private Sub cmdLoop_Click()
wWeb.Navigate cboURL.Text
End Sub
so, it doesn't work cause i want the page to load for about a half second before it's time to do the command again, like some kind of delay between every time to do the loop.

Adding Delay Time In Program
How can i add a delay time to my program before it is executed. For example, i click on the command button and the program waits for a few seconds before it begins. Is it possible?

My Querydef Updates After Time Delay?

Would someone be kind enough to explain why I am having problems with the following?

I "UpdateBatch", "Requery" and "Refresh" on a Table using ADODC. The Table changes update successfully, but then I go on to open a recordset on a filtered Query which uses this Table data immediately afterwards. Any changes I have made before the UpdateBatch do not always show. I have found that if I program a time delay of a few seconds between the Update and the open recordset, the changed data appears o.k.

Is there a property that informs me of a pending update to a query, or am I missing something more fundamental?

Many thanks.

Recordset Update Time Delay
This seems abnormal to me so I'll post it here. I have a function called calculate() that will perform a calculation for every record in a specific table. The functionality I'm trying to add is this: User sets up a temporary record, and clicks a button. In this click event I add the record to the database and call calculate, display the data, and after the modal display form is closed, delete the temporary record. The problem is that during calculate() when I reopen the database to calculate all records, the new temp record is not available. If I pause execution anywhere before this open, it works fine. I'm properly closing all recordsets after they are used, and I can't think of anything else? Seems like a timing issue, but that's not the way ADO is supposed to behave. The code looks like this:

private sub cmdGo_Click()
dim rs as new adodb.recordset sql,strConn
rs("data") = blah blah
Calculate vbmodal "Delete from table where Field='blah blah'",strConn
end sub

private sub Calculate()
dim rs as new adodb.recordset sql,strConn <--- a pause before this line, fixes it
while not rs.eof
--do calcs
end sub

Thanks in advance,

DoEvent With Time Delay Problem.
I'm having a problem with this prog. When I run it and hit the command1 button I will get the MsgBox appearing as many times as I have hit the command1 button. Is there any way I can stop this reoccuring.
I need the Command button active all the time. I don't want to use the Sleep Lib "kernel32" as this will sent the whole prog. asleep. The time here is set for 5 sec. I hope to eventually have it set at 10 minutes.


Sub Wait(Seconds As Long)

Dim iStop As Single

iStop = Timer + Seconds
Debug.Print iStop
Loop While Not Timer >= iStop

End Sub
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Static Counter As Integer

Counter = Counter + 1
StatusBar1.Panels(1).Text = Counter


Wait 5

MsgBox Counter

End Sub

DoEvent With Time Delay Problem.
I'm trying to sort out a problem I'm having with a DoEvent loop while a timer is active. I have included the some code to show the problem.
When the prog is run the command button is pressed and the 'Wait' time is complete the 'MsgBox' will be presented the number of times the button has been pressed. Is it possible to bring up the message box only once.



Sub Wait(Seconds As Long)
Dim iStop As Single
iStop = Timer + Seconds
Debug.Print iStop
Loop While Not Timer >= iStop

End Sub
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Static Counter As Integer
Dim mystrt As String
Dim mystrd As String
Dim extrnCnt As Integer

Counter = Counter + 1
StatusBar1.Panels(1).Text = Counter


Wait 5

MsgBox Counter

End Sub

Picture Load Time Delay!
Dear FriendS:
I have a problem in my executable VB6 application.
all my forms and pages have pictures which I designed with Photoshop (bmp files and with very high res 300 dpi).
at runtime i assigned every control with its picture that i have made and compiled it.
the problem is that while opening a form , the time taken to load the form is too much. What can you suggest me, to speed up the process and make my application be very fast?


Time Delay In Serial Port Using Vb6.0
    I want to use time delay in serial port for data transmission and data recieve using mscomm control in visual basic 6.0.
pls help me

Giving A Time Delay To Close Powerpoint
Hi, its me again, I canīt figure it out (my last post), so I'll Try something else... maybe I could give some time to the user to see the slide content, how can I make it, lets say for 20 secs.?

Any ideas could be very helpful!!!

How To Give Delay Time In Class Component In Vb6.0
How to give delay time for 5 minutes in a class module in vb6.0

Thanx in advance...

Well - Update Records And Time Delay (I Figured It Out)
Anyone ever have this problem...

I update some records in a table, then immediatly run a function to return some values from these updated records...

Apparently, there is a slight delay between time time records are updated, and the time I can actually retrieve these records back from the database. This make sense, but

As the database grows in size, will this delay time increase? Is there something I can do to conteract this delay? I put in a loop, just to delay time, but wondering should I increase the loop based off number of records that I will be updating...

I guess I am looking for a Commit Transaction sort of function...

Does this make sense to anyone?

Time Delay Which Doesn't Use Up System Resources
  I want my app to wait an hour or so, then to execute some code.
Question:How do i do this without using up a lot u cpu usage?

I don't want a timer of any sort ( i hate them ).
I thought of using a loop with do events checking the current time against target time but would this take up a lot of cpu usage?

  Any ideas would be greatly apprechiated

Thanks in Advance.

Should I apologize if what I say burns your
ears and stains your eyes?!

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Time Delay In Opening Crystal Report
Hello friends,

    I am using crystal report with vb6.0. I am developing desktop application which connects to a remote ms sql server.

All reports are working fine but there is a problem with reports.

One of my report is showing more then 300 records. But when i open this report it takes near about 1.5 minutes.

This report working very fine on local system.

I have set logoninfo to report and also used setPrivateData.

Please help me

Tanks in advance

How To Make A Tooltip Remain Until Mouse Moved Or Set Time/duration?
I've read a number of posts relating to tooltips (including the one by Wokawidget, which is fantastic) but can't seem to get a clear answer.
I am not an expert in using the Win API, so I haven't been able to figure out how to control the duration of a bubble tooltip.

I have a Class Module (from Planet Source Code) that I'm using to create bubble tooltips and would like to add a property to it so I can set the duration, or make it stay until the mouse is moved. At the moment it only stays for the default 10sec or so.

Can anyone help please?


Making A Program Delay For A Random Amount Of Time
I am trying to make the program replace a certain string of Text (LblGoodEnd) with a another (LblEvilEnd) with a random amount of time between replacements, (0-10 secs) and showing it for a random amount of time (0-0.5 secs) The code below is corrent minus the 'Pause' function, which is a pseudo replacement for what I am after:

Private Sub Form_Load()
While CmdNext.Click = False And Beginning.Visible = True
DelayTime = Rnd(10)
ShowTime = Rnd(0.5)
Pause DelayTime
LblEvilEnd.Visible = True
Pause ShowTime
LdlEvilEnd.Visible = False
End Sub

Customizing Tooltip Fonts, Showing Tooltip WithOut MouseOver Event
I was just wondering whether we do the following things :

Setting Font Properties of Tooltip

Can we set font properties of a tooltip at runtime ? This would be really helpful for using it in a multilingual software. As soon as a user changes language, tooltips would be shown with different font which will be readable in their own language.

Automagically Showing Tooltips Without Mouse Intervention
Can tooltips be shown without having to use a mouse ? This is because of the fact that in some cases, numbers need to be spelled since a user would not accurately know a how much (s)he has typed if the font is too small.

It would really great if we could show the tooltip automatically on TextBox_Change event.

Change Cell To Show Value And Not Formula
I have a workbook that I have setup with dynamic information that changes daily. Each day has it's own sheet. There are 4 master sheets that get updated daily with new information. Right now it is setup to reference the master sheets to get values to use in the daily sheets. But I want to be able to keep a record of what happened on any particular day. Is there a way to change a cell to show the value instaed of the formula? I know you can copy and paste special>values. But I need something that can be run in a macro so I don't have to do this manually for every cell I want to change.
Thanks and if this doesn't make sense please reply and I'll try to clarify some more.

Show Change Data Concurrent
I've two combo boxes (both are Style 2) OrderNo and Date, a datagrid to show item list.
Both OrderNo and Date's item lists are loaded from available table

#1) I want to select OrderNo and Date then datagrid show result. So I developed Click event for Date combo box, that means I've to to select OrderNo first, and Datagrid shows data only when Date cbo is clicked.

#2) But for vice-versa, for example, I want to change different OrderNo with previous date already selected (as #1), I also developed Click event (code the same as Date click event) for OrderNo cbo but doesn't work. DataGrid didn't change anything until I click something on Date cbo

I've already changed OrderNo combo box Stype property to Style 0 and 1. Nothing happens

Please help

How To Change System_local Time To System_utc Time?
Hi, I want to write module that change local time to UTC time.
systime_local is set using User input.
state: function use state to findout time difference of timezon from UTC
applyDateLightSaving: when True, have to apply it depending on DateLightSaving rule..

Does anyone know this kind of function ?

Public Function GetUTCTime(systime_local As SystemTime, state As String, applyDateLightSaving As Boolean)
'-- convert local time to UTC time
'-- apply Dailylight saving time

Dim system_utc As SystemTime


GetUTCTime = system_utc

Show Msg At Particular Time

In my project I have MDI form. If the user open many forms, at particular time the msg will show in some form(i.e., msg shown always on the form) and it will automatically activete at that time.

How can do it??

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