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How To Connect Internet Through VB6

Hi All
can anyone give me any idea about how to connect Internet through VB6, and how can i get total bytes Sent & Received count, duration etc. like windows Connection does.

thanking you

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Connect To Internet
I'm working in windows 2000 advanced server and i don't know whov to make my program to connect to internet and to return every stem (status) while his performing connection i also need my program to disconnetct me from internet and i need him to return the connection speed and KB/S while his connected!!!


Connect To Internet
I need a simple project that make a internet connection, like your connection in "My network"... a form that have a text for email and a text for password and two buttons: connect and cancel...

* - this connection is DLS, and isn't dial up.... ADSL! And I'm in WinXP.

some idea?


Connect To The Internet
Ok here is my problem

In the company I'm working we have intranet and some people have also acces to internet. I'm one of them but I would like to make a VB-program that automaticly opens internet.

Now I have to open Iexplore that opens the intranet and then I have to enter an url, outside the intranet, like this to be able to log in with my username and password.

Is it possible to make an exe-file that can execute these steps in 1 time??
I know how to open iexplore (call shell) but then I'm not on an url outside the intranet and can't log in

I mean when I run the exe that he opens the url and also log in? (I would put my usermane and password in the code as a const)

I hope my question is not TO complicated

Internet Connect
hi Please help me,

1. How chech the system is connect to internt through Modem, Winproxy & Lan in VB form.

2. wheen Our Project Is Nobody Con't Edit the System time
In control panel.


How Must I Connect To The Internet
I have an access database on the internet. I want to connect to my database without an UDL. How must i do that??

Internet Connect (api Only)
hey all,

i once found some code at MSDN that descibed the process of creating an iternet connection to a remote host with only api functions. However, i can't seem to find that example again (should 've saved it, ). And i can't seem to find any other examples of such a thing. If anyone knows of what i'm refering to or knows of any other example demostrating these techniques, please , please , please let me know.

Thanks in advance,


Connect To Internet
how can i put dialup connection in my program?
I want my program get username and password and isp phone number and then by click a button, the computer connect to internet

Can VB Connect To The Internet??
I have a program that works with a database, now I want to upload the database to a webserver and still try to connect ....
I thought I could do it like
databasename =

but it doesn't work
somebody know's how ..

How To Connect To Internet
I want to to connect to internet throught vb.

shall i use "dialer.exe" to connect. but it doesn't have any command line arguments for dial up number.

i am using windows 98 and vb 6.

an any aone give me the idea to this.

Connect To The Internet
How to write a program to connect to the internet?
I mean one which I can type my login name and password and click connect. Then I will connect to my ISP.

(ps. I'm using VB.NET)

Connect To Internet
Is there any way of prompting(for example with a yes/no msgbox)to connect to the internet(if user selects Yes),show the connect screen of the default connection?
Thanks in advance

Connect To Internet
How can I have my application connect to the internet?

Internet Connect
I'm looking for some code that will...
a) Check for an internet connection
b) If one does not exist, check if the PC uses a dial-up
c) If it does use a dial-up, attempt to dial and detect if that was successful.

Most importantly it must work reliably on all versions of Windows from 95 onwards.

Many thanks


Connect To Internet Or Ftp Server...
I have basic vb programming skills. I am just wondering how i can access an ftp server from my program. Do i use activeX or can i write it in my form... Is there another program that i need to access to get on-line?


How To VB6 Connect To SQL Server Via Internet
Hi all,

Is there anyone in this forum can make a little tutorial on how VB6 connect to SQL Server through Internet. Any suggestion, ideas. I'm having trouble in connecting to MSSQL.

I have Win Server 2003, and SQL 2000 Enterprise.


Connect To SQL 2000 Through Internet
Hi.. Can someone show me how to setup a MSSQL Server 2000 for remote connection? I want to connect to an existing SQL Server 2000 through internet using VB6. What kind of preparation needed? Like setup the port number, firewall setting, etc.?

Can some one provide code for make this connection worked using VB6?

FYI, I'm using broadband internet connection, the internet line come through into a router, then spread across LAN to multiple client computer. The same connection applied to the server which had MSSQL 2000 installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

App Tries To Connect To The Internet When Parsing XML
Hello, I'm using Microsoft XML 4.0 to parse an XML file, but it always tries to connect to Is there a way to prevent this without modifying the XML file?

This is the header of the XML file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>
<!DOCTYPE nzb PUBLIC "-//newzBin//DTD NZB 1.0//EN" "">
<!-- NZB Generated by (fcgi) -->
<nzb xmlns="">

This is the part where it tries to connect to the internet.

vb Code:
objDoc.async = False    objDoc.Load nzbFile     If objDoc.parseError.errorCode = 0 Then        If objDoc.readyState = 4 Then            DoEvents        End If    Else        MsgBox "Error number: " & objDoc.parseError.errorCode & vbCrLf & "Error line: " & _                objDoc.parseError.Line & vbCrLf & "Error reason: " & objDoc.parseError.reason & vbCrLf & _               "Something is wrong with this NZB file and it can not be parsed." & vbCrLf & _               "Make sure you import a valid NZB file.", vbExclamation, "An error has occurred"        Exit Sub    End If

Connect And Disconnect Internet
I want to connect and disconnect internet with my project. How can I do it?

How Could I Connect To Sql Server On The Internet With Ado
how could i connect to sql database in server with ado,

and how i connect to the apache server database on my pc?

plz i want the way to connect with a password and without .


Internet Connect To Database?
Does anyone know where I can find a code like this one but that works?

I want to make a standard exe connect to a microsoft database through the internet. Does anyone know where I can get a tutorial for it?

Is it possible to have my standard exe running on my comp and upload my database to a free server and be able to send info through my exe > through the server > to the database?

Connect To A Database On The Internet?
How do I connect to an access database on the internet? We use Visual Interdev to operate towards the database. My problem is when I want to update the database on the internett using dns. Im not able to connect. Is it possible to update the access database directly on the internet.

The database is going to be used by several users.

In advance thanks.

Connect To Internet With MScomm

Hi, guys i have a problem
I want to connect to the internet using a MSComm control in VB now is it really possible if yes then. I have managed to dial the modem on the ISP number but do not know what next. Do i have to open some kinda socket or something.

Any kinda help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

the owl.

Connect To Sql-server Over The Internet
Maybe you can have an application running on the server which sends the ip whenever it changes, (maybe to an email address or post it to a webpage)

Help! Connect To Internet In Win2000
hi, does anyone knows how to make vb connect to internet in win2000? I've tried the shell function AND searched the entire forum for an answer but no luck!

Thanks a zillion time for the help!

(very Urgent)to Connect To Internet Using FTP In Vb6
(very Urgent)to connect to internet using FTP in vb6

How Do I Connect To An Access DB On The Internet?
I have put my Access 2k DB up onto the web and informed my ISP who created a DSN on the server to support it.

What I want to know is how now do I connect to that DB over the Web?

Also when they start up the program how do I check that they are connected to the web?

How To Connect Two Applications Using Internet
Hello everyone!

I have some questions, please help me.

How can access my Database(SQL Server) on my Server using another computer(client) on the Internet. Connecting two applications using Internet. Is this possible without using Web Server?

Another thing, I have downloaded so many sample of Chat code for visual basic and works fine on LAN (UTP cable). Will this work using Internet connection. Will this need you to have Web Server or anything else?

Thanks so much...


Connect To Database On The Internet

do anyone now if there is any way to connect to a database located on the internet from a local computer (with internet connection) if you know username and password to the webspace where it's located??

Connect To Database Placed At The Internet
Do someone know how can I connect to database that placed in my website.
I want to connect thru ADO or DAO.

Connect MS SQL Server Through Internet
Dear All,

I developed a POS system with work with MS SQL server. The SQL Server is located in another office. The connection was made in ODBC. But i found that is very slow to retrieve data from the DB server. Does anyone has better solution for it?


Check PC Is Connect To Internet In VB6?
Hi, friends

My application is using VB6. How to check if
the PC is connect to internet?

I attempt use Inet or Webbrowser. It seemed they
have no such properties or methods.


How To Connect Automatically To Internet
How to automatically connect a pc to internet
Note that the pc has a an internet connection already
i just have to send a mail from the VB program thats
why i have to connect it automatically

Desktop App Connect To Internet .mdb ???
I have a data entry program designed to use a local (.mdb) database. I'd like to learn how to connect to an Internet server, so work could be done from anywhere.
Any suggestions?

Connect To Access Database On The Internet
I wanted to ask why the following code keeps giving me an error:

'Get the records from the database
Dim rs As ADOR.Recordset
Set rs = New ADOR.Recordset

but I see that there are a number of posts at this site from people having the exact same problem, and no one seems able to answer the question why we can't connect to an Access database over the internet.

Is it impossible to do this??????

Connect To Internet W/VB. Problem Code Here. Help!
I have a VB form (VB6.0 Enterprise) with several textboxes and command buttons for Add, Delete, Update & Refresh. I also have a command button "cmdGo" that when clicked, should open Interent Explorer browser and go to the site that is listed in "txtField(2)". When I click on "GO" command button, what I get instead though, is the error message that I placed into my program "Error displaying file for web site". I cannot get to any websites.

I have a second form that is linked to a .mdb file that holds the website names and URLs that I created using VisData (I do NOT have Access at home, so VisData will do fine for this.) It's at this .mdb that I store the website names, which show up on my main form in txtField(0) with the URL being in txtField(1). The DataField for txtField(2) is set to pick-up whatever is in txtField(1), with txtField(1) having the complete URL. Therefore, all of the connections/relationships are correct.

Below is the code. Can you find where the problem(s) is/are? All of the features work great, except connecting to the internet when pressing the "Go" command button [Private Sub cmdGo_Click()].


Option Explicit
Dim varBookMark As Variant
Public Explorer As SHDocVwCtl.InternetExplorer

Private Sub Adodc1_MoveComplete(ByVal adReason As.EventReasonEnum, _
ByVal pError As ADODB.Error, _
adStatus As ADODB.EventStatusEnum, _
ByVal pRecordset As ADODB.Recordset)

lblRecord.Caption = "Record: " & _
CStr(Adodc1.Recordset.AbsolutePosition) & _
" of " & Str(Adodc1.Recordset.RecordCount)
End Sub

Private Sub cmdAction_Click(Index As Integer)
On Error GoTo goActionErr
With Adodc1

Select Case Index

Case 0 'Add
If cmdAction(0).Caption = "&Add" Then
varBookMark = .Recordset.Bookmark
cmdAction(0).Caption = "&Cancel"
SetVisible False
If varBookMark > 0 Then
.Recordset.Bookmark = varBookMark
End If
cmdAction(Index).Caption = "&Add"
SetVisible True
End If

Case 1 'Delete
If .Recordset.EditMode = False Then
If .Recordset.EOF Then .Recordset.MoveLast
MsgBox "Must update or refresh record before deleting!"
End If

Case 2 'Update
varBookMark = .Recordset.Bookmark
If varBookMark > 0 Then
.Recordset.Bookmark = varBookMark
End If
cmdAction(0).Caption = "&Add"
SetVisible True

Case 3 'Refresh
varBookMark = .Recordset.Bookmark
If varBookMark > 0 Then
.Recordset.Bookmark = varBookMark
End If

End Select

End With

Exit Sub


MsgBox Err.Description

End Sub

Private Sub cmdExit_Click()
Unload Me
Set frmSecret = Nothing
End Sub

Private Sub cmdGo_Click()
On Error GoTo Errorhandler
Set Explorer = New SHDocVwCtl.InternetExplorer
Explorer.Visible = True
Explorer.Navigate txtField(2)
Exit Sub
MsgBox "Error displaying file for web site"

End Sub

Private Sub cmdGrid_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub cmdNegotiate_Click(Index As Integer)
On Error GoTo goNegotiateErr
With Adodc1.Recordset

Select Case Index
Case 0 'First Record
Case 1 'Previous Record
If .BOF Then .MoveFirst
Case 2 'Next Record
If .EOF Then .MoveLast
Case 3 'Last Record

End Select

End With

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description

End Sub

Public Sub SetVisible(blnStatus As Boolean)

Dim intIndex As Integer

For intIndex = 0 To 3
cmdNegotiate(intIndex).Enabled = blnStatus
Next intIndex

cmdAction(1).Enabled = blnStatus 'Delete
cmdAction(3).Enabled = blnStatus 'Refresh

End Sub

Retrieving IP Address, Or Is There A Better Way To Connect Over Internet...

I am making a game to play over the internet. Right now I have it connecting using the Winsock control, but the annoying thing is that one person must retrieve their IP Address, and then give it to the other person so that that person can connect to that IP Address. This has many complications, and I have even found out that when I use Winsock.LocalIP to get the IP Address for AOL users, it retrieves an incorrect IP Address in some cases, and I have no idea what happens with other ISP's. I have two questions:

1) Is there a more efficient or reliable way to retrieve a Local IP Address.
2) Is there a better way to connect over the internet (only small amounts of data will be sent, if that helps), other than the way I described above, because that is just so problematic.

Thanks for your time.

How To Connect My Application With The Internet Connection
hi all,

please help me regarding internet connection... because i dont know how to connect my application :

for example i have a database from this site http:\
and the filename of databse is quiz.mdb
and i want to connect on the database but i cant.... lease help me please!!!

in local i used this code
dim Cnn as new adodb.connection

sub main()
with Cnn
.open "path of my database"
end with
end sub

but i want is to connect trough the internet.....

please give me suggestion or code for this problem...
any suggestion or piece of code will be appreciated...

thank u very much...

Connect Front-end With Back-end Over The Internet
OK, here is the question:

Client has a front-end (VB/Access). But database (Oracle/Access) located
remotely on the server (another building/city or even country). Is it any
software or technology available on the market to connect front-end to
back-end over the Internet without T1 line? This should prevent creating
Web-based application using ASP/JAVA or anything else.

Thank you.

How To Call Dial Up To Connect Internet

How to Call Dial up to connect Internet.

I want to call Dial up from click event and if internet is connected
it should give message that Internet is allready connected if not then
Dial up should appiar.

Connect To &amp; Update Database Over The Internet
I am trying to connect to and update a database located on a sepearet computer over the internet using ado data control.
what would the connection string be and what info would i have to have about the other computer.


Edited by - Kmac3301 on 5/31/2005 6:15:29 AM

Connect &amp; Disconnect To Internet [urgent!!!!]
How to connect to internet by the program same as like that of connecting in the normal way i.e placing three textboxes containing username,password & access code etc . and by clicking a button makes it Donnect & Disconnect how to do this?

Check PC Connect To Internet ?(continue)
Hi, friends

I programming in VB6 like this:

Public Declare Function InternetGetConnectedState Lib "wininet.dll" (lpdwFlags
as Long, byval dwReserved as Long) as Boolean
Dim ll as long
Dim ret as Boolean
ret = InternetGetConnectedState(ll, 0)

ret is always False.
and I want to see what value INTERNET_CONNECTION_LAN is.


it display nothing. Then I try this InternetAttemptConnect(0),
it return nothing too. If I need include some others?


How To Connect To An Access Database Stored On Internet
Hello friends,

i need some help from you. I want to know how can we connect
to an access database store online and run a query on that database.

Consider the following VB code i use to connect to a local database
having name jrem.mdb in the same directory as the exe file.

Dim dbsjreminder As Database
Dim insQuery As String
Dim intRecAffected As Integer

Set dbsjreminder = OpenDatabase("jrem.mdb", True, False, "MS Access;pwd=7tank5stomp")
insQuery = "INSERT into Users (username,password) VALUES ('testnet','netpass');"

dbsjreminder.Execute insQuery, dbFailOnError
intRecAffected = dbsjreminder.RecordsAffected

If intRecAffected = 1 Then
MsgBox "User added to the list", vbOKOnly, "Added"
End If
********************************************************************** **8

What i want to know is how can i connect to the same database if i have the
jrem.mdb file over the internet.

i checked it using the following code to open the database

Set dbsjreminder = OpenDatabase("", True, False, "MS Access;pwd=7tank5stomp")

but it gives an error

Error 3044
"c:my documents
ettest" is not a valid path

please help me how i can connect to the database stored online and run some sql query over that application.
also note that i want to do it in an application itself without the browser being involved.
i want to do it from a VB application itself.

please do let me know as it is urgent.

thank you very much.

How To Check For Internet Connect - Cable Connection
I'm having trouble determining if a internet connection is present when I'm on Cable internet. My program checks for an internet connection and use to work great when I was on dial-up, but now I'm on cable and my MsgBox comes up saying you must be connected to the internet.




VB6 Project Not Loading Into IDE When No Internet Connect Present
I know this is rather a vague question but I have a large VB project that contains a number of third party controls tha hangs part way through loading into the IDE when not Interne connection is present. I have cover for anti-virus by Norto Corporate Edition v10 and Spyware by WebRoot SpySweepe Enterprise edition, both of which are up to date.

All other projects load except this one. When an Interne Connection is present it loads fine every time.

I have an ADSL connection to the Internet, if it ever goes down cannot work on this particlar project. The project is a accounting system that has been worked on daily for the las three years and never do I have a problem, so long as there i an Internet connection.

Any ideas?

Disconnect And Connect Internet API Needed Urgent
Halo i'm looking for ways to enable or disable internet connection of remote computers, like everythings are controlled by the server computer. I was told that there is a disconnect internet API and also a connect internet API. I would like to connect and disconnect the internet connection of remote computer which are connected to the internet through LAN. Can anyone give me some advise on this matter... A sampel would be nice.. Thanks alot..

How Do I Find And Connect To A LAN Or Internet Hosted Database.
Afternoon all,

I am building an app which will let a user select a database (sql server, ms access, db2, etc...) from either a LAN (local or remote), or from a host over the internet and then create a connection to the selected database which will then let the user add or remove data or tables.

I am fairly new to VB and have no idea how to do this or where to start from to achieve this goal. I would be very grateful for any help.

Thanks in advance.

Connect To Internet,Sending Username And Password
I have a command button on the click of which I should be able to connect to the Internet
i.e I should be able to send the user name and password and connect.
This is to be done through VB 6

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