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How To Create Attractive Reports!

Hi All,
Could we create attractive reports as in Access in VB.Could we import those reports in VB.Is it possible to import forms and reports created in Access into your VB Application.


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Attractive Menubar

I am planning to make a start up form (general, not skinened ),
now, imagin a menubar, a skinned form, left or right from this form with a little space in between, (...

everytime this general form moves (drag and drop by the user), the menubar moves with it over the screen, (with the exact same distance between both forms as before)

now, i m asking u guys for help,
did u see a similiar project? :> pass me the link

anyway i'd appreciate it if u can help me coding this

Thx in advance

Attractive Textbox's!
Ok....This is prolly stupid but its an achievement for me. For source ive ever shared.

Anyway I needed a way to make my textbox's more attractive. So I wrote this code. Maybe it will help you out with your program give it that look you needed? I dunno make it work for you.

Whatcha think?

Attractive Form

i wanted to make my form attractive and colorfull how to do????

Can i make commandbutton colourfull??

i don't know how to make colourfull,i mknow simple form with colur background and know about foregrount font(color) etc..

other that any other option is there which we can make our form colourfull and attractive??

thank u
sowmya s

More Attractive Access Forms
Could anyone show me an example of more attractive access forms? I would like to create a flashy-er form, but not sure if its possible. I was wondering if I could create an internet explorer-like form interface for access. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Make A Attractive Screen
how to make the screen more attractive. And why i cannot package the sistem for animation. I use user control.

Want To Create Reports In Access And According To That Reports I Have To Generate PDF
Through my VB code i am reading an Excel sheet and dumn the data of Excel Sheet in MS Access table.This part is working fine now but the problem is this
according to a field name Vendor no i have to create MS Access report dynamically,what i mean to say that if i have 3 same vendor number so when i am inserting the Excel data in Access table at that time only i have to generate an Access report based at the vendor no and generate a PDF file for that Vendor no.All the procedure is in a loop becuase we have different vendor numbers so when the process of one vendor number completed code should search for the next vendor no and do the same process insert it into Access table,create access reports for that vendor number and make a PDF file for that vendor.Please some one help me out its very urgent.
Thanx in Advance

Best Way To Create Reports
ok ive been avoiding this for quite some time but i have to ask.
i have a database withe 6 or 7 tables. in my forms i take certain records and display them in flexgrids using sql statements etc... now i need to put these original tables and possibly the flexgrids into report form and print them. ive taught myself a lot in vb over the last month but ive been looking through datareport tutorials and i cant filter out what i need.

whats my best approach?
im not asking for code or anything like that i just want someone to point me in the right direction so i can learn

ps im using access to create the database but getting data onto the the report tool is confusing me

How To Create New Reports From Vb6.0
Hi guys..
I am using Crystal report 8 and vb6.0 in my project.
in this project i have to allow user to create new reports through Vb.
i think that u get my question..
thanking in anticipation

Can't Create Access Reports

I am having a problem creating access reports. When I try and create a report using the wizard or design view the following msg is being displayed "Unable to create your report".

I can still open reports that I created previously. I have been reading some threads from other sites and I have a feeling that it could possibly be to do with my printer settings. I recently have had a adobe printing device installed on my PC and although I'm not entirely sure I think this coincided with the demise of the report facility. Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem


The Best And Quickly Way To Create Reports
hi dudes...
i wanna know how i create reports, easly and quickly!

How To Create Data Reports ?
hello friends,
i want to need ur help, plz.
i want to create data reports in i can do this?
i need the simplest code for this.

thanks in advance.

Create Reports At Runtime...
Hello. How can I create a report using my vb app at runtime??

Sample :

1. A user selects a type of report from a list of choices,
2. and then chooses fields that will be added to the report. (there is a list of fields but the user can eliminate unwanted fields)

Can somebody help me??

How To Create Data Reports
iam using ams access-97as backend and vb6.0 as front end .how to generatee data reports and crystal reports in vb6.0 and plz mentiont the code if possible

How To Create Reports At Run Time
pass the sql stm before creating reports

Crysal: Allow Users To Create Their Own Reports
I have had a request that the management want to be able to create their own reports. They want to have access to all the fields in my database and then add the fields they want to see. Is there a tool in crystal that I can use for this? Do I have to create a cube in order to implement this?

How To Create Drill-down Forms/reports

My user wants to see a summary level display of some information (up to 4 rows , each with 5 fields) which I obtain from SQL Svr. With each row, he would like the ability to click something (button, or ??) that would allow him to drill down from that row to the details supporting that row. Then, he would again like to drill down further if possible.

The hierarchy would be:
Date (the main driver for the query)
>Location (here are the 4 rows max - 1 for each plant)
>>>>(Details) - project activity list (1 to maybe 5 or 6)

Then to complicate it, he would like the ability to switch the hierarchy from Date/Location/Project/Shift to Date/Project/Location/Shift, changing the drill-downs to support that.

I am too green to figure this out in VB/SQL, and would welcome your kind assistance, or direction to another website. Examples are gratefully received, too!

Thanks in advance!

Create Report In Crystal Reports
Hi friends

i am working on a project where i want to call crystal report .
am using vb 6.0 and crystal report 7.
the coding i have done is as follows

formdtl.crystalreport1.reportfilename="report name"

am not getting any output.

formdtl.crystalreport1.action = 1
gives error like - " invalid file name " the property is write only"

so please help me to solve this problem, also i want to know is how formula property can be used in this.

expecting quick response

thanks ,

Create PDF File From Access Reports Only In VB6
I want to create PDF file from access report only in VB6 code.can anyone help me out?Its realy very urgent so plz reply fast if anyone knows.
Thanks in advance

Help!!! To Create Dynamic Reports In Access
Dear friend

I want to create a project in vb in which i will select the fields which should be displayed in the report of the access. Is it possible in anyway that access report should show me only those fields which i select run time in proper formatting

Plz help!!! it s urgent

Thanks in advance


How To Create Flexible SQL Statements For Reports?

as of now, the SQL statements that produce my reports are static. is there any way to the user of my program to enter a parameter, that will in turn be included in the SQL statement, and produce the required report?
the scenario: the user will input the "expiry date":, and a report will be produced listing memberships that expire by that date. how do i make the "expiry date" be included in the SQL (my report now lists all members).
also, i have 2 radio-boxes: sort by membership number or name. when the user selects one option, it will also go into the SQL (in the SORT statement). like the above scenario, how do i include this too?

Crystal Reports - Create By Date
I need a way to pass a date parameter from a VB program to a crystal report objext so the crystal report will generate a report based on the month pased. For example:
The vb Program will pass a month parameter to the CR object then create a report of all transaction for that month.


VB 6 & SQL Database: How Can I Create Reports With Charts ?
I am writing a VB6/SQL Server database app.

I know I can't add charts to data reports.

What is the best means of creating printable reports containing charts - should I simply create a form which contains the required charts & make it possible to print this out ?.



How To Create Data Reports In VB Dynamically
In my application, I have a combobox, which is Populated with the table names being used in my appl. And when I select the table name , its corresponding column names are populated in the ListBox1 and I placed 4 buttons in the form , and by using those buttons im being able to move the selected or all the column names to Listbox2. From the Listbox2 with those column names I have to create the DataReports dynamically . This Application looks like an replica of "Access Report generation using wizard", in MS Access.

Please help me out the code.

Thank You


Beginner??how To Create Crystal Reports?

iam working with VB6,ADO,MSAccess extensively.upto now iam creating reports only text based.

now i want to start designing reports with visual basic and crystal reports(i had a version of 8)

how to start designing reports with visual basic,crystal reports.

is there any samples which will give me a starting confidence of how to design and call reports from visualbasic?

please provide me any examples or code samples...


Better Ways To Create Reports As Word Documents
Firstly, I've already read RobDog's guide on how to read/write Word documents. Great stuff.

I'm developing functionality for generating an Applicant Report (as a Word Document). ReportTemplate.doc is a Word Document with the variable names (eg. varSurname, varPermitID). The subroutines will create a new copy of ReportTemplate.doc (called ApplicantReport.doc) and subsitute the variable names for the actual report values.

In rough pseudocode it can be summarised as:

Copy ReportTemplate.doc to ApplicantReport.Doc
Find and Replace variableNames in ApplicantReport.doc with report values
Save the ApplicantReport.doc

And here's an example of some of the Word-related subroutines I've been using. I'll be using something similar in the actual program. Just create a button in a form, and use the Word Object Library as a reference -

' Copies a specific Word document
Private Sub DoCopy_WordDoc(origdoc As String, copydoc As String)
Dim wordApp As Word.Application
Dim wordDoc As Word.Document

Set wordApp = New Word.Application
Set wordDoc = wordApp.Documents.Open(origdoc)

wordDoc.SaveAs copydoc

wordDoc.Close SaveChanges:=False
Set wordDoc = Nothing
Set wordApp = Nothing
End Sub

' Finds and replaces list of original strings with replacement
' strings within a Word Document object.
Private Sub DoMultipleReplace_WordDoc(docname As String, _
origStrings() As String, _
replaceStrings() As String)
Dim wordApp As Word.Application
Dim wordDoc As Word.Document
Dim i As Integer ' Loop Counter

' Open the Word document
Set wordApp = New Word.Application
Set wordDoc = wordApp.Documents.Open(docname)

For i = 0 To UBound(origStrings) - 1
With wordApp.Selection.Find
.Text = origStrings(i)
.Replacement.Text = replaceStrings(i)
.Execute Replace:=wdReplaceAll, Forward:=True, Wrap:=wdFindContinue
End With
Next i

' Close the Word Document
wordDoc.Close SaveChanges:=True
Set wordDoc = Nothing
Set wordApp = Nothing
End Sub

Private Sub cmd1()
Dim origStrings(1) As String
Dim replaceStrings(1) As String

origStrings(0) = "Selection"
replaceStrings(0) = "DavidLim"

Call DoCopy_WordDoc("C:Document1.doc", "C:Document2.doc")
Call DoMultipleReplace_WordDoc("C:Document2.doc", origStrings, replaceStrings)
End Sub

Is there a more efficient and effective method to use for creating reports as Word documents than what I've done here?

Create Cursor To Store Data For Reports
how do I select data from my server into a temp table or cursor to use to create a chart????????????????

How To Create A Cross - Tab Report In Data Reports
hi buddies

pls help me in creating a cross tab report using
data reports with VB 6.0

my requirement i have 3 cloumns in my table
1) emp code
2) month code
3) Amount for corresponding month
i want the report as ,.. which looks like
emp code | month code1|month code2| month code3....12

amount amount ........
thanks for helping


S.M. Syed Sherfudeen
Scientific/Technical Assistant-'B' ,
NIC, Madhya Pradesh State Unit,
Computer Centre 'C' Wing Basement
Vindhyachal Bhavan,
Bhopal - 460 004,
Madhya Pradesh.
Ph. 0755-551265 ext.112

Howto Create Forms In Vb With Crystal Reports
hi folks
i am using vb for developing an database application. iwant to
create reports. the reports will contain 4 parameters. dependingon the
parameters that i gave on the forms in vb i want report to contian that data
suppose the four fiels are (1. mainlot, 2.)sublot,3.)start_Date,4.)
end_date ) depending on the no. of parameters enter on the opened form the
reports contians that particular data. how can i achieve this in vb using
crystal report. iam using access 2000.
thankx in advance.

How To Create Data Reports In Visual Basic??? = )
ei guys please help me how to this.. this is my problem.. i am making my system in as a requirement for our school.. i am somewhat using vb in this case.. so im needing a guide on how to use data reports that is using a Sql client database.. please help me!! please.. i want to finish this requirement!! thnx for the attention....= )

How To Create Crystal Reports Using MSDE 2000?

I am using Crystal report 8.5. My Database sqlserver 2000. I generated reports and are working fine.

Now I want to use MSDE 2000 instead of Sqlserver 2000 due to license factor.

My application is developed in VB 6. The all the parts of the application is working fine except the report.

All reports produced Database DLL error.

So I opened the report and try to verify the database. But it gives pdssql.dll not found. Database error.

After this error, I tried to create a new report and found that there is no option for MSDE 2000 database selection under more database.

I usually select Sql server 2000 database under More Database option of location wizard.

How to create crystal reports using MSDE 2000?

Is it due to crystal report 8.5 verison problem? I also have crystal report 11 licensed copy.

Please give me the good solution as early as possible

S. Muhilan

Need Help In Using VB/VB.NET To Create Crystal Reports, Convert To Pdf Format And Email Them
I am trying to write a VB/VB.NET code to create Crystal Reports, convert to

PDF Format and email the report. I can write the VB code to create Crystal

Reports but I don't know how to use VB or VB.NET to convert to PDF Format

and email the report. Will somebody please give me a sample code or any



Atuahene Dickson


How To Create Executable In Visual Basic 5.0 Using Crystal Reports
I am moving an application from one server to another. I have changed all places that had the database location of the old server. I try to click on the make executable and it
runs for awhile and never finishes. I end the visual basic session and bring the machine down and backup try again and it does complete but I am getting no city, state and zip on labels produced in a crystal report. I am not sure if it is memory (win 95 - 32mb) , needed object missing, or the make executable problem. Please help - i searched all through here and have not found anything that resembles this problem.

Not Able To Preview Or Create Reports In MS Access After Windows XP Updgrade

I just got my PC upgraded from Windows 2000 professional to Windows XP Professional. I had MS Access 2002 before and now have Access 2003. I am not able to open (neither in design view nor in preview) or create reports in MS Access 2003 after the upgrade in any of the MS databases. I even converted the database to Access 2002-2003 format...still doesn't work. can anyone please help me with this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Create Text Fields In Run Time For Crystal Reports 6.0
i'm currently using visual basic 6.0 with crystal reports 6.0

on the report i need to create textobjects at run time...
and it all depends on a string which resides on another form of the project

the contents of the string is something like this "english chinese"
the diff subjects are separated by spaces.
the string can be "english malay chinese" depending on wwat the user selects. ok now for the real thing

if the string contains 3 subjects, i need to create 3 textobjects on the report each containing the respective subjects.

is that possible? urgent help needed

or u can also email me at

How To Create Text Reports And Using Date Field In Recordset In Sql Server7
i want to know how to create the text reports and how to use date field in recordset opening as it is not taking as '09-05-2005' 09-05-2005.

plz give solutions

VB6 Crystal Reports XI Release 2 - Create Bookmarks From Group Tree
Does anyone know if it is possible to programmatically set the export option for CreateBookmarksFromGroupTree using CR XI Release 2 with VB6? I have found a way to do this using .NET, but the same functionality does not seem to exist in VB6. Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Data Reports Active Reports Or Crystal Reports
Hi all

I am really stuck here and i need help urgently
I have to call three tables in a row to print a single invoice entry
noe the problem is if the do it by calling single tables then there is a problem that it is nopt going to print the last order which is filled.Is there is any way it can be done through using sql command or something.
Secondly if i use max order in sql then i would not be in a position to print order after searching for it


In Crystal Reports, How To Display Financial Reports (P & L, Balance Sheet Etc.) In Columnar Format
Dear All,

I am developing a Financial application using VB6, MS-Access & Crystal Reports 8.5. I am facing problems in certain reports. Some of the reports like Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet require the output to be printed in columnar format.

I have tried giving subreports for each section, i.e.; Assets & Liabilities, but then, the output is not coming in order as per the groups. The problem is even more where there are sub-sections in the right side column & left side column for example in Profit & Loss, where there are sub-sections for Gross Profit/Loss and Net Profit/Loss. In such cases, how to bring the total amount fields at the same horizontal level.
I hope someone can help me how to do the above.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Change The Database Location In Crystal Reports Sub Reports From VB During Runtime
I have several reports that were designed in Crystal Reports that have the DB location changed during runtime. When I move my database, or choose another copy of the DB that has a lot of records in it, my reports don't fire. I need to be able to Verify the database during runtime. I'm usiung VB6.0 and CrystalReports8.5 I've tried using Crystal's "Verify On Every Print" function, but I haven't had any luck. Here is the code I am using.

MyLocation = "C:mydatabase.mdb"
CRPE321.ReportFileName = "c:aptcom
eports eninfo.rpt"
CRPE321.DataFiles(0) = MyLocation
CRPE321.ParameterFields(0) = "ThisKey;" & Who.Text & ";true"

Also, does anyone know if changing the DataFiles location during runtime also effects the subreports. I don't think it does, but any input would be appreciative.

Need To Understand Data Reports - Heard That Crystal Reports Were Slow
I have two questions:

1.) I was going to take a step forward to learn how to use crystal reports but I heard that on a website they are viciously slow. Is that true or is there a way around that with coding?

2.) I have been using Access reports through Visual Basic 6.0 with the following code - thanks for the tremondous help of everyone on this website:

appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase SERVER & "disp-1_be.mdb"
appAccess.DoCmd.OpenReport "oalog", acPreview
appAccess.Visible = True

The reports work great UNTIL I came accross a situation where the report is based off of the data entry of the user. oalog is a monthly report and in the query it automatically pulls the current month with the following query:

SELECT oalogallmonths.ctsbranch, Count(oalogallmonths.Amount) AS [Total Of Amount], oalogallmonths.GivebyName, oalogallmonths.United, oalogallmonths.Mayflower, oalogallmonths.Other, oalogallmonths.Tord, oalogallmonths.CURRENTDATE, oalogallmonths.Amount, oalogallmonths.Month1, oalogallmonths.ORDER
FROM months, oalogallmonths
WHERE (((months.monthID)=[oalogallmonths].[Amount]))
GROUP BY oalogallmonths.ctsbranch, oalogallmonths.GivebyName, oalogallmonths.United, oalogallmonths.Mayflower, oalogallmonths.Other, oalogallmonths.Tord, oalogallmonths.CURRENTDATE, oalogallmonths.Amount, oalogallmonths.Month1, oalogallmonths.ORDER
HAVING (((oalogallmonths.Amount)=11;

If you notice the records are pulled HAVING the 11th month in there.

If I want the user to ENTER the month I know that I must change the last line to:

HAVING (((oalogallmonths.Amount)=[ENTER MONTH]));

But a user might type January or 12/2003, etc...

so I made a combobox named ListMonth of the 12 months.
Then I made the change from:

HAVING (((oalogallmonths.Amount)=11;

HAVING (((oalogallmonths.Amount)=ListMonth.ListIndex + 1));

The only problem is that I keep getting a message box asking for ListMonth.ListIndex + 1.

My question is in the above code that defines appAccess.DoCmd.OpenReport "oalog"...
is there a way to change the RecordSource of the report to pull from my own query instead of the Access Query?


Crystal Reports - Upgraded To 8.5, Now Reports Written In 8.0 Wont't Work!!!
My reports are crashing when I run them on a machine with CR8.5, but they work fine on cr8.0. They crash inside the .DiscardSavedData Routine.

Does anyone know why or what I can do...

I call the report.Printout routine and right after I call the
.DiscardSavedData. The report is still printing out in debug mode.

Please help. Is my syntax wrong. The help file says I can only use Printout and DislcardSavedData in "formatting idle" mode. I don't know what this this???? The .PrintOut routine works but not the discardsaveddata.


Any help is appreciated.


How To Use Crystal Reports To Make The Dynamic Reports?(I Can't Use The Design Expert To D
  How to use Crystal Reports to make the dynamic reports?(I can't use the design expert to design the report,because the data source with different fields is unknown in design time.)
     Hello all!
     I use the dynamic generating MS Access table as the Data Source of Crystal Report.
How to use the Crystal Reports to display the data of the dynamic generating MS Access table?
     Thanks All!

Edited by - on 12/17/2003 9:37:59 PM

Change The Database Location In Crystal Reports Sub Reports From VB During Runtime
I've created a Report Viewer that displays Crystal Reports 8.5 reports. I have the DB location in Crystal Reports changed during runtime, but I can't get the location to change in the subreports at runtime as well. Also, by using my method of calling the reports, I can't get VB to pass any parameters to the Main report. Below is the code that I am using. I'm using VB 6.0 and CR 8.5

Dim MyNewKey
MyNewKey = Who.Text

' On Error GoTo KeepGoing

MyLocation = GetStringValue("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareAptCom", "AptCom DB Path")
strReportFile = "c:aptcom
eports eninfo.rpt"

Set CRReport = New CRAXDRT.Report
Set CrxApp = CreateObject("crystalruntime.application")
Set CRReport = CrxApp.OpenReport(strReportFile)
' Set CRReport.ParameterFields(0) = "ThisKey;" & MyNewKey & ";true"

' KeepGoing:

For Each dbTable In CRReport.Database.Tables
dbTable.SetLogOnInfo "", MyLocation, "", ""
dbTable.Location = MyLocation
dbTable.SetDataSource MyLocation
Next dbTable

CRReport.SQLQueryString = strSQL

frmReportViewer.CRViewer1.ReportSource = CRReport

Set CRReport = Nothing
Set CrxApp = Nothing
Set CRReport = Nothing

I've tried using this method:

MyLocation = "C:mydatabase.mdb"
CRPE321.ReportFileName = "c:aptcom
eports eninfo.rpt"
CRPE321.DataFiles(0) = MyLocation
CRPE321.ParameterFields(0) = "ThisKey;" & Who.Text & ";true"

But, I can't get Crystal Reports to verify the database during runtime. The first way verifies the DB, but won't change the DB location of the subreports or pass parameters to the reports.

Any help would be appriciative.

Access Reports Vs Visual Basic Data Reports?
I need some help.

For the longest time - I've been using Access Reports that are printed on carbon copy bill of ladings and the like, etc. These reports print only the data that is based on one query. That one query is based on three text boxes on a form. The query searches whatever the user typed in those 3 text boxes and pulls all the records that match. If the user does not type anything in those 3 text boxes they automatically default to '*' in each of the text.

I want to do the same thing in Visual Basic. But I have a better idea for a search. I am using a DataGrid to list everything in a query and basically the user just highlights the row that he wants to choose. Then up top on the menu he clicks on whatever report he wants to print based on the record he/or she highlights. I know I've got to use DataGrid.Columns(0) as a criteria for a search and so I've finish what kind of SQL statement I'm going to use. As regards output, I'm unsure of what to use. I did try to pull up the actual Access Report I used before but that did not work because it would not recognize the DataGrid.Columns(0) command in the query.

I'm new to the Visual Basic Data Report - I don't see any tutorials anywhere.
I understand Crystal Reports are the old way of doing this but don't have a means to try that out.
At this point - in my development - I'm thinking I'd probably make a form that would have the same output with the text boxes tied to the datasource (recordsource would be the query) and then i'd print the form data only. But not sure how to do this either? Please help.



Crystal Reports- I Need Help Running Reports With A Shared Database.
I am trying to figure out how to use a shared database in crystal reports. I have it set up for my application were I use: App.Path +
"databaseWMdbase.mdb" But in crystal reports it makes you use a drive name. I am trying to use the UNC but when I run it on the computer without the physical database it tells me Database not found... is there a way to set the Location of the database in the form load like you do with ADO? Any help or Ideas would be great.

I Hate Reports. Trash Crystal Reports, Access Instead?
I am creating an app which requires a copius amount of complicated reports. These reports would be an absolute breeze to do in access, simply create a query that does all the work then base the report on that. Instead of wasting time with Crystal Reports, I'd love to be able to create an access query and then run an access report based on that query from within my VB app. Now I have code that allows me to run an access report, but it seems to require that access is open on the users machine at that time. Is there any way I can achieve what I need without opening access each time ?

Export Reports Created Using Crystal Reports 8.5 To MS Excel
i would like to know if there is a way out to export reports created using Crystal reports 8.5 to MS Excel directly with out the user doing it manually, by coding in VB6.0.
If yes please give me the codes.

Crystal Reports Using ActiveX Viewer For URL Linked Reports

We have a IIS service that broadcasts a virtual directory of reports so that they can be viewed using the crystal reports ActiveX viewer through an IE browser.

I am now trying to replicate this setup on another server, the IIS service is setup and URL's created for our reports.  When they are selected the browser defaults to the Crystal Enterprise logon screen.  Where do i change the settings so that the ActiveX viewer is used in the browser to view the report?

Many thanks,


Retrieving Images In Crystal Reports And Data Reports
I am saving the image path in the database and retrieving it for display but the problem is when I want to print the image for that particular record when I am only saving the image path in the database.

If I embed the image in the database it increases the size of the database but can be used in the reports in a bounded image control.

If somebody can help me retrieve the image in a data report/crystal report by using the image path in the database that did be great.


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