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How To Create Html Page From Visual Basic

Hello I want to generate Reports from the available recordset.

Or more specifically I want to make html page using images and text from VB code.

How to proceed.....

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How Do You Create A Help Page In Visual Basic
How do you create a help page in visual basic where it allows
you to type alot of text. The label object does not allowed alot of
text and is difficult to work with.

Printing A Recordset Passed From Visual Basic Into A HTML Page

Can any one of you give me a solution for printing a database recordset which is passed from Visual Basic to a HTML Page. Now i am using FileSystemObject and writing the HTML File and then using a WebBrowser Control navigating to the thus created file. This is a tedious process. Can anyone of you give a much simpler solution for this.

Thanks in Advance...............


Create A Html File From Visual Basic
I am working in Access 2000 and was wondering if anyone knows how to create a HTML file in Visual Basic?

The goal is to pass a variable to the HTML File in VB and then create/save the html file, attach that file and send an email message.

Any Help would be appreciated.

Create HTML Page Dynamically Through VB
Hi all,
I'm working on a project that has the following requirements.
A VB application allows the user to select certain fields (name, address, pin etc.) through the use of checkboxes/multiple select list boxes. When the submit button is clicked, the checked items in the VB interface have to be displayed in the HTML page.
For example if I have 'Name' as a checked item in the VB application, I need to display on the HTML page a label and a textbox for 'Name'.
In short, the HTML page is created dynamically depending on what is selected in my VB form. Once the HTML page is displayed, VB does not need to control its working.
What is the best and easiest way to do this in VB 6.0? I am not using .NET

How To Create An Html Page From A Variable?
With all my html code stored in a string variable, how can I automatically generate Html pages and save them on my harddrive?

Dynamically Create Html Page
dear devs,
My task is to develope html pages. i want to create html file using vb6.
so any good idea or suggetions ??
should i use
Open "test.html" for Append
and then start writing strings to file.
my string contains different html tags.
pls guide me

It May seem Impossible, But Possibly We don't know the way how to reach there ????

File Locking Conflict When Create HTML Page
I am using VBA within Excel2003. The VBA creates an HTM version of my spreadsheet page, using commands as shown below.

Set rngConvert = wrkFile1("NH_PROD.xls").ActiveSheet.Range("a1:h84")

strHTMFilePath = "\NR-fp06GroupsSHARENH_PROD1.htm"

intResult = htmlconvert(rngConvert, False, False, _
False, 1252, strHTMFilePath)

The problem is that when the VB is run, it should always overwrite the old HTM file with the new file. (Note: the HTM file is always in use, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and being displayed by Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is occasionally refreshed, which reloads the page and the problem with content is then seen)

However, sometimes when the VB is run it just appends the new HTML content to the end of the old HTML content, giving me a webpage that is twice as long as it should be, with a mix of old and new content! I always want the new HTM file to completely overwrite the old HTM file. I think I have a "file locking conflict" (?) What code snippet can I use to resolve this? Thanks

Visual Basic 6.0, Getting XML From An Asp Page
Hello all, hopefully someone here has an answer for me-

I'm writing as test application in VB6 to get and return XML from an asp page (the asp runs a query and returns XML). Unforunately, I'm stumped and pretty much have no idea how to retrieve the xml data.

The ASP returns using the following code:
Response.Write objXML.transformNode(objXSL)

How do I retrieve and parse the data in VB?


Web Page And Visual Basic/C++
Is there a way to send data (ie, person's name) from VB/any application to a text field of a web page ?
Please help.


Asp To Html With Visual Basic
Hi i am trying to make an asp webserver however
i am stuck with how to make my webserver read a piece of asp code and make it a html file and send it to the browser.
Please enlighten me thanks

Html In Visual Basic
is their a way to put html commands into a textbox so font color and bold and all that good stuff will work??? any tutorials or info would be greatly appriciated. thanks.

HTML And Visual Basic

Im trying to make a program that will contain a couple .htm files and that will call the files up and show them. (for protection purposes- I dont want the source to be visible thats why I want them inside a vb6.0 program) However, I am unexperienced with using VB to display HTML. Links and/or advise would be appreciated.


HTML In Visual Basic
Basically what i want to do is make a program which pops up a HTML window of a certain height!. .html page

HTML Help In Visual Basic 5

Is it possible to use the new HTML help files (.chm) with Visual Basic 5?


HTML In Visual Basic
i want to insert html into my program, i need to make a text box (of html), so i could insert information into it, and change the color of the lines (or words). how do i do that, and how do i use html in my program.

Boaz zemeR

HTML And Visual Basic

The HTML file I'm trying to parse into Access
Is a report. I need to get certain headers
and specific data out of it and load those
into an Access database. The headers would be
The fields in the table and the data as the records.

I hope this will make it clear.

HTML And Visual Basic
I have the following html code (given below).
This code makes that if one presses the button on a htm formular, he gets
immediately redirected to a https formular?

Any solution welcome.
Willibrord Oomen

How to get this code executed when pressing on a command button in a visual
basic frame ?

<form action="" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_s-xclick">
<input type="image"
src=" 23.gif" border="0"
name="submit" alt="pay over PayPal : A fast, free and securized solution !">
<input type="hidden" name="encrypted" value="-----BEGIN
PKCS7-----bla-bla-bla-----END PKCS7-----

Visual Basic And HTML
Hello All,

I am looking at creating a project which will interact with a secondparty website. I need the program to pass information to this websitefrom the vb program but in HTML format. Can anyone give me some goodresources to look at, either in book form or on the web?



Html In Visual Basic
Hey guys, I'm making a little calendar/reminder program for my girlfriend and I was wondering if it's possible to incorporate html into the reminders somehow? I'm trying to get the same effect as AOL instant messenger profiles, where users can customize the looks using html. I'd like the same thing, except to be used for the reminders. Could someone point me in the direction of a good tutorial or a book? Thanks in advance!


HTML & Visual Basic
I want to create a HTML page that has several check boxes on it. I will be doing this in my
VB program and then displaying it to the operator. I want to make sure that the user
has checked all the boxes before my VB program will continue. Is this possible? If so can
someone give me any advice on how to accomplish this? Thanks in Advance!!!

Access To A Web Page From Visual Basic
so I need a visual basic application that will collect log in data from data sheet, log in to a website, navigate to the correct page, collect additional data from data sheet, enter the data in the page(form), collect the returned data and store it with other input return data.

is there any way that i can do this..?

i am very good at vb i also know about the message format of the html protocol.

can any one help me in this ?

Save A Web Page From Visual Basic
hi every one
i want to save an wab page from my project using
microsoft internet constrols or microsoft HTML Object Library
will be good
any idea
i tried going from an open IE but
a way bad way
was tring to click on file then save as but the
broblem is that i donot know if it's menu or tool bar

glad for ideas before codes
thank you before

How Can Is Login A Asp Page From Visual Basic...
I want to login an asp page from vb but i couldn't do this. I could not understand it. Is there a easy way to login an asp page from vb.... i need help...

How To Save Web Page In Visual Basic 6.0
Hi everybody

i want to save web page by using vb 6.0. same as we save from the file menu save as command in internet explorer .i can open the url but i dont know how to save if any one have idea please help me

HTML Email From Visual Basic
I'm have a script (snipet below) that pulls some data from SAP into a new email from Outlook. It does it fine through plain text. I want to format the data w/ HTML but I can't get it to work - any ideas of where to start?



EmailLine1 =

"Dear " & CTFN( Credit_Tech) & NL & NL & _
" I wish to request review of the following for release:" & NL & NL & _
" Liable: " & PayerNumber & " " & PayerName & NL & _
" Order: " & OrderNumber & NL & _
" Order Value: " & Ordervalue & NL & _
" Ship Date: " & ShipDate & NL & _
" Seller: " & SellerName & NL & _
" Credit Manager: " & Credit_mgr & NL & NL & _
"> > > > > > New Payment Information < < < < < <"


SubjectLine = "Stock Out"


Thenn = timer
elapsed = int(thenn-noww)
exit sub
End Sub ' Main *******************************************

'********************************************************************* **********
sub warnnow()
dim warning2 as string
warning2 = MyScreen.GetString(23, 02, 1)
If warning2 = "W" Then OK("")
exit sub
end sub

Sub Reasoncoder()
ReasonError = myscreen.getstring (23,02,04)
select case ReasonError
case "I958","F055"
end select
end sub
Sub SendEmail()
'K Sible Oct 2004
Dim Email As Object
Dim OUTLOOK As Object
Dim Recipient As Object
Dim olMailItem As Long

AppActivate "Microsoft Outlook" 'this opens a new note


Set OUTLOOK = GetObject(, "Outlook.Application") 'Assumes Outlook is already open
On Error resume next
Set Email = OUTLOOK.CreateItem(olMailItem)
Email.BodyFormat = 2 '1 = plain text format, 3 = rich , 2 = HTML
Email.Display 'display first to bring in signature!?
Set Recipient = Email.Recipients.Add(Credit_person)
Email.Subject = SubjectLine

'if sellername <> "" then Email.CC = sellername 'copyee section

Emailbody = EmailLine1 & Emailbody 'DEC2005kdsible

Siggy = email.body

if len(Siggy) > 0 then
Email.Body = Emailbody & chr(10) & Siggy
Email.Body = Emailbody
end if

'Email.send 'for autosending without chance to review

Exit Sub
msgbox error
msgbox "Outlook not open, or other problem with Outlook. Cannot send."
exit sub
End Sub 'SendEmail

HTML 2 PDF Conversion From Visual Basic
Hi to all.. Does anyone know if there's a method to convert HTML to PDF files using visual basic?

any help will be appreciated


Connect Html Help With Visual Basic
I have used html help workshop to create a help file and I want to connect it with my Visual Basic program,and I donīt know how. Can anyone please help me?thx

Visual Basic In HTML Pages
Is it possible to somehow take a project you did in visual basic and put it on a HTML site... I mean the form and everything that goes with it. So people dont have to download my EXE, but it is running right there on the page they are viewing...

Help!!! Question Btw Visual Basic And Html
I just create a program which can load picture and information from ADO in Visual basic. However, if user wants to open this program, they need to install the program (setup.exe)in their computer .is there any ways that user does;t need to install the program (Too time consuming), but only put the cd-rom into their computer and run the program by itself? it;s HTML the best way? and if HTML is good enough... is it possible to use some of my vb code and my database with all my picture and data?

HTML Reports Using Visual Basic
Hi there, i want to develop some reports to be called from a VB form and displayed in Internet Explorer, could this be done through VB? I really appreciate if you could provide some code example. Thanks in advance.


Visual Basic Code Creating Asp Page

I have function called writeAsp which creats an asp page when the function called.

The problem is when the function creates the asp page, the page inserts ' " ', a double quote top of the page. I looked line by line and still don't understand how the double quote created.


Function writeASP
dim output
'Clear the output
output = ""

Output = "<%@ Language=VBScript %>" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "<%Option Explicit " & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "Response.Expires =0 %>" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "<%" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "Dim DID, UID" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "DID = Request.Form("" & DID & """ & ")" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "Response.write(DID)" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "UID = Request.Form("" & UID & """ & ")" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "%>" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "<html>" & vbCrLf
Output = Output & "<head>" & vbCrLf ....... and so on until write to file.

'lets create the html file
Dim strFile As String
strFile = "c:
'Create a new html
Open strFile For Output As #1
'write the file
Write #1, Output
'Close the File
Close #1
end function

and so on.... can anybody tell me how to get rid of double quote begin of the code after output = "".

Mant Thanks

Specialized Web Page About Visual Basic Graphics

This is a simple question:

Does anyone know any specialized web page about Visual Basic graphics or similar?

It is very important for me?



Call Your Visual Basic Function From A Web Page
If you have a button on the web page, how do you get this button to call a function from the visual basic program. The browser I am using is the webbrowser control.

Needed Assist, Html With Visual Basic 6
Dear All Expert,

Do you know, How to Delete the (") mark from the variable which are string when save it to a text file, below is my sample code! please help me to solve it!!

option explicit
dim content as string

private sub command1_click()

open "C:Testing.txt" for input as #1
content = "<html><h1>Testing</h1></html>"
write #1, content
close #1

filecopy "C:Testing.txt", "C: esting.html"

end sub

Private sub Command2_click()
webbrowser1.navigate2 = "c: esting.html"
end sub

The Result show out from the webbrowser control is like that : -



and the text file result is : -


if i want to delete the (") sign from my test file, which way i can do it????????

Possible To Convert HTML To PDF Inside Visual Basic?
Wondering if it is possible to convert a HTML file to a PDF file all contained in Visual Basic. I currently pull data from a msflexgrid box and can export that to a HTML file just fine. If possible I want the image of that HTML file to be placed on a PDF or converted into one. I know there are 3rd party programs out there that do this with ease but I'm wondering if it's possible to handle all within VB itself.


Visual Basic And HTML Colour Codes
Hi guys... Xenonic Rob here...

Now, I've created a pretty decent HTML colour code generator (see attached file). The thing is, I want to include lots of cool webmaster-y tools in it. I've got a scrollbar effects prog, link effects prog and some stuff like that, but what I really want is something similar to TextTone (have a search on Google... download it - it's cool.)

Any help?!

Rename the download to anything.EXE - VBForums don't allow EXE uploads...

Viewing HTML Source In Visual Basic
I am trying to write a function to which one can pass a URL on the Internet and have the function place the HTML source code for the page into a RichText Box.

The result would simply be that the RichText Box would then contain exactly what you would get if you 1) right clicked in Internet Explorer, 2) selected View Source, and then 3) copied and pasted from Notepad into the Rich text box.

The Browser control is good for displaying pages, but I'm not seeing any Browser control properties which contain the HTML source of the target page.

How To Print A HTML File Using Visual Basic
Hi Guys,
I need to know how to print a HTML file using Visual Basic, with proper Page breaks, margins, etc., It's very urgent. Please help me....! Thankx in advance...

Visual Basic Or Ebook HTML Compiler
HI all just starting out in visual basic, and have installed visual basic 6.0 Professional Edition with service pack 3

I have also bought Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 21 days
I have a question I am looking to create a how to book, about some of my hobbies that I like, there is a lot of graphics (pictures) that I would like to use in the book. will this be a problem. I was told that there are a lot of ebook program out there that would be a lot easier to use. any advice or words of wisdom would be helpful!

Please for give me for my rambling on ..but thanks again for your advice

Retrieving Html Data Into Visual Basic
How do I retrieve data off an html form I have created into my visual basic project. I can open the html page in the webbrowser within my project. I can also get the onclick event within the html form to pull the data of the text boxes, but how do I pass that to my visual basic project?

Print Form On Full Page In Visual Basic
hello friends

I am developing an application in which i have to print the form .I have used printform command but i am not able to print the form on the whole A4 size sheet.I have tried various combinations of the printer properties (landscape,portrait) but nothing happened.
The problem with printform is that i am getting my output on only half of the A4 size sheet.

Please send you kind sugestions asap

Visual Basic .NET And Web Page ActiveX Controls, Redistribution?
I've been googling for a few hours and haven't been able to get a definitive answer to this question. I hope someone here can shed some light on this for me..

I am considering developing a simple activex control for my website. Now my primary goal is "accessibility", quite simply I am concerned that developing the control in .NET will force site visitors to have the .NET runtime on their laptop/workstation in order to have the control function. Is this correct?

Does it make more sense to step backwards to a prior version of VB (5? 6? etc) and develop the control?

Thanks, I appreciate any wisdom you can shed on this one.


Web Form Page(ASP) Inside Of Visual Basic Web Control
I have a web form(ASP) Is there a way to get the page information back to my visual basic application.


Once the form is filled out and the user clicks on submit. Is there a way visual basic could tell that the user it the submit button and get the information that was filled out?



How To Load A Webpage Page In Visual Basic 4 Form
Hi all. i am trying to create a vb form in visual basic 4 that loads wepage when the form is opend. I righ clicked on the new form and clicked on view code then i typed the following code:

Private Sub Form_Load()
Webbrowser1.Navigate ""
End Sub

The i went to file and make exe file and it created for me the exe fiile but when i run it i get this error :

Run-time error '423':

object required


could an expert help me solve this problem and be able to load a wepage inside the form.Thanks

ActiveX Property Page Issue In Visual Basic 6
I am building an ActiveX control using Visual Basic 6.

I have a "property" that uses a "property page." To set this up I opened
the ToolsProcedure Attributes dialog, then selected my property and set the
"use this page in property browser" to the name of my property page.

So far so good, when I select the property in the property browser, an
ellipses is displayed, which opens the property page after I click it!

In the property page I set:
PropertyPage.Changed = True
when a value is changed. This allows for the "Apply Changes" event to fire
if the user clicks "OK" or "Apply."

Pressing "OK" works fine, but if the user clicks "Apply" all of the controls
on the Property Page disappear and the following message is displayed
"There are no selected objects with property pages."

Any help to resolve this issue would be appreciated.

Visual Basic Information:
Version 8988
VBA: Retail 6.0.8964

Many Thanks,

Join Bytes!

ActiveX Property Page Issue In Visual Basic 6
I am building an ActiveX control using Visual Basic 6.

I have a "property" that uses a "property page." To set this up I opened
the ToolsProcedure Attributes dialog, then selected my property and set the
"use this page in property browser" to the name of my property page.

So far so good, when I select the property in the property browser, an
ellipses is displayed, which opens the property page after I click it!

In the property page I set:
    Code:PropertyPage.Changed = True
when a value is changed. This allows for the "Apply Changes" event to fire
if the user clicks "OK" or "Apply."

Pressing "OK" works fine, but if the user clicks "Apply" all of the controls
on the Property Page disappear and the following message is displayed
    "There are no selected objects with property pages."

Any help to resolve this issue would be appreciated.

Visual Basic Information:
    Version 8988
    VBA: Retail 6.0.8964

Many Thanks,


Visual Basic 6 Webbrowser Gives Page Scripting Error??
I have been using visual baisc 6 to make custom a webbrowser. I use it
to mainly save ebay auction webpages for future referance. Lately when
I access some webpages I get "An error has occured in the script page"
in my VB custom browser. It says Line 440, Char 11, Syntax error code 0
and gives the URL webpage. I get this error with just some webpages.
 I don't get this error using MS internet webbrowser. Can this problem be solved? I don't think the problem is in my coding. Any solutions to this??? Maybe I
need to update something?? Using window XP.
thank you,

How To Interact With Visual Basic Application Using HTML Forms..
i have a running visual basic application that basically takes an ID and processes some data based on that ID and gives out results..i want to know how to implement this application thru the to pass data to VB dll files..
what i want to be able to do is on an HTML form field be able to enter the ID and pass that value to the visual basic engine and also display the result on a HTML page..after subsequent processing..i am new to VB so any kind of help is appreciated.
thanks a lot, everybody

Html/javascript Menu And Visual Basic Application

Is it possible to create an html/javascript menu and insert it into a visual basic aplication?

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