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How To Do A Enter Or Go To Next Line In A TextBox

hi Can anyone pls advise on the subject?

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How To Press Enter And Got To Next Line In A Textbox
Hi Guys,

How do I do this. Also, i'm using the textbox to type an e-mail messsage. Do you guys think I should use a RichTextbox instead

Moving To The Next Line In A Textbox (WITHOUT) Pressing Enter (return)???

I would like to press a button that will make txtInput go to the next line, How would I do this???

In From 1 Textbox To Another Textbox Moving By Pressing Enter
as in vb6.0 we r write code in textbox keypress event as follow to move from textbox1 to textbox2.

if keyascii = 13 then

so above same task i want to do in
Please help me to solve it

Thank you

Enter New Line
Hi, just wondering how do you add a new line between existing lines of text in a text file? For example, I have the cursor positioned at the end of a line and i want a new empty line right below that line (which pushes the remaining text down further, like what happens when u hit return in a text file).
I have tried 'txtBox.Seltext = txtBox.SelText & vbCrLf
but this just moves the cursor to the next line and does not create a new empty line.

Easy enough Im sure but any ideas???

Pressing Enter To Go From Textbox To Another Textbox.
I have this code but it is not working, is there a form or text box property that needs to be set? Thanks...

Private Sub TextCustomerName_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)

If vbKeyReturn = KeyAscii Then
r = Set_Focus(TextProduct)
End If

End Sub

What Is The Next Line Code Like Enter?
Hi, everyone , i have a question. What code should i type in order to give this kind of display below, when i send a message to phone.

I want this kind of display:
1) select
2) cancel

But not this kind of display:
welcome 1) select 2) cancel

Thanks for help.

Listview, Hit Enter, Go To Next Line
I need to make my listview so that when a user is typing into it, they go to the next line and can automatically start typing in it. How do I do this?

Right now if the Listview Click event handler has the .StartLabelEdit active.

Don't Want To Skip Line After Pressing Enter.
in my chat program if the user pressed the enter button i don't want it to skip a line. here's my code below which i thought would of worked but it doesn't.

If KeyAscii = 13 Then
wskConn.SendData txtUser.Text & ": " & txtInput.Text
txtInput.Text = ""
end if

Prevent Multi Line Textbox From Wrapping Incomplete Words To The Following Line

I've created a textbox that will mimic a mainframe screen that has a dimension of 80 X 24.

The following textbox properties are set as follows:
Multiline = True
Word wrap = True

When a user enters text into this textbox the text will wrap after every 80 characters, just like it would when typing on a mainframe screen.

PROBLEM: I would like the textbox to wrap only complete words to the next line...just like this forum textbox that I am typing into right now does..
would anyone know the code to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance..

Moving Cursor To 2nd Line When Pressing Enter
When I press Enter key in a textbox the cursor is not going to the next line. So how to make it? Thanks.

Ctrl+Enter In Multi-line Textboxes
I've got a multi-line textbox and I would like Users to be able to hit Enter to move into the next line in the textbox.

Currently when a User hits Enter - the focus automatically moves to the first check box on the screen.


Enter In A TextBox
Hi @ all
I'm a novice, I need help to resolve a problem.
I have to insert data in a TextBox and when I press the Enter key I need to send that text to a cell and prepare the TextBox to receive new data.

Thank you

Textbox And Enter Key
I'm a newbie running VB 6.0, and have run up against a roadblock with my project. Basically, I have two textboxes. The first I'm using to enter text, which then gets sent to textbox 2 and appended to the text that's already there. I have it working currently so that hitting a command button performs this action. What I need now is to change the behavior of the Enter key so that it will do the same thing as hitting the button, rather that performing a carriage return. I need the textbox to be multiline and wrap, but hitting Enter should do the same as hitting the command button. Here's what I've got for what happens on button click.

Private Sub btn2_Click()

If textbox2.Text = "" Then
textbox2.Text = textbox.Text
Else: textbox2.Text = textbox2. _
Text & vbCrLf & textbox.Text
End If

textbox.Text = ""

End Sub

Thanks for any help!

Enter Key And Textbox

I have a text box for the user to enter a term to search for,
there is also a button "Search", I need the script of the button
to be execute also when the user prerss the "Enter" key on
the keyboard, I did try these codes with no success :

Private Sub txtResult_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
If KeyAscii = vbKeyReturn Then
KeyAscii = 0
MsgBox "Hello World"
End If
End Sub

Private Sub txtResult_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
MsgBox "Hello World"
End Sub

Private Sub cmdEnter_Click()
MsgBox "Hello World"
End Sub
Any ID's Y ?

Textbox & Enter
I have some single line text boxes in a row. In the on keypress, I have added If KeyAscii = 13 Then SendKeys "{TAB}" so that it moves to the next text box when enter is pressed.The only problem is that it makes a "Bing" sound when you press enter. Is there a way of turning off the "Bing"? Or else, is there a way of changing the enter key behaviour?

i got 2 questions

1)i have 3 text boxes 1 want when th ueser will press tab it will go to the other text box
2)i have a textbox and i want when you click enter (ascii code 13)
it will go a line down(vbCrLf)

thanks, kolem

Textbox Then Enter
I have text in the box!!!! Now, how do i click enter in the textbox and call a command buttone???

chat,,, type,,,, enter = send
So link the textbox so when you click enter it toggles the send command buttone or Winsock1.SendData Form2.txtSend & vbCrLf

Enter In TextBox
I would like the written text to have an enter everytime a new line is entered in a textbox.


txtLoginInfo.Text = txtLoginInfo.Text & "Invalid Password Entered"

All the lines are just entered one after the other. Can someone give me instructions on how to add a break or an enter to a textbox?

Enter In Textbox?
Here's my dilemma. I want to add a certain string into a textbox (Text1.Text = Text1.Text & StringIWant), and in the StringIWant, I would like several linefeeds & return carriages (also known as enters). Chr(10) & Chr(13) both display as boxes, rather than actual linefeeds. I was wondering if any APIs would help. Or whatever. Sendkeys are not an option, sorry.


Enter In Textbox
Hi, (again)

When I put some numbers in a textbox, I have to push the tab key to get to the next textbox, Is there a way that when I hit the enter key I go to the next textbox?

Greetings from yet another rainy day in holland.....

How To Enter New Line ? It To Long ! I Dont Know Syntax HELPPPP
mSQL = "INSERT INTO patents (your, country, new_con, related, type, serial, patent_no, fstatus, client, agent, ftitle, cref, aref, prior, mailed, filed, publish, issued, f1st, sexpires, expires, pcode, entered, modified, fby, f1, f2, p)VALUES ('" & your & "','" & country & "','" & new_con & "','" & related & "','" & ftype & "','" & serial & "','" & patent_no & "','" & fstatus & "','" & client & "','" & agent & "','" & ftitle & "','" & cref & "','" & aref & "','" & prior & "','" & mailed & "','" & filed & "','" & publish & "','" & issued & "','" & f1st & "','" & sexpires & "','" & expires & "' ,'" & pcode & "','" & entered & "','" & modified & "','" & fby & "','" & f1 & "','" & f2 & "','" & p & "') "

i want it to enter new line , i try to use "& _" same asp but it error

i try this

mSQL = "INSERT INTO patents " & _
"(your, country, new_con, related, type, serial, patent_no," &_
"fstatus, client, agent, ftitle, cref, aref, prior, mailed, filed," &_
"publish, issued, f1st, sexpires, expires, pcode, entered, modified," &_
"fby, f1, f2, p)VALUES ('" & your & "','" & country & "','" & new_con & "'," & _
"'" & related & "','" & ftype & "','" & serial & "','" & patent_no & "'," & _
"'" & fstatus & "','" & client & "','" & agent & "','" & ftitle & "'," & _
"'" & cref & "','" & aref & "','" & prior & "','" & mailed & "'," & _
"'" & filed & "','" & publish & "','" & issued & "','" & f1st & "'," & _
"'" & sexpires & "','" & expires & "' ,'" & pcode & "'," &_
"'" & entered & "','" & modified & "','" & fby & "','" & f1 & "'," & _
"'" & f2 & "','" & p & "') " "

Ensuring Only 65 Chars Per Line In Multi Line Textbox
I have a text box that can have any number of lines, but each line can only have 65 characters (I'm using the SendMessage API). A blank space is treated the same as a character. Right now I'm adding a carriage return at every 66th character, which works fine if I don't go back and insert or change anything I already typed in. When I do try that the cursor gets put the end of all of the text in the text box. The only way to change any text is to back space to the point where I want to retype something.
I'm curious to know if anyone can give me some ideas about how I should go about doing this.

I'll post my code and you will see why I get pushed to the end of the text
Private Const EM_LINELENGTH = &HC1
charcount = SendMessage(txtDetails.hwnd, EM_LINELENGTH, txtDetails.SelStart, ByVal 0&)
txtDetails.Text = Left$(txtDetails.Text, InStrRev(txtDetails.Text, " ")) & vbCrLf & Mid$(txtDetails.Text, InStrRev(txtDetails.Text, " ") + 1)
txtDetails.SelStart = Len(txtDetails.Text)

Rich Textbox - Making A Given Line The Top Line Displayed
This is the short-and-sweet version of a question I posted earlier. Is there a way to make a given line in the rich textbox the first line displayed? (For example, if I want to display line #53 as the top line, is there a combination of methods/properties I can use to do this? I can't find any obvious technique.)

How To Force New Line Of Text In A Multi Line Textbox
For example, i want to print in vb like this

1. one
2. two

in c , i can do something like

printf("1. one
printf("2. two

If I need to display the same text in a VB textbox control, i must force a new line too. How could i do it in VB? Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance..

Check Every Line In Multi Line Textbox [resolved (already)]
hello again,

here i am with another problem, so i'll get straight to it.

i need to do the following code:

Code:If (Right(txtINPUT.Text, 1)) = ";" Then

for every line in a multi line textbox, as the code above just does the last character in the textbox. ive searched these forums and found nothing that is exactly what i want. ive found this but thats so much code, and im not sure if i could make that do what i want. there must be an easy way to do it, please let there be an easy way.

any help is very much appreciated.


I'm all wrapped up in my binary blanket and I'm coding on late into the night

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Enter Move To Next Textbox
I have a form with about 10 textboxes which accept input from the user. I want the user to be able to be able to press enter and move to the next textbox. I have Tabstop set to True and the tab indexes properly numbered. What I want to know is if I have to actually code on each textbox's KeyPress event to accomplish moving to the next txtbox when Enter is I have to do this for every box??

Private Sub txtPrice_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)

If KeyAscii = 13 then txtUOM.SetFocus

End Sub

How Can I Enter A Division In A Textbox?

Could anybody show me how to enter a division in a textbox (numerator and denominator, eg. 1/5)?


Capture Enter In Textbox
I would like to initiate a command button if the user presses enter in a text box. The problem is the KeyPress event proceedure doesn't work like I expected. I know this is a very stupid question but any help would be great.

This is what I tried but it didn't work.

Private Sub txtMR_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
If KeyAscii = vbEnter Then
End If
End Sub


Instead Of Hitting Tab Can I Hit Enter To Get To A New Textbox??
Is there something on the properties to do this??? I have 75 textboxes and I'm using the numberpad on the right hand side of the keyboard I'd rather hit enter instead of there a way to do this??

Can't Enter HEX Numbers In Value Textbox?

First of all I’d like to say how much this site and the VB link web pages (especially Planet Source Code) has helped me, I’ve learned more in the last week then in months of reading books.


I’m stuck on how to enter a HEX number into a text box. I’m creating an Assembly Language Calculator / Conversion program; here is a partial of my code:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim MyHex
Dim MyDec
Dim lngNum As Long
Dim lngBin As Long
Dim strResult As String
firstVal = (fstval.Text) ' first Hex value
secondVal = (sndval.Text) ' second Hex value
MyDec = firstVal Xor secondVal ' Returns Xor in Dec number
MyHex = Hex(MyDec) ' Returns Xor in Hex number
HexRes.Text = MyHex ' Display Hex result
DecRes.Text = MyDec ' Display Dec result
BinRes.Text = strResult$ ' Display Bin result

EVERYTHING works fine but ONLY if I enter DECIMAL numbers in the respective value textboxes, I WANT to use ONLY Hex numbers.

What I want to do is enter HEX numbers directly into the “first value textbox” and “second value textbox”. I CAN enter the values as, for example &h3E and &h2F and everything works fine. But I’d rather NOT have the users do this, what I would like is this: 3E and 2F and return the proper values in the appropriate textbox. I’ve tried all kinds of treatments for this but cannot seem to get anything to work. I tried Private Functions, Declarations, plus an array of other codes; I also have DOZENS of codes and apps from Planet Source Code and copied, pasted, and edited just about everyone of them but STILL cannot get this to work the way I want it.

As you can tell I’m a “toddler” as far as VB is concerned, I’m just starting; but with the aid of this site and the VB links page I’m sure I’ll begin to move a bit faster.



Pressing Enter In Textbox
I want to have a multiline disabled textbox that when the user presses the Enter button, an action or function is called. I know I could work with the Textbox_Change function, but isn't there an easier way?

Pressing Enter In A Textbox
How can I have the Return key be a shortcut for a command in a form? I type in something in a textbox and hit Return, which does what a certian command does?

Textbox & Enter Key Probs!
I have several textboxes on screen and would like to use the ENTER key to move from one to another ..... please help.

Move From One Textbox To Another With The ENTER Key
how can i move from one textbox to the other with the Enter key please?

Using Enter And Tab Key To Disable Textbox.
I am trying to disable a text box after using the tab or enter keys. I have been successfull in disabling the text box after using the enter key with the code below.
Private Sub Text1_KeyPress(Index As Integer, KeyAscii As Integer)

If KeyAscii = 13 And Index < 100 Then

Text1(Index).Enabled = False

KeyAscii = 0
End If

End SubI have tried to add a condition that includes the tab key using KeyAscii = 9 as part of the expression above, but it does not fire when the tab key is pressed in the text box.

I have also tried the following KeyDown code without success.
Private Sub Text1_KeyDown(Index As Integer, KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)
If KeyCode = vbKeyTab And Index < 100 Then

Text1(Index).Enabled = False

KeyAscii = 0
End If
End SubPossible solutions?

Enter After Textbox Entry
I am writing a program where the user inputs a number into a textbox and (at the moment) has to click a command button to get the answer (the number in the textbox is put in an equation). I would like to know how to code it so if the user presses the enter key directly after entering the number (when the textbox is still in focus), the button clicks and the result is shown. I already have this:

Private Sub Number_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
If KeyAscii = 13 Then
End If
End Sub

...but it makes a nasty 'ding' sound when you press enter like it doesn't recognise it or something. This causes problems if an error message is generated at the same time as pressing enter (say, the textbox is blank and my error trapper comes into action), as error-trapping messages are all vbCritical and make the 'Chord' sound instead.

Can anybody help me so the ding sound doesn't happen every time I press enter? You may think I'm being picky but it would be nice to learn what I'm doing wrong.

Enter And Tabs In A Textbox

I'm wondering how I can enter many lines of data in one text box and allow the user to hit the enter key for the next line? As it works now, if a user enters some data and hits enter, the control goes to the next text box. I would like the control to stay with this certain text box until the user clicks with the mouse on the next text box.

Is this possible?

thanks in advance,

Disabling Enter In A Textbox?
how i disabed enter in a textbox (a multiline one).. is there any code that disables that key in the textbox?.

Using Enter Key In Multiline Textbox
Hi there

I have a multiline textbox in which I want to display some info. The problem is that I want to add a linebreak by using chr(13), which is the Enter key. My code in the click event of a button:

text1.text = "John Marting" & chr(13) & "Peter Standert" & chr(13) & chr(13) & "Susan Makling"

The output in the textbox should be displayed as follow:
John Marting
Peter Standert

Susan Makling

However, the code above does not work. How can I use a line break by using code?

Another question regarding this problem - currently I want to use a multiline textbox to display this info, but I do not want the user to be able to change it. Therefore I'll either disable or lock the textbox. Is there any other control that one might use with the same effect? I don't think label can accept multi lines.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

How To Enter Message With Textbox
How can I enter a message with a textbox by pressing ENTER instead of using a Button?

This is for an IRC client. Can't find it anywhere.

Enter Date To Textbox

I have a problem when i enter the date to the textbox... it says "multiple step operation"

why is this happening?

Enter Key Problem In A Textbox
I seem to have all my textboxes unable to accept the Enter key. They all work well with the Tab key, but not the Enter key.

Anyone know how I can get the Enter key to perform like the Tab keys does, i.e., just continue to the next box?

On one textbox, I get a Beep for no apparent reason, too??

Hitting Enter In A Textbox
is there any way to hit enter from a textbox instead of having to tab to a command button?

TextBox + Enter -&gt; Pling But Wants TAB
I am doing an input program that inputs to a TextBox array. I want enter to act as tab and I use SendKeys "{TAB}" for that but I can not get rid of then Pling that occures.

Any suggestions ?

If I Hit Enter In A;s Starts A Sub. Why?
Trying to figure this out. Wrote a medium-small program to print pictures...

The last bug I have is that if I hit enter in a text box, the program starts the print subroutine. Not exactly a good result. How can I fix this?

Using VB6... tried the "causes validation" option both luck

Thanks a million,

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Movement Of Enter Key In A Textbox
Dear Friends,

I have a 3 textboxes on a useform. when i fill texbox1 and press enter key, cursor is no going to textbox2 and texbox3.

Cursor is going textbox2 and textbox3 by pressing tab key only.

Syed Haider Ali

How To Enter Only Numbers In Textbox



How To Make Sure Textbox Is Enter Something
i am using the case decison to check what is the user choice in a textbox....but if they didnt enter anything to i make sure that the program detect it.... i try to use null but it cant work ..below is part of my code

another thing is i try to write as case 1 to 5 , but error when i compile
anyone can help me.....thanks

Select Case CInt(txthour.Text)
Case Null
If opt1.Value Then
MsgBox "please type your hour"
End If

Case 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
If opt1.Value Then
tuition = 850
ElseIf opt2.Value Then
tuition = 1250
tuition = 1700
End If

Case 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
If opt1.Value Then
tuition = 1000
ElseIf opt2.Value Then
tuition = 1500
tuition = 2000
End If
End Select

How To Make Sure Textbox Is Enter Something
i am using the case decison to check what is the user choice in a textbox....but if they didnt enter anything to i make sure that the program detect it.... i try to use null but it cant work ..below is part of my code

another thing is i try to write as case 1 to 5 , but error when i compile
anyone can help me.....thanks

Select Case CInt(txthour.Text)
Case Null
If opt1.Value Then
MsgBox "please type your hour"
End If

Case 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
If opt1.Value Then
tuition = 850
ElseIf opt2.Value Then
tuition = 1250
tuition = 1700
End If

Case 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
If opt1.Value Then
tuition = 1000
ElseIf opt2.Value Then
tuition = 1500
tuition = 2000
End If
End Select

ps:if nothing is enter.....a error will prompt out... type mismatch:cint

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