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How To Find Acrobat And Java Version

Just as title says I need to find the version info for both of them to determine if users need to upgrade before using a system.

I checked the registry settings didn't see any keys with version values in them. For Acrobat some of the keys were named the version but I'm not sure if it's possible to get that.

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Finding Acrobat Reader Version
I'm building a PDF viewer using the pdf.ocx. I have used snipet of code from this forum to check if the reader is installed and it works great. I now need to check which version of the reader is installed because the pdf files that will be packaged with the program are encoded so that only Acrobat Reader 5.0 will open them. Any one have any suggestions?

Get Java Version

I need to know the build number of my java version installed in my computer within an application written in Visual Basic. In MS-DOS mode, I do this:

Execute -> command -> Jview -> In the first line, there are: Java Version 5.00.XXXX (i want this number!). In my case, there are: 5.00.3229.

Thank you!

Java Version

How can I check which Java version is installed on a machine through a VB6 app ?
I know "c:> JAVA -VERSION" shows the version but is there any way to read or check it through an app ?

Thanks in advance

Detect Java Type && Version?
Hello, is there a way to detect the default Java type (SUN or MSVM) a user has?

Or is there a registry key that displays this information?

How To Find Out If Acrobat Is Done Printing?
Can anyone tell me how to find out when Acrobat is done printing?
I am printing a couple of different fdf files one after the other. But I get an error message telling me that acrobat can not open die specified while while printing another file.

How can i then find out exactly when Acrobat is done before sending the next document to be printed?

Find IE Version And OS Version***RESOLVED***
How can I find out what version of IE is installed on a machine? Also how can I find out what version of windows is installed?

Help! Need To Open Acrobat Reader Then Perform Find Operation
Thanks in advance for any and all help. I've got an application that loops through a trip itinerary and picks out each destination. What I would like it to do then is to open Acrobat Reader and automatically either perform a FIND operation looking for that destination as the key word or go to that destination's bookmark in a .pdf document containing a description of each destination. The .pdf document already exists. I don't know how to get my application to open Acrobat Reader and then go find the destination. Essentially, this is like having my application automatically look up a word in a dictionary. I would very much appreciate any help esp sample code. I'm not a beginner at VB but certainly not advanced. Have spent several days now trying to figure this out. Getting to the point of pulling hair out here.

Check If Full Acrobat Is Installed And Not Only Acrobat Reader?
How can I check if the user have full acrobat installed and not only Acrobat Reader?

Check If Full Acrobat Is Installed And Not Only Acrobat Reader?
How can I check if the user have full acrobat installed and not only Acrobat Reader?

Launching Acrobat Or Acrobat Reader From Within A VB Program
I publish a computer program that has been written in Visual Basic. I want to view PDF files from within this application. Since I am not a programmer let me explain what I want to do. The user of my program will click on one of about 10 documents that they want to view. These documents are PDF files. I need to know specifically what coding is required to launch Acrobat or Acrobat Reader from within my application no matter whether the user has version 7.0 or any earlier version.


How To Find Out Jet Version?
How to find out which version of Jet is installed/operative

How Do You Find The Version?
This is a really dumb question I'm sure, but I've never had to do this.

How do I check the version of my exe through code? I need to be able to download updates based on the version number.


"A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history - with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila "

Find Other Progrem Version
can i find a version of anoter progrem from my progrem

How To Find MSDN Version
How can I find out what version of MSDN I have loaded. There are a couple of people passing projects around and I would like to see if we are all at the same MSDN level.

Are there different versions of the P&D Wizard that come with Visual Studio VB6?

How can I check the version, there is no HelpAbout? Are they all the same with VB6?



Find The IIS Version Installed...
Hello all,

Is there a way to find out what IIS version is currently installed on a PC?

I do not need the code or API to do that,
just the sign. (like a file name or registry location)


RESOLVED: Find A Version
Hi everybody,

simple question (if you know the answer )

How do I find the version of a file?


Find Version Number Of An .exe

I my vb6 application I call several external applications. On my About form I want to show the version number of these external applications. How can I get these applications version numbers.

Thanks for the help,

Dale Williams

How To Find The Version Of .OCX And .DLL Files
How can I find the version of .OCX and a .DLL file, that I'm supplying with my application?

Find Version Of Office In VB?
Any ideas on how I can find out if SP1 of Office 2K is loaded using code?


Need To Find Access Version
Any ideas on how I can find out if SP1 of Office 2K is loaded using code?


Find What Version Of Windows The User Is Using
How do I find what version of Windows the user is using?

Thank you,
Sir Loin

How To Find Version Of Excel Spreadsheet?
I'd like to be able to tell the version of an excel spreadsheet ( .xls file). How is this done?

Find Access Database Version?
Does anybody know how to find what version of Access a database is written in (95, 97 etc)? I need to upgrade some 95 databases to 97 at run time using visual basic, so I need to know whether it is already in the right version or not.
The only way I have found so far is to open the database as a text file and look for 'Access95', but that's a real bodge!
Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted!


How To Find OS Version Of Remote Computer?
Hi all,

Anyone know how to find OS version of remote computer via programming VB6, please help me

Thanks alot!


Code To Find What Version A File Is
Can anyone help me with this?

I want to have some code in my application that checks the file version of another application but I can't find anything in FSO or DIR that helps me do that.

Basically my app consists of an admin program and a client program. The admin program pulls updates from the web as needed and I want to write code that checks to see if the client EXE is the same version as the EXE that was downloaded on the update. So something like this:

a=version("c: empapp1.exe")

If a>b then copy a to b else they are the same so move on.

Make sense?

Error Late-binding Creating Acrobat "AcroExch.PDDoc" (registrated Acrobat Prof 8.0)
Hi all,

Something strange happens to my code (it used to work correctly in the past).

When executing next sample code (with late-binding)

Dim ac_App As Object
Dim ac_PDDoc As Object

Set ac_App = CreateObject("AcroExch.App")
Set ac_PDDoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc")

ac_PDDoc.Open "c: emp.pdf"

I get error message:


Run-time error '-2147024875 (80070015)'
Automation error

When an instance of Acrobat Pro 8 is running, I can create with late-binding the "AcroExch.AVDoc" and "AcroExch.App". But no PDDoc.
I've looked in the registry, and this looks like the attachment.
Can anyone please help me. It's driving me nuts!

Thanks in advance!

DoLo p

VBScript To Find Office Version From Computerinfo
I'm successfully running a vbscript at our offices to collect all the computer information i.e. operating system, ram,cpu freespace there a script or lines i can add to the exisitng script so that it would give me the Office versions installed as well.

Any help will be appreciated.

Automating Adobe Acrobat Using The Acrobat SDK
I am trying to print a pdf file to a file(using a printer driver that we have developed) by automating Acrobat by using the SDK(either version 4 or 5) provided by Adobe. Unfortunately, Adobe has not provided enough support in order to accomplish this task. I know this is probably a real shot in the dark, but has anyone had any experience with either version 4 or 5 of the Acrobat SDK? And if so, do you have any suggestions?


A Java And A Java Applet Inside A Vb Form? [Not Yet Resolved]
I made some programs in java and java applet and swing but
i'd like to run them inside a form, is there any way to do it?

Is there any dll or ocx that runs *.class?

Combining Both Java And Vb(Encryping In Vb And Decryptin G In Java)
Hi all,

Problem i am facing is:

While encrypting the String in Microsoft using CAPICOM and RSA algorithm i am getting value which was not similar
what i used to get while doing in java.

For example: While encrypting string "Ravi" in Visual basic using CAPICOM and RSA algorithm i am getting the result as:


While in java it's a simple string of length four.So decrypting the same in java is not providing required result with same algorithm and key as used in vb.


Some Java Help Please - Nobody In Java Forum
I have a list of files generated in PHP and i have check boxes so you can select an array of the files. The selected ones can then be deleted. However, because the list (PHP) isnt related to the Java functions i have to manually detect and assign the filenames into a new form to be posted to the PHP script responsible for deleting them.

So in order to do this i have the basic structure of a form already lined in the HTML code (here):


<form name=delete method=post action=/php/delfle.php>
<input type=hidden value="<?php echo $urlLocaton ?>" name=url>
<input type=hidden value="" name=delfle>

the delfle input var is where the file names will be stored. But i can only have the same number of these inputs as files, no more no less or the PHP control will receive garbage. So I am trying to clone the defle var into enough to support my data. But something is stopping the process working smoothely. I have tried all sorts and cant seem to get the clone to work properly. I can get as far as cloning once; even in a loop after executing the clone procedure 25 times only one clone is generated. why is this?

here is the code:

function countDelElements() {
var count = 0;

for(i = 0; i < document.forms('delete').elements.length; i++) {
if(document.forms('delete').elements[i].name = "delfle") {
return count;

function checkElements() {
var count = countSlct(document.forms('files'));
var elCount = countDelElements();
var clone = document.forms('delete').delfle.cloneNode();

alert("Count = " + count + "
countDelElements = " + countDelElements());
for(i = 0; i < count - elCount; i++) {
alert(i + " total elements inserted!");

function delFiles() {
var count = countSlct(document.forms('files'));

if(count > 0) {
for(i = 0; i < document.forms('files').ckSlct.length; i++) {
if(document.forms('files').ckSlct[i].checked) {
document.forms('delete').elements[i].value = document.forms('files').elements[i*2+1].name;
//alert(document.forms('files').elements[i*2+1].name + " - " + i*2+1);


The error being returned is an array out of range error:


Error: 'document.forms(....).elements[....]' is null or not an object

being generated because although the loop iterates correctly and appears to clone input, only one clone is made so only 3 exist when the function tried to allocate for 25.

Hope someone can help me, im really stuck!

How To Run A Command-line Command From Vb (e.g. Java Test - Run A Java Program Called 'test")? Thank
How to run a command-line command from vb (e.g. java test - run a java program called 'test")? thanks

Detect Version Of Installed Office Version Via VBA?
Hello there,

I was wondering whether anyone knows a fast way how to detect the version of the installed office via vba (e.g. by using a vba-application from within word..)?

Best Regards and thanks,

Checking Version... Downloading Latest Version...
What I'm trying with my Visual Basic Project is this:

* Check Version of program sitting on users computer
* Check Latest Version of program from database table
* If Latest Version of program from database ***is greater than*** the version of program sitting on users computer then go to a folder that contains a zipped copy of the latest program and unzip into the users program directory.

I've got the first two points working fine and the first part of the 3rd step with it comparing the users version with the database version but I'm having huge problems with the last part in terms of getting it to download the latest version from a fixed location and download and unzip it into the users program directory.

I'm not sure how to go about this. Can anyone give me any hints/tips on how to go about it?

Winzip Evaluation Version Or Registered Version Using VB
Hi How can we find the following using VB6.0.

1. In the Local PC Winzip has been installed or not?

2. If Installed what is the version of WinZip has been installed in the Local PC

3. If Installed whether the Winzip is evaluation version or Registered Version?

Please suggest some solutions.

Sathiyanarayanan R

Excel Object Version 9 Vs Version 10
I have a VB application that exports data in a MSFlexGrid to an Excel file. For Version 9 users an application error occurs (Memory could not be read). Version 10 users have no problem. I assume that this occurs because the VB application was developed with Version 10 installed. Is there anyway to correct this compatibility issue, other than developing the app with version 9 installed?

From English Version To Spanish Version
I wrote English version of my application and now I want to wrote the Spanish version. I know I have to change all user interface from English to Spanish and I can use Resource Editor too. but I don't know how can I change the VB common dialog boxes to Spanish and also the error discription of all VB error in Spanish. Please help me and give me any ideas.

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How cai i get it?Please tell me.


Set File Version / Product Version
hi guys!

I hav set my application version by going to vb properties settings. I wan to set my application version to 1.1
However when i right click on my appl and view my appl properties, under the Version tab, i got File Version and Product Version equals 1.10

How do i remove the 0 that is appended? There is no File version or product version in the vb properties settings that will allow me to update the values.. Any idea how to do it???

Thanks in Advance!

Find Macro Or Open Find "find' In Excel Form
How can I make a macro or what is the code to open and use the "find" in excel using a form. I tried to record the macro opening the Edit then Find. Please fully explain if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Acrobat SDK
Does anyone knwo if its possible to manipulate the acrobat sdk to save a PDF programatically to disk from a using a WebBrowser Control ?


Acrobat 5.0 SDK Help
I'll try to keep this simple. I have Adobe Acrobat 5.0 (not reader) and the Adobe Acrobat 5.0 SDK.

I have a PDF document that contains numerous text fields which are populated from a database. I call each field by it's name, populate the info and move on.

My questions are simple...

1) I created several pages to which the information COULD be populated, depending on the amount of info that needs to be reported. How can I DELETE the unused pages from the document?

--- Edit
Hmm.... Maybe AvDoc.PrintPages ________ would do it.... disregard #2

2) From within Adobe, how can I print selected pages of this document?

Here is a small snippet of the code that I'm using.

'Module Code
Public formApp As AFORMAUTLib.AFormApp
Public acroForm As AFORMAUTLib.Fields
Public field As AFORMAUTLib.field
Public bOK As Boolean
Public avDoc As CAcroAVDoc
Public pdDoc As CAcroPDDoc

' Sub That Opens the Adobe Document
Private Sub OpenAcrobat()
Set avDoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.AVDoc")
bOK = avDoc.Open(newfile, "Certified Payroll Report")

'If everything was OK opening the PDF, we now instantiate the Forms
'Automation object.
If (bOK) Then
Set formApp = CreateObject("AFormAut.App")
Set acroForm = formApp.Fields
Set avDoc = Nothing
MsgBox "Failed to open PDF Document. Aborting..."
End If '
End Sub

' Portion Of Code That Writes To The PDF
Set field = formApp.Fields("Employee" & X)
field.Value = rsEmps.Fields("NAME")

Any assistance with this is much appreciated. I'm hoping to wrap this project up as soon as possible.

Using Acrobat
Hi -I dunno if this is the Right Forum -so feel free to move it,
But I want to open .pdf files with VB6, the way I do it now is by using shell exectute and referring to the acrobat reader installed.

The problem is that this is a hard/fixed path (it isn't relative) (coz the version number is incorporated!)

Is there a way to do it differently? I.e. either opening the file by letting windows find out if it can open it (how do I error trap the case where acrobat isn't installed?) or is there a reference or component that links acrobat with VB?

I'd be much obliged


VB And Acrobat
I'm trying to make VB crop pages in a PDF file by using Acrobat.

The code executes ok and the crop function returns succesfull,but when you look at the PDF it hasn't been cropped. =(

I've attached my source code with 2 different ways of cropping the image.

Could somebody pleeze help me make this work??


How can i force acrobat to output a pdf file from a file name or path or??, even better would be some sort of batch process

Has anyone done any work on or know where the API call stuff is for Adobe Acrobat.

I have been sending via email statement of accounts out to our customers, I have been requested to send them out in PDF format, I bought a copy of Acrobat today, and using the writer/distiller I can creat the files required.

But as always that's not good enough, I want to automate the whole process from within VB. Scan the sales ledger databases, get the info required, push it through acrobat and then email it all out at the press of a button.

So any help would be appreciated.

VB And Acrobat

What I would like to be able to do is take data from a SQL table and build PDF's and/or TIFF's to load into our imaging database (FileNet).

Does anyone have experience doing this through VB, and if so can you point me in the right direction to get started?

I have heard that Adobe Acrobat has the ability to perform this task, but I have no experience coding VB to use Acrobat components. I have been scanning the web for any examples, but have come across very few.

Thanks for any information !!

Is Acrobat Available
HI Group,

I want to have my progarm open a PDF file. But before offering them the option I want to make sure they have the Adobe acrobat reader on their computer.

What is the easiest way of testing to see if they have the Adobe acrobat program on their computer?

Thanks in advance.


Acrobat In VB
Hi all,
Has anybody worked with Acrobat SDK using VB. Please reply.

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