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How To Get IP-address Of My Computer?

How to get IP-address of my computer programmatically in VB?

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IP Address Of A Computer
Hello !

Can someone help me to load the IP address of the computer to a text box or to a label using VB 6.

Thanks for the time in advance

Get IP Address And Computer Name
hi! how can i get the Ip address and name of the computer where the application is running? thanks in advance!

Getting The IP Address Of A Computer?
Hello. I need to know the IP address of a computer which is in my domain. I know the name of that machine.

The remote machine could be turned off, so I guess can't go the way WMI, because I'd need to connect to it.

I need the IP because I have a routine to ping a machine, and this routine needs the IP address to perform the ping.

Any way to get the IP? I guess it should be via DNS or something like that.

Thank you

Getting The Address Of The Computer

I want to get the address of the computer which is connecting to the server.

Is there any api which does the same.


Getting Computer Using IP Address
How can i get the Computer Name, if i have IP Address of the Computer

How To Get IP Address Of My Computer?
Do you have any solution for this ?

Best Regards

Get The IP Address Of My Computer

How can I get the IP address of my computer using a VB function?

Thanks, Lior

Ip Address And Computer Name
can you tell me how i get the computers network ip address and also the computer name via VB

How To Get The Computer Name And IP Address?
helo! i need help... im creating an application that display all the computer's name and all their IP Addresses that are connected in a workgroup e.g. "LanNet"... is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance...

Connecting To A Computer Using A MAC Address
Hey all,

Anybody know how i can connect to a system using their mac address as opposed to the IP? Im trying to create a wake on LAN program you see.

Many Thanks

How To Get The Computer's Machine Address?
Ok, i know how to get the MACAddress by ipconfig, but i dont know how to do it programatically in vb6...

can somebody help me pls...thanks.

Get My Computer Email Address..
there a way to find out my hotmail address from sysinfo or any other way to find my email address... NOT PASSWORD!!! Only email address..

dosent have to be with sysinfo.. even with other ways...

Get Public Ip Address Of Computer
how can i get the public ip address of my computer?? NOT LOCAL..

Get Ip Address Of A Computer On A Network In VB6
I've had a look through the various posts, and nothing comes close to what I want, or if it does, it seems unnecessarily complex and/or long winded.

I have a number of machines on a LAN - several clients and one server.
What I want to do on each client is to is pass the computer name of the server to a function and get either "" if the server cannot be found on the local network, or the IP Address if it is. I need to do it like this because the IP Address of all of the machines is set dynamically - the server name never changes.

The IP address I want is to allow me to use Winsock to enable the clients to talk with the server. Surely there must be a WinAPI function that does what I want?


Time flies like an arrow, Fruit flies like a banana

Extracting Mac Address For A Computer In Network
Hi. How could I extract the name and mac address for a computer which is part of my network using vb6? I did find some info about how to get the mac address of my computer, but I need to get the mac and name of a computer from network. Thank you very much!

Detect All Computer IP Address Connected To LAN
Hi all, i want to ask how to detect ip address of the computers that are connected to LAN. Thanks

How Do I Change The IP Address And Computer Name Programmatically From VB6?
How do I change the IP address and computer name programmatically from VB6?

Any answer with code sample will be appreciated.

Shut Down A Networked Computer By IP Address
Is there a way to shut down a networked computer through its IP address?

Finding A Computer Names/IP Address By User Name
I'm working on a VB6 program using Winsock to send messages between a server and a bunch of clients. (Thanks for those who gave me guidence yesterday)

The problem is I need to identify where to transmit messages from the server by using their W2K user name (because the same user could be using a different computer on a different day). From the guides I've been reading, I need to use either IP address or computer name with Winsock.

I could just have all the clients check in occationally to see if there are any new messages (that way the server wouldn't need to know where they are) but that seems like a waste.

The other thought I had was, when the client program starts up, it transmits its computer name or IP address along with the users user name to the server where its stored in a table until a message needs to be sent.

What do you think? Is there a better way? Maybe I'm missing something obvious.


Display Networked Computer Names And Ip Address

I have a program that shutsdown/restarts a computer on my LAN but i have to know the ip address. Is there any way of having the client scan the network for computer and display them in a list box and either with IP address OR select the computer name and connect that way.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Can Somebody Help Me To Fatch Mac Address Of Computer In Visual Basic 6

I am developing software under Visual Basic 6, I need to fatch Mac Address of Computer Network adaptor.

thank you
Parag Shah

How To Get All Client IP Address Connected To Server(main Computer)?
we have 3 computers at home, we set-up all computers connected to LAN so we
can share files, my computer serves as the main computer, i just want to get all
IP address of the computers connected to main computer(that is my computer) and list them
in combo box or Listview. How to do this using winsock(VB6)?Need your help. thanks.

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EMAIL ADDRESS FORMAT For Exchange Global Address Book Adresses
I want to display all the entries of MS Exchange Global Address List (GAL) in the following format

Name Email Address
John Mcenzie
Ron Stewart

This requirement looks quite simple and the problem that I am facing is not in retrieving values from GAL but is in the ADRESS FORMAT in which I'm getting the "Email Address" from AddressEntry Object.

I'm using 'Address' method of the AddressEntry object and returns me the adddress in following format.

/o=XYZ Corporation/ou=ae/cn=Recipients/cn=john Mcenzie

and the Address Type for the above address is 'EX' which I guess is the abbrev. for 'Exchange' format.

Can anyone please tell me how can I display it in a SMTP format (

Source Code
Private Sub cmdDisplay_Click()
Dim objmapiSession As MAPI.Session
Dim objmapiAddressList As AddressList
Dim objmapiAddressEntries As AddressEntries
Dim objmapiAddressEntry As AddressEntry
' Create a new MAPI Session
Set objmapiSession = New MAPI.Session

'Logon to the MS Exchange server

'Get the Global Address List
Set objmapiAddressList = objmapiSession.GetAddressList(CdoAddressListGAL)

'Get the Addresses Collection
Set objmapiAddressEntries = objmapiAddressList.AddressEntries

' Loop through each address object
For Each objmapiAddressEntry In objmapiAddressEntries
Debug.Print objmapiAddressEntry.Name + vbTab + "(" + objmapiAddressEntry.Address + ")"
'Log off

Set objmapiSession = Nothing
Set objmapiAddressList = Nothing
End Sub

Debugger Problem - Going From Relative Virtual Address To True Address = Overflow?
Right - I have my debugger aboiut 30% written now, but I have a problem when going from the relative virtual address (RVA) to the true memory address because this is sometimes greater than MAXLONG?

To see this, put a breakpoint in the function DebugMain.LastSystemError in the attached proggie...

*Resolved* Use MAPI To Retrieve SMTP Address From Outlook Address Book
I want to load a user table with the names and e-mail addresses from our Outlook address book so that remote users who are not connected to our intranet can use the addresses.

I am using MAPI to retrieve information from the outlook address book using the MS Exchange settings. When I try to retrieve the objAddressEntry.Address, I do not get the SMTP address which is what I want to retrieve. The address that is retrieved using the objaddressentry looks like this "/o=value/ou=COMPANY/cn=Recipients/cn=entry name".

We exported the address book to a .csv file and imported it into excel. This spreadsheet had two columns of data related to the e-mail address... the first is named "E-mail Address"... the second is named "E-mail Addresses". The first column only contains information for entries that have addresses outside the company. these are the actual e-mail addresses that we want to load into our table and are equal to the value of the SMTP address in the second column

The second column consists of multiple e-mail addresses (SMTP,MS,X400, and CCMAIL):

example1 - entry with address inside company:;a= ;p=DOMAIN;o=COMPANY;s=Baker;g=Marilyn;%CCMAIL:Baker, Marilyn at COMPANY

example2 - entry with address outside company:;a= ;p=DOMAIN;o=COMPANY;s=Barbosa;g=Anderson;%CCMAIL:Barbosa, Anderson at COMPANY%MSOMAIN/COMPANY/ABARBOSA

What we need to store in our user table is the SMTP value in this second field... but that is not what is retrieved in the .address property of the addressentry object.

Is there a way to retrieve this info using VB?


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Sending A Files From Client Computer To Host Computer, Via LAN/internet
Hi everyone:

Please help me..I need to finish my project..

Below is my explanation:

Execute program=>click a button=>program seek for certain folder (c:myfolder)=>sending all files (2kB) to host

Always looking for incoming files=>save in a folder
(host could be a desktop-webserver, installed tomcat/apache, assumed with static ip)

Please help...Thanks in advance.

Recipients Address,Sender Address Or Email Heades

I am in a process of migrating all mails from Outlook to a database to create a knowledge base.I am not able to extract the email address of the people in the sender and receipients list.
or i need the email headers to extract the information .

Is it possible to extract this information from a mail like we extract the body or subject

Can you help me

Thanx in advance

How To Extract SMTP Email Address From Address Entry
hi all,
i have a little problem ...i m using cdo to send
emails through vb code. i m selecting mail address from address book.
but my application require to extract exact mail id from address entry
selected from address book. like if i select "Ratan Singh" then i want the
SMTP mail address which this hadder contain. i don't know how to get this.
plz help me out if anyone knows.


Retrieving Email Address From Global Address Book
I use CDO to open the outlook addressbook.
After the user selects an address entrie, I want to get the name, and the email address of the selected entry.
The name is no problem, but the address property of the addressentrie shows the exchange server address, while I want to get the SMTP address (

Does somebody know how to get this?
If it is possible to display the addressbook dialog with a different method than using CDO then thats fine too.

Do Email Address Lookup From Outlook Address Book.
Hi everyone,
I am using VB 6. Can I do a lookup and select an email address from Outlook address book using VB?

Below are my codes:


Set OutlookApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set OutlookMail = OutlookApp.CreateItem(0)

OutlookMail.To = "" <-- hard-coded address.
OutlookMail.Subject = "Project Status"
OutlookMail.Body = "This is VB email test"

If Len(MailAttach) = 0 Then
OutlookMail.Attachments.Add MailAttach '"C:ProjectStatus.xls"
End If

OutlookMail.Display 'To display the email
OutlookMail.Send 'To send the email



How To Find My Routable IP Address (dynamic) Instead Of The Local Address ?
Hi everybody,
There's a lot of questions on this forum about getting the IP address of a computer. I'm on a local network with a 10.0.0.x address which is my local address on this network but an invalid internet IP address (from the outside of the network). I tried to use the winsock.localIp property (even while connected) and it still gives me the local address. Does anybody know how to find the real IP address of my computer (I also tried winipcfg.exe) ?

Thanks in advance,


Text Wrap In Labels - Varies From Computer To Computer
I have some applications in which labels that look fine on my computer will have the text wrapped on other people's computers. Can someone tell me how this can be fixed? I assume it has something to do with screen resolution and/or system font size. Is there some way to sense this and correct the label size or reduce the size of the font in the label?


Norman Sandbox - A Computer Inside A Computer - How It Works?
I was having this idea of having a computer inside a computer
when I started learning programming quite a long time ago,
particularly useful in tricking viruses into thinking they're wrecking
stuffs in the real environment where in fact they're inside a virtual
computer. Unfortunately, not long then, I found out that there's
already company doing this, but for different purposes.

Now this norman sandbox got me recalled of this virtual computer.
So basically, when the virus make system calls, how could we
intercept it and return false values as to trick it and simulate a
virtual computer environment?

Call Exe File From Other Networked Computer And Run It On Original Computer
Good to all to you experts! I had a hard time just to call the exe file which is actually the file that i set-up to that particular networked computer and call it from the server computer and onced it has called it will then run on the computer where it resides. thanks in advance.

How To Ensure The Data Sent From One Computer To Another Computer Through TCP_IP To Be Read Before A
Hi! Everybody!
I meet a great problem! In my application, i will connect two computers through TCP_IP by the winsock control in VB. However, i find when i use the SendData method to send two different strings from one computer to another computer, the Data_arrival event in another computer will get the two strings merged together. I write the code as follows:

'In first computer
winsock1.SendData "abc"
winsock1.SendData "de"

'In second computer
Private Sub WinSocket_DataArrival(ByVal bytesTotal As Long)

Dim RecData As String

WinSocket.GetData RecData, vbString
'i find where the RecData is "abcde"
end sub

Actually, i want the data_arrival events to be triggered twice to get the data
of "abc" and "de" separately. How can i achieve this? Besides, is there any characters or string appearing in the data sent to indicate the string is end?
Or what is the max string length of the data send?

Could anybody help me?
Thank you very much!

VB6 - Look Up Email Address From Outlook Address Book?
Hello everyone,
is there a posibility that I can look up email addresses from outlook email address book instead of accepting email address from an inputbox or hard-coding it?
See my codes below:


Set OutlookApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set OutlookMail = OutlookApp.CreateItem(0)

OutlookMail.To = EmailID
OutlookMail.Subject = "Project Status"
OutlookMail.Body = "This is VB email test"

If Len(MailAttach) = 0 Then
OutlookMail.Attachments.Add MailAttach '"C:ProjectStatus.xls"
End If

Retrieving A Current Web Address And IP Address Of The Website
When using IE or Firefox, I wanna be able to use a string to obtain the current web address you are in and also obtain the site's IP address. Any ideas on how to pull this off? Thanks

Router Address + Local Client PC Address

1. is there a way to get global ip (from client router) together with the client pc ip (within LAN)??

2. is Physical Address = MAC Address?

Fetch Address From Address Book-outlook
hi all
i have developed an application to send an email from VB, i dont know how to fetch all emails from address book and to send, @ present now the email and text is been displayed at the screen when we use to type the address or click it from address book then it send the mail,pls help

Pull Bottom Frame Address Into Address Bar
How do I pull the bottom frame address of my web page into the address bar of IE6?

From Textfile To Ms Excel Format (example: Address.txt To Address.xls)
Hello there,

I have to do a report in ms excel fromat. The data comes from a text file(example: address.txt) and the fields are not yet separated by a delimiter ("/" "," " " etc.). I delimit it with ms access and saving the table to "address.mdb" file then make queries . Then export it into an excel format.

My problem is that the user might not follow my instructions.

I need visual basic 6 to do all this. from textfile to ms excel format.

I need help on this, and does anyone can send me a vb program related to this?



How Can I Get URL Address And How Can I Receive Update URL Address Automatically?
Hi, Everybody

How can i get URL Address from Internet Explorer.
if i got URL address, i'll show this address in ListBox (or anything).

Another question is How can i receive update URL address automcatically?
u can think about it freely.
i hope u can reply to me about these questions as soon as possible.

THANK U Very Much for UR Kindness.

Address Book (Normal Vs SMTP Address)
I'd like to know if someone knows how to give a name and receive the smtp email address back from the outlook or mapi address book.

It seems that the SMTP service of IIS 4.0 doesn't do this, unfortunatly. I would like to build automatically a list of email addresses in a &lt;select&gt; field in ASP page using VBScript.

Nicolas LeBlanc
Software Engineer
Ordiplan Inc.

Computer A Call Computer B Run A Program In Network
Hello everybody !

I have a network, I am computer A, can I write a program where the program function is call computer B in network running another program ? like notepad..etc

Thank a lot

MSN Messager

Address Book For Mail Address
I want to use the address book to add mail address to cc, bcc & to columns in lotus notes mail. How can this be done?
Also, where can I get all the properties, methods, events & constants of lotus notes object? I am using late bound lotus object in my program.

How To Get Email Address From Address Book Using VB6.0
  Can any one help to get the email address from address book using vb6.0. i am able to open the address book and when i select any address and assign to a text is displaying the email address in different format like
"Ex://*******" instead of "".Thanx in adv.


Moving An Application From Computer To Computer
I have an application with a MSAccess database using the ADODC connection running on one computer. I want to be able to make it available for installation on other computers. At the present time the only way I can do so is to force the installation of the database to the C: drive of the target computer. Is there any way allow for the database location to be determined by the user of the target system? If I show AppPath in the database connection and I have the application started from the Windows Start menu I get a C:windows etc. shown as the AppPath. I also would like the application to run on Windows 98 2000 and NT systems. Any guidance on this issue would be helpful.

Download From Another Computer A Picture From My Computer?
Is there a way(well there must be!) to download from another computer pictures from my computer and then put them into a picture box?I also want the other computer to be able to edit (like put text etc) on the picture and then send it to my computer again..
So is this possible?
P.S : I probably have a firewall

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