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How To Get A List Of DB Providers Installed On A PC

Hello friends!!!

   Is there any way to know that what providers and their versions are stored in My system.
   Is there any fine in computer that has such a records..means providers name.

   Thanks !!!!

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List Of Db Providers
Hi All,

How do I view the list of all db providers available on my machine using VB code?

Thanks in advance!


Retrieve The OLE DB Providers List

I need to retrieve the list of OLE DB Providers available on a computer. This will be used to create a connection string assistant for an ActiveX.

Can anybody help me ???

Obtaining A List Of ODBC Providers
Where can I find a list of ODBC Providers if that makes any sense. I'm trying to figure out what kind of Provider I need for my connectionstring. I'm simply using an Access2000 database located on our web server.


Installed Item In The List
Disclaimer: Admins, leaders, since i think that the answer to my question has something to do with the Registry, i posted it here. There is no intension of violation of any rules OK.

When we install something with a commercial installer or any other installer, an item representing what we installed appears in the "AddRemove Programs" list in the control panel. What does the installer program do the get it on that list?

I am curious and desparate. I cant stand the fuss that installer programs make to install even one or two files that i decided to make one myself!

List Installed Programs

Im trying to list all the software intalled in my machine and the only method i know is to read the registry keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall

I need to put all of this in a listbox.

whats the better way to get this?

Thank you

List Of Installed Programs?
Can anyone tell me how to get a list of installed programs in VB6? The listed programs will later be compared to another list of programs, but this (I hope) will be easier so I can work it out by my self.

I found this, but it's not for VB6

I know this isn't the easiest application to start with as I'm very new to programming, but I really want to make something useful rather than exercises. Thanks for your time


Getting A List With All Installed Software

I was looking for a way to get a list of all installed software and put it in a listbox or textbox, but that's not the hard part, the hard part is getting the list of all installed software does anybody know how to do this with VB(6)???

How To List All Installed Fonts?
Some of my apps are not displaying info correctly because I mistakingly removed a bunch of fonts and loaded other junk fonts to replace them.

I want to run an app on a "good" machine list fonts. Then compare the listing of fonts on my "bad" machine. To identify the bad fonts.

Is this possible. If so how would I do it?


List All Installed Applications
Hi everyone,

I am going to have to write an application to audit the software on the system and need to know if it is possible to find all of the installed applications on a machine using the API/registry.

I am new(ish) to VB and dont really know where to start looking.

Can someone please, please, point me in the right direction.

Thanks a million!!

List Installed Joysticks

Could someone help me please, I'm trying to find out what Joysticks/Joypads are installed on a users computer and then add them to a list box Does anyone know the code to do this?

Many thanks in advance


List Of Applications Installed In A PC ?
Hi Friends,

would like to know whether there is any way to find list of installed applications on any available PC ?

if so, pls guide me.

thx and rgds,

Getting A List Of All Fonts Installed

Is there an API or other way of getting the system to return a list of all fonts that are installed on it?



List Of Applications Installed In VB
Is there a way to identify the list of software installed in a computer using vb code. kindly help.
Thanks & Regds,
Raajesh N

Get Installed Programs List
Hi - Is there an API to get the list of programs in the Add/Remove Programs list.

(Or any other way to determine if a program has been installed under Xp and Vista?).

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware? (Some programs add reg entries when just being run after being unzipped (not installed) - e.g., Audacity)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall? (is this reliable?)

Program Files (could be anywhere)?

I am told that installers such as Wise must be able to access this data. Any ideas?

Thanks - Ron

List Of Modem Installed
I want to get list of modems installed in computer thru vb

List Of Installed Softwares
can i dynamically generate a list of all the softwares installed in a computer?thanks in advance to any reply.

List Of Installed Templates In MS Word
I have a VB Application from where if User clicks on the button for Word, I want to display to the User a list of templates that are available for Word. So that after User selects one of the templates I can open Word with that selected template.
Can anyone please help me how to display this list of installed Templates for Word.


Display List Of Installed Applications
Is there a way to display a list of installed applications instead of just a file explorer?

List Of Installed Software In Registry
since installed programs differ on each computer, how can i retrieve the names of ALL subkeys under

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall ???

I'm familiar with Registry-API's, but none of them seems to be helpful

thanks for your efforts


Where In Registry Is List Of Installed Printers ?
Just wondering whereabouts in the registry is the list of installed printers ?

For NT I'm enumerating through :

And 9x :

But these just seem to list local printers.
I've also got two network printers added here and they're not showing up there ...

Get List Of Installed TTS(Speech) Engines?
I've searched everywhere looking for an example or hint on how to enumerate all TTS engines get list or array of voices installed, or all TTSModeID's Installed
I'm working with MSAgent control, I know how to change the voice..
Dim WithEvents AgentX As Agent
Dim Char As IAgentCtlCharacterE

Private Sub cmdSetVoice()
   Char.Name = cboChar.Text
   Char.TTSModeID = "{D97E9F67-0FB9-11D2-B201-0000F803E456}"

End Sub

I've tried For Next. I get a Compile error:Code:
For Each may only iterate over a collection object or an array
Heres the code I was using:Code:
Dim Voice As String
    For Each Voice In AgentX.Characters(MyChar).TTSModeID
MsgBox (Voice)

Maybe I'm going about it the wrong way..?
If you have any input or suggestions.. There much appreciated..

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List Installed Video Codecs
I'm working on a small VB program that works as a frontend for VirtualDubMod (info here for converting movies so they play on PDA's. Although I need to be able to list all installed video codecs and i havent been able to find an API for this.

You guys have any idea on how to do this?

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Return List Of All Installed Programs
In Start / Settings / Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs there is a list of all the programs currently installed on the computer. How can I output this list to a spreadsheet?


Retrieve List Of NICs Installed In System
If anyone has the code to retrieve the NAMES of the installed network adapters, I would appreciate it....

I have the code to retrieve the IP addresses and MAC addresses, but the name is the only thing left

better yet, if you know of where to get code to perform functions similar to WINIPCFG, that would be great!



Possible To Return A List Of Installed Software Titles Through VB?
Is it possible/does anyone know where there's a code snippet that will
allow me to read the contents of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE or
something like that so I can get a complete list of installed

Even better, can I use it to grab the list of installed applications
on a remote machine on my network? (I do have domain admin rights, so
I would have permission to read it...) I know what you're going to
say... "Uhh... yeah, it's called Systems Management Server..." right?

- List Of Installed Software In Remote Computer
I need to know how to retrieve the following information about the software installed in any WorkStation on my Network (LAN):

    - OS Version, Service pack and HotFix's
    - Sofware Installed (Add/Remove Programs List)

My LAN have a WinNT 4.0 Domain Controller and Workstations with Win98, Win2K and Win Xp.

( PS: only VB6 solutions)

Thank's for any Help.

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Obtaining A List Of Installed Modems/dialup Connections
Is there a way I could get a list of all installed modems and also a list of all dial-up connections ?

How To Get The List Of Database Driver Names, Installed In The System?

The following API gets the list of DSN and the driver name, but not all the driver names installed in the system. Only those drivers are listed which do have a DSN.

SQLDataSources(lHenv, SQL_FETCH_NEXT, sDSNItem, 1024, iDSNLen, sDRVItem, 1024, iDRVLen)

But how can i access the list of all the database driver names installed in the system.

Hoping for an early reply,

Does anyone know what provider I need to create an ADO recordset for a Text file?

OLE DB Providers

Does anyone know how to invoke and display the dialog for OLE DB Providers by code?


ADO Providers
Does anybody know
which ado provider is for MS Access 2000? Are there any install prerequisites for using same? (MDAC?)

I'm getting unrecognized DB format.



OLE DB Providers
How can I get the list of OLE DB Providers?

ODBC Providers
Anyone have a list of ODBC Providers and which ones support

SQL Commands And DB Providers
I have been running into a problem with SQL commands lately. The problem is that I don't have access to a SQL surver (which you seem to need for alot of SQL commands) The tipical provider that i use is Miscrosoft Jet. Which in most cases works just fine but ...

I'm either looking for another Provider that I can use on a single computer or small network that can handle a wider rande of SQL commands. (without the need of expensive systems)

Adding Providers To VB 6
Hello, I am working on a project at work where we need to import a Trail Balance that was exported to an excel file.

While I did find good results when searching on here on how to do that, I could not find out how to to add a provider for Excel.

On another system I work with, there are providers for more than what is on this system (ones for text files, mySQL, etc, and I thought one for Excel as well).

I did a search on here, and looked on microsoft's site as well as the MSDN files, and am stumped as to how to add additional providers.

We have Visual Stuido 6.0 Enterprise installed here along with SP5, and run any updates that come in. I'm not exactly sure what version of excel the file I will be using is (it will be exported from QuickBooks I think), for now I was testing to make sure I could get *any* excel file, so I made a temp one in Office XP

Also, while I'm posting, when you do get the connection made to the excel file, does it just use the first row as the headings?

I'm sure I can get this to work once I figure out how to get the provider in there.

Any help would be appriciated.


Missing ADO Data Providers
Hi, up untill yesterday my program that was referencing ADO object was working fine using MSDASQL provider. However yesterday I had to reinstall IBM client access software, and have now lost most my providers (Jet 3.51,4.0 and OLE DBs), eg corrupt dll's. Ive tried reinstalling MDAC 2.8 but this doesnt work.

Anybody got any ideas on how to over come this problem and get use of my providers back.

CODBase And Paradox Providers
Hi, everyone.

Somebody knows where i can download ADO Providers for CODBase ( xbase) or paradox ???
Thanks !!!

Api For Listing The Oledb Providers
Can anyone tell me the api for getting the list of available oledb providers(actually the provider string that you have to give in the connection string) installed in the machine.
Thanks in advance

Retreive MDAC Version && ALL The ODBC Providers/drivers
I want to be able to return the Current MDAC version & the supported versions of MDAC on the system to an Error Diagnostic Report that i'm generating.

***It would also be helpful to return ALL the ODBC Providers/drivers that are installed.

For example every one that's in gets return by running this code
(without having the GUI; So I don't want any LAME work arounds like shelling it, grabbing the text with sendmessage):

'ODBC example
On Error Resume Next
Set iDataLink = CreateObject("DataLinks")
On Error GoTo 0

For the MDAC version, sould I grab it from the Registry? Like finding
[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTMDACVer.VersionCurVer] "MDACVer.Version.2.70"

Any Ideas, Code examples, ect... Are there better ways of doing this?

Internet Explorer...changing The Providers Anem And Animated Logo?
Anyone know how to manually change the animated logo in the top right of IE???


No Fonts Installed??? 300+ Installed!!!
When using the CommonDIalog to show tells me No fonts are installed!!??

How is that when I have Hundreds!



Help With File List , Dir List And Drive List Boxes..
How do i link my drive list , file list and dir list boxes to gether , so that when i for exaple set the drive list to c: , the dir list will then give all dir in there, and file list will show me files from the directory, right now the default file list is set to my vb file list and i cant change it...

Getting A Combo Box List And Putting It In A List Box List On Another Form
I am finally writing my first MDI! I'm doing a lot better than I thought I would so far, but now I'm stuck. I need to have a list from a combo box copied into a list box on another form. I want it in the Form_Load() event. Right now I have:

Code:Private Sub Form_Load()
frmpresetedit.deletepreset.List = frmtimer1.cmbpresets.List
End Sub

deletepreset is the list box, cmbpresets is my combo box.
It always comes up with a compile error at the .list part of cmbpresets.list and says that 'the argument is not optional'. What is my problem here? I'm sure this problem is simple and I'm probably just making a stupid mistake. What code do I need to use?

Now, don't get me wrong, 'cause baseball's a great sport.
It teaches little children simple eye-hand coordination with little effort or exhaustion.


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Do You Need Anything Installed To Run VB Exe's?
My friend can't run a program I made. It uses Winsock to connect to an SMTP server. The error:

failed to load control smtp from. Your version of may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application.

I'm not sure what it means. There also seem to be some gaps in the error. Any help is appreciated.

VB6 Just Installed On XP SP2 PC
I recenting installed VB6 Professional (SP5) on a new XP SP2 Professional PC. It seemed to install OK.
I'm trying to do maintenance on a VB6 pgm. developed on a Windows ME machine with (I think) the same version of VB6. If I run the pgm.EXE it runs fine. When I run the code from the VB ILE it bombs out before it gets started. I'm wondering if their is something simple I missed.

ex. of statements that bombed.
Public dbs As Database
Public rst As Recordset
Public rstCode As Recordset

(in) Sub Main()

PARMS = Command()

If IsNull(PARMS) = False Then
If PARMS <> "" Then
Fdir = Left$(PARMS, 10)
CDir = Mid$(PARMS, 11, 10)
End If
End If
Fdir = Trim(Left$(Fdir, 50)) 'file directory

Before I go crazy, is there some component that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance, BILL

How To Allow An App To Be Installed Only ONCE
I would like to distribute an application whereby customers could download the install program via the Web. However, I would like to ensure that once downloaded, the app can only be installed that they can't buy one license and then install it on multiple PCs.

Any ideas on how I would go about doing this? I would prefer not having to run any client-side applications to accomplish this, if possible.

.net Sdk In Vb 6, Is It Already Installed When You Get C++
I have a copy of visual installed on my windows XP laptop, I also have visual basic 6 installed. Is the .net SDK already installed into visual basic. If it is on the computer how do I use it in vb6, Thanks

Ever Since I Installed VS6
Whenever I get a script error on a webpage i get this:

and it's bugging the hell out of me! how do i get rid of it? uninstalling didn't work

Well Now That Ive INSTALLED VB...
What project should I make?

what about a l33t j3ffk translator?

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