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How To Get Milliseconds In VB

we want to get milliseconds from system time
how to get in VB
We use following code , but for the first format
it is giving 2 digit value and for the second format it is giving
4 digit value what is the diff and every time it shows 12 in the
first formate and in 12.. in the second format what is wrong in
that code
MsgBox Format(Time, "HH:MM:SS:MM") & " " & Format(Time, "HH:MM:SS:Ms")


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How To Get Milliseconds?
You can get seconds with this code but how would you get milliseconds? (for e.g. to make an accurate stopwatch)

time = Now
Format (time,"ss")

Can I get milliseconds in VB6? I need seconds past midnight in the following form


This is what I'm using thus far:

Format(DateDiff("s", #12:00:00 AM#, Time), "00000.00")

Everywhere I look I don't seem to find anything that will return the current milliseconds.

Any ideas?


Can anyone tell me how i can get the time function to display milliseconds? Or another way of displaying milliseconds.


I have always used date type variables to track time in hours, minutes & seconds. In other to benchmark some code I must be more accurate and count milliseconds or, at least, hundredths of a second. Is it possible to do that without a timer control?

I want to know how much millieseconds the clock is, how do I get it?

How To Get Milliseconds In VB
we want to get milliseconds from system time
how to get in VB
We use following code , but for the first format
it is giving 2 digit value and for the second format it is giving
4 digit value what is the diff and every time it shows 12 in the
first formate and in 12.. in the second format what is wrong in
that code
MsgBox Format(Time, "HH:MM:SS:MM") & " " & Format(Time, "HH:MM:SS:Ms")


How To Get Milliseconds In VB
I need to make a time trace for my func.

here is what i need to do:

Sub DoLotsOfStuff_func
Dim start
Dim elapse

start = <MillisecondsNow>

'heavy calculations
'and other stuff

elapse = <MilliscondsNow> - start

TimeBox.Text = string(elapse)
End Sub

I just don't know what to put in place of <MillisecondsNow>!!!

Any good ideas?

"I think in C, therefore I am..."

Count A Run In Milliseconds

Nice forum you have here

Im new in VB. I have made a run and i would like to know how i could count how long the run would take in ms?
I hope you experts can help me

Dim Y As Integer
Dim X As Integer
Dim pi As Integer

Private Sub Command1_Click()

For Y = 0 To 9999

For X = 0 To 19999
pi = (223 / 71 + 22 / 7) / 2
Next X

ProgressBar1.Min = 0
ProgressBar1.Max = 9999
ProgressBar1.Value = Y

Next Y

End Sub

Getting # Of Milliseconds That Has Passed
how can you get the number of milliseconds that have passed from a previous time to current time.

Milliseconds In A Date
Is there a function that returns the date time including milliseconds?

Time - Milliseconds
Hi everyone,

I am trying to write some code that can look at the difference between two cells that are in milliseconds and see if they are greater than 2 seconds apart.

I used the datediff function, but when you have a cell that is say 1.6 seconds in difference, it rounds it and says it is 2 seconds apart. This is not what I want.

Any help to give me a function, etc. to determine if two cells, which are in milliseconds, are 2 seconds apart would be appreciated!


Format Milliseconds?
Does anyone know how to get milliseconds from

format(now, "h:mm:ss")

THanks for any help!


How To Calculate MilliSeconds?
I am sending one command from my application to connected hardware and then get the reply from it.

Now, how can i log the time difference in Millisecond between send and get the reply.

is there anything to calculate in Milliseconds?

Formatting Milliseconds
im looking to format milliseconds.
if i had say 3678 milliseconds and another time only 15 milliseconds

how could i return them like this

3:678 and 0:015


Countdown In Milliseconds?

I have the following code working which does a countdown between two dates.

VB Code:
SecondsInADay = 60& * 60& * 24&    Seconds = DateDiff("s", Now, DateTime)              'Get the number of seconds difference    TotalDays = Seconds SecondsInADay                 'Get number of days difference    Years = TotalDays 365.25                          'Number of Years    Days = TotalDays Mod 365.25                         'Number of Days    Seconds = Seconds Mod SecondsInADay                 'Remaining Seconds    Hours = Seconds 3600                              'Number of Hours    Seconds = Seconds Mod 3600                          'Remaining Seconds    Minutes = Seconds 60                              'Number of Minutes    Seconds = Seconds Mod 60                            'Remaining Seconds    Label1.Caption = Years & " years : " & Days & " days : " & Hours & " hours : " & Minutes & " minutes : " & Seconds & " seconds : " & MilSeconds & " milliseconds"

However, how would I include it so that at the end there is also a millisecond countdown (0 to 100 will do) that is in-sync with the seconds?


Vb Precise To 4 Milliseconds?
hi, I'm new to the forums here and I did a quick search but I couldn't find out exactly.. anyways my question is, can I make a VB program that will have a break of precisely 4 milliseconds or will it be variant? and if its possible what would I have to do to start that break? Thanks alot for any help

Time With Milliseconds
How do i display or use the time with milliseconds?

Counting In Milliseconds?
Ok, there are 1000 milliseconds in one second (I'm sure you already knew that but I'm trying to make a point).

I'm having a timer add one to a variable every time the timer ticks (interval set at 1). You would think that the variable's value would reach 1000 in one second but it doesn't. A couple of seconds pass before it reaches 1000. What's going on here?

I can succesfully get it to count seconds, minutes, and hours correctly but not milliseconds (with interval at 1).

Converting Milliseconds To Mm:ss
Can any body help me with converting t milliseconds to mm:ss
here's what i have done till now not sure if it is correct

Label1.Caption = a.Position.SamplesToSec(a.Position.SamplesToSec(a.Position.TotalSamples))
sec = 0
min = 0
sec = (Val(Label1.Caption) / 1000)
min = (Val(Label1.Caption) / 1000) / 60

If sec > 60 Then
min = min + (sec / 60)
End If

If min Mod 60 > 0 Then
min = min + (min Mod 60)
End If

label1 has time in milliseconds that i want to convert to mm:ss
any code is great help

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Wait For N Milliseconds

How to make the current thread Wait for a few milliseconds in vb6 as


in .NET??


How To Time In Milliseconds ?
I need to time in Miiliseconds, e.g.

'Start Timing Here
'Do a bunch of stuffs
'Stop Timing Here
'Show the time " you have used 0.43 seconds"

But I cannot to do such. HELP!!!!!!!


Milliseconds Display
Could someone enlighten me please.
I am trying to write a routine which will make a note of how long a query takes to run. My problem is that I cannot find any reference to reading the current time including milliseconds.
e.g. 3:34:18.245

All the date/time functions only seem to go down to seconds. I have played around with the timer function but I can't believe there isn't a better way.


Getting Milliseconds Using GetSystemTime
hi.. i'm using GetSystemTime of kernal32.dll and passing the SYSTEMTIME as paramters to it...

but still.. all the member varaibel of the SYSTEMPARAMETRS ARE zero... pl. help me out...


Private Declare Sub GetSystemTime Lib "kernel32" (lpSystemTime As SYSTEMTIME)

wYear As Long
wMonth As Long
wDayOfWeek As Long
wDay As Long
wHour As Long
wMinute As Long
wSecond As Long
wMilliseconds As Long
End Type

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim sysvar As SYSTEMTIME
GetSystemTime sysvar
MsgBox sysvar.wMilliseconds
MsgBox sysvar.wMinute

End Sub

thanks in adv...

Date Differences In Milliseconds. How To Do It?
BeginTime = Now

//call a function

FinishTime = Now

FinishTime - BeginTime = (value in miliseconds)

I have try before using the DateDiff functions and definitely i just can get until 'seconds' only. I don't want to use the timer control. So any suggestion for this?

\ ElapsedTime = DateDiff("s", BeginTime, FinishTime) this is until seconds

I want in milliseconds


VERY Accurate Time To Milliseconds...
Hi, i am using GetTickCount in VB to measure some stuff and i was wondering if it is accurate enough. Is there something more accurate than it?

Like... I am measuring time it takes me to click a picturebox when a picture turns red. My average time is about 219 ms. I am wondering if this is reasonable i expected lower time... i mean thats almost a fifth of a second. Is gettickcount working properly? Id expect values of about 40-50 ms

Date Format And Milliseconds
Hi all-

I am writing an application that stores data with an individual time stamp in a binary file. I would like to store the time stamp as a DATE variable (not string) similar to the following format

mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS.### (where ### is milliseconds)

Does VB allow for formatting a date with milliseconds? My other option was to just store the date and the milliseconds separately as an 8 Byte date and a 2 byte integer which is just 10 bytes instead of 8, which isn't that bad I guess. I was just hoping for a slightly easier (and smaller) way. I have alot of data so I am trying to limit it. Any ideas???


GetTickCount Milliseconds To H/M/S Conversion

I know this is really a maths question but, how do you convert a number in milliseconds as returned by the GetTickCount into Hours Mins And Seconds.

1000 milliseconds = 1 sec
60000 milliseconds = 1 min
3200000 miliseconds = 1 hour


VB Beginner....

Convert Milliseconds To Time
how can i convert milliseconds to time and tome to milliseconds
help pleeeeeeeeeeese

Proteced Wma Length In Milliseconds
I posted this in the game forum, but I'm not sure if it falls under that, it's more of a general question.

Using dirctshow, I can calculate the length of mp3s and wmas to the millisecond. However, if they are protected wmas, I cannot get the duration, since it says I need a license. Is there anyway to get the duration of a wma that is protected to the milliseconds? Just to the seconds with the media player control is not good enough.



Date And Time With Milliseconds
Is there a way of returning the value of milliseconds of the current time within the Timer Event of vb?

I appreciate the fact that databases such as SQL Server has the capability of generating this value - I just wondered if I could capture it within VB.


Milliseconds From Date Type
Does the Date type include milliseconds? If so, how do you display it using the format function (hh:mm:ss.???)?

OT: Dealing With Milliseconds In Excel
I think that this may be a little off topic but... does anyone know how to make Excel deal with times in the format (where ms = Milliseconds)? instead of in

I want to be able to average... and do general calculaions with data in this format.

or do i need to write a macro to deal with this?????

Thanks for any help......


Measure Time To Milliseconds
Here is my problem:
I want to measure how long a process takes up to milliseconds. I don't want to use timer. So when the process starts I set TimeStart = Now() and when the process stops I set TimeStop = Now(). Then I calculate total time the process ran by using DateDiff("s", TimeStart, TimeStop). But this gave me the different up to seconds, not to milliseconds. Does anybody have any idea?

Thanks in advance,

Time Difference In Milliseconds
I want to calcuate the time in milliseconds which have passed between the start and end of an event
How can I do that?

Time Difference In Milliseconds
Hi all,
is there any way to find the time difference in milliseconds? say i hv two times in the format "HH:MM:SS:MS". say for eg. "11:42:40:1120" and "11:42:40:1150". how to find difference b/w these two? pls help me.

Getting Exact Time(in Milliseconds)

I want to get exact system time till milliseconds.Please guide me how to do this.


Capture Time In Milliseconds In VB6
Hi GuyZ,

Is there any way of capturing time including milliseconds?if yes can show me. Thanks in advance..


How To Calculate Time In Milliseconds
i would like to know how to calculate time in milliseconds using mediaplayer 7.. i have writen code to veiw the elapsed/remain time of the mp3 file which is playing currently.. but it show the time using only mins and seconds..
i would appriciate any helps from you.. thanks ..

How Do I Get Milliseconds From The System Timer?
I've made a game (Arkanoid type) but I need to access the system time in milli seconds in order to slow my game down. At the moment Its running at 1000-5000 FPS, depending on what computer is running it. I need to slow it down to +- 30 FPS no matter what machine its running on. Help...pls

Counting Time In Milliseconds In VB.
Hi Everybody,

I am carrying out some process,I need to know how much time the process takes.But the time taken by process is in milliseconds.
Can someone tell me is it possible in VB to count time in milliseconds ?

Let me know asap.

Thanks & Regards

Milliseconds Needed For RANDOMIZE Seed
Hi all,

I'm new (day 2) at VB and am trying to generate a random password. Since Rnd() is pseudo random, I'd like to set the Randomize seed to a pretty random number by Randomizing using the current PC time, and specifically the milliseconds value as seed. Here's what I'm trying to do (seconds used in this sample instead of Milliseconds):


Private Sub BtnGenRndPwd_Click()
' Create and display a random password of eight characters
' To prevent mistakes (for example cipher 1 could be mistaken for letter l)
' certain characters are left out, leaving these as valid arrays:
' abcdefghijkmnpqrstuvwxyz
' 23456789
' ~!#^_()/
Char1Array = "abcdefghijkmnpqrstuvwxyz23456789"
Char2Array = "abcdefghijkmnpqrstuvwxyz23456789"
Char3Array = "~!#^_()/"
Char4Array = "23456789~!#^_()/"

' Set the Randomize seed. Use Milliseconds to provide random seeds each
' time a random password is generated.
Randomize ((Right(Time, 2)))
RandomNr = Int(Rnd() * (Len(Char1Array)))
Char1 = Mid(Char1Array, RandomNr, 1)
Label1.Caption = Char1
End Sub
A loop for the other characters is the next thing to make, but I'd like to get the random thingie going first... Any help is appreciated!


Insert Datetime With Milliseconds Into SQL Server
Can anyone give me an example of inserting the datetime with milliseconds into SQL Server without milliseconds being truncated.

example below truncates milliseconds:
insert into mytable (date1) values ('01/20/2003 11:38:29:274')

Convert Milliseconds To Human Time?
Here is what i'm using:

VB Code:
temp0001 = 88221hours = Round(((temp0001 / 1000) / 60) / 60, 0)minutes = Round((temp0001 / 1000) / 60, 0)seconds = Round(temp0001 / 1000 - minutes * 60, 0)

This seems not to be working as it should.
Any idea why?

How To Display Time Elapsed In Milliseconds
hi all
got a new problem.i want to display time elapsed in MILLISECONDS in my vb app.suppose i start an operation .i store the starting time , then after completion of that operation i store the end time. the time elapsed is usually less than a second,when i substract the two i get ZERO. but i want the difference shown in milliseconds. and i dont want to use a timer.
can any one help.
thanx in advance.

How Can I Get System Time Including Milliseconds?
How can I get system time including milliseconds?

All I can get at the moment is hh:mm:ss,
I really need the milliseconds as well,
eg. hh:mm:ss:milliseconds.

Any help appreciated.

Time Counter In Seconds Or In Milliseconds
In my VB program i need a time counter at the start of the main.
i want to use this time counter in middle of the code to check whether it reached the specific amount of time or not.

example code looklike:

sub main
..time counter starts for 800ms ( or just started)..
..wants to check the timer reached 800ms or not (or its below 800ms).....
if yes
if no

pls reply your ideas or suggations.
thank you

Formatting Time Milliseconds And Nanoseconds
Is there an API that allows me to format the time in milliseconds and nanoseconds?  example:  22:10:50.00100:00

Time Counter In Seconds Or In Milliseconds
In my VB program i need a time counter at the start of the main.
i want to use this time counter in middle of the code to check whether it reached the specific amount of time or not.

example code looklike:

sub main
..time counter starts for 800ms ( or just started)..
..wants to check the timer reached 800ms or not (or its below 800ms).....
if yes
if no

pls reply your ideas or suggations.
thank you

How Can I Sleep() For 100 Milliseconds In Visual Basic?
Hello all.

I want to do the same thing as VC++:


which sleeps/delays program execution for 100 milliseconds!

How can I do this in VB? Will someone please provide sample code? Im new to VB,.. thanks

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