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How To Make Trial Software Of 30 Days

I am using Inno Setup to build the setup files.
Please tell me how can i make my application setup as a trial verion for 30 or 15 days.

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30 Days Trial Software
Hi all:
How can we have our own program with a so-called 30 days trial ? and if we have other program with that.. like what we download from internet... how can they tell when the software was started, i think they should write the date some where in my computer. Is there a way to find out?

Make Your Exe With 30 Days Trial
hi, i already made my app and i have already deployed it to customers but i want them to try it before buying my app. i want to make a 30 day evaluation period for it so that my app will expire after 30 days, how will i do that? any suggestions?

How Can I Make A Trial Version For A Number Of Days
Hello All,

I want to create a trial version of my VB Project for 7 days so that after that certain no.(7) of days from installation the application won't run any more.

How To Make A Trial Software
I need my app to expire after 30 days of use. How can I do this?
If you dont have the code just tell me the process to make it a trial one then I'll research a little more.

Thanks in advance


How To Make Trial Software
Hi guys

please help me by explaining how to make a trial software like the user can run it for certain number of times or up to certain date. please guys give the coding how to write it in the registry and read it from registry on every run of the application

please help me i m in a great need of this code

thnx in advance

How To Make A Trial Version Of Software
I want to make a kind of 10 day trial of some software I am writing but have thought about the following:

Either I can permanently disable the main functionality so they can get a feel to what the program will do (but can someone hack into a .exe and amend)?

I can install the program and store the installation date and then wait for installation date + 10 days, but if the user keeps amending the system date,it will never expire.

I can install the program again, and store the install date and keep storing the date the program is accessed and when I get 10 unique dates, stop working.

Or I can just limit the usage of the program to 100 uses, incrementing each time the user enters, problem with this, it can expire after 1 day if he goes in 100 times.

Any thoughts appreciated.

7 Days Free Trial

I was just woundering if any of you can help me create some code for a registration of my database system.

I have made a program for a company that im currently working for but i have come across a problem where i need to add a registration system.

Can you help me make one please as i need one as soon as possible, it would be good to have it so it only allows the client to have a 7 days free trial of the database then they are forced to register the program.

Can you help please.



Creating 30 Days Trial Demo
how can i create a demo for my s/w that runs for days(set by me,say 30)
and it should not run in back date if anyone tries to run in backdate.

do reply

How Can I Count 15 Days For Distribute Trial Version Of My Vb Application.
how can i count 15 days for distribute trial version of my vb application which
not depend on user system time.


Trial Software
Before you start flaming, yes I already searched the forum for this. This is sort of an extension without bringing up old topics. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good way to generate a unique key per pc that won't change with the hardware and stuff. Also, what can I do about trial info? Putting it in the registry seems futile because deleting the key would restart the trial. Any other ideas?

Trial Software?
Hey guys I'm interested in learning Visual Basic, but at the same time I don't want to go out and pay the $$$ for the software if I don't end up liking it. Is there Visual Basic trial software out there that last for 30 days. If so could someone point me in the right direction because I have been searching everywhere. I'm sure I will enjoy using it, but I just wanna make sure.

Thanks Guys

Trial Software
I tried to distributing my software as trial version and now I am getting worried because I just know that there is a tool available on Internet called SYM REGISTRY BACKUP which can restore back the previous regsitry value. The problem is that my application store the information for expiration in the registry, i.e everytime the program is started the value in the registry key is incremented and the program will stop to run when a certain value is reached in the registry. I really appreciate for any kind of helps
Thanks and regards

Question: Trial Software??
How can I make my appl working like trial software? It likes "workable" for specific period of time and after that user need to request new "serial/password"


Adding Trial To My Software
i want to add a 10 day trial period (from first run) to an app i have recently made,

the registration page needs to have three text boxes

Unlock Number

could sum1 please help me to do this?

Creating Trial Version Of Software
We developed a software product using VB 6. We would like to give trial versions of our software such that they work for limited period ( say 30 days).

How could we implement such features into our product. Using the system date and time may not work properly as the user might change system date.

Searched on google but not much of help

Jagan Malkareddy

Making Trial Of Software Expire?
Hey, I was wondering if anyone could give me any information on how I would go about securing my program with a 15 day trial. I've noticed many programs do this. Do I need to write something to the registry to check each time the program loads or what? How would I go about doing this. Any info appreciated. Thanks

How To Make A Trial
can someone tell me and give me some code example of how to make my program trial. to set a timer and when timer to be on some value another form to be shown.
How to make a string to char. in vb 6 i think that i cant Dim as Chars like in .net
I want some word in textbox to be shown in another textboxes
ex: Visual to be shown in 6 textboxe. in first to be "v" second "i" third "s" ...........

Help! How To Make Trial SW Or License No
1/ How could I set my appl "workable" in specific period of time? That is like there are trial version valid for 15/30/60 days

2/ And after trial period, how could I make some license number for my software to work as full version


Trying To Make Trial Balance
I am working with accounting software and trying to code trial balance.any one can tell what is wrong with this code.

Public Sub prepare_trial_balance()
Dim rs As New adodb.Recordset
rs.CursorLocation = adUseClient
Dim v_dr As Integer
Dim v_cr As Integer

rs.Open "select * from head", con
'****** Debit and Cridet Variables

Dim rsDr As New adodb.Recordset
Dim rsCr As New adodb.Recordset
rsDr.CursorLocation = adUseClient
rsCr.CursorLocation = adUseClient
'*********** recordset to add in Trial balance
Dim rs_trial As New adodb.Recordset
rs_trial.CursorLocation = adUseClient

' ******** loop for adding trail balance
Dim sql As String

Do While Not rs.EOF

rsDr.Open "select sum(dr) as dr from leadger where head_id= " & Trim(rs!head_id), con
rsCr.Open "select sum(cr) as cr from leadger where head_id= " & Trim(rs!head_id), con

rs_trial.Open "select * from head where Head_id=" & Trim(rs!head_id), con, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic

If rsDr!dr = rsCr!cr Then

With rs_trial
If rsDr!dr > rsCr!cr Then
v_dr = Val(rsDr!dr) - Val(rsCr!cr)

End If
If rsCr!cr > rsDr!dr Then
v_dr = Val(rsCr!cr) - Val(rsDr!dr)
!dr = Trim(rsCr!cr)
End If

!cr = Trim(rsCr!cr)
End With

End If




Call full_prepared_trial_balance

temp = MsgBox("Trial Balance prepared", vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "Jafri Soft")

End Sub

Public Sub full_prepared_trial_balance()

Dim rsfill As New adodb.Recordset
rsfill.CursorLocation = adUseClient
'Dim cout As Integer
rsfill.Open "select Head_description,Dr,Cr from head ", con

Set dg.DataSource = rsfill

End Sub

Make A Trial Version! Help!
oh my, I need to create a trial version of some software Im developing, I know how to write stuff deep in the registry, like current system date, but, how do I avoid the fact that the user might change the system's date and time?

How To Make Trial Period
What is the best way to make my application expired at certain date ?
Registry change ?
Thank you all !

How To Make Trial Version ??

I want to make a 5 day trial version of my application, means my application deletes itself or stop running after 5 days from installation.


Anyone Know How To Make Prog Trial
I wanna know how to make programs that have a trial on them so they have to register their prog to use it after like 30 days! anyone know how?

Make A Trial Version
please help me how to make a trial version program
i want make 2 kind of program

1. trial version with date but if the user change a date it will not effect if the trial is already make in time.

2. trial version with counter how day my program run in trial


I Want To Make My Prog Trial Version
i have a prog and i want when somebody put it in his pc to work only for few days
how can i do that??
and i want it to have a serial number when the user write it the trial ver become free

Make Application Trial Version
How do i make my appliation Trial version for certain period of time?

How To Make A Trial Version Of VB Application
hello to all
can any one tell me how to make a trial version for a VB Application.
I have build a VB Project in which I need a Trial Version Which runs for 10 or 15 days only.
an Anybody tell me any idea or coding for that.
thanks in Advance.


please help me how to make a trial version program
i want make 2 kind of program

1. trial version with date but if the user change a date it will not effect if the trial is already make in time.

2. trial version with counter how day my program run in trial


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Help Need To Make Trial Version For Any Application

I am a VB Programmer
I need to execute an existing application, written in VB.NET through VB, so the
application can be released as a time limited trial version, also the
modifications must prevent the application from being reinstalled on the
same computer after the trial period has timed out.

Now i want to create a VB application which will have the trial version code in it and calls the VB.NET application

Can anyone help me how can i proceed.. is this the correct way ??

can i have a sample code or logic for writing trial version?

Utility /Add On To Make Program Trial Version
I am looking for a commercial program / utility that I can add to my vb application and make it keep track how many days passed or executes, and also prevent piracy.
Does anyone know about such add on I am sure they exists
Thanks a lot

Make Program Expire (trial Version)
Hi, a newbie here.
I am creating a project that I would like prospective clients try out before they buy it. I would like it to expire after 30 days (or something like that) after they have installed it on their system.
Is there a way to have this happen (with timers or Date)?

How Can I Make A Program Will Expire In 30 Days?
Hi All Seniors,

I am looking for help. Can somebody teach me how to make my program will expire after 30 days. Cos I would like to use my program as beta version for someone use. Thx very much !!!!

Application--to Make It A Trail Version Working For A Limited No. Of Days

I have developed an application using VB 6.0 and MsACCESS.
Now i want to make it as a Trail Version that works only for a limited number of days.
If i can check the date of installation, then i can compare the present date with my limited period. if it is expired i display a message saying the expiry of the trail version.

Please help me regarding this.


Creating Conditional If Trial N = X And Trial N-1 = X
Hi everyone,
I'm using visual basic 3 to do some data analysis. I already am using a VBAB program which takes my data and creates a variable called "trial" which represents which trial it is in 450 trials and a variable for reaction time on each trial and a variable for type of code (code x, for example, specified depending on RT characteristics in my current program).
What i need to do know is get RT data from instances when I have trial N = code X and trial N-1 = code X (i.e. the previous trial and current trial are both trial type X), then output new variable "code Y". I looked through VBAB help and could not find information on marking data if i conditionalize based on current and previous characteristics on a given two trials.
Any suggestions?

Thanks a bunch!

How To Make A Guitar Software
someone can help me how to make a guitar software by using visual basic 6

Make My Own TV Tuner Software?
I remember this being asked before but since the search engine rejects "TV" I couldn't find it. How can I make a replacement to the software that came with my TV Tuner card (ATI TV Wonder PCI)?

How To Make My Software Run As A Service?
I have used VB6.0 to develop a software for WinNT4.0 to monitor the server status. However, I would like to make it run as a service. In programming, how can I achieve it?

Software To Make Icons
Anyone know some software (free) on the net i can use to make icons for my new program, or where i can download some? Thanks for the help

How Can I Make My Software Visually Esthetic?
Please help me telling me the options of making my software visually looks great.

it is very urgent.

Any One Hav Ideas On How To Make Dns Server Software?
any one hav ideas on how to make a dns server software?

How To Make Your Anti Virus Software Scan A Files?

MSN messenger and other programs use the anti virus software installed
on the user's computer to scan files.
you just put in the exe path of the av program, and it scans files.

I want to know how can I do this using vb?


Need Help To Make My Program A 30 Day Trial Program
Need help to make my program a 30 day trial program

Need Help To Make My Program A 30 Day Trial Program
Need help to make my program a 30 day trial program

Second Different Problem {days In Month, Days In Year}
I am trying to make this script that count the number of second between 2 date with 2 time. Now i am stuck with how to get the number of days in a certain month and year. can someone enlighten me thanks

Conversion Of Given Days To Years,months And Days
dear users,
how do i convert the given no. of days into complete no. of years, the remaining no. of months and the remaining no. of days using VB6.

How To Make A Query Of If "LastDate (YYMMDD) Older Than CurrentDate (YYMMDD) Plus 837 Days", Delete
How to make a query of if "LastDate (YYMMDD) older than CurrentDate (YYMMDD) plus 837 days", delete the record (I use query analyzer of sql 7 to get the result) - thanks

My Software Keeps On Crashing In Compiled Software ....
Im wondering why when i compile my software and when tried to run it, it keeps on crashing and sending error report to MS....If i run it in the Visual Basic "not compiled" its working 100% ... Does anyone knows why my software keeps on crashing when i run it in a compiled software......

Thanks in advance ....

Software To Automate Software Testing
Anyone know of software that can automate application testing ?

I just heard roomers that such tools exist.

Can anyone help me with this, i really want to learn .Net. Is there a link for the 60 day trial i keep hearing about, i dont want to fork out big bucks if its not for me. I know there is a server hosted version for download but i was under the impression there is a "full version" that i can try for 60 days and then decide whether to purchase reg code at the end. Thanks

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