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How To Make Setup For VB6 With SQL Database

Dear All,

I have completed a VB6 application n its working fine with SQL database..
Now i want to deploy it on the customer machine using the VB6 installation setup.

How can i deploy sql database along with the VB6 installation setup.
As we can do it with MS access database , deploying vb6 installation setup along with ms access 2000, how we can do it the same using VB6and SQL database.

can any one guide how i can deploy my application along with sql database

best regards


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Make SETUP In A Way, That...
Hello All!

I have a VB6 project which works with MS Access database. I have connected database with ODBC. Besides, I open different Excel files from my program.
I want that, when I install my program, there were no need to create ODBC connection manually and copy database and other files(such as excel files) to the program directory - like ordinary programs downloaded from internet. Is there any way of doing this?

PS: As I know it can be done by INI file. Does anyone knows how to create ini file?

If any questions, please ask!
Thanks in advance!

How To Make A Setup
hi all
any one know about the compelete setup making .with all refernce(componets which we use and dll files and etc). if any one know kindly send me the compelete procedure.

Make Exe/Setup Wiz
Does using the MAKE EXE or Setup Wizard do anything different when making EXE's?

Like some one said that when you make a SETUP file, it makes the exe harder to decompile or something.

Anyway i just want to know. thanks

How Do I Make Setup.exe?
I'd like to know how i make "setup.exe". Firstly i used package wizard. However if I make "setup.exe" using package wizard, it doesn't work on some computer. If a computer don't have Visual Studio or Microsoft Office, my setup file doesn't work.
If you have a solution, tell me about that.
Thanks for your answer...

Make Setup Package
When i make a setup package with visual basic i get the following error:

the file ....proxywin.reg is not recognized as a valid registry file
the content of this file is:


"proxywin"="C:\Program Files\Proxywin\proxywin.exe"

How Do I Make A Setup That Works?
I have tried different kinds of setup programs: Install Creator, package and deployment wizard,... and I get errors with all of them.

I have a program written in VB6 that includes 2 different access databases of which one gets its data from a oracle database. Than I use ODBC and ADO for my data-access in my program, and I use Word to print and crystal reports.

With package and deployment wizard I get runtime error 76.

With install creator it works fine on my pc but if I install it on a pc where no vb is installed, I get the error: crystl32.ocx is missing. Is this because I don't have crystal reports installed on this pc or what?

How can help me, I'm desperate


How To Make A Game SEtup
i was wondering , when installing games, there is a setup, how do we create and make them?

Help? How To Make Setup File

How can I make my program "installable" and "executable". I'm not talking about make my program to .EXE file. That is like you buy new software in a package box, its CD installation contains "setup.exe" and some other files


Make A Customized Setup

I have VS 2005 Pro. I can do setups on it, but I can't configure and customize them to my "taste". And I cant make it only in one file. So i will try to make one. But I ran into problems (as with everthing and always, lool):

How to make the setup file (the .exe) have included inside the other files, such has a .exe and a .mdb? Can I embeded them? If yes them how can I copy them to the computer?Is it better instead of embed all files, embed a zip with all files and then instead of copy the files to the desired path unzip them? Witch registry entries do I have to add so the file appears in Add/Remove programs List?

Thks a lot in advance!

Make Setup File
have built software by Visual basic 6.0, when i make the setup project using Package an development wizard, it's work properly, buut when i instal it to client it has a problem. is there someone has other sofware to make the setup file?

i use windows xp sp2.

best regard


How To Make Setup Of VB Project??
How to make setup of VB project?? by using Vb code not from Vb Tools
and if setup is made by using tools the icons of forms will display on installing project on other Machines or not?

How Can I Make Setup.exe Of A Project ?
How can I make setup.exe of a project ?

How To Make A Setup File?
How can i create a setup file? So if i distribute the program, they will only need to install it and not be able to copy the whole program in VB?

How To Make A 'package For The Web' Like Setup?

I have made a program and I want to distribute it on the web for
to do that I need to have one setup file...
using the package & deployment wizard will create cab files
and all of that...

anyone has any idea what can I do to have a 'package for the
web' like setup?

p.s. : I have no money to spend on it...


How To Make Setup Package ?
Here is the problem.
I have a few dozens of VB DLLs, and C++ DLLs running
as one service application.
To install it, I have to go throu painfull process finding
right versions of all Dlls and placing them in right directory,also registering, to make the application work.
What would be a good approach to make an automated setup package for this application ?

Thank you all

To Make Setup Progrmatically
I have 2 vb projects

First i made setup for admin with package and deployemnet.

Myreqiurement is administrator should make setup of users

How should i make the user project setup with single click from admin application.

Advance Thanks

How To Make Self Setup Bootstrap
hi friends....

i want ask your help guys...
how we can make our own setup.exe or make bootstrap file in the package and development add ins?

How To Make Setup File....
How To Make Setup File.... ...?

How Do I Make MyInnoScriptFile Setup An .EXE?
HI !!!!

I have prepared an Inno compiler program. When I want to setup my package I have to run in the environment of inno compiler. The question is how do I make this inno scripts an .Exe file?

Thank u in advance.

Ur feedback is highly appreciated.

How Can I Make Setup Of My Program
Hello dear
how do u do
i am working on Vb and Crystal Report i want to make a setp of my program can any body help me in this regards
i shall be very thank ful to u all

To Make Setup Dynamically
Hai Guys,

My question is from one vb project how to run package and development wizard dynamically.
(from one vb project to make other project setup (with package and deployment) through coding)

Actually My requirement is I am making like search Engine application in vb

I have created 2 vb projects
1 is for admin
2 is for user

In the admin application he is enter the data which is requried to
In user application is serching the data in the database based on his


Both projects is using same database.When i make package and deployment wizard (Manually)

for each project individually with adding of database(DB is in Ms Access)

(Note:When I am making the setup.I am sending the db also
(with add file in package and deployment)
after installation db will be avilable at program path
if I Send the setup applications admin,users it is working fine.But Time
time Administrator Will Change the database.i.e
New Entries.My question is with one single click user setup should be
prepared with latest databse.

Please Help me out.I am looking for your suggestions

Thanx in Advance

With Regards
T.Santhosh Kumar

How To Make The VB6 Setup File Into One File?Like Acrobat Reader Setup File
how to make the VB6 setup file into one file?Like Acrobat Reader setup file, just one file only

How To Make VB Setup File With Uninstaller?
How to make VB Setup file with uninstaller?

How To Make Setup Using Source Code
hi i'd like to know if there is a way to create a setup for a program made in VB 6 without using Package & Deploiment (Visual Studio 6) or using InstallShield, i don't want to use an interface, i'd like to make a setup using source code inside VB, does someone know how if this exist?
If this exist how can i made this.

How To Make Setup With Crytsal Report In VB 6 ..?

i have made a application in VB6 . i need some very long reports in this in landscape style ..

so i use crytsal reports .. but at the time of making it Setup, crytal is not working fine...
how can i embedd crytsall in my setup.exe....???
i use setup factory + package & depolyment wizard & install shield...

but when i make setup from setup fatory it not working on other pc which doesn't have crytal report installed on it ,...

please tell me how can i use crystalll report at the time of making setup & for that condition if someone doesn't have crystal report installled ..
please help me ....

ankur bhatnagar


I'm Confuse ...How To Make A Package Setup?
Hello Guys,

I don't really know what to call this; but could provide answer for this please....

I am about to deploy my program but all I know is to give the executable file of the program,,,but i don't want to give the source codes of the program and I wanted to give the ocx and dll that is necessary. It's like the user could set up on their own.

Am I being comprehensible?

Thanks guys!

How Do I Make A Download Setup Wizard
How do i make a download setup wizard. I know that vb has one built in but how do u make it pop up when the exe is dblclicked. Thanks for any help.


How To Make Setup With Crytsal Report In VB 6 ..?

i have made a application in VB6 . i need some very long reports in this in landscape style ..

so i use crytsal reports .. but at the time of making it Setup, crytal is not working fine...
how can i embedd crytsall in my setup.exe....???
i use setup factory + package & depolyment wizard & install shield...

but when i make setup from setup fatory it not working on other pc which doesn't have crytal report installed on it ,...

please tell me how can i use crystalll report at the time of making setup & for that condition if someone doesn't have crystal report installled ..
please help me ....

ankur bhatnagar


Where And How Can I Make A Setup File For My Application In Vb6?
Where and how can I make a setup file for my application in Vb6?

Håvar Mjeltevik

How I Can Make Setup Cd For My Systems And Sql Server2000
I have VB application and i can make setup for it but how could i make it for sql server2000 becuase my database is sql server2000,should i install sql server2000 on single pc how use my program ? how i can make it automatic becuase i want make CD for my application start setup automatic on his computer .
Thank you

How To Make Custom Setup Program
hi all,
I want to how make custorm set up program. I don't want to use the Package and Deployment wizard which comes with Visual studio.
Actually I have 3 different application and I want to Install it on client machine with only one setup program. Also I want that if client want to install only one application so he should be able to do that. How to make this?

with Thanks,
Ashish Sheth

How To Make A Setup File To Install My Program
Because Vista is screwing up all the time when people use the "regsvr32" command to register my program's dlls and ocxs, I'm forced to write an installation wizard thing to install the program for them.

I'm not sure how to do this, can someone tell me what to do, or point me in the right direction??

Make My Setup.exe Automatically Load From The Installation CD
How can I make the computer itself automatically load my setup.exe on a newly created installation CD that I made?

How To Make Setup File Set Doucment Icon And Open-with?
I hope you understand my question..

For example, when you install Ms Word, registry keys will be set to set the icon for *.doc file type and default program to open the file...

I want to make the similar thing in my setup program. To Make An Operating System Independent Setup
i made package using Package & Deployment Wizard but today when i run this setup on win 98 o.s. it is give me some problem...... Pls suggest me what is the right process to make a setup.....and how to make an operating system independent setup.............

How Do I Make A Simple MS Setup Toolkit Styled Installer?
How can I make in VB, a simple setup proram-similar to the setup program used by MS before 98/99?

How Make Setup Create A Shotcut In The Autostart Folder

I would like the shotcut of my program to be created in the Autostart folder automatically during the setup process. Or maybe write a key in the registry. I do not want the users to manually do it themselves.

Can this be done or are there other ways to get around this?

I will be glad for any help.



How To Make Setup Using Visual Studio Installer For VB6 And Ms SQL Server
how to make setup using Visual Studio Installer for VB6 and Ms SQL server

Front End : Used VB6
Reporting Software used : Crystal Reports
Database used : Ms SQL server 2000

Hi please help me in this regard.I feel this could be a very usefull information for all professional visual basic programmers.

I had created setup using MsAccess Database.But now i have to create using SQL server.

What i want : Include Ms SQL server Database engine in the setup.So that on installation sql server engine gets installed. and user don't have to install full sql server.

Installation setup should install Ms SQL server Database engine plus database script also.


How To Make Setup Change Registry So It Runs My Exe Either From Cdrom Or HardDrive?

Any programmers out there who are good with running applications FROM the cdrom? If so, maybe you can help this beginner programmer...

My program is made to run on a cdrom because it is 644mb in filesize. It's a music program that has many mp3 music files, mpeg videos, jpg pictures and more. Now, I'm using a cool setup program I found on the internet called INNO SETUP. After it installs my program it creates a shortcut on the desktop that leads to my jlimborg.exe file in c:program filesmy program. I need the setup to make the shortcut lead to the jlimborg.exe file that's on the cdrom.

My program was made in Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition. I am very new to programming, so if you have any suggestions, please explain in perfect detail please.

Things you should know before you answer. I want people to be able to drag all the files from my cd to their hard drive and have my jlimborg.exe file still find all the paths to my mp3, mpeg, and jpg files where the program was dragged. THIS is what happens right now and I still want it to work that way after I fix this problem I'm having.

Here are some of my path statements in my source code:
Picture1 = LoadPicture(Pth & "MUSIC" & "BG_MUSIC.jpg")
Picture2 = LoadPicture(Pth & "MUSIC" & "MUSIC_INFO.jpg")
MainPictureBox1 = LoadPicture(Pth & "" & "JamesLimborg.Jpg")
PLAYPictureClip.Picture = LoadPicture(Pth & "MUSIC" & "PLAY.bmp")
Picture1 = LoadPicture(Pth & "" & "BG_BCC.jpg")
BCC = LoadPicture(Pth & "" & "BIOGRAPHY.jpg")

Above you will notice that there is a Pth INSTEAD of the usual App.Path - that is because a programmer here at work helped me to get my program to run successfully from a cdrom. Before it use to come up with PATH ERRORS because it was adding an extra (g:\image.jpg INSTEAD of g:image.jpg).

I just need to find a way, so when people chose to install my program to RUN FROM THE CDROM that my jlimborg.exe file that gets copied to their computer can find all the mp3, mpeg and jpg files. OR have Inno Setup SETUP.EXE file make the shortcut on the persons computer lead to the jlimborg.exe file on the cdrom instead of the jlimborg.exe file on their hard drive.

HERE IS WHAT ONE PERSON told me to do, but he didn't tell me exactly how to do it so I couldn't try it. REMEMBER I'm a beginner, so tell me exactly what code I should type and where please. THANKS SO MUCH


What would make your code run the fastest is to set up a global variable containing the path you use. Create a Module, put on the first line of code a Public Dim statement, like:

Public USE_THIS_PATH as String

On the Open event of your first form, use a Dir() statement to see if your MP3s and graphics are in App.Path. If they are, set USE_THIS_PATH = App.Path. If the MP3's are not in the App.Path's folder, Use the 'Find CD-ROM' code to find the CD-ROM drive letters, then do a DIR() command of each CD-ROM drive until you find the one with your CD in it. Then, Set USE_THIS_PATH to The CD_ROM's Drive Letter. Finally, your LoadPicture Code should have USE_THIS_PATH substituted everywhere you're currently using App.Path:

Picture1 = LoadPicture(USE_THIS_PATH & "MUSIC" & "BG_MUSIC.jpg")

How To Make A Setup File From PWD Wizard That Allows To User Create A Desktop Shortcut
how to make a setup file from PWD wizard that allows to user create a desktop shortcut and also after finish allow user to run a program

Setup And Database
Hello Everybody!
When I Use The P&d Wizard To Make A Setup Program Of My Application The Database Is Not Included Into That Setup Filie. When I Run The Setup Program There'll Be Db And An Error Occurs. So I Should Manually Load The Db To The Programs Folder Which Is Not Systematic And Anybody Can Delete That Db. So I Want My Db Not To Be Seen And Be Included In The Setup File Itself. Thanks For Anyone For Helping Me.

Database Setup
I am writing a program that takes my workout program and puts it in a database based on the day. I am running into problems with how many tables I will need to store all the information. The info is:

One month will have the appropriate number of days.
Each day will have a different number of exercises based on bodypart to work
Each exercise will have a different number of sets
Each set will have a weight and a quantity of repetitions

How would I set this up in an Access database? Any suggestions? Please help, going crazy.


Please Help With Database Setup
hey guys, I'm sorry for such a simple question, but I searched the site and couldn't find anything on how to actually just open and read/write data from a simple database.

If anyone can just post some simple code of how to open a database (access preferably) and how to work around with some of the data, it would be greatly appretiated.

Thx in advance

Automate Setup Of A Database
I've got a couple hundred lines in Excel that are labeled TABLE, FIELD, DESC. These Columns correspond to Tables, Fields in those tables and the make-up of those fields (e.g. char(10)) in a database. Does anyone know a way to automate creating this database in Access from this list? The Desc really doesn't matter, they can all be text.


Microsoft SQL (How-to Setup A Database?)
I need to download a "Microsoft SQL Client Manager" to setup a SQL Database and Tables. I searched all around on Microsoft's website and couldn't find any information on a "Microsoft SQL Client Manager". I did find an application called "ExtraSQL" and when I try to use that it tells me I need "SQL Server Client Components" installed. I am pretty much lost here on getting started. I am coming from a PHP/MySQL background and getting going with SQL Server compared to MySQL is completely different. I don't want to have to write an application just to setup a database and tables. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think I am making this harder then it really is.

Database Setup With Dll Or Script

i have already posted a similar type of a question in the installation/document part
but i am not sure whether it is the correct place so iam posting it here again
i got an answer from a previous post telling me that if i wanted to create a sql databasse on setup i have to run a script
what i want to know
is if i have a stored procedure to create this data base in a dll or script how do i make it run while i am running the setup
i know how to make dlls but i have no idea how to make a script
please help

Anyone Used IBM DB2? Want To Setup Database/login
Hi, im using IBM DB2 for college. I am trying to set it up on my home computer which is running Windows XP Home Edition.

I have installed the program but I can't work out how to setup a database to use. I've done it at college using NetTerm but i don't have that on my home computer, so there must be another way of setting up a data base.


Database Setup Question
I have a database that is going to reside on a network drive. The application is being developed on my machine but will be installed on another machine. The app will acess an Access DB which is connected via a File DSN. My question is, what kind of DSN should I use and does that need to be established on the target machine or is there a better way of configuring this?

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