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How To Make Something Move

if i have a text box, line, label, button etc.. how do i make it move across the screen?

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How Do I Make My Shape Move Left Up Or Down (i Already Know How To Make It Move Right
Hey, i don't know how to make my shape move up down and left. <^v. could anyone who know how to do it please help me?
i'm a noob at vb. i just started doin some things and up up to keypressing and stuff.

Can Anyone Give Me Some Example Code To Make Move First,Move Previous...
hi all,

can anyone give me some example code to make Move First,Move Previous,Move Next and Move Last button.please help..tq in advance.

Why Can't I Make It Move
why cant move my spaceship?it works in forms but when i used Bitblt it doesn't any more...

Codes i used:

Dim BScroll As Integer
Dim X As Integer
Dim Y As Integer
Dim SLeft As Boolean
Dim SRight As Boolean

Private Sub Form_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)
Select Case KeyCode

Case vbKeyLeft
SLeft = True

Case vbKeyRight
SRight = True

End Select

End Sub

Private Sub Form_KeyUp(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)
Select Case KeyCode

Case vbKeyLeft
SLeft = False

Case vbKeyRight
SRight = False

End Select
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
X = 0
End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
If SLeft = True Then X = X + 20
If SRight = True Then X = X - 20

BScroll = BScroll + 5
If BScroll > 600 Then BScroll = 0
BitBlt Back.hDC, 0, BScroll, 800, 600, Front.hDC, 0, 0, vbSrcPaint
BitBlt Back.hDC, 0, BScroll - 600, 800, 600, Front.hDC, 0, 0, vbSrcPaint

BitBlt Back.hDC, 0, 0, 800, 600, spaceship.hDC, X, Y, vbSrcPaint


Public Declare Function BitBlt Lib "gdi32" (ByVal hDestDC As Long, ByVal X As Long, ByVal Y As Long, ByVal nWidth As Long, ByVal nHeight As Long, ByVal hSrcDC As Long, ByVal xSrc As Long, ByVal ySrc As Long, ByVal dwRop As Long) As Long

Help Me Make This Move Please
hello, i've been trying to make my picturebox's picture to move. i put a gif but its not moving. how can i make a picturebox to have a moving image?

How To Make Bitblt Move?
can some one show me a simple code on how to make a bitblt move? thx

How To Make Something Randomly Move?
Can someone tell me how to make something randomly move. Lets say it is a picture on a normal form. How would I make that randomly move around the screen on it's own.

If you could give me tips on how to make it bounce and stuff that would help.

so I wanna try to make it simple because I get all confused when there is alot going on I learn by learning one thing at a time... so all I have is a blank form and a picture called picture1.

How Do I Make The Mouse Move?
Ya ya... without using my hands.

I want to write a short program that will move the mouse an inch or so. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Make Images Move
I don't know why i don't know how to do this but, heres the situation.

I have an image, and i have command button. I want to click the command button and have the image move a little bit. I figured that you should use the Top or the Left thingy, but i dont know how to write it.

anyone wanna help me?

How Do I Make The Cursor Move ?
I was trying to make a so called "clicker" program in VB6
The idea of it is for the user to click on the color box ( striped one on the pic ) and then to click on some point on the screen. The program should remamber that color and position. After pressing "start" it should automatically start clicking over that point.
Moreover, if the color of that point changes to another specified ( in the second color box ), the cursor starts moveing right untill it is over the first color and, after clicking on it, the cursor moves back to its originaly set position.

But how can I tell VB to detect the cursor positions and the color under it?
Couldn't find it anywhere, is it possible in VB?


How To Make A Label Move
I've read on a few topics abt this in this forum and i have try the source code that have been suggested. Unfortunately it did not work on my project and i do not know why.
Private sub form_load()

ndName = txbFullName
lblUser.Caption = "You are now login as " & ndName

end sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
lblUser.Move lblUser.Left + 1
End Sub[code]

How To Make Some Words Move Up To Down Or Down To Up?
I wonder how to make some words or sentences move up to down or down toup in VB 6.0 ?

Any one have some hints?

Thank u

How Do You Make An Image Move?
I want to make a ball or something i draw to move across the form. How would I do this?

How Do I Make A Line Move
hey guys,
i'm pretty new to programming and am currently trying to learn vb7. I was trying to get a line to move every time the timer event fires, i also need to keep this line within the confines of a label and control its direection. i'll do the actual coding myself, i'd just like to know how the logic behind doing this works.


How Would I Make This Image Move
Iam creating an adventure game and I have a screen where once the player enters I want an image to move from the far left of the screen and stop in the middle of the screen can you please give me all the steps I need to know to do this please?

How To Make Taskbar Move Away And In?
hi out there,
is there some one to help on this topic?, i want taskbar to move away(disappear) whenever mouse move away from it, and reappear when cursor approach it.that is initially the taskbar is hidden but is shown when cursor approach it.
hope to hear from u.


How To Make A Character Move To Where You Click?
Ok, Im new at VB 6. what ive learned, ive learned from books and hearsay, but I haven't tested out alot of stuff. Ive recently gotten the information on how to find out the cursor position using the getcursorpos procedures and such. But my main issue is that I can;t get things to move where I click, and when I think I have it, they move in the opposite direction or off the screen. Any ideas on what to do?'

Dark Knight

Make Image Move Across Form
I have a program I am writing that counts down the days til the Daytona 500. I have an image of a racecar that I want to move from the right to the left and when it reaches the far left play a mp3 / wav file and have the picture move again. Does anyone know how to do this? I guess a loop would be the way to do it, but i'm not sure how to do it. I'm working with a regular picture box. Please let me know.

Make Image Move Across Form
unfortuanetly for me neither the code oon pic moving with the 2 picture boxes nor the image1.left= image1.left +1 work. can someone help me with the code or suggest another code.

i copyed the code and followed all the guidelines: 2 pic boxes one named picture1 the other picimage. but i may be confused about which one goes where(which pic goes inside the other one).


Using Xy Data To Make Object Move
hi i have xy data in notepad and i want to use it to make a point or object move/follow it . thanks

How Can You Make An Object Move Across A Form?
How could I make an object move across a form at a constant steady speed?

Make The Form Move WHILE You Drag It...
I want to know how a form can be moved on the MouseDown event, like you can move the form while dragging it, instead of 'finish' dragging it. Just like Winamp. Pls tell me


How Do You Make Pictures Move The Whole Form?
I want my main graphic at the top of my form able to move the whole form around the screen... does anybody know the code to do this? thanks in advace. -SeaG

How Do I Make A Shape Move Towards A Click?help!
ok i have an idea for a useless but interesting program. see, the problem is that i dont know how to accomplish what i want to do. here ill describe the program: there is one form. on the form is a shape. when you click and hold your mouse on the form, I want the shape to move/"walk" towards the click/hold spot, but not just transport i want it to visibly "roll" "walk" "slide" or whatever you want to call it towards it. I think it has to do with using a timer and some mathematical equations , but I dont know the exact way to do it. its probably a really easy solve...i dont know. thanks for any help!

Help: Make The Mouse Move Over All Over The Screen
i am having a simple problem i cant figure out how to make the mouse move over all over the screen. here's my code

Private Declare Function SetCursorPos Lib "User32" (ByVal X As Long, ByVal Y As Long) As Long

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()

Call SetCursorPos(Rnd * 600 - 100, Rnd * 340 - 200)

End Sub

please help, thanks in advanced

In Need To Use The Keyboard To Make A Picture Move
how do i make a picture of a car move using arrow keys?

Make Shapes Move On Command
I have 2 option buttons to start and stop a ball moving from the top left hand corner of a frame to the bottom right hand and it is on a timer. How do I make it move (in code) and loop back to the top left hand corner? Help ASAP will be appreciated!!

How Do You Make A Bitmap Move UP Or LEFT ...

I know the code to move a bitmap to the right, which is : (Example)
Image1.Left = Image1.Left + 20
But, how do you move the object in the opposite direction.

Also, to move an object upwards its
Image1.Top = Image1.Top + 10
But, how do you move the object downwards.

Any Info, I`m in the middle of making a game!!!


How To Make Stuff Move, Like A Turtle Image
Hey I am trying to make a visual basic game for my Computer Science 1 class. I need to know how to make an image of a turtle move when you use the arrow keys.

How To Make An Object Move Using Arrow Keys
How do i make an object move using then arrow keys (up, down, left, right). I figured out how to make things using command buttons but would like to use the arrow keys.
Any help would be appreciated

How To Make Image Move By Button Press
hello i am fairly new to vb i was woundering how i would make an image move when a keypress was done such as W-up A-left S-down D-right.


How To Make Caption In Label To Move Left && Right?
Hi ,
I need the captions in my label to move to the right and then appear from the left in the label, does any one know how?


How Do I Make Arrow Keys Move Images?
How would I make an image move so when I push the "up arrow" it would move it 10 twips? I thought it would be

If vbKeyRight = True Then
imgball.left -10
Elseif vbkeyleft Then
imgball.left +10
Elseif vbKeyUp then +10
Else vbkeydown then -10]
End if

but its not can someone help me?

How To Make Mouse Move Beyond Edge Of Screen Or
I have to make an application in VB 6.0 that can move the mouse beyond its X or Y edge of the Screen. If moving the mouse is not possible in this way then I would like to know how to keep recording its movement even if I reached the edge of the screen. I mean I know that probably the cursor will still stay on the edge but I am sure that there is someway of recording the mouse movement Beyond that point. Can Anyone help me?
Thank You.

Is There A Way To Make VB Read From Access And Determine Its Next Move ?
ie. i create a database and i got a table named "Food".
Suppose i got a field in the "Food" table call "Price".
It is possible to call the VB to get the value of "Price" through Access ?

Make A Shape Move At Angle Of Line

I've been working on this program frantically for a while and can't come up with any solutions towards making a shape of a ball called shape1 move at the angle of a line, called line1. I tried the code below to almost success. Does anyone know how? I know the angle of the line, but don't know how to do this.

VB Code:
shell.Move shell.left + velocity, - angle

How To Make The Mouse Pointer Move By Code?
do anyone of you know hot to make the mouse pointer move through code? pls help.

How To Make Mouse Move Where I Want It To I Need It Explained In Detail Im New
i need to know in detail how to make the mouse move around the screen by clicking a butoon on a program

How To Make The Mouse Cursor Move Slower
Hey ,

i have a game (Warcraft 2 ) that the mouse scroller is too fast

i was thining , maybe its possible to write a small program to make the mouse pointer move slower

i know that the mouse is related to int 33$ , but i cant remember how to set it up

and another question is , what if the game , while running will set a new speed for the game , can i do a interrupt based program TSR that can change this setting anytime ?


anyone with an idea - please reply

How Do I Make Images Move In A Computer Game
How would I make images move in a computer game using visual basics.

How Do I Make Pictures Move Randomly Across The Screen?

I am new to VB. I have been experimenting with it and would like to learn even more. I have been trying to figure out how to get pictures to move randomly across the screen. Can any one help? I would like to do 2 or more pictures but one would be enough to start.

Thanks in advance.

How Do You Make The Mouse Pointer Move Every Minute?
i have alladvantage on my computer and the thing becomes inactive if the mouse hasn't moved in like 2 minutes so i want to make a program that moves the mouse for you. how do i do that?


How To Make A Animated Icon Move At Real Time
Hi, i am doing a calibration screen where i require the user to look at different coordinates of the scrren at differen time, i am thinkin of using a animated icon, for example a bird, to indicate to the user where to look, for that, is it possible to move the animated bird from 1 position to another as if it is flying instead of juz pointing immediately at another spot, thanks

How Do U Make Keyboard Arrow Keys Move A Picture Box?
well i pretty much said it in the title.

i was wondering how would you make a picture box or an object repond
to the arrow keys.

for example i have a picture and i want to move right when i press the
right arrow on my keyboard. what is code for that?

if anyones knows the code please answer.

thank you very much.

How To Make The Border Of All Objects Black When You Select It With A Mouse To Move I
Visual Basic 5.0

How to make the border of all objects black when you select it with a mouse to move it or when you draw it ?

I am on a form. When I draw a text box, or any other objects on the form, while holding the mouse down, the border lines of these objects are all transparent and therefore I cannot line these objects up properly.

The Background color on my form is the default light grey (&H8000000F&).

The Fillcolor on my form is the default &H00000000&

The Default Forecolor on my form is &H80000012&

The Background Style is transparent. I did change this to opaque, but it does not help.

1) How do I make the border line of all objects to show up as black when I draw any object or select it to move it ?

How Do I Make An Image Move According To The User Arrow Keys On A Keyboard?
I'm desperatly trying to make a game in Visual Basic but have hit a problem. I have an image, an army tank. I want the tank to move when the user presses his/her left/right/up/down buttons on their keyboard adn the image moves according to the keyboard direction. HOw would I do this in vb 6?

need an urgent reply!!!!

Help With VBS Script To Make Folder And Move File Into Folder
Can someone help me make a script so that I can right click on a file (selecting create and move from the menu) and it would make a folder with that name (preferably without the extension) and move the file into the folder. Here is what I have so far (just creates the folder):

Dim NewDir

Function CreateFolder(NewDir)
dim objFSO
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
objFSO.CreateFolder (NewDir)
set objFSO=nothing
End Function

CreateFolder("c: emp est")

How exactly could I do this so I can make an entry in the right-click menu and get it to get the parameters correct?

###MoVe Items In A ListBOX! Simple Help! Like I Want To Move An Item One Down ###
Hi every1,

ANy1 knws any quick way by which i can move items in a listbox?
Like i have a list box and when i click a button i want the time to be move down by one item in the list or move up by one item...

cud any1 suggest a good method?


How Would You Make 1 2D Object (A) Move To Another 2D Object (B) Thorough X, Y?
I know I new but please help!

Ive been looking all over for a programmer that could answer
this question but have had no luck so far. I want to make a game
where one 2D object (A) on the screen will move to another
2D object (B) on the screen at a moderate speed from wherever 2D object
(B) may be.

Also I was looking for someone that could answer the question
about animation while object (A) is moving to object (B).

Form Caption Title Move && Move??
does everybody who can provide source code let me know how to make form caption title move & move??

add a timer control to count it moving.

caption title from left side move to right side, then form right side move to left side. repeat and repeat.


here is small example which is title run & run, but I need it move & move.:

Public tit1 As String

Private Sub Form_Load()
tit1 = "This title can run and run!.......... "
Form1.Caption = title1
Timer1.Interval = 200
End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
L = Len(tit1)
tit1 = Mid(tit1, 2, L - 1) + Left(tit1, 1)
Form1.Caption = tit1
End Sub

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