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How To Save Listbox Items To A Text File?

Hi all i got a listbox populted with list of urls . I want to create a button that on click it writes all the items to a text file one line at at time. I be happy if some one show me how that can don.Thanks

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Save 15 Items In A Text File.
I used this:

VB Code:
Dim i As IntegerClose #1Open (App.Path & "Allseen.txt") For Binary As #1For i = 1 To 15If Form1.ChannelList.ListItems.Count - 1 > i Then Exit ForPut #1, EOF(1), Form1.ChannelList.ListItems.Item(i).Texticount = icount + 1Next iClose #1

When I use this, I get this error: Run-Time error "63". Bad record number.

How can I fix this?

When Saving In A Text File, How Do You Save Several Items?
I want to have the text file save several things...

I am using the code:

Open ("c:abc.txt") For Output As #1
Print #1, (Chr$(KeyAscii) & " ")
Close #1

how can I have it save the keys that are hit, without just writing overtop whatever else is there?

hopefully it is simple code, but if it isn't then I wont care.

I likely learned it earlier, but have forgotten it... heh.

Help Comparing Items In Listbox And Text File
I have a web control that has a listbox that numbers can be loaded into using the FSO. When the user loads the numbers, the program goes to here:

Dim iFileNo As Integer
iFileNo = FreeFile
'open the file for reading
Open App.Path & "Test.txt" For Input As #iFileNo
'change this filename to an existing file! (or run the example below first)

'read the file until we reach the end
Do While Not EOF(iFileNo)
Input #iFileNo, sFileText
'MsgBox sFileText
'show the text (you will probably want to replace this line as appropriate to your program!)


'close the file (if you dont do this, you wont be able to open it again!)
Close #iFileNo

If the list of numbers is:

The final number loaded into sFileText is 3.

The problem is, when the user hits go, the program goes here:

If sFileText = List1.Text Then
MsgBox ("number already listed!")
WebBrowser1.Navigate "" & List1.List(List1.ListIndex)
End If

but, if I have my cursor over sFileText it says 3, but I need to compare every number listed in the text file against the listbox. Any ideas?

Expot Items From Listbox To A Text File
how to export the items from a listbox and store it in a text file with *.imp as the extension C drive?

Help Comparing Items In Listbox And Text File
I have a web control that has a listbox that numbers can be loaded into using the FSO. When the user loads the numbers, the program goes to here:

VB Code:
Dim iFileNo As Integer  iFileNo = FreeFile      'open the file for reading  Open App.Path & "Test.txt" For Input As #iFileNo'change this filename to an existing file!  (or run the example below first)       'read the file until we reach the end  Do While Not EOF(iFileNo)    Input #iFileNo, sFileText    'MsgBox sFileText      'show the text (you will probably want to replace this line as appropriate to your program!)      Loop       'close the file (if you dont do this, you wont be able to open it again!)  Close #iFileNo

If the list of numbers is:

The final number loaded into sFileText is 3.

The problem is, when the user hits go, the program goes here:

VB Code:
If sFileText = List1.Text Then   MsgBox ("number already listed!")   Else    WebBrowser1.Navigate "" & List1.List(List1.ListIndex)   End If

but, if I have my cursor over sFileText it says 3, but I need to compare every number listed in the text file against the listbox. Any ideas?

Loading Items In Listbox From Text File
Hi all,

I want to save contents of listbox in a text file when application is closing and reload them in listbox when application is loading. Below is the code, loading is fine but writing contents to text file fails. Can anyone fix this code ?? One more thing is that I want to delete all the text of the text file before writing. So please fix this writing code for saving as well as deleting all the text from the text file before writing.


VB Code:
'  GeneralDim str As StringDim fsys As New FileSystemObject

For loading items from text file.

VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Load()'  If file not exist, create it   If fsys.FileExists("c:mywebsites.txt") = False Then   Dim testfile As String   Dim outstream As TextStream   testfile = "c:mywebsites.txt"   Set outstream = fsys.CreateTextFile(testfile, True, False)   outstream.WriteLine ("")   Set outstream = Nothing Else'  If file exists'  Loading contents of text file    List1.Clear    Open "c:mywebsites.txt" For Input As #1        Do Until EOF(1)           Line Input #1, str           List1.AddItem str        Loop    Close #1End IfEnd Sub

For saving items
(Not working)

VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)'  Writing contents of listbox in text file    Dim x As Integer    Open "c:mywebsites.txt" For Output As #2        For x = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1            Print #2, List1.List(x)        Next x    Close #2End Sub

Select Items From Text File In Listbox
I have a checked listbox that loads the list items from file Names.txt. When the user checks the names they want it saves the checked Items in Display.txt. What I would like it to do is after it displays all the names in the names.txt file have it check the display.txt file and check any names that are in that file already.

Thanks In Advance

Saving Listbox Items To A Text File....
Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim filenum As Integer
Dim MyString As String

MyString = lstData.Text ' set Variable to Text of TextBox
filenum = FreeFile ' let VB find a FreeFile # for you.

Open App.Path & " extsIMS.Txt" For Append As #filenum ' Open as Append to add data to end of file
   Print #filenum, MyString ' write the data to file
Close #filenum ' close the file
End Sub

What I need it to do is, save any text that is in the listbox, to the text file...I'm at a stump,
because every time i use anything other than lstData.text, it won't work..

Any help is greatly appreciated..

"Edit: The way it is now, I have to click on the "text" then save, and it only saves just that line. What
I'm looking for, is for it to save any data in the listbox, by clicking the command button."

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Saving Listbox Items To Text File
Hi all,
I am planning to have a listbox on a form which has two columns Column1 and Column2. Both these columns have some terms listed out which i want to be stored into a text file at the click of a button. The name of the text file can be specified by the user by means of a User Input message box.

However, i wish that the terms whould be saved in the format as given below:

Column1Term1<TAB KEY>Column2Term1
Column1Term2<TAB KEY>Column2Term2
Column1Term3<TAB KEY>Column2Term3
Column1Term4<TAB KEY>Column2Term4
-- and so on

Can someone please help me do this.

Saving Selected Items From A Listbox To A Text File
Hi folks,

I can use the following code to save the entire contents of a listbox to a text file, but I can't work out how to just save the selected items (I have multiselect set to 2).

Any ideas?


Dim file As String
file = "temp.dat"

On Error Resume Next
Open file For Output As #1
For i = 0 To lstWorkstations.ListCount - 1
a$ = lstWorkstations.List(i)
Print #1, a$
Close #1

Save Listbox To Text File ????
plz help me !!! I want to save my result in a listbox to a text file ( *.txt or *.rtf , any name with common dialog) How can I do that ????

VB Code:
Private Sub cmdSave_Click()        Dim sFile As String    Dim FileNumber    FileNumber = FreeFile        With CD1        .DialogTitle = "Save As"        .CancelError = False        'ToDo: set the flags and attributes of the common dialog control        .Filter = "Rich textbox (*.rtf)|*.rtf"        .ShowSave        If Len(.FileName) = 0 Then            Exit Sub        End If        sFile = .FileName        End With    Open sFile For Output As FileNumber    Dim i As Integer    rtfText.Text = ""    For i = 0 To ListBox1.ListCount - 1        rtfText.Text = "Hop dong sinh ky " & vbNewLine & _        ListBox1.List(i) & vbNewLine & _        "Hop dong tu ky " & vbNewLine & _        ListBox2.List(i) '        rtfText.Text = ""'        rtfText.Text = "Hop dong sinh ky " & vbNewLine            Next    Close FileNumber    Me.rtfText.SaveFile sFileEnd Sub

Save A Listbox As A Text File
I thought I asked this question before, but I searched the whole forum and couldn't find the post. I'll ask again and hope that someone can help me.

How can I save a listbox as a textfile? I am saving a playlist for an MP3 player and I need to save each item in the list on it's own line in the textbox. I'm already able to load files into the textbox, I just want to save it.


How To Save Listbox Content To A Text File
I need to write the data in a list box to a text file by creating the text file.

whenever the list box receives a data it should save the data to the text file.

Next time when the data comes to the list box it should get appended with the existing text present in the file.

how can i do that in VB?

I am new to VB...
Expecting reply

thanks in advance

Save ListBox Data To Text File
hi all

By the way, I want about something to ask, ok?

how I should the data from ListBox (multiline) save to / or read from a text file?

here on this forum I found many of examples and i'm a bit confused.

thx in advance

How Do I Make A Listbox Save To A Text File?
Another question...

how can i make the information that a person entered in my program save so that next time they open it their info will still be there?

Yet Another ListBox Save/Open As Text File Question
Hi. I know some of you are going to say 'this has been answered a zillion times the forum.'
But I have, and hours later, I still can't solve it 'cos the code some of you guys is too complicated for a beginner such as myself.
OK, so I want to save the contents of a listbox as
c: emp foldercontacts.txt And I want to open it.
How? I keep seeing code like "Select Case pstrSaveOrLoad" etc but I don't need this, there must be a simpler way, such as this when saving a textbox as a text file:

dim line as string
open "c: emp est.txt" for input as #1
line input #1, line
text1.text = text1.text & line & vbCrLf
While Not EOF(1)
line input #1, line
text1.text = text1.text & line & vbCrLf
Close #1

Oh and I want to do it by specifying the destination to save it via a textbox, e.g. I type the place I want it to save to in a textbox, then press the save command button.

Save ListBox Text To File Got Code But Not Working :(
Hello again.

Here is my code:

VB Code:
For i = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1            List1.Selected(i) = True            Next            Open Text1.Text & "File" & ".log" For Append As #2            Print #2, "-----------------------------"            Print #2, "Files:"            Print #2, "-----------------------------"            Print #2,  [b]i[/b]            Print #2, "-----------------------------" & vbCrLf        Close #2

How can i put all of the Text from my ListBox into that file?

Save ListBox Items
Hi VBies,I'm a Newbie.
How to save and update ListBox items (texts)?

Save Items In A Listbox
how do you save items in a list box as one file?

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for the address

Is It Possible To Save/load Items From/to A Listbox.
What I want to do is be able to take a bunch of items from a list box and save it as a .txt file. So say I have,
"Item 1"
"Item 2"
"Item 3"
I want to hit a "save" button and have the list be saved to a .txt file.

I also would like to be able to load a bunch of items from a .txt into my list box. So say, my list is clear and If i click a "load" button that will load a bunch of info from a .txt file.

Is this possible to do in Visual Basic 6? I know that this is possible with a text box but I would like to do this using a list box.

How To Save Items From A Listbox To Msexcel
how to save items from various listboxes into excel or if any alternate method of saving please suggest

Save Listbox Items Using INSERT
Hi, I am trying to save a form's contents to a database using the Insert command. I can successfully save the name but when it comes time for the listbox I only get the first entry in the list saved.

Here is my code:
Code:MyDB.Execute "insert into tblafch values ('" & cboName.Text & "','" & lstSkills.List(I) & "')"

I know I need to use Code:For I = 0 to lstskills.listcount -1 but I have no idea where, I have included it in the INSERT command but instead of getting my listbox contents saved as one record I get a different entry in my database for each listbox item.

I want to see something like (in the database):

Instead I get:

I hope I explained my problem sufficiently. Please Help!!

Saving Items (selected Items) In List Box To A Text File
I need help in coding the following:

1. Saving (or exporting) the items displayed in List Box to a text file.

2. I have a long list of data to be displayed. When I use this List box all of my data does not fit into the width. I was wondering if there is similar other way where I can do horizontal as well as vertical scrolling. I tried text box and its of no help i guess.

Adding Items To Listbox From A Text Box.
I want to add a list of items from a text box to a listbox. The only problem is that I want to do the whole text box at once. When I do this, it adds all the items into the first line of the list box with the CrLf character inbetween each word. I think I could add each line in the text box into an array, and then add each item from the array into the list. I am having a hard time figuring out how to do this. Any help would be great.

Text1.Text = Listbox's Items
This is fairly simple, but I am having problems. I want text1.text to contain each item of a listbox (list1).

So text1.text should be: Oranges Apples Bananas

I think I need to use the loop function.. but I never learnt how to do use that.

Tool Tip Text For ListBox Items?
How can I show tooltip text for each item of a ListBox ?
Say...for item 1 -> tooltip text ="1", item 2 -> tooltip text ="2"


Seperate Text Box Lines Into Listbox Items
i've got a text box which recieves a list of file names from an ftp server, and seperates them with a line.


i now want each line to become and item in a listbox.

eg. each line from the text box, becomes an item in the listbox.

any ideas anyone?


Remove Items With A Special Text, Listbox
Lets say listbox goes like this

joe4 goes
joe goes
joe4 jumps
joe4 hops

How do I delete all of the lines that say joe4? And they are random everytime.

Displaying Listbox Items In Text1.text
How can I make it so a user selects a directory, and then all images in that directory that are .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, and .bmp are then added to a list box.

In the listbox I want the full directory paths of the files, not just the name of them.

Thanks for any help anyone can give

Save ListView Items To File *EASY BUT SOMETHING WRONG...*
Dim File As Long
Dim I As Long
'Save History to file
File = FreeFile
Open App.Path & "Recent.VIP" For Output As File
For I = 1 To frmIPList.lvHistory.ListItems.Count
Print File, frmIPList.lvHistory.ListItems.Item(I) & "|" & frmIPList.lvHistory.ListItems(I).SubItems(1)
Next I
Close File

That's my code for saving all listview items to a file. The listview is in Report mode and has two columns. Unfortunately, the file is always empty. I dunno why..could someone please post the code that will save the items to a file??

Anyone Wanna Tell Me How To Load/save Items From A Listview To A File? Plzzzzzzzzzzzz
Anyone wanna tell me how to load/save items from a listview to a file? plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Add Listbox Items To Batch File?
I'm not sure if this is too vague or not, but it's an easy concept I think. I was experimenting with the Idea, got stuck in a loop and had to close the process and lost all my code so I thought I'd ask you guys for the right way to do this.

Let's say I have a list box with these items:

itemx (the number of items will vary depending on user input)

now I need to make a batch file to do the file operations so for example I would need the batch file to say:

XCOPY "directoryhereitem1" "OtherDirectory"
XCOPY "directoryhereitem2" "OtherDirectory"
XCOPY "directoryhereitem3" "OtherDirectory"
XCOPY "directoryhereitemx" "OtherDirectory"

now as far as getting all of the quotes in place etc, I've got that, but it's just adding each list item until it reaches the end of list... I'm not sure how one would do this. Thanks for your help, I'd be willing to bet it isn't that hard.

Get File Size Of Items In Listbox?
I have a list box with link to all sorts of files, how can I loop through the list box adding up the size of the files and then display it??

many thanks!!

Saving ListBox Items To A File
I'm making a program that contains a listbox where you can enter a combination of 3 letters and 3 numbers into one line. Since that's not the point lets keep going. I've tried many ways to make it save the ListBox data to a file. Not only that but it also has to load the data when the program starts up. How do I do that? Just for info, the user can only enter a maximum of 50 combinations, but he could enter less if he wishes to!

How To Transfer Listbox Items To An Excel File
well i want to transfer listbox items to an excel file anybody know how to do that????????

How To Extract The Items In A File When Clicked On An Item In Listbox????
Hai guys,
I have a problem with me program. In this, I have a form which contains a list box and various text boxes. I am fine with populating the list box with the dates of each record in my file.

now all I need is that when I click on any of the displayed dates, it should open the file and check for that record with the particular date. If a match is found then read the whole contents of the record into the various text boxes.

In me file I have 3 dates which are same. but the corresponding data for each date is different. when I click on the say 1st date,"20/02/06" it will show the data in this date. but when I click on the next date "20/02/06", the program shows the fields corresponding to the first one clicked. This is not I want.

Is there any way around this???


Removing Items Deleted In A Listbox From A Data File
I am creating a program that allows people to choose music for an alarm clock program. It utilizes a list box to save the selected music so that it can be chosen later, preventing continuous searching of favorite music files. I have the listbox set up so that when a person selects a music file with a common dialog, it adds a list item, and then a line on a text file that saves the path of the music file:

Private Sub Add_Click()
With CommonDialog1
.DialogTitle = "Open"
.CancelError = False
.Filter = "Media Files (*.mp3;*.wma;*.wav;*.cda)|*.wav;*.mid;*.midi;*.mp3;*.wma;|All files (*.*)|*.*"
If Len(.FileName) = 0 Then
Exit Sub
End If
End With
List1.AddItem CommonDialog1.FileName
Open "C:Program FilesAlarm Clock - Minidatamusiclist.dat" For Append As #1
Print #1, CommonDialog1.FileName
Close #1
End Sub
I now want to be able to delete a specific line of text from the musiclist.dat when someone deletes a song from the listbox with a button. Since the musiclist.dat file is called on form_load, the music the user deletes simply returns the next time the form is opened.

How should I go about doing this? Thanks for any ideas

Use Selected Item In Listbox To Print Items In File
I have been going around with this one for a while!
I am trying to code my program so that I can select one of three items in a listbox and then open and read a data file containing 10 records consisting of the items in the listbox. I want to use the print method to print all of the items in the file that match the one selected in the listbox. I also want a total count of the number of records produced. Here is the code I wrote so far

Private Sub mnuFilePrintItem_Click()
Dim strS As String, intS As Integer
Open "C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual StudioVB98AssignmentsWork Fileslc6.dat" For Input As #1
Printer.Print Tab(10); "Computer Warehouse Inventory"
Do Until EOF(1)
Line Input #1, strS
For intS = 0 To lstItem.ListCount - 1
If lstItem.Selected(intS) = True Then
Printer.Print Tab(10); strS
End If
intS = intS + 1
Close #1
Printer.Print Tab(10); "Total Number Records: "; intS
Printer.Print Tab(10); "End of Report"
End Sub

At one point I did have the program returing the correct count of items but was never able to get it to print out the selected item the correct number of times.
Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!


Save File From ListBox
I want to save the contents of a listbox to a txt file. I've got my menu set up, but how do I go about writing the code.

Thanks for your help

How Can You Open A Text File, Randomize Order, Save Text File Again?
Lets say you have 3000 items in a txt file

how can you open the file, randomize the order of the 3000 items and save it again?

Is There Any Wany To Save ASCII Text File Into UNICODE Text File Thru VB6?
Hi there,

I have a text file in ASCII and I want to save this text file as UNICODE text file thru VB6. Is this possible from VB6, if so, please help me how to do this?

thanks in advance.

How To Save Listbox Data To A Ini OR Txt File
I don't think a database will work for my program. I'm making a program that has a list of books and keeps track of who and when they were checked out/in. I need code that will save any changes made to any of the several listboxs when the the helpers close the program automatically. Then when the program is started I need to know how to make it load the txt or ini file automatically. So if any one knows any posts WITH code for how to save to a txt or ini file please give the link. I did not find any when I looked breifly. I will be looking right now for a few minutes so if you can get to this question asap. If not I will check for an answer tomorrow.

Save Textbox And Listbox In One File (VB3)
In my programm there's listlox (List1), which I can save in
a Text-File. Now I want to add a textbox, in which the user
can write his name or something else. Now I want, that
this textbox is the first line of the textfile and the following lines are from the listbox.

1. How is the code for saving it ?
2. How must I write the code, that the first line gets
into a textbox and the rest into the listbox when I open the
file ?

For this programm I use VB 3.0 (but normally this isn't a problem)

Thanks for some advice, Matt

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Exporting Excel File Items To A Text File
Hello Friends,

I have a Excel file and i need to write a macro to export 1st column fields to a text file in which all the field elements are seperated by coma..could u pl suggest me how to do that, sample code will be helpful


Parsing Specific Text Pattern From A Text File And Save It On Excel Format
I just registered as a new member for this forum....i'm only starting to learn VB and hope i can get more information and tips from you guys. Anyone here can help me how to parse specific text pattern and save it on an Excel file?....


My text file would look like this:

Device_name : W8510HA7-BAN-C
Lot No. :14023562.1-Q45218.1
TestProgram :W8510A7_REV06_100C

 FAIL 12 25 12 10.00% Leakage Fail
 FAIL 13 26 42 42.02% bandgap Test Fail
 FAIL 14 27 100 70.11% scan_core Fail

I want to parse the value for the Device_name, Lot No., TestProgram and all others
like QTY and TEST ITEM into an predefined excel format( ex.A1evice_Name, A2:Lot No., ......etc).

I hope you can help....thanks!



Count Items In A Text File
Hi All,

I have a text file of product numbers, only one on each line with no other delimiters:


What I would like to do is count them, so that I end up with an array saying something like:


Can someone help me with how to do this? Thanks in advance.


How To Only Grab First Two Items From Text File?
I have a text files that has 10 items per row. Each item is separated by commas like below.


I only want to grab the first 2 items from the first row. Then go to the next row and grab the first 2 items, and so on. What is the best way to do this? I am hoping that there is a native way to jump to the next row as opposed to "skipping" each of the next 8 items through a loop or something. This is to prevent a situation in which a particular row has more than 10 items.


Counting The Items In A Text File
Here is another novice post from me"8=>))..
There are 15 labels to show "the randomly selected numbers" between "0,1 and 2"
I need to know how many "0s,1s and 2s" there are in my text file where I appended
the results of each event...
I mean ,I want my "newLabel" to write "There are five..1,four..0,and six..2 " in the file
the sum of which should equal=15
I think this should be something like counting each character in an array..but.."


VB Code:
Dim a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, k, l, m, n, o, p As LongPrivate Sub Command1_Click()Randomizea = Int(Rnd * 3)Label1.Caption = ab = Int(Rnd * 3)Label2.Caption = bc = Int(Rnd * 3)Label3.Caption = cd = Int(Rnd * 3)Label4.Caption = d e = Int(Rnd * 3)Label5.Caption = ef = Int(Rnd * 3)Label6.Caption = fg = Int(Rnd * 3)Label7.Caption = gh = Int(Rnd * 3)Label8.Caption = hi = Int(Rnd * 3)Label9.Caption = i k = Int(Rnd * 3)Label10.Caption = kl = Int(Rnd * 3)Label11.Caption = li = Int(Rnd * 3)Label12.Caption = im = Int(Rnd * 3)Label13.Caption = mn = Int(Rnd * 3)Label14.Caption = n o = Int(Rnd * 3)Label15.Caption = oDim yaz As IntegerDim ff As StringDim say As Longyaz = FreeFileOpen "C: oto.txt" For Append As #yaz Write #yaz, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, k, l, m, n, oClose #yazEnd SubPrivate Sub Command2_Click()    Dim buffer As String, hFile As Long    hFile = FreeFile()    Open "c: oto.txt" For Binary Access Read Lock Write As #hFile    buffer = Space(LOF(hFile))    Get #hFile, , buffer    Close #hFile    Text1.Text = buffernewLabel.caption=""End Sub

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