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How To Simultaneously Two Computer Share Using One Access Database

Dear Expert,

How to simultaneously to sharing the access database data with same program at the same time with different computer!!

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How To Share Access Database Over LAN
i have a problem of sharing access database over LAN.

Vb Project With Access Database Share In LAN.......
hey, everyone....

can i know how to share my vb project with my access database share in LAN, so that one than 1 user can use it at the same time......

since i have a few forms in my project and every form has it own connection, connect to the access database...
everytime i load a form, it will run connection statement in Form_load()...
this is the way i run my project...
but if my proj have to be run in LAN... how to do it.....???
so.. pls tell me how to do.. OK???

How To Share Access 2000 Database(Resolved)
hello to all
i am building an application in which i have a database I have a Database in MS-Access 2000. I want to run this package in 3 systems one of which have the database and rest of the 2 only access them.
for this I made 2 setup in one for server and other for clients. in the server package the connection string is simple as
Code:conn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Persist Security Info=False; Data Source=" & App.Path & "crewman.mdb"
In the client package I build a connectit.ini file in which I have write the connection string.
when I run the client package first i change the path of the datasource in connectit.ini file and after that i run the package.
but Each time it shows invalid filename error - run time error.
plz help me.
thanks in advance.


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How To Get Network Computer List And Its Share Name
dear sir,

i want to get list of computers attached my computer to a list box. when a network computer is selected it should display all the shared names in another list. can any body help me on this. thanks in advance.

How Can I Share Some Online Graphic To Others Computer?
Like you found in Net Meeting that it can be share the paint (White Board) with online.

I want to make my program can be share my screen ( it's mean try to capture present screen for share online to other) or some picture file that it will be opened in my program.

How can I do it with VB?

PS. I try to develop some program like Net Meeting for use in My Team (my network).

Create Folder Share On Remote Computer
I have an application where I am providing the user the ability to
select or create a folder on a domain, using SHBrowseForFolder. When
the user selects/creates a folder on a remote computer, it returns the
UNC path of that folder.

Using ADSI IADsFileShare, I would like to create that share, but the
..Path property seems to reject the UNC. Is there a way of converting
that UNC to the logical drive path or some other way of setting the
path in order to Set the Share?

Much Thanks.

How To Access The Database From Another Computer..

i should've been posting this one in the newbie category.. but still, this has something to do with databases so im placing it here. anyway.. just wanna ask.. how can i access the foxpro database, the backend of my vb program, from another computer in a network, or from the server to be exact? should i be specifying the path? what would then the SourceDB path be? or is it treated differently when the database is from another computer? i havent tried my program in a network though that's why im a little confused about it. tnx.

i hav here the sample code btw in connecting to the dtabase which i dont know the SourceDB path..

    Set cn = New ADODB.Connection
    cn.CursorLocation = adUseClient
    cn.Open "Driver={Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver};" & _
           "SourceType=DBC;" & _
           "SourceDB= ... dbase.dbc;" & _

    SQL = "SELECT * FROM table1"
    Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
    rs.Open SQL, cn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic, adCmdText

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How To Use DE To Access Database On Other Computer
Dear all,
I make a client software that should access a database on a server (MS Access 2000),what should I do?how should I configure the DE of client software?
and how to make the client user possible to route/to point which the database is (should i make a new form)?
honestly im just newbies,

Access Database On Other Computer
Hi all,can any body helpme to understand this :
let say I make 2 aplication program: apl1 and apl2.(those are quite similar program)
apl1 is running on computer A, Apl2 running on computer B (A and B in the same LAN)
Apl1 access a database X on computer A using data environment.
my question is :
how to make Apl2 on computer B access database X on computer A?
is there any vb control I can use?
i really dont know how to do that

Access Database Only Works On 1 Computer.
I followed the instructions at;en-us;278379 to stop the mouse from scrolling records.. But now the database only works on the computer that i compiled the dll on. Every other computer it gets errors. Any suggestions? I did get it to work on another computer, but i had to install visual studio, and compile the dll on that computer.

Point Me To The Correct Direction On This? (Share Diferent Computer Processors)
Processors Clustering
Does anyone knows how would i biuld something to Share diferent computer processors over a lan and over inet?

All i would like to, was that a 3D based program uses more then one computer to make all calcs, i'm talking about a real huge calc processing to share the processors over the network will help a lot but i realy would like to share over inet if possible. I could link 3 univs on this project.

It's not a money earning project or a conquest. Me and 20 more colegues of mine are working on this but we need more calc speed when building the final work.

With 780 computers we plan to take a render time of 189 - 250 days

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Allowed languages: vb(lol), c, c++, any .net language and java.

Connect To MS Access Database On Remote Computer

I'm trying to connect MS Access database which is on the Remote Computer.

I've written this code. While opening connection ("No Error") but if I try to select or insert records ("Run-time error '4100' Business object cannot be created.)

Plz suggest :-

VB Code:
Dim MyConn As ADODB.Connection    Set MyConn = New ADODB.Connection     MyConn.Open "Provider=MS Remote;" & _                "Remote Server=server;" & _                "Remote Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _                "Data Source=" & App.Path & "StatusReport.mdb;" & _                "Persist Security Info=False"        MyConn.CursorLocation = adUseClient     MsgBox "Connectin OK"    SQL = "Insert Into Testing(abc) Values('Manoj')"    MyConn.Execute SQL                                        'ERROR HERE    MsgBox "Insertion OK"


"File Name=MyFileName;"

VB Code:
MyConn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _                "File Name=MyFile;" & _                "Remote Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _                "Remote Server=\server;" & _                "Data Source=& App.Path & " StatusReport.mdb;" & _                "Persist Security Info=False"

I don't know how to get it done. Plz suggest a solution.

Thanks & Regards

RTF And Access Database: Works On One Computer, Doesn't On Another!
Briefly: a functioning app, when deployed to other computers, works fine EXCEPT that the rtf control doesn't retrieve any data from the underlying database.

My VB6 program saves the contents of an RTF box into a memo field, in an Access database using ado.

A week ago, I packaged the app and installed it on another computer. The application runs fine, it prompts me for my userid and password (these are both text boxes, NOT rtf), it launches okay, the form and all its contents are good except the rtf box: it is empty.

So everything seems to work fine except the rtf control, which is not retrieving data from access. So I am guessing there is some file which I must install on this second computer, so it can use the rtf control? Something the Packaging Wizard missed maybe?

This second computer runs several other non-RTF apps which I have designed; it does NOT have VB6 installed on it; it's oeprating systems is windows 2000.

Thanks for your help!

Accessing 2 Database Simultaneously

I am trying to make a plugin to a standard software. The problem is that I have to access the data of the standard software as well as the data that I am entering in my customised routine to generate a combined report

any suggestion how to write a query in which I can access values from the tables of two different database.

The backend is visual foxpro and I am using adodc to connect to database

Access 2000 HELP?? Database On Server Form Problem From Remote Computer
I setup a database located on the server that has a form built into it. On the form is the control Microsoft Date Time picker. When I try and run the access from from another remote computer it brings up the error saying it cant find that control, but I can use it on the machine I put together the form. How do I get it working on remote machines.

Thanks Nick

VB-Access Simultaneously Update
Hi Everybody

I have developed an Application in VB6 with MS Access as backend. I am using ADO2.8.

I have a scenario where i check for a value in database. If it is FALSE then i change it to TRUE and allow the user to proceed. After the process is completed i change the value back to FALSE. User can't proceed if the value is TRUE.

But if two users starts the process same time my application is allowing both the users to do the process Simultaneously. I want to restrict the users so that tow users can't do that operation at the sametime.


Deepak Jain
Software Developer

How To View More Than 1 Report Simultaneously Connecting To MSaccess Database Using VB 6.0

How to view more than 1 report connecting to MSaccess database.

We have a requirement to connect each report to each table in MSaccess database.

There are (3) reports connecting to MSACCESS tables using VB 6.0.
We need to display (3) reports simultaneously.

For my understanding, shall I am using (3) forms containg 3 report viewer controls to view reports

Is there any better way of doing it.

Dim CrDatabase As CRAXDRT.Database
Set CrDatabase = Report.Database

Set Report = crystal.OpenReport("c: est.rpt1", 1)
rs.Open strSqlQuery1, conn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly
CrDatabase.SetDataSource rs, 3, 1
form1.CrystalActiveXReportViewer1.ReportSource = Report
Sleep 1000

 Set rs = Nothing
 Set crystal = Nothing
 Set Report = Nothing

' for 2 nd Report

Set Report = crystal.OpenReport("c: est.rpt1", 1)
rs.Open strSqlQuery2, conn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly
CrDatabase.SetDataSource rs, 3, 1
form2.CrystalActiveXReportViewer2.ReportSource = Report
Sleep 1000

 Set rs = Nothing
 Set crystal = Nothing
 Set Report = Nothing
Thanks in advance

Writing To Access And Allowing Access To Share Its Information With MySQL
Hello everyone!

I am trying to think of the best way to do this, I'm going to create a vb application which can write to an access database and can also view the files of the access database. Now i'm also wanting all that data which is going into the access database to be able to be accessed via the web. I don't want to use ASP, I want to use PHP and mySQL. Now would I use ADO or DOA or what? i'm new to databases! So does this seem right? I want somehow to make access "share" or send all of its information to a mySQL database so php can access the data! Any suggestions or comments?

Thanks for listening!

Is It Possible To Share A Database?
I've got to the point in my chat program where i'm having issues with sharing the database.

The chat program checks a database which is stored on a shared folder on my home network at regular intervals using a timer.
But when i try to run two instances of this program the second instance says it is already opened exclusively by another user.

Does anyone know how to alter the permissions of this database to make it publically viewable?


How Can I Share My Database (.mdb) ? Please Help Me !
I have problem could anybody help me ?

The questiion is :

I have .mdb database also I have program that linked to my database.
The program (writen with VB) installed over the windows NT for
each computer separately. but the .mdb file is just in shared directory and all computer can access to it.
I want 5 or 6 people in our office can be able to access it
How can write code for open database in case of Muli-user ?

I really appreciate inadvance.


How To Share A DAO Database
Hi Friends...

I am currently working on a networkable version of my company's flag ship product and I am running into some difficulties opening the recordsets in shared mode.

I need to be able to access certain recordsets from numerous instances of my program simultaneously. In other words, considering a typical network setup with three computers connected to a central server, I am placing the DB on the server and each of the three computers will access that DB at times simultaneously.

here is an example of how I am opening a recordset in my non-networkable version: (assume all variables and objects are already set)

Code:set rstFirm = DB.OpenRecordset ("tblFirmData", dbOpenDynaset)

I know I need to throw a dbOptimistic in there somewhere, but don't know where. Or maybe I need to do it differently...I don't know. Hopefully you do!

I know DAO sucks, but there is nothing I can do about that right now, so bear with me. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Share That Database To Ten Users In A LAN
I have actually and access database with visual basic an a stock aplication make in vb 6.0, only in one pc, but i need to share that database to ten users in a LAN, but with all controls that requiered in a lan, im refered to, if two users need to modified data in teh same table, and the refresh data in the others user.
please help me


Share Database By Modem
I Use Assess Xp Data Base In My Program. My Customer Required Connect Two Pc By Modem By My Program To Share Data. My Program Can Work On Network (LAN). Easy Way Or Third Party Tool To Connect Pc To Pc And Share Database In Program As In LAN By Using Modem.

Database Can Not Be Share Through Network
hello guys,
i have a share database problem between one server and one client
(cross cable connection)
my connection is like this:

'client connection
MYDatabase = Server_path & "" & "my" & Format$(Now(), "ddmmyyyy") & ".mdb"
'my_cn.CursorLocation = adUseServer
my_cn.Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"
my_cn.Mode = adModeShareDenyNone 'this is what i added
my_cn.Open MYDatabase, Admins

'server connection
OWNMYDatabase = App.Path & "" & "my" & Format$(Now(), "ddmmyyyy") & ".mdb"
'own_my_cn.CursorLocation = adUseServer
own_my_cn.Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"
own_my_cn.Mode = adModeShareDenyNone 'this is what i added
own_my_cn.Open OWNMYDatabase, Admins

i have refer to the MSDN and what i found is by changing the MODE, i
should be able to share my database among two applicatio. but this is
wrong cause after i implement, i get this message:

'client PC get this message
Error Opening
The database has been placed in a state by user 'Admin' on machine
'WIN'. that prevents it from being opened or locked.
'WIN is my server PC

i shouldn't get this error after implement the "adModeShareDenyNone",right
Why i still get this error?

i close my connection and set my_cn = Nothing after i have update record.

i think most properly is there was a time where both client and server
open/edit database at the same time. that is something can not be
Access should be able to handle this kind of thing.

i even try try on the ACCESS->Tools->security->User and group Permissions...
i add new group name according to my network workgroup's name.
i try other method and trying for few weeks already. still can not.

can someone tell me how to solve this problem????i can provide you
information about my application, if this is not enough.

i in big trouble.......

Does Anyone Have Any Ideas About How To Share A Mdb Database Accross A Network?
hay all

i am tring to make a program to share a database accross a domain - i have a reasonable idea how to use WINSOCK (a BIG PAIN!) - but was wondering if anyone could help me come up with an easier way to share the database (i have also thought about mapping a drive then using this path via a shortcut to run the program but was tring to make the program self contained - also i won't mind ANY suggestions so if you have idea please post away!!!!!!!!!


- diamond_panther

Open Access2k Database Share With Password
can anyone help to advice me on how to open an access2k database share with password protected.

best regards

I Need A Database Formula To Share Data Between Two Databases.
I need a formula I would use to be able to retrieve data from one database field to another?
I'm am using Microsoft Works (2000) Database. I can retrieve information from one field & have it show results & do functions etc. in another field, within in one database, without any difficulty, ... but ....
I would like to be able to retrieve information from one database field to a whole other new database field.
  Example: "Database #1" & "Database #2", I would like to know a formula to type into a field in "Database #2" that would retrieve information from a field from "Database #1".
  I have no trouble figuring out how to move data within one database.(formulas, functions etc.) I have just ran out of available fields in "Database #1" & the only way I can think of to expand, to the space I need, is to exchange or retrieve data from a 2nd database or from Microsoft works spreadsheet.

How To Share A Single Database Between Two User At Same Time
I have an application that needs to use the same database (in a network H.D.) at the same time by two computers.
How can I do it?

Daniel Prinz

How To Let NET 1.1 And NET 2.0 Web Apps Share The Same Login Page (share The Same Cookie)?
We have two servers. Server A hosts .NET 2.0 web apps, Server B hosts .NET 1.1 web app. The login page is a .NET 2.0 web app on Server A. So when users access Server B's web app, the web app will redirect the user to the login page on the Server A. If login successfully, server B's web app will have to read the cookie created by the login page and see if user is authenticated. However, I found the .NET 1.1 web app cannot read the cookie created by the login page(Request.IsAuthenticated always return false).
I set the web.config on all app (both servers) with the same validation and encryption keys, and set the decryption attribute on .NET 2.0 app to "3DES". But it's still not working.
Any suggestions?


How To Share Database Connected To VB User Interface:urgent
I am new here , actually I registerd coz I have this question ^.^ , I dunna if this is the correct place but I hope u will help me
I want to implement a software connected with database, I will use vb6 and MS access as database , I want to install the software after it finish to five pcs connected to the same newtwork. The problem that ,if I make any change in database or if I insert a new data into database, i want to make sure that other pcs will have the last change ( up to data with the changes) without need to go to each pc and insert the data. I need some sycnorization so the change will happen to all pcs. I hope u understand me

P.S: I am not influent english speaker so sorry for any mistake


HELP! Access Passworded Share Folder
I could create a share folder during runtime with password protection including XP Home. But has trouble find a way to access the password protected folder using Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path during runtime.

I have been searching for a way to access a password protected share folder via Universal Naming Convention (UNC). For example: \servernamesharename

Is there any additional option where i could specify the password after "\servernamesharename"?


NetShareAdd - Creates A Share But No One Can Access It.
I am using NetShareAdd to create a share, but I can't access it from a
remote machine on my LAN. I am giving it ACCESS_ALL permissions in
the Shared_INFO_2 Structure, but it appears to have no permissions.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Client Connect DB MS Access Without Share ?

How to connect in server computer from client without use share folder for database Microsoft Access ?

I need to access a computer's registry from another computer ... is there any API to do that.


Create And Share A Folder For Full Access On LAN
I've created a program that communicates to duplicated programs using a text file in a shared folder over a lan network.

My problem is, I need my program to create and share the folder with the text file, so I don't have to create it manually.

I'm programming with vb6 and all the OS's on my lan are WindowsXP.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Connect To Access Db In A Hidden Share Drive
I have created an application that relies on data from an Access database, but the application will be installed on client machines that do not have access to the drive in which the database is on, and access can not be given.

Is there a way to programatically connect to the hidden share without the user knowing about the connection (i.e., no connection listed in Windows Explorer)?

Thank you,

Use Filesystemobject To Access The Share Folder With Username And Password
Dear all,

Good Day. I am using filesystemobject to access to a folder (another domain), can i know how to no need to key in the username and password? I means, when the system run, it will automatically use the doman/user name & password to login...?

dim testing as string
dim fso, objfile

testing = ""
strFile = "\" & testing & "LWSPlan.ini"

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFile = fso.OpenTextFile(strFile, ForReading)

strContent = objFile.ReadAll
checkOpenA = True
Set objFile = Nothing
Set fso = Nothing

Many Thanks

How Can I Programmatically Create A Directory And Share It With Specific Access Rights?
i am able to create a directory with default settings i.e no share and access to everyone.. i wan't to know as to how i can set the share this folder property programmatically.


Please Help Me! Problem While Creating Share Access For User/group For A Shared Folde
I am facing some problem while creating a share folder.
There are 2 types of shares :
1. NTFS Security Share Permissions and
2. OPen SHare i.e. access share permission for user/group.

I am able to set the user/group to the NTFS security permission share but not able to set for the access share permission on Sharing tab
permission button.

Kindly let me know the solution for the above problem.

I am trying to set the share permissions through code and also the code is written in Visual Basic.

Plz send me the solution in VB for the above problem.
The api's what i have used are as follows.
1. NetShareAdd : creates a new share
2. LookupAccountName : to get pointer to user/group
3. InitializeAcl
4. AddAccessAllowedAce
5. InitializeSecurityDescriptor : Initializes a new security descriptor.
6. SetSecurityDescriptorDacl

Is it difficult?
Who can help me to solve the problem.
Thanks very much!

How To Open And Modify Share Database, Peer To Peer Connection
hi, guys

i'm new in this forum. i need ask about share database on peer to peer connection.
i alrready created windows application using vb 6.0 and microsoft access 2000.
I have 2 pc that connect trough peer to peer connection. The operating system is Windows 98 SE.

The application was installed on pc no 1, and on pc no 2 i maked shortcut of the exe file that i take from share folder on pc no 1. The share mode is full control access(read,write,execute).

The program was open on pc no 1, and when i try to open the program on pc no 2, i got error. I can't connect to the database.

this is my connection code :

Public Sub OpenDB(lngMode As ADODB.ConnectModeEnum, _
                        Optional strPath As String, Optional strDBPwd)
    On Error GoTo ErrConn
    With cnnDB
        .Mode = lngMode
        .Provider = "Microsoft.jet.OLEDB.4.0"
        .Properties("Jet OLEDBatabase Password") = strDBPwd
        .Open ConnectionString:=strPath
    End With
Exit Sub
    MsgBox "Connection Failed", vbCritical + vbOKOnly, "Connection Informaiton"
    Exit Sub
End Sub

lngMode is admodesharedenynone
strpath is App.Path & "DatabaseMummy.mdb"
i'm using the blank password for the db--> strDBPwd = ""

can u guys help me ??

Using A Access Program On A Computer Where Access Is Not Installed
I have build an access database with forms and code behind them.Now I want to use that on another computer where access won't be installed.I think I need to buy a specific version of access.How is it called, or do you know any other way?
Thank's in advance!

Move A Database To Another Computer
I am using MSDE. I made a database, and I copied all the files to another computer running MSDE.

How do I add those files to the database on the other computer?

Also, Can anyone recommend a nice free database manager?

Accessing Database From Another Computer

If i wanted to share a database between two computers. where both users can access this database.
There is already a Network between them. So is there is a specific lcode for accessing data or its just the network people job?

Thanx in advance for your help.

Accessing Database From Another Computer
i want to access an access database from another computer .i tried a lot . my coonection string is not working . some time it shows a run time error (error no. 11) ,divisible by zero .
using that database i just want ot search .not any updation or deletion. for modification purpose am using another computer .our database residing in that computer. so please help me

Exporting Data From One MS Access Database To Another MS Access Database In Visual Basic
hello friends,
i want to transfer the data from one Access database to another Access database using visual basic.

The first Access Database name is Data1
Table Name is tbldata1
fields - ID -- Number
            venueID -- Number
            Date --- Date/Time
            RNo --- Number
            SRNo --- Number
            HNo --- Number

i want to transfer this data into the second Access Database -- Data2
with table name same & fields also the same

pls can anyone help me out with this problem


Share And Share Alike
How would you set up a share on a computer programmatically?

Also, how would you copy to that share from a different
computer on a network programmatically?

thanks for sharing your knowledge

Accessing Database On A Remote Computer
I want to make a small program in VB 6 and
SQL Server 2000 to access a database on
a computer in different city. What are the
things to be taken under consideration.

And also, please give example in code.

Suppose a databse is located on my
home computer and there is an internet
connection. Can anyone located in different
city hava access to the database in my


How To Add Record To A Server Computer Database
I am using Winsock control for connecting two computer.

I want to know how can i connect to a database which is in the server computer? from a client computer I want to add data to the database.



Hi all,
I want to understand how can i share my Database designed using
MS Access and connected to the interface created by Visual basic
6.0 enterprise.

I created .exe file and make a package of that, project. I
installed in another computer and worked fine. But when i wanted
to share that db to another computer an error message appear. So
i dont know how i can share that database. Please am asking for
your help.

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