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How To Stop A Running Timer

How can i stop a timer wich is allready started.
Timer.Enabled does not work.
Timer is Enabled but is still running.
Thanks for your help

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How Can I Stop And Restart/start My Timer Control Or Timer Api Used In My Programe
i need simple code about timer api or of timer control
in which timer can be stoped and resumed or restart when user click buttons

After A Timer Reached A Certain Amount Of Time Stop Another Timer
How Would I Do This I Have 2 Timers on The Page

Timer To Check Process Is Running If Not Running Start It
I need some code that checks if a process/application is running, then if it is goto timer and wait say 10 mins, if it isnt then start application then goto timer 10mins.

1)Open vb form
2)Puts list of applications that are running (bit like task manager) in text box e.g. applist

3)Click start button
4)Refreshes list of applications in text box e.g. applist
5)then runs check to see if application is running

6)If a certain application is not running (in this case its vbeng1) then start it then goto to timer which restarts this check process.

7)If the certain application is running then goto to timer which restarts this check process.

Also need a stop button which stops this process and maybe a refresh button that refreshes the running application list.

Please can you help me thanks in advance <3

How Do I Stop A Timer?
how do i stop a timer after it has went through all 8 images??? so it only plays once.

the code i have is this

static frame as interger
frame(frame+1) mod 8

How Do You Stop The Timer After....
I'm making a zone prog and i'm wondering if i use this code
how to make the timer stop after one sending a text into the chat after one line has been send i used a timer and used Timer2.Enabled = True to activate it but it doesn't stop after sending one line

Private Sub Timer2_Timer()
Dim randy As Integer
If LCase(ZL_LastLine) = LCase("/x") Then
Randomize (0)
randy = Val(Int(6 * Rnd)) 'gets a random integer and rounds it to the nearest whole
If randy = 0 Then ZL_Send "Text 1"
If randy = 1 Then ZL_Send "Text 2"
If randy = 2 Then ZL_Send "Text 3"
If randy = 3 Then ZL_Send "Text 4"
If randy = 4 Then ZL_Send "Text 5"
If randy = 5 Then ZL_Send "Text 6"
End If
End Sub

How To STOP A Timer?
Any ideas? Have tried Timer1.Enabled = False but it doesn't seem to work.

How Can I Stop This Timer...?

In my game, I have 2 buttons called "Forward" and "Down".

When I press the `Down`, my `Downward facing` image shows and starts to fall :

Image.Pic = ImageFall.Pic
Image.Top = Image.Top + 30

But, when I then want to "Level off" and select my "Forward image" button :

Image.Pic = ImageForward.Pic
Image.Left = Image.Left + 5

... The forward facing image continues to fall, as in the first example.

Is there anyway I can disconnect the timer for the "ImageFall", or is there a way to resolve this.



Stop Watch / Lap Timer Prg
Apologies if there's a more specific category I should have posted in...
Many years ago I was a keen (not necessarily knowledgeable) BASIC programmer, and about 18 months ago I played with a few Excel macros ie Iím not so VB wiseÖ
I want to write a macro to capture lap times. My current version works ok but I have to press a key (different for each rider) then press <ENTER> each time...
Is there an option to read a key stroke singularly without having to press enter please?

Start/stop Timer
is there a command to start/stop/pause the timer ?

Stop The Timer (RESOLVED)
how can I do to stop a timer when a click a button
I'm using this:

VB Code:
Private Sub Command5_Click()Timer1.Interval = 0End Sub

but it still give one "round"

i want to stop the timer exactly when i press the button

Timer/Stop Watch - Help, Please!
I am trying to put a clock into my program so that the user will know how long they have been using the program. I want the clock to say 00.00.00 when the form loads, and start counting immediately. When the program is shut down then restarted, the clock should be back to 00:00:00 again.

So far I've got under Form_load

Timer1.Interval = 1000
Timer1.Enabled = True

and then:

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
Time = "00:00:00"
lblCounter.Caption = Format(Time, "hh:mm:ss")
End Sub

which is fine but the timer stays at zero and doesn't start counting. How can I make it start? Should I be using something else instead of 'time'?

Timer To Run Every Minute, Then Stop When It's 5:00pm
Hi everyone...I've searched on timer event, but I havent' quite found what I'm looking for. I'd like a timer event that runs every minute, but then stops when its' 5:00 pm...I've done something like this before.....

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:30"), "prntPage"
End Sub

Sub prntPage()
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
End Sub
which of course will print my selected sheets after it's been open for 30 seconds...but I'm a little hazy on how to have something repeat every minute, and then stop when it hits 5:00 pm..

Any ideas?



Making A MsgBox Stop A Timer

I'm sure many of you know that when a msgbox is active from inside Visual Basic's "Test Runtime" environment, any timers that happen to be running are stopped. However, this is not the case during a compiled EXE's runtime, whereby the timers just carry on.

Is there a way to stop a timer when a msgbox (called from within the timer itself) is active?


Stop Label In Timer From Flikkering!

I have a number of labels in a timer. Is there any way I can stop them from flikkering. I cannot use picture boxes because I need the captions to be changed in my program. Is there anyway I can BitBlt. I tried but it didnt seem to work.

Many thanks chris

Timer And Hard-to-stop Game
hi to all. i hope you can help me on this. i have a timer running in the background. when time is up, i would like this timer to lock the computer. basically, this is how i do it:

i make the timer's form visible as an always-on-top window with borderstyle=0 that occupies the entire screen. i then disable all keys so that the user cannot do anything. The computer is then deemed "locked".

my problem is this: when the user is playing a game such as Call of Duty or Battlefield Vietnam or some other hard-to-stop game for that matter, my timer cannot gain control and make its form the active window so that it could lock the computer. I don't want to stop the game, i just want my timer's form to become the active and thus top-most window.

how do i solve this problem? i need code. pls help.

Stop Timer From Form2(RESOLVED)
I have two form to control one timer true and false, but I dont know how to make form1 timer1 to false from form2. Timer in form1 is work fine.
Any suggestion is greatly appreciated

dim sec as long

VB Code:
Private Sub Timer1_Timer()secs = secs + 1Text3.Text = Format((secs 3600), "00") & ":" & _                  Format((secs - 3600 * (secs 3600)) 60, "00") & ":" & _                  Format((secs - 60 * (secs 60)), "00")Timer1.Enabled = true end sub


VB Code:
Private Sub Command1_Click()timer1.enabled = falseend sub

Stop Timer API In Desing Time

I'm problem , I put a API timer that trigger, but when the developer is testing and forget of kill the process the windows return GPF, How I resolve my problem

thank you in advance

How To Make The Timer Stop/idle For 20s
I have the timer running on the form. I would like to pose a 20 second stop after doing the function.For example

Sub Main()


CheckTimeToRest() ' This suppose to be for idle 20s before going back to Main() and od the rest of the above          'function. The Main() is always calling using Timer to run

End Sub


Stop An Exe Running
Hi there

I am wanting to stop an exe running from a vb app. Is there any way to do this?

many thanks


See If And App Is Running And Stop It?
Is their anyway to check to see if something for example Yahoo pager was running, and tell my computer to shut it down whenever it was running?

OCX Won't Stop Running
I'm loading an ocx from from my program. I use the OCX then close it by clicking on the "x". This will work fine as long as it is not looping waiting for a button to be pressed. This pause button on the OCX is just a loop looking for the button to be pressed which is contained in a function as part of other code. If I am in this loop and close the OCX, then the OCX is still running and won't stop (as seen from task manager), even when I close the main form. I didn't really want to use on click ... for the button because of the way I have the program flow set-up.

I tried this in the Form_Unload sub:
Dim Form As Form
For Each Form In Forms
Unload Form
Set Form = Nothing
Next Form
Dim Item As Object
For Each Item In Forms
Unload Item
Set Item = Nothing

That did not work.

I have made a simple OCX this just loops as an experiment. Put it in the main form. Ran the program and it does the same thing. It won't stop running. If run the program alone before I make the OCX it closes fine.

Any other suggestion? Thanks for any help.

Stop A Running Sub
I programme with excel's VBA.
When userform1's 'Run' button was clicked, then the userform2 showed, and then execute a sub procedure Proc1( cost a little long time), this time when I click the 'Cancel' button on userform2, it can stop the running procedure Proc1, and unload the userform2, return to the userform1.
Should I use doEvents? How can I do with it? The procedure Proc1 is a unloop function.

Stop App From Running
I want to create a small .exe that will run in the background that will prevent a specific application from being run. I need to be able to specify the executable name rather than the active window title. Any ideas?

About Stop A Running Macro
how to stop a running macro when pressing a key on keyboard !
like if a macro is running ( doing a loop) , how can i stop it when i press a key "esc" ?

bcuz that's a loop , how can i stop it without effecting other macro (API)

is that possible to achieve that ?

How To Stop Running Programs From Vb
I want to know how a running application/program could be stopped/closed through vb code.

Stop Program Running More Than Once
sup. how can i stop my program from running more than one existence?

I Can't Get My ActiveX Exe To Stop Running
I am totally stuck and way past a deadline. I have an activex exe that gets called from my main program.. I can't get the activex exe to close.... here is the whole activex exe program..

Stop Code From Running
How do i stop the code from running after certain condition? I know i can just put END which terminate the program but i still want the program to run.

Stop Running Applications
Hi there!

I want to check if an application (in this case winamp) is running, and then stop it. Is that possible?

Either autoclose it, or detect the process and then bring up a dialog where I tell the user to quit winamp. I mean.


Stop A Running Program....
How do you stop a running program
but do not exit or clear it.


Stop Thread From Running
I created an object with CreateObject. After I am through with it I cannot close it, It continues running in the background and pops back up after some time. I have set the object = nothing and used WM_CLOSE API call to close the window, but the thread keeps coming back.
How do I close this process and keep it closed?



How Stop Running Code?

I have to simple questions. How i can stop all code if this look like:
sub commandbutton()
Call macro1
Call macro2
Call macro3
Call macro4
Call macro5
end sub

Now if error ocured in macro3 and i put on macro3 fallowing command:
on error goto erh
exit sub

but this stop only sub code what located in the macro3 but i need stop all next call what located in commandbutton.

VB 6 And Crystal 7...cannot Stop Running
Hi.  I'm trying to use Crystal Reports with VB 6 for the first time, so I created a very simple project and form.  There are simply 2 command buttons and a Crystal Control on the form.  Here is the total code:

Private Sub cmdStart_Click()
    CrystalReport1.Action = 1
End Sub

Private Sub cmdExit_Click()
End Sub

I run the form, and the report comes up nicely.  But after I close the preview window and click the comand button to exit the form, the form disappears but VB then starts taking up all of the CPU cycles.  I've let this run as long as 20 minutes but it never seems to resolve itself.

Is there something that I am neglecting to do here?  Thanks!

How To Stop Running Process ?
My Query is How To Stop Running process ? as per user rquirment.
That is My application Calculating Yearly Working Days Of My All Employee
( Eg. 500 Emp) .Suppose this process is running which is Taking time while calculating.
In this condition User Want to stop this calculation by clicking on Button in between.
So that he can do other work .

How to Do This ?
It Is possible In Java By using MultiThreading.

How Do I Do the Same In VB6. ?

Can't Stop Program Running
Hi All,

I experience another problem for my project. It looks running very well, but when I quited the program and then used the Task Manager to check the running program, found the program still in running status, so the program couldn't be opened again why ? How to fix it ?

My project is a Excel application, open the Excel and load the data to the sheet. there are almost 2000 lines code in different modules. I tried to write a test program with a form and several lines code, it work well, after I quit the program, Task Manager showed that project is no longer running, but for my real project is another story.



How Do I Stop A Process Running.
Ok I have a problem I am trying to create a program that acts kind of like the task manager in Win NT and &lt;Ctrl&gt;&lt;alt&gt;&lt;del&gt; in win 9x. I figured out how to display the processes but I don't know how to stop them. anyone have any ideas of how to stop processes running in a vb Program. Thanks for any help.


How do I add a time into my program to make it stop searching for the data if it is not there.
I want to stop in 1 -2 mins INSTEAD OF Getting a NOT RESPONDING Prog or just die.

once the time is up like 2 mins I want it to stop searching & give out the error messge.


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Stop Text From Running Off A Picture Box?
The text is being outputted to the picture box. it is basically one long word and I want it to not run off the box, instead when it hits the end of the box it must start a new line.

How do i do this with as little code as possible?

Stop Windows Running Processes.
Hey guys I was wondering, if i had a textbox1 on my form, is there a way to stop the process. Like if I wanted notepad.exe to stop, could i type notepad in the textbox and press a button and have it stop? Thank you.

How To Stop Immediate Window When Running Program
How can I stop the immediate window from showing up when I run my program in VB? I don't think it should up before, but then I started using Immediate window during debugging and now it shows up everytime I run my program in the IDE

EDIT: weird, it's gone sometimes for certain proj now

How To Stop A Playing/running Wavefile

How to stop a wavefile thats running. i want to have it through menu operation. like file -- stopplay. and as soon as i click on stopplay it will stop playing the running wavefile...

any ideas??


Stop Multiple Copies Of Running?
What is the best way to check and see if the same program is already running? I have a program that when run, doe snot show a form. It adds an icon to the system tray and some people do not look to see if its running already.

Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone!

How To Stop Multiples Of The Same Application From Running
I have an application that opens in VB but when then action is triggered again another instance of the program opens instead of maximizing the first instance.  I tried the below but that doesn't work.

hwnd = FindWindow(vbNullString, "program X")
If hwnd <> 0 Then
        AppActivate "program X"
        Shell ("c:Program X.exe")
End If

Stop A Running Function/procedure

I'm quessing if I can stop a running function or procedure. To understand why I want to achieve this then I should tell you guys what I want to achieve.

I have a command button name 'parse' that will parse texts/words from a file. The command button parse will actually call another function called parse. So the actual parsing of the file is done in the function parse. In the click event of parse button, it just initialize some variables and do other stuff. On the form, I also have a button called 'stop' to stop the parsing process but not to exit or close the entire app. I don't how to do this. I could really use some help here.

Belows, is a portion of my code of stop button:
Code:Private Sub cmdStop_Click()
    If MsgBox("Are you sure you want to stop parsing?", vbExclamation + vbYesNo, "IC NetSender") = vbYes Then
    End If
End Sub

I'm not so sure if this is achievable or if it's the right approach.
Any thoughts will be appreciated.


Vb Application Won't Stop Running-Resolved-Thank You
Hi, I have this vb6 application and when I installed it, it won't stop running.
I have the following code under a button. This is to close my connection to the database I believe, but I must be missing something. Can someone offer some assistance?


Private Sub Exit_Click()
Set connectLEDB = Nothing
Unload Me
End Sub


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App To Stop MSDE Engine From Running
Hi Guys

I am trying to write a little app in vb to stop MSDE Engine from running but have'nt got a clue what command I can use to do this......Can you help please ????


Compiled VB Program Won't Stop Running!?
This is probably a very basic idea in VB programming, but I haven't learned it yet. I complied a VB program I wrote and when I hit the close button, the "X" next to max/min, the prgram appears to end, but if you press ctl-alt-del and see what programs are running it says that the program is still running! If you go to the file menu and hit exit, I have a sub that just calls the end function. If you exit the program this way, it doesnt keep running. So If anyone knows what I'm talking about please help!

Uload Everthing And Stop All Loop Timer And Clear Memory
What is the best way to unload all of the forms, but still clear the memory and stop all loops?

ActiveX Is Running Like Hell ... But Wont Stop ... :D
Hi guys!

I got an instance of an ActiveX Exe and it is working just fine, but when i quit my "normal" program,
the ActiveX Exe is still running.

I thought "Well, use an exit function and shut down that su****!".
But everytime i use it, the ActiveX Exe is closing and my normal program is locking up.

Do you know what i need to do, in order to close the Exe and keep my normal program alive?

Thanks in advance


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