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How To Take Control Over The Mouse Cursor

I do not know how to take control over the mouse cursor. Not only over the VB aplication but on entire desktop.

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Location Of Mouse Cursor In PictureBox Control
I guess I already asked my question. How can I find the location of the mouse cursor in a PictureBox Control?

Help Me!!!! How To Control Mouse Cursor On Other Windows? Any Body Can Help Me
I would like to control mouse cursor on other window. if you have any idear please help me. Thanks

Change Mouse Cursor When Moving Over Control

how can I change the mouse cursor icon, whenever the user moves over some control, usually a label control? Similar to the way mouse cursor changes when moving onto a hyperlink on a webpage.

thanx, ds

Need To Track Text Editer Cursor With Mouse Cursor
Hi All
I am Legally Blind with Macular Degeneration in both eyes and use a dual monitor setup with my App on 1 monitor and use the second monitor as my magnifier XP window. As I scroll my mouse cursor across a line of text, on my magnified window the cursor is stationary in the center of the screen and the text scrolls across the screen with the mouse movement.
I am trying to develop an app that will scroll horizontally over a line of text in any format without any vertical jitter and will give me a line feed and carriage return at the end of the line.
I have written some code that does this, but I cannot figure out how to track the text editing cursor with the mouse cursor. The WinXP Magnifier program I am now using, has this feature and I would like to include it in my app.

Thanks much
Any help will be greatly appreciated


How To Get Mouse Events When Mouse Cursor Is Outside My App?
Hi all, I am trying to update a mouse cursor position indicator (x, y) in my application whenever the mouse moves. The problem is, I am not receiving any mouse events anymore once the cursor leaves the area of my application!
I have tried using the MouseMove() event, I have tried capturing mouse movement in a window procedure, but neither works. I might register a global mouse event handler, but then I'd need an external C++ DLL with the event proc. For many reasons, I don't want to do polling.


The only solution I can see is to use a JournalRecordProc (WH_JOURNALRECORD). The Microsoft docs say that for a journal hook, I don't have to use the external DLL.

How can I register a journal hook?


Mouse Cursor
I want to find what the mouse cursor is. For example the basic pointer, or text pointer, or cross hair etc. But the way that i was using. The "GetCursor" api only told me the pointer in the program the api call was in.

I want to know how to tell what the pointer is even if it is hovering over a different program..

Does any one know how to do this


CONFUSION KILLED THE CAT....... Dont ask....

Mouse Cursor
how would i make it so a control (an image) on my form has the coordinates of the mouse pointer.

this way, when the user moves the mouse, the object moves too.

Mouse Cursor
I am using the ShowCursor API in my program( a game ) but for some reason everytime I try to reshow the cursor it doesn't work. I hide the cursor in the form_load event and then try to reshow it in the query_unload event. How can I make sure it restores the mouse cursor when the program ends?

Mouse Cursor
Hi all,
How can I use VBScript to retrive the mouse cursor position? I have the option of only writing vbscript and have nothing to do with ASP or HTML or visual basic ,etc.


Mouse Cursor
How can I change the mouse cursor when a button is clicked?

Help With Mouse Cursor
Can, any check wazup with this mouse cursor??? Its works fine, Cause Im using it right now...I made a Copy and Paste it in a different folder, so Vb could use it, but still doesnt work.

Mouse Cursor Changes
I am using a transparent mouse cursor icon on all of my forms to hide the cursor. (I don't want to use showcursor, as if something happens to the system, I can't have the system left with a hidden cursor)
This is working fine, but when I have a form disabled, the mouse cursor changes back to default when it is over that disabled form.

Is there any way around this?

Thank you

Mouse Cursor
i cant seem to put color cursors in the mouse cursor, only black and white......can this be done? how?


Mouse Cursor
hi guys ,
i know this might be a simple question ,anyway how can i change the mouse cursor perhaps to hourglass or watever ,
A list of all the cursor that i can change from the normal cursor will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Mouse Cursor

I have an application that has an image control stretched to fill the whole form (the form is maximized) that acts as a background (it holds a jpg or gif). In the status bar, there are 3 panels. 1st is the widest (about 75% of the width of the screen) and it has a picture control on top of it which scrolls a string chosen by the user). The other 2 tabs show date and time.

The mouse cursor keeps flickering each time the timer control fires to scroll the message (I print to the picture control as oppose to adding/deleting spaces to the string - it's smoother)
However, when I move the mouse to the other 2 tabs or anywhere on the form as long as it's above the 2 tabs, it stops to flicker.

Any ideas why this is happening? And how to fix it?

Mouse And Cursor
How can i do What Netmeeting Allows ?
the share thingy ?

Mouse Cursor
I am having some problems with the mouse cursors. When i have a progress bar going i want the cursor to be hour glass which i do by Me.Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor but the user can still click a button and it does the button click. How do i stop this from happening when the cursor is an hour glass.


Mouse Cursor
I am not able to get mouse cursor which resembles that of WindowsExplorer(When the cursor is placed over the splitter bar.) None of the inbuilt VB cursors support my requirement. Please Help.

Powerpoint Mouse Cursor Top
Im opening from Excel a Powerpoint SlideShow Presentation... with VBA I go to a certain Slide and create a Ghost Button with the action EndShow after the click, my problem is to ensure that the mouse is over the button always, because If I dont move the mouse it remains under the button and the action never works...

could anybody help?

Move Mouse Cursor
Access 2003

I want to be able to have the mouse move and hover over a button on an access form.

Reason, if error, I want the cursor to move to the button that will fix it.

Video And The Mouse Cursor
Well, my little media player OCX is coming along nicely, except for a few things. The main thing bugging me right now is the inability to change the mouse cursor when it's over a Video being shown by the winmm.dll MCI APIs. I'd either like to be able to change or remove the mouse cursor when it's over videos, but it's always stuck on the generic black bordered white cursor no matter what. Anyone know how to do this?

Mouse Cursor Question
Hello, i was kinda playing with some API's for the mouse cursor, and now i was wondering if the mouse cursor can also detect certain things like, when the cursor goes over a color, can it tell what color it is on a label.
Is this possible,and how would this work if it is.
Thanx for any help.

Mouse Cursor Changing
Hey, I was wondering if anyone know how to make a mouse cursor change to windows default ones of custom ones, for say...the mouse over event. I want my cursor to change to the standard url hand pointer when i highlight something in my project

thanks in advance

Determine Were Mouse Cursor Is
How can you let VB know were you cursor is located on your screen, so not only on the form but also out of the form.

Mouse Cursor Position
How to get the position (X and Y) of the mouse pointer of an object (label for example)???

Problem With Mouse Cursor
Hey people.
I have a .cur file which is all coloured and everything. However when i add it to my form and run the application. The cursor is black. Does anyone know why?

Many thanks chris

A Second Cursor (Mouse Pointer)
Hi all!

For a project, I am wanting a second cursor (in addition to the one that responds to the mouse) to respond to other elements of my code.

It doesn't need to have click, double click, or any other standard mouse events, just an (x, y) position on the screen.

Basically, what I am asking is: (How) is it possible to draw a secondary cursor ANYWHERE on the screen?

I'm sure it's dead easy, but any ideas would be most welcome!!



Busy Mouse Cursor
Another simple question. I have a form that takes a little while to load up because the ADO Recordset on it are attached to a rather large and fast growing DB. The problem is the users think nothing is happening as the pointer remains the usual arrow. How can I change it to the hour glass while the form is loading?

Getting Word Under Mouse Cursor

this question must have been asked before.. but i noticed in easy lingo dictionay it can get the meaning of the word u hover in a matter of seconds.

i dont need the code as much as discussing the technique...
i have searched about the technique and i found one way like this which only works on Rich TextBox and what i need to do is get the closes character to mouse cursor in the rich text using EM_CHARFROMPOS and SendMessage.
This brings to my attention the problem that the cursor might be over a character which is at the middle of the word
Hello -> user pusts cursor above e and i will get the list of words beginnign with e which is wrong...

but it has an answer which is that i can see that the character i got from sendmessage is inside my word that i am looking for then do some maths to get the position of the letters b4 that character and after so that i can get the whole word.

i have been also told about hooking and subclassing but i dont know what that has to do with what i am thinking about also my way only works on rich textbox.

any one does have an idea about this or anything that can help me understand the technique and would like to share is welcome

Mouse Cursor Coordinates
Just like everytime I get stuck at something I find out api calls might help .
Here it is :
I was too lasy puting myself a program to systray and used a control for that (csystray I think).
The control doesn't suport menus, so I have to put a pop-up menu myself.
The problem is the control doesn't supply any location so searching thereads on this form I got this idea:
PopupMenu Form1.mnu_hihi, NIF_ICON, Screen.Width - 100, Screen.Height - 100

But that's not acurate enough, so my next idea is, why not use an api (my form is hidden so no form methods can be used to get the mouse position) that tells me where the mouse pointer is at (something simple, no event testing no nothing -- the csystray control supplies the event) .


Get Text Under Mouse Cursor
I want get text under mouse cursor in any position and any window Like Babylon Dictionary Software .
I won't use any component to do this . I find some API functions but can't success.

How Get Text Under Mouse Cursor
I want to get text under Mouse Pointer such as Icons Name and buttoms and get text in office Programs such as word , Excel and Pdf Docs
any one help me???????????

Mouse Cursor Text
is there a way to add text to your mouse cursor?

Mouse Cursor Click
is there a way i can click any part of a form given the (x,y) co-ordinate?

How To Hide The Mouse Cursor ??
I searched the forum about how to hide the mouse cursor and found some threads but, as i found in many other places, those methods hide the cursor only inside the vb form. I want the cursor to be hidden even if you are out of the form. I appreciate you help.

Change Mouse Cursor
I want to change the mouse cursor like Hand Cursor (Normally we see this cursor in Web Link) when mouse moves on a label and change back to default when move to form.

Please help me

This Has Been Bugging For A While (mouse Cursor)
How do I change mouse cursors by clicking on a command button? Apparently you can't just say "Screen.mousepointer = imagesomething", because it overloads. How *can* I do it?

Mouse Cursor Issue...
I'm working on a program that got a part running on the background, but now and then the cursor turns into "arrow and hourglass". Is it possible to suppress the animated mouse cursor when running the background program? (I think the problems are from the loading class modules)

Many Thanks,

Mouse Cursor (RESOLVED)
hi there..

is there a way to change the mouse cursor... I mean... can you associate it with an hourglass or with a label or image?

thanks in advance

How Can I Click The Mouse Cursor?
How can I have the mouse click (left click) eitehr at random intervals or at set intervals at the same spot (with out moving the mouse)

want this application to run while i am using windows explorer i am using win xp.

Mouse Over And Cursor Question
OK small question.. how to change the mouse cursor to the little hand when going over a picturebox?

Change Mouse Cursor
How do I change the mouse cursor when it is over a label?

I have the 2 Subs:

Private Sub Label151_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
End Sub

Private Sub Detail_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
End Sub

There is no MyLabel.mouseCursor property....

Thank you

Mouse Cursor/Event
Hi together

* I want to activate my program with a mouse-click anywhere on the screen, but i don't want that this mouse-click is passed to other applications. Does anyone know how it is possible to remove the "mouse-click"-message from the message-queue ??

* I want to change the mouse-cursor global. But the cursor should not change even the mouse is moved over other application windows.


Mouse Cursor Icons
Hello everybody

My mouse cursor turns to a hand over my form. I was just wondering if it was possible to change the mouse cursor again - to another hand, a clenched fist - when the mouse button is pressed over my form.

How would I do this?

It would just be a nice touch like I've seen in other programs - the hand sort of closes its fingers and drags the form around the screen.

Thanks for any help!

Mouse Cursor Compatibility
Does VB only dislpay 2-Colour mouse cursors? I made 256-colour mouse cursors, and they turn into 2-colour when I load them into VB! Also, VB has no support for animated mouse cursors. Should I just hide the mouse cursor and make a custom one? (DirectDraw Fullscreen App)

How Do I Capture The Mouse Cursor?
Can anyone tell me how to capture an image of the mouse cursor to place in a picturebox or save as a file?

If you know how please reply to this message.


Moving The Mouse Cursor
this has prolly been asked a bazillion times, but what is the simplest what to move the mouse cursor (dont be a smarta$$ and say use the mouse) :P

Moving The Mouse Cursor
this has prolly been asked a bazillion times, but what is the simplest what to move the mouse cursor (dont be a smarta$$ and say use the mouse) :P

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