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Image/Document Scanning In Vb6

I want to scan an Image/Document using visual basic's form and want to set customized resolution, size and type of that document. Means Controlling a scanner using visual basic form and saving document in a specified directory.

Can any one tell me how to do that and where to start and what should i know ?

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Scanning Document Using VB
Ok I think my request is extremely far-fetch since I have try to search for the request in the book but to no avail.

What I want to do is to scan stuffs into the PC through my VB progam.
Is it possible? What control should I use? What are the codings to allow to scan and the scanner to work? Are the codings similar to printing? Thanks

Document Scanning
Is there any way to scan documents into VB?

Scanning A Text Document
I want to scan a paper with text data and convert it into a text file.

I need help on this.

i am using wang image controls to scan.

thanks in advance

Scanning The Picture Or Document Using Visual Basic 6.0
i am doing a simple Project in vb6.0..
Here i want to control the scanner... can anybody help me how to get the
control in coding?
Anybody has the Code for it? Please help me..

Scanning An Image
I've got a problem with the scanning an image and save it to a default place.

my source code:
If ImgScan1.ScannerAvailable Then
ImgScan1.ScanTo = FileOnly
ImgScan1.Image = "C:image.tif"
MsgBox "Scanner not available", vbOKOnly + vbInformation, "not available"
End If
Unload Form1

The scan-dialog opens but if I take a snapshot it doesn't save the image to the harddisk. No error occurs!

some solutions?

regards da_brain

VB Image Scanning
Hi, I'm trying to create, or find, a VB app that will allow for scanning of images through a scanner and send these images to a database (MS SQL). Well, it will store the images on a server, but the link to the images will be stored in the database. Any ideas?

Scanning Image In VB

I'd used ImgScan.ocx and ImgEdit.ocx on my app. It work well on mine (Win2000) but can't on client (Win98 - can't register imgscan.ocx & imgedit.ocx while installation process) I think this control lack of resource document.

Have someone know another ActiveX control for scanning process. If it's free ware, I'll appreciate

Thank in advance

Scanning An Image
I need to scan an image using a scanner in my program. is there some dll or control to do that (I don't need to have direct access to the scanner. it can be done through the default driver)?


The @host is everywhere!

Image Scanning Control
Is there any free image scanning ActiveX control.. with which i can scan any image through a TWAIN compliant scanning device(Scanner or web cam). Kodak image scan control works fine but it is not supported in WinXP. is there any ActiveX control which works with all the versions of windows... Win95 to WinXP.
Any help would be appreciated.

Wang Image Scanning

I'm getting confused with how to scan,show,store (if possible JPG) by using Wang Image Scan controls
Any help, source available?

Scanning Image Through Visual Basic
hello everyone,
I wana Visual basic program that will scan the image from USB scanner to the size of the picture mean also crop that image.
I need any activex or whatever you people suggest. I will be very thankful to you .

Scanning Using Kofax Image Controls
Hello, I am using KODAC i80 scanner for developing an application in Visual basic scanner. I am using KOFAX imaging controls for this purpose. But While initializing scanner I am getting error as "the ordinal 551could not be located in the dynamic link library kcl310.dll "

A Help On Scanning Using Kodak Image Scan Control

Document To Image
Looking for best solution to convert Documents to Images.
Ending results would be best in TIFF format but does not matter, Documents might be of type .doc; .txt; .xls; ect...

I need an inexpensive tool to handle this or source that is distributable at a reasonable cost. Open to all suggestions.


Copy Image From One Document To Another

I need to copy an image from one word document to another without using the copy/paste method and without saving the image to a file. I have tried with range, shapes and InlineShapes but nothing. Please I need help.


Embedding An Image Into An XML Document

I want to draw something on a pictureBox and then store that in an XML
file. Is this possible?? and if so does anyone know where I can get an
example of this?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Image On Word Document Through VB6...
i want to paste a imge on a word document through VB6, kindly anyone guide me about it... image z in jpg form and its path z saved in DB.

hope for the Favor
thnx and regards,

MS Document Image [Anyone Have A Clue?]
Does any one know anything about this control. It seems pretty straight forward to use but I am running into a problem with getting the program to let go of the reference. I display the image, the user gets info from it and then deletes the image from the queue. Here is some code that I have hacked together to show the problem. The original source is far to large to post here. Anyway when I try to delete the file I get an "Access Denied" error. The only thing that I can come up with is that the program still has the file locked but I can't figure out were or how. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Private tif As New MODI.Document
Private temp As String

Private Sub Command1_Click()
'Get file with CommonDialog control
temp = cd.FileName

tif.Create temp

'Send image to the Image Viewer
iv.Document = tif

End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
Dim fso As New FileSystemObject

iv.FileName = ""
Set tif = Nothing

If fso.FileExists(temp) Then
fso.DeleteFile temp, False
End If

End Sub

Positioning Image In Word Document
Hi Experts out there,

I am new in using vba to manipulate Word objects/document. How can I affix an image file e.g. a company logo, to the top-right-hand corner of each page of the document within an vba program?

Your help is much appreciated.


Reading Image Document - URGENT
hi to all
I have Image Files which have Convert as Document to Image file
Image format is .jpg or .gif.

Now i want Read this Image file and need to get that Documnet Data.

I tried with some freedownloaded Softwares. they are help less.

Can any one give me a Sample Code to Read Image File.

Image File Contain only Text Like Letter.

Please help me.


Embed A .bmp Image In A Word Document
I can embed all kinds of data in a Word Template document. But I cannot embed a picture. I am using the following kinds of codes to embed data.

With appWord
.Documents.Add docPath
.ActiveDocument.ShowSpellingErrors = False
.Selection.Goto wdGoToBookmark, Name:="TodaysDate"
appWord.Selection.TypeText Now()

rsMNOBNTO.Open "SELECT *properties where P_id=" +
Str(gPropertyID), MyConnection, adOpenKeyset,
.Selection.Goto wdGoToBookmark, Name:="PropertyAddress"
appWord.Selection.TypeText rsMNOBNTO!Property_Address_1

.Visible = True
End With

Now how can I embeb a picture (*.bmp) in this code ?

Thanks in advance.


Inserting Image At The Top Of Word Document VB6

I am having trouble inserting an image into an existing word document.
I would also like to insert the image at the top of the document.

This is part of my code so far:

Dim newWrd As New Word.Application
Dim newDoc As Word.Document
Set newDoc = oldWrd.Documents.Open("c: est.rtf", Revert:=False)
newWrd.Selection.InlineShapes.AddPicture FileName:="C:Header.jpg", LinkToFile:=False, SaveWithDocument:=True

Please help. Thanks.

Document Preview Image In Access Form
I don't know if this post belongs here in the Office Integration forum or in the Database forum since it involves Access ... But, here goes...

I am creating an Access 97 database that will contain links to Word documents. In my form, I'd like to include a "Preview" pane that will show the Preview picture of the linked document. When you save a Word document, you have the option of saving a Preview Picture with the document. When you do a File, Open in Word one of the Views for the open window is the Preview view. This shows the list of files on the left and a preview picture of the selected file in the right section of the window.

I have two (at this time) questions, then.

1) What control do I add and use on my form to be able to display the preview image?

2) How do I get access to the Preview image of the Word document to put into the control?

Thanks for your help.

Want To Compile Documentation Using Document Image Writer
I am having an issue with having to document functional testing results. Everyone wants to see the screenshots while we are attempting to "go paperless". I can print every screen capture to Image Writer, but that becomes cumbersome to combine all those document pages into one succint document.
Can a script be written that will allow me to add each screenshot to the back end of an open .mdi file? Then I can just save one file one time and begin the next test with a new blank .mdi file.

Any help would be appreciated.

Copy A Form Image In Word Document

I am making a documentation of my VB project. i would like to copy my form images in my word documentation. individual frames and indivual SSTabs etc.

how could i do it?
plz help me.

MS Office Document Image Writer (Orientation)
Hi guys,

An application I developed prints to a printer at the end of it's run. Due to the nature of the printout, it has to be done in LANDSCAPE.
Normally this works fine except when the default (and sometimes only) printer is Microsoft Office Document Image Writer. When my program attempts to change the orientation, an error is generated: normally 380 Invalid property value , but in the material I've read, the error number can be OS/SP and printer dependent.

I've looked at other threads relating to this problem but though there has been some discussion, there hasn't been a solution. The closest to a solution was the Pageset.exe download from Microsoft's site. The problem I have with it is that it required ADMIN access to perform it's functions, which my users don't always have.

Has anyone else overcome this problem or developed a robust error trap routine that prevents RunTime errors?


Where To Find Microsoft Document Image Writer
hi guyz,

see, initially i have Microsoft Document Image Writer(that saves files as .mdi) on my system, but i later formatted my system.

my problem now is that i don't know where i got it from and i really need it because i use it in test running any of my app that has to do with printing(knowing how many papers i would have wasted if it were to be a real printer).

How To Insert A Image In Ms-word Document Using Vb Application
this is suresh. i am working with ms-word. how can i insert a image in msword file in a specific location by using vb 6.0

Microsoft Office Document Image Library

I'm writing an app that strips .tif images from a file that contains a concatination of tifs, and then displays them, but I'm running into some problems regarding access errors.  Here's the code that strips the .tif and displays it:

    Dim arImage() As Byte
    Dim ff As Integer
    ff = FreeFile
    ReDim arImage(imgSize)
    Open fimFile For Binary As #ff
    Get #ff, imgPoint, arImage
    Close #ff
    ff = FreeFile
    Open "tmp.tif" For Binary As #ff
    Put #ff, , arImage
    Close #ff
    tifIDX.FileName = "tmp.tif"

imgPoint - long, pointer in fimFile of start of .tif
imgSize - long, size in bytes of .tif
tifIDX - MiDocView (Microsoft Office Document Viewer)

The first time I call the routine, it displays the stripped .tif in my MiDocView (tifIDX).  But any subsequent call after that gives me a file/path access error at "put #ff, , arImage".  I don't get it because I've closed the files each time through, and I've checked the MiDocView.Filename at the start of the routine, and it is always = "" to start, so I don't think the MiDocView is still holding the file.  

This code will only work once, and then I actually have to close the project to run it again.

Any ideas?

Saving A Word Document As An 'Image' In A Sybase DB
I am getting this error when I try to save a Word document as an Image in a Sybase 11 database :

Error 3155
ODBC--insert on a linked table '???' failed

The table I am saving to is not linked to any other database.

Anyone able to enlighten me on this ?

Print To Microsoft Office Document Image Writer
I have setup an excel file that the user can open and manipulate the few cells that I have left unprotected. However I do not want them to be able to save the file. I want them to have to print the sheet using the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer. It could be something else, but that is the only thing I can think of at the moment.

Basically we have a spreadsheet that requres 5 inputs, and it spits out the data needed further down the line. However if they are acting too quickly they have forgotten to change a few cells, which will result in inaccurate data. So I am trying to force them to start with the default spreadsheet and enter their data into that and print the results to an electronic file, which will then be sent to someone else.
I do not want them to be able to save the file and send the .xls file

If someone has a better thought I am definately up to any suggestions.

Microsoft Office Document Image Code Examples
Does anyone have any code examples for the Microsoft Office Document Image OCX?

Creating Word Document From A Standalone VB App, Image Problems
ok, in a nutshell this is what I'm doing:

I'm reading a database and populating an object with references to some images, and a bunch of text. I need to create a report from this data, with the image inlined. I was able to insert the graphics into the new document, but for some reason they don't show up (the file size however shows that are indeed in there, and the print preview shows them as well).

the line I'm using to insert my pictures into the newly created word file is:

VB Code:
CurrentDocument.Shapes.AddPicture filename:=currentRecord.PicFileNameFullPath

where currentRecord.PicFileNameFullPath is a string

might it be easier to create a simple template file, read that in, and do search/replace on everything?

How To Export An "image File" And "MSFlexGrid" To A Word Document
I need to output an image file and a table (MSFlexGrid) to WORD, anyone can suggest how to do ?

I use the following to output text fields:

========================================================Private Sub cmdPrtProductionSheet_Click()

Dim objWORD As New Word.Application
Dim objDoc As New Word.Document

Set objDoc = objWORD.Documents.Open("C:PPSheet.doc")

objDoc.FormFields.Item("clientcode").Range = strClientCode
objDoc.FormFields.Item("factorycode").Range = txtFactoryCode
objDoc.FormFields.Item("PPNO").Range = strPPNO
objDoc.FormFields.Item("PDate").Range = strIDate
objDoc.FormFields.Item("EDate").Range = strEDate
objDoc.FormFields.Item("ContactNo").Range = strSONO
objDoc.FormFields.Item("StyleCode").Range = txtPPStyleCode
objDoc.FormFields.Item("BulkQty").Range = txtPPBulkQty
objDoc.FormFields.Item("Quota").Range = txtPPQuota
objDoc.FormFields.Item("description").Range = txtPPStyleName
'objDoc.FormFields.Item("imagefile").Range = LoadPicture(iFile)

objDoc.SaveAs ("C:PPSheet_" & strPPNO & ".doc")


Set objDoc = Nothing
Set objWORD = Nothing

End Sub
Thank you in advance

Search Inside A Pdf Document For A Specific Text Without Opening The Document?
How can I search inside a pdf document for a specific text without opening the document, and if it finds the text in the pdf document a MsgBox should pop up. I really need help with this.

Search Inside A Pdf Document For A Specific Text Without Opening The Document?
How can I search inside a pdf document for a specific text without opening the document, and if it finds the text in the pdf document a MsgBox should pop up. I really need help with this.

How To Clear A Webbrowser Document Made With Document.write Commands
I'm using document.write to populate a Webbrowser object with HTML. How do I clear it so that the next Write command replaces what's already showing rather than adding to the end of what's already there? - Andy
If you think nobody cares you're alive, try missing a couple of mortgage payments

Search Inside A Pdf Document For A Specific Text Without Opening The Document?
How can I search inside a pdf document for a specific text without opening the document, and if it finds the text in the pdf document a MsgBox should pop up. I really need help with this.

MS Word 2000: Closing Forms In A Document From Another Document With Code
I have a project, in which I use a global template to manipulate different other templates. In those templates there are Userforms built in to gather information to use in a MailMerge. The problem I'm having is that I want only to hide the forms in the templates themselves, and close them in the global template when the whole application is closed. The trouble is that I can't find a way to access the open forms from the global template. Can anybody help me?

hey all. I couldnt decide where to put this. api or here. i chose here. i know how to scan through files using the findfile api. Is there a better way.
also is there a way to scan through the registry for a specific key. Kind of like what regedit does. I think just put up a loop for regopenkey ?

I dont know if there is a name for the action I want to do so I cant search previous threads so im sorry if this has been asked before but basically what I want to do is scan a sentence typed in by a user for specific word(s)

for example user types

"I want to pickup the knife"

It then scans through looks for the words "pickup" and "knife" and if present allow me to do something like add the knife to their inventory.

Any ideas?

(((EDIT: Also off topic I have an annoying thing thats only just started to happen when I click delete on an object on my form it doesnt delete the object, just its name. Anyone know how to switch this back cause its driving me insane

Scanning Help
This may be a complicated one for me, but i want to tackle the challenge of my next project, and i must resort for help...What i want to accomplish is making an appz that will scan my website and bring back the # of forums/topics of my board...

Edit by Iceplug: Purpose of board is to have helpful communication on the forums for public viewing - email information blocked

I've made a little project that allows me to scan on a network, but what i have to do is bring my app up do teh scanning, then past it to what ever photo software i want to edit it in. How can i put my project in the scanner list and be able to select it as a default so if i open paintshop pro, and scan, it will bring my app up to scan with.

Scanning With XP PRO
I am using xp pro, and i don't have the kodac scanning file, what can i use to scan with?

i am using the kodak scan ocx file to scan images with my project. but when i scan i creates a 24bit color bmp file and the image1 control won't read this , it will only read 256 color so is there a way to make it scan to only 256 color and not 24 bit

Scanning Through VB
Is it possible to scan a page through scanner(by coding) without using scanning software.

Help With My Scanning In VB?
Hi all,

I am attempting to use VB6 to automatically start the scanner.

I have found a sample project from Kodak which I have attached.

It is exactly what I want and it uses the Kodak Image Scan and Image Edit active x components which are provided in VB6 (professional and enterprise).

You can scan an image and it automatically gives it a filename - which is unique and different to the last.

i.e. SCAN0001.TIF, SCAN0002.TIF, SCAN0003.TIF etc etc

My problem is this: As soon as the scan is finished, how can I tell what the name of the new scan is? I need to do this in code.

All the scans go to the same place, but I would like to msgbox the name of the file the user has just scanned.

i.e. "You have just scanned a file, which is called SCAN0004.TIF"

Is there a way to determine in code the filename of the file that has just been scanned.

I hope this is clear and can anyone provide any advice on how to do this?


I would like to search for a number of files at the same time as in File exist etc, but instead of the usual listbox or msgbox if the files exist or dont exist I would like to change a graphic file that depicts the type of file that has been found.....

I have the programme more or less 100% complete apart from the searching.....

I wonder if anyone can help with this project as I can send the completed source code so that you can see what it is all about...

Steve M (JazCom)

Scanning With VB
Hi all

how do i interface scanner using VB. To my knowledge i can do it with Wan Image control but i need that scanned image should be with given resolution, format and should save automatically.

how do i do that?

help me with coding if u have

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