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Image Clickable

is it possible that an image could be clickable ... example when i click it it will go to form2. is it possible ? if it is could you show me how ....

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Creating Image Maps/Clickable Regions On An Image
Hi everyone... i really need help in this. I am a computer science student. I am developing my final year project using VB 6, in this i have placed an image in the PictureBox(or could use Image Control.. i think!) and i want Hot Spots in this image
where the user can click. These Hot spots/image maps could be circular, rectangular or any other shape. After a click, i would be loading another form or a menu, etc...
I have looked at the ImageMapVB ActiveX Control available but it is very dificult to understand.
I have a plan in mind which goes like this: "I think if i store the coordinates of an hot spot in a text file with a unique name given to the hot spot..... and then read the coordinates and the hot spot name from the text file and compare these stored coordinates with the actual mouse movement over the image, but i am having problems in coding this aswell"
Please if someone could actually help me out and tell me how i can do it actually... i am running short of time for developing the project.

Hoping to get help soon !!!!!

Image Clickable
is it possible that an image will be clickable ? example this image ... is it possible that when i click it it will go to form2 ....

Clickable Image Of Italy...
i need a code to make a clickable mapp of Italy in VB6...
Click on region>show list of province>select a pronvince>make event...

Clickable Sections In Image?
Hey everyone...

I'm a novice Visual Basic programmer working on a project for school. I'm trying to make certain parts of an image clickable...Sort of like an image map...

I was thinking that I could place a command button on the place that I want to be clickable, then just make it invisible..but that doesn't work. Does anyone know how I can do this with a minimal amount of code (or just some easy way of doing it? Remember, i'm not an expert VB programmer! Not by any means lol)

Thanks in advance!!


Clickable Image Of Italy...
i need a code to make a clickable mapp of Italy in VB6...
Click on region>show list of province>select a pronvince>make event...

Clickable Image Of Italy...
need a code to make a clickable mapp of Italy in VB6...
Click on region>show list of province>select a pronvince>make event...

Image Backgrounds To Form And Clickable Regions
Hi all, hope you're well. Sorry to be a pain, but I have one more quick question!

If I have an image as a background to a form, what is the best way to create clickable areas for buttons etc (that are included in the background, part of the image)? At the moment I use the Image control (as opposed to the PictureBox) with no image in it, layed over the position I want it... is there a more efficient way or is this fine?

Clickable Url
How can I make a button or label clickable so it can send a user to the internet website of choice.

Like... click on labelA and have the user's web browser goto that site.

Clickable Bltfst?
I'm using DirectX(7) to create a set of objects in my MMORPG, specifically the menu(as well as the sprites, tiles, items, etc). Is there a way to make the image-which is purely created by bltfst-clickable? and if so, how? I already have a command in place that allows you to click on the map for targetting(spells, etc).

Also, how would you go about setting up a 'translucent' layer. You know, to tint the tiles for dark, morning, etc? there a way to pull a set of characters from a file to take the place of normal letters? Currently names show up in words with one color, and it can become hard to read in some areas.

Lastly(for now ), on the same layer or one above it(day/night or higher), is there a way to make things move in a certain pattern? To simulate weather- such as rain or snow, using a pattern or image from a file? Keep in mind I'm using direct X. Would a formula for slope or something would likely be the right way? And, if rain is possible, any suggestions on how to make it a random occurence?


Clickable Link In An .exe In VB6??
(is this right section?)

Ok, I am now using Visual Basic 6 Portable, and was wondering if I could make a clickable link on an exe, that would take me to a webpage. Like the [url] thingy. If you need more info, just say so.

Clickable Shape?
I've created a user control with a cirlce shape on it, so the shape can be clicked and dragged at runtime. But when I set the control's background to transparent so that I don't have a rectangular region, it isn't clickable any more. I don't necessarily need it to be on a usercontrol, is there a fix or another way? Or could I use some other control altogether?

Having Only One Window Clickable
Hi, so I'm trying to make it so that I can't click anything except the about window that I have.

Here's a screen to explain what I mean:

So is it possible that I'm only able to click in the "About" screen, and if I click outside it, it won't do anything?

Non-clickable Text Box?
is there a way to set a text box so that the user cannot click into it? i know this seems a bit ridiculous as it will effectively become a label but i am required to use a text box and i want it to act in this way. thanks

Clickable Links?
I'm making a shopping cart type program in VB6 where a user can enter item names, prices, links online, quantities etc... And when I want to finish and give the user the results I want to have in my label something like this

Link To Item (in blue and when clicked opens a web browser that goes to the site)

Can anyone help me with this?

Clickable Circle
how can I make any point within a circle in a picture box clickable??


Clickable URLs In VB6
Can someone point me in the right direction of having clickable URLS in VB6?

Many thanks

Clickable Links
Hi, I would like to know how i can make links clickable after someone types them in a richtextbox. Such as or
Any help would be appreciated

Clickable And Dragable
How can my control be both clickable and dragable?

Clickable Regions
I need to set a region for a button. I have an image that is an oval and I want to know when the mouse is click in its boundries. Does anyone have a formula for an oval or a better idea?

How To Make Whole Row Clickable
hey in asp i am using html table.
i have four columns and in one column i have use href.
But now what i want to do is that the user can click anywhere in the row and then it should go to next page i tried using bref in <tr> but its not giving me the effect. Can anyone help me regarding this.

Clickable Bar Graph???
I need some advice. I am not sure how to go about this, perhaps some of you can suggest something.

I need to have a time line representing one day from let's just say, 6:00am to 12:00 midnight.  Each line represents an employee schedule of activities for a day.
For instance: April 25th
employee 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30
Mary -         XXXXXX   

The XXX's and HHHH's would actually be a multi colored bar with a keyword embeded.  Then I would like the ability to click the particular keyword in the hour range which will bring up another form.
I don't know if there is some kind of Microsoft control I can use or should each hour be a text box that i can change the backcolor of and load a word into it which would be clickable.  The problem is there could be several employee names. OR perhaps I should count pixels and change the color range some how?  
Any suggestions?

Sensible/clickable Map Of Italy
Suggestion or link to create a clickable map of Italy for VB use, accept sure, intergration with Flash..

Edited by - luca91 on 11/28/2007 2:18:26 AM

Clickable Images In VB
I am trying to use a image with clickable events on different areas of the image(like a map) , when clicked on it will bring up assigned images or frames. Any ideas

Clickable Text?
In case you haven't noticed already, I'm still pretty new at this VBA stuff. I've had a great deal of programming experience over my years, but each language has it's own quirks, and it seems that VBA has many quirks that are different than even VB. Anyway, on with the question. I have an excel sheet. The user can click a command button on tha sheet to bring up a form, that they fill out, and when they click Add, the form loads that information into the sheet. The reason I do this as opposed to simply letting them fill out the sheet is for formatting, validation, and ease of ues. I also have another button, that when clicked, can bring up records in the list for editing. I'm wondering, is it possible to have the records themselves call the edit form. Like if the user were to click the name of a person (text in a cell on the sheet), it would call the edit form and load it like my current setup does. Thanks for your help...I'm sure I'll have plenty of more questions to come....

The sooner I fall behind, the more time I'll have to catch up!

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Clickable Images
Does anyone know how to create clickable images similar to clickable images in HTML. I want to create an application with an interactive image. When the user clicks on different parts of the image the application should respond accordingly. I've been looking but can't find any information regarding this

Hope someone can help...

Invisible Clickable Label
Hi I was wondering if there is a way of making a label that performs an action when clicked but it shouldn't be visible as I want to put it over an image. Sort of a transparent label...

I have tried to changing the visible status of the label to false which disables the button's ability to be clickable.

Any ideas?


Creating Clickable Area
hi does anyone know hox to create a clickable area on an image?
With html there is this:

<MAP NAME="Map1">
<AREA SHAPE="rect" ALT="" COORDS="26,53,264,205" HREF="#">

can i use this also in vb?

thanks, lode

Possible To Make A Shape Clickable?

I was wondering if there is any way to let the user actually click a shape (like a circle for example) so it fires a command?
At least for me, it seemse that a shape ain't by start an "object".


Creating A Clickable URL On MsgBox?
Hello again folks,

I would like to add a clickable URL to our website when the users click on the "About" button. I have a message box giving them the information that I desire, but I would like to add a clickable URL to this message box. I have tried to find this info on the web and in several forums to no avail. Im sure this is easy, but I simply cannot find it.


Midnight Rider

Clickable Form Event?
i need to do something when someone clicks on the form.. an if then.. is there a way to set up the code for this? like the form load

Clickable Transparent Region
I'm after a clickable transparent control. Something that I could 'wrap around' a cmd button, for example. I'm sure I've seen something around here before. I tried using the image control, setting it to transparent and then moving it to the background (with the cmd button in the middle). I found that when I compiled the OCX containing all of this and inserted it into a new project, the command button would take priority over the image.

Anyone have any ideas?

Form Only Clickable Thing
Hi all

anyway i am making a program and was wondering is there any code so that my form (form1) is the only clickable thing on the screen. That means that any programs running behind it cant be pressed sort of thing.



How To Make Clickable Hyprlink ?
Hi all . could any one tell me how i can make clickable hypherlink so once user clicks on a webpage opens and also how to add on mouse over discription to it. I be happy if some one show me how.Thanks

Animated And Clickable Images?
How can I make animated and clickable images?

If you have msn then add me to you contact list :

How Do I Create Clickable Icons?
Morning all,

I am creating a little program which creates different types of project documentation for my company and I want to display the different document types as icons that the user can select as in microsoft word when you click templates from the menu and you can choose a different template to create a document from by clicking on the icon.

If anyone can tell me how to do this I would be very gratefull.

Thanks in advance,

Clickable URL Links In Forms?
Before I outline my problem, a quick pet peeve about VB websites :-). There are SO MANY articles about how to make your own web browsers, et al (in which I never saw the fascination, considering it's a control on a form which is basically just Internet Explorer - which IMHO defeats the purpose of MAKING a web browser :-) ), but never an article about how to make a nice little web link on a form and how to make it open the default browser on anybody's system, which I think would be a much more useful tip.

Anyway, here's the question :-) - I know how to use the ShellExecute function to open the URL, and I know how to put that code in the label's Click event... but I'd like to make it a little more professional looking:

1. How might I change the color of the label text when the mouse moves over it, then change back when the mouse goes away, as a link on a CSS-enabled webpage would?

2. How can I change the cursor, over the label, to the little Internet Explorer hand, as IE and every other browser does over a hyperlink? I think I know where to change the cursor, but there isn't a graphic in my Common/Graphics/Icons or Common/Graphics/Cursors that looks anything like it. Is that cursor stuck in a DLL somewhere or something?

Oh, yeah, and I'd also like to accomplish this in less than 400 lines of code :-). Thanks for your help.

Mark D. Scudder

How Do You Make GDI Objects Clickable?
OK, I've been scratching my head over this one for too long now, so I'm going to ask you guys.

What I'm trying to do is to create an object using GDI(+), and then allow the user to click it and move it around, rotate it etc.

Drawing the object, moving and rotating it (currently a couple of sliders do the job) is just about understood by me, but the real stumbling block is still this click event (leading to a move, mousedown events etc).

Any help would be appreciated, even if you think you know a solution in a different language.


Creating Clickable Links With A Command
What is the minimal code for creating a link that would take you to with Command1

Flexgrid: Make Certain Rows Clickable
What I want to do is make certain rows available for more information. For instance, If Mid(.Textmatrix(i, j), 1, 1) = "T" I want the user to be able to see more information. It's not exactly just a row click event. I only want those rows that meet the criteria to be able to be viewed when clicked on and I want the user to know the information is there. Like maybe, if the criteria is met, put a button into a column of those rows only? I could colour those rows meeting the criteria, but I think it might make the current interface look unpolished. Any ideas anyone?

After A Form Pop Out How To Lock Background Clickable??
After a form pop out how to lock background clickable??

How To Make A Cell Of VSFlexGrid Non-clickable?

i have this grid with a fixed row of headings and the rest of cells below are data, each time i click on a heading it sorts the data on that column, does anyone have any idea how to disable clicking on the heading row? because i don't want it to sort.


Clickable Popups: Is This Possible In Microsoft Word VB/VBA ?
please see the image.

What I would like to do is to be able to click on *x* .. and display a popup of the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. I would then like to click on one of the selections and for the *x* text to be replaced by the number I clicked in the popup.

the Text I am clicking on would be in Microsoft Word.

I would want to be able to make a list of "clickable items" as well as their corresponding list of options.

Is this possible ? / Hard ?

Clickable Invisible/Transparent Form

I am trying to figure out a method to make my form invisable or transparent so I can see what is behind the form (Using the Form_Move event for refreshing.) but the tricky part is that I want the form clickable.

My first idea involved capturing a picture of the screen and using a portion of that picture to be the picture on top of the form (In a picture box).

I included an example, but it's only picture of what I am trying to do, and this just involves a picture box on the form.
The picture in the picture box is part the background and a different program's form located behind my project's form. I need to figure out how to do this efficiently.

If you have another idea on how to do this, please tell me, I can look it up and try it, and it might just work!
If you don't know what I am trying to do exactly, please reply, and I will ******** my post.

Thank you.

How Can I Make Commandbutton In PPT Under Non-slideshowview Clickable?
I have been troubled by this problem for days. I know this is possible by changing the design view back in Excel but how can I do this in PPT? Anyone has ideas? Would appreciate it very much!

Validation List && Excel, Clickable Cells Not A Drop Down
I've been trying to make my project as user friendly as possible. I would like to make cells within excel instead of drop down data validation I would like to just click the cell and it go to the next option.

I have options like

I'm asking if it is possible I guess... Or am I stuck with drop down lists?

[Solved] How To Make Clickable Cells - Help (Program Link Attached)
I am really frustrated right now. I have a lot of problems on my Inventory System and I need to sumbit it this coming Wednesday. You see, I'm a newbie, in every sense of the word. I only know basic VB, so basic that I can't even create a real program (no one would call a 'basic arithmetic calculator' a program). So I am asking VB experts here to help me complete this inventory system. The programmer I commissioned (yes I did) told me that he's too busy and can no longer help me with this system (yes, even if I'll pay him).

Actually I only have one major problem:

How to make the cell clickable so that I can edit their contents on their corresponding forms.

For example:

When I double-click a cell on the datagrid (e.g. on the Item Maintenance grid, I double-clicked "Yarn" which is under the Item Name column) the Item Maintenance form will appear with the information on the row where "Yarn" belongs. Like this:

Item No [9877]
Item Name [Yarn]
Item Desc [Ok]

Then I can by then edit the data so to speak. I raised this question before but it didn't get a reply.

I hope a good soul would help me with this. Thank you very much. I don't know how I will repay whoever will help me. I am at your debt.

Can't Get Image Admin, Image Edit, Image Scan To Work
Hi Guys,

Every time I go to add components and add the Kodak IMG components it tells me each one cannot be loaded.

I did have it working and then when I re-loaded my project it told me that 'ImgAdmin could not be loaded' and the same with ImgEdit.....'Do you wish to continue loading project anyway'.

Please can you help?...I am in real nead for them to work.

Much thanks,



Image Control Generates Error If Image's Path Is Assigned To Picture Property
I m storing .jpg file path in a field 'ImagePath' which is of type 'Text' of say table A. Now i want to display that .jpg file whose path is stored in the table A into an Image Control. the picture property of the image control doesn't takes the path string... and prompts an error message that object is required.. ! how to display the image in the Image control.

thanx n regards

How Can I Auto Save Image To Certain Folder After Scanner Scan My Image Into My FORM?
How can I auto save my image to certain folder after scanner scan my image into my FORM?

How to delete the image from the folder when I unload the FORM??


My command button to perform scan function...

Private Sub CmdSCan1_Click()
On Error GoTo ScanErr
'Scan an Image
If ImgScan1.ScannerAvailable = True Then
With ImgScan1
End With

ImgEdit1.Image = ImgScan1.Image 'sets imgedit1 to show scanned image

ImgScan1.CloseScanner 'close scanner
MsgBox "Scanner Not available!", vbExclamation, "Error!"
End If
If Err.Number = 1002 Then 'Exited without scanning
Exit Sub
Exit Sub
End If
End Sub

I want auto save the scanned imange to example

Dim a As String
a = "ScanPic"
MkDir a
Dim b As String
b = "ScanPic" & strTempNo
MkDir b

how can I make sure if the folder I create is exist don't create it again?
because if the folder already exist I will get a error msg "Path and Access error"... duplicate folder created...

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