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Image In Informix


How can I insert a image using VB6.0 into a informix field, without a ODBC please, something like ADO.

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Informix & VB
Hello people. i'm using ADO to connect an Informix DB with the OLE DB provided by Informix. I want to create the setup for it (using inno), what do I have to include in it in order to install my project on a machine that does not have neither Informix nor vb?

Informix And DAO
Does anyone here use DAO when accessing Informix? Our informix box has
1000+ connections to it for only 100+ instances of a legacy program that we
have which accesses Informix via DAO. In doing some testing I am finding
that DAO is not closing connections to the informix box. For example if I
open a database connection I get a connection to informix. Then I open a
recordset and get another connection. Then I close the recordset and kill
the recordset object. I still have 2 connections to informix. Then I close
the DAO database connection and kill the DAO connnection and still I have 2
connections to Informix. Only when the program is terminated do the
connections finally get dropped.

I tried a similar test using ADO and everything ran perfectly over just 1
connection. Does anybody have/had a similar problem and if so have you
found a solution outside of scrapping DAO. (That option is to large in
scope to attempt at the moment)

Robert Phillips ( email@removed )
Systems Analyst
Chamberlin Edmonds and Associates (
404-634-5196 x1261

Need Help With Informix And RDS 4GL
I wonder if anyone can help us

We have an old legacy system written using the following Informix products:

1. Informix-Online 5.10 (Database Engine)
2. Informix-4GL RDS 4.20 (Rapid Development System)
3. Informix-4GL ID 4.20 (Interative Debugger)
4. Informix-SQL 4.20

We are trying to document it and I wonder if there is anyone who has any VB programs which may help us untangle the various descriptions of menus and screens and reports that are contained in the 4GL tool ( Informix-4GL RDS 4.20 )

We can capture the 4GL and databse information inot text files, the database information is fairly easy to understand but we need help deciphering the contents of the 4GL files

Thank you for your assistance

Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<META content="MSHTML 6.00.2600.0" name=GENERATOR>
<BODY bgColor=#ffffff>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2>I wonder if anyone can help us<BR><BR>We have an
old legacy system written using the following Informix products:<BR><BR>1. 
Informix-Online 5.10  (Database Engine)<BR>2.  Informix-4GL RDS 4.20
(Rapid Development System)<BR>3.  Informix-4GL ID 4.20 (Interative
Debugger)<BR>4.  Informix-SQL 4.20<BR><BR>We are trying to document it and
I wonder if there is anyone who has any VB programs which may help us untangle
the various descriptions of menus and screens and reports that are contained in
the 4GL tool ( Informix-4GL RDS 4.20 )</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2></FONT> </DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2>We can capture the 4GL and databse information inot
text files, the database information is fairly easy to understand but we need
help deciphering the contents of the 4GL files <BR><BR>Thank you for your


Informix + VB
Need to know how I can connecto to an informix database in read only method.....

 In iformix you  set Isolation to dirty read.

Hello every body
I need some help to connect vb6 with Informix 4gl data base I have already download Client-sdk2.8 but I don’t now how to configure it
for more information :
             I am having Informix 4gl on HpUx9000 and want to connect it thr. Windows XP Vb or Vb.Net application

Please If u can help me :-|  ...!!!

Informix Anyone?
anyone here use informix... i would like to learn.. i need my database to recite on unix environment and i find out informix would do just fine now my problem is how to connect and making data transfer any help would be much appreciated.. thanks

Need Help With Informix And Vb6.0
I´m having a problem with informix 7.0 and vb 6.0
I can´tm retrive the data type interval by odbc...

I was wondering if someone had done this, if so, please let me know...

Thnks in advance..
Victor Zenteno

Intento salir del hoyo pero no puedo

Connect To Informix

I got some trouble about the below message...

Informix OLE DB Provider maps the Informix decimal type to OLE DB 2
and the Informix MONEY type to OLE DB NUMERIC. Some ADO consumers (for
Microsoft Visual Basic 6) attempt to convert theseVARNUMERIC values into OLE
DECIMAL values that might not be able to represent Informix decimal or money
values. To allow these consumers to work with Informix decimal and money
values, Informix OLE DB Provider has the decasr8 DBPROP_PROVIDERSTRING
that will tell it to map these values to R8 (double precision). OLE
DB consumers often allow the setting of DBPROP_PROVIDERSTRING as "Extended
Properties." When you open ADO connections or record sets, you can specify
these settings as a part of the connection string (the settings are case

So, what should I do to show the double precision number in VB again?

cnn.ConnectionString = "DSN=;UID=;PWD=;Extended Properties=??????????"

Thx for help me.

Best regards,

Looks like Informix doesn't support ADO's SHAPE Command. Please Help, I really need to make my application in INFORMIX. tnx

VB Connection To Informix
Hi VB Gurus

I want to connect to an Informix database. So can you please help mewith a connection string or ODBC Drivers if there is any available



Connect To Informix

I got some trouble about the below message...

InformixOLE DBProvider maps the Informix decimal type toOLE DB2VARNUMERIC,
and the InformixMONEYtype toOLE DB NUMERIC. SomeADOconsumers (for example,
Microsoft Visual Basic 6) attempt to converttheseVARNUMERICvalues intoOLE
DECIMALvalues that might not be ableto represent Informix decimal or money
values. To allow these consumers towork with Informix decimal and money
values, InformixOLE DBProviderhas the decasr8DBPROP_PROVIDERSTRINGparameter
that will tell it to mapthese values to R8 (double precision).OLE
DBconsumers often allow thesetting ofDBPROP_PROVIDERSTRINGas "Extended
Properties." When youopenADOconnections or record sets, you can specify
these settings as a partof the connection string (the settings are case

So, what should I do to show the double precision number in VB again?

cnn.ConnectionString = "DSN=;UID=;PWD=;Extended Properties=??????????"

Thx for help me.

Best regards,

Get Datad From Informix--help!!!
Hi folks!

I need a help. I need to extract data from informx. and create graphics, such as bar graph using the data.

should I use excel macro or VB only? any suggestion and any tutorials?

Thanks alot.


Informix - Bookmark
I have a Visual Basic application that work fine with Access Data Base, but now, I need that the same application work with Informix Data base too.
All my application work fine with Informix except when I use the recordset’s methods Bookmark and Moveprevious.
I receive the following error message: The operation requested by the application is not supported by the provider

What can I do for using these methods?
Can I configure Informix for using these methods?
Can I use others recordset´s methods for replacing the Bookmark and Moveprevious methods?

Thanks for your help.... Bye

OLE DB Provider For Informix???
Hi, I'm having a little difficulty with ADO. I'm using an Informix database

For Access DB, I can connect DB by this code ---&gt;

option Explicit
Global G_Connect_Flag as Boolean

Global G_AdoCon as ADODB.Connection
Global Rs as ADODB.Recordset
Global Rs1 as ADODB.Recordset
Global Rs2 as ADODB.Recordset
public Function GS_DB_Connect%()

on error GoTo Open_Connection
GS_DB_Connect = true
set G_AdoCon = new Connection
G_AdoCon.Open "PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.3.51;Data Source=" & App.Path & "

If G_AdoCon.Errors.Count &gt; 0 then
MsgBox G_AdoCon.Errors
MsgBox "[AdoEnvironment] DB Open fail", 64, "test"
GS_DB_Connect = false
Exit Function
End If
Exit Function
resume next
End Function

I want connecting method for Informix.

Connecting To Informix 7.x Database
hi all,

can anybody tell me what drivers are required on a web server for me to connect to an informix 7.3 database from an ASP web page and what the connectionstring will be??


Conecting To Informix (unix)
I have an App in vb and i need to access an informix database using unix.
I try to used oledb but i cannot connect because i got the following error:Provider not installed.

Any hlp how to connec¨t

Does have some way to use Visual Basic with database Informix without using ODBC?

If has how do I do to do this?, and As I do through ODBC?

VB ODBC Connection To Informix

I'm trying to connect to an Informix database via an ODBC connection string in VB 6.0. Here is my connection string:


con.ConnectionString = "DRIVER={INFORMIX 3.30 32 BIT};

The error I'm getting when I try to open the connection is:

Quote: Run-time error'-2147467259 (800004005)':
Informix ODBC Driver General Error.

Does this look like a syntax error or something else? I've tried many combinations - with/without the host etc. I have tested the ODBC driver and the connection works great outside of VB and in Crystal Reports.

Any help always appreciated!

Informix Data To Oracle7?
I was just wondering what should I do to update an Oracle 7 database with data coming from Informix, aside from the SQL Loader. I don't want to use SQL Loader because it only does inserts or deletes all and insert.
What I need is update or insert, This led me to use VB.

I've finished a program that extracts data and put it to a flat file(text file) from informix via crystal reports. After doing that my program will read it and insert or update the Oracle database. The problem is that it is so slow, even if I tried to make it direct (without the crystal reports). ---- >Select from Informix , Update Oracle.

Any ideas? I just need a concept. Thanks in advance.

i have a problem related with ODBC.
I have a user in Unix and the password of the user had expired. Which means i cannot log with the user on a unix platform. But when i use the same user in my ODBC connection. It connects, so does my VB application because it uses RDO, which internally uses ODBC.
So is it possible that my VB application can check the user and doesnot connect

Load/unload From Informix Table
How can I do a "load from" and an "unload to" from code??
How do I manage strings??


Informix Database Read-only Problem
I have an ODBC connection to a Informix database that I can have the user add,change, and delete things to. Whenever I try to do anything in the database it tells me that the object or the database is read-only. I know that the login I use for the ODBC connection is not a read-only login. I believe I have the opendatabase code correctly as well. Is there something special about Informix? My opendatabase code is below:


Set dbspubs2 = OpenDatabase("dagisNT", False, _
False, "ODBC;DATABASE=dagis;DSN=dagisNT;")

Thanks for the help!!!

Call Informix Stored Procedure
Hi All,

Does anyone have an example of how to call an Informix stored procedure from VB?

I have the following code:

Dim conn As New ADODB.Connection
Dim cmd As ADODB.Command
Set cmd = New ADODB.Command

conn.ConnectionString = "DSN=cnow"

MsgBox conn.State
Set cmd.ActiveConnection = conn
cmd.CreateParameter "vInput", adInteger, adParamInput, , "17"
cmd.CreateParameter "retCode", adInteger, adParamOutput, , -1
cmd.CommandText = "spName"
cmd.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc

the connection works ok.. but it doesnt seem to be trying to execute the sp correctly.


Convert Informix Datetime To Sql Server

has anybody got some TSQL that will convert an informix date/time to a SQL Server one?


Code For (dis) Connecting An Informix Database
Dear VB users,

With a link to ODBC it is possible to link an Access table to an Informix table
I want to have in my code a connection / disconnection to an Informix database. This becouse there is a limitted count of users to my Informix database.
Can someone generate this code?

Nice regards,


Informix Help - Left Function (Resolved)
Does anyone know what the Informix equivilent of the SQL Server Left function is? I need to run an sql statement along the lines of
Code:DELETE FROM tctstas WHERE LEFT(Style, 1) = 'O'
Any links to general Informix on line help would also be appreciated

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Informix Table Lock In VB6.0 Code
Dear Friends,
Please help me with code.

How to lock a Informix table through VB6.0 code?
FYI. I m using ODBC connection to connect the database.

Looking response as early as possible

Thanks & Best Regards

Viewing Images Of An Informix Database
Hi !

I work with an Informix database server and Visual Basic 5.0.

I have images in my DB. They are in fields of type Byte.

I connect with ODBC.

But I can't read them. With another datatypes, I haven't problems. I can see them in textbox, listbox,... But images, no.

Which control may I to use with images? OLE, Picture? Yes, but how ?


Federica Pavese

Resync For An Informix Database Table
I work in MS VB6 with an Informix database, with ODBC.
I have an Informix table with a serial (autonumber) column.
In VB I use an ADO recordset to update and insert data in the Informix table.
It works about OK, but I have a serious problem:
When I add a new record I didn’t manage to know the serial (autonumber) code generated by Informix database. I have tried to use Resync method of the recordset but it doesn’t run. (I read that Resync doesn’t run for the remote databases).
How can I obtain the new code in the serial/autonumber field?
(I don’t want to use Requery method because my Informix table is very large and I have to wait too much when I add a new record).

Can't Update Informix Database - 3146 Error
I have a Access database that is linked into an Informix database. In the linked Access database, I have a query setup. In my VB code I reference that query using an OpenDatabase command. Basically I just need to edit to fields and correct some data that is wrong. I can issue the .EDIT command, but when I try to do an .UPDATE I get the 3146 error saying that my ODBC call failed. Upon further investigation into the issue, the actual error that I am gettin is :

A SERIAL column (auto_key) may not be updated

I know I am not doing anything with the auto_key field. I did notice that it is one of two primary keys, however, the other primary key is listed before auto_key and it doesn't error out on that. Any ideas? I have included the whole program below.


Private Sub cmdchange_Click()
Dim permits As Database
Dim permitsq As Recordset
Dim curparcel, temp As String
Set permits = OpenDatabase("T:linked database.mdb", False, False)
Set permitsq = permits.OpenRecordset("Find duplicates for informix_par_peo")
Do Until permitsq.EOF
curparcel = permitsq!parcel_no
If permitsq!parcel_no = curparcel Then
permitsq!relationship = "PREVOWNER"
permitsq!primary_name = "2"
ElseIf permitsq!parcel_no <> curparcel Then
permitsq!relationship = "OWNER"
permitsq!primary_name = "1"
End If
temp = MsgBox("Done", vbOKOnly, "Done")
End Sub

Error Disabling Trigger On Informix Server
Hi All,

My VB 6 application is connected to and Informix Dynamic Server Database using Adodc1 via an ODBC DSN. My problem is that when I run a query to disable a trigger on a table it comes back with 2 errors..

(Error 1) - Operation is not allowed when object is closed
(Error 2) - Run-time Error '3704': Application-defined or Object-defined Error

I have no problem performing any other queries on the same database

Below are my connection to tyhe database as well as my queries

Adodc1.ConnectionString = "Provider=MSDASQL.1;Password=;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=auth;Data Source=authtest;Initial Catalog=Authority"


The above errors occur on the refresh of adodc1

Any insight or answers for why this is occuring would be great


Redistribute Merant Informix ODBC Driver

I´ve develapoed an App that is using CR Informix9 ODBC driver to show reports developed with Crystal Reports 8.5. The app is all right but when I installed in a new computer although the ODBC controller is shown I can´t add a new DSN file using the CR Informix9 Merant Informix ODBC Dirver.

I´ve checked the documentation for dependencies I redistribute CRUTL14.DLL, CRBAS14.DLL,CRINF14.DLL, and P2SODBC.dll
I also have installed the Informix Client in the machine.

Thanks in advance for your help.....

ODBC Driver To Informix And Visual Basic

I work with Informix 7 and Visual Basic 5.0.

Which ODBC driver may I use ?

Thanks !!

Federica Pavese

Close Connection, Cancel Recordset Going To An Informix Database
I have a Vb program that creates an SQL Statement. It then Takes that sql statement and tries to execute it.
it looks like this

Cn is the connection.
strSql = "SELECT tabname FROM informix.systables inf WHERE inf.tabid > '99' " & _
" AND tabname = 'claims' " & _
" OR tabname = 'policy_master' " & _
" OR tabname = 'premium' " & _
" ORDER BY tabname"
rs.CursorType = adOpenStatic
rs.LockType = adLockOptimistic
rs.Open strSql, cn, , , adAsyncExecute
intTimer = Timer
Do While CBool(rs.State And adStateExecuting)
If Timer >= intTimer + 10 Then
If MsgBox( _
"Still trying to connect -- keep waiting?", _
vbYesNo) = vbNo Then
TimedOut = True
MsgBox "Startup Canceled!"

Exit Sub
End If
End If
If Timer >= intTimer + 30 Then
TimedOut = True
MsgBox "Startup Canceled!"
Exit Sub
End If

When the database is having problems it will ask if you want to contiune. If the user says no then it will close the recordset and Cancel it. However on the cancel it sits there and doesn't do anything. If I try to do cn.Close it also just sits there. I am using and ODBC connection. This only happens at certain times not all the time. Any help would be great if you have any questions for me please let me know.

Anyone Know About "unable To Load Locale Categories" Error In Vbscript Trying To Connect To Informix
Getting the following error when trying to connect via ADO from an ASP page to an Informix DB via ODBC driver.

Any suggestions would be appreciated !

Can't Get Image Admin, Image Edit, Image Scan To Work
Hi Guys,

Every time I go to add components and add the Kodak IMG components it tells me each one cannot be loaded.

I did have it working and then when I re-loaded my project it told me that 'ImgAdmin could not be loaded' and the same with ImgEdit.....'Do you wish to continue loading project anyway'.

Please can you help?...I am in real nead for them to work.

Much thanks,



Image Control Generates Error If Image's Path Is Assigned To Picture Property
I m storing .jpg file path in a field 'ImagePath' which is of type 'Text' of say table A. Now i want to display that .jpg file whose path is stored in the table A into an Image Control. the picture property of the image control doesn't takes the path string... and prompts an error message that object is required.. ! how to display the image in the Image control.

thanx n regards

How Can I Auto Save Image To Certain Folder After Scanner Scan My Image Into My FORM?
How can I auto save my image to certain folder after scanner scan my image into my FORM?

How to delete the image from the folder when I unload the FORM??


My command button to perform scan function...

Private Sub CmdSCan1_Click()
On Error GoTo ScanErr
'Scan an Image
If ImgScan1.ScannerAvailable = True Then
With ImgScan1
End With

ImgEdit1.Image = ImgScan1.Image 'sets imgedit1 to show scanned image

ImgScan1.CloseScanner 'close scanner
MsgBox "Scanner Not available!", vbExclamation, "Error!"
End If
If Err.Number = 1002 Then 'Exited without scanning
Exit Sub
Exit Sub
End If
End Sub

I want auto save the scanned imange to example

Dim a As String
a = "ScanPic"
MkDir a
Dim b As String
b = "ScanPic" & strTempNo
MkDir b

how can I make sure if the folder I create is exist don't create it again?
because if the folder already exist I will get a error msg "Path and Access error"... duplicate folder created...

Adding Employee Image Files Useing Image Dataype In Sql Server

Zooming Various Size Image To Fixed PictureBox Without Changing The Image Ratio
Yup!I need to scale different size image into a fixed picturebox. Without changing the image height vs width ratio.any of you can help me? thanks.
1)scale the image as big as possible depending the fixed picture box height or width.

I use the loadpicture function in loading picture.
If I use the image control, I found the stretch function will cause the image height and width ratio change.


VB6 Linking Picturebox/image To OLE Object Field To Show Image
I think I have set the parameters correctly on the image properties to view the database via the data control but the error report "cannot bind with field picxxx" returns. A text box linked to the next field works OK

I Need To STOP Image FLICKERING! The Regular Image Control Flickers
So heres the problem....

I'm working on a skinning module for my software and i have menu pages,, on each page i move image controls around so that I can have multiple pages of buttons....

When I click the different menu buttons the images flicker, its not so bad on a fast computer, but on slower computers it really shows.

Does anyone have ANY idea of how to stop this flickering? Ive tried putting the controls on a picturebox / frame, and making the frame invisible/moving it off the screen, but that doesnt work... no matter what I do the images always flicker.

I would use the picturebox because that doesnt flicker,, but it doesnt support transparencies and theres always a box around the image.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Capture A Control And Send The Image To A Clipboard Or Image File
there is any way to capture a control and send the image of that control to a clipboard or image file?
thanks a lot for your help

(Image Size, Image Adrress, And Creation Time) Of A Process ?
how can I get (Image size, Image Adrress, and Creation time) of a process if I knpw the ID or the handle ?!


Image Capture &amp; Then Draw Line In Coordinates On Captured Image In Vb
I know how to store the image in database but i want to know how to for example :

First Capture an image then allow the user to draw a line as in GRAPH x co ordinate & Y co ordinate on the image
and store this image in the database

Pls help me.


How To Show The Image That Store As BLOB Type On Image Object?
I want to show the picture that be stored in BLOB data type. How can I do?

Inserting Image In Vb Project As Per Database(as Data Changes Image Should Also Change)
i am making front end in vb6 and backend in ms access
i want as my data changes on movenext
concerned photo should also change
i am using data environments

please help

Storing Image In Access Database From Image Control /Picture Box
I am trying to store/retrieve pictures (bmp,jpeg) as fields in a
database record. Other than GetChunk/AppendChunk is there a way to directly
assign the picture to/from a picture control to a database field?
this is b' cos i hv n image in a picturebox/ image control from where i m unable to have the filepath to assign the appendchunk method ..

Pl Help,


Need Help - Disabling Image Resizing Of An Image Inside Of A Rich Text Box
any of you know a way to preventing an image that has been loaded in to a richtextbox to be resized (e.g once the image is loaded its current size / position is locked)

im using
VB 6.0 with SP6

Ms richtext controll 6.0

iv been looking for an answer to this for about a month now

any help would be most apreciated




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