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Inch Symbol

how to include ' " ' or inch symbol in a string....

i cant say

"Three ' four" "


how to do that

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Inch Symbol Not Formatting Correctly
I have a column in an Access database connected to a combo box in VB 6. When the combo box is loaded with the records from the database, the inch symbol(") turns into a vertical bar.

Well, some carry the " and some do not-
For Example: 30N1" formats fine, but 30N 100 2" formats with the bar.

Any ideas why?

How To Set Printer Area To 6 Inch Height And 12 Inch Width
Hi members... anybody can help me.. thanks in advance..
I am using the following code.. but printer doesn't work. It takes only the default papersize-A4

Dim rpr As Integer

rpr = FxRow * 50

Printer.Height = 2000 + rpr

Printer.Width = 7000

Printer.PaperSize = vbPRPSUser

Printer.FontName = "Arial"

Printer.FontSize = 12

Printer.Print Spc(30); "MALOOS DISTRIBUTORS"


Printer.FontSize = 11

Printer.Print Spc(35); "SKEI ICE CREAM"


Printer.Print Spc(18); "PUNNAPRA, ALAPPUZHA - 688004 PHONE : 0477 2288399, 9895088399, 9895278062"

Printing In 12*8 Inch Paper
hi all
need help in printing in 12inch width and 8 inch height paper.

printer have no option of custom paper set. so it is not possible to set 12*8 inch in the printer properties

can i set the page property through vb?

with datareport it is not possible as it wont allow upto 12 inch width

pls help

1440 Twips In An Inch?
I saw a post on here that said there were 1440 twips in an inch. When I measured a button that was set to that width, it was just a little wider than an inch based on my ruler I put on the screen.

How come?


Convert An Inch Into A Point
How can I convert an inch or centimetr ... into a point (pixel) in VB 6.0.

Thanks, Boris.

Twips: (96 Pixels <> 1 Inch)
According to MSDN there are always 1440 twips per inch. Since the number of pixels in an inch changes when the screen resolution changes, a twip should NOT be equal to a constant number of pixels. However, when I change my screen resolution, Screen.TwipsPerPixelX is still 15. Why does Screen.TwipsPerPixelX always return 15?

The strange thing is that Me.Top is in Twips and dividing Me.Top by 15 actually returns the correct pixel co-ordinate. How is this possible?

(1440 twips / 1 inch)*(1 pixel / 15 twips)
= 96 pixels per inch.

If I'm not missing an important piece of information, that would either mean that there are always 96 pixels per inch, which is clearly not true, or it would mean that MSDN is wrong.

MSDN couldn't be wrong, could it?

Need Help Changing Per Inch Resolution Property In GDI/GDI+ Or DIB
I need help how to change per inch resolution property of an image using GDI/GDI+ or DIB. can anybody give me some clues?


Dots Per Inch -pure Curiosity
I wanted to print through VB an array A(i, j) of strings of which i was variable and j was fixed. I also wanted fixed column width based upon the max length (10) allowed for the strings. This almost -but not entirely- worked the way I wanted to do it. But the solution is satisfying what nonetheless. Since the max characters turned out to be more then the maxlength I had in mind (20) and variable. So using the maxlengthe to determine the columnwidth ... this way I mighgt as well manually set it.

The other reason for using maxlength was to take in account fontsize changes, as in 10 dpi or 12 dpi.

see my code:

This didn;t quite work. If I used (e.g) columnwidth:

Private Sub Print_Click()
Dim Y As Single
Dim X As Single
Dim i, j As Integer
Dim StartX As Single
Dim StartY As Single
On Error GoTo ErrHandler
X = CurrentX
StartX = X
Y = CurrentY
Printer.ScaleMode = vbInches
Printer.FontName = "times"
Printer.FontSize = 10
For i = 1 To (NrCert - 1 + 5)
X = StartX
For j = 1 To 5
Printer.CurrentY = Y
Printer.CurrentX = X
If Len(Left(A(i, j), 20)) = 20 Then
Printer.Print Left(A(i, j), 20) & "~"
Printer.Print Left(A(i, j), 20)
End If
Printer.CurrentX = X + (((1 / Val(Printer.FontSize)) * 20) * 0.73)

X = Printer.CurrentX
Next j
Y = Printer.CurrentY
Next i
Exit Sub
MsgBox ("An error occurred during printing")
Exit Sub
End Sub
As you can see I set this thing to inches and then calculate on basis of the stringlenght, the fontsize and scalemode (inches) the columnwidth -defined by it's starting point :

Printer.CurrentX = X + ((1 / Val(Printer.FontSize)) * 20)
this doesn't work ... I get a spacing of 2" between the columns but this isn't the 20 char's long as I had expected so I have to do :

Printer.CurrentX = X + (((1 / Val(Printer.FontSize)) * 20) * 0.73)
Printer.CurrentX = X + 1.75
Now why is this -I accepted that I have to do it as stated above- but out of curiosity I would like to know why that method doesn't work.

I had expected a dos kind of layout: each character took up the same unit of space, apparently VB prints it out as notepad or even word would do: "1" takes up less space then "W" How does that translate back to dpi? I always though it was the actual resolution used by a matrix (dot) printer in which it ptinted the chars -kind of like the way the dos prgram "EDIT" works.

The the question is -based on the story above - can anybody tell me/link me to the ins and outs of characters and their dpi size?

Is There A Way To Tell The Printer To Advance The Paper A Couple Of Inch?
Since there is no way to print into a legal size paper with Datareport, is there a way to tell the printer to advance the paper a few inches and start printing from there till the restricted size of a letter size paper on a legal size paper. For instance:

I need to print a full letter size paper in the middle of the legal size paper. So taking in consideration that the letter size paper is 11 inches long and the letter size paper is 14 inches long, if I could print from the inch and a half (1 1/2) to the twelve inch and a half (12 1/2) I would be printing the letter size paper to a legal size paper in the middle. Hope this can be posible and how can I do it.

Set DataReport Margin Properties To An Inch Measurement
How in the world do you make the margin properties of a DataReport an inch value... the default is like 1440 or something like that...

anyone have any ideas?


Just Need The Symbol
' <> ' means not equal to right?.. what if i mean to say ' not greater than ' or ' not less than ' ..


What Do They Mean These Symbol ?
What do they mean these symbol?

May you give me some example please

The ' Symbol
Hi There,

I'm reading data from an excel sheet and extracting using a vb application to save it to an access database. However if i have data containing the symbol ' it does not import it to the database. Can anyone give me a solution to this.

Your assistance is very much appreaciated.

Thanks & Regards

Using $ Symbol...
I have a question. Let's say I wanna do an action if there is an "*" marked on a textbox. How would I write it ?

If text1.text $(*) Then...

Well this doesnt work!!

THank you!

&#916; Symbol
Does anyone know how to insert the Δ symbol into a VB 6 program.

I searched the internet and the best i could come up with was Chr(208) which gave me Ð.

I have the free trial version of PopChar but the Δ symbol is greyed out.

Please help.

VB Symbol
How do I get rid of that annoying VB symbol in the top-left hand corner of a form? And if so, how could I change it to my own icon?

Symbol For Not Same!
What is the sybol for (notsame) like : If text1.text (notsame) text2.text then
msgBox "the text is not the same"

Basicly i nead to know what is the sybol for (notsame)...Like same is (=)...

Pi Symbol?
how do you write pi symbol to appear in a textbox?

&#916; Symbol
Does anyone know how to insert the Δ symbol into a VB 6 program.

I searched the internet and the best i could come up with was Chr(208) which gave me Ð.

I have the free trial version of PopChar but the Δ symbol is greyed out.

Please help.

# Symbol
what does it mean when its like this:

Public Pws#

what does it do when defining that variable as public?

Symbol That Has Less Value Than Zero??
I am trying to get negative numbers in a listview to go below the decimal numbers (0.03, 0.02,etc..). Is there a way to replace the -(negative) sign with a symbol or something else that would make them come up below the positives? Thanks!!

&lt;= Symbol
Hai ,

In a label box i want the symbol, <= , but the = underneath the < symbol. I checked with the Character map, it had that symbol and the shortcut was,

VB Code:
Keystroke : Alt+0163

When i did that i am not getting the symbol i wanted, also i tried changing the font to "Symbol" in the label1. But still not working.

Please help me ...,

Thanks in advance for the help.....,


What Does The $ Symbol Mean
what does the $ symbol mean and what is it used for. I notice its use on the end of some functions

Left$(retText, Len(retText) - 1)

and on the end of some variable declarations

Dim Word As Object, retText$

Symbol !
Can someone tell me what means the symbol ! in VB 6 in the folliwing sample expression?


where rsTitles is a AdoDB Recordset object and Author is a table field of a database...

The &lt;&gt; Symbol In VB
Hi there! Can anyone tell me what does the &lt;&gt; symbol in VB means? For example,

if Response &lt;&gt; vbOK
Cancel = -1;


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Stupid Vb Symbol
How do you get rid of that **** form symbol on the form title bar...or change it

Get The Font Name Of A Symbol
How can i take the font name of a symbol,like the "telephone" symbol
(font name="wingdings 2") or the char number of the symbol?

How To Remove Symbol
Hello, Can you help me, I need use function() to remove some symbol
"~!@#$%^&*()_+`-={}|[]:";'<>?,./" , but this code...Can you help me what probelm about dobble-code? mean chinese, japan, korea fonts, and some uni-code.?

I try use some CHINESE TEXT to do and check symbol, but some CHINESE TEXT is missing ?
I think is Chr() or Step 2 problem?

Please can you help me how to fix!

Also, I was read this : docuemnt.

But need hard step to fix? is can't easy ?

Used ?
TXT1 = Replace$(TXT1, "~", "_")
TXT1 = Replace$(TXT1, "!", "_")
TXT1 = Replace$(TXT1, "@", "_")
TXT1 = Replace$(TXT1, "#", "_")
TXT1 = Replace$(TXT1, "$", "_")

but if use replace , how to "symbol" ? if need " , ans is "chr(34)" ?


Case 126, 96, 33, 35, 36, 37, 84, 38, 42, 40, 41, 45, 61, 43, 124, 92, 123, 125, 91, 93, 58, 59, 34, 39, 44, 63, 47

'//this symbol remove and replace "_"

keep. this symbol


Private Sub Command1_Click()
f_remove_symbol (Text1.Text)

End Sub


Private Function f_remove_symbol(ByVal sText As String, Optional ByVal lStart As Long = 0) As Long


Dim b() As Byte
Dim i As Long

b() = sText

For i = lStart To UBound(b()) Step 2 ''//what is Step 2?

Select Case b(i)
Case 126, 96, 33, 35, 36, 37, 94, 38, 42, 40, 41, 45, 61, 43, 124, 92, 123, 125, 91, 93, 58, 59, 34, 39, 44, 63, 47
List1.AddItem "_"
Case Else
List1.AddItem Chr(b(i))
End Select

Next i

End Function 'f_remove_symbol


How To Comment Besides Symbol '
lets say i have few line of code i want to comment, by ' i have to comment each line. but is there something like /* ..... */ like in js ?

Textbox Symbol
I have built a form in word, but every time you start a new in the text box a 'square' symbol appears at the start of the sentence. How can I remove this??


Degree Symbol In Vb?
I have looked at msdn, and cannot find the "stuff" for inserting a degree symbol in to my program...
can somebody please help before i get to desperate!!


Rotatating A Symbol
hi, i created a program that allows the user write (draw) symbol in a "picture box" using the mouse, my problem is that i am trying to rotate the drawn symbol 180 degree (the user can see the symbol moving slowly to the desired degree).

i know the mid point of the drawn symbol if thats helps.

can anyone known how to do that?


NewLine Symbol In Rtf

Not sure how to explain this so do this:

Add a listbox , 2 Rtb and a command button

make rtb multiline, then add text into it with lots of newlines . Now add the rtb text into the listbox and u will see that where there is a newline, there is a symbol which looks like | but only shorter and darker. Now add list1.text to the second rtb and u will see that the symbol is gone. How can i add that symbol to a rtfbox without it being changed into the newline?

Symbol Pdt8100
8100 wireless application
i want to write a small app for the 8100 in vb6. i downloaded the sdk from symbol. at installation a message stated that i needed both c++ and vb for this sdk. all i want to do is scan a couple code39 barcodes, put them in a folder on a network drive and read them via vb. does any one have ideas and/or experience with symbol. i've been to their web site looking for program manuals - if they are there i did not recognize them.
any and all help is appreciated.

if this is not the correct 'forum' for this request - sorry.


Pipe Symbol
I am learning VB6 and I don't know how to type "pipe symbol" in VB6.
There is no pipe symbol in my key board. How to do it? Please...

New Line Symbol In VB6.0
I have an application:


Private Sub mndOk_Click()
frmRecords.txtRecords.Text = frmRecords.txtRecords.Text _
& Chr$(10) & txtFishSize.Text

End Sub
txtFishSize is an txt field, Ok is a button txtRecords is another field in another form frmRecords

What i am trying to is: the records which user input in txtFishSize will go to txtRecords in different
record 1
record 2
record 3
not record 1 record 2 record 3

But the above code does not work
How can i fix the problem?
Any suggestion will be appreciated.


Symbol Recoloring
I've added my rich text box. I've added all my save, open, and other features, could someone help with one other thing. I'm looking to make all of one particular word one colour, all of one particular letter another colour, etc. Can anyone help me do that?


Symbol Recoloring
Hi guys, I've got a text box that holds a large amount text and I'd like to know if it's possible to recolor all of certain word, symbol or phase within that text box to I color I decide. If you have any answers, feel free to post.


Symbol P460
I need to add a Symbol p460 barcode scnner in a upc look up app.

Symbol Enqueries
Dear gurus and members,
I am very new in VB. I am wonding is there a way to insert the copywrite symbol(a 'c' in a circle) into the label on my Form? Any suggestions or ideas are highly appreciated. Hope to hear some reply soon and have a pleasant day

Thanks in advance,

Celsius Symbol Please?

what is the code to display celsius symbol ??

Decimal Symbol

I change my local os configuration spanish mexico to spanish chile
=> Decimal symbol "." to ","

In my software (VB6) i have the error message
"La propriété Size dans Font a une valeur incorrecte"= size font property value is not correct

but i don't want change my os configuration.

How can i do?


&& Symbol In Label
A simple question: How to include & sign in a label caption?

Thanks in advance

Currency Symbol?
Hi, How can I populate a combo with all the currency symbols on the system - (the ones displayed in the regional settings)????

Decimal Symbol.
Does anyone know how to programmatically determine if the PCs REGIONAL SETTINGS | NUMBERS | DECIMAL SYMBOL is set to a ‘comma’ or a ‘period’?

Also, does anyone have pointers to reference material that addresses programming techniques for mathematical routines/functions where the PC Decimal symbol is set to a comma. I can’t seem to get satellite Keplerian orbital data calculations to run if the PC is set to a comma decimal symbol (works well, lasts a long time, if set to a period).


Copyright Symbol
Anyone know which font and letter to create the copyright symbol?

Pipe Symbol?
How do you make a pipe symbol........

Custom Symbol????
I find an example of class module which allow user to replace a point object by a cross (custom symbol) when drawing a point, how could I make this custom symbol to be a bitmap graphic, i.e, the bitmap appear instead of a point when drawing.

Option Explicit

' Data members
Private m_pen As Long
Private m_oldPen As Long
Private m_size As Long

' Win32 API functions
Private Declare Function SelectObject Lib "gdi32" (ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal hObject As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function CreatePen Lib "gdi32" (ByVal nPenStyle As Long, ByVal nWidth As Long, ByVal crColor As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function DeleteObject Lib "gdi32" (ByVal hObject As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function LineTo Lib "gdi32" (ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function MoveToEx Lib "gdi32" (ByVal hdc As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, lpPoint As Long) As Long

Public Sub Draw(hdc As Long, x As Long, y As Long)
MoveToEx hdc, x - m_size, y - m_size, 0
LineTo hdc, x + m_size + 1, y + m_size + 1
MoveToEx hdc, x + m_size + 1, y - m_size, 0
LineTo hdc, x - m_size, y + m_size + 1
End Sub

Public Sub ResetDC(hdc As Long)
SelectObject hdc, m_oldPen
DeleteObject m_pen
End Sub

Public Sub SetupDC(hdc As Long, dpi As Double, baseSym As Object)
m_pen = CreatePen(0, 1, baseSym.Color)
m_oldPen = SelectObject(hdc, m_pen)
m_size = baseSym.Size
End Sub

Decimal Symbol
I like to change the decimalsymbol from Windows,
when I start my program it must be a point - . – and
when i close my program it must be a delimeter - , -
Does anyone now if this is possible and how to do that ?

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