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Indexed Text Boxes

I have a group of text boxes that are doing the same thing just with different variables passed to them. Is there a way that I can take:


and make it so that I only need one module of code to pass each of those values through my logic?



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How Do You Add (indexed) Objects Like Command Buttons Or Lists Boxes At Runtime?
Below is the example from Pyash to create a CommandButton at runtime, but how do you create an indexed CommandButton at runtime?



Codeim cmdButtonCode:

Set cmdButton = Controls.Add("VB.CommandButton", "cmdButton")

cmdButton.Caption = "OK"
cmdButton.Left = 500
cmdButton.Top = 500
cmdButton.Visible = True

How Do I Display Text Value For Indexed Combobox In Update Mode File Of LoadControls?
On an update form during initial data load of records to be processed I want to display the combobox text value for the record selected. On the initial load and as I scroll through the records the text value of the combobox should change based on the value in the master record column that contains the index value for the combobox index. All I can ever get to display is either the index number or the first text value of the combobox's record set. How can I get the corresponding text value to display?

Here is the initial load of the combobox record set:

Private Sub LoadSeminars()
   With mrsSeminars
        .Open "Seminars", gcnAP, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic, adCmdTable
        Do Until .EOF
            cboSeminars.AddItem !Seminar_Title
            cboSeminars.ItemData(cboSeminars.NewIndex) = !Seminar_ID
        cboSeminars.Text = !Seminar_Title
    End With
End Sub

Here is the load of the data to be updated:

Private Sub LoadControls()
 With mrsBrochures
        txtSeminar_ID = !Seminar_ID
        txtFromDate = !From_Date
        txtToDAte = !To_Date
        cboSeminar.?????????????? This is where I am stuck! Help
End With
End Sub

From the above you can see that I want to display the Seminar_Title for the Seminar_ID.

This one is driving me crazy! Thanks for your help!


Want To Convert Text In Text Boxes To Normal (without Text Boxes)
Hi all,

Our Client is sending files in RTF Document format which has some content. Each and every word in that document is in its own text boxes (i.e., the RTF has full of text; each and every word is in own text box). I need to convert it to normal word document without text boxes. But my problem is the entire content of that file is coming in text boxes. so it is very difficult to convert it to normal word document (without text boxes).

Currently I have two choices to do that: one is select the text box and copy the content and paste it in a new file. but all formatting is lost. i have to do all formatting manually. The second option is convert it to PDF and do a conversion and check alignments give some missing formatting etc.

These cases are ok if I got a file with full of text paragraphs. but most of the time I am getting tables. That time these ways are not smart way to do that.

Is there any other way to convert that file to normal word document. Pls let me know.

Currently I used to convert that document to Adobe PDF and will do a PDF conversion and then I will do a formatting as per the RTF document.

So, it is taking to much of time consuming and effort.

Is there any solution for this?



All Things In Form Text Boxes List Boxes...Saving
Is the a command thats save every thing that is changed changed in form ...all text boxes all list boxes ...everything that has changed

Can You Have Multiple Colours In Text Boxes, Or Richtext Boxes(etc)?
Is there anyway you can have each word in a text box a different colour? Like:

[RED] My Name [/RED]
[BLUE] What's up! [/BLUE]

or something similar?

I don't care if you can't do it in a text box but is there anyway to do it in any type of "text box"?

If sub classing is involved could you please point me to a tutorial?

Thanks a lot.

Web Control, List Boxes, Text Boxes, Please Help This Is Winding Me Up!
Hi guys i need some help with the webcontrol function in VB6

Part of my program needs to put listbox data from the program into a text box on the web and then click a submit button...

The list box i have has a list of multiple directories in (for the location of my files), from there i just want the program to put the top directory of the list box into a text box on the web and click a submit button on the web (its for uploading a queue of files), then after that has finished uploading, do the next directory in the list box... etc

It sounds pretty simple but i have no idea how to do it...

Thanks for any help you can give me, i will write a really good review about you and good rating etc.

Any knowledge of this would be greatly appreciated

thanks a bunch

toodle pipples



i use flexgrid for data entry. i want to add text boxes in column and check boxes in another column. how to add this .

help me.
thanks in advance

Combo And List Boxes To Text Boxes?
Connecting sub-menus to rich text boxes is fine is most cases but the user does not always want to use menus to load and display text. Applying the same technique as sub menus to text boxes with combo or list boxes just wont work could someone please help me out with this one.

Both combo and list boxes will for example:

Contain an alphabetic list.
When the user clicks on a file it should locate the text file from the drive.
It should then open it into a rich text box on the same form.

Could this be possible?

Please any help will greatly be appreciated.

Error Message With Opening Of A Text File And Inputing The Text Into Text Boxes
Hey all:

Here is the problem at hand. I have a procedure that opens a recently saved file and when executed places the contents of that file in the designated text boxes I have coded. But the thing is I am getting this error message during the process...

Quote: (Subscript Out of Range)

What does this mean?

Here is the code that I have so far... any help would be greatly appreciated.

Code: Private Sub mnuOpen_Click()
'Open a Previously saved file. Search values are suffixed with .txt
Dim r_strFileName As String
CommonDialog1.CancelError = True 'Set CancelError is true
On Error GoTo ErrHandler
    CommonDialog1.Flags = cdlOFNHideReadOnly 'Hide Read Only Files
    CommonDialog1.Filter = "*.txt" 'Set Filters
    CommonDialog1.DialogTitle = "Opening Saved Search - Locate Text File"
    CommonDialog1.ShowOpen 'Display the Open dialog box
    r_strFileName = CommonDialog1.FileName
'Existence Test
If Dir(r_strFileName) = "" Then
    MsgBox r_strFileName & "File Does Not Exist!", vbCritical
End If

'Read File
On Error GoTo Tag800_error
Dim intFreeFile: intFreeFile = FreeFile()
Open r_strFileName For Binary As intFreeFile
Dim strData As String: strData = Space$(LOF(intFreeFile))
Get intFreeFile, , strData

'Remove Ending vbCrLf
strData = Left$(strData, Len(strData) - 2)

'Format Data
Dim strText() As String: strText() = Split(strData, vbTab)
lblAI.Caption = strText(2)
txtDataString.Text = strText(3)
Linear.Text = strText(4)

GoTo Tag900_Exit

'Error Trapping
    MsgBox "File Read Error" & r_strFileName & vbCrLf & "(" + Err.Description + ")", vbCritical
Tag900_Exit: ' Housecleaning
    On Error GoTo 0
    Close intFreeFile
    Exit Sub
End Sub


Check Boxes And Text Boxes
Using Excel 2000...

I have two questions; one, is it possible to "lock" a text box so that a user cannot enter/change data. I have a text box that is populated within the VB code, but I don't want the user to be able to click in the text box (BTW the textbox is in a userform) and change the entry.

Second question. Is it possible to "lock" a check box once a user selects it. So the user can select a checkbox, but once it is selected, he/she cannot uncheck the box.

Any advice or quidance would be appreciated. TIA

Help With Combo Boxes And Text Boxes
Hello, I am making a little test program and I want it so I can click on a item in my combo box and that word appears in my text box... any ideas? help please.

List Boxes And Text Boxes
Ok i have a list box that has a list of movies to choose from then you choose how many tickets you want i want to know how to display them in a text box and how to clear the dat file that i saved it in

Text Boxes And Combo Boxes
I am trying to create a system that will allow you to pick a name from a combo box and then other information about the person will appear in labels when a command button is clicked. The problem is, is that i do not know how to get the databar to link the correct information with the labels and with the right name.

Any Help??

List Boxes And Text Boxes
I have a list box with a bunch of items in it. I'm trying to make it so that when you click on an item in a list, the text appears in a text box. I don't know too much.. but what I have so far is

Private Sub List1_Click()
Dim i As Integer
Text1.Text = List1.List(i)
End Sub

What this does is when I click an item, it makes the text of the textbox the first item in the list. How do I change it so that I can pick an item from the list and have the text of that item displayed in the text box? Thanks in advance!

Check Boxes And Text Boxes
Is there any way to use a checkbox in a rich text box. Or another way to do what I need which is....
when someone double clicks on a url (not hyperlink) in my textbox, through an SQL statement if finds the matching url in my database and displays the article that matches that url? This was easy using a listbox, but I don't know how to specify the text in a text box that was double clicked. I hope this makes sense, if not I will try to clarify.

I was wondering about the check box cuz then I could match the url beside the checkbox, maybe?

List Boxes = Text Boxes
Hi I'm new here (and to VB). I'm using VB in Excel and trying to get a list box to write to a series of three text boxes. I have a mobile phone user form and the list box has a selection of phones in it. I want the user to be able to choose three phones from the same list box and have the results display - one in each box. Can I do this and, if so, how?

Add Text To Text Boxes Like List Boxes
ill explain this the best i can i want the user to type in some text then click "Add" and the text will be added to a textbox i know you can do this alot easyier with list boxes with the .AddItem but how would i do it so far if got this

VB Code:
Text1.Text = "" & Text2.Text

But as you notice it just overwrites the text allready in the box and doesnt ass it

Putting The Text Of Two Text Boxes Into One Multiline Text Box
Well I Got a Text1.Text and a Text2.Text
What I Am trying to accomplish is the following:

When I Press Command1, Text1 and Text2 both get put in one line on Text3.

Text3.Text = Text1.Text + " - " + Text2.Text
That does the Job, And thats where I Am so far.
However, I Need it so that if I Press Command1 Twice, then it goes to a new line
Meaning if Text1 and text2 both say ''test''
Text3 will be


Test - Test

I Need it so when I press Command1 again it puts it in Text3 in a new line, and to keep the past one
So in the end it will be


Test - Test
Test - Test
Test - Test

Etc depending on how many times I Click it.

Save Text From Two Text Boxes Into 1 Text File?
I have two text boxes. Is it possible to save Text1 and Text2 into the same file, so that the new text file containing both Text1 and Text2's text will be like:

This is the text from Text1's text box

And this is Text2's text

Making a new line to seperate them, if you know what i mean?

Indexed Forms
Hello, I have a form, which is indexed using

frmNewForm as New frmForm
but how do I find out what index one of the forms has? The index property doesn't seem to exist.

Indexed Timer
i need 14 timers on my form, it would be stupid to drag 14 components on my form right?

how could i create 14 timers on form load, and rename each timer?

Indexed Controls

Here's the scenario. Let me show you the code first

VB Code:
For Each Ctl In Me.Controls        If UCase(Ctl.Name) = UCase(sCtlName) Then            Ctl = True        End If    Next Ctl

Ctl is declared as Control.

sCtlName is a name of a Command Button that is part of a control array.

By calling Ctl = True it will always call the button's click event with the index of 0.

How can I call the control's Click Event passing it the index value of 1?

I tried Ctl(1) = True but received an error.

Indexed Files
Hi everyone!
Just want to know if you can open indexed files? If you can how do u open them. And how do u use them.. Please help! Have some indexed files which i need to open and ready quickly. Thanks!

Indexed Variable

I want to know if the indexed variable exists in Vb.

var(0) = "hello"
var(1) = "salut"
var(2) = "hola"
var(3) = "hallo"

I tried before :

var0 = "hello"
var1 = "salut"
var2 = "hola"
var3 = "hallo"

because i would like to do

for i = 0 to 3
text1.text = var(i)

If somebody have a solution ?



Newbie-Opening And Saving Text Files In Text Boxes
I'm trying to find a way to save text from a text box as a .txt file or .rtf and then be able to retrieve files of similar type and open them in a text box on my program. There must be a way to do this, I'm just not able to figure it out. Help?

Fill Text Boxes With Text Search Results (Resolved)

I have a form with a ADODC control to my database. I have several text boxes on my form to enter new records. I would like to search my database thru a text box (Account Number) then populate the text boxes with the data results insstead of going next thru all the records


textSearch = (Account Number) 00001

Then if it is there populate the textboxes

txtAcct.text = 00001
txtName = John Doe
txtAdd = 123 main st
textCity = Anytown
txtState = MD

If not then msgbox "Record not found"

As always thanks for taking the time to read this'

Edited by - Bob Taylor on 7/29/2003 3:40:54 PM

Load Contents Of Text File To Text Boxes
Any Ideas on this? :

on an OnClick() event I need to load the contents of a text file:

string1, string2, string3, string4

into 4 text boxs:


Without creating an array...

Thank You,

Saving Text Of Mulitple Text Boxes To Txt File
I have a form with multiple text boxes that need to be filled out. I want the content of each of the text boxes to save into one text file on the local pc.

How would I do this.

Importing/exporting Text From Txt File Into Text Boxes
hi guys! i have two text boxes and one command button named Text1 , Text2 & Command1 respectively. i want that when i press command1 after putting some text into Text2, it saves text present in Text2 into a .txt file and then import it automatically into Text1 from that .txt file. i actually want it to make a chat room for my LAN. please note it that both text boxes have multi line property enabled. waiting for your help.. thanks in advance!

Searching Text For Strings And Moving It To Text Boxes
Hey all,

Got a quick question about the best way to search text.

I currently search a textbox (txtdata.text) for a set of about 30 words (Ex:server1) as shown below:

Server1 88,324
Server2 65,343
Server3 54,789
Server4 99,324
Server30 12,234

The 1st value "server" is placed in a text box called V#.text and the associated amount is copied to a 2nd text box called R#.text.

In order to separate the 2 values I use this code:

Search21 = v21.Text
Where = InStr(txtData.Text, Search21)
If Where Then
txtData.SelStart = Where - 1 + 8
txtData.SelLength = Len(Search21)
r21.Text = txtData.SelText
End If

I need this to be repeated 30 times over to get all 30 values in their boxes.

This is a huge pain & probably the worst way to do it but it works.

Anyone have a better idea on how to do this?


Downloading Multiple Text Strings Into Different Text Boxes.

How do I download text strings that are on different lines from a .txt file online? For example, say I own the txt file ..... and within the txt file is the following lines:

go away

I can download the strings, but how do I put each line into a separate text box on my vb program?

Thanks in advance

Using A Label As An Indexed Control...hElP?!?
i am designing some software that needs to read an excel file. I have got the data import done from excel. It reads the range into an array.
the code is all included below...i get the following error when i run the code, on the line that the indexed control is used..

Label(n).Visible = False

i have a feeling that i have not set up the indexed control properly. Please help me out.. I realize that this would probably not be easy, but there's a lot of stuff which have been made comments, and dont have to be read/looked at.

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim objBooks As Excel.Workbooks
Dim objSheets As Excel.Sheets
Dim objSheet As Excel._Worksheet
Dim range As Excel.Range
Dim Rows, Columns As Integer

'number of rows and columns to read from the excel file
Rows = 11
Columns = 8

' Create a new instance of Excel and open wafer map workbook.
objApp = New Excel.Application
objBooks = objApp.Workbooks
objBook = objBooks.Open("C:maheshcamsemi1wafer maps.xls")
objSheets = objBook.Worksheets
objSheet = objSheets(1)

'Get the range where the starting cell has the address
'm_sStartingCell and its dimensions are m_iNumRows x m_iNumCols.
range = objSheet.Range("A1", Reflection.Missing.Value)
range = range.Resize(Rows, Columns)

If (True = False) Then

'the following code is to store values in an array into a sheet (once it is open!)
'Create an array.
'Dim saRet(Rows, Columns) As Double

'Fill the array.
'Dim iRow As Long
'Dim iCol As Long
'For iRow = 0 To 25
'For iCol = 0 To 5

'Put a counter in the cell.
'saRet(iRow, iCol) = iRow * iCol
'Next iCol
'Next iRow

'Set the range value to the array.
'range.Value = saRet

'Create an array.
Dim saRet(Rows, Columns)
'no type defined...thus variant (changes depending on what is read)(i think!)
'defined as array of type String because type mismatches occurred.
'Set the range value to the array....i reversed the next line
saRet = range.Value

'display the read information in a label
Dim valueString As String
valueString = "Wafer Data" + vbCrLf
Dim rowCounter As Long
Dim colCounter As Long
For rowCounter = 1 To 3 'it is assumed that only the first 3 rows contain wafer information.
For colCounter = 1 To Columns

'Write the next value into the string.
valueString = String.Concat(valueString, saRet(rowCounter, colCounter))

Next colCounter

'Write in a new line.
valueString = String.Concat(valueString, vbCrLf)
Next rowCounter

Label2.Text = valueString

'displaying the wafermap in an understandable format
'(made from display the read information in a label (above))
Dim valueString2 As String
valueString2 = "Array Data" + vbCrLf
Dim rowCounter2 As Long
Dim colCounter2 As Long
Dim CurrentlyReading As String
Dim n As Integer
Dim labelboxnumber As Integer
Dim Label(n) As Control

For rowCounter2 = 5 To Rows 'it is assumed that only the first 3 rows contain wafer information,
'and the next one contains part of the grid reference
For colCounter2 = 2 To Columns

'algorithm to work out the label number
'starts with 3, 7 per row, 7 rows
n = (((colCounter2 - 1) + 2) + ((rowCounter2 - 5) * 7))

'saRet is the array with the wafer data
'read each element and decide how to display it
'trying to read characters inside each element to determine how it's displayed
'use mid (variable, startcharacter, number of characters to read)
CurrentlyReading = "0"
CurrentlyReading = saRet(rowCounter2, colCounter2)
If Mid(CurrentlyReading, 3, 1) = "1" Then 'if chip present on wafer (then = "1")
Label(n).Visible = True
Label(n).Text = (Mid(CurrentlyReading, 6, 3))

Label(n).Visible = False
Label(n).BackColor = BackColor

End If

'Write the next value into the string.
'valueString2 = String.Concat(valueString2, saRet(rowCounter2, colCounter2) & "| ")

Next colCounter2

'Write in a new line.
'valueString2 = String.Concat(valueString2, vbCrLf)
Next rowCounter2

End If

Spesific Indexed Records
how do i select a spesific indexed item,, for example, like
Datmemo.recordset.memo.index(5) or sompthing,,,

Returning Indexed Rows

alright, i'm having a lot of trouble doing this, i've made several attempts and this is the closest i've come...but i'm still runnin into some problems, and was wondering if someone could help me.

i need to choose every 550th person from a table. and check the 3rd column...if it's bigger than 18000 copy, paste it to table1 then find the next customer with a value smaller then 18000 and copy and paste it to table2.
go back to the 550 record and find the next record (imcremeting by 550)
and repeat the entire process over again.

here's what I have so far...

Sub Make()

Dim OriginalRS As Recordset
Dim CustWithOutWHRS As Recordset
Dim CustWithWHRS As Recordset
Dim CustCode As Long
Dim PremCode As Long
Dim TotalConsumption As Long
Dim Larger As Boolean
Dim index As Long
Dim i As Long
Dim Start As Integer
Dim NumREcords As Long

Set OriginalRS = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("Original", dbOpenDynaset)
Set CustWithOutWHRS = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("CustWithOutWH", dbOpenDynaset)
Set CustWithWHRS = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("CustWithWH", dbOpenDynaset)

CustCode = OriginalRS!CustCode
PremCode = OriginalRS!PremCode
Larger = False
Start = 0
NumREcords = OriginalRS.RecordCount

Do Until OriginalRS.EOF
For i = Start To NumREcords Step 550
TotalConsumption = OriginalRS!ConsumptionTOtal
If TotalConsumption > 18000 Then
Larger = True
CustWithOutWHRS!CustCode = OriginalRS!CustCode.Value
CustWithOutWHRS!PremCode = OriginalRS!PremCode.Value
CustWithOutWHRS!TotalConsumption = OriginalRS!ConsumptionTOtal.Value
Larger = False
CustWithWHRS!CustCode = OriginalRS!CustCode.Value
CustWithWHRS!PremCode = OriginalRS!PremCode.Value
CustWithWHRS!TotalConsumption = OriginalRS!ConsumptionTOtal.Value
End If

If Larger = True Then
Do Until Larger = False Or OriginalRS.EOF

TotalConsumption = OriginalRS!ConsumptionTOtal
If TotalConsumption > 18000 Then
Larger = True
Larger = False
End If
CustWithWHRS!CustCode = OriginalRS!CustCode.Value
CustWithWHRS!PremCode = OriginalRS!PremCode.Value
CustWithWHRS!TotalConsumption = OriginalRS!ConsumptionTOtal.Value

If Larger = False Then
Do Until Larger = True Or OriginalRS.EOF
TotalConsumption = OriginalRS!ConsumptionTOtal
If TotalConsumption > 18000 Then
Larger = True
Larger = False
End If
CustWithOutWHRS!CustCode = OriginalRS!CustCode.Value
CustWithOutWHRS!PremCode = OriginalRS!PremCode.Value
CustWithOutWHRS!TotalConsumption = OriginalRS!ConsumptionTOtal.Value
End If
End If

Start = Start + 550
OriginalRS.Move (Start)
TotalConsumption = 0
Next i


Set OriginalRS = Nothing
Set CustWithOutWHRS = Nothing
Set CustWithWHRS = Nothing

End Sub

My problem is that it won't increment by 550...instead it's going to random numbers. If someone culd help me out i'd really appreciate it. thanks

Creating Indexed Files .......
We want to create a text file with binary data which contains very huge data....we have to write data for every milliseconds...So we decided to go for a text file with binary data which is can any one let us know how can we implement indexing on files.....this is more important as we need to read data from that file again and we need to write the specific data into other files...


Using CASE For Indexed OptionButton
I have a frame with 3 Option Buttons: optRes(0) optRes(1) and optRes(2).
How can I use a select case to find wich button is selected?

Select Case optRes
Case 0
.dmPelsWidth = 640 'ScreenWidth
.dmPelsHeight = 480 'ScreenHeight
Case 1
.dmPelsWidth = 2048
.dmPelsHeight = 768
Case 2
.dmPelsWidth = 2048
.dmPelsHeight = 768
End Select

Thank you

Playing With Indexed Objects...
It's possible to add a new object to an index using the ever simple load blah(x) process. And you can remove them with the unload blah(x) command.

Problem is, unload doesn't shift everything down.. so if you delete item 5 out of 10, 5 is now just a blank hole in the ground.

Is there a way to easily/automatically make the index just toss out the "blank spots?"


Indexed Value Of An Access Database ...
Hello world!

Quick question to all you VB gurus...

I want to change the Indexed value of an access database within my VB code. This property can be 'Yes (No Duplicates)' or 'Yes (Duplicates OK)'.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Delcaring Indexed Object. Please Help.
How do i declare a object as a variant and say it is indexed. for example something like this. form1 contains a indexed text box called text1

call msgboxtext(form1.text1.text)

public sub msgboxtext(thetext as textbox)
msgbox thetext(0).text
msgbox thetext(1)
end sub

Methods Of Indexed Objects
Imagine following code :

Dim rst as ADODB.Recordset
Set rst = ExistingRst


After typing the dot in these 2 situations, I get different methods and properties I can choose.

rst.Fields.[...] gives me the Count property
rst.Fields(0).[...] does not give me the Count property

My Question :
I'm currently making a class that handles a collection and a class that handels a collectionItem.
How can I immitate this (development)behaviour ? In other words, how do I have to hide a property/method depending on the index being given or not ?


Expecting 3 Value(s) For The Key Being Indexed, But Received 1 Value(s).
I'm getting this error...

Expecting 3 value(s) for the key being indexed, but received 1 value(s).

Here's the sub.


Code:Public Sub FillOwnerDetails()
        Dim objRow As DataRow
        objRow = objDataset.Tables("RESULT").Rows.Find(cboOwners.SelectedItem.ToString)
        lblOwnerID.Text = objRow.Item("RESULT_NAME")
        txtName.Text = objRow.Item("VISIBLE")
        lblOwnerID.Text = objRow.Item("UNIT")
 End Sub

How Can We Create A File Which Is Indexed In VB
how can we create a file which is indexed in VB


Vertex Buffer Vs. Indexed Buffers?
I have heard that Index buffers are much faster then Vertex buffers
however I cannot find anything on them!

I have been busy developing my D3D engine and I do not want
to go to far to find out that my engine is slow due to Vertex buffers
and have to do the whole thing all over again.

I've looked at examples using Index buffers and mostly what I find
in the geometry creation code are these huge lists of numbers.

Can anyone tell me where I can find info on Indexed buffers and
what these huge number lists mean and how you would know what
to put in that number list?

This is what I am talking about. Something like this (in C/C++ but you
should be able understand it)

D3DVERTEX aCubeVertices[ ] = {{-1.0f,-1.0f,-1.0f,0.0f,1.0f},{-1.0f, 1.0f,-1.0f,0.0f,0.0f},{1.0f, 1.0f,-1.0f,1.0f,0.0f},
{ 1.0f,-1.0f,-1.0f,1.0f,1.0f},{-1.0f,-1.0f, 1.0f,0.0f,0.0f},{1.0f,-1.0f, 1.0f,0.0f,1.0f},
{ 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f,0.0f,0.0f},{-1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f,0.0f,1.0f}};


Timestamping Indexed Control Arrays
Ok i have a group of text boxes all with the same name and they are indexed. i want to adda command button that stamps the system dates and times into certin boxes. what can i put as the code to stamp a certin textbox? does it have somthing to do witht eh index numbers? or how do i point to a box to fill it in with information for a database?


How Can I Check If One Of My Indexed Winsocks Exists?
i have a winsock that is indexed and i unload certain controls sometimes. how can i check to see if a certain index exists?

for example something like
unload winsock1(5)

if winsock1(5).exists then
msgbox "Its there!"
end if

Indirect Referencing Of Indexed Variables/VB6
I cannot figure out how to indirectly reference indexed variables, i.e. a Name(Line) Group of Controls on a form.

I suppose an IndexedFieldname variable should contain the Fieldname and associated Index(say line = 11), something like :

IndexedFieldname = "Name(Line)": Sets variable name/index. = 150 : Sets value 150 in Name(11).top.

This method is systematically used in Basic and other languages, but I cannot find out the correct syntax needed under VB6.
(Please note that this has nothing to do with functions...)

Many thanks in advance to who could help!


Updating Records On A Indexed Frame
I have an app that uses a frame array called picFrame. The indexes are picFrame(0) through picFrame(14)

There are a varying number and type of controls on these frames. I would like to loop through a specific frame only say picframe(1) and be to check the text value on the text boxes. The thing is that I only want to check the controls on that frame not on any other frame or part of the form.
Is there a for next type of loop I can use?


Send Indexed Combobox As Parameter
Good day,

I have control array of combobox and need to send one of them depending on a condition to the subprocedure how do I what I wrote is:

   SearchDescription(combo(1)) -- call procedure

   public sub SearchDescription(oCombo as Combobox)

it seems to me oCombo is the text in a combobox


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