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Internet Data Gathering

I would like to be able to get excel to gather data from a website for a specific date, the web site is:

I was wondering if it is possible to get excel to open the site, enter a date into the cell and excecute the Go button, then select "current data in csv format" and save the csv data to disk!!

Any ideas on where to start and what to do!

Many thanks,


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Gathering Internet Data Through Excel Macro
Hello. What is the best way to grab info off of the internet? Specifically, I am trying to grab football stats from a table on the internet, and import them into excel separating it into different cells. Right now, I am doing what's below based on an example I found, but I don't fully understand what is going on below with the Set Statements and the query table.

Set Stats = Workbooks(1).Worksheets(1)
Set Rosters = Stats.QueryTables _
.Add(Connection:="URL;", _
Destination:=Stats.Cells(1, 1))
With Rosters
.WebFormatting = xlAll
.WebSelectionType = xlSpecifiedTables
.WebPreFormattedTextToColumns = True
.WebTables = "16"
End With

Thanks for any help!!


Gathering Data From A Database
I am creating a game where you are asked about countries and you have to provide the country's capital. How do i collect the countries that i have in the database to display it in the program?

in the declarations I have

Option Explicit
db as Database
rs as Recordset

what do i have to do after this....

Gathering Data From DOS Program
I am wondering if the following is possible. At work I need to access data from a Main Frame application. I access this information via a DOS Communication Program. What I would like to do is output a value to the program and then I want to cut and paste the data that is displayed on the screen. How would I go about this?


Gathering Data From Multiple Workbooks
I'm just at the initial design stage of trying to accomplish the task described below. Before I dive in, I'd like to get your thoughts on the best approach.

I'd like to have the ability to read several workbooks, gathering pieces of data and putting them in a number of summary reports. Right now I have my one big add-in that is responsible for interacting with the user and creating and managing the data I will need to gather from each workbook. All of the data I will be going after is contained in worksheets, however, code contained in the add-in will be needed to make sense of much of the content of worksheets before it is collected.

I have recently started working with Visual Studio and would like to write this as a non-excel app (in VB or C++). Would the stand-aone app load Excel and the add-in, then read each workbook? Should the need functionality contained in the add-in be extracted and placed in the stand alone app? I haven't been getting much sleep lately so I may not be explaining this as clearly as I need to.

Your thoughts?

Gathering Database Data Off Of A Webserver
I would like my program to check a *.mdb database for a username which would match a password. If the username/password is correct then it will login with their name in a label (username.caption)

How would I go about this?? If you need anymore info plaes reply!!

General Data Gathering Question (Access 97)

I'm wanting to gather data in a similar way that MS Project enables the user to gather data. I have created a TreeView, which will list my company Key Performance Indicators on the left, and now I want to capture data against these in another form (or object) that has dates across the top and a number of rows that correspond to the number of KPIs in the treeview. Like in MS Project, I'd like to be able to scroll through data from any date on any row and be able to remove/edit or delete it.

Any suggestions?



MSFlexGrid And Multiple Selection Data Gathering

I have a MSFlexGrid with many rows. If I click one row I get the ID of the row by doing following:

selectedId = MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(MSFlexGrid1.Row, 0)

How can I get ID's from ALL selected rows if I select more than one row?

Thanks for your help?

Gathering Data From Multiple Combo Boxes
I am writing a program in VB6 to emulate a PDA for restaurant orders.

I am using multiple combo boxes to obtain orders e.g. Drinks menu would be:

DrinkType        Size    Quantity

How do i get the data from all three combo boxes and store it as one string in a list box?


Gathering UNC Name
Guys and Gals,
I'm having a bit of trouble at the moment and would appreciate any help out there. I am trying to get the full UNC path to a mapped drive. Ideally I would like to say something like "RET = GETUNCPATH("K:MIKESDIR") and the full UNC path would be passed into RET. Any ideas. Please

For any problem there is a solution - It juts might be playing hide and seek....

Gathering Names
I am looking to write a code so that when a procedure is put into use, and a button is pushed on a form, e-mails will be compiled to supervisors telling them which of their people need to be trained on the procedure.

I will probably be writing a For...Next Loop to gather the names and link them with their supervisors. What I am looking for here is how to send one email to each supervisor with all of their subordinates' names in the body of the e-mail. I have already written a code to send an e-mail when a button is pushed.

This is for Access 2000.


Naming Gathering
Not sure if this is possible or not, but is there a way (beside writing it out) to get all the names for objects in a project? i.e. if I have a project that has two command button called command1 and command2, that I can get a txt created that list the name of those buttons?

Hyperlink Gathering
this may belong in the newbies section, but it applies to the web so im posting it here. all i want to do is have my browser i wrote in vb go to a web page and write to urls of all the links on that page to a text file, i thought this would be pretty simple but i cant figure it out. code sould be the most helpful, because other posts similar to this dealing with the logic didnt help.


Meta Tag Gathering
ive tried using the code that is in my post about hyperlink gathering and modifying the code to visit a site and find tag name meta. this didnt work so i was wondering if anyone knew how to write the content inside a meta tag to a file.



Gathering Hostname And IP Information
This is what I want to do.. I want to be able to pull the users IP and hostname off of their computer when they run my ip so I can make a ip address database. I understand all sql and talking to the database. My question is pulling the hostname and ip of the computer. I will be running this on 98,2000,XP systems. Thanks for the help

Gathering Infomation From Websites
Is there any way you can read data straight off websites like being able to copy what i am saying now (HARD) and put it into a document (EASY)?

Ps. please move this post the appropriate area

Gathering Contents Of A Folder
I wish to browse a folder and load the wave file names in that folder into a mshflexgrid. browsing to the folder location is easy. working with the flexgrid is easy, but how does one go about loading the folder contents to the flexgrid?

Problems Gathering Information
Here is what I have and what I am doing the question is IS there a better way to gather the information that I need

I have a form with checkboxes , listboxes , textboxes in total around 225 items that the user can pick multiples of and I would like the information to be collected on a second form that they can copy and paste into another application that the user will be running.

This is a sample of the code that I am using at the moment:

if SMBuilder5.check_2attack.value = 1 then
text1.text = text1.text + (";skill 2_attack")
end if

this is making the coding for just the one form around 690 lines of code

This is an offline mud building application.

MUD= multi user dungeon

Thank you in advance


Gathering Information From Wav Files
Is there a method or control available to gather information from wav files, such as sample rate, or whether it is a mono or stereo file?



Gathering Information From Web Pages
Many web pages contain information in tables that regularly get updated. To view these information changes you must log on regularly, and page through several tables to see if there are any changes. The little (NEXT) button gets a fair hammering.
My experience with using VB to interact with the web is zero, but I was wondering whether anyone can tell me if it is possible that once you log onto a particular site could you use a specific VB program to automatically page through the tables and download the information for data extraction/sorting/comparison at your own leisure.
If this is possible - where would I start to get an example of how it could be done.

Gathering System Information.
I have to design a Database for a software and hardware audit. The database itself is not a problem but I just wondered if there is anyway that access can search my network and pull the information I need from each machine on the network. I need information such as Processor type, ram, Operating system, IP address, attached printers, monitors, software amongst other things.

Is this possible?

If so how?

Gathering Html Pages With Vb6
I searched the site for posts regarding this but most of them dealt with .Net. since i dont have .Net i was wondering if it was possible to have a huge list of keywords in a text file and place those keywords in at the end of a hyperlink eg, or whatever the address is that triggers a search for those keywords. then using vb take the html code off of the website and save it in a text file, a text file for each key word.


Automated Keyword Gathering
im using link suite 4, the trial version. You can download it off of pjl techs website. Im entering a bunch of keywords in the search engine extracter. i want to know if i can read the keywords from a text file and have them enter into the text file, then have it set the links number to 100 and extract. to automate the link gathering process.


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Gathering Info From Form Fields
HI, and thanks for any help up front.
I am trying to gather info from populated fields, and have it open another document (word doc named Output.doc) and have it input that info into the new document in a particular order on the page. Can this be done. And I want it to be perform via keystroke. I have tried many ways, and cannot figure it out. Any ideas, or a place that I can find the info. thanks again guys!!

Help - Gathering Folder Content - Have Code
my problem is, what my program was indented to do, was collect all the cookies from temp internet files and add them to the listbox. however it doesnt work when i put the path to my temp internet files folder. but works everywhere else perfect.

here is my working code :

Dim filename() As String
Dim strName As String
Dim k As Integer

Private Sub Command1_Click()
k = -1
strName = Dir$("C:
enamed1*.txt*", vbNormal)
Do While strName <> vbNullString
k = k + 1
ReDim Preserve filename(k)
filename(k) = strName
strName = Dir$

For k = 0 To UBound(filename)
List1.AddItem filename(k)
End Sub
now when i change the path to

C:Documents and Settings oothpickLocal SettingsTemporary Internet Files

it comes up with an error:
runtime error 9 - subscript out of range.

why would this happen.?

thanks alot. toothpick

Gathering Items From List1 To Combo1
Gathering items from List1 and loading the list items in their own item in Combo1

Example: List1

Example: Combo1

Gathering Windows Toolbar Height
Anyone know how or have any code they could share to get the windows toolbar's current height using api ??


NT Remote User Info Gathering
Hi All

I am still having problems trying to retrieve a user login name from a computer on an NT network. I know I can get my own login name from my computer, but what I want to be able to do is to type in a computer name (another computer on the NT network) and then to find the login name on the computer related to the computer name.

E.G. I know my computer name is IT01 and my user login is Milleniux. I know there is another computer on the network called IT03 and I know the user login is BOB, however, I want to be able to type in IT03 on MY computer, give it time to go off and search the network, find that computer, and then return to me his login name, which in this case, would be BOB.

Any help will really be appreciated.



Gathering Date Fields From A .ocx File
Hi all;

I'm looking to cull the 'last modified' date from a series of .ocx files on a local drive. This will be used as a standalone 'audit' utility to verify that a user has all of the latest components to my company's program.

If anyone can help me grab this date and display it, I should be able to do the rest (although I reserve the right to ask more questions!)

eric (djSyndrome)

Gathering Windows Info *RESOLVED*
I would like to be able to 'pull' the windows version from the PC my app is running on (for Bug Reporting)

 Does you know how to do it in VB6??

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Gathering Driver Information Of Hardware Devices
I need to gather the driver information like
1. Driver Provider
2. Driver Date
3. Driver Version
of hardware devices programatically in Visual basic

We are able to see these information in the driver tab of each device's property window. (in Windows device manager)

I came across a sample for Opening and comparing the USB drive name.
In the code, there is a declaration for
Declare Sub HidD_GetHidGuid Lib "HID.dll" (GuidPtr&)

The code fragment uses
1. SetupDiGetClassDevs to get the pnp handle of the HID device
2. SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces to find if interface exist for device
3. SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetail to get the interface detail

But i find this dll is meant only for HID.

What should i do to get the driver information for Network Adapters, IDE, Modem etc.

Does anybody have any samples/tips for the above requirement.

Thanks in advance.

S. Prathap

Using Data From The Internet
i need my VB application to perform a google search, pick a result, and extract plain text from the website. How would I accomplish this?

Dl Data From Internet
How can I download data (i.e. lottery #, stock quotes, etc.) into my program without personally typing it in. All I want to do is grab the info and use it in my program.!!!
Thanx in advance,

Downloading Data From Internet
hello im a noob and im creating a program that downloads a particular file from the internet when loaded. i have no clue on how to do this. i dont want a open or save as box to pop up. i want the file to be downloaded directly into the root directory. anybody got any suggestions?


Send Data Via Internet
i have data base (access file) on one computer
and application on another computer , what i need to do
so i can send data from my application to data base via internet

How To Use Internet As A Data Sources?
Hi Friends

I have a data in Access that was from a database(DB) on the web. I know how to manipulate the data using SQL and visual basic 6. But I have a problem to connect my Access datbase using VB to this Internet DB and update it when needed?

Is it possible to write SQL for DB on the web to extract specific information?

Excel-internet Data; Help
I need to put numeric data, which are in a long table on an internet site, into an excell document without using cut and paste, how can I do?
thank you.

How To Offer Data Over The Internet
ASP, DHTML, .NET, XML, IIS. So many choices have me going crazy!
I am a beginner to intermediate level Visual Basic programmer, and I am trying to broaden my abilities. Specifically, I am trying to get more knowledgeable about offering dynamic information over the web, but there are so many choices to go with. I am already familiar with database programming with ADO and DAO, and would like to be able to set up an IIS server with access to specialized reports and data from a set of ODBC data files. I can do a great deal of this in Access 2000, with their new "pages" feature, but am limited in what I can control. I want the user to be able to access data, but only over a SECURE connection (128bit, etc) with appropriate password safeguards etc, and get special reports that I run from queries and view and possibly modify information in these data files.
What would any of you suggest as the best way to go to do this. I understand IIS webclasses are going away with the new .Net platform, and yet I am scared to start up with .Net.
It also would be really nice if I could figure out how to create a web based e-commerce style site programmattically and SECURELY.
Thanks in advance for ANY help or ideas!

Data Access Across Internet
Does anyone know of a way to access an .mdb file accross a network? Preferable, I would like to avoid setting up VPN.

Whom shall I fear?

Transfer Data Via Internet
Hi, I use Access 2000 and I want to transfer the data via internet to another location, can anybody tell me how to do it ? and how about the security ? Thx A Lot !

Send Data Over Internet
i want to send some data continuously from my pc to another pc (which is in some other city )via internet.can i do it using visual basic>?? if yes then how

plz help me i have no idea how to do it

Download Data From Internet ?

how to download data from internet, and than the data coping to "c:data" in local computer with vb 6 programming ?


Reading Data From Internet
Iím would like to make a Texas holdem program but I canít find out how to catch the cards from the poker table. Could some one help me?

Accessing Data On The Internet
Is there any way to have my vb application access information from the internet?

My program has to use sunset sunrise times and I need to access that daily to do some calculations in my application. How can I do this?

Thanks in advance

Downloading Internet Data

I need to write a piece of code that will connect to a site & download a specific file (with username and password).

I have never done anything like this b4. I believe u need to use INet!!??

Thanks in advance.

Stop Internet Data
Can I control the internet data transfer from my vb ??
Explanation :
I want to make a program that can stop and prevent all the internat application ( Email Programs too ) from loading & showing the internet data and pages without disconnect the internet line .

Thanks you all


POSTing Internet Data
How can I post information using the winsock control to my website, I can connect and DL info, but I'm not sure about this one... also, how do I convert the text to the escape style needed, ie %20 = a space?

Acees Data Through Internet
Hi guys,

I want to access database through Internet.
Can any body help me.
the server name is d-server.
os winnt
database name LID
Server Microsoft SQL Server 7.0.
Thanks in advance

Collecting Data In DB Through Internet.
Hi All,

I'm developing a program that is partially Net enabled. What I want to do is to collect information from all the users in a central database that is lying somewhere on the Internet. How can all the users can access a database (MS Access or SQL Server) in the internet? Do I need a Public IP? or IIS or something else? I don't know everything about this, I've information in bits-n-pieces.. So if anyone would help me it would be very nice of him/her ;)

Thanx in advance.

Best Regards

I am looking for the source code, once I get my hands on it, I am gonna change this world.

Data Transfers Via Internet
I am making a game and using a winsock control to end data. I need to have it capable of multi users (multi is optional really), and I will need to send many different things through the connection and be able to distinguish them. Eg. Make it send data telling the other client it has won, so a screen pops up and says it, but have a chat at the same time. I don't know how to make it to where I can do this. I tried to make a chat with winsock and had 5 winsock controls to accept 5 clients automatically, but it would only allow me to have two clients that would actually recieve/send data all the time, other times it waited untill another client sent something to display the data it was sent. I hope you can help me send/recieve data this way and be able to (hopefully) use one control for multiple users. This is fine if I have to use more than one, but it would be inconveniant for me. I also need to be able to tell the different "things" wether it's chat data or in-game data from a single control. Then I'd have it display the chat data recieved in the chat window and the game data effect the remote user visa versa by doing other things.

-Thank you,

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