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Kanji? (Chinese Windows)

I've got a program that runs fine on 'English' versions of windows, but I have problems when it's run on the Chinese Version...

(Using VB6 btw)

I save some text (usually copied to the clipboard) to a file using...

Public Sub addclip(Index As Integer, text As String)
Dim outfile As Integer
outfile = FreeFile
Open path + "Clip" + Str(Index) + ".txt" For Append As outfile
Print #outfile, text
Close outfile
End Sub

Reading back the same file sometime later...

Public Function readclip(Index As Integer) As String
Dim inFile%, clip$
On Error GoTo readcliperror
inFile = FreeFile
Open path + "Clip" + Str(Index) + ".txt" For Input As inFile
clip = Input(LOF(inFile), #inFile)
Close inFile
readclip = clip
Exit Function
If Err = 53 Then 'file not found
readclip = "no more clips:" + Chr(9)
Exit Function
End If
If Err = 76 Then 'path not found
readclip = "no more clips:" + Chr(9)
MkDir App.path + "clips"
Exit Function
End If
End Function

... comes back with error 62 (Input past end of file).

The only difference that's apparent between the English and Chinese versions of windows is that the Chinese is using Kanji.

Is there anything I can do to solve this? I can't get hold of Chinese Windows (this is an unpaid project so I can't really afford to buy it), and searches on VB Help, Google and on here haven't turned up anything.

I don't feel catching err 62 like I have with 53 and 76 is a viable solution (unless someone can come up with a good reason why it is).


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My Application Is Behaving So WEIRD In Kanji Windows
i have a font written in domestic windows.

it has no more than 256 characters/glyphs.

an application produces a string to be formatted into that font.

some characters are above 127.

the app got a copy button and a print button and a text box to display the encoded string.

all works fine in domestic us windows.

here is my (big) problem.

when ported to kanji windows NT 4.0 , the app still works fine :
the regular text box shows the string just fine, prints fine, copies fine (hidden rich text box
for cpoying/printing purposes)

when ported to kanji windows 2000, characters above 128 will show as japanese characters; even if force again the whole string to be formatted into the desired font.

it prints fine but copies wrong. why would the copy process be wrong when printing is fine ?

why for example, ascii 206 would be replaced by 0xff8e (65422) ?

is there a way to tell kanji windows 2000 to not mess with my characters or to obey the.

can the ChrW / AscW function help ?

thank you for any information about distributing an VB application to a japanese machine, or, in
general, to a multibyte character set based OS ?

Chinese Character In Windows CE 5.0
I am developing application in Visual Studio VB.NET
and i would like to show a string in label that consists of chinese characters: "问候对访客从中国气象局大气成分观测与服务中心"
but when i deploy to windows CE I only see "_________________________"
Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong.

When I created Windows CE image i included the NLS and Chinese(simpliefied) - SC_Song font, but that does't do the trick.
Font type selected in label where the text is, is Arial Unicode MS.

hope someone can help


Encryption Problem On CHINESE WINDOWS
I have a module that I found it on this forum, (I think).
It simply encrypts and decrypts a string with a private key.
It works great on my Windows.
But it cannot work correctly on the chinese Windows!
Thanks for your helps

Using InternetOpenUrl API Call On Chinese Installations Of Windows
I have an app that uses a call to the Wininet.dll's InternetOpenUrl API
function to retrieve HTML from web sites. My problem is people using an
Asian language setting end up getting irregularly formatted HTML (sprinkled
with tabs, spaces and question marks). One user confirmed that if he
changes the page encoding in Internet Explorer from "Chinese Traditional
(Big5)" to "Western European (ISO)" it fixes the problem but of course he
doesn't want to have to do this. I would think that there would be a flag I
can set in the API call to set the encoding to English but all my looking on
the web has yielded naught. Does anyone else know of a possible solution?

My VB Coding Get Stuck In Windows Chinese Version

I've created a vb program, using Ms-Visual Studio 6. I built the coding at Windows 2000 profesional operating system.

When I need to run the program in Windows 98 Chinese version, it stuck.

I built a simple database program. Get and Show Data from SQL Server Database.

Well, what is my problem then ? is it really impossible to run my vb program in Chinese version operating system ?
If I can do that, what should I do, or what should I change to my code ?

I don't think that I should re-build the code in Chinese operating system right ? :>

I just need to run my code at my end-user client which has Chinese Windows98 installed at his / her PC.

Thx in advance,
Need advice of course...


Problem With DLLs In Chinese Windows 2000?
Hi, I've got a bit of an obscure problem. I hope someone can suggest something!

I've got a VB6 application that needs to run in Chinese versions of Windows 2000. The way I'm handling internationalisation is by having a series of external DLLs, each with a different string table resource file, so that when my application loads it checks what language it needs to show in, loads the relevant DLL with the Win32 API LoadLibrary function, and loads the required strings using the Win32 API LoadString function. I'm using third party UniToolbox controls to enable the software to display Unicode.

This method works fine in English Windows XP. It also works fine through the Multi-lingual User Interface pack for Windows XP with the interface set to Chinese. It ALSO works fine in English Windows 2000. But it fails in Chinese Windows 2000. Some of the correct Traditional Chinese characters display, but others don't display at all, or appear incorrectly.

It seems to be related to the external DLL, because if I compile the string table in with the application it works fine: the correct characters display and everything. However I won't be able to change languages and add new languages as freely with this method (internal string table), so I'd really like to get the DLL method working properly.

It isn't related to UniToolbox because, as I said, it works fine with an internal string table. It also can't be related to character sets or fonts, because it works with the internal string table and nothing else changed.

So if anyone has any clues, or any better methods for me to reference the external DLL, please let me know!

Thanks in advance.

Building Char Strings, Chars ASCII > 127 && Chinese Windows
An app (VB) that we have had running for a few years now has been working fine on American and European versions of Windows. Now someone has tried to run it on Chinese Windows, and it's not working. I have traced it down to one specific thing, as follows:

The code builds up Modbus communications messages one byte at a time using VB's Chr$() function, like this:

strMessage = Chr$(1) & Chr$(3) & Chr$(0) & Chr$(48) ... etc.

Now, as we all know an unsigned byte can be from 0 - 255. Also, in a single byte character system, ASCII characters also go from 0 to 255. Thus, it is quite natural to want to add such bytes beyond 127, which would be negative values _if_treated_as_signed_bytes_:

strMessage = strMessage & Chr$(245) & Chr$(136)

Now, on most systems this works just dandy. But I have discovered that whenever we try to add a byte (character) > 127 under Chinese Windows, it instead ends up with 0 there - it doesn't seem to get it right.

All suspicions point to MBCS (multi-byte character set) issues, but I was under the impression that VB handles this automatically.

Can anyone suggest how I might successfully add bytes > 127 to a VB string, using VB methods? When I get totally desperate I can call to a C++ DLL to do it, but there's a fair bit of work rewriting the VB code for that so it's a very last resort!

Jason Teagle
A list of programming resources I use:

Building Char Strings, Chars ASCII > 127 && Chinese Windows
An app (VB) that we have had running for a few years now has been working fine on American and European versions of Windows. Now someone has tried to run it on Chinese Windows, and it's not working. I have traced it down to one specific thing, as follows:

The code builds up Modbus communications messages one byte at a time using VB's Chr$() function, like this:

strMessage = Chr$(1) & Chr$(3) & Chr$(0) & Chr$(48) ... etc.

Now, as we all know an unsigned byte can be from 0 - 255. Also, in a single byte character system, ASCII characters also go from 0 to 255. Thus, it is quite natural to want to add such bytes beyond 127, which would be negative values _if_treated_as_signed_bytes_:

strMessage = strMessage & Chr$(245) & Chr$(136)

Now, on most systems this works just dandy. But I have discovered that whenever we try to add a byte (character) > 127 under Chinese Windows, it instead ends up with 0 there - it doesn't seem to get it right.

All suspicions point to MBCS (multi-byte character set) issues, but I was under the impression that VB handles this automatically.

Can anyone suggest how I might successfully add bytes > 127 to a VB string, using VB methods? When I get totally desperate I can call to a C++ DLL to do it, but there's a fair bit of work rewriting the VB code for that so it's a very last resort!

Jason Teagle
A list of programming resources I use:

Kanji Printing
Need to print Some descrption in Kanji script.
This data will be stored in table (field type will be char). Kanji Scripts are double Character based.
I want to know how i can convert this values to Kanji script to print.


Japanese Programmers? Kanji To Kana Conversion?
I'm working on some language learning software, and am inputting a bunch of text. I want to input the same text in Kanji, hiragana/katakana, and romaji.

Anyone know if there is a way I can enter the text once in Kanji and then run some conversion utility to convert to the other two representations of the Kanji? For example the utility would accept a string of Kanji and output the same text with Kanji replaced by the hirigana representation of those Kanji.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Display DBCS (Kanji) In Non DBCS System In VB6
Hallo all,

I try to display DBCS (Kanji) im my VB6 Program.
I am using engliesh Version of VB6 (incl SP5) on an European Windows 98 System
I have the IME5 installed.
When I want to display DBCS in a Object (Text or Button.Caption) it always only displays rectangles. I even tried to use a Richtext box. If I use VBA for Excel 2000, I can display DBCS. I even could find a IMEMode option but not in VB6.
Could anybody help me and explain how I could display and if possible even use IME to input DBCS (such as Kanji or Katakana) on my English based System ?

Chinese && Vb
Hi everyone,

I'm working on a computer with windows 2000 installed on it and chinese as a default language.

When I try to work with vb 6.0 I get a system error msg, and the vb get closed.

The msg is saying something about error when reading from the memory.
It accures or when I open an existing vb application, or if I open a new application when I click on a command button in order to move to the code editor.

How can I work with vb on my computer?


Chinese Chekers
Hi I need help in doing a project for my computer class and I don't know how the heck shall I do to move an object and I have to do the chinese chekers so imagine!!! I would appreciate you to be as simple and clear as posible because I'm a beginner so I don't knwo to much about visual. thanks

Encoding Chinese URL
The encoding for Chinese Character love



You can go to make sure.

However, if I type the AscW(sTmp) where sTmp is the Chinese Character,

I got


Now, can we use Chinese character in visual basic?

For example, can we type


Also, what is the connection between number 24859 to %E6%84%9B

As far as I know hex(24859) is 611B and not E6849b

So, what am I missing here?

How Handle Chinese...

I write a kind of notepad but some Chinese user says this software doesn't support his charset. Sincerely I have no glue how to make my simple software, it's a little bit more than a text box and save routine, compatible to Chinese char set. I develop using Win2000 English version under VB6

Can anyone help me?


Chinese Characters
hi all,

im using Win2k pro and i've setup the Chinese language in Ctrl Panel.
How to display those characters in a multiLingual application..? (i know about resource file, just i need to display the chinese characters..)

Thanks !

Chinese Char
why all this Combobox, Listbox, DBcombo, DBList cannot show Chinese char? any solution.. 10q

Pls Help With Chinese Character!!
VB6 + sp5

i tried to type my chinese word in text but couple words seem not support or what, just show question mark??
did anyone know how to do with this??
thanks in advance!

Hw To Send Chinese Sms In VB?
HOw do I send a Chinese SMS in chinese characters from VB?

Chinese Diagnostics.
I'm in an awkward predicament. I'm using a Chinese language version of Windows+VB6+MS SQL Server. I don't read Chinese. I'm actually teaching some programming classes in China. Mostly stuff that I know, and I'm a very experienced programmer (well, very old anyway) - unfortunately I got landed with VB6+MS SQL Server - which I've had to get up to speed with over the weekend.

So, I'm trying to set up SQL servers in Chinese, Modifying (guessing) datalink settings (in the Data View window) in Chinese, and running a simple program to connect to the database that gives me an error message in Chinese (after a delay that suggests it's trying to do something).

It has some English...

"Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)':
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]SQL Server" - then chinese....

It happens when I call ADODB.Connection.Open

I suspect my ConnectionString is wrong. I've tried a few things and got various Chinese diagnostics - but nothing that gives me a clue.

I just want to get at the "pubs" example for now. (I can see it's structure in the Data View window). Everything is local, on the same computer. No need for security.

If I got this working, I'd like to be able to set up a blank database in which I could create new tables under program control. The program is not a problem - but connecting to the database to start with is my barrier.

Any suggestions?

MSCOMM32 On Chinese XP

I have a number of applications that have been widely used by UK, US and European customers.
These applications are now being rolled out to Chinese customers and they are having problems with serial communications.
The serial port, using the MSCOMM32 V6 control just does not seem to be working. No error messages have been reported and until I can get hold of a copy of Chinese XP and load it onto a system, I am having to stab around to try and get some info on a possible solution.
I am guessing that this is a DBCS related issue.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

OptionButton In Chinese
What is the different between Label and OptionButton when showing Chinese Characters?

The Label (Label1) shows correct Chinese Characters but the OptionButton (Option1) not.

Private Sub Option1_Click()
Option1.Font.Name = "MS SONG"
Option1.Font.Size = 9
Option1.Font.Charset = 134
Option1.Caption = "轴发生碰撞或过载"

Label1.Font.Name = "MS SONG"
Label1.Font.Size = 9
Label1.Font.Charset = 134
Label1.Caption = " 轴发生碰撞或过载"
End Sub

Typing Chinese Into VB
Does anyone know how to type chinese characters into Visual Basic IDE? I have tried all of the 'normal' methods of doing so, however once they have been inputted they all turn into ??s

I am trying to use string tables for multiple languages - so that I dont have to write heaps of if() statements when all I want to display is a msgbox!

Does anyone know a workaround for this?

Chinese Support
Is there a way to support chinese in visual basic on an american OS? I need to know because I have to make a program into a few languages such as chinese and I am not able to see the characters on my machine. They just appear as a bunch of random symbols. I tried enabling foreign language support, but that really didn't seem to do anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx!

Chinese Character
Hi, i'm trying to code a function that would convert character's hex code to UTF format and save it in a MySQL database. However i found that i need to convert the charater in to ISO-8859-1 format first before i can stream it into the database, is there any function in VB 6.0 that would allow me to change the format of a string??? or i need to use to do it??

Any suggestion is welcomed. Thanx a lot!!


Chinese Character In VB
My application is written in VB. Due to some reasons, the locale of the client machine is English and can't be set to my desired language(Simplified Chinese). When i type a simplified chinese character into a textbox, it turns into ?. When i look into the event KeyDown & KeyPress, the keycode is 229 and keyascii is 63. It seems that VB converts unknown character into ?. As i know, the chinese character consists of 2 bytes. How can i trap those 2 keycodes in VB? So that i can convert it back to a normal chinese character. Is there any sample codes?

Thank you very much.

Chinese String?

I have written a program and it can be translated. There is a text file with numbered lines. This file is loaded and split into an array of each line. The caption of each command button, label, etc is set to a specific line using a function when the form/usercontrol is initialized. I have some users asking if it is possible to add support for chinese characters.

How can I load unicode strings from a text file, and set them to be a function result, so they then become the control's caption?

Chinese New Year
A bit of a tough one I know, but does anyone have, or know where I get the code to find out the date of Chinese New Year for a particular year? The Maths involved looks really tough.

I could just put all the dates I know of in a big array and pull them out when I need them, but it's more flexible to be able to calculate it myself.

Chinese, VB And Internet !
Hi, I have a little problem.
I want to make a little program that can display chinese characters, but as I read on the forum that's pretty hard to accomplish. But I tried to paste some of those characters to Frontpage and it gave me this line :

<span lang=ZH-TW style='font-family:
<font size="7">


which is the chinese character for chicken soup or something like that

I have a file with some of those characters which is with the attachment. So I would like to know how I can get VB to make these codes (38622)for me from the text file.

I hope you understand me, in my messed up English.

Using Chr() In English Win And Chinese Win
I found that I will get different result when I use in Eng. Windows and Chinese Windows:


in Eng. Windows, it display 200 and in Chinese Windows, it display 0?

Is it able to solve this problem? Or other then the function Chr(), did I have other function that can convert ASCII value to character which will not have the problem mentioned about?


Using Chinese Characters
I am trying to write a flash card program for a chinese class I am taking, but I can not figure out how to add the chinese characters. I am hopeing that there is a way to do this. I have though of using pictures, but that can add up. Any ideas?

Chinese Characters In VB
I am developing a chinese application using VB. I am storing my data in MS Access using unicode. But when i try to display the same in my application i am not able to display it properly? i am using MS Moncha font. Can anyone help me?


Simplified Chinese
Dear All,

I have a big problem in displaying simplified Chinese character under Traditional Chinese Windows 2000/XP/ME. All data in the database were display correctly but once it goes to the VB, it becomes ?? ... ... does anyone meet that problem before? please give a urgent help!


Chinese Characters (Unicode) In VB6
Does anyone has experience in using chinese characters on VB6 form and control captions?
I have a multilingual XP-System (german/chinese) and a VB6, SP5.
The texts are read from a unicode text file, where they are correctly displayed when I open the file with notepad.
In my application only questionmarks where displayed.
What do I have to change? Is it possible at all?


Help Please... {Chinese Characters In Access}
anyone knows that a chinese character stored to MS Access using VB6 can be retrieved as a chinese character back to a VB application?

Thanks a bunch

Develop App With Chinese Font????? Please Help
Hi all,
I'm using windows 2000 in English and VB 6.0 in English ,

Rightnow i want to create some screen with chinese font and show data from Access database (also in chinese characters Using access 2000). Require display and input for chinese(Menu, Label, textbox)

Anybody know the best way to do this ??? Please advise.

Thanks so much,


Using VB6 To Manipulate Chinese Characters
How can I use VB6 to display, input and store Chinese characters? Any low-level programming involved?

Printing Chinese Characters
I have a problem where I need to print and english description of a product with the chinese version printing underneath it.

I'll post a brief outline of the code I'm using. All of the descriptions are read in from a unicode text file, and I'm attempting to use the printer object to print.

I've tried printing the chinese without strconv, with strconv(vbfromunicode), and strconv(vbunicode) but none of these seem to work. I normally just get ? for each chinese symbol.

The GetChinese and GetEnglish function simply slice the read line into the correct parts. These values are then stored in a textbox control. This all works fine, the chinese symbols are displayed correctly. It's the printing part that I require help with.

ff = FreeFile
Open App.Path + "dingchin.txt" For Binary As #ff
Text = InputB(LOF(ff), #ff)
Close #ff

txtChinese.Text = GetChinese(Text)
txtEnglish.Text = GetEnglish(Text)

Printer.FontName = "Arial"
Printer.Print GetEnglish(Text)

Printer.FontName = "MS Song"
Printer.FontSize = 18
Printer.Print GetChinese(Text) 'I've also tried txtChinese.Text
Printer.FontName = "control"
Printer.Print "P"

Display Chinese Character In VB
Hi All,

I am stucked in how to display chinese character in VB. for example, i created a form and ask form input in chinese.. the program ables to view chinese when inputting, but once i saved into database and then retrieve back from the database, it goes wrongly, can't display the correct chinese... why? how to solve this problem? please help me in urgent!!

Thanks and regards,

Problem In Upload From Chinese OS
Hi all,
I am trying to upload file using VB HTTP Post method. Can successfully upload the files when client machine is English OS . However , the problem occurs when am trying to upload the files from Chinese OS. It seems that the file uploaded is getting corrupted and could not be opened in correct format. I got the suggest ion to use charset to utf-8.. but i dont know where to ues?? whether i need to convert the content of file being uploaded in utf-8 or at any other place?? the code is as follow. which builds a http request. here strdata is the binary content of file.
' this function builds a http request baes on the following parameters:
' data = the data from the file to be uploaded
' DestUrl = a URL to containing information on where to send the data
' UploadName = the field upload name usually pass by <input type="file" name="uploadname"
' Filename = the name of the file
' The MIME type of the file
Private Function BuildFileUploadRequest(ByRef strData As String, _
ByRef DestUrl As URL, _
ByVal UploadName As String, _
ByVal FileName As String, _
ByVal MimeType As String) As String
Dim strHttp As String ' holds the entire HTTP request
Dim strBoundary As String 'the boundary between each entity
Dim strBody As String ' holds the body of the HTTP request
Dim lngLength As Long ' the length of the HTTP request

' create a boundary consisting of a random string
strBoundary = RandomAlphaNumString(32)

' create the body of the http request in the form
' --boundary
' Content-Disposition: form-data; name="UploadName"; filename="FileName"
' Content-Type: MimeType
' file data here
strBody = "--" & strBoundary & vbCrLf
strBody = strBody & "Content-Disposition: form-data; name=""" & UploadName & """; filename=""" & _
FileName & """" & vbCrLf
strBody = strBody & "Content-Type: " & MimeType & vbCrLf
strBody = strBody & vbCrLf & strData
strBody = strBody & vbCrLf & "--" & strBoundary & "--"

' find the length of the request body - this is required for the
' Content-Length header
lngLength = Len(strBody)

' construct the HTTP request in the form:
' POST /path/to/reosurce HTTP/1.0
' Host: host
' Content-Type: multipart-form-data, boundary=boundary
' Content-Length: len(strbody)
' HTTP request body
strHttp = "POST " & DestUrl.URI & "?" & DestUrl.Query & " HTTP/1.0" & vbCrLf
strHttp = strHttp & "Host: " & DestUrl.Host & vbCrLf
strHttp = strHttp & "Content-Type: multipart/form-data, boundary=" & strBoundary & vbCrLf
strHttp = strHttp & "Content-Length: " & lngLength & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
strHttp = strHttp & strBody

BuildFileUploadRequest = strHttp
End Function

Stop Chinese IDE From Launching???
I'm dev'ing in VB6 and running Access 2003 and everytime I try to edit a field in an Access table, the Microsoft IDE (Chinese) launches automatically. I have to keep hitting <Shift> to toggle to English as I move from field to field.

Does anyone know how to turn this %$#&ing thing off or at least config it for a 'manual mode'.

I'm in China so I do need the IDE sometimes but not when working with Access.

This is driving me crazy...please help!!

the maj

Export Chinese Character To Csv
im trying to do a export from ms access to .cvs file. The export code is written is VB6.

when i open the exported file, the chinese and japanese character turns into ??????.

do i have to do some conversion when i retrieve the values from database?


here is my code, where i get the result from the database,:

VB Code:
Set oConn = New ADODB.ConnectionoConn.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=..itest.mdb"oConn.Open startDate = FormatDateTime(Text74.Text, vbShortDate)enddate = FormatDateTime(Text75.Text, vbShortDate) strSql = "SELECT * from fbRs where DateOfSurvey <=#" & enddate & "# & _ AND DateOfSurvey >=#" & startDate & "#"Set recRs = oConn.Execute(strSql)  fFilePath = "test.csv"On Error GoTo ErrHandleOpen fFilePath For Output As #1 If recRs.EOF = False And recRs.BOF = False Then    recRs.MoveFirst     i = 2    Do Until recRs.EOF        'Debug.Print (MyRecSet.Fields("ID") & " : " & MyRecSet.Fields("Question"))        'List1.AddItem MyRecSet.Fields("ID") & " : " & MyRecSet.Fields("Question")        'Sql = "insert into feedbackResult (staffFriendliness) values('aa')"        'MyConn.Execute Sql          With ExlWS            fieldVal = recRs.Fields("id") & _            """,""" & recRs.Fields("telNo") & _            """,""" & recRs.Fields("emailAdd") & _            """,""" & recRs.Fields("nationality") & _            """,""" & recRs.Fields("knowing") & _            """,""" & recRs.Fields("transportTo") & _            """,""" & recRs.Fields("recommendOthers") & _            """," & FormatDateTime(recRs.Fields("dateOfSurvey"), vbShortDate)            Print #1, fieldVal        End With        i = i + 1     recRs.MoveNext    LoopEnd If

Need To Convert VB 6 English To Chinese..

I have been searching through the forums and the Internet and have found a few ideas, but is there anyone who has a good handle on this? Is there a way to convert a large application over to Chinese? In other words, making all the text on the forms, etc. ...Chinese?


Multilanguage In Chinese/English OS
Hi all.

I'm working on an application to show multilanguage data in a datagrid. The OS is Traditional Chinese or English. Is it possible to show Portuguese, Simplified Chinese in the controls of VB and how to do this?

Thanks in advance

Chinese Language Menu
Can I display Chinese in the VB menu bar (English OS)?
Pls help me a solution.

Display Chinese, Etc Fonts
I'm doing a Matrix scrolling background thing, and I need a font with some Chinese Characters in it, plus some numbers, and a few english letters.

Is it possible to combine multiple fonts when working with a form?... or Picturebox.. one of the 2...

VB6 And Internationalization (French, Chinese, Etc.,)
We have an application in English. How difficult is to use it in French language. Is there any possibility of doing this? I know java apps are very easy to convert.

Also is It easy with .NET applications? If so I will try to convince my manager to upgrade it to .NET first.

Simplified -&gt; Traditional Chinese
Dear all,

I selected some simplified character from DB with ADO but can't display well.
Does anyone know how to convert some character from simplified chinese to traditional chinese in vb6?
And how to save simplified chinese character in a TXT file by vb6.



Chinese Characters In Excel
Hi All,
1. I have stored BIG5 / GB2312 Data encoded using some Chinese IME Tool in Oracle Database.
2. User now wants to retrieve this characters to show it onto XL sheet using Visual Basic.

3. If am running Chinese IME in background, then If I generate the Excel Report through VB, I can see that Characters as Chinese Characters, If the Chinese IME is not running in background, then I see these data as junk Characters something like this
Eg: ²»ÄÜ»½ÐÑÄã
4. Am using this Program in Client-Server Program not an Web-Based Application.
5. My Program actally generates 100's of Excel Report and save it into Hard Disk, later it will be distributing to other countires, they should able to see these Chinese Characters without any Chinse IME.
Issue is :
Is there any way in Visual Basic to convert these characters into Excel understandable format and display as Chinese Characters?

Even I did try using MultiByteToWideChar API in Windows.

Private Declare Function MultiByteToWideChar Lib "kernel32" (ByVal CodePage As Long, _
ByVal dwFlags As Long, ByVal lpMultiByteStr As String, _
ByVal cchMultiByte As Long, ByVal lpWideCharStr As String, _
ByVal cchWideChar As Long) As Long

Function ascii2unicode(a As String) As String
    Dim size As Integer, u As String
    size = MultiByteToWideChar(950, 0, a, -1, u, 0)
    If size = 0 Then
        Exit Function
    End If
    u = Space(size)
    If 0 <> MultiByteToWideChar(950, 0, a, -1, u, size) Then
        ascii2unicode = u
    End If
End Function

after calling above function that returns me Unicode then I pass it to StrConv function in VB like

StrConv(ascii2unicode(),vbFromUnicode). It's printing some chinese Characters but it is not the same as what I see through using Chinese IME.
This Problem is taking my life. Pls. help me out

Best Regards,

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