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Library Not Found?

I get an error "Library not found" at Chr (13) when I run my Word VBA project on a Windows 2000 computer, but no error at my XP.

Selection.InsertAfter Chr(13)

Any clues?


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Library Not Found
hello every body,

after formatting my computer, i've tried to run an old project that worked before, but i've some error that showed this msg :
Library unfound.
at debugging, it seems that it concerns:
* Format
* For i=0 to ... (it stops at 0 !!)
each line give the same msg error (compilling error)
my question: what library should i includ, and why it worked before on my pc before h disk formatting.
Thanks for you

Library Not Found....

I have a module for finding the files of any * extension...I need to call the function in my program....The module has Right$ function in its code..When I try to run the program I get a compilation error saying "Can't find project or library"..The error highlights the Right$ function in the module...I am not sure what library I need to add to the project references..I believe that this is a simple problem but I am unable to figure it out...

Somebody PLZZZZ help me with this....

Thanks a lottt...

Which Function Found In Which Library ?
Hi guys,

how would someone know which function is found in which library ?
like the function 'exitwindows' is found in librarry 'user32'

Project Or Library Not Found
Does anyone know what Project or Library not found means!? Help!! Im desperate

Project Or Library Not Found
I recently got a new computer and installed my Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise on it. It works fine on the old one, but when I installed it on the new, VB is totally screwed up. The only difference is that on the new one, I installed the MSDN Library as well. Here's the problem:

VB is not recognizing pre-defined functions, such as Format$ or Command$. It says "Project or Library Not Found." It also does this with un-defined variables. I've opened VB's object browser and searched for Command$ and Format$ and found them under the VBA Library. For some reason the object browser found them, but the compiler can't...I think it may have to do with MSDN. I have tried re-installing but no luck there. Can anyone help? Thanks.

The point of programming isn't for you to change technology, but for technology to change the way you program.

Excel 9 Library Can't Be Found
this is probably so basic, but I can't find it. I added excel to my vb project, the example I referenced needed excel 9 object library added in references, but all I can find to add is 10.0 library, and I get errors "can't find project or library", how do I access 9??

thanks for input

Date Or Format- Library Not Found Error
Hi guys, I hdon't think this should be too difficult to solve but I can't...

I created a project on vb6 in winxp, and am now trying to run it on win98.

Wherever it finds format or date commands, it gives me a 'library not found' error.

I have searched the forum, and it seems a few people have had this problem before, but I don't know which reference is missing (it doesn't say that any are missing), and wouldn't know which library to add in anyway.

Do you know what libraries these functions are located in? Or any other way to solve the problem?

Thanks for you help!


EDIT: it's OK-- I solved was in the windows date dll. Now why didn't i think of looking there.........

Project Or Library Not Found Issue For CurDir()

I have downloaded a project from a customer, and simple functions like CurDir() and Chr() are giving me the error message "Compile Error: Can't find project or library" not found.

Those functions are standard for VisualBasic Namespace, and can be used without any project references in other projects.

The only other issue with this project is that there was a reference to Excel object 8.0, and I do not have Excel loaded. If I load Excel will that make all of my problems go away? (And, Excel 8.0 is Excel 97, if I load a new version of Excel -- will there be compatibility issues ? )

Library Not Found For "UCase$"??? All I Did Is Email My Project Home On AOL...
I'm having a serious delima here everyone. ok, here is deal. Please help.

       I sent my project from my work computer to my home computer threw e-mail(AOL). When I open up the project in VB6 at home and RUN the program VB gives me an ERROR that says "Object or Library not Found!"! What i do not understand is that it HIGHLIGHTS the VB Built-In UCASE statement!

I don't get whats wrong. I checked the projects references and i believe all the needed references are checked.

here is my computer specs...

Window XP Home Edition Windows 98 Second Edition
Athalon 1.6GHZ Pentium III

What Is The Different Between Ntport Library And TVicPort Library In Visual Basic 6.0

Hi,I just need the information.
What is the different between nt port library and TVicPort Library which can be use in Visual Basic 6.0
Thank You.

Command Line Problem Found But The Fix Could Not Be Found
Yesterday I posted a question (which is still unanswered) regarding a command line problem in windowsNT. I found out what the problem was. Actually windows NT takes dos style file and foldernames, ie, if the pathname is "C:program filesabcabc.ntd" then in NT the pathname that is looked for is "C:progra~1abcabc.ntd". Problem also occurs even with short names (within 8 characters) if they have space inside the name.

Now the question is: what is the best way to convert the name like "program files" to dos style name eg"progra~1, without changing anything else. Is there any api ? Please help.

PCI Library
Hi, anyone know some library to send data a PCI port, and also have a PCI Slot pins names. ???

Thanks !!

Hi! I would like to ask someone if you could give me information on how to make a simple library/document management system. What should I need to do...

Thanks in advance!

Right$ Mid$ Library ????
Hello just a simple question...
what library do i need to run these functions. it seems my visual basic doesn't have it..

asc(x) ascii(x)
chr$(x) char(x)
lcase$(x) lower(x)
len(x) datalength(x)
ltrim$( x) ltrim(x)
mid$(x,y,z) substring(x,y,z)
right$(x,y) right(x,y)
rtrim$(x) rtrim(x)
space$( x) space(x)
str$(x) str(x)
ucase$( x) upper(x) ....


Which Library?
Is there any difference between Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library and Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.7 Library?

I am only using ADO to execute commands of the following types:

myCon.ConnectionString = "....."
myCon.Execute "SQL Statement here"
Set myRec = myCon.Execute("SQL Statement here")

I've been using the 2.8 library at home, but school only has the 2.7 library. I'm just trying to find out in advance whether my program will still work. Will I need to adapt any code, to allow for the different libraries?


How To Use A C Library In VB
Hello, API people.

I am not sure I am posting my question in the right forum. I thought you guys are an expert at the library things.

I downloaded a C library called dna.dll for numerical integration. My problem is that I don't know how to use in VB.

anyone can help me out?



How To Add Library (dll)

I want to add a library to my project. It's the fast fourier transform library fftw. It has .dll .exe .def .h files in it. Do i have to use the implib function in order to change the .dll files to .lib??? And which option allows me to add the library to my form, so i can then load the header file and use the functions to calculate the fourier values???


RSA Library
Does anyone know VB RSA library?
Or maybe not VB library, but where encrypt/decrypt functions get P Q D and E as arguments(not hole keys)?

Thank You, AntonM

CDO Library?
hey anyone know where i can find the CDO library 1.2?

ZIP Library

I'm looking for a ZIP library. That is to say a DLL library to ZIP files into a ZIP archive (like Pkzip or Winzip does).

It must be free of charge.

Does some one have this ???

Thank you for your help.


Sms Library
The declarations given at:

Public Declare Function SmsOpen Lib "SMS" (ByVal ptsMessageProtocol
As String, ByVal dwMessageModes As Long, ByRef psmshHandle As
Long, ByRef phMessageAvailableEvent As Long) As Long

Public Declare Function SmsSendMessage Lib "SMS" (ByVal smshHandle
As Long, ByVal psmsaSMSCAddress As Long, ByVal
psmsaDestinationAddress As String, ByVal pstValidityPeriod As
Long, ByVal pbData As String, ByVal dwDataSize As Long, ByVal
pbProviderSpecificData As String, ByVal dwProviderSpecificDataSize
As Long, ByVal smsdeDataEncoding As Long, ByVal dwOptions As Long,
ByRef psmsmidMessageID As Long) As Long

Public Declare Function SmsClose Lib "SMS" (ByVal smshHandle As
Long) As Long

Can anyone tell me where to find the sms libray ?

VB Help Library
Am new at this and learning. I'm in Excel and entering some VB code. When I hit the 'help' button, the library's label says Micorsoft Visual Basic Help, but the library displayed is one for Excel. How do I get to the VB help library? Thanks.

Wot Library/API ?
Guys, does anyone have any code or have an idea how to programatically Stop a nominated Service in Win2k ??



I was wondering if vb had an easy way to start a code library where i can keep all snippets of code. i would like to stay away from just typing it in notepad or somtehing. is there anyother programs that do this?

ADO 2.5 Library
Hi ,
I faced the following problem a few days back:
I had build my apps using the ado version 2.1
Then sometime later Office2000 security patch installed MDAC2.5 on my workstation.Without knowing this I compiled my app and ran it on a P.C which had the Previous verion of ADO library.My App started bombing.
Can this be because of no backward compatibllity of the newer version.
Please note that I have not used any methods or features that were not present in the older version
I have just recompiled the App.
Has anyone so far faced this issue of backward compatibility between the 2 versions.
If so please let me know and if there is any official documentation of the same.


IN P.B. there is pfc library is available with it.

is there any library came with microsoft vb.


Niraj Parikh

PDF Library
I'm seeking a PDF library so that i can create PDF's dynamicly from my code. I've asked about this before, and someone pointed me to Absolute PDF
My program allready creates printfiles in the PCL format. I would need to rewrite my entire program if i was to use this library.

I was wondering if anyone new any PLC > PDF or postscript > PDF library instead..

Thanks, Anders

What Is The Library
What is the library of this code:

The error is all about library..

Private Sub Form_Load()
SetWindowPos hwnd, conHwndTopmost, 0, 0, 0, 0, _
conSwpNoActivate Or conSwpShowWindow
While Not Data2.Recordset.EOF
If Data2.Recordset!brgy <> "Others..." Then
   Data2.Recordset!others = ""
End If

Image1.Left = (Screen.Width / 2) - (Image1.Width / 2)

End Sub

I spend this project twice I can

What Is The Library
Hello friends,

    Somebody help me to give this library in this program:

Private Sub tbToolBar_ButtonClick(ByVal Button As Button)
    On Error Resume Next
    timTimer.Enabled = True
    Select Case Button.Key
        Case "Back"
        Case "Forward"
        Case "Refresh"
        Case "Home"
        Case "Search"
        Case "Stop"
            timTimer.Enabled = False
            Me.Caption = brwWebBrowser.LocationName
    End Select

End Sub

Sms Library
The declarations given at:

Public Declare Function SmsOpen Lib "SMS" (ByVal ptsMessageProtocol
  As String, ByVal dwMessageModes As Long, ByRef psmshHandle As
  Long, ByRef phMessageAvailableEvent As Long) As Long

Public Declare Function SmsSendMessage Lib "SMS" (ByVal smshHandle
  As Long, ByVal psmsaSMSCAddress As Long, ByVal
  psmsaDestinationAddress As String, ByVal pstValidityPeriod As
  Long, ByVal pbData As String, ByVal dwDataSize As Long, ByVal
  pbProviderSpecificData As String, ByVal dwProviderSpecificDataSize
  As Long, ByVal smsdeDataEncoding As Long, ByVal dwOptions As Long,
  ByRef psmsmidMessageID As Long) As Long

Public Declare Function SmsClose Lib "SMS" (ByVal smshHandle As
  Long) As Long

Can anyone tell me where to find the sms libray ?


How To Add Library (dll)

I want to add a library to my project. It's the fast fourier transform library fftw. It has .dll .exe .def .h files in it. Do i have to use the implib function in order to change the .dll files to .lib??? And which option allows me to add the library to my form, so i can then load the header file and use the functions to calculate the fourier values???


Add Library
How can i add libraries in my project in VisualBasic 6. I want to add Fast Fourier Library. Is possible that?

API Library
Somebody knows a site with all API calls and your meanings for VB6?

API Library
Somebody knows a site with all API calls and the meanings, for VB6?

C Library
How do I use a C Library in Visual Basic?

Is This Bug In ADO Library?
Hi Gurus,

Help me out. I reckon this might be a bug in ADO library. I have following scenario.

I am using ActiveX Data Object 2.5 library in VB 6.0 to connect to MS Access 2000 database (say PC2020.mdb). PC2020.mdb database is password protected using database password (i.e. Tools|Security|Set Database Password). I use following connection string to connect to database “Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:pc2020databasePC2020.mdb;Jet OLEDBatabase Password=&lt;password&gt;”.

Everything works fine. But once I have Access database named System.mdb in the same directory as PC2020.mdb I am not able to connect to the database. The ADO’s Connection.Open method gives following error.
Error Number: -2147217843
Error Description: Not a valid password

Using Access I can open PC2020. But I cannot connect to any database using ADO from VB if there is a database named System.mdb in that directory.

I am puzzled. I had terrible time figuring the reason. Please Gurus enlighten me.


--Take the life as it comes--

Using C++ Or C Library
Hi all

Can anybody tell me how to use a c++ Library file in VB. Im new to VB and would appreciate an example if someone knows.

Thanks in advance

Suppose i want to create an object say xlApp as,

xlApp As excel.Application

But i want to do this only if i find out that there is excel installed on the computer.
How should i do it?
Can i somehow find out if excel is installed ?

I would like to write a program with all of my VB programs and C++ programs from school. Like the MSDN Library. I figure out how to design it, should I put all of my programs into a database and then make a database program in VB? Can anyone give me suggestions on a good design for my task?

Msimg32 Library?
today i stumbled across the transparentblt api in msimg32.dll. was great since i was looking for an easy way to create a mask at run time for bitblt, and this api call just solved that problem since i dont even need masks anymore, i just specify a transparent color.

i was just wondering why this command isnt more common. in the forums ive seen questions about transparency and they are always answered with the bitblt 2 statement method involving a mask. is there some drawback, functionality- or compatibility-wise? or is it that most people just dont know about it.

i want to make sure before i base too much code on this api call that there are no compatibility issues or drawbacks to using this method.

and on a side question: ive seen a program called RealBasic which can supposedly port vb code to linux/mac. im hoping someone knows something about this program or another like it. basically im wondering whether api calls are compatible with porting, or whether there are simply api calls on linux and mac that parallel the windows api, so that porting wouldnt be a problem using this type of software. basically im looking at distributing software on these 3 os's and so im hoping a code based on many api calls can be easily modified, or whether i should stick to standard internal controls, etc.

thx for any help

Could Not Find Library?? Help Pls
I am working on a VB 6.0 application. This is working fine on my computer, but when i copied the source files on another computer and run it there, it is displaying this error:

Could not Find Library

This error is generating on the line where I check the data from the Date Picker control like:

If DTPicker1.Value > Date Then - Error Here
End If

I started new standard project on that computer and added Date Picker control on it to check if this is error in the visual basic installation files, but this new project is running fine without any error, so where the error can be?

Can any one tell me the solution please. Thanx

Icon Library
I know that VB6 will handle ICO files, but I can't find anything about ICL files. From what I've seen, ICL is nothing more than a bunch of ICO files put together. Thus Icon Library... ICL.

The other question is whether it is worth it to use ICL files where possible. I read somewhere in the MSDN help file that when you set the Icon property for a form, the icon graphics are integrated into the .FRM or some other file. So the actual ICO file is not sent out with the project.


Anybody Used D3D Without MS's Type Library?
Doing this would mean:

1. The application can run on Vista without the user manually installing dx8vb.dll

2. You can use DX9 or 10 in VB6.

I've got as far as creating a Direct3D8 object by hand, but am now stuck.

Missing Library... What Should I Do?
when i run my program i get error message : can't find project or library
i go to Reference, i found that :

MISSING : vbAccelerator (M) Popup Menu DLL.
MISSING : Crystal Report Engine 7 Object library

where to get back this library ?
Anybody can help me?

Function Library
Can anyone point me to a function library for VBA?
I'm trying to learn VBA but every time I need an object to do something I need to ask for help. The helpfile has the functions but they are horribly organized and I'm not getting much use out of them. What I'm looking for is simply list organized by object with a sublist for each function that the object can perform and an explaination of the function.

DLL Function Library
I am having a bit of a headache trying to create a library of commonly used functions as a DLL so that I can link to it from any Office application. I have plenty of VBA in Access experience, but I've only just got hold of Office XP Dev Ed.

From the help file incuded, and on the net, the instructions are:


To create a DLL that acts as a code library

Create a new DLL project in Microsoft® Visual Basic®.
Create a new class module in the project.
Set the class module's Instancing property to GlobalMultiUse. This ensures that your procedures will be visible to any project that wants to use them and that they will behave as global procedures.
Set references to any object libraries required by your code.
Add the procedures you want in your code library to the class module as public Function and Sub procedures.
Change the project's name to the name you want for your code library by clicking Properties on the Project menu and entering a new value for the Project Name property.
Make the DLL.

The problem I have is that I can't seem to create a class module with this GlobalMultiUse setting. If I create a new "Empty Project" in the VBA editor in Access then it only allows me to set the Instancing property to "Private" or "PublicNotCreatable", and trying to create a DLL with either of these settings causes an error. If I try to create a new project in the independant "Microsoft Development Environment" then have to choose either a "Dashboard Project" or an "Exchange Workflow Project". The latter I have not installed since I do not have SQL server on my workstation, and the "Dashboard Project" gives me the helpful error message "The operation could not be completed". I can't find any other way to create a project, let alone the "new DLL project" that the instructions above so casually mention.

I've a feeling that I'm just being a complete novice, but I would appreciate any help!

Many thanks.

Outlook Library
How can I mail Excel Data to peoples which are listed in dropdown box of UserForm using outlook library/objects (not activeworkbook.sendmail)


Regarding The VBA. Library Prefix
Hi all,

until a few days ago, I believed that using or omitting the VBA library prefix for a bunch of VB functions was merely a matter of taste; that e.g. Abs() and VBA.Abs() were one and the same thing to the compiler. Most people never use the prefix at all, I do generally use it for string functions to make sure I employ the -$ version of a function if there is one, and to get intellisense on Left() - I'm pretty sure the latter is due to Forms having a .Left property, so using neither prefix confuses the IDE just a little.

Anyway, I always assumed that using or not using the prefix had absolutely no practical consequences. However, in the last few days I've come across two cases where it evidently does make quite a difference. Both illustrated below by code module code:

Private Type myType
myVar As Long
End Type
Private t As myType

Private Function myFunction() As Long
End Function

Private Sub mySub()

Debug.Print Len(t)
'Debug.Print VBA.Len(t)

'Debug.Print CLng(AddressOf myFunction)
Debug.Print VBA.CLng(AddressOf myFunction)

End Sub
Lines 1 and 4 compile and run fine, line 2 gives a compile error, line 3 gives an immediate IDE syntax error.

So, now, I'm not sure about the second pairing - I'm guessing the prohibition on using AddressOf like this is imposed artificially by the IDE, so this might just be a matter of "distracting" it with the VBA prefix, without any deeper meaning than that. However, the first pairing really does seem significant to me. The compiler evidently sees a difference between the intrinsic and the VBA version of Len(). Or, maybe, Len() means VBA.Len() (or more properly VBA.Strings.Len()) when the argument is a string, but means something quite different when it's not?

Are there any other known cases of discrepancies like this? Is there anything deeper here that one should worry about?

ps: I should add that I tested this in Excel-VBA only, so it's conceivable that VB proper might produce yet different results, although I doubt it...

Library System
Hi all! I hope i am posting this correctly. I'm trying to create a library system and would like to ask if you know where i can find some related literature about it. Thanks.

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