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Line Feed

I am trying to get each name that I enter into txtName to go into a multiline textbox, txtList. I can get them to go in, however, they appear on the same line. I thought that using txtList.Text = txtList & Chr$(13) & txtName would work however, it comes out with a line seperating the names on the same line. What can I do to get them to appear on seperate lines? Thank you.

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Reverse Form Feed/line Feed In Dot Matrix Printers
hi all
is it possible to do reverse line feed printing/form feed in vb, like it should be down then across.
i need to print the contents down at first by completing the page the printer has to reversed at begining of the page, if it is possible lot replies will be helpful

Next Line (Carriage Return/Line Feed)
Hi Everyone,

I used to make programs, then stopped. However, I needed to make a program to help me with something I've recently tried doing with pen and papaer and have learned that just won't do, haha

Anyway, I found the coding for an old program I made in 2003 with VB 4.0

I now have VB 6.0, and have used my old program as a huge stepping stone because it had much of what I needed already done.

Basically, the program I'm needing to make it to store some info into a file, then have it recall it, search and so forth.

Here's my question though. So that I can have it better organized, when I recall the info, I want each piece of info to be on another line (it's being viewed in a text box). Such as:
Name: _____
Ref: ______
Date: ______
and so forth.

It's written to the file, with "|" (or ansi value 124) separating each piece of info. I figured that I could just recall it and when I want to view the info, I can replace the "|" with the "chr(13)" and "chr(10)". Here is the portion of the code I figured would do the trick . . . but it's not working out. Can anyone tell me if something is wrong with the coding below (or if you need more of the coding, let me know)? I know I can easily have it write the line breaks into the file and just recall it and it'll work, but I'd rather see about it this way . . .

Please bare in mind that I stopped making programs 4 years ago, and was then using vb4 and am now using vb6. I'm not fully brushed up on programming, so I am a bit of a novice again. Any and all help is appreciated, Thanks!

Here is what I thought would work . . .

VB Code:
Do While i < UBound(VScripture)i = i + 1   If Scripture = Left(VScripture(i), LookFor) Then    c = 1         'Replacing the | with a Carriage return, and line feed, to put it on a new line    Do While c <= Len(Trim(VScripture(i)))    char = Mid(VScripture(i), c, 1)        If char = Chr(124) Then            char = Chr(13) & Chr(10)                    End If    c = c + 1    Loop            'End Replacement   TxtNotes.Text = TxtNotes & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & VScripture(i) & Chr(13) & Chr(10)   End IfLoop

Please forgive me for my ignorance, but I really would love to have some help with this. Also, if there's an easier, shorter way (newer coding for vb6?) that would do the trick, please let me know . . . so long as it's explained fully to me and isn't so far fetched that I would get lost in it.

Thank you, again, for your help! I patiently wait for your replies!

[VB6] A Line Feed.


Removing Line Feed
Before you flame me, i have searched

I want to remove line feeds from this string:



As you can see, there are aload of line feeds at the top.

Well, the string is in strGameCheats, and the code i'm using is:

strGameCheats = Replace(strGameCheats, vbCrLf, "")
strGameCheats = Replace(strGameCheats, vbNewLine, "")
strGameCheats = Replace(strGameCheats, Chr(13), "")
strGameCheats = Trim(strGameCheats)

But, when I output the string, it hasn't changed!

So, I tried this to see what was up:

strGameCheats = Replace(strGameCheats, vbCrLf, "NLHERE")
strGameCheats = Replace(strGameCheats, vbNewLine, "NLHERE")
strGameCheats = Replace(strGameCheats, Chr(13), "NLHERE")
strGameCheats = Trim(strGameCheats)

And the word "NLHERE" didn't appear anywhere. So I'm still stuck with all the line feeds at the beginning of the string! Some reason it looks like VB isn't finding the line feeds..!

Thanks for the help in advance

Line Feed For Net Message?
This probably sounds a lot simpler than it actually is. I've got a stored proc in SQL Server that sends a net message to a specified user. However I can't seem to put any line feeds into the message.

It does not matter if I format the message in VB and pass it to the stored proc, or create the message within the stored proc, I can't get a line feed to work.

If I do a net send from my pc (not from the sql server) I can insert line feeds correctly.

How the hell do I put a line feed into a net send message via sql server?

Line Feed In Tool Tip
Is there any way to put a new line in a tool tip text item?

Any ideas?

Reading Line Feed
How can i read a file containing line feed(i.e. only chr(10) not with carriage return) as delimiter with one string upto line feed at one time. Not reading whole string and then splitting it using line feed. Is there any other way to do this. File may be of very large size(upto 500 mb).


CAPICOM And Line Feed

I've started using CAPICOM.DLL to encrypt and decrypt some database logins. When I encrypt the message with a secret key the encrypted text contains line feeds.

How do you suggest I counter this? I want the syntax of the INI-file to look like:



Line Feed In Text Box
I am using a big text box with multiple lines. VB6

I want to add lots of text.

I want to use Line Feeds
Have tryed my Chr$(10) but it does not react on this.
How to do it



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Carriage Return And Line Feed

I'd like to know how to insert a carriage return and line feed on a frmDisplay from frmMain. This is my code to insert carriage return and line feed. frmDisplay contains txtDatalog.


With frmDatalog

.txtDatalog.Text = .txtDatalog.Text & "IFR Datalog for DUT " & k & Chr$(13) & Chr$(10)
.txtDatalog.Text = .txtDatalog.Text & DLogStr(k)

End With

by the way, DLogStr(k) is a string that contains Chr$(13) & Chr$(10) at the end of each line.

Trigger A Command From Line Feed
Hi Folks,

I have a little program running that takes an incoming text string from a caller ID box and beaks it up into seperate text boxes. This works great but I have to hit a command button on the form in order to break the string. Could you please tell me the best way to bypass the command key and cause this function to execute when the string comes in by itself? The last part of the caller ID is always a Carriage Return and Line Feed.

Thanks in advance,

Carriage Return + Line Feed
I am writing to one text file, the only problem is that everytime i save i have data that is overwritten in the text file each time i save.

VB Code:
Private Sub Command1_Click()     Dim File As Integer        File = FreeFile    Open "C:Documents and SettingsCarlDesktopToo AddDD est.txt" For Output As #File        Print #Handle, Text1.Text    Close #Handle   End Sub

How can i adapt this code to add a new line each time i save to it.


Line Feed && Carriage Return
Im reading from one file where its text has a line feed character in the middle of it. When the text gets to the output file, I find a line feed AND a carriage return. Normally this wouldnt be a problem but the text contains PCL (Printer Control Language) code. The carriage return is causing a problem when the output file is printed. The only functions that I perform on the text are mid and trim, which are no where near the line feed. Any ideas on how I could be picking up the carriage return and how to stop it from happening?

How Do I Force A Line Feed In A MsgBox?
Hello everyone. I am using a Message Box to pop up instructions on how to use different features in an Access database. The problem I have is that I need to have text in the message box, then a few blank lines (line feeds), then some more text. Can anyone explain what the code/command is to make a linefeed in a message box? Here is my code :

MsgBox("ALL MY TEXT HERE", vbOKOnly, "SID Index Information")

In the ALL MY TEXT HERE, there needs to be a few blank lines, then more text.


Bill Garrett

Line Feed Receive Problen With Mscomm
Im using the mscomm control included en Visual basic 6.0 to perform a serial comunication. The problem is that the control recieves any ascii code but the line feed (0xA hexadecimal code). For example, I send from an external device a message that ends with cr lf (0x0D and 0x0A). I get the hole message and the (cr code).
Can anybody help me?

MsComm - Not Reading Line Feed Character (0a)
in my application I'm receiving data throught the COM 1 Port. On every message there are characters like line feed character (0a) or return carriage character (0d) in the middle of ASCII text. I have the property InputMode set to Text. But the problem is that all the control characters are received but the line feed character (0a) which is ommited.

If I change the inputmode to Binary, I don't receive anything. How can I solve this problem?

Thanx for your help in advance

Help With Carriage Retrun And Line Feed Characters
I'm using Visual Basic 5.0 which I know doesn't have the Replace
Function ability. I have a user form with 12 textboxes that can have
multiple lines of data in each textbox, which I then send each boxes
data to it's appropriate DOCVARIABLE in a Word doc. When I open the
Word doc I see little square boxes representing carriage return or
line-feed characters, I'm not sure which ones they are. What's a good
way to get rid of the all the carriage return or line-feed characters,
so they don't appear in the Word doc.? And, the second part of my
question is when I retrieve the DOCVARIABLE data from the Word doc and
send it back to its appropriate textbox in the userform, it displays a
"|" (pipe symbol in UNIX) wherever the carriage or linefeed character
was in the textbox. So, what's a good way to get rid of that symbol??
Basically, I'm sending data from textboxes on a userform to
DOCVARIABLES in a Word doc. and then back. I'm using the Word doc.
DOCVARIABLES to store information that's updated numerous times in a
day using the userform. I hope someone can help me with this problem.

Clear Line Feed From A Sequence Of Characters
Hi all,

I have written a program to input data from com port, it is success but a line feed is between each data, I write the following code the detect the line feed but does not work. Can anyone know where is the bug?

*tempstring stores the char until no digit is found

dim tempstring, finalstring, str1 as string

str1 = setRs232.InputStreamString
WriteMessage(str1, False)

If (str1 > Chr(47).ToString And str1 < Chr(58).ToString) Then
tempstring &= str1
finalstring = tempstring
tempstring = Nothing
End If

Carriage Return/line Feed Character(Hex #0A And Hex #0D)

I am writing contents in a text file using File System Object like this

tso.WriteLine "FIRST LINE"
tso.WriteLine "SECOND LINE"

I am sending this file to some one who is one Unix/Linux server and problem is it is not properly reading carriage return/line feed character. I got a response from them that the CR/LF character in my file is actualy Hex #0A and it should have been Hex #0D!!

I sent the file again this time using a little bit different code as follows:

tso.Write "FIRST LINE" & vbCrlf
tso.Write "SECOND LINE" & vbCrlf

But this doesn't work either as they have told me. How do I make sure I use Hex #0D instead of Hex #0A in VB6/vbscript?

Writing A Line Feed To A Text Box Control
I am using this piece of code to write to a textbox

txtDebug.Text = c.Item(3).playerName & vbCr & c.Count

but instead of a carriage return I get a square character instead. What I am trying to do is make it skip a line in the text box before the next item. I was looking on MSDN for a solution, it documented the behaviour but did not suggest any kind of workaround.

Anyways, thanks for any suggestions any of you fine people can provide and a Happy New Year to all!!

Whats A Carriage Return Line Feed?
Whats a carriage return line feed?

VB 2005 .NET Text Box - Remove Line Feed?
I know this is probably quite simple, but I haven't done much VB in a while.

I have a multi-line text box which I put to a string, and then put that string in a text file, which gets queried for an SQL query.

Obviously, because it's stored in a text file, it preserves line breaks, which messes up the SQL query.

How do I strip line breaks out of the text box? Or prevent them in the first place?

As is, I put the text box to a string sHX and:



but this doesn't seem to work. Why? I put the contents of the text box to an ASCII text file at runtime, and examined it in a hex editor, which revealed nothing but the standard chr(10) and chr(13) for a line break, so why will the above code not remove this?

Search String For Line Feed Or EOF Character...
Here's the problem.  Often times I receive a text file or Excel file that has fields within a record, that have what appears to be a black box.  This is usually treated as a line feed or (and in most cases) it tells my program that this is the end of the file, stop here.  

Is there a way that I can look for this character or characters in my string and remove it if it isn't actually at the end of record, assuming of course that I know the position of the last character?  I'm aware of vbCrLf, However, if I try an instr or strcomp command, it doesn't seem to have the ability to search the string and replace the character with "".  What information is available on this?  I've heard of a way that maybe I can read the input as binary and do something with it that way, but I haven't found any examples of this.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi friends,
I m using crystal report to print bills on a contineous pre formated paper their r actually 3 types of bill namely cash cheque & credit bill when i print 2 cash bill continueously it works fine but when i print cheque bill continueously the 2nd bill will start printing 2 lines below the actual place this i think is because their is 2 extra lines of info in the cheque bill. so all i want to do is when the cheque bill is printed i want to send charater so that the paper is scrolled reverse by 2 line on the printer they have given setting as hold ONLINE and press the Line feed button.

any help will be appreciated

Mind is faster than Wind --- Mahabharat

Carrage Return - Line Feed Question
I am having a problem with end of line character
the file that is being sent from me is being ftp to one of my unix servers
I then read the file in VB script (below) which allows printing of selected drawings

i have to run a command ux2dos on the unix side to be able to use the file
once i run this command i am able to use the file
it looks like it is putting ^M at the end of each line and a ^Z at the end of file

i think the ^M is a carriage return and ^Z is end of file

maybe the way I am reading the file in is not correct

any ideas would be helpful


Private Sub searchinterplant()
Dim vitemtofind As Variant
Dim vsearchval As Variant
Dim vdrwtofind As Variant
Dim testfile As String
Dim xxfile As String
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim xfile As Integer
    Dim name As String
    Dim strpartnum As String
    Dim strPartNumber As String
    Dim strPartNumbernew As String
    Dim strDescription As String
    Dim strDescriptionnew As String
    Dim strdesc As String
    Dim strtmp As String
    Dim strqty As String
    Dim strqtynew As String
    Dim strquanity As String
    Dim strVerRev As String
    Dim strStatus As String
    ListView1.View = lvwReport
'arone = ListBox1.ListCount - 1
Dim itmX As ListItem
Dim itmY As ListItem
Dim itmval1 As Variant
Dim itmval2 As Variant
Dim PauseTime, Start, Finish, TotalTime
Dim myarray(100, 50)

Dim arySplit As Variant
Dim aryBlankSplit As Variant
Dim strYourString As String
Dim strRet As String

Dim regePart As String
Dim regeDescr As String

Dim strString As String
Dim varPart As Variant
Dim varDescr As Variant

    i = ListView1.ListItems.Count + 1
    xfile = FreeFile

      On Error GoTo err

  'sonum = Text1.Text
'Dim ordernumstrArray() As String
'Dim ordernumstrSplit As String: ordernumstrSplit = sonum
'ordernumstrArray = Split(ordernumstrSplit, "-")
'num1 = ordernumstrArray(0)
'num2 = ordernumstrArray(1)
'num3 = Right(num1, 1)
'programsonum = num1 + num2

    Open "Y:" + Text1.Text For Input As #xfile
    'Load integer values MyArray
    Dim strArray() As String
    Dim tmpstrarray() As String
    Dim tmppstrarray() As String
    Dim partdescarray() As String
    Dim rbarray() As String
While Not EOF(xfile)
    ' Obtain the data line
    Line Input #xfile, name '<=CHANGED
    strArray = Split(name, " ")
    'tmpline = stripextrachars(strArray(1), Chr$(32))
    'partdesc = stripextrachars(strArray(1), Chr$(32))
    rbarray = Split(tmpline, " ")
    'dwgsize = rbarray(0)
    partnumber = strArray(0)
    'qty = rbarray(2)
    'linetotal = UBound(rbarray)
    'For i = 3 To linetotal
        'partdesc = Mid(partdesc, InStr(1, partdesc, " ") + 1)
        'partdes = partdes + rbarray(i) + " "
    Set itmX = ListView1.ListItems.Add(, , partnumber)
    ' Then generate its sub-items
    itmX.SubItems(1) = qty
    itmX.SubItems(2) = partdes
    'itmX.SubItems(3) = strStatus
partdes = ""
    Close #xfile

    With ListView1
    For x = 1 To ListView1.ListItems.Count
        ListView1.ListItems(x).Checked = True
    Next x
    End With

Exit Sub
   MsgBox (err.Description)
  'Exit Sub

End Sub

Carriage Return And Line Feed Guitar Notation
I am trying to write a program that will insert the guitar chord above the text where it is to be played i.e.

A c# B
Guess who just got back today them wild

The problem is, I want to be able to type all the words in the song then set the cursor on say the t in just(see above line) and right click which will bring up a menu that I can pick the chord from (this I can do) but when I insert, it puts the carriage return in and inserts the c# at the beginning of the line. Any ideas on how to keep the location for the insert? Once the carriage return is done on a particular line then all I would need to do is insert at and above current cursor location.

Thanks in advance

Troy MacPherson
Customer Suport Software Analyst

How To Print Precisely? (excessive Line Feed Matter)
Hi everyone,
i have this problem. I wrote a program in VB 6 that holds data for the customers of a company. I want this program to print in a specific form the data. I try to do this with printer.CurrentX etc and it does but if i print some pages on the row things are not printed in the right place, after the 8th sheet for example there are 1 line down.

can anyone help me pls?


String Operating, Adding Line Feed After Certain Number Of Characters
Hi Guys

How do i add chr(10) in a long string maybe after 50 characters?

because now in my excel sheet, some cells is extracted from db
with long "comments"..So the cells appends so long

so how do i cut the string into segments of maybe 80characters in
each segment

So maybe lets say a string has 100 characters, it will insert chr(10)
after it counts 80 characters and then combine it with the remaining
20 characters ..any idea?

thank you..

How To Remove An Extra Line Feed From A Text Field In CSV File
Please help! I need to remove the extra LF from the first column of the second row, which caused the information after it to move to the next line. Therefore, I now have 4 rows instead of 3.

"Fox Forward: 'Wake'","FoxFWRD:Wake","","TV-PG","01-Feb-2008 07:19:03 AM"
"Red Bull Xtreme Freeride Contest Verbier: 'Contest Introduction
'","Verbier: Part 1","","TV-PG","01-Feb-2008 07:23:38 AM"
"Elizabeth","Elizabeth","R","","01-Feb-2008 09:29:39 PM"

I have hundreds of files containing thousands of rows that need to be cleaned up before it can be imported to SQL database. I have tried the REPLACE(curline, vblf, "") or REPLACE (curline, chr(10), "") but it doesn't work. I have to automate this process so that the files (from FTP) are being cleaned up daily.


Printing New Excel Rows Row-by-row To Line Feed Tractor Printer.
I've got a functional Excel workbook with VBA code that is DDE/OPC linked to a remote data source. On a certain event, particular data points are collected, timestamped and written to a new row on an Excel worksheet. I'm trying to figure out how you go about detecting the new row and then printing the new rows' values to a tractor feed line printer one row at a time. In essence, the printer is an accumulating log file that reflects the Excel worksheet-populating gradually and where necessary form feeding as well. Thanks in advance for any help.

Joining A String Which Is Split By Carriage Return Line Feed

I'm stuck in a situation now..I hope someone out there can help get me out of's the situation:

I now have a string as follows:

abcstring =


how am I able to join all the strings to form a string


i.e. delete off the carriage return line feed

Thanks in advance!


Replace Carriage Return / Line Feed In MS Access Table
I have a table with a memo field that contains a unique character (set of characters, actually: "|||") that I need to replace with a carriage return/line feed.

The search and replace utility within Access will not let me use special characters (will it?), and I cannot import the text without it spitting in that funky (r) character in place of the existing carriage returns.

I thought there might be either an easy way to do this, or a function that can be written that will search through the contents of a field in all records of a table and replace the "|||" with a Chr(10)+Chr(13).

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



Line Feed At "-" In RichTextBox
Following situation:
I have a Richtext Box and I add some text.
-->> TextBox automatically makes a linefeed at an <blank> and when a "-" is in text.
Is there a option where i can avoid that the TextBox inserts linefeed at "-", i only want a linefeed at <blank>.


Line Input #1, Do I Read Ahead One Line (or Back Up One Line)
I am loading a file line by line using the LIne Input but at one point i need to look ahead at the next line to decided what to do on the current do i look ahead one line? or how do i use the line Input function and then back up? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Shane Thomas
p.s. please email replys in addition to the reply of post too

XML Feed
how do i access and use an XML feed?

Using PHP CLI To Feed VBA
Hi there, I'm experienced enough with MySQL and PHP, but I've been asked to create an excel worksheet doing some operations that I believe definately need a RDBMS...

Anyway, to get to the point, I'm an absolute VB(A) n00b, and I don't have enough time to master it (the app is due yesterday), so I was thinking I'd use MySQL and the PHP CLI to query the database, I just need a way to get the response from the CLI loaded in a variable, so I can assign it to a cell.. Possible?

GUI Feed Back

Just want to get some feedback on a text RPG i'm working on. Here's few screen shots from the game. Bare in mind its still in its early stages. Suggestions welcome.


Need Help With A News Feed
In ASP I have to create a news feed like this one.

BUT here is the kicker...

HOW can I enable the user to change the font of the feed to his liking? As it is now I can't because I use IFrames.

Any other ideas?


VB RSS Feed Script
Hello, I am using the following VB script to access an RSS feeds from my site:

<script language="VB" runat="server">
Sub Page_Load(sender as Object, e as EventArgs)
recentPosts.DataSource = GetRSSFeed("")
End Sub

Function GetRSSFeed(strURL as String) as DataTable
'Get the XML data
Dim reader as XmlTextReader = New XmlTextReader(strURL)

'return a new DataSet
Dim ds as DataSet = New DataSet()
Return ds.Tables(2)
End Function

The following is a truncated version my control that is used to display the out put from my VB script:

<asp: DataGrid runat="server" id="recentPosts" AutoGenerateColumns="False" >
<a href="<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "link")%>">
<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "title") %>
</asp: DataGrid>

My problem is that I can only use the vb script to access one RSS feed per page on my site. However, I would like to be able to put multiple feeds on a single.

The solution I have in mind is to add multiple copies of the VB script and controls to the page. However in doing several of the variables need to be renamed so that do not conflict with one another.

Unfortuantely, I am still unable to make this work. Does anybody know how I would go about putting multiple RSS feeds onto a single page? Either by my hack or by a cleaner solution?


Need Help With A News Feed
In ASP I have to create a news feed like this one.

BUT here is the kicker...

HOW can I enable the user to change the font of the feed to his liking? As it is now I can't because I use IFrames.

Any other ideas?


How Can I Do This While He Feed Data


who can tell . how can i stop the user to feed same number to database.

1- bound controles mode
2-while iam on data entery (RS.ADDNEW)
3- i have unique primary key which act the employees number
I tried this code but its not working proberly

DIM rs as NEW adodb.recordset
SET rs = adodc1.recordset.clone
rs.find "fname='" & text & "'"
IF NOT eof THEN "record found" text.setfocus
-----& so on


Need Help With A News Feed
In ASP I have to create a news feed like this one.

BUT here is the kicker...

HOW can I enable the user to change the font of the feed to his liking? As it is now I can't because I use IFrames.

Any other ideas?


HELP! Spoon Feed Please....
Want to create an ADO recordset for MSHFlexGrid.
Recordset is to be created from two Tables which are in separate MSAccess mdb files

No persistant change allowed in either databases.

How can this be done in using VB6.

A Form Feed Too Many
I have a simple text editor type program, with the text entered into in a rich-text box.
All I want to do is print a title before the contents of the rt box, but using the code below I get an unwanted form-feed after printing the title.

Printer.Print "Title";
txtnote.SelPrint CommonDialog1.hDC

Any ideas how I can stop this from happening?


Richard Grist

Feed The Window A Return

Does any know the code (in VBA) to feed a carrage return to a window. I.e. I have a macro that does something, but unfortunately one of the things it does is pop up a warning message... the answer to that pop up is always yes, so i want to add a line of code to the end of the macro that does this...




Printing Without Form Feed

I have a problem printing with a program. It uses a custom designed/multi-part form. Obviously due to it being multipart, I have to use a dot-matrix printer. My issue is that the size of the paper is an odd one. I have gotten everything to print properly on the page, but when it finished (i.e. when I use the Printer.EndDoc method) I get a formfeed that is way too long.

It would be perfect to just end the printing exactly where it begins to advance. Unfortunately I cannot get the printer object to print without the form feed that is automatic in vb's enddoc/endpage methods. Does anyone else know how to get the text to print without using one of those methods?

Live News Feed
I need to be able to give our website users the ability to copy and paste code into their webpages that is like a newsfeed from our SQL2000 Database. I don't want to use ActiveX Controls because of the high price ($400) for a digital signature. Are there any other alternatives?


Printing To Manual Feed
Can anyone tell me what the trick is to print to the printer in such a fashion that it pulls paper from the manual feed bin and (in cases of multiple prints) waits for the next sheet to be inserted?

I am trying to print time cards that have a wax coating on them and they get stuck through the standard and envelope feed. The manual feed is a straight through feed with the HP DeskJet 1120C.

I have tried using "printer.paperbin = 4" in the beginning of the print section of my program, the outcome of which pulls paper from the standard papertray.

When I highlight "paperbin" in the code, the help says that this property is not available at design time. It looks as though I am going about this all wrong.

Feed Back On Sizer One
hi it's me again!!!

i would like to know if someone ever user sizerone to help out resizing forms to the user settings (resolution, large, normal,...)

my boss is just about to buy it if it's worth it

Thanks again !!

I'll be among the best soon, very soon!!!

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