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Listview Row Select

Im Using Microsoft Common Controls 5 (SP2)

Is there a way that I can have a listview (in report mode) select an item if a 'cell' in a column other than the first was clicked.

In v6.0 (SP4) this would be like the .fullrowselect property. Is there some workaround or API that I could use for SP2.


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***RESOLVED***ListView / How To Select A Row From 2 Seperate ListView Controls
I have 2 ListView controls on a form. I want the user to be able to highlight a row in both ListViews. The problem is when the user selects (highlights) a row from ListView1, as soon as ListView2 is clicked the row selection (highlight) made in ListView1 disappears.


Listview Row Select

when i select an item in a listview only the item in the first column is thier a way to highlight the intire row across, item+subitem, i tried looking at the objects propertys

Select Next In Listview
How would I select the next item in a listview?

Listview Select
If the Listview FullRowSelect is True, then every time I click the current row of the listview, the entire row is highlighted..
How about using code? what code should I write to highligh the first row without clicking the listview?

Listview Select
There has to be a simple way to:

1. Select and Item on a list.

2. Select and Item on a list by colume.

But I can not find any reference to it.

I did Resolve the Start and Stop Position for multi colume select.

NOw I need to resolve the get and put so to speak.

Like Listview.listitems.Add.Colume(2)="Don" I think that is correct.

Listview Select
Hi there,

I want to have the same listview as the one in Windows explorer.
If I set view to lvwReport I only want to select a row by clicking on the first column. That works fine by setting the fullrowselect property to false.

However after clicking on the area in the second, third etc column the first element in the first column gets hightlighted.
Does anybody know how to prevent this.

Thanx, thanx, thanx!!!

Select Row In ListView
I have a ListView control on a form. I want to be able to select a specific row.

I am using this code.

ListView1.ListItems(3).Selected = True
When this code is executed nothing appears to happen. No lines at all are selected. Then when I click on say row 5, I see the selection jump from row 3, so I know it was selected - just not visible.

So then I edited by code to to utilize the EnsureVisible property that I found and thought looked like it would work.

ListView1.ListItems(3).Selected = True
This did the exact same thing. Does anyone have any ideas on what I need to do to make the selected row appear selected?

Listview Auto Select
Help please!
I have a listview that I want to automatically jump to an item, depending on the data entered into a text box above it.

For example, lets say the listview contains 2 columns (it's in report view) the first column contains numbers 1 to 5000, the second column contains some names. I have a text box above where the user starts typing in a number, say 2459, and i want the Listview to jump to that number in the list (or the nearest one).

I can get it to automatically select the item, but it won't display numbers that are not visible. So it only works for the first 20 or so that I can see. Really I want it to autoscroll to the right selected item.

Any ideas?

Ta muchly!

Select All Item In ListView

I just wondering if there is way to select all items in my list view.Let say I had 20 items in my list data,so how can I select all the items in one time.


Listview Select Then Remove
Hello all i am trying to get a name from my listview and then delete it without the user selecting it from the listview itself.

Here is my code:

Private Sub NameBox_Click(Index As Integer)
strName = Replace(Left(NameBox(Index).Caption, InStr(NameBox(Index).Caption, vbCr)), vbCr, "")
NameBox(Index).Value = 1
LV1.SelectedItem = strName
x = LV1.SelectedItem.Index
LV1.ListItems.Remove x
End Sub
The strName is the name thats already populated in the listview. When the user clicks on a button it will find that name in the listbox and delete it.

But its not working.. Its just deleteing the first one from the listview. Can anyone help me out?


Select First Item In Listview

I have a somewhat simple problem and I am wondering what the simplest way to handle it is. I have a treeview that I am loading with some information about files in a specific directory. The listview is set to automatically sort the list and after all the nodes are added, I want to have the top node in the treeview be selected. But I don't have a reference to the first node in the list. Are there any properties that I can use to get the node that is at the top of the list?

Jason O

Select Data Into The Listview
Hi all,

May I get your help solve my problem :

I have worked out a file in which the data stored in sheets(2), while in sheet(1) I command to open an userform with a listview and a combobox1. When I select the name from the combobox1, then the data match the name in sheet(2) should be displayed in the listview. However, this doesn't work ? How to correct the code please advise !

Multi Select In ListView
when I want to choose more than one line together in list view I can drag the mouse over all the lines that i want to choose.....but... the problem is that i can drag it just when i start the drag from the frist column in the list view from all the other columns dragging the mouse doesnt make the lines to be selected. so, is there a way that i could drag also from other columns in the list view and it will select the lines?

ListView Select Problem
If you have a ListView with, for example, 3 items in it, and you click below the third item, the first item will get selected because you are focusing on the ListView.

Is there any way to disable this?


Can You Use A SELECT Statement With A Listview?
Ok, In my program, a listview holds information such as item number, quantity, etc. When a user deletes a detail line in the listview, I want to update my database and add that quantity from that detail line back to the database. Below is what I have, but it gives me a '424' runtime error and highlights the line that has my SQL statement. Any ideas? Thanks very much.

Dim conn As ADODB.Connection

Private Sub Open_Database()
Set conn = New ADODB.Connection
With conn
.Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"
.ConnectionString = "CashSales.mdb"
End With

End Sub

Private Sub cmdDelete_Click()
Dim strsql As String
Dim rsd As ADODB.Recordset
If (lvwDL.SelectedItem.Selected) Then
n = lvwDL.SelectedItem.Index
Set rsd = New ADODB.Recordset
strsql = "SELECT * FROM Inventory WHERE SKU ='" & mitem.Text & "'"
With rsd
.Source = strsql
.ActiveConnection = conn
.CursorType = adOpenKeyset
.LockType = adLockOptimistic
If .EOF = False Then
QtyNStock = !QTY
lvwDL.ListItems.Remove n
updatedQty = QtyNStock + mitem.SubItems(3)
MsgBox "No Item Selected", vbInformation
End If
End With
End If
End Sub

Select A Row In A Listview With Reportview On
Hi folks,

i have this listview in which a few documents are ordered. When i click on a button'up' then the selected document goes one place up in the listview and the document that was on that place goes one down (so they change eachother places)

when i do this the selection is lost so i can't click another time to move the selected document another place down (or up). How can i programm it so that the row is selected again?

if have tried :

ListView1.ListItems.Item(2).Selected = True
but that didn't work are there any other options?


ListView Cant Select Text
Another problem with listview. Here's what I have:

Private Sub ListView1_DblClick()
On Error Resume Next
MsgBox ListView1.SelectedItem.Text
End Sub
I have 2 columns and about 500 rows of data. When I double click on any field in first column, then I get correct MsgBox, but when I click on any field in second column, then I get MsgBox of a selected item in the first column. In other words, I cant seem to select any items in the second column of a ListView. Any idea how to fix it?

Listview Select Item
In a listbox I select an item with: listbox.listindex = 0

I want to do the same thing with a listview.
I tried with: listview.SelectedItem = listview.ListItems(1)

But it does not work. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Multiple Select In Listview
I'm trying to figure out how to tell what records are selected in a listview when the user clicks a button. Lets say the user uses the shift key to select the first 5 records. How can I tell what records are selected when he clicks the button? If I look at the selectedItem it only gives me the last one selected. Thanks for the help.

Listview - Select Problem
After populating a listview control (HideSelection unchecked) one item is always selected. Is there a way to have nothing selected? set listview.SelectedItem = nothing has no effect.


Select Case ListView()

After a long time I give up. Hope someone can help me out here.
If have 2 listviews in an arry. When clicking the first one it loads the values from the database in the second listview. The problem is, when I click the second listview (the one with the values from the databse) the code executes again...

I've tried several methodes... This is one of them. I know it's wrong, but it'll give you some info in what I'm trying to acchive.

Private Sub lstvTelefoon_ItemClick(Index As Integer, ByVal Item As MSComctlLib.ListItem)
Case 0
If lstvTelefoon(0).SelectedItem = "test" Then
lstvTelefoon(1).ListItems.Clear ' clear listv2
Call modTelefoonlijsten.AddTelFinanciering 'fill listv2
End If
Case Else
Exit Sub
End Select
End Sub

Listview With Checkboxes Select Only One
Is there a way to make a listview control with multiple items with checkboxes be able to select only one item and not multiple items.

like if I selected one item then tried to select another it would uncheck the first selected item that way you can only select one item and not multiple items.

Select List From The Listview
I have the listview. I would like to display the filename and the path location in the textbox when I select the list from the listview. Any idea? Just want to learn how I can read the list items from listview and show it in the 2 textbox.Have a sample to test with ?
text1.text = filename
text2.text = path location.


For i = 1 To ListView1.ListItems.Count
If ListView1.ListItems.Item(i).Selected Then
'what should I do
End If
Next i

Select A Item In Listview
i want to select a item in listview by code like this:
listview.ListItems(100).Selected =true
this work but if a have more than x items and if a donīt see the items that i selected the lisview donīt do the scroll down.
In a list1 control we have the listindex that can do the scroll down/up of the list, but in listview who we can do that?
thanks a lot for your help

Select And Copy A Row From A Listview
I have this listview with a number of rows and columns or items and subitems. I want that, when I click on a row, the various subitems on that row are copied to a number of textboxes.

Listview 'select ' Problem
I have a delete cmdbutton to delete record from a database. But before deleting, I need to check the listview if there's any listitem selected. I try this but seems not working.

VB Code:
'Check for selected listitem if any            Dim lSelect As ListItem            For Each lSelect In lvDoc.ListItems                If lSelect.Selected = True Then                    MsgBox "Selected = True"                Else 'nothing selected                    MsgBox "Please select a record!", vbExclamation, "Prompt"                    Exit Sub                End If            Next

Listview Select Question
how do i just make it select a listview item so it just highlights it?

ListView, Don't Want To Be Able To Select An Item
As the title says, I don't want to be able to select an item, I just want to list data, that's it.

I tried to unselect an item whenever i select one, but it still shows a doted rectangle around the selection.

This is the code I tried, but it does not really work.

VB Code:
Private Sub ListView1_ItemClick(ByVal Item As MSComctlLib.ListItem)    Item.Selected = FalseEnd Sub

How To Select More Than One File From A Listview ?
I know about OFN_ALLOWMULTISELECT for selecting more than one file from a common dialog but what about slecting more than one file from a listview ?

ListView Select Full Row (SP2)
Is there any way to select full row in Listview in Microsoft Windows common control SP2 i know u can use the fullrowselect = true in common control 6.0 but the thing is only VB5 contro;s can be viewed in XP style in winXp and 6.0 can not be viewed in XP style look

How To Select One Item Only In Listview
To make sure only one item has it's checkbox 'checked' in a listview I run the following code in the 'item_check' event:

lvw.SelectedItem.Checked = True
lvw.SelectedItem.Bold = True
lvw.SelectedItem = lvw.ListItems(lvw.SelectedItem.Index)
lvw.SelectedItem.Bold = True

Which works fine. The problem is when the user clicks on the row rather than the checkbox itself. Doing this fires the 'click' event but the .selecteditem is now the row that has been selected rather the row it is coming from and I end up with two rows with their checkboxes checked.

I have tried to store the selecteditem before the click event fires but am not having much luck.

Please help!

Listview Multi Select
How would I go about making the list view multiselect when I click and drag on it rather than useing crtl/Shift + click/up/down ?

ListView Multiple Select
How do I get the text of all the items that are selected in a listview?

For i = 1 To lvDir.ListItems.Count
If lvDir.ListItems(i).Selected = True Then
'do whatever
End If
Next i

when i use this it just returned the text of the first item selected the number of times there are selected items.. so if the first item selected is a 2. and 10 things are selected, in debug.print 2 will show up 10 times... anyone have any input? thanks,


ListView - Select/Unselect All
Does anybody know why the "Check All" button might not be working? This is the code I'm using:

VB Code:
Private Sub cmdAll_Click(Index As Integer)    Dim i As Integer        With lvMessages.ListItems        For i = 1 To .Count            .Item(i).Selected = Index        Next i    End WithEnd Sub

ListView/Select And Debug ?'s
I have a listview and have the full row select option turned on. When a row is highlighted, it is highlighted in Dark Blue. Is there anyway to change this highlight color? The background color of my listview is also dark blue which makes it difficult to see which lines are highlighted.

Also, is there anyway for me to tell what objects (forms, database connections, recordsets, etc) are still open when in debug mode? I run my application, and it runs fine. When I close it, the main form unloads like it should, but I have to hit the stop button to allow me to make modifications to the code. Something is not closing properly and I would like to know what it is.


ListView Full Row Select?
I could've sworn there was a way to enable a full row select in the VB ListView? Or am I just going crazy? I can't seem to find the property to set...

Any help would be appreciated..


ListView Select Line
How can i select a line ?

I want it like if i was pressed the mouse on a line I do not want to have the line selected with :

VB Code:
Set ListView1.SelectedItem = ListView1.ListItems(2)ListView1.ListItems(2).Selected = True

Listview Row Select Question
I've noticed something odd in the way that a selected row in my listview is highlighted.

It uses all of the default values except for View, which is set to lvwReport and FullRowSelect is turned on. I am using a combination of ItemClick and ColumnClick to perform specific actions.

If there is only 1 row and I click on it, the entire row is highlighed until the cursor moves off the row. Then, only the first column in the row remains highlighted.

If there are 2 or more rows, I can click on any row and it will remain highlighted when the cursor moves off the row. If I click the row again, then it behaves just like the single row described above. It doesn't affect the execution of my code, but it does look odd and could cause some confusion for the user.

None of the other properties seem to apply to this behavior. Has anyone seen this and know how to avoid it?

ListView Multi-select
When you turn the MultiSelect property for a ListView control on, how do you determine if more than one item was selected?



ListView Select / MsgBox Bug?

There seems to be a problem when an item is selected in a ListView and on
that same form, if you launch a MsgBox and then when it closes, the selected
item flickers about 3 times..

I guess it has something to do with when the focus is released from the MsgBox after
it closes, and it goes back to the selected item, it causes this flicker problem..

You can test and verify this by creating a form with a listview. Add just a single item, select it and hit a command button which pops up a msgbox. As soon as you close the msgbox,
you should see that the selected item flickers..

Does anyone have a fix for this? It looks too cheesy to release to my end users in this state..



ListView Select All / Deselect All?

What would be an easy way to select all and deselect all items in a ListView via a command button?



Select Item In ListView By Value
I want to select an item in a ListView(Report Mode). I know the text but I dont know its index.

One way is to loop through it contents and select the index of my item. and then use


Is there any other direct way to slect the row of Listview, as we do for combobox or list box. Like, List.text="Value"

ListView -- How To Select Programatically
This is a vb-activex issue, but I posted this topic on there and
got no response, so I'm trying it here, where there seems to be
more activity.


I have a list view control. Obviously, at runtime, one can use
the mouse to click on the list view and select an item. Is
there a way to select an item programatically?
Listview1.selecteditem.index is read-only, but it seems that
would have been the best way to do it.

Also, while I'm at it, is there any way to assure that the item
selected is highlighted even when the list view doesn't have the

Listview Select Subitem
Hi Guys,

I have a listview object and have created some colomns with headers. Now when the data gets put into the listciew I am trying to select subitem 4 only and not any of the other items in that row. This is for the purpose of clicking on that item to view the full details of that person the the row.

Please can you help me.


Select Another Column In A Listview

By default, with listview you can only select (highlight) values in the 1st column. I was wondering is there a way to be able to select any column?

Randomly Select In Listview
Hi i am writing a mp3 player with a listview as a list i can search play down through the list but is there a way to randomly select a list item
thanks in advance
to anyone who can help
ps im using vb6 sp5

ListView-select All Items
How can I Select All items in ListView?
Please help

Select From Listview To Listview
Hello all,

This is what I need:

I have one listbox that is populated on load. When a user selects a record, then I would like all records assoc. with that record to show up in another listview.

eg. User selects BOB from the listview1 and this will populate listview2 with all of bob's other misc info.

By the way, listview2's column headers are set at form load.

Select Listview Item By Right Click
I have a listview and I would like the user to be able to select and item by right clicking it and also haveing a popupmenu. I have it so if they first left click on it then right click it would work, but I want to have it so they are able to just right click and have the menu apear. Here is the code that I have so far.

If Button = 2 Then
Dim anInd As Long
GetCursorPos aPt
With viewEntry
.SelectedItem.Index = LBItemFromPt(.hwnd, aPt.X, aPt.Y, False)
End With
PopupMenu DepClick
End If

This isn't working right because I tried to port it from a listbox. Any help would be great, thanks.

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