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Load Data From Text File Into Listbox

this is an example of how the text is arranged in one of my saved files:


the only problem is i want to just add "Text1" into the listbox like so:


but i cant get it to work and this happens:


how can i get it just to load the first bit of text into the listbox?

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How To Load Itens From A Text File To A Listbox?
How to load itens from a text file to a listbox?

I wanna load itens from a text file (itens.txt) to a listbox (list1)

Anyone know?

Load A Text File In A Listbox Control??
What is the easiest way to load a text file into a listbox? I need each line of the text file to be an item in a listbox and cannot figure it out.


How To Load Every Line From A Text File That Contains A Specific Word Into A ListBox?
LOL I've been searching for about an hour how to do this before I made a post and right after I posted, I found an old thread in this forum. Figures!

Load Data From A Text File
Hey, how can i load the data by field from a text file to different text boxes ...



1.00 should be on one text box
4444333322221111 should be on another textbox

and so on ... thanks

Help! Trying To Load Data From Text File And It Just Stops!!!

I have this problem... I am trying to read in an CSV file... The size of that file is 700MB (it's 2 years worth of transactional data from an outside provider).
When it gets to row 65,534 (that number looks familiar, isn't it also the maximum number of rows in Excel?), the process stops, meaning EOF gets a value of True. Guess what, that gives me 3 days worth of data!
Help! How I do tell it to load the entire file??? Thanks!

Loading Listbox With Text File Data
I have this code:

Private Sub Form_Load()
If Left(Trim(Text1.Text), 1) = "[" Then
Text2.Text = vbNullString
Dim ln As String
Dim ff As Integer: ff = FreeFile
Open App.Path & "data.txt" For Input As #ff
Do Until EOF(ff)
Line Input #ff, ln

Do Until EOF(ff)
Line Input #ff, ln
If Left(Trim(ln), 1) = "[" Then
LookupList.Data = ln

Exit Sub
End If

Close #ff
End If
End Sub

The idea is to load the lines of data marked with [] and list it alphabetically in Listbox1. The idea is that I can then click a row in Listbox1 and it will display all the entries under its category (defined by []) in Listbox2.

Text file has data like this:


Any ideas how I can alter my code to achieve this? And also to display the selected item's data in Listbox1 in Listbox2?



Save ListBox Data To Text File
hi all

By the way, I want about something to ask, ok?

how I should the data from ListBox (multiline) save to / or read from a text file?

here on this forum I found many of examples and i'm a bit confused.

thx in advance

How To Populate Listbox With Data From Access And Text File
Hi all. Could any one show me how i can populate a listbox with data from ms access db and text file.Thanks

Problem When Writing Data From Listbox To Text File (help Me)
i got 1 listbox with 2 items

Code:Private Sub Form_Load()
list1.AddItem "abc"
list1.AddItem "bde"
End Sub

Private Sub Command1()
Dim Data4 As Integer
        Data4 = FreeFile
        Open "E:abc3.txt" For Append As #Data4
        Dim ap As Integer
            For ap = 0 To list1.ListCount - 1
                Print #Data4, list1.List(ap)
            Next ap
        Close #Data4
End Sub

when i try to execute above code ... and when i check the text file (abc3.txt) i found that actually it write 3 line to the text file.
the first and second line of course are

the third line is a blank line.

my question is how to avoid the blank line to be written into the file.

(you can try to click the 3rd line... the mouse can point to the 3rd line.. how to make sure that the mouse pointer cannot go to 3 line but only at the end of 2nd line)

Thanks in advance.

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Load Data From Sql To Listbox
I'm using the ado control to manage my records. I want that when I add a new record and start writing the first name a msgBox appear with the exact name that I typed in the textbox if it exist in my database (SQL)

Help With Ini Listbox Text Load
ok for starters id like to say thanks for reading my post and please do help if you can...

now what im doing is saving and loading a listbox
which i already know how to do and write and get ini information which i also already know how to do now what i need to know how to do with both of those things is with a ini file , 1 listbox , and 3 text box's and lets say the list box has 3 items in it whatever one they selects name it will getfromini that name will be the section and it will fill the 3 options that where saved (which i already know how to do i repeat) into text1 text2 and text

for example
listbox has

now lets say bob is selected
Name=bob - this will go into text1
Phone=9999999 - this into text2
Other=boob - this into text 3

im having a bit of trouble with this so please help.

Load/Save Listbox Data To .txt...
How do I do this? I want the user to be able to "save as" and not just save it to a file already specified.

Load Txt File Into Listbox
Hi All
I need help with my application. Im using vb6 and Im trying to load values from text file into list box. I made everything right and the program is working fine but there is one issue which make me headache. When I'm loading the text file line by line into lstbox the program stop on line where is value PeterE . in the listbox appears Peter but the rest not and the lines after as well no showing. I know that the problem is the arrow but I need to see it all in the list box. I searched for solution on the internet but unlucky. I've one lstbox with name lstName on form with name frmEdit and im loading a text file with name file.txt

This is my code which I'm using to load the data:

Private Sub Form_Load()

Dim TextLine As String
Dim fn As Integer
Dim SourceFile As String
Dim path As String

path = App.path & "Text Files"
SourceFile = path & "file.txt"
fn = FreeFile
Open SourceFile For Input As #fn
Do While Not EOF(fn)
Line Input #fn, TextLine
frmEdit.lstName.AddItem (TextLine)
Close #fn

frmEdit.lstName.ListIndex = 0

End Sub

The content of the text file is:
Just example to work with

Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach
Peter Lach

After loading everything after the arrow is not showing in the lstbox
Please help me with this

How Do You Load A File To A Listbox? And Also More. ;) (Please Help!)
Ok. I have a saved TXT file on my computer, the following:


Now, i need to load this one file into 2 different list boxes, NAME in one listbox, and PHONENUMBER in another box, the ',' seperates all of them apart. Right.

How would i do that?

Then NEXT i am going to press a command botton, and it is going to go to a website and enter the information and submit it, and then i want is to go to the next name and phone number on the list and to do the same thing, and loop it until all the names on the list have been done.

How would I also do that? ( i know how to put the information on the form, i just dont know how to keep going down the list. )

Load .dbf File Into A Listbox
I want to load a single dbase file into a listbox. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.

Load Usernames From File To Listbox
hi all i know this is an easy question but i'm having a mental block .. .i have a list of usernames in a text file how do i have it when i click the load button it loads the names into a listbox ?

Load 3 File Types To Listbox
I found this example from Hack that loads files into a listbox which works fine. I modified it to load .mp3 files from a directory. Is there a way to add a few more file types? I'd like it to also load .wma and .wav files.

VB Code:
Private Sub Command1_Click()Dim LoadFiles As StringList1.ClearLoadFiles = Dir("C:My Music*.mp3")Do While LoadFiles > ""   List1.AddItem LoadFiles   LoadFiles = DirLoopEnd Sub

Load Listbox With File Contents
Hi All,
I am having problems writing a code using which I can do the following:
1. The ComboBox gets populated with .txt files from C:Folder1. Suppose this folder has files 1.txt and 2.txt.

2. We have another folder C:Folder2 which has the same files as C:Folder1 however the contents of the files vary. Thus this folder will have 1.txt and 2.txt

3. When i select 1.txt from the combobox, the Listbox1 gets populated with file contents of C:Folder11.txt. Simultaneously, ListBox2 gets populated with file contents of C:Folder21.txt.

I was able to perform the first task successfully. However, the other two are still a problem for me.
Please can someone help!! Have attached the source code of the project to look into!

Thanks in Advance,

Q: How To Load File Contents Of A Directory Into A Listbox
Anyone out there know how to load the file contents of a directory into a list box? I also need the files to be restricted to one or two extensions (.gif and .jpg)

Load All .rpt File Names From Directory To Vb Listbox?
Hi.  I need to create a form that will take all the report files in directory C:Program FilesAAABBBReport Files and list them out in a VB6 Listbox.  They are Crystal Reports and have the .rpt extension.  Is there any way I can do this?  Thanks in advance.

Load Contents Of Text File To Text Boxes
Any Ideas on this? :

on an OnClick() event I need to load the contents of a text file:

string1, string2, string3, string4

into 4 text boxs:


Without creating an array...

Thank You,

How To Get Save Dialog To Load Text Data

All my books do not discuss how to load  text data into a file.
the only thing covered how to load rtftext. But what if you have other kinds of data?
I am trying to use a common dialog box which is formated to use the showsave part.

Treeview1 Save / Load Additional Text Data
Greetings all.

In my form that adds the node, I also have a text box for Description, weight, size, and cost. I want to be able to load / save this data as well, and wonder if it can be done without the use of a .mdb file or such. I want it to write to the same .txt file.
Now, being a complete newbie, I am thinking it may have to do with the 'Split' code, but I may be way off. I am not asking for anyone to do it for me, just some guidence or direction to an article or something. I searched MSDN, forums, and some code example and haven't found anything even close yet.

I have included my example project and gave full props to those who have helped me. Thanks to all of you that help us newbies in our time of learning!

Load Text File From Website To Text Box

I want to load a text file from a website to a text box in my form, this is the file:

Its going to be used to block IP addresses from access to my program (i know how to do that part)

But how would i load the txt file into my text box on my form?



Load Data From A Ini File

I have a INI file white the lines:


How do i load that into my program. I want John to be at Label1.Caption, Arnold at Label2.Caption, And so on.

Please help me.

How To Load Data From A Big File ...
I have big XML file (30 mbs)....i have to pass the data to a stored procedure...For this i have to read the physical file into memory, whats the best way of doing it in VB

Thanks in Advance...


Load Text From .txt File
how can i load text from a .txt file into a text box?

Won't Load My Text File??
Open App.Path & "SETTINGSTEMPLATEindex.txt" For Input As #1
Do Until EOF(1)
Input #1, Data
txtIndex.Text = Data
EOF (1)
Close #1

For some reason, this doesn't work!? The file DOES exist, the textbox DOES EXIST, as a matter of fact, when I play this, nothing happens at all. No errors, no nothing!

What's the problem here??

Load Text File
I have a SSTab control with 5 tabs. On each of the tabs there is a flexgrid that is part of an array. I save all 5 flexgrids into one text file. After saving to the file, I checked the file to see if eveything saved and it did. Oh, there was data on only the first flexgrid. Now when I load the file to the flexgrids, the data that was on flexgrid(0) loads onto all of the flexgrids. In other words, now all five flexgrids has the data from the first flexgrids. I think it must have somthing to do with my loop but not sure. Here's my code.

If Form1.MonthList.ListItems.Count >= 1 Then 'Month List
If LenB(Dir$(App.Path & "BudgetMonth" & Form1.MonthList.SelectedItem.index & ".txt")) Then ' the file exists
intFNum = FreeFile
Open App.Path & "BudgetMonth" & Form1.MonthList.SelectedItem.index & ".txt" For Input As #intFNum
Input #intFNum, allCells1
tRowcount1 = Split(allCells1, Chr$(13))
tColcount1 = Split(tRowcount1(0), Chr$(9))
Input #intFNum, MonthtxtTmp
Input #intFNum, Total1Tmp, Total2Tmp, Total3Tmp
Input #intFNum, BudgetTabTmp1
Input #intFNum, BudgetTabTmp2
Input #intFNum, BudgetTabTmp3
Input #intFNum, BudgetTabTmp4
Input #intFNum, BudgetTabTmp5
For i = 0 To 4
With Form1.WeekGrid(i)
.Cols = UBound(tColcount1) + 1
.Rows = UBound(tRowcount1) + 1
.Row = 0
.Col = 0
.RowSel = .Rows - 1
.ColSel = .Cols - 1
.Clip = allCells1
.Row = 0
.Col = 0
.ColSel = 0
.RowSel = 0
End With
Form1.Total1(i) = Total1Tmp
Form1.Total2(i) = Total2Tmp
Form1.Total3(i) = Total3Tmp
Next i
Form1.SSTabBudget.TabCaption(0) = BudgetTabTmp1
Form1.SSTabBudget.TabCaption(1) = BudgetTabTmp2
Form1.SSTabBudget.TabCaption(2) = BudgetTabTmp3
Form1.SSTabBudget.TabCaption(3) = BudgetTabTmp4
Form1.SSTabBudget.TabCaption(4) = BudgetTabTmp5
Form1.Monthtxt = MonthtxtTmp
Close #intFNum
End If
End If
Does anyone see my problem.

How To Load Txt File Into Text Box ?
this is weird, i know how to code winsock, but there are loads of basic things i dont know yet, very frustrating.

anyway as title says, how would i go about doing this ?

and i dont want to open the txt file i now where it will be, just directly load in into a text box.


Load DB With Text File Using ADO
I'm trying to first delete whatever is in a table in access and then read a text file into the table. I'm getting an error at the AddNew statement. Any pointers would be appreciated.


Dim mstrInputFileName As String
Private mstrCurrent As New ADODB.Recordset

Private Type Inputrecord
strID As String * 20
strName As String * 20
strCoName As String * 20
strAddress As String * 20
strCity As String * 20
strZip As String * 20
strPhone As String * 20
strFax As String * 20
strBuffer As String * 20
End Type

Option Explicit

Private Sub Form_Activate()
'initalize buttons and focus
Dim pconBib As New ADODB.Connection
Dim pcmdBib As New ADODB.Command
pconBib.Mode = adModeShareDenyNone
pconBib.CursorLocation = adUseClient
pconBib.Provider = "Microsoft.jet.oledb.3.51"
pconBib.ConnectionString = _
"Persist security Info=False;" & _
"Data Source=C: empcopy of Lab3Biblio.mdb"
Set pcmdBib.ActiveConnection = pconBib
pcmdBib.CommandType = adCmdText
pcmdBib.CommandText = "delete * from Publishers"
mstrCurrent.LockType = adLockOptimistic
mstrCurrent.CursorLocation = adUseClient
mstrCurrent.CursorType = adOpenKeyset
mstrCurrent.Open pcmdBib

Call EditState(NotEditing)

Call readFile

Private Sub readFile()
Dim udtinputrecord As Inputrecord

'local variables
Dim intNumRecords As Long
Dim intIndex As Long

mstrInputFileName = "C: emppublishers.txt"
Open mstrInputFileName For Random As #1 Len = Len(udtinputrecord)
Call EditState(Editing)

'Read and write files
intNumRecords = LOF(1) / Len(udtinputrecord)
For intIndex = 1 To intNumRecords
Get #1, intIndex, udtinputrecord
mstrCurrent.AddNew '***Error here-operation not allowed if object is closed
mstrCurrent("PubId") = Trim(udtinputrecord.strID)
mstrCurrent("Name") = Trim(udtinputrecord.strName)
mstrCurrent("company Name") = Trim(udtinputrecord.strCoName)
mstrCurrent("Address") = Trim(udtinputrecord.strAddress)
mstrCurrent("City") = Trim(udtinputrecord.strCity)
mstrCurrent("zip") = Trim(udtinputrecord.strZip)
mstrCurrent("Telephone") = Trim(udtinputrecord.strPhone)
mstrCurrent("Fax") = Trim(udtinputrecord.strFax)

close #1
End Sub

Load Text File ?
hi guys
i need help with loading text i did search vu did not found
what i needed

i have 1 tekst file test.txt and i want load the text in my textbox
how can i dod that ? because test.txt has 4 lines i can only load
the first line .

thanks in advance

Text File Only Can Load Once???
Hello all..

Here's my short code to read a simple .txt file...

' routine here to load a client list from a file...

Dim emailers As String
Dim data As String

emailers = "emailers.txt"

Open emailers For Input As #112

Do Until EOF(112)

Input #112, data

Combo1.AddItem data


Close #112
' this is a part of the form_load item....

This works fine -- ONCE -- then as I go back to do other things...and then re-run the app...I get an error that says it's a "run time error #53...and the hilited line is the "Open emailers For Input As #112" one...

What am I doing wrong? If I restart the whole project it runs fine ONE TIME...then does this again?


Load A Text File
What code can i use to open a text file using its default viewer.

Load The Pdf File In The Text Box
problem: if the system didn't install the Arcobat Reader and I have receive a file in pdf format. How can I read the pdf file in text by utilize the vb6 form application. Is there any coding support it?

Load Data And Open File Help..

1) In my project I have my save and load routines working (using two variables, TP and CP), however how do I incoroporate an EOF load routine into the my project (see attached - see module ModPayroll) so that everything in my current setup will work? The problem I'm having is that if no data has been previously saved, then when loading, an error appears.

2) I'm trying to open a simple user manual from the menu in my project.

I've got this so far:

Option Explicit

Private Declare Function ShellExecute Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ShellExecuteA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal lpOperation As String, _
ByVal lpFile As String, ByVal lpParameters As String, ByVal lpDirectory As String, ByVal nShowCmd As Long) As Long

Private Const SW_HIDE As Long = 0
Private Const SW_SHOWNORMAL As Long = 1

Private Sub mnuHelpContents_Click()
ShellExecute 0&, "Open", App.Path + "User", vbNullString, "C:", SW_SHOWNORMAL
End Sub

... How would I go about checking to see which programs the user has installed?

i.e. if publisher installed - open publisher User Manual, if publisher not installed, try word User Manual, if word not installed, open a text file User Manual.


Load Data And Open File Help..

1) In my project I have my save and load routines working (using two variables, TP and CP), however how do I incoroporate an EOF load routine into the my project (see attached - see module ModPayroll) so that everything in my current setup will work? The problem I'm having is that if no data has been previously saved, then when loading, an error appears.

2) I'm trying to open a simple user manual from the menu in my project.

I've got this so far:

VB Code:
Option Explicit Private Declare Function ShellExecute Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "ShellExecuteA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal lpOperation As String, _ByVal lpFile As String, ByVal lpParameters As String, ByVal lpDirectory As String, ByVal nShowCmd As Long) As Long Private Const SW_HIDE As Long = 0Private Const SW_SHOWNORMAL As Long = 1 Private Sub mnuHelpContents_Click()    ShellExecute 0&, "Open", App.Path + "User", vbNullString, "C:", SW_SHOWNORMALEnd Sub

... How would I go about checking to see which programs the user has installed?

i.e. if publisher installed - open publisher User Manual, if publisher not installed, try word User Manual, if word not installed, open a text file User Manual.


Is It Possible To Load A .txt File's Content Into A Text Box?
... well?

I have a .txt file with 1,021 characters that I need to display in a form, is there anyway to do this?

Save / Load To Text File
Hi Guys,

I have a real big request.

I am totally stuck on how to write the contents of a text box to file, and load it back in at a later stage.

Could some one show me how to do it.

I have attached a form, which is highly simplified, but if some one could demostrate on it how to Save to file, and Load back, that would be great.

I need the option of when pressing save, to be able to select where it is saved to, and what to call it.

Many thanks

Kieran Grayy

PS: I only started VB a couple of weeks ago, and this isnt a school / uni project, its just for my football team - cheers

Load Text File Into An Array

I have created a spelling program that randomly selects words from an array. (word$(1)="quotation", Word$(200)="thesaurus", etc).

The only problem with this is that the list of words soon becomes exhausted and it means I have to dig into the code again to add new words.

What I would really like to do is store all the words in a txt file which is then read into an array when the program starts. I could then have an option to add a new word which would then append to the list.

I have not got a clue how to do this and hoped somebody could give me some sample code to play with.

Thanks in advance


How To Load A Text File Into An Array?
OK, I am having some trouble trying to load a text file into an array & then displaying it. Let's say for example that I want to load what I have in a text file into my array & then put whatever is in the array in a text box. How would I do that? Here is what I have so far:

Private Sub mnuOpen_Click()
Dim i As Long
Dim ff As Integer
ff = FreeFile
dlgOpen.Filter = "Text file (*.txt)|*.txt"
Open dlgOpen.FileName For Random As #ff Len = Len(udtPeople)
For i = 1 To index
Get #ff, i, MyPeople(i)
Next i
Close #ff
End Sub

Load Text File To Flexgrid

I need to open and save a text file to Flexgrid, it's possible?

the text file was delimited by commas.

António Miranda

How Can I Load Text File Into String?
Hi guys!
I need to load text file into a string,
I know that I shuld open a file:

Open "FILE.txt" For Append As #txtFile
Now, how can I load the txt?

How To Load Text File Into List Box
how to load a "class.txt" in listbox(number3)?
I have this:

Private Sub List3_Click()
Open "class.txt" For Input As #2
entryNo = 0
While Not EOF(2)

Line Input #2, aLine$
Close #2
End Sub

Its wrong.dont work

How to do it?...thanx

Load Text File Into Texboxes
open the text file "customerRec.text" . the first record will output in my 3 textbox in the frmMain and when i click next record button, will be showing the next record.
for example:

(record 1)

(record 2)

(record 3)

and so on..........


Load Text From File Into Array?
I have been trying to make a function in vb6 for first, loading some words from a file (one word on each line in the file, a dictionary) and then putting them into a array...

But im having a hard time getting it to work, can somone help me? Pretty please? :P

Load Text File To Listview
I just figured out how to save my listview to a text file and I cant seem to figure out a way to load it back. My text file is saved like this


First line being the headers the rest being the items and subitems.

Could anyone post some code or a link to a tutorial about loading text files to listviews.

Load Integer From Text File
i have a code that is supposed to change a variable to a value saved in a text file but it is not working

VB Code:
Open destpath & "name.txt" For Input As #1    blue = Input(LOF(1), #1)    MsgBox blue    CurrentName = Val(blue)msgbox currentnameClose #1

blue is there as a middleman to show the value and import the value

the first msgbox will show "4"(with quotes) and the second will show 0

Is It Possible To Load A Text File Into A Richtextbox As It Is?
Hi guys,
I wish to show a text file content into a text or richtext box control. I did, but it wraps the text. Because there are 200 characters per line. Eventhough I set the Multiline property to TRUE and Scrollbars to BOTH, it wraps the text of the textfile. Could anybody help me?. Pls give source code if. Is there any other way to load the large text file as it is created?.


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