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MMControl1 In VB6 Pro Edition

Private sub form_load()
      ' Set properties needed by MCI to open.
   MMControl1.Notify = False
   MMControl1.Wait = True
   MMControl1.Shareable = False
   MMControl1.DeviceType = "WaveAudio"
   MMControl1.FileName = "C:WINDOWSMMDATAfanfare_x.WAV"
   ' Open the MCI WaveAudio device.
   MMControl1.Command = "Open"

Hi could anyone please explain to me why one cannot get no sound when running one's application .
One has used 1 frm and 2 fra's for my quiz game , but need the sound to run as soon has a user runs the application .

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maybe someone could help me. i am having a big problem with my mmcontrol. Sometimes, it won't stop playing even when i stop the program. when i use a slider or even display the track length in a text box, it is always zero. when i use the code
mmcontrol1.command = "stop"
mmcontrol1.filename = ""
when i try to open a new file, sometimes it just plays where it left off with the previous song. Have i got a problem with the control or is it me that is wrong?

Hi, I have made a simple program to play an AVI FILE once the program is executed
using the mmcontrol1, how easy is it to adjust this to play mpg files,.

What would the device type be for a .mov file for the MMControl1?

I have this code in my main form load procedure to play a media file:

MMControl1.Notify = False
MMControl1.Wait = True
MMControl1.Shareable = False
MMControl1.DeviceType = "AVIVideo"
MMControl1.FileName = App.Path & "video3.avi"
MMControl1.AutoEnable = True

' Open the MCI WaveAudio device.
MMControl1.Command = "Open"
MMControl1.Command = "Play"

I have to click on the play button to get it to play. How can I change the code to play after the form loads without clicking on the play button and how can I change the code to unload the media file when it is done playing?

Repeat Mp3 In MMControl1?
How can I repeat a music in MMControl1?

Or repeat a music with other code?

Enterprise Edition Or Professional Edition
For the Visual Basic 6.0 programming software, is the Enterprise Edition or Professional Edition better? Which one have more packages? Which one is more complete especially in terms of their Active X components provided for programmers?

VB Enterprise Edition Vs VB Professional Edition
Hello Group !!!

Can any one in the group help me out by spelling out the difference between a VB Professional Edition and VB Enterprise Edition.

Your thoughts on this are appreciated




MMControl1 ~ Loop Songs???
Hello, I'm making a program that uses background music, and I'm using the MMControl, I forgot exactly what it's called, to play songs from a file. The problem is, when the song is finished playing, there's no more background music!!

Does anyone know how I could loop a song to play over and over when it stops? I've looked up the _Done procedure, but I can't understand it!!

Please hurry, it's for school and it's due in a week or two!


Control Volume Level On A Mmcontrol1
I would like to be able to control the sound level in a vb6 program.
I am using a slider control with a mmcontrol.
What's the script to be able to slide the volume level up or down?

Getting The Cce 5.0 Edition
ive looked everywhere, if someone can mail the attached install file that would be great but i have yet to see a link for the free Microsoft visual basic 5 control creation edition that works. thanks

Tag Edition
i am presently working on Wav to MP3 encoder but i am unable to preserve the tag info of the wav format to mp3 format. please help me with the code.

Trying To Use MS VB 6.0 Learning Edition
Sorry if this is already answered but I did several searches without being able to find answer.

I purchased MS Visual Basic 6.0 Learning Edition with MSDN Library Visual Studio back in Sept, 98. Back at that time I loaded it onto my PC and tried to register using the stickers on the back. The VB CD has an orange sticker on that says CD KEY and has a number. It also has a white sticker and so does the VS CD. I tried registering it at that time and it said the numbers are invalid. I recently tried doing so on this PC after loading it on here

I have had this software for four years and never used it. When I go in to see the help files, I get a box that says "The local disk does not contain the files for "MSDN VS 6.0 Local" as expected. Please update the location." Then it shows the installed location to be "c:Program FilesVisual StudioMSDN9898VS1033" and has a button to browse. What need to be in there? I also tried to look in that directory on the CD and found a similar one browsing, but when I open it with My Computer, it takes forever and it never opens.

How Do I Get Winsock? {VB Edition}
I am currently using a VB6 Working Model editor and besides not letting me compile into an EXE it wont let me add the winsock control to my form. It gives me an alert box saying I don't have the required license to use it. Do I need to get a different edition of the editor? If so, which one?



MsFlexGrid Edition
Hi everybody

I'm using a FlexGrid to display data from a database.

To edit it, I place a textbox or a combobox over the cell to edit , depending of the row, and it's fine. If I use the mouse to travel through the grid, everything works fine.

The problem is when the user presses the Tab key, I want the focus to get to the next cell. But nothing happens. The Keypress, KeyUp, KeyDown events of the textbox don't receive that tab key.

I tried putting the KeyPreview to True on the form but that didn't help either.

Under my grid, I have a textbox. I thought that it was getting the focus by default when pressing Tab, so I took off its tabstop property as well.

Still, it doesn't want to catch that Tab... (?)

Does anybody knows how to get that key to be working ?

Thanks in advance.

ADO And SQL 7 On XP Home Edition
Is anyone aware of any problems with ADO going against a SQL 7 database on XP Home edition? An app which runs fine on 2000 does not retreive data when run on XP Home Edition. Inside the IDE the app connects to the database.


Edition Questions

I'm new to the world of Visual Basic, and I don't own a 'real' copy of it. Currently, I'm using the Control Creation Edition which is free. I'm interested in purchasing an edition that will allow me to do more with my programs, and also let me make my projects into .exe files.

Anyway, my question is which version(s) allow me to make projects into .exes? I heard Learning Edition doesn't allow this, but on the other hand, I've talked to several people that say it does allow it.

Can anyone help me out?


Express Edition
hey folks!

ive been trying to learn VB using the express edition and following the intro tutorials by bob tabor, from the microsoft site.

ive got to lesson 8 (about SQL). ive added a new sql database, and ive added a new table to that data base, but the problem comes when i want to set a primary key. none of the buttons in the "table designer" menu are clickable, they are all greyed out.

i thought i was getting on ok untill i ran into this (what seems to be trivial) problem

thanks for any help!

German Edition Of VB6

Does anyone know the difference between the English/American Edition of VB6 and the German Edition of VB6. I am thinking of buying a German Edition copy. I suppose the manuals will be in German, but what about the help files etc.?

Has anyone got an edition that is not English/American?


Win XP Home Edition - IIS
Hi All,

Is it possible to have IIS in Windows XP home edition... Coz Win XP comes without IIS..

Is there any configuration for this....

Thanks & regards


Windows Edition
i scripted a setup program by InnoSetup. during the setup welcome form i check the version of ie. if the ie version is inadequate to run html files in my application, i warn the user and inno opens ie setup program. the problem is here.
before installing ie i must know which edition of windows runs on the user's computer. because: consider there is dutch version of windows on user's comp and iesetup is english, in that case iesetup warns you the language of windows and the language of ie is different. it asks you do you want to continue and bla bla. what i want to do is to foresight the edition of windows before user is warned about ie version and to run the proper ie setup program that's language depends on edition of windows.

who can help???

VB 6 Fourth Edition - Need Some Help
Hey everyone, I recently started up an independent study at my school in programming, more specifically VB. The school only offered 2 half semester classes on the subject, so I am now basically teaching myself, and have come across an issue. I'm going through the chapters and unfortunately have nothing to compare my code with the correct code. I am still very new to the programming scene, and only some examples are referenced in the back of the book, so my question here is: is there somewhere, a website preferably, that has the example problems done out and allows the code to be viewed?

The book I'm using is Visual Basic 6.0 Fourth edition, each chapter has a series of programs that need to be made, and then usually a more complex project on the end, I'm looking for the correct code on these as I have no other way to correct my own.

Thanks in advance, and my apologies if this isn't the right forum, any help is greatly appreciated.

VB4 And XP Home Edition
I bought a copy of vb4 and am running win xp home. It seems to have a lot of problems. Some comands don't seem to work. Is it not compatible win win XP?

Vb6 Professional Edition
not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does anybody know where to get a copy of vb6 professional edition? I have my orginal cd, but it will not work anymore. The back of the cd is all messed up. I have the cd key.

DB2 Personal Edition
does anybody here how to connect in DB2 personal edition?
just like in oracle e.g. select, insert etc.


Enterprise Edition
i am using vb6 enterprise edition .

what is the diff between enterprise and prof editions of vb6 ?

Is VS .net 2002 or VS .net 2003 only supported by win 2k or higher ?

VB^ Learning Edition
I have VB6 learning edition, I used to have a crack for it that turned it into VB6 Enterprise Edition and I lost it, and reinstalled VB. Does anyone have it?

VB 5.0 Professional Edition
We are having one problem, we are deploying one application in VB 5.0 Professional edition which is developed in VB 5.0 Enterprise edition.
That app uses RDO, We are getting error while calling an ORACLE package procedure with boh in and out parameters.

Is this error is due to the edition which we are using or any other cause is there??
Is any one having info about VB 5.0 Professional edition such as which components it will support and which it will not support??

We are using service pack 3, is there any other third party software or service pack are there by which we can get a solution for the above..


VB Enterprise Edition
Does anyone know if SQL 7 comes with VB Enterprise Edition?

What Is VB6 Learning Edition ???
I wanna know please, what is the Learning Edition of VB6.
Can it compile projects into EXE files? Can it access all API functions, Can I program the TCP/IP with it?
Sometime ago, I had VB5 Control-Creation Edition, Yuck..., I could just make OCXs.

So, Please give me some details about the VB6 Learning Edition? What DOES it include and what it doesnt.


VB Learning Edition
Does the Visual Basic learning edition include a compiler that creates EXE files?

Looking To Buy VB 6.0 Professional Edition
My son can buy Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Edition at his college and I asked him to pick it up for me. He says it says Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Edition....but now I worry that it's really an academic version of it because he said he can get it for around $100.

My question there 2 versions of the Visual Basic 6.0 Professional being an academic version.

VB 6 Learning Edition - Right For Me?
Good morning.
I have a question. If I was to go out and by VB6 - Learning Edition, would I be able to compile and sell my apps? Is the Package and Deployment wizard included? Also, I only use the regular tools in my apps ie Progress Bar, Microsoft Tab control, and others. Are all of these tools available in the Learning Editon? I know that Database tools and other "extra" abilities are not included, but I just want to create simple apps. Can I do this with the Learning Edition?
I have an Academic Version of VB6 Professional, and I would like to know if I can do the same things I'm doing right now with the Learning Edition, and if need to upgrade later, to a commercial version of VB6 Pro.

If there are any reasons why I would not want to get the Learning Edition, please list them.

Thanks for your time in advance.

21 yr old beginner VB Programmer
VB 6 Professional @ Home
VB 3 Professional @ the Office

Enterprise Edition
Okay, is there anyone here (Besides Me) who actually owns an Enterprise Edition of VB?
(Not your compnay, YOU)

VB6 And VB.NET Express Edition
Hi guys,

I installed VB express edition and SQL express edition on the same machine I have vb6 SP6. My OS is w2k pro with sp4.

When i am in the vb6 IDE I keep getting the error "Memory x000000 is referenced and cannot be read" on an constant basis.

Please HELP, this issue is making me lose my job cause any changes i make to the source code will bring this up!. It is driving me crazy!.

I donīt want to uninstall all the VB.NET stuff, it took hours to install. By the way I also installed "VisualBasic6-Kb896559-v1-ESN" that is suppose to fix several issues with the memory references and comctl.

Can anyone GIVE ME SOME pointers on this issue?

Can VB express, sql express and vb6 coexist?



Vb 6.0 Professinal Edition
Hi There ...

 I just want to know in which Edition of vb 6.0 i can get crystal report , now i am having vb software i can't add crystal report from add in , they told me that may be my software it sekf doe't have , so i need to know is vb professinal has the crystal report , and also i am planing to buy original Cd , from where i can get it and what is the orice of it .

VB 6.0 Learning Edition Vs VB.NET
I have an astronomy program which compiles and works fine in VB 6.0 Learning Edition, however when I try to convert the program to VB.Net I get errors. It appears the Learning Edition tried to protect me from object oriented programming and did many things behind the scenes.

Anyhow, I have a function (provided by a vendor) as follows on my form:

    Private Declare Function swe_date_conversion Lib "swedll32.dll" _
            Alias "_swe_date_conversion@28" ( _
              ByVal Year As Long, _
              ByVal Month As Long, _
              ByVal Day As Long, _
              ByVal utime As Double, _
              ByVal cal As Byte, _
              ByRef tjd As Double _
            ) As Long

This function is called by:

retval = swe_date_conversion(iyear%, imonth%, iday%, 0, cal, tjd_ut)

and I get the following error messages at runtime:

An unhandled exception of type 'System.NullReferenceException' occurred in Planetary Motion.exe

Additional information: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

The program '[2772] Planetary Motion.exe' has exited with code 0 (0x0).

The values of the operands are:
    cal    103    Byte
    gregflag    1    Long
    iday    1    Integer
    imonth    1    Integer
    iyear    1900    Integer
    retval    0    Integer
-    tjd_ut    2415001.5 {Double}    Object
+    [Double]    2415001.5 {Double}    Double
    vbOKOnly    OKOnly    Microsoft.VisualBasic.MsgBoxStyle

I assume the operands are not at fault. So what object do I need to create an instance of and why?

Is Vb Learning Edition Ok?
i just sent this post to ask if vb learning edition is any good. What version should i have?

MOD For The Creation Edition ?

does anybody know if theres a mod for the Visaul basic creation edition 5.0 out there, so you can save your projects as exe files?


Need Help With Vb2005 Express Edition
i wanna create an inputbox and i wanna give it a title... how can i do it?

text= Inputbox(??????? ??????)


Working Model Edition
does anyone know of someplace I can download vb6 working model or learning edition? I've got a vb6 book from the library but it's missing the training disk.

Directx With Learning Edition ?
Hi , i just wanted to ask if its possible to use directx - functions with the VB-Learning Edition in any way .
Are the directx functions a part of the limitations ?

If there is no limitation with directx in the Learning Edition :
What are the steps i have to do to use a directx- function ?

I am writing a little 3D-modelling-prg and really need to speed up the
drawing time of a mesh (the simple Line-method is very slow and the work
with meshes with several 1000 Lines are nearly impossible ).

If there is a limitation , what VB version will i have to buy at least ?
Or is there any other legal way to use directx with the Learning Edition (like using some c++ routines ) ?

thanks for your help


Does VB 6.0 Work For Win XP Tablet PC Edition?

I am using VB 6.0 and I want to know if the executable of my program works on Windows XP Tablet PC Edition ..

Please any comment is usefull..

Help On IIS And Windows XP And Home Edition
I am working on Windows XP Home Edition and I would really like to be able to write a few small data base ASPs. I believe that I need to set my computer so it would be able to host some virtual demain-> concept relating to IIS. Can any one help me.

VB 6.0 Deluxe Learning Edition...How Many Cd's??
Hi peeps!!

Can anyone confirm exactly how many cd's are supplied with the Visual Basic 6.0 DELUXE LEARNING EDITON Package? Im under the impression there is a total of 4 cd's with it along with the 2 books - Step-by-Step and Programmers guide.

The 4 discs I've got are ONE VB 6.0 disc, TWO MSDN Learning Library Discs, and ONE Learn Visual Basic Now tutorial disc.

Is this correct?

Many thanks


Web Application On XP Home Edition
I'm running XP Home Edition, and VB.Net.

I want to create a Web Application, but I always get error:

Unable to open Web project 'MyTest'. Then Web 'MyTest' locatied on server 'http://localhost' does not exist.

I think that because I can not install IIS on my XP Home Edition. Is there anyother way can let me create a web application on my XP Home Edition? Or, I have to update it to professional edition?


Datadesigner In Vb6.0 Learning Edition
can't we add data designer component in
visual basic learning edition

Windows XP Home Edition
I was wondering if VB6 complatible with Windows XP Home Edition?

.net Learning Edition Question
I just ordered VB .NET Deluxe LE.

I should have inquired ahead of time, but will I get MSDN etc or just VB on a single CD ?

Dummy me had assumed that in a package with a MSRP of over $100.
you would get the entire package.............then I began to think
"...........hmmmmmmmm...but this is Microsoft we are dealing with."

VB6 Professional Vs Enterprise Edition
Where can I look for the differences between VB6 professional and Enterprise editions ??

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