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MOnth View Control

I am using Month View control.. Its like a calendar opens..
Then i select a date.. I Only want user to select Mondays..
What i should do.. How i shoulkd disbale other days or hide them?

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Help: Month View Control
I need to customize the mopnjth view control to make it so when you click on a certin date:

1. It will highlight that week. (if you click on 3, it would highlight 1-7)

2. To do something when you click on a date (i just need it to show something)



How Can We Change The Control Of Day's In A Month View/Calendar Control
how can we change the control of day's in a Month view/Calendar control.

example:first week should have red colour
second week should have green colour.

Month View
Hi all
i ma having some problems with month view

how do you use it, ideats guide pleas

i am using VB6 and i have been codeing for some time but this has stumpt me

eny help would be apreshated

Month View
het guy's i'm using month view for example if i press on the montview i want to check that the dateclicked in the montview isn't smaller than the real date there is function to check this or somthing else

thank's for help

Month View

Using the Month View control, if I pick a date, the next button click doesn't fire. It does the second time though. Any ideas ?


Month View
Hello experts;
Here's something to tease you about. This is what I'm trying to do here, but it's not working. Basicly, I'm trying to load in a file into memory (03/03/02|The Easter Ball|This years Easter Ball is being held at the park|Dan 1955|8450567-0949|). After that, I'm trying to put all these event dates into the calendar bold. Can someone please help me out?

Private Sub Form_Load()

items = 0
place = 1
Open App.Path & "events.txt" For Input As #1
Do While Not EOF(1)
Line Input #1, Item
items = items + 1
lenghtofline = Len(Item)
control = 0
For i% = 1 To lenghtofline
letter = Mid(Item, i%, 1)
If letter = Chr$(124) Then
control = control + 1
letter = ""
If control = 1 Then
eventdate(place) = hold
hold = ""

End If
If control = 2 Then
eventtitle(place) = hold
hold = ""

End If
If control = 3 Then
eventdescription(place) = hold
hold = ""

End If
If control = 4 Then
eventphone(place) = hold
hold = ""

End If
If control = 5 Then
eventname(place) = hold
hold = ""

End If

End If
hold = hold + letter

letter = ""
Next i%

hold = ""
items = items
place = place + 1
Close #1

items = items - 1

'how do you call the private sub below and then have it come back here?
call MonthView1_GetDayBold(ByVal StartDate As Date, ByVal Count As Integer, State() As Boolean)

MonthView1.MonthColumns = 4
MonthView1.MonthRows = 3

End Sub

Private Sub MonthView1_GetDayBold(ByVal StartDate As Date, ByVal Count As Integer, State() As Boolean)
Dim i As Integer
i = vbSunday
While i < Count
State(i - MonthView1.StartOfWeek) = True
i = i + 7

End Sub

Month View
Hi All,
i would like to know is there a way to disable certain days in the month view. I have a table in my database called annual leave, i need the month view to disbale the days in this table so the user can not choose them. I have tried GetDayBold but the user can still choose these days. Any help please thanks Jon.

Month View

i would like to display only the month view of my record, the date and year must not show. can somebody help me for any links or tutorials. thanks

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About Display Of Month View
Hi there. Can I use a button/icon in vba to pop up a month view tool in a userform for user to select the desired date?


Month View Question
On the month view thing, there is the "month", you can scroll thru them, and go thru the years too.

I have a couple of questions.

Is there any way to know what month they are on (My program will store data for about a year, but they might need to go back and look and/or change something, so I would like to kno what month they are on so I can show the correct form/ frame.

Also is there any way so they CANT change the year.

And o wait.. im just gonna start a new thread, my progie is really making me mad!!!!

Month View Question
Private Sub tmrMOUSEOVER_Timer()
Dim Y As Integer

For Y = 1 To 7
If MouseHasLeftObject(frmMain, mv) = False Then
'By adding this IF statement, we stop updating if it is already like it.
If mv.Day = Y Then
mv.ForeColor = vbBlue
If mv.Day > Y Then
mv.ForeColor = vbBlack
End If

End If
End If
Next Y

End Sub

I have a module that detect if the mouse is over on a 1ms timer (so just 1 in the timer thing, not 10 or 100 not 1000, where 1000 = 1 second)

But if I have 1 clicked it is fine (Ohh the mv is a month view) and if I have the date 1 click it is fine, but if I goto 2-7 it looks like there ae frames and little lines go from the top to the bottom.

Anyone know why??


Month View Problem
Hi, i posted a thread where i was trying to get the value of the input box but it wasn't working correctly. Someone suggested using monthviewpicker instead.

So i am.

However, for some reason the query does not return anything.

In one of the textboxes i am trying to show the recordcount and it returns -1. Also i have to press the command button twice to make it run even though it's just under the onclick event.

The recordset seems empty. I even tried converting to american date format first, same problem. I ran the query in Access and i get no results. I then made a query in Access and tried copying it and no results.

Does anybody know what is wrong?

VB Code:
Private Sub Command1_Click()Set objrs = reportrecord txtnumberofletters.Text = objrs.RecordCount objrs.CloseSet objrs = Nothing  End Sub


VB Code:
Public Function reportrecord() As ADODB.RecordsetDim mysql, sstart, send sstart = Format$(frmreports.mvstartdate.Value, "mm/dd/yyyy")send = Format$(frmreports.mvenddate.Value, "mm/dd/yyyy") mysql = "SELECT [15_Letters].* "mysql = mysql & "FROM 15_Letters "mysql = mysql & "WHERE ((([15_Letters].Date)>=#" & sstart & "#) AND (([15_Letters].Date)<=#" & send & "#)) " 'mysql = "SELECT * from [15_Letters] "'mysql = mysql & "Where ((([15_Letters].Date) >= #" & mvstartdate.Value & "#) And (([15_Letters].Date) <= #" & mvenddate.Value & "#))" objrs.Open mysql, objconn, adOpenDynamic, adLockPessimistic Set reportrecord = objrs End Function

GetDayBold Month View
Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone knows how to make days bold from a table in access. I have a table with annual leave dates and i need the month view to bold the dates between 2 date fields in the database, if you understand that. So if annual leave starts on 01/01/2008 to 05/01/2008 i need the month view to bold the days in between. Any help will be appreciated.

Using Month View From Visual Basic
i had use month view for my visual basic project. my project is about advanced booking of hotel room in advanced of 1 week..... for example today is 21st april ...users can click on the month view till 28th of april and other days is unclickable (which means only 22nd to 28th are shaded, others date can't be shade at all) am i going to do that?

Date Picker/Month View Tandem
Here is a question that I'm sure is easy to answer, but I can't figure it out.

Anyway I have a month view calendar and an up/down date picker on a form.

I want them to work in tandem. When the month view date is selected it will change the date picker date. And visea-versa, when a date is selected from the date picker the date in the month view will change.

Please help me out.


(Resolved)View Birthday Of The Month In LISTVIEW?
hi! need help i'd like to know how to view Birthday of the Month in Listview...

i have errors here:
"Select *From QueryMusic Where Bday = Month(now)"

i want to view "birthday of the month" when i click radio button(Birthday) and display in Listview....

waiting to your reply.thanx in advance.

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Visual Basic List View Control To View Network Computers

I am working on simple network connect utility and ready with the functinality. But I am stuck at a very important aspect of the GUI where I need a List View Control that will view the computers from the available LAN domains. And will let us select a particular computer on expanding the domain List Item. If not a list view then a treeview rather.

Also will this control let me select a NETWORK COMPUTER ONLY but not shared folders on its individual drives. Only computers has to be selected. Not the nodes (folders) shared at them.



Searching Grid Control From One Month.
Hi everybody, Just today i have joined and this is my first post.

i am making one bilingual dictionary application in vb6, i want to create it with grid control, there is any grid that supports different font types in two column? or any trick or tips?

you can mail me also.

Thanks everyone who is reading my post.

MS Calendar Control Month Update
Is there a way to automatically update the month on the calendar control when the form opens. I have a form with a calendar on it and it shows the month I put the control on the form, well now it's a month later and you have to change the month to get the right days. It would be helpful if the month went to the right month when the form loaded. I don't know if this is possible with the ms calendar control or not, but i thought I'd ask. Thanks in advance.

Date/Month Picker Control

Quick question regarding the DTPicker.

I've got the control on a worksheet and in one of my modules I want to refer to it's current value.

My question is how do I?

I've tried...


dtmStart = DTPStart.Value

But that doesn't seem to work and the help within Excel for the control is next to worthless.

Many thanks & regards.

How To Get Days In A Month From Calendar Control

This works if I say date=monthview1.selstart. However, by doing this, the local system time is changed to the date that is selected in the monthview calendar. Any other suggestions to keep the local system time from being changed?


HELP: Solution For Posted Date The 15th Of The Month OR 1st Of The Following Month
Hi guys

could you help what would be the best way to implement this logic

If ToDate is May 14 2008 then posted date is 20080515
and if ToDate is May 31 2008 then posted date is 20080601

Basicly I would like to create a logic that would work like this
ToDate = 20000114 THEN PostedDate = 20000115 <-- The 15th of the same month

ToDate = 20000131 THEN PostedDate = 20000201 <-- The First of the following month

ToDate = 20001231 THEN PostedDate = 20010101 <-- The year Change (The first of the following month and year)

Thank you

User Choose A Month And I Find Out How Many Days In That Month
Hi guys,
I have a combo box with the 12 months of current year. Eg, January, February, etc, etc. (not in number 1-12)
Now, once the user chooses any month I have to find out how many days are in that month, and
first and last day of that month.

The problem is that I don't have the date, all I have is january to december.

Can you help me please?

thank you very much!



If Statements To Test For Third Wed Of The Month &amp; Third Thurs. Of The Month
what would be the VB6 code for an if statement that would check for if it's the third wednesday of the month and execute some code based on that. Also would would be the similar code for if it's the third thursday of the month?
thanks in advance,

Not Good With Dates, Need Last Month, Next Month Values
I need a function(s) that will generate "next month" and "previous month" in MMM/YYYY format based a supplied date.

For example, for Jun/1/2006, next month = "July/2006", previous month = "May/2006".

Basically just need to add or subtract 1 from the month part of the date. I tried adding and subtracting the number of days in the month, but some months have 30 days, some 31 days, and of course there is always leap years too.

Sure this is simpler than I am making it, any suggestions on working with the month part of dates?

2 Text Boxes In Activex Control To Collect Date And Month
I tried to create control containing two textboxes separated by a label (with caption ":") i.e., to be more precise i designed hours minutes control. Each text box has a property called text separately. Like wise, i need to create a property which should show the text contained in both the text boxes
the maximum length of these boxes are 2 and 2(each box max. length is 2), so whenever i assign a value to this, the values first 2 digits should occupy the first text box and the last 2 digits should occupy the second(i.e,last ) textbox

Get Current Month And Previous Month?
i want to load monthname in combo box such as: January, February, March up to December. and when i click Monthname(example August) in the combo box it will display all month (August) in listview.

In my listview i have the data of month such as: March 01, 2005,March 20,2005,April 15,2005,May 23,2005,July 16,2005,August 14,2005.

kindly help on how to get current month and previous month listed in combo box.

Is There Any Activex Control Which Acts Similar To The "Tree View Control".
Is there any activex control which acts similar to the "Tree View Control".
The activex control should display the whole information in the form of
a tree(parents are encircled and a line joins the parent and the child of it that too encircled
and goes on till the leaves appear)i.e it displays the whole expanded information on the screen howmuch
ever the hierarchy may be.

Tree View Control
I have to add a tree view control where the tree will be created and modified during runtime only. The standard VB books do not cover the tree control in much depth, especially for runtime only applications. Can someone recommend a book that goes into the tree control? Thanx

Using Outlook View Control In VB6
I am using an outlook view control on a VB6 form to view someones outlook calendar. I can add a new appointment easliy, but what I want to do is interrupt the creation of the appointment so that I can include some other data from the form in the appointment. this data includes: Company Name, Contact Details etc. Can this be done?

Or is it possible to have a button that creates a new appointment and get the selection data from the View Control to include in the new appointment?

Please help me someone!

Qns On The Tree View Control
Hi All,
currently i m trying to create something like the windown explorer.
meaning , i have a tree view on the left side, when i click on any of the node, it will trigger a form. like what the window explorer is.
need to know can it be done.
if yes, is there any reference that i can learn from.

thanks for the help.

Tree View Control
Before I dig in to try to learn how to us the tree view control I was wondering if it is possible to have a tree view control on a form and have it display files that are created by the form, and update every time a form is saved?

Do I Need A WebBrowser Control If I Don't Want To View...
the web page? I want to go to a website, enter some information, click some buttons and that's it. I think I can probably do it with the MS Inet control, but I haven't found any good info/tutorials on it and the MSDN site is pretty skimpy on examples. Can I use the MSHTML Object Library only without the WebBrowser control? I don't want to view the website and the Webbrowser control causes my app to NOT remain minimized, which is not acceptable. Thanks for any and all suggestions.


Thumbnail View Control
Hi there,

I'm still pretty new at VB and am trying to make an image viewing application.

What I want is a control that will allow me to show thumbnails of images. I'm not sure how to do this.

The program will read a list of images from a text file. I want thumbnails of those images to be displayed (... like when you choose "thumbnail view" in a folder in Windows XP). The control must be able to display the thumbnails from the text file, not just from a single folder of images.

Is there a control that will allow me to do that? Or another way?

Thanks for any help

List View Control
Just trying to learn how to use this control, and MSDN is somewhat limited on the info.
I have listView set to 3-lvwreport. FullRowSelect property set to True. Made column headers in the property sheet for the control. Added ListItems and ListSubItems for each header. Now I am trying to get the text of each ListItem and each SubListitem form the selected Row.
This code only returns the ListItem.

Private Sub ListView1_Click()
MsgBox "Selected " & ListView1.SelectedItem

End Sub
Any help?

Help! From Db To Tree View Control.
I have to load almost 17000 records into treeview control from record set. That is what I am doing in my code, but it takes lots of time at least 10 minutes. Is the any other way to load records into a treeview control than the way I am doing. I need to load in 1 minute or less

Here is my code:
Dim nodNew As Node
Dim rs(1 To 8) As New ADODB.Recordset

Set nodNew = trvOne.Nodes.Add(, , "Root", "Available Categories")

rs(1).Filter = "parent =" & "0"

Do While Not rs(1).EOF
Set nodNew = trvOne.Nodes.Add("Root", tvwChild, Chr(34) & rs(1)!CatNumber & Chr(34), rs(1)!CatName)
Set rs(2) = rs(1).Clone
rs(2).Filter = "parent =" & rs(1)!CatNumber
Do While Not rs(2).EOF
Set nodNew = trvOne.Nodes.Add(Chr(34) & rs(1)!CatNumber & Chr(34), tvwChild, Chr(34) & rs(2)!CatNumber & Chr(34), rs(2)!CatName)
Set rs(3) = rs(2).Clone
rs(3).Filter = "parent =" & rs(2)!CatNumber
Do While Not rs(3).EOF
Set nodNew = trvOne.Nodes.Add(Chr(34) & rs(2)!CatNumber & Chr(34), tvwChild, Chr(34) & rs(3)!CatNumber & Chr(34), rs(3)!CatName)
Set rs(4) = rs(3).Clone
rs(4).Filter = "parent =" & rs(3)!CatNumber
Do While Not rs(4).EOF
Set nodNew = trvOne.Nodes.Add(Chr(34) & rs(3)!CatNumber & Chr(34), tvwChild, Chr(34) & rs(4)!CatNumber & Chr(34), rs(4)!CatName)
Set rs(5) = rs(4).Clone
rs(5).Filter = "parent =" & rs(4)!CatNumber
Do While Not rs(5).EOF
Set nodNew = trvOne.Nodes.Add(Chr(34) & rs(4)!CatNumber & Chr(34), tvwChild, Chr(34) & rs(5)!CatNumber & Chr(34), rs(5)!CatName)

end of the code

Please help if you know how to help. Thank you in advance. Would appreciate your help greatly.

List View Control
Dear all,
My form contains one listview box contail 10 headers and no of entries for for this will vary from time to time. I have to move the listview contents to a record set . pls help


List View Control In VB 6.0
Hi there,

i have created one form in vb in which used one Listview control on my form i have enter the data in Listview control (like Datagrid) using following command ..

VB Code:
Dim mylstitem As ListItem With ListView1               Set mylstitem = .ListItems.Add()         mylstitem.Text = ii                   tempstr = ii Mod txtNoOfPrinter.Text         mylstitem.SubItems(1) = array1(i, 0)         mylstitem.SubItems(2) = array1(i, 1)         mylstitem.SubItems(3) = printv1                End With

it's work fine and showing me all requred data in required format now i want to retrive data from this Listview control how can i retrive it ??

if any one know answer pls help me regarding this

List View Control
Dear Friends,

How can I get a list view control to put on a form? I can not see such control. Please help.


List View Control
I have a list view control which displays the items from a csv file. What i need to know is if it is possible to autoscroll the list view control. For example, if there are like 20 items listed and number 15 is getting processed the user has to scroll down the list view to see item 15.. is there a way to "autoscroll" the current item??

Tree View Control
I have a combo box that when selected does a case and fills a tree view control. Every time a value is selected in this combo box the tree view gets repopulated with new nodes...
however I need to clear ALL the nodes from the previous selection before adding more.

I tried:

For i = 1 To tvNews.Nodes.Count
tvNews.Nodes.Remove (i)
Next i

But really this is not workign very seems that there should be some CLEAR function or something to clear the treeview nodes. Anyone have any clue?

Its working sometimes and other times its there has to be a better method.


Outlook View Control
Anyone know how to change the folder that the view control is
mapped to? I need to change it from the Inbox to the Calendar
and be able to switch back and forth. I have set the .Folder
and .ActiveFolder to the Calendar object and the text "Calendar"
neither work.

I have tried "cutting" the
child window out of Outlook and SetParent to my form, but the
program crashes when I close the form. Its because the parent
window is still open and not having the child window must cause
the error for Outlook.

Any ideas on either approach?

Thanks in advance for any help.

List View Control.
Hello all, how are you? Well I am having a problem with my list box control cuz it will only hold so many items so I was wondering if someone could tell me or give me a specfic url that will teach me how to use a list view?(Need the basics like adding items, loading lists, saving lists and so on) Well thanks in advance for some help

Help With Tree View Control
i am working with a project where the user has the ability to add text which is then added to a node in the treeview control.

I need a function that will wordwrap the text in the node instead of displaying the horizontal scrollbar when the text width is longer then the with of the control.

can anyone advise me with the function that can do that.

thank you in advance

List View Control
Can anyone tell me how to count selected items in a listview control?


List View Control
I have a combo box that contains all user name. When click on name, a list of order that belongs that name will display in list view. How to clear data after you change name in combo box. Thanks

Tree View Control
I need Help in the Tree view control.
I want to use tree view control in my vb program from setting the path in the database.
so I want to load all the components like the Folders side of the window explorer.

Please help me as I am new user to Tree view control

Tree View Control
Hi, How do I position something as being part of a group.



How do I get the File to appear as belonging to the folder?

Call Me.TreeView1.Nodes.Add(, , , "Folder", 1)
Call Me.TreeView1.Nodes.Add(, , , "File", 2)

Tree View Control
Anyone know if there is a way to change the color of the font
on an individual node.. not all the text for the whole tree ??

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